9 weeks PO ... Enjoying the new me!! :) New Pics

I first want to start by saying thank you to all...

I first want to start by saying thank you to all who have written reviews, posted pics, and shared their stories. Your experiences have educated me in so many ways. So, thank you!!

Ok, so here I am. Starting my journey... I am a stay-at-home mom of an amazing 21mth old daughter. She makes me laugh and melts my heart every day. She is my Miracle Child. :) I also have a 15 (almost 16) year old son who, unfortunately lives with his dad (my first husband) in another state. :( He is an amazing, smart, funny, respectful teenager. I am SO proud to call him my son. He is my Golden Child. :) I know what you are thinking..."wow, she spaced them out!" LOL Not intentionally, as both were surprises. But I am so very glad they are mine. :) Ok, so...

Pregnancies and stats... I am 37 (will be 38 at the time of my MM) and 5'7". Before my son, I was 117lbs and a small 32B. During my pregnancy with my son, I gained 60lbs and nursed with 34Ds. Over the following 14 years I was only able to get back to 135 and 34B. During my pregnancy with my daughter, I gained 40lbs and nursed with 38DDs! I am currently 160ish with very saggy 36Cs. I have a tummy pouch I refer to as my "baby blubber" that drives my crazy!!! I have been wanting a MM FOREVER!!! Well, the time has come!!! :)

My goals are to: 1. Lose the baby blubber (I can't remember the last time I had a flat tummy.) and 2. Lift "the girls" and maybe add a little volume to them while we are at it. To stay a 36C would be perfect! :) But highly unlikely with all the sagginess.

My concerns: Only one really... Should I get just a BL and risk going smaller (36Bish)? Or should I go for a BL with a small implant to achieve the fullness and firmness that I lack (36Dish)? Honestly I am not crazy about putting a foreign objects in my body. But... I have had one consultation now and I have another one tomorrow. I really like the first PS I met with. Dr. J. I feel comfortable with him and feel his is quite capable. He recommends a BL with a small silicone implant under the muscle resulting in a 36D. I am very excited to hear what're second PS, Dr. D, has to say tomorrow.

Either way, tomorrow afternoon, I plan on making my doctor choice, putting down my deposit, and scheduling my surgery for March 22nd or 23rd. The reason so soon and so quickly is because of scheduling issues. Ready for this!? First, my husband travels a lot for work. Very spur of the moment most of the time. I have had to make sure he can be home to help take care of our daughter. Second, I am flying my MIL in to solely take care of my daughter for my first 6 days of recovery. I have had to work with her availability. (My husband plans on taking 2 days off after my MIL leaves, to take care of our daughter. Giving me a total of 8 days of child care.) Third, my son is coming to visit for spring break the second week in April and I don't want to be completely out of it while he is visiting. And last, I have a bachlorette party in Vegas, May 11-13, that I would like to be able to be as recovered as possible so I can enjoy myself. CRAZY!?!? I know. So... Any advice, suggestions, recommendations you ladies can help me with? I greatly appreciate your support.

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**Posting of my review was delayed. :( I wrote my...

**Posting of my review was delayed. :( I wrote my original post late on 2/23.**

I had my consultatin with Dr. D last Friday. He was actually suggestioning NOT doing anything with my breasts. If anything, just a lift, which would result in me going smaller. He said there is just too much of "me"/tissue still there and if implants are put in, I wouldn't be happy with them in the long run with potentially getting droopy nipples and/or getting the "rock in a sock" affect. That confused me quite a bit and needless to say, I didn't leave his office with warm fuzzies. :(

So, I made my decision and decided to proceed with Dr. J. I am happy and comfortable with my choice. I have another consultation appt with him tomorrow (2/28) to ask more questions, go over "the plan" and maybe add some lipo of my saddlebags and inner thighs. Very excited!

I am also exploring additional child care help via Care.com to help after my MIL leaves...just in case. ;)


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us here on RealSelf! Lining up a little extra child care would probably be a good idea. You'll still be swollen and probably sore. At least a few hours of a break each day so you can rest would be helpful.

I'm glad you're happy with your doctor choice. Do you have your surgery date yet?

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My surgery is scheduled for 3/23. :) So excited!

Thanks for all your help.

Ok...today I went for a second consultation with...

Ok...today I went for a second consultation with Dr. J. I really like him. I took a bunch of photos of my Ideal expectations. He went over each in detail with me. Then we went over "the plan" again to make sure we were on the same page. I also asked him about lipo to my saddlebags and inner thighs. He concurred with me and said that lipo would work great. I also asked him about a little lipo under my chin. He said that he would only recommend doing a little lipo and that the results would not be drastic, but they would be noticeable. Perfect. I am so obsessed with my double chin. I hate it! I figure I might as well have everything that I want done while I'm at it, because I am only having plastic surgery ONCE. Dr. J highly recommends staying at a recovery center the first night. It is a bit expenaive, but I think it will be worth it.

My pre-op appt is set for 3/10. My deposit is down. And surgery is in 3.5 weeks!!!


where are you having the procedure done? I want everything you had listed and was quoted a crazy price of 23,000 about 6 more than you.
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Hi newyouafter3,
After looking at your photos, we are very similar. Sorry for not havng any photos up. Still working up the courage to post them. I def will before my surgery.

Dr. J is with Beverly Hills Physicians. His office is in Pasadena, but the surgery center is in Encino.

I really like him. He is very personable and honest. His staff is great too.
Ok lbc your ready then ma yay
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Had my pre-op appt last Saturday and PAID!! Time...

Had my pre-op appt last Saturday and PAID!! Time is flying! My meds are ready to be picked up; I ordered some recovery supplies; and I had the house "deep cleaned"... I am so excited! And anxious!

I think I am starting my "nesting" phase. I just cleaned the inside of my fridge! LOL Now onto washing the guest room bedding and organizing my daughter's room. Need to get ready for my MIL's visit. :) I hope I don't forget to prep anything... :/


I can understand about the photos being up there. Fortunelty I dont tell my friends about this site so hopefully they will never find them. I had 2 consults so far and next Thursday is my last consult. It is crazy to see what each recommends. Like this last one I saw said only TT, BK, and BA. no lipo (other than the flank that comes with TT) or other procedures. And the price 12,500

ONLY ONE MORE WEEK!!!!I am so excited!! And so...

ONLY ONE MORE WEEK!!!!I am so excited!! And so anxious! Keeping positive thoughts and attitude. Nesting too. Trying to make sure the house is ready for my MIL and my absence of managing it. Also, I think I am all set with my recovery supplies. The lists and suggestions found on RealSelf are wonderful! I feel very prepared. I think the hardest part will be being separated from my baby girl (and my little dog). We are always together. 24/7. But I have to stick to being separated and recovering quickly so I can be close to them ASAP.


How exciting you are almost there I cant wait till I can say next week. I should look at the supply list so I can be prepared. Unfortunately one of my best friends that I told I am getting this procedure is glad I am doing it but keeps trying to talk me out of it or to wait. I am kind of scared about what family will think other than my mom and dad and brothers I could care less. But I also dont feel like I am going to share it with too many people
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I know what you mean. I'm not planning on telling anyone except for my very close friends (who already know). And they keep telling me I don't need to do it. But in the end I am doing for me. So I can feel better in my own shape.
I have a really good friend. She has helped me tremendously with my special educational needs daughter but she is trying to talk me out of it. Every couple of days she will call me and has something to say. She tries to be supportive but she cant see why I want to put myself through pain for an unknown outcome. But to me I think its worth it. But since she is one of my good friends that makes me nervous to tell any of my other family.

Only 3 more days!!! .... Need some support. I am...

Only 3 more days!!! .... Need some support. I am not sharing this with any of my friends or family.

I am feeling VERY guilty. My husband and I were planning on using our tax return to pay for the majority of my surgery; however, shocking news to us today, we are barely getting anything back, if anything!!!!! I guess that is what we get for moving up in the tax brackets. Like they say... More money, more problems. Anyway, I am feeling VERY guilty and selfish! My husband says not to worry, we will make it work and that I was gong to have this surgery done now or later anyway. I know we should have had our taxes done before I got all into this, but... UGH!!!! What should I do?

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OK... as uncomfortable as I was... I posted before...

OK... as uncomfortable as I was... I posted before pics. They totally make me sick to my stomach. I have to go throw up now.


Yay good luck! I'm 36 hours away! Just up the road from you. Best of luck and speediest of recoveries for us both. I'll keep an eye on your review I hope all goes well! Yikes!
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Stacy I say do it. I am like you the majority of the money is coming from our taxes and the rest I got a personal loan from my bank the apr was much lower at 10.3 then the apr's from care credit. Look into that first. But if you can swing it then do it. If not maybe just do one procedure
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Thanks for your feedback. We have already financed 2/3 of it with CareCredit (12mo zero interest) and the balance on a credit card. So it is already paid for.

I thought about only doing some of it... But I only want to do this type of surgery ONCE.

We can definitely swing it. I just feel so selfish and guilty! :/

Great!!! :/ Aunt Flo is coming. :( My girls are...

Great!!! :/ Aunt Flo is coming. :( My girls are tender and swollen. That usually means she will be here next week. What then!? That will SUCK!! Grrr. Any advice/ suggestions? Anyone else have Aunt Flo during recovery?

Btw, I am really hating my pics. I def don't feel how I look. I didn't realize my body was that bad. I have days when I feel skinny and not THAT bad, but MAN! What I feel and think I see is WAY different than the pics I just took. Reality just slapped me in the face and said you need this makeover!


i think its pretty obvious i talk alot...but you couldnt tell could you :)
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one more thing...and i think i might b done with talking ;) by your bf pics your goin to look freaking awesome..and thats not me just being nice..thats the truth..i can alrdy see how amazing your going to look!! your an easy patient for the docs thats for sure!! you got this!!
LMAO seriously you better not make me laugh like this when I am recovering! ... Dentist LOL... And precoughing!? You're nuts! LOL... But thanks for thinking I will look good after. :) Almost anything will look better than this body looks right now. :P

Ok, so I'm not really sure how I am feeling....

Ok, so I'm not really sure how I am feeling. Nervous, scared, confused, excited, anxious. Hello, roller coaste of emotions. Don't be surprised if I post a few updates today.

I keep grabbing my boobs and thinking today will be the last day they are what they are... As if saying goodbye to them. Same with my baby blubber... Surprisingly I am sad about it. After all, I EARNED that baby blubber! It's making me tear up as I am typing this. I keep hugging my baby girl and she keeps hugging me when she sees me crying. She jabbers to me like "everything will be ok. I love you." She is so amazing! ...ok, full on bawling right now. My poor little dog is so confused right now.

Anyway, I figure if anyone can relate to how I am feeling it is you ladies. I keep looking at post-op pics with the fresh incisions and holy crap! That freaks me out! I have never had visable stitches. I think my husband is going to freak out when he sees them.

Ok, I have to go pick up my MIL from the airport. Reality is really setting in.

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So it has been an emotional day. Highs and lows. I...

So it has been an emotional day. Highs and lows. I just tucked my daughter into bed until who knows... and I swear I could not hug and kiss her enough!! Her and I are BIG TIME cuddlers! I miss her already. :( That will be by far the hardest part; not being able to cuddle with her and hug her. I wish she could understand. :(

Other than missing my daughter, I am feeling pretty numb at the moment. In shock?? Honestly, I hope I stay emotionally numb until they put me out. I am looking forward to dancing with pink elephants tomorrow. :) Dumbo is one of my daughter's favorite movies right now. :) I doubt I will get any sleep tonight.

Only positive thoughts... :)


Good luck!! Can't wait to hear how it goes! You are going to be so happy. We are all thinking of you and sending happy thoughts your way!
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Im on the other side. I'm doing pretty well I hope you are getting a pain pump. Its a godsend good luck, so great to have it over with!
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good Luck Stacy! I am praying for you and cant wait to see your results. And thanks for send me his way
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Hello ladies! I did it!! I am very sore and...

Hello ladies! I did it!! I am very sore and swollen it is extremely painful when I move. No pain pump. I did stay at the aftercare facility, BEST thing to do! I could not imagine coming straight home. sorry to keep it short the vicodine is kicking in. Time go night night. :) thank you for all your support.


Congratulations!!! Can't wait to hear more. Rest up. :)
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Day 2 PO... Feeling pretty good. Little pain only...

Day 2 PO... Feeling pretty good. Little pain only when I move really. Tightness on chest and tummy. No pain pump, just Vicodine every 4-6 hours. No shower unil after my 1 week check up onFriday. No dressing changes. Keep all compression garments on at all times. I feel as snug as a bug! :) I can't wait to see my baby girl. I ave been hiding in my room. Operation Hide Mom. ;) well, I will keep you all posted. Any questions, feel free to ask. Easy recovery for us all.


I am glad you are doing so well. How was the stay at the recovery center? And I bet your baby girl is missing you. Wishing you and easy and speedy recovery
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The stay at the recover center was the BEST decision!! Thought abut staying another night, but one is good. Highly recommend staying over night. I am missing my baby girl. Thankfully she is very occupied with Grandma and I have been hidden in my bedroom. We haven't seen each other since the night before surgery. My dog is missing me the most. Poor little guy. One day at ate :)
I am going to stay a night. My husband wanted me to stay at one no matter which PS I chose.

Day 3 PO... Feeling really good today. Not in much...

Day 3 PO... Feeling really good today. Not in much pain at all. Feeling more and more normal with every hour that passes. Learned how to "milk" my drain tubes today to loosen any clots within the tube. Still glad I don't have to remove any bindings. Nipples look really good. Still SO happy with only having a scar around each nipple and no "lollipop" or "anchor" scars. Yay! Oh, and my doctor and I decided not to do lipo under my chin. Not necessary. So glad my doctor is honest. :)

Wishing everyone easy and speedy recoveries. :)


yes take it easy, recovery is hard and in order for your body to do that is to rest up. And walking helps a lot
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Sounds like you are doing great........keep it up and don't overdo....... Feels great to be on the recovery side doesn't it!!!!
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Congrats... Yes you did it
Wow one week without a shower that's long :( is it only vidocine your taking or different pain killers? How long did the surgery take? Can't wait to see the new you
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Day 4 PO... I am exhausted today! Not sure why....

Day 4 PO... I am exhausted today! Not sure why. Can hardly keep my eyes open. Will update later...zzzzzz


well i should be in a recovery home for a week hopefully that would help. with the changing the dressings, n taking showers...
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Day 5 PO... Had a good day today. Rested. My MIL...

Day 5 PO... Had a good day today. Rested. My MIL washed my hair. Spent some time outside watching my baby girl play in the sunshine and tossed a ball for my little dog. Then came in and watched The Muppet Movie with my baby girl on my lap. I'm sure it was a cute movie, but all I could do was smell my baby's hair. Oh how I have missed her! Now back to resting before dinner. Feeling good. However, there is always a little rain when there is a rainbow... Aunt Flo came to visit today. :( Def not the easiest thing to manage in this condition. But will make do. All in all a good day. :)

Wishing everyone recovering a feel good day! :)

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Oh, I also wanted to say that I am still in all my...

Oh, I also wanted to say that I am still in all my bindings (compression garment, sports bra and Velcro girdle). My PS said not to remove anything or clean/dress anything. The only thing I tend to are my two drains. Which drain slow and regular. As far as meds, now I am only on an antibiotic, Vicodin (1.5 every 4 hours), and stool softener. As much as I would love a shower, I don't mind the low maintenance. I feel snug as a bug. :)


Glad things are going well. Looking forward to seeing your post op pics - I am doing BL with Aug and tummy tuck with lipo on waist but not the lipo on the legs - do you think that made a big difference for you
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I can not say for sure yet, because I haven't seen anything yet. But, I am sure I will see a good improvement in my inner thighs. I was hating how they were rubbing together. Yuck!
I plan on posting some PO pics this weekend. Excited to see!
Sounds like your recovery is uneventful that is great! Before you know it Friday will be here and out come the drains and you get to shower :)
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One week PO... Well it has been one week already!...

One week PO... Well it has been one week already! I feel my recovery has been slow, steady and uneventful. I guess that is good. :/ I have my first follow up appt tomorrow morning. I will finally get to see what is under my garments! I am nervous and scared. My tummy is hardly causing any discomfort anymore. In fact my husband and I watched a really funny tv show latest night and it felt good to really laugh. :) My boobs are ok, still pretty swollen and tender around the edges. I am starting to ween myself off the Vicodin. I only take a dose before bedtime. Other than that I have been taking Tylenol for any pain. I have only had one BM since surgery (isn't unusual for me). I am hoping for another one today. AF has been light; thank goodness. My drains have been slow. I hope to get them removed tomorrow so I can feel somewhat normal again.

I have three major wants right now... 1. To cuddle with my little girl. I miss hugging her so much!!! 2. To take this compression garment off!! Even for a few minutes! So dang itchy!!! And 3. To Shower!!! Like a real relaxing, wash my hair, shave my legs kind of shower. :) I am hoping to get the green light for that tomorrow.

Today's goals: I will have my MIL wash my hair in the sink again. (It's better than nothing.) I will walk more. And maybe watch a movie with my little girl on my lap. :)


You are doing good girl.....remember slow and steady wins the race. I hear ya on CG.....I have a love/hate relationship with mine. That first shower is heaven......so enjoy it.... Take care and keep doing well.....
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Thank you. I am getting almost as excited for tomorrow as I was the night before surgery! I am so excited to see what I look like. I hope it doesn't scare me.

My fingers are crossed that I can shower!

So happy!! My first follow up appt went awesome!...

So happy!! My first follow up appt went awesome! Dr. J is very pleased with how everything looks. Drains are out!! (not a fan... Hurt a bit.) All dressing and tape are off and all my scars look amazing! Very minimal scaring on my girls. :) A little bummed that I can't shower for another two days (while drain holes close), but I am so happy with what's saw! A flat tummy!!!!! I haven't seen that in over 15 years!! I feel like a new woman already!! Sorry no pics. :( The nurse had me unwrapped, cleaned, examined and rewrapped before I knew it! Not to mention, my husband forgot the camera... :(

So ahead of me... I have one more week to tend to wounds. Then I can start my silcone scar treatment. My next follow up is in two weeks. I am confined to my CGs until then. But Dr. J makes them pretty tolerable with foam padding. "Snug as a bug in a rug! Right, Dr. J!" :) I love my PS!! He is a true body artist. He is so personable, funny, down to earth, great guy! I feel so lucky to have found him. I almost don't want to recommend him and keep him to myself! ;)

Also, my MIL is flying back to MI as I type. I am sad to see her go and will miss all her help with my daughter, but I have to start getting my house back to myself. Before I know it, my son will be here on the 7th for his spring break and my parents will be here on 11th for eight days! Ugh!! This mamma needs to rest up!


sounds like you are recovering well. i am so glad you recommended him to me. I am looking forward to your after pictures.
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I will post some PO pics when I shower in a couple of days. :) I'm so glad you chose him. You will not regret it.

Overall feeling pretty good. The last couple days...

Overall feeling pretty good. The last couple days I have had a few emotional breakdowns about being physically limited in taking care of my daughter. The feeling of guilt and selfishness still lingers. But my husband has been awesome and very supportive. :)

Super excited about SHOWERING tonight!! I can not wait!! I am sure I will feel soooo much better. I will post PO pics later.

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I had a great shower! :) My back hurt like you...

I had a great shower! :) My back hurt like you know what, but it felt so good to wash my hair!! I felt like I just got home from being on that tv show "Survivor" and had my first really shower. Ahhhhhh :) Now getting back into my straight jacket was a 20 minute battle. But I reluctantly made it. Thanks to my husband. :). **TIP: Take a healthy dose of pain meds 15 minutes before your shower. :)


woot woot. Shower!!!
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Woo Hoo a shower :) I bet that will feel so good. And lift your spirits a little. I know it is so sad not to be able to hug your babies. My little 2 year old loves to hug and kiss me
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I felt pretty good today. Energy level is up a bit...

I felt pretty good today. Energy level is up a bit. Tummy and thighs are feeling good. The girls, on the other hand, are tender and still very swollen. I am walking a bit more upright. :) One thing I have noticed is that my CG has become pretty loose. Worried about the "roller coaster" zipper making dips in my outer thighs. I will be calling my PS's office tomorrow for any suggestions. I think I may need to downsize. :) Another thing I have noticed is that my arms and calls are super skinny! ... And VERY dry. The driest ever! :( I DEF need a mani & pedi ASAP!

So excited to see my son on Sat!!! I think I will be feeling pretty good by then. :) However, I did just find out my parents are postponing their trip to see me. I am a little bummed, but I think it is for the best. Might have been a lot to have that much company all at once.

OH, TOMORROW! Ugh... Tomorrow will be my first day home alone with my daughter. :/ Kinda nervous. I hope I can keep up with her. Nervous about naptme. It will be the first time we sleep together since the surgery. She is a tough one to sleep with. Restless BODY syndrome that little one! Scared for the girls... :/ wish me luck!


Stacy you look great :) the scarring looks awesome. How big did you go with the girls? And they won't stay that size right now they are swollen. Once the swelling goes down there going to look awesome
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Thanks! LOL I knew someone would ask me the girls' size. HUGE! Honestly, I don't know. Every time Dr. J and I would start to all about it, we wold get off on a tangent. I def need to ask asap. All I know is that our vision was a large C/small D. I think I will get there. :)
I ask bc they do look big. I am going for a full D look. I saw a picture of a woman on his site that I like. I thought maybe a small DD but then he showed me some and I definitely thought hell no. Those are way too big for me.

Day 12 PO... Had a good day. Napped with my...

Day 12 PO... Had a good day. Napped with my daughter. :) Walked around my block. Now pretty tired, but glad to get out and about outside. :)

I guess I am shrinkng!! Yay! I get to pick up my new smaller CG from my PS tomorrow. :)

My girls feel a little less swollen, but they are still pretty big and tender. Not so much to the push, but to the light touch; feels almost like a sunburn would feel. I think my skin is just super sensitive from being in this CG bra 24/7. Has anyone noticed this feeling?


Your results are wonderful! And, the most wonderful news? They are only going to get better... How blessed are we? Love it!
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I'm freaking out a little.... I think my girls...

I'm freaking out a little.... I think my girls are too big. I am REALLY hoping they are still swollen. I know I am fully to blame. When talked with my PS, we only really talked about final cup size and body proportion expectations not actual ccs. I just found out that I have Natrelle 15 mod+ 533ccs!!!! Those are HUGE!!!! I'm trying not to panic.... Breathe. Oh, please just let them still be swollen. But if after the swelling goes down and they are still too big, what then!!?? Oh man...what have I done?? Should I just have gone with a lift?? Please someone say something. I am really trying not to panic.


Stacy, you DO look fantastic! I don't think you have anything to worry about re: breast size. Everyone looks bigger at first as things get settled into place. We are all in the same boat - wondering what our body is going to look like once these very early days of post-op uncertainty are over! I've never heard of anyone getting bigger after the initial surgery, so hey! The only two options are get smaller or stay the same. Don't worry! You already look amazing and things will just get better. :)
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I hope that your "girls" go down in size. I think you look fantastic!! Healthy and happy healing.
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2 weeks PO... Ok, so thanks to you lovely ladies...

2 weeks PO... Ok, so thanks to you lovely ladies and my amazing husband, I am feeling better about my girls. I have to remember each day will be different as far as feelings and results. I have noticed that my left girl is slightly bigger than my right. That is how it was before. As my PS says, "They are sisters, not twins." :) I will try to take some more pics tonight.


Breathe :) I think they are still in the swollen and high stage so they should settle down a bit.

healing is for the birds, lol, but you look fabulous!!
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Thanks. :)
Thank you. You make a good point... At least they won't get any bigger. :) Thank you for your positive support.

15 days PO... I put on my new garment today. Love...

15 days PO... I put on my new garment today. Love it! It makes me feel sooo skinny!! I am so happy with the look of my waist and hips. I just wish I could stand up straight. It really pulls where my diaphragm is. It makes my bb seem so high too. Walking and standing like a hunchback def does not make me love my big girls yet. But when I am sitting I can straighten my back and put my shoulders back...the girls don't look too bad then. But I'm still a bit concerned with them being too big. :/ Will post pics tomorrow.


What garment did you get? Is it like for "second stage?"
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I got both of my garments from my PS. My first garment was a Flex Support XL. Now I am wearing a Flex Support L. It is the same garment, just a size smaller.

18 days PO... I am feeling great!! I feel about...

18 days PO... I am feeling great!! I feel about 80% back to normal. I have been very careful not to push my limits and take it easy when I need to. I am still walking a little hunched over, but it gets better each day. I do get a little stiff after sitting a while. And I still have not lifted my daughter or anything remotely heavy. I am walking more and more each day. I have been wearing only my new CG, not the additional velcro griddle wrap (makes your core very stiff and is cumbersome). I feel pretty comfortable. I also have switched to a zipper front sports bra. (The two sports bras I have are: Champion Sport Zip Bra and Moving Comfort Grace Zipper Front Bra.) My scars look amazing!! No scabbing is left. I have my next follow up appt in two days. I hope to be able to start using the silicone scar gel. :)

I know I have been promising new pics, but I have not had the opportunity to get them uploaded. I can't upload them from my iPad; therefore I have to wait to use my husband's work laptop and he is usually using it or traveling with it (like now). He will be home tomorrow night and I will post new pics after my appt on Thursday. I PROMISE!! :)


Just looked up the flex support, thank you. I have to purchase mine and either send or bring with me to the surgical ctr. Can't wait to see your pics. I bet you look outstanding!!!
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New pictures, Stacey! You're killin' me!! lol Hope the healing is going well.
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20 days PO... Getting ready to go to my PS for a...

20 days PO... Getting ready to go to my PS for a follow up appt. Feeling good physically. Scars look great. However, I have a number of concerns I plan on talking with him about.

1. My girls are too big. PERIOD. I have tried to get used to them, accept them, etc. however, my opinion and gut tells me they are too big. I "ordered" a full C/small D. I easily have a full DD! I am not comfortable with girls this big. My husband loves them and thinks they look great, but it is my body and I need to be comfortable with them. One thing I do NOT want is to be convinced that they are a fine size. We shall see what my PS says. I FEAR I may have to go through another breast surgery to get them reduced. :(

2. I am a little concerned with how high my tummy scar is. Will it still fall a bit? Not extremely important because I don't plan on running around in bikinis, but i want to feel comfortable with it. Worst case, I am ok with it as is as long as it is healing properly and smooth.

3. This concern is a bit disappointing... I am planning on talking with him about his office staff. The last couple weeks I have noticed a lack of unorganization and a bit of lack of communication. Don't get me wrong, they are super nice women; however, the follow up on questions I have asked has left a lot to be desired. I have recieved weak answers to my questions, that's if I received an answer at all. I will follow up with my PS directly and make sure I get full answers.

I will post an update tonight WITH PICS :) and what I find out at my PS appt.

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Yay! So my appt with my PS went great! Dr. J is so...

Yay! So my appt with my PS went great! Dr. J is so awesome!! I really love how honest and candid he is. I truly feel he didn't sugar-coat anything for me. I feel so much better about all my concerns. :)

1. He not only said the my girls look amazing AND that they are still swollen and will be for up to 3 months. He expects them to end up a full D. I'm good with that. He also explained my implant size to me and how it fits not only my body size and height, but how it fits my breast pocket size. He showed me the chart and how the pocket size and implant size are calculated. Please girls, don't get caught up on the ccs. They can be very deceiving. Trust your doctor and his expertise.

2. Dr. J says that my tummy scar may still go down a bit, but is healing perfectly. I can start using my silicone gel. :) And my lipo areas (hips and thighs) look great. :) I even went down ANOTHER CG size!! Happy skinny girl here! :)

3. I voiced my concerns about the poor staff communications and he requested the info from them himself. I am glad he took the time to listen.

I really like my doctor. :) I hope each of you find or have a doctor you are as comfortable with as I am with Dr J.

New pics coming shortly. :)


Congrats on the awesome results!! Your scar looks good and seems to be healing nicely. I read that your doc said it is going to go down more. Can you explain that to me? I am hoping my scar goes down as well. Happy Healing!
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Thanks Kay! Wow!! Your scar is amazing!! Perfect shape and placement! I wouldn't worry about it being too high. But, in some cases, as the tummy settles and skin and muscles stretch to their new places the skin where the tummy scar may fall a little more. Nothing major, maybe a cm at most. But seriously, your scar is perfect! I wish I had your scar shape. My scar is a bit wavy. :/ You look amazing! Great job on your recovery. :)
Thanks so much Stacy. I hope you are right about it going down some more. I have seen really low scars (check out bejewel and sweetness). They have some awesome scars. And then there are ones that are high. I wonder these surgeons don't make the scars low. It may be either PS expertise or body type? Who knows.

24 days PO... Feeling good other than these...

24 days PO... Feeling good other than these painful nerve "zingers," mainly on the underside of my left girl. VERY uncomfortable. Any suggestions on dealing with them? I do think my girls are a little more sensitive and tender since I wore my sleep bra all day today. I think they like to be snug. Pretty tired today since I am solo (husband is traveling). It is not even 9:00 and I am ready for bed. Zzzz


I like that black zip front bra you are wearing! What brand is it? I'm looking for one like that right now so I can wear it to the gym. Do you like it? Just wondering how well it supports you. :)
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I like it a lot. It is a Champion zipper front. It def supports the girls :)

26 days PO... Feeling really well. Going for long...

26 days PO... Feeling really well. Going for long daily walks :) and back to normal household chores. I can't wait to be cleared for bike riding.

My latest new love is my new sports bra. It is the Moving Comfort Fiona bra. LOVE IT!!! It is not a zipper front. It has the normal hook-in-eye closure in the back, BUT the straps are wide and go over the shoulders (great for me because the racer back sports bras kill my neck after a while) AND it has cool adjustable Velcro straps that fasten in the front. It is difficult to describe and imagine. Here is the Amazon link:


Not sure if my PS would approve of this style, but I DO! ;) So I am sharing.

Also, I have a confession... don't tell my PS ;)... I have been cheating on my CG the past two nights. I do wear it during the day, but not at night while I am sleeping. It feels soooo good to get a break from it. I haven't notice any swelling or negative side affects. I do feel a little vulnerable, but the freedom and comfort are worth it. :)


Oh Stacy I am telling LOL. I am glad you are feeling better. Have you had a chance to do any shopping?
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LOL! No shopping yet. Planning on going this weekend. :) I'm also waiting for the 3 bathing suits I ordered to come. Exciting!

5 weeks PO... Just a quick update. I am feeling...

5 weeks PO... Just a quick update. I am feeling great!! Aside from some nerve pain on the underside of my left girl. Painful at times. Tummy is doing great. Scars look great. Big news is.. I have a new REAL bra on!! Feels great to feel like a real woman. Only not-so-great thing is it is a 36DD!! Yes, DD!! Not exactly what girl size I "ordered," but... :/

Off to Vegas in two weeks!! Very excited! I will post pics soon of my new swimsuit. Crazy, LONG process in trying to find the right one for me.

Happy journeys to everyone! :)


how are you doing now Stacy?
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I'm great! I have my 6 week follow up with Dr. J tomorrow. I feel pretty much back to myself. :)
I have been going for long walks and lots of dancing in my living room with my daughter. :) One of our fav things to do. I have also been on a couple bike rides. So far so good. Oh, but don't tell Dr. J, but I haven't been wearing my CG for like 8 days!!! That thing was just annoying as all get out!! I haven't noticed anything negative. No swelling, etc. I have also been sleeping on my sides. I am such a rebel!! ;)

I have done some pant shopping. Down two sizes!! :) I have ordered a cople more bras. I am still trying to find the perfect swim suit. I'm really not a bikini kinda girl. But time is ticking! Vegas next weekend!!! :)

Thanks for thinking of me. :) Your time is coming! Only like a month away!! :) Are you excited?
Yah finally an update! Glad your doing so well! Can't wait to see new picture
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So last Friday was my 6 weeks PO. I am doing...

So last Friday was my 6 weeks PO. I am doing great! Feel back to myself. :) the best news is that I pulled out a box of clothes I was saving... you know the clothes that you hold onto in "hopes" of getting back into. Well... I CAN totally get into my pants from 5 years ago!! Being down two pant sizes WITH a flat tummy feels amazing!! I'm a happy girl! :)

So Vegas with the girls this weekend!! I am armed and ready with a hott new tankini. Tankini?? You say... Well, yes! I am not a bikini kinda gal. And honestly, my tummy scar is too high for a bikini. Am I bummed about that? Yes, but I knew going into this that I wasn't a bikini wearing girl and my goal wasn't to become one. I truly just wanted to feel better in my body shape and that I DO! :) My scars are, well, there. And my belly button scar isn't hidden by any means either, but again, not my goal. I am positive they will fade a lot more with time.

As for my girls... Yup, they are still huge. Swollen? I don't feel they are. Buying new real bras and found I am a 34DD. Obviously it depends on the brand. Am I happy with my girls? I'm not not happy with them. I'm just a little bothered by my clothing fitting properly. Before my surgery, I would buy things according to my tummy...hiding it. Now I need to buy things that accommodate my new girls. :/ I will talk to my PS again and see what he suggests.

BUT, I am a happy girl and back to being active with my baby girl. :) Life is good. :)


You look Amazing. Did you have any issues with swelling in your legs?
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Wow 2 pants sizes!! That is amazing. I bet you look phenomenal and can't wait to see your photos!!
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Had a great follow up appt with Dr. J. He is...

Had a great follow up appt with Dr. J. He is awesome. We are both happy with everything. He says that my girls are still swollen and will be for another few months. I hope so. But I am getting used to my girls for now.

While I was there he examined my BB scar and decided to give me a couple shots of a very mild steroid that helps reduce my... Hyper- (insert fancy medica word) scar. Basically my scar tissue goes a little hyper and produces more scar tissue than necessary. It is NOT a colloid type scar, but becomes raised a tiny bit. This mild steroid helps reduce this process.

**This just shows that EVERYONE REACTS DIFFERENT TO SURGERY. Everyone scars different. Everyone's pain tolerance is different. Everyone's swelling is different. Etc. My advice to everyone is have REALISTIC expectations. Weigh your pros and cons. For example, my scars my not be "perfect" and my girls may be big right now, but I LOVE my body shape and I am SO glad I don't have baby blubber to hide, my girls are perky and my inner thighs don't rub! DEFINITELY a huge improvement. :)


Thanks Kathryn! No, I didn't have an issuewith swelling. I made sure to LIVE in my CGs and was diligent about them being tight; going down a size when it started getting loose.

9 weeks PO... Everything has been great!! LOVING...

9 weeks PO... Everything has been great!! LOVING my new body! My confidence is up. My girls' swelling has gone down a little. My tummy is flat. AND I went down almost ANOTHER pant size!! Yes!! Pre-op size 14... today size almost a size 8!!!! My current measurements are 34DD, 31" waist, and 41" hips. VERY happy!! Anyway, as I have been promising, here are some current pics. I should have taken one with clothes on, because my clothes fit so much better now and I feel so skinny, but oh well. Next time. ;)


Forgive me, but what is a MIL, MlI?? Can't remember where I saw it. Clearly it was someone watching over you. I'm 1 week till Surgery! Just trying to keep my head above water, getting kids handled..plastic sheets, ice bags, school supplies, bla, bla... lol!
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How many cc's did you get? You look great!
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You look amazing!!! I just realized you re in long beach! That's so close to where I am right now! Happy healing again you look great!
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