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I had vaser on lower abs and flanks. Hips about 43...

I had vaser on lower abs and flanks. Hips about 43 inches (which I LOVE); waist 32 inches; lower abs about 36 inches. Right now, I am of course aching, I am developing big lumps on my flanks and what seems to be a permanent line (probably from compressing). Didn't know I'd have 7 HOLES (entry points)- 4 in back, 3 in lower stomach. Stomach is some CMs smaller; still huge when I sit or wear fitted jeans. Flanks are the same size, just hard. No drainage after day 1.5. Follow up appointment 9/4

Day 5.... more pics

I wish the doctor, Sofia Kirk communicated more. She didn't say anything throughout the procedure; didn't acknowledge when I expressed pain, didn't say what she was doing... or inform me at all that she was placing 4 holes in my back, didn't say why she was leaving the room for LONG periods of time. There from 12:45 until about 6:05. They called my ride and informed them I'd be ready 4:30- 4:45, so they had them waiting, then released personal/medical information to them
Hello MoneyB! I'm really sorry to hear about your experience. It would have been nice if your surgeon was more personable and at least held a conversation with you during the procedure to help pass the time. For only having your procedure done a few days ago, you look great! Are you wearing the compression garment 24/7? How are you feeling today?
Yeah, the 1 thing that made me say "OK, do it" was watching the videos and seeing people awake and communicating with the doctor the whole time. I really look worse than before but I am still hopeful it will even out and go down. Yes, I wear the garment 24/7; I actually bought another to put on during washes. However, (during my shower time) when it's off It seems to help the lumpiness. Today, I am oddly in more pain than I've been in. I guess because I sat up all day; the previous 5 days I laid down about 17 hours/day. We will see what the doctor says when she sees me in the morning. This is the only place that never mentioned massages; so I'm expecting them to offer that or some time of smoothing treatment

1 week follow up

Now lumpier and harder than ever.... feels like rocks are in there. My 1 week check up was with some1 that CLEARLY in nothing close to a doctor. She came in the room, said nothing... I got up and took off my garment... she looked, asked what did I get done??? Then just said "Make sure you're wrapping up tight...all the time." I asked about the lumps and unevenness... she replied, "It's normal, it'll go away. Let's make your 6 week follow up appointment." Hmmm! So that appointment is 10/9

Butt size changing

OK, if I had been informed of the back entry points I would've expressed my concern and asked that the holes not be SO CLOSE...almost on my butt! the left hole is lower than the right hole. SO you can imagine that my left butt cheek appears to be getting smaller than the right!!

Forgot to mention...

Why I chose POSH...
Consultations at:
Coastal Dermatology: Unprofessional; Scheduling person BENA is rude, gave NO paperwork
NOVA: In Orlando, Gave NO paperwork, Forgot they even did a consultation
Adora Clinic: In Orlando, Gave lots a paperwork, Very upfront, But had bad reviews online.
POSH: 1. GREAT online reviews?? 2. NOTE: POSH would not do a fat transfer to breasts due to risks and Adora would (which made me feel like POSH was more concerned with safety than Adora). 3. Also, Great scheduling person... Debbie, I think. 4. Convenient location.

Day 9... lumpy...uneven

MoneyB - Haven't heard from you in a while. How are progressing and feeling? I can't wait to see how great you're looking!

Day 18 update (from 9/15)

So no pain anymore; a lot of hardness has subsided. I am sure 98% of what's left is fat (vs swelling). Lovehandles appear worse since 1 side actually got a bit smaller and reshaped (left). About .8 inch smaller total. Discolored, so started using Arnica. I just picked up a waist shaper... WORKS MIRACLES.

Here's how my waist shaper looks...

Way better than the garment
Hey! I'm not in pain. Haven't come close to losing the 6 inches I'd hoped to and I'm lopsided:-) I'm doing an update now
You may have a lot of swelling remaining. My nurse told me to expect three good months to pass before I saw exceptional results. What has your doctor said about your progress and healing? I can see the new contour on you and it looks great! I can definitely see the difference in your progression pictures. Don't forget to take weekly pictures so you can see it too! Hope you're doing great otherwise!

Before VASER

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