I'm 5' and 105lbs. - 6 weeks post op - Jacksonville, FL

I've finally scheduled my surgery after YEARS of...

I've finally scheduled my surgery after YEARS of wanting this. Nov 1st is the big day. I'm 5' and 105lbs. I am a barely 34 A with little breast tissue. My PS recommended 450 cc silicone under the muscle and said that would still give me a "natural" look/shape with a full C, small D. I tried the fillers and admit that I'm not used to seeing myself with breasts! My husband thought they looked great-and he was very adamant that he did not want me to have the "screwed on" look as he calls it and did not want me to go as big until he actually saw it. Is there anyone else with the same frame who has the same size implants? I know everyone is different but it would be great to see some before and after pics. This site is very helpful and appreciate all the reviews/advice, will update after my pre-op!

Congrats..... I hope everything works out for you. I'm 5'4 144pounds. I'm going 550 silicone gel ultra high profile. I would only be able to go 450 high. I wanted a little bigger. Well I'm so happy for you. I'm scheduled for 10/22/2012 at 7am. I will keep everyone posted with before and after pics. until then good luck.
I am excited for you, can't wait to see you're posts. Good luck!
Hi 2forme... congrats on your upcoming surgery :)))). I am not the same size as you but i did do the silicone implants 450 on one and 475 on the other and i have to say i wish i would have gone BIGGER... I like you want the natural look but i was scared to go bigger. I am 4 weeks post op right now still swollen and they still have not dropped completely. Just know that when you tried on the sizers it will be smaller than what it looked like. They are placing them under the muscle so it will be smaller. Good luck and if you have any questions you can message me.

Now that I'm in the home stretch, I surprisingly...

Now that I'm in the home stretch, I surprisingly feel like I'm going to miss my small chest...finding clothes in the girl section, working out/running without being all over the place....come-on post BA girls tell me I'm CRAZY! Had my pre op appt last week, got all my meds, ( i start my pre op vitamins Sunday), front closure sports bra, neck pillow...anything else I might need?
My PS still thinks 450 cc are good. When I asked him if that might be too big, he opened my chart and looked at my pics and said, "no way! You're starting out with nothing.". Sheesh, thanks-even though I know that, it's kind of harsh coming from someone else! :). But, he did say he would do the fillers and if needed would go smaller or bigger. None the less, I do feel better and reassured after seeing my PS. I'm excited but very nervous, as I have never been under general anesthesia. My PS prescribed a scopolamine patch for nausea so I hope I don't get sick to my stomach. I'm a little bummed I had to stop my homeopathic/herbal supplements but better safe than sorry! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks for all of your reviews and pics, it's a great help and helps fulfill my BA obsession! I will try to post some before and after pics as well!

Had my BA on the first of November. I had 450cc HP...

Had my BA on the first of November. I had 450cc HP silicone mentor placed under the muscle. I was extremely nervous the week before but surprisingly the day of surgery, I was calm and ready. This was my first time under general anesthesia as well! All I remember is walking into the surgery suite, lying down and the anesthesiologist telling me he just gave me something to make me sleepy and that it would be quick. Next thing I know, I'm in recovery dressed and my husband is there! On the way home we even stopped by Whole Foods for some soup. I was a bit slow but I did ok. When I got home, I felt tight and took a Valium and slept the afternoon away. I woke up for dinner, was able to get in and out of bed by myself. I felt tight in my armpits and on top so the ice packs really helped. Took another Valium at bedtime, slept til about 3 am and took a lortab. So far my recovery is pretty good. Post op day 1 I was able to clear the dishwasher, get dressed by myself-all very slowly of course!
Had my shower today, felt good, massaged the boobs in the shower. I am constantly massaging them slowly. I can already lift my arms above my head. Haven't had any pain meds or Valium during the day, just at night. Just feel sore and like I am engorged with milk. It's very tolerable. I have steristrips under my breasts, which will fall off on their own. I am still on my pre and post op vitamins-arnica and broumelin. I am also on an antibiotic which I take with a probiotic to balance out my flora in my intestines and prevent a yeast infection. My boobs are still high, and I feel like I háve a lot of swelling in my armpits, does anyone else have that? And my abs are sore! What's that from? I hope they drop soon, they are sticking straight out! I gotta wear my sports bra for at least 2 weeks. My nipples are still numb as well. I got dressed today and loved the way a simple t shirt fit! :). Not sure what size I will be, hoping for a full c. I am 5 feet 105 lbs though I have gained 3 lbs since surgery. I don't want to look to top heavy.
You are so funny!!! I'm sure your new look is fabulous. I did not have alot of pain but at times I knew when I had done enough., I could get out of bed myself but at times I needed a push to sit up. But I'm also 49 and went 550 ultra high profile and to start I was like a negitive AA. I just started the message process per dr. orders. My nipples stick straight out 100% of the day and night. I love the no bra thing right now. Well good luck and I'm sure you look amazing.

Added a post op pic. I'm worried because my right...

Added a post op pic. I'm worried because my right is higher and seems much bigger than my left. My PS told my husband after surgery that I am carrying one implant higher but "I'll be ok" I see him tomorrow for my post op. What do you think ladies? Do you think they will even out? I did have slight asymmetry prior to surgery but not this prominent. It's crazy, I am constantly feeling myself up, can't believe they are me and not a padded bra! The sports bra was digging into me so I just clipped the garter with scissors in two places under my breast so it wasn't as tight and not digging into my incision as much. I also started to wear a soft shelf bra under the sports bra for comfort over my incisions, that really helped me. Let me know what you think!
You look fine 2forme. What you're experiencing is totally normal! Your breasts should obtain a better shape at around the 2 month mark. take care hunn
Thanks, patience is virtue ...
give it time they will be okay...you look good!! : )

Well, I went to my post op appt and voiced my...

well, I went to my post op appt and voiced my concern over my right breast being larger than the left. At first, my PS thought it was ok but after a better look and feel he felt I probably had fluid in the R side. Thankfully it wasn't hard and red and hot (infection) but just felt tighter and slightly more tender. Bruising also showed up on my 5th post op day to my sternum and over the R pelvic bone! I thought that was odd! Again the PS thought it was because I am smaller and everything is more prominent on my body but then he changed his mind and thought I probably started slowly "oozing " post op. So, instead of playing the wait and see card, he thought it would be best to go back in and drain what was in there. He made a comforting remark that if it was his wife he would do the same. :). That made me respect his opinion and practice even more! So today he went back in thru the same incision, took the implant out and said I had a little blood in the pocket, rinsed me out good and replaced the implant. The OR nurses said I actually did not have much, just a little old blood and that they have seen worst and i definitely did not show signs of infection. Whew! It was done under local with a litlle iv sedation. It was uncomfortable at times but I was able to tell him and he would just numb me up more. I am definitely going to take it easier the next two days which he recommended, my incision is more sore but I haven't taken any pain meds since the recovery room. The good news is the R side is definitely smaller and more proportionate to the left and I can already tell a difference. The left side is still doing good
dropping and fluffing up everyday. Still worth it despite this small setback. I went to work today with only a cami tank and can't believe how I filled out my blouse. I had an important meeting this am at work(worked a half day then went straight to PS office for procedure) and just felt more confident. :) :) :)
Wow! You look great. I'm also getting 450's. Are yours high or moderate? Aw, I hope my results look like yours!
Glad everything went well and I hope your right side heals up. Your pics look good though.

Well, I am about 6 weeks post op from my initial...

Well, I am about 6 weeks post op from my initial surgery and I am doing great. It is true that one day you realize that the previous discomforts are gone. I was more sore on the R side after that second procedure and found that the valium helped me more that the pain med. It helped relieve that muscle tightness a lot. I took a total of 3 the week after the procedure on my R side and that was all I needed. At 3 weeks post op, I developed Mondor's Cord under the R breast. It is when the blood vessels become inflamed and causes some soreness/discomfort, almost like a tight pulling feeling. At first I thought it was a ligament that my PS cut during that second procedure to drain the blood! It literally looks like a cord, under your skin, running below your breast. But, after some research, I found out what it was, saw the PS a few days later and he reassured me that this can happen sometimes and will resolve on it's own. He recommended massage and I put a heating pad over it sometimes-on a low setting only and never directly on my skin. I read that you can also take an anti-inflammatory such as ibuprofen, but because of mt post op bleeding, I decided not to. And it's gone! I am still a little numb under the nipple area on both sides and sensation on my nipples are coming back. I notice that they are more sensitive when I am cold. My L incision is healed, my R is coming along, I had a small stubborn spot where the scab wouldn't come off but my PS removed it today. I can feel my internal sutures under my breasts, which my PS called a healing ridge, and said that would heal and soften in 3-6 months and again, recommended massage. I started working out! That was tough, after being out for soo long. A little discouraging, but, I hope I can regain my strength and endurance back soon. I was doing body combat (like cardio kick boxing) and body pump 3-4x a week before surgery. I made sure I wore a good sports bra and felt fine jumping around. I ran 4 miles yesterday at a slow pace and again, with the sports bra, I wasn't uncomfortable. Push ups are still weird to me, I can feel my muscle move the implant. At this point, though, my PS said I won't cause injury with push ups and that is normal because of the placement under the muscle. He still said to start off light with any weight training. After my 3rd week post op appt, my PS told me to wear a nonwire bra or no bra to help them drop, massage, massage, massage. I feel like they have dropped and softened up quite a bit already and today he cleared me to wear any bra. I went to victoria secret 2 weeks ago and measured a 32D, unfortunately, they said they don't carry that size in a wireless, so I got a 34C, which is a little big in the band area, I have to use the last notch for a good fit. Today, I went to H&M and got some bras on sale, again, couldn't find the 32D but opted for a 34C. I am going to wait for the semiannual sale in January to stock up at VS! I can sleep on my side and my stomach now! I still have some morning soreness but it's very minor compared to before. I still massage whenever I can. I am extremely happy, love the results, love the way my clothes fit! The husband really loves them as well, he never encouraged me to have surgery, but has known I always wanted implants. It's always nice to get some extra attention from your S.O. :) At times, I feel small and other times I feel too big for my size/frame, but in the end I am just soo happy to have them! That's just part of the process...hope this helps some of you planning to have surgery soon. Good Luck!
Wow you look amazing and very natural!!!
I think your results are very great for your size for 450 cc HP. I was concern about getting 400cc HP on myself. Do you find them big at all? HOw do they look in clothes?
I love them even more now that they have dropped. I don't think they are too big and I have been able to fit all my old clothes with the exception of 1 tailored silk shirt which was an x-small. Surprisingly, the only real time I feel like they may look big is when I wear a fitted t-shirt, crew neck! not a low-cut shirt as you would think. I think it accentuates the chest but at the same time defines my waist but hey that's a good thing too! I was very concerned about looking top heavy and still am sometimes but just the benefit of now having boobs just outweighs everything! I will try to post some updated pics soon. Good Luck!
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