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*Sigh*... I have been a stalker on this site for a...

*Sigh*... I have been a stalker on this site for a couple years but finally I have began making moves towards getting my oh-so-wanted BBL done. I contacted two doctors for consultation Dr. Moises Salama and Dr. Cortes and I ended up choosing Dr. Cortes, even though he is more expensive because he is closer to home and easier to travel to. I also chose him because I like how natural his results are and he has lots of positive reviews and videos etc that give the full picture of what to expect.

I am already nervy about the whole thing and its still so far away (10 months). I have a lot of people who are excited with me but the bf isn't happy at all. He thinks I am making a mistake and my mother says I am wonderfully made and nothing's wrong with me but I am doing this for me and that's no mistake. I am doing what makes me happy. I guess I'll be updating my RS as things unfold. It'll be fun to go back and reread all this when I'm banging!!

Anyone who has been through the process (especially if you're a Cortes alum) PLEASE feel free to give advice and tips.

Thanks Dolls!!
Good luck! I have my bbl scheduled with dr. Cortes next month!
Super! Let me know how it goes. Looking forward to your transformation!
Hey check out Mariel2013.. She's a Cortes pt & she even works for him .. She'll give u all the info u need!!!

Doing my research

So I am still doing my research and I'm realizing that this surgery is going to really cost me financially. I am making my list of needs, wants and to-do's and the list keeps growing and so does the out-of-pocket expense. Has anyone used financing to get their surgery done? Was it a huge hassle?

I still have a long time ahead of me so I am planning to buy something towards my surgery in advance from every paycheck. Do I need to wait till after the procedure to buy vedettes or fajas or can I buy them now for my current size or do I need larger sizes to make up for swelling? I am a wreck. I think I may be over thinking things but I just want everything to be on point for a good experience and easy/speedy recovery.

Please help.
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Hope everything works out well for you in the future!
Of you do the payment plain , how does that work ??
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