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I had a BBL done about 7 weeks ago.....well I...

I had a BBL done about 7 weeks ago.....well I don't see a difference. Of course they tell u be patient and give the body time to heal, but geesh. Everything looks the same, I don't see how things will magically improve with time. Maybe its just me, but im starting to wonder now. #disappointed.....is there any HTown or TX chics that like their results and have pics?

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hey you guys i had butt implants with Dr Cortes i love my results!!! he has amazing pictures of bbl but i was not a good candidate for that procedure :( but i got implants and its kinda the same thing i have a not just bigger botty but shape figurei would be posting pictures soon you should defenitly consider Dr Cortes he is very honest and his staff are there for you all the time :) good luck necolewant2makeover
I am now considering Dr Cortes. I need butt implants too since I have trouble gaining weight. I want lipo done to my waist, lower back and tummy. I was wondering how big are your implants and what all did u get done with Dr.Cortes. Do you have any pics that I can see. I would highly appreciate it.

So I'm set for JUNE 10TH. I'm doing my planning...

So I'm set for JUNE 10TH. I'm doing my planning but I'm curious to know has anyone been cleared after surgery that's its okay to flu back home after being on GA for seven days or has most of the patients had to stay the full ten days. Just want to hey some sort of ideal to when I should depart. Thank yoy
How is it going?
Pretty well I hv pics on my other pg
Hope your recovery is steadily improving. Congrats!
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