2 Month Postop (new pics) - Lewisburg, PA

I have finally scheduled my surgery for February...

I have finally scheduled my surgery for February 14, 2013. I am having a Tummy Tuck and Breast Implants with a lollipop lift. I have not decided on whether I am going with silicone or saline, but I am leaning more towards the saline. I have my preop appointment set up for January 31st.

I am a 40-year old, mother of two boys ages 15 and 17. I have been struggling to lose weight for basically the past 17 years. At one point I was over 200 lbs and I have managed to get myself down….but it wasn't until this year that I discovered a way of eating that has helped me lose 50 lbs and decrease my body fat by almost 20%..

Although I was very happy to lose the weight and go from 173.5 in January to 123.5 now….I am less happy with the appearance of my stomach and also my breasts. I had looked into having a TT done in the past and got prices from two different doctors. First doctor wanted $10,000 and that was just for the TT and the second doctor wanted $8500. So, I decided that I just could not afford it at that time. Now, that I have lost this weight I really wanted to get my body back and that meant getting rid of the saggy skin and stretch marks.

So, I was searching for doctors that were not far away that had good reviews and great patient satisfaction. I ran across a doctor in Lewisburg that had really good reviews and I had even seen some pictures of his work on this very website. That Is what really pushed me to make the consultation with him.

So, on October 10th I had my consultation with Dr. Ernest Normington. I found him to be very professional and he took time with me. I did not feel rushed even though my appointment was at 6 pm and I am sure by that time his whole staff was ready to go home. I did not have to wait long to get into see him and he answered all my questions. I was very impressed with him and his staff.
I wanted him to evaluate my breasts to see if there was any way I could just get implants. I had no idea what was considered “too droopy” but I figured I was near or at that point. He told me that I would not be happy with just implants and he would not even want to do just implants. I needed a lift. So, he told me that I would need a lollipop lift. I was familiar with this and I just kept thinking….”boy, this is going to be expensive”. After the consult was over he gave me two quotes. One quote was for each procedure done separately and the other quote was for them being done together. Turns out that his prices were awesome! After looking at them, there was no doubt in my mind that I would be having them done together if I was planning on proceeding. Together the cost was $11,490 for TT and BA with lift using saline implants and if I opted for silicone it would be a thousand more. If I had them separately, I would pay over $4000 more.

I could not wait to tell my husband, unfortunately, he was out of town and I had to wait until the next evening to talk to him. I told him all about the appointment and I also got out the quotes and showed him. Now, he has never been on board with the breast implants. He never thought I needed them….until now….he realized how deflated they were and how unhappy I was with them. Honestly, if I had to pick one or the other…it would probably be the Breast Implants over the TT. So, to hear him say “you would be crazy not to do them together” I was beyond happy!

I already had $8,000, but I needed to come up with the rest of the money and that is why my surgery is not until February.

I feel that it is important to do your research….which I have. I have had plenty of consults with other doctors and I think that I am making the right choice by going with Dr. Normington. Not only is the price good, but I also felt comfortable around him and I feel that is important as well.

I have a lot to do before my surgery. I plan on using this wonderful site for planning my recovery….there is so much information and we are lucky to have this to help with the process.

I have posted pictures….so as you can see I have a lot of saggy skin in both my breasts and my tummy…I also have a lot of stretch marks that seem to be just right up to my belly button….which makes me happy.

I plan on posting as things progress. I feel that people need to know what to expect when going through this. I hope that my posting will help others.


Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! What way of eating worked for you to lose the 50 pounds? That's outstanding!

Looking forward to following your journey. You might want to check out this list of supplies to get for recovery.

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Thank you for the list.....that is very helpful!
Congrats!! Remember to tell your plastic surgeon how low you want your scar. You might even bring in a pic. Of a loe scar that you like. Good luck on your journey. for me it was sooo worth it :)
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12/25/12 - Well, I ordered the "pre consultation"...

12/25/12 - Well, I ordered the "pre consultation" Breast Implant kit from Natrelle. I am unsure of what size breast implants that I want and kind of wanted to experiment with the different sizes. I was very anxious to get the kit and it finally arrived on Saturday. Unfortunately, it was NOT what I had anticipated and I was greatly disappointed. The implants had a odd shape and puckered when you inserted them in the sports bra that came with the kit. They were not smooth. This made it hard to really get a good idea of what the implants would really look like. Honestly, in my opinion, it was not worth the money. It came with 4 sizes and they were labeled from 1-4 and 4 was the largest. After googling it I found that "#4" is around 400 cc's.

I thought that this might have helped me make a decision on how large I wanted to go but it really did not....the odd shape really threw me off. I am hoping that the doctor will have something better. The only good thing is that you can get a rebate....so essentially I will not have paid anything for the kit...but you have to send in several different items before you can get the rebate, but I will do what I have to do to get my money back.

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I have been looking at a ton of before and after...

I have been looking at a ton of before and after pictures...particularly breast lifts with implants. I had been saving them to my computer so that I could show my PS. I realized this might be hard to show him without having ti drag my laptop along, but then I found a better way to save my likes and dislikes. If you are familiar with pinterest you probably know about "secret" boards. These are boards that nobody else can see but you. They are perfect for gathering all your pictures in one place. I have an iPad and now I can just take it to my appointment to show my doctor. You could also use a smart phone as well if you didn't have a tablet or iPad. This makes it much easier and eliminates the need to drag your laptop to the appointment or print out pictures. It also organizes everything into one spot. This might be old news but I thought I would share in case people were not aware of it or maybe forgot about pinterest having these secret boards. I had to laugh because when they came out with these secret boards I thought "I will never use them" but here I am very thankful that they did. Hope this helps!


Oh I can't wait to follow your progress! You are going to look amazing and be so happy with your results! I personally went with silicone because I have 2 friends who both have saline. One said when she lays on her side she has ripples in her breasts (no thank you) and the other said she wished she would have gotten silicone but they didn't offer them back when she got her implants. Also, my PS said that saline implants look and feel more natural and they also have "gummy bear" insides now, so if they do somehow get punctured they don't ooze out like they used to. It all sticks together like a gummy bear on the inside. I also got my under the muscle. Which I think helps it feel more natural. Good luck on making your decision. Everyone has their own preference.
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Sorry I meant to type, "my PS said that SILICONE implants look more natural." Not saline.
I also wanted to add that I went back and forth on the size too. I told him what size I wanted (a FULL D) and he suggested sizes: 400cc would be a full C maybe a small D, 425cc would be a small D and 450cc would be a full D. [Again this was specific to me and my body- everyone is different.] The day before surgery I told him that I definitely wanted a full D so the size I preferred was 450cc. I had look at a TON of pictures of women who were my same weight/height/before breast size/using the same implants and decided that 450cc was the look that I wanted. That is what I got, and I LOVE the size! I am so glad that I didn't go with 425cc which was the size I was originally considering. I had always heard to go bigger that you think- they DO get smaller after the swelling goes down! Good luck!

I am sick right now. I have a nasty cold that my...

I am sick right now. I have a nasty cold that my son graciously shared with me. I had this coughing fit yesterday that was so bad I was gasping for breath....honestly I have never experienced coughing like that....the only thing I could think of was ...."glad I didn't just have my surgery"...I would have split something open for sure.

From reading on this site I have heard that a toilet riser is a good thing to have and I remember my grandmother having one...so I called my mother and she said that she still had it she also has a walker i can use.....So I am going to get that stuff for my recovery...Along with a shower chair...and today I am going to go looking for a recliner to rent...I've been wanting one anyway so I may just end up keeping it afterwards if I like it.

I also have opted not to tell my two boys....main reason is I really don't want my ex-husband to know and I know for sure they would tell their dad and I probably wouldn't care if other people knew but NOT him....he was mentally abusive to me after I had the boys...calling me a fat cow and a road atlas due to all my stretch marks...he was horrible and although he is only in my life a little now a days I don't need any comments from him to bring me down. . Problem is I don't know exactly what to tell them....I thought about hernia repair and then just trying to hid the boobs so that they were not aware but they are boys and teenage boys at that. I wish I could trust them to not tell their dad but they will......so I must lie to them. I wish I was going away for the surgery that would make it much easier to hid it.

I am starting to have major anxiety with thoughts of "why the hell am I doing this at 40?" and then I think about being on our boat and going on vacation and not feeling self conscious about my stomach or boobs and the feeling passes....I just hope that recovery goes well and that I bounce back quickly. Good luck to all who are getting ready for surgery next week. 33 days until my big day....can't wait to get this over with!!!!


Congratulations on taking this great step! I am 10 days post op myself, and already it's such a roller coaster ride, but so worth it so far. You are doing it for you. Like most moms, you've given your life to your kids and now it's time to do a little something for yourself. :) You are going to have fantastic results and I can't wait to see!
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Thank you.... I am so ready to get this over with...I think the waiting for surgery day might be worse on my nerves than the actual surgery
That is so true! I think that was the worst part for me, seriously!

I got my preop pack in the mail on Friday and I...

I got my preop pack in the mail on Friday and I was a little disappointed that it did not have more information regarding the postop period. Thank goodness for this site and the experiences of others....I would be lost. I did read that he will be giving me some supplements to take two weeks before and after surgery. It also did have a section regarding the MRI. It is saying that if you get silicone implants that it is "recommended" that you get an MRI three years after the implants and then every two years after. That seems like a lot of MRIs if you ask me. I am pretty sure that they are pretty damn expensive too. Now, I know that this is only a recommendation and that you are not "Made" to do this, but it kind of scares me. I guess maybe I could just put money back for it and maybe have it done alittle less frequently than they recommend. At this point, I am still not certain that I am going with silicone so it may not even be an issue.

I am going to make a list of questions that I am going to ask the doctor at my preop. Things that were not covered in the packet or things that I am not clear about.

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Checked into the whole "MRI" thing with getting...

Checked into the whole "MRI" thing with getting silicone implants. I got my preop packet in the mail last week and it did have a section in it regarding the FDA recommendations of getting an MRI after three years and then follow ups every two years after that. I work in healthcare and I know that MRIs are extremely expensive but I never dreamed how expensive. I sent an email to a friend that works in the billing dept of the hospital and ask her about the cost of a breast MRI if you were paying out of pocket. She said with radiology fees the total price would be almost $5,000....that is just crazy...heck my boobs won't even cost that much and then they want that done every two years after your initial one....yeah right...like I can afford that. The last thing I did was I called my insurance company (blue cross) and ask the lady in customer service if they would cover this MRI and she put me on hold and found some information regarding breast implants and apparently they "might" cover it if it is medically necessary. So there is a lot to think about when choosing your implants. I am sure that most women are not following the recommendations set forth by the FDA.


@Elisep36 - The reason for the MRI is that if you have silicone implants and they rupture, there is no way to tell without getting an MRI, at least that is what they claim. When a saline implant ruptures it deflates pretty much immediately and is very obvious. I am going to talk to the doctor about the whole thing and see what the rupture rate is on the silicone implants.
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Interesting...I have never heard the MRI thing before. I wouldn't do it. Too much radiation, and if you're having implant issues, you're likely going to know it, ya know? Plus cost....our OOP after my daughters MRI on her knee was still $900...
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One week today is my preop. Getting excited, yet...

One week today is my preop. Getting excited, yet very nervous. My husband tells me to quit reading so much and relax....but that is easy for him to say. I just hope everything goes okay.

I figured out that I will probably have my period during the surgery through the first week...which I should have really looked at before scheduling. But then my period is not quite as bad as it use to be since I had endometerial ablation done. So, maybe it won't be so bad...but then I do get very hormonal...which might not mix well with the emotions of surgery and recover. Guess there is really nothing I can do and I refuse to change my appointment. Good luck to all that are getting ready for surgery as well as those recovering. I hope I have more to add once the surgery is here and my recovery begins.

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My preop appointment is tomorrow and I am excited...

My preop appointment is tomorrow and I am excited to get some questions answered and pick out my implants. So excited that I had my first bad dream.

Last night i was awoken by a terrible dream. I was going to my preop appointment and when I got there they took me back to surgery...I did not talk to the doctor and I didn't even get to pick out my implants. Then the doctor comes in, but it wasn't my doctor it was some old man that had shaky hands and looked to be about 90 years old. Before I knew it they put me out and I woke up and they rushed me out the door...I didn't have a bra on or anything. But the wierd thing was that I was walking upright without a problem and I had no abdominal pain. I took my binder off and I had lumps on both my sides where he had sucked out too much fat in one place and not enough in another and there was no TT incision because one wasn't done...just lipo....then when I tried to put a sports bra on.... my incisions opened up and my impants came out the bottom of my boobs....I awoke...rather abruptly....and was so glad to realize I was dreaming. That was bad....Not even sure what would have made me dream about this old man doing my surgery...but I did. I hope to not have too many more dreams. I know I have read of other girls having dreams and I was hoping that not to be an issue for me.

I hope all the girls that have had their surgery are recovering well and all the girls about ready to go under are safe. Talk to you all later

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WOW! I just had the most frustrating preop ever! I...

WOW! I just had the most frustrating preop ever! I almost left without even picking out implants!

Going into this I wasn’t sure about a lot of stuff, but the one thing I was sure about was that I wanted Moderate Profile (MP) implants and I did not want High Profile (HP) and this was simply due to the amount of space that I had between my breasts. I wanted increased cleavage and I knew that the MP implants had a wider base and therefore would take up more space on my chest opposed to the HP that are narrow and give more projection.

So, imagine my surprise when the nurse and the doctor recommended the HP. I was very adamant that I did not want this. I was told that I had a narrow chest. I have always thought my chest wall was wide. The doctor NEVER measured me so I am not sure how he would know for certain what I needed. This upset me greatly and when I ask the nurse why he didn’t measure me…she said that he has done “so many augmentations he just knows". I did not feel comfortable with this. At that point I decided to go against their recommendations and after two hours I was DONE looking at implants and I decided on 371 cc MP silicone implants. I may go up to 397 cc, but I haven’t totally made up my mind.

I was glad to hear that my doctor did not agree with getting the MRI as often as the FDA recommended. He said it was overkill. So, I decided that I would go with silicone implants because they felt so nice.

After going through all of that, I go out to pay for the surgery and I had brought half the money and the other half I was using the Care Credit card to pay for. The secretary runs my card and it was declined. I got this card two years ago when I started my plastic surgery journey and I had never used it. I called them two week ago and checked my credit limit. I called them immediately when it was declined and I put in my card number and it said the account had been closed. My heart sunk. I had the office call them and once we got a customer service rep on the phone she told me that the account had been closed on Monday. I ask her if she could reopen it because I was sitting at the plastic surgeons office getting ready to pay for my surgery. She told me that I would have to reapply. My heart sunk AGAIN!…because I just bought a new car and I didn’t have that when I applied for the card. So, I hung up and I didn’t pay for anything due to the possibility of having to postpone my surgery. I had my ipad along with me so my husband and I left the office and got a bite to eat and while we were waiting for our food I reapplied….Thankfully it was approved and I was able to pay for the surgery.

Of note, I was sent home on several different vitamins and I have to take these two weeks before and two weeks after as well as arnica after and bromelaine couple days before and then after. So, I have to get a pill reminder set up since I am definitely NOT use to taking medication.


That does sound frustrating. I hope he is a good surgeon and that he can give you the results you want. Are you feeling better about everything now?

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I am still a little on edge... It doesn't help that my period is coming and making things worse. I have been looking at pictures of the implants tht I have picked and I think I have done the right thing. I just hope everything turns out okay and I don't regret my decision
Hope you are better now ... I am thinking I should have included my boobs . Oh we'll maybe I will do them later . Next week will be here so soon for both of us.
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Well, I never realized how stressful this whole...

Well, I never realized how stressful this whole process would be. I am literally making myself sick over the breast implants. It was so much easier when i was only getting the TT...adding the breast implants has added too many decisions.. Did I mention that I have difficulty picking out wall paper.

I just hope that I have made the right decision on the profile and size of the implants. I keep telling myself that anything is better than what I have now....but for some reason it has been hard to convince myself that.

I rented a recliner today....hoping this will help with the recovery and make it a little easier. I am pretty sure I have everything....I just need to get the house cleaned and then I am set.


Hey! I had an appointment today too! My surgery is 14th too. I've been stressing over implants too! I've changed my mind on size 4 times now!!! I can't order food at a restaurant without hearing everyone else's order so this has been a challenge. My doctor measured me to decide on profile. My husband is so worried that they won't look how he likes. I told him anything is better than what I have And that if it gives me confidence then he will like them. Good luck! It is a big decision...It's our bodies and its a lot of money and recovery. I look forward to following your story! :)
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Yay!!!! Surgery buddies ;) I am same way and my husband tells me I am "over analyzing" the whole thing...and maybe I am but I am very concerned about my results since I am starting out with saggy wide boobs and I don't want the "canyon effect". So yeah...I have been stressing and driving my husband nuts!!! And also changing my mind back and forth....I am going to get my period (13th) how lucky for me and I am sure that is adding to my stress level because they say you should never make major decisions the week before your period....I think I know why now!
I used to work for a plastic surgeon and moderate profile look so much better than High profile in my opinion. And my PS almost never used them. They should have measured you. That's frustrating. Glad everything worked out with the card. I would def. go with MP.
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Woohoo!!!! I was suppose to get my period on the...

Woohoo!!!! I was suppose to get my period on the 13th...which is the day before my surgery and generally it has been running three days late....well low and behold I got it this morning which is three days EARLY!!! Things are looking up. I should be over it by my surgery and have one less thing to deal with. What a relief. Not to mention this hormonal roller coaster I have been on is slowly coming to an end!


You will be fine. I stressed so much about the BA in the beginning too. I've chosen saline, under muscle, high profile (I am petite/small), and 400cc. It wasn't an easy decision at all. Listen to your surgeon. They are the experts. Good luck!!
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It is awful to stress so much about it but it really is a big decision and one that I don't want to regret. I am actually feeling a lot better since I got my period and maybe now I can think rationally.
Congrats on the cycle, LOL! Mine showed up on time for the first time in almost year, which was PO day 3! It has been a pain to deal with while trying to heal up! I was only able to get 1/2 of my MM done on the 30th and will have my implants done on the 20th of Feb, looking forward to completing my look. Good luck with your journey and keep us posted!
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Woke up this morning with an upset stomach....got...

Woke up this morning with an upset stomach....got better as the day went on. I was super busy so that helped make the day go fast...maybe too fast...lol

I bought some last minute things today. I purchased a toilet seat riser...it was $40...a lot cheaper than I thought it was going to be. Got some fresh pineapples to help with the swelling. I hope that I have everything that I need.... I am sure I will be missing something.

I will add pictures as soon as I am able to.

Good luck to everyone that is scheduled tomorrow and fast healing for all that have gone before me.


Tomorrow is the day!! Good luck and happy fast healing!!
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Same to you Ann! I am ready to get this over with!
I'm ready for it to be over with too!!!!!!

Well the waiting is finally over. I had my surgery...

Well the waiting is finally over. I had my surgery today. My husband and I arrived at the surgery center at 8 am and they took me back... I had to change into a gown and give them a urine sample....then Dr Normington marked me for surgery. I finally decided on 397 cc....no turning back now. After all that I was ask some questions by anesthesia and then off to the OR.... Last thing I remember saying was " I don't want porn star boobs!" and it was lights out.

I awoke still in the OR and I was wheeled to recovery.... I was feeling no pain.....eventually the pain did start and I was given some Demerol......I chit chatted with the nurse and as we were talking g I ask how much skin was rmoved and she told me a pound and then I ask her how much separation I had and told me that Dr. N. said..... " did she have children?!? I know she did but it does not appear that way" so I ask the nurse if he tightened the muscles....she said he did but damned if I can feel it... From all I have read I gathered this was the most painful part and honestly my boobs are more painful than the TT. So I am puzzled. I also did not get any lipo which bummed me out...apparently I didnt need any....disappointed. I did get dizzy and slightly nauseated upon standing....so I was given some medicine to help with that....then out the door I went. The ride home was not pleasant... I felt every bump and was counting the time until I made it home.

I didn't have any trouble walking up the steps to my house and I was feeling petty good. The only time I felt poorly was when I got up to go to the bathroom after sitting.... Not pain but dizziness and nausea... I would also break out in a sweat too. I also have a little discomfort behind my right knee and I am not sure if this is just something I pulled or something more serious like a blood clot.... That would be my luck

The other issue I had was pain in my ribs like you get when u have a side stitch....I would rate my overall pain at the most a 5.

I only have one drain. I have only drained it twice so far since getting home.

I have only ate some crackers.....I have no appetite at all

Well I am getting very tired.... I will check in tomorrow....and Saturday I get to shower ...I will take some pictures then


So excited for you! I have heard from the beginning that the BA will make you forget you had a TT because it is far more painful. Congratulations!! My MM is in one week and I'm over the top with excitement. Can't wait to see your beautiful pictures. :)
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I have had Lipo twice and am 7+ post op from a BA and can tell you the Lipo pain was much worse for me. ;) good luck to everyone!! 
No lipo is probably a good thing - I less thing to cause pain. Can't wait to see pics
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Well, my pain level has increased greatly since my...

Well, my pain level has increased greatly since my last update. POD 1 was very bad. I was in a lot of pain and I was also dizzy and nauseous. I dd manage to sleep a little last night but was extremely stiff this morning.

The doctors office called yesterday regardig my drainage. I only had 50 cc's and I only have one drain. She told me this was fine and if I continued to have a low out put that It woud probably be removed at my postop appointment on Thursday. I hope so because it is quite uncomfortable.

I was also able to take a shower today. I thought this would make me feel better and initially it dd, but I overdid it and ended up feeling like shit the rest of the day....plus I was pretty devastated at the appearance of my boobs. They are pointy and small....at least they seem small. I am hopng that they will drop and fill out. My husband thinks that they will be a lot bigger after they drop.....but I am more than pleased with my belly button and my incision. They both look great and I am very relieved..

Did I mention how thankful I am for getting the toilet seat riser and recliner. Highly recommend them.

I am also having horrible gas pain,which is causing me more pain than the incisions.

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Finally had a BM last night!!!! Feel so much...

Finally had a BM last night!!!! Feel so much better. I am so glad I took the stool softeners prior to surgery.

Doctors office was suppose to call yesterday to get my drainage numbers...they never called...that is a little disturbing. My drainage is down to about 15cc and the color is a very pale pink. I only have one drain. I had anticipated a lot more drainage so I am surprised by the lack of drainage considering that I do only have one drain.

I woke up coughing this morning....this is the second day in a row that this has happened. Does not feel very pleasant...

Mornings are a hard time due to being so stiff but after I get up and move I start to feel better.

I am very sad about my lift and BA. They look horrible and I can only hope that they drop and fill out. They are pointy and just look bad. My husband tries to be upbeat and tells me they will be fine but I am not so sure. My TT looks good and I am pleased with that... But not sure about the boobs


I've had under 25cc drainage each day (only one drain) & this am mine is yellowish/pink too! This is PODay 4 for me & I woke up this am hurting!! Yesterday I started taking only half a pain pill, but that's not going to work for me today! Everything on me is sore! Not to mention having my stupid period. Hang in there! Patience is not my strongest virtue - but I know it will be worth it!
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I am relieved to hear that your drainage has been like mine...I was expecting so much more drainage and was even worried about it not being much. I wake up every morning sore and stiff but feel better once I get up and move around...yesterday I did not take any pain meds until I went to bed....I was hoping that taking it at bed time would allow me to get a better nights sleep and it seemed to. Good luck to you...and I am sure that things will get better they just have to
oYour scar looks great so soon - wow! I am close to you near Harrisburg. I think from what I have read you should be glad you didn't have lipo and minimal MR. keep healing fast!
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Things are going better. Last night I did not wear...

Things are going better. Last night I did not wear my CG and I slept like a baby. It has been rubbing my incisions and i felt i needed to take it off for a little bit. I did put it back on in the morning.

My swelling has not been too bad which I am grateful for...I did not have lipo so I think that probably is why....I was up 10 lbs immediately after surgery but that was also with having all cloths on. I am 6 lbs down as of this morning and it seems like most of my swelling is in my thighs and hips

I tried on my bikini bottoms and I am soooo pleased with the position of my incision...it makes up for my disappointmenting boobs. I keep telling myself that anything is better than what I had and I need to be patient. I did take a picture in clothes and in clothes I look normal which is a major relief.

Tomorrow is my first postop appt and I have to say that I am a little disappointed with the follow up care...somebody was suppose to call me to check on my drainage and they only called the day after surgery. Hope that is not how things are going to be


You look great girly!!! :)
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The girls look great in clothes!
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You look great! The boobs will drop I PROMISE!!!! You will be very pleased!!!
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I had my first postop appointment yesterday. I did...

I had my first postop appointment yesterday. I did not get to see the doctor at all. This seemed odd to me, but maybe this is normal...I don't know. I did see Jean, who is his nurse and she is very nice and knowledgeable. She apologized profusely for nobody getting in contact with me regarding my drainage numbers. She had been on vacation and it was another girls responsibility to call me. I let her know that it didn't make me feel real good that nobody checked in with me like they were suppose to. She did remove that pesky drain and told me that if I experienced five or more pound weight gain on Monday and a fluid wave when I touched my lower abdomen that I was to call the office and they would have me come in to drain the fluid. She also ask if I was happy with my implant choice. I told her that I was not happy with the pointy boobs and she said "well then it is a good thing you didn't go with High Profile". Geez, I agonized over my decision due to her and the doctor both telling me that I was better suited for HP implants due to my thinness and my narrow chest...I was totally against it but they almost had me convinced I was making a mistake. In the end....I am glad I went with my gut feeling. She told me that they would change over the next few months and they would not look like they do now. I know this and even though I do know this it does not stop me from worrying about it and obsessing over it. I can see subtle changes daily and I am anxious to see every morning if there has been any change. I was also told that I needed to start doing massages and these massages will be done for the life of my breast implants. She told me to push them together and then up and hold for ten seconds. The only thing I don't know is how often I need to do this. So, I will need to get this clarified.

After my appointment I went to walmart. It was very liberating to not have that damn drain and by the way....I did have some slight pain when this was removed....but it quickly gone and I was fine. While at walmart I purchased two sports bras...one that zipped up and another one that had a little less supportive that was just soft and comforting. I also bought a spandex body suit that is shorts and has straps. Love this...it is very compressive but it makes me feel good and I think it makes me stand taller....not sure why but maybe it is the sense of support. After walmart I was wiped out and we headed home (home is an hour away) and I was sore and miserable once I got home. Got on the recliner and I was out like a light. Slept for about three hours and then felt much better.

Today is Day 8 and I am feeling good. I tried not to push it too much today because of being so active yesterday and that left me more swollen than I have been since having surgery. I don't know if it was the medications that I was taking but honestly I really did not have a lot of swelling and I am thankful for that. I also did not have lipo so that could also be another reason for the limited amount of swelling. All in all, I am feeling pretty good and I am ready to start doing more.


I got my drains out yesterday. I am swelling more than I did before ( I like you never had too much swelling) I also went into a grocery store and WOW I never realized how much walking is involved in just going in a store! It wiped me out! I am now paranoid about swelling so I am probably taking it easier now than I did 3 days ago. I am sorry you are unhappy with your breasts! I think they will change and you will love them!! You really look great!!
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Went to wal-mart again....I just had to get out of...

Went to wal-mart again....I just had to get out of the house. I feel so cooped up and it was very nice out today so that brightened my spirits. But, once again, I overdone it and was very sore and swollen when I got home.

My left breast is really tender for some reason. I noticed that it seems like the Left breast is not as nicely done as the right. It seems like he may have had problems. It just doesn't look as nice as the right and it is sore and tender. It also was bruised as well.

I was told to start moving my implants and I have started but I feel like they just don't want to move to easily. I am hoping this is normal and they will start to soften. they are still quite high as well. I bought some palmers cocoa oil to massage my scars. I was told that I could use lotion and so when I went to see what was available I found this oil that is for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone etc.

I have some questions:
1. Has anybody else been told to start massaging? I was told at Day 7 to start.

2. Is anybody using the Palmers oil or bio oil? How is it working?

3. how long is it taking for them to drop? I am still very high and I am just wondering when I can expect them to change. They are very hard.

4. how compliant are people with their binders? I HATE the damn thing and I am not wearing it continuously. I have read that a lot of doctors don't even make their patients wear them.


I also wear my binder 24 -7. I was told how important. My breast started dropping about day 11. ;). Mine are above the muscle though. Maybe that has something to do with it!! You look great!!!!!
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Thank you.....I think I read that when they go under the muscle that they drop slower....so, that is probably the issue for me.......I am just not certain how slow is slow or what is meant by slow. Mine are dropping but not as quickly as I would like....and they are extremely firm and do not move. They definitely do not "jiggle" at this point..
Dropping and softening can take weeks or even months. Try to be less anxious. You will love your look soon. I wear my binder 24/7 except in the shower. I think we should all follow our surgeon's orders to the letter. They are the experts, not us. Hang in there.

It has been awhile since I updated. I am getting...

It has been awhile since I updated. I am getting a "little" happier with my breasts, but I still feel that I should have went bigger. My goal was to be able to wear some clothes without a bra and that just isn't happening. I need a bra to make them look the way I wanted and I think maybe that is what is disappointing me. I think that they look great in a bra but not so much without one. If that makes sense.

I did have been having pain in my right breast for about two weeks now. It is like a toothache where if I move a certain way...usually bending forward....I get a searing pain that sends me through the roof. It also aches in the evening if I have been too active during the day. I did discuss with my PS and he felt this was a nerve that was irritated and he suggested massaging that area. So, I have started that. It does seem to help a little....but it can be painful.

My belly button still seems red and there was a scab on the one side that the PS removed and there is sort of a "hole" there....so that needs to close up and heal. I go back in another two weeks to see how that is doing. I think once it closes and the redness goes away I am going to really like my new belly button.

I had my 1 month appointment yesterday and I was told I could gradually start back to my normal workouts. But he cautioned me about lifting too heavy....so I guess I will just start out with body weight and keep increasing each week. I am excited to get back to my old routine...but also nervous because although I didn't swell much when I first had my surgery....I really seem to swell now with any amount of activity....especially in my hip area.

After my appointment yesterday, I stopped at VS to check my measurements and to also find a bra that I could wear for support. The doctor said I was able to go to normal bras now....so I thought I would buy one for now. My breast have not dropped much at all. At least that i can see. The drop has been subtle. So, I didn't want to spend a ton of money on bras because I know that most likely I will probably change sizes...whether that is up or down...I have no idea. I measured out at a 36 D or 34 DD....the DD actually felt better...so that is what I went with. I am kind of hoping that I drop down to a D when everything has settled.

I also have been having bouts of depression...the only thing I can think is that it is due to not working out and gaining weight. I am up 5 lbs from surgery and although my clothes fit they are fitting a little tighter than I like. So hopefully once I get back to working out....I will start feeling better. The cold, snowy whether is not helping either.


You look great, and i see a huge difference in your breasts! I can easily tell they've dropped and your scars are fading awesome! Mine look darker. I'm sorry about the depression. This process really messes with you!! I cried for 3 hours the other day ( and I didn't ever really cry before this procedure) . We will get through this. You really are looking great and you don't look like you have gained any weight. :) hope working out helps with depression. :)
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Thank you Ann.....I just wish things would get back to normal. I am going to get back to my normal exercise routine and I hope that helps normalize things for me.
Your results are really good!!! And just think they get better and better
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It has been a month since I updated. So far, my...

It has been a month since I updated. So far, my right breast has dropped, but my left is still high. I still have puffiness in my left nipple and the right has smoothed out. I ask the doctor about this and he told me the puffiness was due to the stitches and once they dissolve the puffiness would smooth out. From the very start I thought the left breast was not as nice as the right. The incision was not as nice and either was the nipple....odd that it is also the one that is not dropping. I still feel like I could have gone larger, but my husband says "no way". he thinks they are appropriate for my frame, but as I said...I think I could have went up a little. What bothers me is that I still have to wear padded push up bras to get the look I want. Due to my anatomy, my breasts are wider than most and this causes me to need to wear push up bras to get the cleavage. It was a nightmare trying to find a bathing suit that I liked. I finally found one after several returns.

Now, I have been very pleased with my tummy tuck...especially how low the incision is.....but I noticed that my belly button looks to be getting smaller. I called the office and I was told to stick a Q-tip in it to stretch it out. I have issues with scarring and I am afraid that my scar is going to be very visible around my belly button. I am just hoping that I do not have to have any revisions done on it.

Oh....one more thing...and this has really irritated me. I ask the doctor "why" he didn't do any lipo on my hips like we had discussed and he said he did. I know that he did not do any lipo because I had NO discomfort, NO bruising and I ask the nurse that was in the OR and she said that he did not do any lipo. When I told him this he said "maybe the nurse did not realize it". Well, he can claim whatever he wants....I know that the lipo was not done. It just kind of makes me mad that he would lie about it and pretend that he did it when he obviously did not.

I am posting some pictures.


OMG!! What a big difference from your pre op to now!! Looking good!!! You should get a copy of all that was done to you on your surgery, like how many cc's was taken out of your body using lipo. If nothing was taken out, you should tell your PS to refund you the cost of the lipo.
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Thank you! I am starting to slowly feel better. Other than being a little peeved about the lipo....I am happy with the results....they get better as the weeks go on. The lipo was not extra it was suppose to be done to contour and reshape my hips. I am 100% positive that it was not done. He may not remember what the hell he did, but I can tell from my hips that he did not do any "contouring". If he did then it was a very sucky job!
You are looking really, really, phenomenally good! You have such a shapely waistline and nice muscle definition :) The puffiness, I think, I experience on my tt incision too. I can actually feel the internal sutures! yikes! The bikini you got was definitely worth all the trouble! It looks super awesome on you. The colour is good, the fit cannot be more perfect! I'm also experimenting with bikinis, since 9 years ago, too and its sooo much more fun now than it was. Are you gonna be putting anything on your incision scars if you go out in the sun?
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