Dr. Cortes June 2nd 2014! Bbl and fat transfer to lips! Cannot wait!

Okay so I'm just starting my journey! I'm 28 years...

okay so I'm just starting my journey! I'm 28 years old four kids and I'm officially done!! I decided after having four children that my body has gone to shit and I'm going to get this TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION BBL surgery and do it for myself like all you other ladies I just want to feel beautiful again! I've already had 2 breast augmentations and juvederm for my lips! It's addictive!! I put down my deposit today and scheduled for September 3 with Dr. Cortes after doing phone and online consultations with about 25 other doctors!!! I tried to find a cheaper surgery but no matter how cheap I found it or how good the doctor was supposed to be a just couldn't get away from wanting to use Dr. Cortes. SOOO I am fully paying cash and have the money now, So I'm looking for an earlier date September 3 just seems so far I'm sure you ladies know what I mean!! So if anybody has an earlier date that wants to switch or plans on canceling please please please please inbox me or send me a comment and let me know! I'll be on here and updating every day and looking through all you beautiful ladies photos and reading about your journeys! I'll be taking pics that show my face off when I upload my before (body) pics! Just wanted to have some kinda pic up for now!

Inpatient!!!! Want a closet date!!!!!

Omg I just don't know how I'm going to hold off until September lol! I'm the most impatient person I have ever known! When I want something I want it NOW! Lol it's like ever since I made the date for surgery the time has been SLLLOOOWWWWWLLLYYY passing! So once again if anyone needs to or wants to switch or is canceling PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!! other than that just been on here looking at everyone's success! How bad is the first week after the surgery? I'm so nervous about that! And the Talwin NX pain meds he prescribes....does it help? I've never heard of talwin!


Hey girls I just had somebody want to switch dates with me for the surgery but then asked for a payment I've heard of this scam going on on here and that I should report it but I don't know who to reported to do you guys have any ideas

May be canceling surgery :(

Looks like I may be having to cancel my surgery after all. Being that my husband is my only help with my kids after surgery while I'm recovering and he just got the call to go overseas July and my surgery is in September it looks like I'll probably have to cancel. Going to try and talk to the staff today to see what can be done if anything. If nothing can be done I'll have to cancel. Bummer.

Surgery buddy!?!?!

I'll be going it alone for my surgery :-(. Is there anyone who wants to buddy up for their surgery? Share a hotel room or stay in the same place etc!? My surgery is with cortes on July 3rd!


Hey ladies just wondering for those who have seen cortes:
After he takes my drains out and okays me to go back home will I be able to drive home with the help of something to support my bottom? And about how many days am I looking at staying in huston? And do I have to have someone stay at the hotel with me while I'm there? Just wondering cuz I'll be traveling alone and the office is closed so was just needing some answers....

June 2nd!!!!!!!!!!!

Holyyyyyyy smokes! Super excited! Got moved up again! JUNE 2nd!!!!!!!!!! Whoop whoop! I have never been taken care of by any dr office like dr cortes' team takes care of ppl! I couldn't be more thrilled!


Okay ladies any pointers would be great! My surgery is now just over a week! I have absolutely no clue what to expect and I want to go prepared being as I will be alone. As far as food should I just stock up on some food to keep in the room? And other little pointers would be great!?

10 days till I'm BOOTYfull!!! Where to stay?

This has to be the most exciting thing ever. A complete body transformation! I just know these 10 days are guna pass so slow! For you ladies who had surgery with cortes where did you stay?


Anyone have any idea where I can stay for this surgery? Should I stay in Conroe or Houston?

Depressed. Should I do my bbl?

I'm really starting to wonder if I should do my Brazilian. I've been really worried about my results. I'm worried that because I have a good amount of stretch marks that I will be left with a saggy stomach. I've been doing a lot of research on stretch marks after liposuction and all I can find is a lot of comments saying not to do liposuction with this amount of stretch marks because you will be left with a saggy stomach and that you should do a tummy tuck instead. When I pull up stretch marks after lipo before-and-after pictures the only thing that comes up is a bunch of Tummy tuck pictures. So I'm starting to worry that I'm going to have horrible results regarding my stomach. What should I do?? Should I even go through with this anymore. I don't want a bunch of saggy skin and can't afford to do a tummy tuck and bbl. I've included a few pics so u guys can help me out on this. PLEASE HELP LADIES!!!!

6 days! Whoop whoop!

I sure wish this week would fly by! I can't sleep at night! And the days are creeping by so slowly just Bc I want it to go by fast! That's how it always goes tho! Still worried about my results but I go see dr.cortes for the first time Wednesday for my preop so hopefully I don't get any bad news. I'm just waiting for him to say I'm too big to get the results I want or that my blood work came back all messed up or something! Ugh I hate this waiting game! I'm NOT a patient person BY FAR!

Caregiver troubles!! HELP PLEASE!

Okay ladies I need a little advice! PLEASE. Okay so I had Ms. Yanet (the caregiver Lucy referred me to) all lines up. When I talked to her yesterday to make sure she received my itinerary everything was great! So she sent me a confirmation text in the text she had put: "$300 -staying with you two nights in hotel, driving you to and from the hospital JULY 2nd and transportation for anywhere you need to go while you are here." Not bad huh, BUT I sent her a text back saying " Sounds great but JUNE 2nd not JULY" well she called me and proceeded to tell me Lucy said July 2nd not June and she was under the impression it was in July and that I had ACCIDENTALLY said June when talking to her and that she couldn't do it for June Bc she was going overseas! So now idk what to do!!! I'll probably just take a taxi to and from surgery since my hotel is only 5 blocks from the hospital. I wasn't really worried about anyone staying wit me until last night I was reading a bunch of diff girls posts on how hard the first couple days are so now I want to have someone with me for sure and my caregiver can't do it! I could call the other caregiver Sarah that redgoddess told me about but she's expensive and charges every time she takes you somewhere. I asked both of my sisters and neither can come. I'm kinda creaking out Bc now IDK WHAT TO DO and I'm getting really nervous and scared. Any advice ladies!!?

Anyone wana buddy up for surgery?

Anyone who has surgery June 2nd or anywhere around that date, that is going alone and may want to buddy up holla at me. I wish I would have thought about it before but I got my room (king bed suite at holiday inn for free for 9 days) Bc of my hubbies rewards points so I could have gotten 2 queen beds ima suite for free and invited a RS friend to stay in my room free of charge and they could provide the caregiver or something like that!! Then I'd have someone to keep me company and someone who KNOWS what I or we are going thru! That would have been great. I'm sure a free suite at the holiday inn would have surely helped someone out! Damnit! Any takers lol? Well just laying in bed on this rainy morning wanting to go back to sleep but my date is so close it's hard to sleep and not wana creep around on here and look at photos and read posts etc. This website has been a LIFE SAVER for me! Well ladies hit me up anytime could sure use a "surgery buddy" to talk to! Lol

Pre op!! Added procedure!!!!

Today was my preop and as my reviews says I wish I could have spent more time with Dr. Cortes but other than that everything went great for $500 extra I'm going to get fat injections in my lips!! Which normally run around $2000! Big butt and big lips here I come!!! 4 more days!!!!!!

3 days left! Come on Monday!!!!

I'm so damn nervous. The closer it gets the more freaked out I get about the surgery. Especially Bc I don't have anyone to come with me :-( omg I'm guna be shaking on my way to the hospital that morning! Have any one of you girls done it completely alone? If so how'd it go!?!

OMG! Tomorrow's the big day!!!!

Next time I wake up I'll be on my way to surgery! I'm freaking out and soooo nervous!


So I made it thru surgery. I haven't been writing Bc I'm SOOO down right now. I was told the dr put 1100cc in each butt cheek but I have absolutely NO projection at all. I wana cry. I AM crying. It's just a wide hard flat butt. NO projection at all. Please tell me this gets better......

1 week post op!

Hello ladies! Feeling much better today! I think my results are going to be just fine! Thank all you ladies for the get well wishes. Those first few days were HORRIBLE omg the pain was just ridiculous! Plus I couldn't take the pain medicine that he prescribed me and I was by myself so it was pretty hard! Everything else is going good though I'm on my way back home today. I have a couple questions for you girls who already done this... How many garment sizes did you go down? Like if you started in a extra-large or large did you go all the way down to a small or medium? Just curious. I'm just wondering how much of this is swelling. When I get home later today I will post some pictures of my results for those of you who are interested!


My left leg is swollen rediculously is this normal???
Ps: here are some after pics. They suck but I'll post better later.


Why do I weigh more 2 weeks AFTER surgery. I mean, they take out a lot more fat than they actually put back in you so u would think u would weigh at least a little but less than what u did when u went into surgery. But no I actually weigh 10 pounds MORE! Can anyone explain this to me please????
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I haven't had my surgery yet. I had my preop today. I must say that I am a little bit disappointed. I am an out-of-town patient so my preop was basically also my consultation. I hear a lot of the other ladies on here saying how much time he spent like them going over exactly what they wanted but he was in the room maybe five or so minutes with me. Although very nice and not rude at all I don't feel like he spent the time with me that most other girls say he did with them and therefore I don't think I was able to communicate exactly what I wanted so now I'm a little nervous. Partially my fault for not speaking up. Don't get me wrong he is a very nice man and a great surgeon I just wish I could have spent more time with him so I would be leaving there confident that he knows what I want. Hopefully I get to spend a few minutes with him before surgery so I can better communicate what I want. :-(

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Looking good girl happy healing
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Haven't heard much from you. How are you doing hun?
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How are you feeling hope all is well you've been gone for a while? Just checking in.
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How are you feeling? did you have fat transfer to hips to if so how much? What are your current measurements.
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I'm feeling okay. Still sore. I had 360 put in my hips. I haven't measured myself yet tho Bc I'm still really swollen.
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I'm sure you'll beginning to feel better soon. Love your results looking really Good girl. I almost for got to ask how's your chin coming along I'm getting mine done to. Did that area hurt really bad?
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N avoid sodium .
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Trust me u will get it out of ur system . Drink lots of water
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It sounds to me that your still swollen. I haven't had surgery yet But that's what it sounds like.
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It's the swelling and fluids. Your body will release it.
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The aftermath is the worst in feel and sight. My legs and knees are swollen and look like stuff sausages lol. It'll get better and once swelling goes down you'll be able to see your real results :). Once your lipo holes heal up use palmer cocoa butter on your butt a couple times a day..helped me with the stretching last time afterwards as well as prepping for this one. Glad to see you doing better...I was worried about you!!
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Swelling!!! Fluid weighs a lot !!
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You are still very very swollen.... I weigh about 25 lbs more than I did before surgery....keep drinking water and the inflammation with go down.... Remember your body just took a serious beating it will take months for you to see a complete recovery...
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I guess I'm just panicking Bc to me it doesn't look like swelling. It just looks like...me. And I was hoping to be smaller in the waist than what I'm seeing and more projection in the butt than what I'm seeing.
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Why do I weigh more 2 weeks AFTER surgery. I mean, they take out a lot more fat than they actually put back in you so u would think u would weigh at least a little but less than what u did when u went into surgery. But no I actually weigh 10 pounds MORE! Can anyone explain this to me please????
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Hey hun, you are swollen and the extra water you're retaining is responsible for the extra pounds. It's very important to do your part though: KEEP YOUR GARMENT ON 23 hrs a day DRINK A LOT OF WATER - when you think you've had all you can take, Drink more! Take your singular - it helps improve swelling Walk around as much as possible Get lymphatic massages ASAP - if your lymph drains are closed due to knots they will not drain properly, leaving you swollen. On between massages massage the areas you can as much as possible to improve circulation Eat clean - we can't work out or get around normally so you don't want to gain wait. Watch out for foods that increase swelling (salty foods, any fast food, snacks) and eat foods that keep you hydrated (watermelon, cucumbers, cabbage, bananas-they all help with swelling). Hope this helps!
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I guess I'm just panicking Bc to me it doesn't look like swelling. It just looks like...me. And I was hoping to be smaller in the waist than what I'm seeing and more projection in the butt than what I'm seeing.
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My left leg is more swollen and sore than my right leg.... Idk why ... But I think it's pretty normal... Happy healing :)
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Oh and as for the garment size, i went from a 4x and am about to get into a large next week. I had like major swelling lol
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Hi hun, like all the other rs sistas said, the swolleness in your legs is normal. My right leg is still more swollen than my left. I had like heaving bruising near my vajayjay and barely on the lower part of my stomach. All bodies are different but you will be just fine :) Happy healing!!
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I went dwn one size and I wld get back into it ...,but my situation is different bcz of the loss of fat cells
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Yea it's normal my left leg was very bruise and swollen too than my right one
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Looking good
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Hey you're coming along. Kudos to you for being able to bend enough to get on the tub! How are you feeling?
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