1 year update Mini UBL w/Dr. Horndeski...How do I upload pics? It isn't allowing me to!

I am a 38 yr old mom of 2 with aprox. 36 months...

I am a 38 yr old mom of 2 with aprox. 36 months total combined of breast feeding. I'm 5'2" & 140 lbs. Trying to get back to my old weight & really want to get my breast back the way they were.

I have seen 3 doctors so far & I have an idea of the one I am going to choose. But ever since I've been on this site I have seen so many wonderful results with really amazing doctors. I wish I could travel to do this. But my husband & I don't have any family here to help with the little ones. So I really have to stick with staying here. And I know we have great doctors here in Texas. The one I feel strongly about is really great so far & his staff is great as well.

I want a lift with implants with the least amount of scaring possible. I have seen so many great results here on this great site. And I have learn a whole lot. And even thought I have pretty much pick my doc. I'm still looking to visit at least 2 more to be 110% sure. Right now I am about 99% sure.

So much research & sooooo many years of wanting my breast back to the way they were...just can't wait. I am choosing to do it in August so that I didn"t get in the way of SUMMER FUN!!
So here are 3 before shots. And hopefully I have lost a few pounds & toned up more for the new boobies!

You do look really good already! I'm sure whoever you go with will make you look amazing! Good luck, please keep us posted on your journey!
Thank you FitLuv. I thought I posted a thank you & comment earlier, but I guess I too new at this. I used to be a fitness freck before I was hit head on in an car accident yrs ago. But I never looked as great as your fitness pics. Very inspiring!

Thanks for starting your story here on RealSelf. Your breasts look pretty darn good for all they've been through. I can only imagine how great they'll look after!


I'm loving being apart of this great community. My...

I'm loving being apart of this great community. My husband didn't like it when I told him I posted pics. But he didn't realize they were without my face. In fact I try to play a trick on him before he know I joined. I first showed him a bunch of different before pics of ladies here on the site. Then I mixed in mine for his reaction. Well to my surprise after quickly flashing my pc...he thought they were a sexy after pic of someone! An AFTER PIC! What!!! I hate my breast. I buy all the special cup bras to make me look full and perky. Special bikini tops for support! I'm tired of wearing bras!!!!!!!! Strapless or regular!!!! Can't wait for the bra break! I AM TIRED OF wearing any type of support. Surgery will hopefully fix that.

I would like my 34D (sometimes Double D, depending on the bra.) to be a 34C with nothing but perkiness!!!!! And not a whole lot of movement! They jiggle too much to go bra less right now. Before babies I could. Of course always in a very respectful way.
I would like to buy small tops that fit my body. Right now I have to wear medium to fit these boobies, so I look bigger than I am. Or it looks like I am trying to expose the boobies.

Anyway just thought I would share my thoughts on my flappy ladies! Just can't wait.

I think you look amazing, but doing what makes YOU feel good is what's important.
How old are they and do they need to know? My Mother told me she had implants when I was about 15- it was not a huge issue that needed to be discussed. If you feel it is important to share, simply let them know you are getting a "make over" to feel better about yourself. They should be happy when they understand it will give you more confidence and enhance your self esteem:-)
Hey diamond~ I think your breasts have a pretty shape now. You're going to look amazing ...can't wait to see the post op piks. Good Luck!

Woowhoo I have moved my date. Due to my moms...

Woowhoo I have moved my date. Due to my moms schedule & an actual much needed family getaway. I have scheduled my surgery for July instead of August!!!!! I am getting nervous now! I have a lot to do to get ready now!!!!
Any & all advise would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!

This community is awesome! Thanks again for all your help FitLuv !!!!
You are absolutely correct Fluffy1. I am a firm believer that it's what makes you happy. I am getting a lot of compliments, and I really appreciate all of them. But of course only you yourself knows what you are dealing with. And this is what I feel I need :-) thanks
Thanks kooberry. They are 8 & 6. They will really want to know & I want to be honest. But I don't want them to think I have an awful out look on myself. Or that it is nessesary to alter your body. I am really tired of my breast moving, jiggling, sagging! I would hate to hear my child say that ever! Maybe just saying the "make over" for now may work then really explain later why, right!
Thanks so much kooberry, .it's such a delicate issue (body image!)

Update update...set for the end of June. So...

Update update...set for the end of June. So surgery is around the corner now!!!!! I am really getting nervous now. I have to get my house ready. B/c I can't even think of what it may be like while I am recovering & can't clean!!!! My mom will be here to help w/kiddos & hubby. But I like things done my way,lol. This will be tuff. Holy cow!!! I am excited, nervous, and anxious.
I finally told my kiddos yesterday that I am have a it done. And are so sweet & smart. I tried not to give too much delail. My youngest said, " it's so your boobies won't hang low when you're old" !!!! LOL!!!!

I really just wanted them to know that I will be recovering in bed & taking it easy for a while. I am an at home mom, so most of their summer fun is with me. Now I have a new fun schedule for them. So that makes me feel better.
Sorry just nervous & going on and on! Anyway I will post all updates.
Wish me luck!

Thank you Sissy48. I can't wait. I clean when I'm nervous, so my house looks awesome, but I'm exhausted! But very excited.
Your going to look awesome !!!!! You are right it's what makes us feel good . I'm sooooo happy I did it ! Good luck with your surgery tomorrow .
Ha. My husband was not happy with me posting pics either. I told my children as well because I knew they would wonder what was going on. They are fine with it and seem to understand. I had my kids stay with someone the first 2-3 days and then they were back with me full time. At times it was difficult but I have been able to move around and move my arms etc. I'm excited for your surgery and wish you the best of luck. It will be here before you know it!

Today was the big day so far the pain is...

Today was the big day so far the pain is manageable. But when i get up WOW!!!!! It's really painful!!! The pharmacy could not read the PS's handwriting, so instead of mentioning that to my hubby when he pick them. They just let him leave with only the antibiotic!! So I'm needing pain medicine. Hubby was pretty upset. They said the rx was old it was written Jan. 29 th not June 29th!! What, Really but you just filled the other rx same doctor, same rx pad, same date!!! What a headache! (or breast ache LOL ) anyway I'm just hanging out with my family, my kiddos are my little care takers they really want to help me w/ everything! My dog wants to cuddle, so sweet. I'm all wrapped up, but I can peek in from the top. They look small. But right now all I care about in the incision and healing right, and even! Well I having even gotten sleepy. I think Vicodin makes me active, not sleepy for sure. As long as it helps with the pain that fine. Right now I wouldn't mind being a part of the itty bitty boobie committee LOL! After having these 34dd jelly bag moving around & in my for jogging & some work outs. We shall see.
I could go on & on, we are on our 3rd animated movie (tangled) so ta ta for now!

Omg! I spoke way to soon...I am super...

Omg! I spoke way to soon...I am super UNCOMFORTABLE !!!!!! Freakin painful! I don't know what to do I'm soo nauseous I can't eat to take pain medicine. I throw up the one apple sauce meal I had all day. What can I do for the nauseous????
Thanks Sissy, will do.
You need to have your dr call you in some nausea medicine . I have to take it with pain pills. . Also drink 7 up or sprite . I hope you feel better .
My doctor prescribed a phenergan suppository... did you get something like that? If you are throwing up so much that you can't keep your meds down, I would definitely call the office and ask for a suppository. You don't want to get dehydrated and you need to able to eat so you can heal!

So I have to say I am really feeling great today....

So I have to say I am really feeling great today. It was easy to do everything I needed especially wash my hair!! Wow did I need that. Can't shave the arm pits yet, they are like little cups. I tried but it was very weird. My kiddos are so happy that I am almost myself. They gave me awesome compliments...my youngest said I look taller & my oldest said I look skinny. My husband said they are definitely up there! Woohoo!!! Can't wait till I can work out & go swimming again. :-) ta ta for now

Well I actually went grocery shopping with my mom....

Well I actually went grocery shopping with my mom. It's funny because she's almost 69 yrs old & for the first time ever, she was walking too fast for me!! Lol I always walk fast so she's usually telling me to slow down. Anyway it was good to get out & really walk around. Yesterday I had to bra shop but that was too quick & easy.
Yesterday went to my PS for the first post-op visit since surgery...hubby stayed in the car, I couldn't even get the front door to his office open!! It was soo heavy. Anyway, he said everything looks good so far. He also mentioned that he would love to do a donut lift in 3-6 months!! I think he wants my nipples on my shoulders!!! Omg! Well we will see in 3 to 6 months. He is a perfectiontist! That's awesome for his patients.
For now I really miss cuddling with my hubby & kids, big time! Date night is not the same. We're almost like two strangers trying to get close. Hehe
Boy I have to say my Mom is really taken good care of us....she is an excellent cook. So we are not going hungry around here!
It's nice to have my Mommy taken care of me again. Feel like a little girl again.
Gotta go, my little wants to try and cuddle. :-)
Diamond girl, sorry I've haven't been around! Been taking care of aging parents. My mom is having some health issues and I'm helping them get ready for the 4th. They have a huge gathering at their home every year. I'm sooo glad your surgery went well! I can't wait to see pics. What size implants did you get?
Aweeeee.....sounds like you have a great mama. Wish mine was still around to offer encouragement and support. Have fun cuddling & best wishes for a speedy recovery!! :-)
Awe thanks Kooberry.

HAPPY 4th of July to everyone here on Realself. I...

HAPPY 4th of July to everyone here on Realself. I am going to relax today and really take it easy after over doing it yesterday & really feeling it at 5 am! I take after my mom we just can't keep still! The kids are in the pool, hubby's Bar B Queing (sp?) my Mommy's getting all the food together. I'm almost on vacation LOL!! Anyway my beautiful husband surprised me today with the Jack LaLanne power juicer on top of paying for my new boobies!! I have to thank the heavens I have such a wonderful caring hubby. So, hopefully the delicious natural fruit & veggie juices will help with the constipation!!! Omg! And we have to get prunes!!!! Sorry for the TMI I know lots of other ladies are going through the same thing and expressing yourself here on realself helps!! Anyway have a great day everyone!

Your breasts looked great before, can't wait to see the afters.
Hi ReNew, I got 300cc b/c I really didn't want them to be too big. I was sick of the jugs I had I was 34dd round & full. Sometimes i wore 34ddd. Well so far I'm not sure that they are really much smaller! I'm in 34dd for recovery with a little bit of space. So hopefully when the swelling goes I will be at least 34d, would be awesome with a 34c! Hubby may not think so lol! Anyway. I got the mini lift I only needed that much. But Dr.H is a perfectiontist...he wants to do a donut lift in 3-6 months. B/c I have so much skin since they were 34dd he wants to remove more once I'm heeled. I kinda of want them smaller so far, so that my do the trick! I think you would do great with Dr.H. I took some picks this morning, but these pics may scare you lol. They look like frankiestine boobies. But i have NO brusing! Don't even want hubby to see yet. But that's because he went through the areolas only. NO SCARS!!! Is so worth it all. All & all his work is great. I just hope I'm smaller! For the record Dr.H wanted to do 200cc after listening to my concerns...I think I got scared that they would be too small! I could go on and go, I think it's the meds! Definitely get as many consultations as you can before you decide anything. I had 4, I went with him b/c of the internal bra he makes & NO scars!
Best of luck to you, take care.
Hello diamondgirltx you look great! I cant wait to see the results. I'm in Cypress and I think i'm going to get my breasts done with Dr. H. I keep going back and for between him and Dr. Kim in Katy. Did you put any implants in? If so what size? Also did you get the Ultimate life or the Mini Lift? I was told I would only need the Mini but haven't seen many ppl who had it.

1week post-op! Woowhoo. Feeling better. Just...

1week post-op! Woowhoo. Feeling better. Just getting tried of these recovery bras!! Ugh! I can't wait to be able to wear what I want. Right now they are still so high and I don't own any clothes to cover the highness. The look crazy high. I'll post a pic of how high they are. Anywho, I feel good no pain med till I cause it my wearing myself out! To me my house is not as clean as I would like it to be (I'm a little OCD). So I'm cleaning and doing things I shouldn't be do. I hope I don't regret it! I go to my second post op visit Monday. I have so many questions I had to write them all down. (getting to old to remember,lol.) so far i think they look scary, perky but scary! I know I have to be patient.....we'll see, ugh!
Your new boobies look great !!!!
Hey Rxgirl, first I want to thank you for posting all of your recovery stages in photos not just words. I was too scared of how mine looked to post the pics. You helped me get through that really tough stage when the implants are so high & the bottom half is just there. I was so scared that they would stay that way! But I check in the mirror each morning and they look much better. When I saw your stages it really gave me so much hope. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!! Now I can see what your are saying every day will get better. I really just need to be patient. 10 weeks is a long way away. UGH! we'll see.
WOW! I think they look nice already. Since you had such a nice amount of breast tissue to begin with, your result will be wonderful. I am going to most likely have to get a nipple lift on my right side (which I knew may happen) I had major size difference, but wanted to start without to many scars, and go from there... I am 10 weeks post op, and my breast have changed so much since day one... I love them now and every day gets better. Your going to look great! Good Luck on your recovery.

Well I woke up today w/ the worst lower back ache...

Well I woke up today w/ the worst lower back ache so far!! We have a memory foam bed & the heaviest tempurapedic pillow, and I can't not get comfy anymore! What's up w/that?? I'm sleeping on the sofa tonight. I'm sure my husband won't like it. Oh well. B/c I woke with the back pain it just added to my frustration, I'm still not regular. My bras are killing, and now I think I'm allergic to the antibiotic!! Oh boy. Well I see the doctor tomorrow so I can tell him all of this and that my boobies look really scary to me! Thanks to the support of you wonderful ladies here on realself I'm trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I really hate complaining!!! I really don't feel like myself. I can't clean like I want to & that drives me crazy! I'm so bloated from being irregular that my clothes looks terrible on. I really have to get back to being me. I miss swimming & working out...and OMG I miss cleaning!!!! If any of you ladies are waiting for my review on my experience w/dr.h please hang in the till I'm healed 100%. Because right now they are just scary to me. On the flip side my husband who loves me through this madness took us to the Houston museum of science for the paleontologist exhibit and a IMAX 3D movie. Thank you honey. OMG I'm itchy
Diamondgirl, you don't look crazy at all! Just be patient! I know how you feel. Sleeping was so uncomfortable for me too. I am a side and stomach sleeper. It's still uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach but I'm back to sleeping on my side. Your breasts will change so much in these next few weeks and they will drop. Don't worry, just keep your Dr. Informed of any concerns you have. How are you feeling today?
I think you look great !!!
Yes it did I didn't sleep in it . I hated to wear it . Some days I didn't wear it much . I always wore it to work .

So I'm 13 days post-op. this past Sunday I while...

So I'm 13 days post-op. this past Sunday I while taken a shower I noticed I was having a reaction to something. I looked in the mirror I saw hives all over my face, chest, forearms and my back. So I was just trying to figure it out. Meanwhile we went out for a day of family fun. I was ok, the hives weren't so bad at this point. So later in the night I was doing research online & post a question to the docs here on realself. Monday morning it was worst. My face was soo swollen. My lips looked like they were injected! I thought people pay lots of money for these lips! LOL. While doing research I found all of my symptoms were same as a reaction to the bactrim the doc has me on. Well I only have one day lift to take... So if that's it, ok! I was starting to think a lot of scary thoughts of what else would be wrong.

Monday July 9. 2nd post-op. Doctor confirms the issue. Reaction to bactrim. Just stop taking them. Take Benadryl & rub anti-itch cream all over! Thank god thats all.
Doc says breast look great they are healing according to plan. What!! They look so scary to me!! Ugh! I mean thats great news of course! I just worry, they looks sooooooooo scary to me!!!!
Hey FitLuv it's good to hear from you! I'm not in any pain. Just numbness as far as the boobies. But I had an allergic reaction to the bactrim he prescribed. So I had a rash, hives, swollen face, nose , and lips. Itchy & super uncomfortable!! Other than that all I can think about is how scary they look to me!! Can't wait till this stage of my recovery is over! I'm really trying to be patient, then I look at them & get very freaked out again!! I had my second post-op and his said all looks well! I have to wait & see. Take care
I am also a stomach sleeper & can't even imagine sleeping that way again! But I did wake up on my side this morning, boy was I surprised. :o
I got 300cc in each Frankiestein LOL !!

2 weeks post-op. Yeah, I've been to busy having...

2 weeks post-op. Yeah, I've been to busy having fun while my mommy was here, shopping, dining out, hanging out. That I wasn't dwelling on my scary Frankiestein boobies! So my mom went home yesterday, :-(... We're all back to the norm! I've been cleaning my house, yeah! (crazy I know!) I know I still have to take it easy. Because I really get into cleaning.
So, the boobies do look better, not square looking as before. But not a big enough change that you can tell in a pic. But enough to see the light @ the end of the tunnel. :-)

My husband paid CASH-in-FULL for my new boobies and I still don't want him to see them yet! He didn't think I needed this, but he loves me & wants me to be happy. He understands me, thank god!

So Dr.H said to run hot water on the tape to remove them. I can see that my areolas look great w/out taking the tape off. So it can only get better from here!

He (we) just can wait to go on vacation sun, swimming & lots of fun, so next weekend thats the plan!!! Yeah. The kids are counting down too. It has been raining soo much here in Katy, TX that it really has helped me not feel so guilty about not being able to just go in our backyard to swim w/my kiddos.

BRAS!! Omg, I'm having a hard time finding the perfect one. I have to hit VS this weekend. That should be fun, NOT!!! I am 34dd, but my boobs are so wide round (always have been) from pit to cleavage that I can fit 34DDD. But they are not full enough from chest wall to nipple to fill the 34 DDD, only the DD. So I think VS store is my only answer.
So far I do look thinner from the side & their not hanging and pulling on my neck....so far! I know they haven't dropped and fluffed yet.

Soo much cash spent on myself. I'm still not sure if it was 100% worth it...maybe 90% right now...

DR. HORNDESKI really IS so worth the money!!! NO REGRETS on going to him for this procedure!!!
Hello Diamond girl, Thanks for your encouragement, Your boobs look great as well. Yes we have to be patiend. i am wearing the band and its actually making me uncomfortable now. lets see what happens at the one month mark. i will def. follow up with you. happy healing.:)
I got my bras at Dillard's . I wear a 34 triple D if I want bras from VS I have to order them . Have fun shopping !
Thanks Sissy :-)

2nd week post op yesterday. PS says everything...

2nd week post op yesterday. PS says everything looks great. He wants to do the areola lift 3-6 months from now, and now I'm all for it. He explained that it's because of the amount of my own tissue. So I definitely need to see what they look like once they drop & fluff. Can't wait. I'm so impatient. I shop & want so many things but right now their still to high to enjoy cute little tops. Anyway I'm seeing a difference but their still high. Well ta ta for now.
Im doing great !!! Need to post new pics
I need to post new pics ! Not u !
But I need to post some too. I just keep forgetting my camera. If I walk out half naked to get it my kiddos would have a millon questions! :-)

Well today makes 4 weeks & 1 day. I had my 1 month...

Well today makes 4 weeks & 1 day. I had my 1 month follow up and PS says everything looks great to him. I also had a stitch pull out & cut off. It was very weird not feeling what he was doing!

So update: nothing new, they still haven't dropped & fluffed yet. I'm just hanging in there. Still can't really shop for new bras yet! That part is really annoying!! I'm so tried of these bras I'm stuck wearing!! But I don't want to pay a lot of money for a bra that won't fit when they finally drop & fluff completely.

Another update: they look the same to me, scary still! No pics yet, not till there's a real difference.
I have my areola lift scheduled for Oct. can't wait!! Yeah me
Glad to hear you are doing good! They probably don't look any diffrent to you cuz you see them everyday...I'm sure they r changing.

@ReNew28 me too!!!!

I'm just hanging in there. No real progress yet! No dropping or fluffing here, so no new bras yet! Ugh!!

So I forgot to mention that swimming & the...

So I forgot to mention that swimming & the elliptical have been AWESOME!!!! I thought the the elliptical would hurt w/the bouncing, but only the first day. So far now I doing 3 miles on each ( thread mill & elliptical) till I'm fully myself then I'll do more, and of course swimming with the kiddos.

As far as how boobies are looking, still not impressed! UGH! I do see them finally dropping....we'll see! Time will tell

I do have to say that there is a HUGE difference with the lack of hanging & pulling on my neck & shoulders!!! And I don't have to wear a wire sports bra & an extra sports bra for extra support! Only a sports bra.... So that is a blessing in it's self.
Hey girl, how is everything going?

Drop and fluff, lol I love that.

Yes I know it is frustrating waiting things out but they do come down with time.  That is good you are staying away from upper body, I still don't do much of it to this day because it irritates my pec muscles sometimes.

Great job staying positive and keep us posted! :)



Diamondgirltx, your boobs look really nice!  My friend just had her's done and she is very impatient about them dropping.  Mine didn't drop for months just to let you know... I was SO impatient!  That is great you are able to work out, it is hard being out of the gym for a long time when it is part of your normal life.

The funny thing is, I actually have gone on a run with my boobs and forgot to wear a bra.  They didn't even really bother me and stayed in place pretty nicely.  I've also ridden my horse without a bra. lol.... A little too much bouncing but with the posting trot (English rider) I was fine.

Have fun at the gym. :)


Well my ladies are 2 months & 1 day new now. I've...

Well my ladies are 2 months & 1 day new now. I've just been super busy with the kids & not really as obsessed with the boobies. They have drooped although I don't think their done!

I saw Dr.H on Monday for my 2month follow up. When I asked if they are going to drop anymore he just said he really likes the upper pole fullness I have. I guess I was thinking of it as a compliment b/c completely forgot to ask again for a proper answer. While I agree the upper pole fullness is nice I would like it if they didn't look soo "fake". Of course hey are fake but I wanted a more natural look. You can really see it when I wear tube tops or low cut tops. I can see all of the attention they get when I dress in cute summer clothes. Not what I was looking for.

So, I went bra less on a date with my hubby for the first time in yrs!! OMG he loved the dress & how nice I looked in it. So much so that He got us a hotel room after a really great night out o_O!!! Oh what a night, LOL. I have to admit it was an awesome feeling!
I felt so sexy...he made me feel so sexy, even my 6 yr old said "mama you look hot !!" WHAT, too cute!
Well I'm posting a side view pic b/c I forgot to last time. And afew others. Tell me if you agree with me about how high & fake they look in the black tube top.

Well all in all I'm happy with my surgery. I'm really happy with Dr.H and really happy I had his procedure done. I am looking forward to going bra less more often and all the benefits that come with his technic.
TaTa for now
I agree with Dr. H. I like the upper pole fullness; that's usually the first thing to go when you lose volume. I think you should enjoy your new look!

For me "fake" means closer to PERFECT and "natural" means saggy, floppy, squishiness. LOL
You look great! I can see what you mean about the fake look- but really they look fantastic esp. in that tube top! Why else do ladies get implants? To look more perfect b/c their natural is less than perfect! lol

Every time I see your photos I think how perfect they are! Thanks for sharing.


3 months 2 days and I can say I'm still not as...

3 months 2 days and I can say I'm still not as excited as I thought I would be. I do absolutely LOVE my cleavage. But I DO NOT like that I still feel no nipple sensation...only PAIN. Lots of pain runs through my left breast especially. And if I touch my nipples it freaks me out that I can't feel it. What's the point in having breast that you can't feel. At this point with the pain and the lack of sensation in my nipples, I wouldn't mind taking them out. They still feel so fake (I know they are)!!! Whenever any of my children lean on me (like they should be able to do) I jump because it is soo uncomfortable!! I always have to adjust their little heads. When my hubby tries to get comfy to watch a movie...it's ridiculous!
Now I have this really ANNOYING feeling when I bend over or reach my arms out front. It feels like they are scratching against my muscle. Feels like sand paper, very awful feeling!! Dr.H could actullay feel it but couldn't explain it. At first it was only my left, now both are doing it. It's such a gross feeling. I'm hoping it goes away! Anyone know what I'm talking about & does it go away? Why is this just now starting to do this? It started about a week ago. So creepy. So on top of no feeling in the nipples, still having sharp pain in left boobie, and this annoying feeling when I move, I'm not thrilled with these fake feeling boobies of mine! Still waiting to love them!! Not so far :-(
I think you look great. The upper pole fullness actually looks awesome, I don't think it looks fake and all.
For one who isn't thrilled about their breasts you certainly like to go start drama about them on other people's story's.
Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

Not worth 8500!

Ladies save your money for the anchor or lollipop lift. His did give me cleavage & upper pole fullness but that's the only permanent change. My areolas are back to being low SO I do not feel comfortable braless unless the shirt is huge. Totally don't like the view so I'm back to smoke & mirrors hiding them from my husband!! Oh and lying down it doesn't seem normal how the implants fall to my neck!!! So my empty boobies are sitting on my chest! I my as well have no implants at all. Even my Gyno was confused!
In short, you will love them for the first 6 to 8 months until you realize your nipples are right back where they started or way too close to where they started. The only time I look good is in a tube top WITH a strapless bra! Because with a regular bra you can tell that my Right breast is STILL bigger than the left. I told him several times to try and make them closer to same size. Right after surgey to this day you can see size difference in my bra and out!
On the day of surgery when he was marking me up, he just realized that the right was bigger!
~So disappointed
Maybe Horndeski will give you a break with a donut lift? He did that lift for Fitluv. I even went with her to the appt. That could lift your nipples up and be less invasive than a lollipop lift. Scar is just around the nipple. Or maybe it's a pocket issue? He hasn't suggested a fix? When I lay down, my implants don't go to my chin and my regular boob stays lower. Everything is together. I would def. get a couple of opinions to see what is going on. Maybe you could post some pics to the docs here and get their opinions?
Hey Scrappy, yes I spoke with him on 2 options. I definitely think other doctors opinions would help. It was a lot of money to spend just to need farther surgeries!
I had gotten a quote from Horndeski for my CC. And you know he said he didn't think I had CC.... That was a red flag for me. He wanted to lower my pocket to "fix" the issue. He also said if it was CC he would use the same implant after removing the capsule which was another red flag for me. He seemed to do a good job for Fitluv, so I don't know what to think. Consider a consult with Dr. Vitenas just to see what he says- he hasn't steered me wrong yet. He really seems to know what he's doing and maybe they'll give you a discount if you mention Realself. He is on RS, but I don't know if you can send a message directly to him. But whatever you do, I wish you a reasonable solution!

Heres what I look like

Here's what I look like
It wasn't under  the "update your review" button? I went to mine and that's where it allows me to upload a photo although I haven't tried it yet. If you went there and it is just not posting, maybe you need to ask a community manager if there is something that needs to be fixed or if something is wrong with the system. Bummer! =(
Yeah Scrappy I tired that "Add Photo" button and nothing happened. I'll have to contact a community manager..Ugh! BTW I totally think you on it about the lying down and coming out of the pocket. You know I thought they would call me to set up a 1yr follow up appt, but they didn't!
Still cant see new pic

Still tirying out the "Add Photo" button

Ok so it allows me to use to "Add Video" button but not the photo button...I even tried to "copy & paste" the photo! LOL
Bummer! I hope they fix the pic issue for you! My doc didn't call me either for a year follow up. I don't know if they ever do that or it's b/c they know my next step is revision surgery.
Btw, I was looking at your pics again and looks like you already had the donut lift?
Yeah dr. H goes through the areolas with his mini lift technique, just like FitLuv.

Still couldnt upload so I copied & paste

This is what mine looks like I could only copy & paste a pic. Im sure her areolas are at a normal height but the way the pic was taken makes it look just like mine.
Oh wow. By your good reviews i was beggining to think this is good, but now a year on you say what others do- to go with the full surgery, t scar and all. I just had that in january, and i am happy, scars and all. There is a treatment called "betatherapy" its hard to find but oncologists know about it and ive done it to minimize scar. Hope this helps, i will be posting more pics whithin months.
I would like to see current pic's. I need to post more current one's myself. Just wanted to let you know the vertical lift scar is not bad at all. I was scared to do it but mine are healing very well. I look forward to seeing your recent pic's keep us posted.
I've read a few reviews now of the scarless breast lift and what all the other PSs on here think about it and yours is just like a lot of the others. They start out okay but girls are swapping the vertical scar for not so nice shaped breasts that seem to sag really quickly. I've also noticed there isn't much projection at the nipple, they are flat and pulled together like a purse. Yours are actually the nicest of his I've seen, but I see what you're saying! Boobs are supposed to be like mounds, that vertical 'seam' must be where the shape and lift comes from, when they pull the sides round and raise the nipple. I hope you can get this fixed and you definitely shouldn't have to pay any more money!
Texas Plastic Surgeon

I did a lot of research for almost 3 yrs now. I've had visits w/4 doctors so far.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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