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Having a Tummy Tuck and a breast lift today! 46...

Having a Tummy Tuck and a breast lift today! 46 yrs old, Mom of 2 (23 & 21) both csections and then one hernia operation. Was at my highest weigh a year ago at 142 and now I'm at 128 (was 124 a few weeks ago but I've been bad!) I'm 5'5

More background later (I just figured out how to really use this site..ha, ah)
See you on the other side!

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Surgery Day: went well Doctor and nurses kept me...

Surgery Day: went well Doctor and nurses kept me very calm and light surgery was at 7 and I was home by noon. Only felt light-headed or nauseous just briefly during the day when I was up. My biggest issue was having to pee so often and having my husband help me get up..Seriously, unless I was asleep, I had to pee at least once per hour. Sleep wasn't easy because the pain medicine makes me dream and I startle myself awake.

PO day 1: bathroom frequency was less and on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it as a 7. Felt like I needed to have a bowel movement and have been on stool softeners starting several before surgery but they aren't helping. Took a laxative and still nothing.

PO Day 2: was able to get up by myself better last night so I didn't have to wake up my husband. It took a while but I did it slowly with very little pain.
Felt pretty good this morning, and had a doc appt to remove my dressings.

I got to see my new boobs for the first time and I am very excited about them even though I know they will fill out a little more and drop. My tummy is so flat! I'm a little swollen and I couldn't really see my i
Tummy tuck incision but it is lower than my csection scars and I am thrilled about that. They put me in a sports bra and a compress binder around my tummy and sent me on my way..I go back on Tuesday to hopefully get one drain out.
Was left alone for several hours so hubby could go to the office for a few hours and I did really well. I'm not ready to be alone for a full day but i can function somewhat for a few hours.
Tonight, I kind of panicked when hubby put neosporin on my drain sites (per. My doctor).. Supposed to shower tomorrow but now I am really nervous a out that. As of tonight, still haven't pooped!


Thank you so much for starting your story! How the heck are you feeling at two days post op? Here's what Blonde in Bluffton went through (it will get better soon!) Please keep us posted.

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I actually feel pretty good considering. I had a doc appt this morning and they took off my bandages. I got to see my boobs and so far, I really like what is see but they still have to fill out a little and drop some. My tummy is so small..I can't believe it! Worth it so far!

Woke up this morning in a lot more pain than the...

Woke up this morning in a lot more pain than the previous day. I guess I was on my feet too much yesterday so I took it easy but then the itching feeling under my binder started and I was not a happy camper! CSS
We decided to give me my first shower and not only is that kind an emotional and somewhat traumatic, but it is exhausting! Drains are lower now so hopefully I can get one out on Tuesday and the other on Tursday...fingers crossed!

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PO day 3 wasn't the greatest...I moved around too...

PO day 3 wasn't the greatest...I moved around too much and started feeling the pain pretty badly. Hubby helped me take a shower which felt good, but my stomach is so much more swollen than yesterday..prob getting up too much! The shower did wear me out and I was able to sleep two hours without waking :-) I got kind of emotional during the shower event but hubby handled me well. Still no bowel movement and I even took a laxative today! The good news is my drain output has gone down significantly so they may take one out on Mondayand the other on Thursday..prayers!


Hang in there. This is the toughest part! Hoping you get your drains out sooner rather than later.

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Yesterday was PO 4 or what I called Operation Poop...

Yesterday was PO 4 or what I called Operation Poop...I was somewhat successful ....just enough to relieve some of the pain. I felt pretty good yesterday but the boredom is really getting to me and my back is killing me. I slept with a heating pad last night..hope that is ok. I am trying to wean myself off pain meds and I only took one short nap during the day yesterday. I kind of feel gross to my husband which makes me emotional but he is encouraging.


U have to give yourself more time! I know it's hard but it will pass soon and u will be happy. I'm po day 14 tomorrow and already feel SO much better than last week. Rest and don't look. Your body still has lots of healing to do. Oh and no heat...that will make swelling worse!
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You look awesome. Just look @ befores and the difference is amazing. FYI my nurse said no heat. Ice only. Laying flat on my back w like 5 pillows under my knees helped tremendously. Was spending way too much time in recliner and putting too much pressure on back. Hope this helps. Did you just do a lift or BA as well?
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I did a lift and I will try your advice! Thanks :-)

PO Day 6...I didn't post yesterday just did a few...

PO Day 6...I didn't post yesterday just did a few comments because I was "Emotional Ella" ha, ha! I was down because I was swollen and my back hurt so bad but took some good advice from one of the caring people on this site and move from recliner to bed and laid somewhat flat (kind of propped) and lots of pillows under my knees and had my best sleep yet! My drains are so low that I called doc and they told me to come in and they took one of my drains out! They also took the staples out (still have stiches and some glue) and I feel so much better!
Today I am sitting up more and not feeling so down...thank you to everyone for you support!


Glad you're feeling better. This is a process, we can't rush it. I have to keep telling myself that too. Rest and take care.
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PO day 7.. Had such a good day yesterday but went...

PO day 7.. Had such a good day yesterday but went to bed with my stomach hard as a rock and didn't sleep well last night. Advice from this site made me feel better (again!) and it's probably just swelling. Although I have had 2 bowel movements, they haven't been substantial so I prob am constipated and to top it off, I started my period this morning. That would explain a lot! I am planning on staying off my feet today! Will post updated pics tomorrow when I have a little more energy.....happy recovery to all!


Look at your tiny waist. How exciting!! I think you have the nicest looking lift too. Looks like you had implants added.
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I actually had a small reduction as well as a lift
You're doing great! Keep ur chin up!!
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PO day 8 Tummy was not as hard this morning when...

PO day 8
Tummy was not as hard this morning when I woke up but as the afternoon goes on, it gets worse. I am trying to take it easy but I am bored out of my mind! Tomorrow I get my 2nd drain out and I am beyond excited! To stay positive, I have to focus on the little things each day :-)


Great story - I am from Bristol, TN originally
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PO Day 9: very happy today because I got my last...

PO Day 9: very happy today because I got my last drain out this morning! Today is my daughter's 22nd birthday so we are taking her to the Melting Pot for dinner tonight. I have decided to wear a Spanx type of underwear instead of my binder tonight since I will be dressed up..I figured a few hours can't hurt (hopefully). I haven't decided what I will wear because my tummy is swollen but I am excited because this will be my first real outing since the surgery. I am trying to stay off my feet completely for the rest of the day so I won't be so tired tonight. I did ask my doctor if I could have a glass of wine or two tonight and he said that was fine but I would probably have extra swelling tomorrow. I guess I will just have to take it easy tomorrow,!


The fact that you can go out to dinner on day 9 is so inspiring lol glad you are feeling better! Have fun! You look great
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You know it's so funny that you say that..One of my friends had this done in December and on day 9 she had lunch with me and you would have never known she had just had surgery! She also had 2 drains still in so imkeptthT thought in the back of my mind ethe last few days when I thought I wasn't going to be able to do it. I'm still slightly hunched over
Have a great time tonight!
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PO Day I went to my daughters bday dinner...

PO Day I went to my daughters bday dinner and it really wore me out. My husband said I was very pale after a couple of hours. All I did was sit there..good grief! I am pretty swollen today but feel ok just tired. It is supposed to be in the 60's and sunny tomorrow so I am looking forward to relaxing outside :-)

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PO Day 11...Starting to see some changes! I...

PO Day 11...Starting to see some changes! I weighed in at 124.4 this morning..happy about that! My breasts are starting to drop and soften...happy about that! Bruising is getting a little better...happy about that! The only thing that really concerns me is how high my scar is on the sides. I put on my blue string bikini that I wore on the cruise in January and the scar is very visible. Hopefully, that will decrease in color and size. I have posted a few new pics to show my progress. Honestly, this site makes me feel better just because I did take those pictures and see my progress so if you are out there and haven't taken pictures, you need to because it will help you get through the down times! Start now!

I went for a walk around the block with hubby last night and although I walk slow, it felt good. I can't stand up completely straight until Tuesday when I get my stitches out. Still swollen but not as bad today...I am feeling positive!


Glad to hear you are still doing well!!!
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4 weeks PO today! While I feel good that the...

4 weeks PO today! While I feel good that the results I want will come, I am kind of tired of not sleeping well, feeling emotional sometimes for no apparent reason, and overall just a little uncomfortable. I am also being a worry wort lately and I don't like it! I don't work full time but two days a week I keep two children ages 2 1/2 & 1. I go back next Wednesday (5 wks PO) and I am worried about picking the baby up but I miss them so much and their parents need me.

I posted a new pic...I am kind of worried that I may be developing one of those "dog ears" everyone talks about it. Is it too soon to tell? Also, one side seems higher than the that unusual? Will that even matter a year from now when hopefully it won't be as visible? Worry, worry, worry!!

On a positive note, my weight is stable at 122 lbs and I have more energy every day :-) Thank goodness I have this site to vent!


You look fabulous! I can't tell from the picture you posted if that is a dog ear or not, but even if it is, it's so slight that it's likely to settle on its own! I'm not sure if your PS recommends massage of the incision or not, but my surgeon has me massaging Vitamin E oil on the incisions twice a day and said the massage is even more important than the oil to get the scar tissue to break up and smooth over. I understand every surgeon has their own preference for scar healing, but I hope this bit helps! Personally, I think your incision looks phenomenal-- especially at only 4 weeks PO!
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Thank you have made me feel so much better!
Wow! You look really great. I am 19 Days PO today after my MM too. I, like you was so unhappy with my big boobs! Hubby loved not so much! Actually I loathed them. That was the reason I was going in for surgery then decided to get my little bit of skin removed and that waist and belly of mine tightened up. So happy with everything so far! I have had some emotional days too and I definitely know that is normal but it still feels bad. I'm about a wk out from my period 2 so that probably doesn't help. I have been feeling So good that I have overdone it and worn myself out and caused a lot of swelling so I'm trying to be a lil kinder and gentler to myself. Hope you are doing the same ;) Excited to see your progress since we are only about a week apart!
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6 1/2 weeks post op and feeling pretty good about...

6 1/2 weeks post op and feeling pretty good about the way things have turned out. I love how I look in clothes and the swelling has really gone down. I am starting to be able to sleep on my side a little by leaning on the pillowbutthe sides of my breasts are still very tender from the lift. PS told me during my last appt that around 10-12 weeks scars would become very red and then true healing begins. Wonder if anyone else has heard that? My mood has been much better and I am just really glad I did this!


I saw your post Bout the belly button scarring (mine is simular and I had the same concerns) how's it looking now? I'm about 8 1/2 weeks post 'll and the redness seems like it's stretching. Not sure if it's normal or not but looked like your pic. Hoping that all fades.
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The surgery was a year ago last week and it is almost completely gone:-)
Awesome, that's exactly what I was hoping you would say :)
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