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Rhinoplasty in One Week... Excitement Vs Doubt! - London, UK

My nose has always bothered me in my teens, when...

My nose has always bothered me in my teens, when the bump started to develop, and worse still, I was teased by my family with comments like "she'll grow into it" and "look at her profile" - perhaps not meant hurtfully, but this certainly sharpened my focus on the offending nose. I have been thinking about getting a rhinoplasty for the past few years but was put off by cost, people knowing, risks etc. I work in surgery myself and didn't want any colleagues finding out. More recently, despite feeling quite happy with most of my other attributes and accepting myself, I've felt a desire to improve on the nose and banish my hang-ups for all. I don't expect it to be perfect, just less prominent, less bumpy, and not as downturned at the tip. Face on my symmetry is pretty good.

Having chosen what I believe to be a great surgeon, discussed my hopes and concerns in consultation, and planned admission for the op, I'm now having moments of fear, minor panic even that things will go wrong, or I'll hate my new nose, or it'll banish the "me" from me. I'm petrified that after forking out all that cash, I might be less happy with it than I am now - worst nightmare scenario. Another factor, though this wouldn't stop me, is the fact that even though I'm 30, my parents are very old fashioned and would be distraught if they found out. I have my dad's nose, which looks charming on him... but it's not particularly elegant on me! The guilt about removing my dad's nose from myself is so great that I'm considering telling them that something fell on my face and broke my nose :S (they live 10,000 miles away and I only see them once a year) So after all these anxieties, I almost talk myself out of the op on a daily basis (7.5 days to go)... only to then look at my pics, esp in profile, and want it done after all. Is that normal?

Oh my gosh, I know what it is like to be teased by your family about your apperance. They don't mean to be hurtful, just playing around, but you think well if they notice it and point it out I wonder what other people say. My sister and mom say how it is unique or "French-like" or looks like a witch's nose from the side (Dad's nose). My mom has said "I don't know where you got your nose, you didn't inherit my cute little button nose!"

When I've mentioned getting rhinoplasty they say, why or oh my gosh just cause we teased you about it, oh no don't try and joke around with Anna or she'll freak out!(or my favorite Really? I would have thought you would get a boob job)

I've always thought if you had something that bothered you about yourself fixed, it wouldn't change you, just more comfortable to be the person you are. My parents are the same way, but I know if it was something that made me happy, they would still love and accept me.

Please keep us updated!
Thanks guys, I do know it's what I want, it's just a lot of money and being a surgeon makes me think of the worst case scenario. On the plus side I know the qualifications etc to look out for, and a little extra re reputation! It does help so much to read all your experiences so please keep posting updates! :-)

Yes, your feelings are totally normal! Make sure your doc is a board certified (ASPS and/or ASAPS) doctor who is a rhinoplasty specialist. This will greatly reduce your chances of getting a nose you're not comfortable with or for incurring complications.

If you don't tell them, most people won't even know you've had this done. I had to announce it. :)

Your parents might notice, but once the surgery is over and they don't have the worry to contend with, I hope they'll accept your choice.

You can do this!


1.5 days to go!!! Veering between excitement...

1.5 days to go!!!

Veering between excitement and anxiety, and can't quite believe I'm really doing this. I had my pre-assessment on Monday and am now taking Arnica 30c as per surgeon's instructions, and some vitamins to give me a boost. I've also stocked up on all the other bits and pieces, and most crucially ordered a whole load of Kraft Macaroni Cheese (you can only get it from 1 online store in the UK!)

Cleaned the house big-time today to make sure I don't have to worry about all that after friday...

Main worries are: doing something embarrassing while under anaesthetic, looking terrible for a few days, infection, cartilage graft failure and hating my new nose. There's been a few pictures of people getting bumps under the skin following rhinoplasty that have freaked me out a bit... argghhh I guess it's all just worst-case-scenario thinking!!

Thanks to everyone for all the support :D

Home after my rhinoplasty! All went well...

Home after my rhinoplasty! All went well apparently, the GA was wonderful and how I feel has been improving on an hourly basis! So far can't see the shape of my new nose due to bolster and splint. Big shiner under right eye, smaller one under left, and a pretty swollen face in general. Nose was quite throbby for the first couple of hours but reasonably pain-free now with paracetamol and codeine. Got arnica, betnesol and Bactroban too! Now being looked after by man and cats, keeping fingers crossed for a fabulous result. Pics coming soon!
Hey there, just dropping in to offer support and encouragement. I'm 10 days post op and feeling great! I hope you have a speedy recovery and your desired result! Can't wait to see pics!
I know how you feel! I'm 34 and I have my mom's nose. I have no idea how to tell her I want to have it "fixed". I hope to schedule my surgery in the next couple of weeks - cant wait to see how yours looks.

I've just got enough energy to do stuff on my...

I've just got enough energy to do stuff on my laptop - day 4! A brief summary of the experience so far:

I was admitted at 0730am, had all my nursing info filled out, then was seen by the anaesthetist and surgeon. My main concerns with the anaesthetic was nausea and pain... with the nose, that the effect would be either too obvious, or too subtle, and would not match my face. I wanted a nose that would be smaller, more feminine, with a more acceptable profile that didn't detract from my other features. My op was between 1000 and 1130, and I woke up at 1145 feeling confused and thirsty (the way you do after an amazing sleep!). They kept me in until about 6pm, initially with constant observations (every 15 mins), then after about 2hrs they did hourly obs. I felt pretty surreal and the day was a bit of a blur! Initially I needed 5mls of oramorph, after getting 100mcg fentanyl IV in recovery. After that, I had some dihydrocodeine before the journey home which took about 1hr 40 minutes. Overall the improvement in how I felt was quite quick that day. Sleep was on and off, but I fully expected that! I had no packing, just a nasal bolster which had a bit of blood coming through, but nothing to write home about. It was also immediately obvious I was getting a major bruise under my right eye, left had a tiny bit of bruising.

Day 1 postop: was generally OK, pretty bruised and swollen. I think I expected to feel pretty rotten and felt not great, but not awful, and got myself into a regime of taking my pain meds/decongestants/arnica, and doing my drops and nasal cream so that kept me going.

Day 2: More swelling around the eyes and moving down my face to my cheeks! Otherwise OK. I didn't have any bleeding as such, but felt more secure with the bolster so kept it on.

Day 3: Decided to start coming off codeine towards the evening and took the bolster off for a bit. Swelling seems to have increased around my cheeks!

Day 4: No codeine all day with slight twinges of pain. I've left the bolster off all day today as well which is OK but bizarrely feels more congested, maybe the bolsters were distracting me from the congested feeling? All in all not bad. Swelling still significant in my cheeks and bruising is starting to go more greeny-yellow. The splint started to make me feel itchy around its perimeter yesterday and it's really bothersome today!

I think in general day 3/4 is quite tough because you realise you've "survived" and things are OK, and get more impatient with the swelling and seeing results and getting the splint off. I am now literally itching to have it removed and fed up looking like this! Although so far it's worth it and I think I'm going to have a pretty good result.
Haha, already stocked up on saline, but my surgeon's had me using steroid drops since day 1 and also antibacterial ointment inside the nose so lots of crap has already come out of there... :P
Am too excited about tomorrow and am anticipating lots of yucky old skin coming off the nose as well! Oil city!
I'm doing great thank you. Read my comments about my recovery. Some helpful tips. Must have saline on hand! The crusty nose was driving me nuts particularly after cast removal and the saline has been my best defense! Can't wait for your pics. Sooooooo exciting!
I'd love to hear from others how you told family you were going to have the surgery, and whether you told friends and coworkers.

Day 5: was tough! I think I just got to a fed-up...

Day 5: was tough! I think I just got to a fed-up point of feeling gross and fed up, had stopped the stronger painkillers and ended up with less sleep, more swelling and more pain :-( Not a deterioration, just a feeling of stagnation and a bit of cabin fever too!

Day 6: Major progress, all the pain subsided and all I took was paracetamol. The swelling in my cheeks was still pretty prominent but a little less so, and I just felt I had more energy to do house stuff, feeling spurred on by the impending big reveal!

Day 7: BIG REVEAL DAY!! I was literally itching to get my cast off and got about 2 hours sleep in anticipation! My swelling has reduced some more, and most of it is now around my cheeks. Slight bruising left under both eyes, right more than left. I was feeling great in myself but quite anxious about the reveal though I could see the tip and concluded the reveal would probably be reasonably good! I am really happy with it at the moment, I know there is still a lot of swelling, and I don't want to say I'm definitely thrilled in case things go wrong later, but my first day with my new nose felt like the beginning of a more carefree and less self conscious life (despite the bruising! I look like I've been in a bar brawl ;-) )

I'm now home trying to cleanse the yucky remains of skin gently off my new nose and have a feeling I'll be trying to feel it for weeks yet, in disbelief that my big bumpy nose is no more :D :D :D

Thanks so much for all your support! I will of course keep posting updates!! :D
Wow! Your results are absolutely amazing!! My profile is very similar to yours. I'm scheduled for my primary rhinoplasty in 2 weeks and I have a pre-op appointment in a few days. Do you have any updated pictures? I would actually like to take a picture of your new nose in to my pre-op appointment as an example of what I would want for myself.
Hey plastic eggy I just read your review. You were talking about graft; did your doc put some in your nose? I had my surgery yesterday and due to my thin skin my doc put alloderm. Me and you have a similar profile, I really like your results.
your surgeon is amazing, you look sooo good.

Sorry for not posting for ages, I guess I just got...

Sorry for not posting for ages, I guess I just got on with life with the new nose and lost track of time! I feel like the shape of my nose is improving every week, the only trouble I've had is breakouts and the skin on my nose which has peeled intermittently. Entirely to be expected of course!

In general I'm really happy and can't believe it took me so long to decide to get it done. My self-consciousness is gone, and it's amazing that I still catch myself starting to worry about my profile - until I remember it's not a problem anymore! I've even been to a makeup class as I feel much more confident and want to show off my nose :-)

My advice is, if you're thinking about it: do your research, be organised, be realistic... and then go for it! ;-)
Hi! Thanks so much for your comments. I was happy at the reveal but I think it has improved since! Things have settled down gradually over weeks. I'm just about to upload the latest pics, I'm so flattered that you'd want the same sort of shape! Good luck :-)
Hi there! My surgeon said I might need a graft as my bridge might be not prominent enough, but he found that once the hump was gone, no graft was needed thankfully :-) also had thin skin but got away without alloderm! Good luck with your results :-)
Mr Simon Watts

Mr Watts has been extremely helpful, contactable and available for questions. He ensures a realistic result which fits one's face, and uses meticulous, gradual approaches to achieve a balanced outcome. From his explanations, I believe as a fellow surgeon that his technique is calm and methodical, which is very reassuring. He has always answered every silly question I've had and made me feel at ease as well, which is a bonus! :D

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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