I've been reading so many stories and gotten...

I've been reading so many stories and gotten so much information and support from all of the wonderfully open and honest women on this site that I thought I would add mine to the mix. I may be able to help someone else the way I've been helped.

I am a 50 year old mother of 3 and grandmother of 6 - soon to be 7. I have always wanted bigger boobies, but when I was younger and perkier I was able to live with what I had. Now that I've lost the fullness that I once enjoyed, I am increasingly self conscious and frustrated. I have an "athletic" build. I'm smallish boned, very small hips and short legs, but I have very broad shoulders, long arms and wide ribcage.

Finding clothes to fit is a challenge. When I get a top that fits through my shoulders and ribs, I can't fill it out. Summer clothes are the worst! I love to shop, but every time I go it ends in tears. So, now I just order things on line and hope for the best.

I've toyed with the idea of implants for at least 25 years. I could never justify spending the money on something so frivolous. Well, the kids are grown and now I think maybe it's time for me to do something selfish and frivolous and just for me. I know hubby will enjoy them too, even though he has never complained about mine.

After 29 years together I think we are pretty comfy with all of the changes that time has taken on us. I'd just like to feel more confident and actually like what I see when I look in the mirror. I've had 3 consultations so far. I've gotten 3 different opinions about what is needed. I really liked the first surgeon. He said I don't need a lift, that my frame can handle large enough implants to provide the lift I need and not have a porn star look. The second doc said I need a full anchor lift and we can do the implants 6 months or so after that. The third surgeon recommended a "donut' lift and implants. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. I don't want a lift. I like the look of a little softer breast. I'm not 20 and I think it would look silly to have boobs that belong on a 20 year old. I also don't like the scars. I know they fade and I realize that I may have to go that route someday. Just not yet. I hope. I've given myself the rest of this week to work out in my mind what I'm going to do. I keep going back and forth. I think I've driven my poor husband crazy and I've become addicted to this website! I'm going to upload some "before" photos tonight. Hopefully soon I will have some "afters".

I am going with mentor silicon high profile smooth...

I am going with mentor silicon high profile smooth implants. I haven't decided on the exact size yet, 500 or 550 cc depending on what the doctor thinks will look best. I've had 2 of the doctors say they think that over the muscle is best for me. The one who wanted to do the anchor lift wouldn't even discuss implants until after the lift. I know I won't be using him as my surgeon.

Very exciting! Thank you so much for posting your story here on RealSelf. Any idea what type/size implants you're going to go with?


Well, I made the decision and set the date for my...

Well, I made the decision and set the date for my surgery. I decided to get the implants with no lift. I can always get a lift later if I decide I need one. I'd rather have a chance to see how they look without scars. So, the big day is Friday June 9th. I'm nervous, excited and a little scared.
Congrats that you made the best decision for you! Are you still going over the muscle? I hear the healing time is a breeze compared to under the muscle. Something I have learned in the last week since my surgery....I wish my PS and others would tell people is this.... DO NOT OBSESS, try not to look at them for at least 30 days. I think I would have saved myself allot of stress that way. And Starting tomorrow after my 1 week post op and I hear how things are progressing from my PS, no more self photos, obsessing, nothing until the end of May which will be 30 days since my surgery. I think I expected to go from operating table to the beach... I do not know what the hell I was thinking, this is a long healing process! Good Luck to you, and I look forward to following your story!
Rxgirl - thanks! I'm going over the muscle. I figure 2 out of 3 doctors recommended it, so that's good enough for me, lol. I hope the recovery is as easy as some I've read about. If you can keep from obsessing about your boobs for 30 days, you will be my hero. I can't stop thinking about them for 30 minutes and I don't even have them yet, haha.

The more pictures I look at the more confident I...

The more pictures I look at the more confident I feel about my decision. I'm still a bit nervous, which I think is normal for anyone undergoing surgery. Not to mention that this is going to substantially change my appearance. It's strange, the only thing that makes me nervous about that is coming back to work. Any advice about how to handle the 'looks" that I'm sure I will get? Some people do know about this, since keeping it a secret seemed sort of silly when it will be obvious shortly anyway. Others that I don't work directly with but I see daily don't know.
I can relate to your story; I am 51 years old and also thgought about getting implants for at least 20 years until I finally decided to do it! I am very happy with my decision and just wish I had not waited this long. My PS actually recommended a mini lift with the implant but he said I would still get good results without the lift. I decided not to do the lift and I feel like I made the right decision. I am very happy with the result and did not have the additonal scar and recovery that having the lift would have added. Good luck to you; I look forward to reading your updates.
I have started the process of researching BA. Through my research, what you are doing is what I have been leaning towards. Look forward to keeping up with your journey.
Thank you for sharing!
When I started my research I assumed I would be going under the muscle with a lift. The first surgeon I consulted is the one who told me I don't need a lift since I want larger implants and going above the muscle in my case would be best. It's amazing to me how many different opinions there are among the doctors as to what is right for me. I stopped after my third consultation because it was just too confusing. 3 doctors and 3 different opinions! Under the muscle is the most popular and I'm sure it's right for many women. Especially younger ones who don't want to worry about the weight of implants causing early sag. I'm 50 and figure most of my sag has already happened and what is yet to come will be more natural looking than high, perky boobs on an otherwise older body. I do try to work out an maintain my shape, but the skin still shows signs of age no matter what. I'm finally getting used to the idea of wanting to look great "for my age", haha. I used to hate those 3 words!

I just moved my BA date up to Wednesday, May 30....

I just moved my BA date up to Wednesday, May 30. The original date wasn't going to work well with my work schedule. Unfortunately, the new date doesn't work for my husband so he won't be helping me when I come home. My son's ex, who is the mom to 2 of my grandsons, will be there to make sure I get home, medicated and all tucked in. Since I'm going over the muscle and not having a lift the recovery should be fairly easy. I'm a pretty tough girl anyway, and can do it on my own except for the driving home part. I will have 5 days recovery before I have to return to my desk job, and I think that will be more than enough.
I am beyond excited at this point - only 3 1/2 weeks!!!!
i am very excited for you and believe me I obsessed about this for YEARS lol. I have wanted breasts since I was about 12 and I never developed. Even when I got pregnant nothing happened and I didnt produce much milk at all. I finally had my surgery on friday and the recovery has been SUPER easy even though I went under the muscle! I was expecting to be in alot of pain but I didn't even have a problem lifting my arms over my head lol. I did get the "morning boob" though. I don't know if you have heard about that but in the morning when you wake up your muscles are very tight and it is a bit painful but it goes away in a little while....some people have compared it to morning wood with a guy lol. I also heard that it happens even after you are done healing...i dunno about that yet because I am only about 3 days out. but good luck hun and keep us posted! can't wait to hear how everything goes!

Thanks for all of your support. I'm feeling kind...

Thanks for all of your support. I'm feeling kind of lonely tonight and knowing that there are others out there who are going through, or have gone through this, is very helpful.
Having the support from all of you is amazing. This is such a personal journey, it's hard to find anyone to talk to about all the things going on inside. I feel blessed to have you all supporting me.
I know exactly what you mean. This forum is really great and I find many different people on here who really understand and comfort me, and I am sure some of the other woman on here feel the same way. It is really nice to not be judge but instead supported. I am really looking forward to your post ops and your journey...don't forget to constantly share ♥
I am happy that you decided on the doctor of your choice! I don't think I have read anyone's review who had 3 really different choices. I am excited for you and pray you get the look you want! Congrats on starting your journey ♥

Only 3 more weeks! I got my mammogram today and...

Only 3 more weeks! I got my mammogram today and the check came in for my surgery. I'm beyond excited. I put up a couple new pics today, with clothes on. I can't wait to get to the "afters".
Thanks TCinIN!! I'm actually going to put my pics back up soon! I can't wait to see your final results. I love this site too! I have gotten so much good info from this site, it's been my life saver!
Can't wait to hear more of your journey. I was also told several different things when I decided I wanted the surgery. I know I needed a lift but I did not want scarring. I went with a PS who specializes in very minimal scarring. IIgot an Ultimate lift with implants and I am so glad I made that decision. I don"t heal very well and get horrible scars so that verticle lift or anchor scar was just not for me. I had the implant inserted through the areola which he also made much smaller, and it looks great. Just waiting for them to fully drop. I hope you will be happy with your decision I think its great to final do something for yourself! I waited 10 yrs to do this and could not be happier!
FitLuv, I followed your story and you are one of the reasons I started posting. I know how much it helped me to read about other's experiences. I'm an older "augmentee" and I hope I can help others my age. Your pictures looked great. I'm sorry your confidentiality was breached and you had to take them down. Thanks for following me, it's a good feeling to be part of this caring, supportive community.

Well, it's been an interesting week so far. I quit...

Well, it's been an interesting week so far. I quit smoking, finally. I've been playing with it for months and finally just did it. I've not had a cigarette since Saturday night. I was really afraid of going under general anesthesia as a smoker. I will have 2 1/2 weeks smoke free by the time I have the surgery. It will also help me heal easier and faster. Not to mention giving me more time and a better quality of life with my family. So, yeah me!!
I paid for the operation today - all of it. I guess it's real now. The money is spent. On me. Wow. I don't think I've ever spent this much money on anything for me, except a car. Two weeks from tomorrow I'll be waking up with the new girls.

I'm still a bit nervous about coming back to work and the first time I attend a family function. Isn't it funny that I'm worried about showing off something I've wanted for so long and paid so much for?
If u r worried about lift scars, Click on my profile and check my review. I am only 16 days out and can hardly see any scar. I am ecstatic with my results. Healing fast. Alcohol free, not smoking, high nutrition, scars u can't even see
Congrats on quitting smoking. I know from experience how hard it is!!

The big day is one week from tomorrow. I'm feeling...

The big day is one week from tomorrow. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with emotion. Mostly feeling grateful to all of the giving, honest and amazing women on this site. I can't imagine going on this journey without you all. I've learned what to expect, the highs and the lows. I feel like I belong to a very special community of friends. So, I'm having a sappy night and I can't even blame it on alcohol, lol. I'm sticking to the no drinking and no smoking - yeah for me!

Congrats on no smoking!!! Your date is so close!! Can't wait to see your results! I totally wore 2 bras to see what I would look like. I also wore a padded bra that said it increased my size 2cups. I wore it for a few months so no one asked me any questions after I got it done:)
Congrats on quitting smoking! I am so excited for you that you are doing something for you! Being comfortable with your surgeon is soooo important and I'm so glad you made the right choice for you. Keep us posted on everything. I love going back and reading my posts from my TT. Here's to us!
Awww! Big hugs girl!!
We're with you every step of the way!
I wasnt nervous at all before my surgery, and I think it is b/c of reading everyones experience you kind of know what to expect. I was really glad to have read everyones story too!
Dont give in to the smokes or alcohol!
I still havent smoked since 1 week before the BA, and I promised myself I wont ever give in again. I wish the same for you, stay strong!

I had planned to spend this weekend cleaning house...

I had planned to spend this weekend cleaning house and getting ready for Wednesday. Instead my daughter, son-in-law and 2 grands came for a visit. We are having a great time. Tomorrow I will have 2 more grands here along with my brothers 11 week old twins and their mom. I am going to be way too busy loving on babies to worry about the house. Everything I think I need to do can wait. I will do what I can on Monday after they go home and Tuesday after work. What doesn't get done will just have to be undone. I am more excited than words can express for my big day to finally get here. I would actually love a rum & coke this evening to help me wind down a little, but I'm not drinking. No alcohol 2 weeks before or after is the rule and I want to do everything I can to assure I have a great recovery.
My husband rearranged some things and he will be able to take care of me after my procedure. I'm not sure how that's going to work out since he hasn't ever taken care of me. Seriously, even after my babies were born or I had my hysterectomy. I'm not one who needs to be taken care of. If he can just take care of himself so I don't have to for a couple of days, then I will be fine. I think I'm almost more nervous about trying to be a "patient' than the actual procedure.

I can't believe that tomorrow is my day. I still...

I can't believe that tomorrow is my day. I still have so much to get done. I feel like I'm on an adrenaline overdrive right now, which is probably a good thing. When it wears off I should be able to crash into a deep sleep. Then in the morning it's up and out bright and early. I have to be at the surgery center at 6, which is about an hour away. I routinely get up between 3 and 4 in the morning, so that won't be a problem. I have my to do list for tonight all written out so I shouldn't forget anything. Most of it is stuff I do for DH that I won't be up to doing for a day or so. If I can get it done tonight, then I won't feel pressured and will be able to relax and recover properly. My sister-in-law sent me a message today. They want to get together for dinner Saturday night. I haven't told her about this, so I'm trying to decide now if I should just tell her or if I should wait and see if she notices. Funny, I don't have any trouble telling most people. The only ones I haven't told are my closest family. I think it's because I'm a little embarrassed about being so vain. Oh well, I am and I guess that's just the truth of it. It's not like I will be able to hide them after the fact, so I'd better get used to 'fessing up, LOL.
Good luck tomorrow! Looking forward to hearing about your recovery!
Good luck tomorrow! I hope everything goes great for you =)
Good Luck on your surgery tomorrow! :) I will be looking forward to your progress.

Well, we are at the clinic. They don't open for 30...

Well, we are at the clinic. They don't open for 30 minutes yet but I didn't want to be late. I went to bed around 10, woke up around midnight and finally got up at 1:30. Sleep wasn't happening for me. Now I'm very sleepy and very hungry. My appointment is at 6 and we are early but we aren't the earliest. Thrre were 2 other cars in the parking lot when we got here. Guess I'm not the only one anxious today.

I have boobies!! Everything went great. The...

I have boobies!! Everything went great. The procedure took longer than expected but I'm not sure why. The Dr. didn't give DH any details. He did go with 500cc silicon gel high profile implants. I think they will look good when all is said and done, but I kind of wish we'd have done the 550. I'm sure he chose the size that is best for me. I guess I'm just not meant to have really big boobs. I'm supposed to ice them but I wasn't sure for how long. I called the PS office to find out and they said that the icing is to help the swelling and I can do it as much or little as I'm comfortable with. She also said that there will be a lot of bruising on my right side. I'm not sure why. She told me I won't really remember today's conversations tomorrow, so she will go in to more detail when I call to schedule my follow up appointment for next week. She's so funny, she said she never schedules it the day of surgery because no one remembers anyway. For now I'm going to eat the chicken soup and sandwich DH has made for me and then I think I'll take a nap. I will try to get some pictures later today,

I've just added my first "after" photos. I am in...

I've just added my first "after" photos. I am in love with my new boobies. DH is being a great nurse. I tend to try to push things and do things I shouldn't. When will I learn to rest and relax?
Wow they look great so far! x x
How are you feeling after the surgery?
My surgery was today as well doing well.dont know how many cc's,have post op on Friday.Glad you are doing well,can't wait for the pix.I will post mine soon.Happy healing

Shoot, I posted my update under the comments...

Shoot, I posted my update under the comments section. Oh well, these pain meds are great. I really don't remember anything about the surgery. Some paperwork, a lot of questions and an IV. Then the ride down to the OR. All I remember for sure is that i was super excited and the staff at the surgery center was great. Everyone was kind, friendly and professional. I think that by going over the muscle my recovery is going much easier than most. Some pain, but not too bad. The hydrocodone helps I'm sure. I haven't had to use the nausea meds at all so far. i'm supposed to take the muscle relaxer 2 times a day and the antibiotic 3 times a day. I won't go back to the doctor until next week. As far as I can see, he did an awesome job. i can't say I wouldn't have like them a bit bigger, but I think the size he chose is probably for the best. I think they will look very natural when they heal. That's what I wanted in the end. Natural, large and soft. Not porn star, I got a boob job boobs. If they keep looking like they do right now, I think that is exactly what I got.

Ok, so 24 hours post op and the "rest" part of...

Ok, so 24 hours post op and the "rest" part of "rest & recovery" is over. My boss needed me to call in and try to walk him through some things at work. 5 minutes into the conversation I realized he would only mess things up if left to his own. I went in to the office for about an hour. Came home and realized that the "nursing" I was getting from DH came complete with dirty dishes all over the kitchen and trash on the counter because the can was full and needed to go out. Now that I've cleaned up the mess and made lunch I'm ready to sit for a while. I know I'm a bit of a control freak and I'm a strong person. Sometimes though, I'd like to be able to relax and trust someone to really take care of me.

Whine fest is over, I'll be fine. As Always.

I do love the way the girls are looking. I know it's early, but so far I couldn't be happier with them.
Awwee I am sorry your day is not going well, but your Boobs look GREAT :) So I hope you can take it easy, try to relax, and enjoy! Your going to be so happy once fully healed girl!
Congrats!! I am so thrilled that you love them! You look good! Happy healing!!!!
I'm so excited to see your results. I'm leaning to do the same as you.

Not feeling so great today. I think I over did it...

Not feeling so great today. I think I over did it yesterday. Not only did I go to work for a while, made lunch, cleaned the house and picked up the back yard a bit, but I also ran errands and went with DH to buy a motorcycle.. Why can't I just relax and let go?
I'm off the pain pills today, just taking my muscle relaxer and Tylenol. I'd like to stop the muscle relaxer but my PS said to take it all. I hate the way they make me feel. I'm groggy and foggy. The girls are feeling softer, but still very high and tight. I love them and can't wait to watch them take shape and become fabulous over the next few weeks. DH says they look awesome and make me look younger. I love that!
Take care of yourself. I'm one that hates to sit around and be waited on too. Sometime you have to do that to heal the best you can. I learned that after I had a motorcycle accident. Hated not being able to do for myself, but had to heal.
Me too ! I don't want to scare u but this is what my dr told me . I was told if I lift over 10 lbs or sweep , vacuum or other things I have been told not to do the implants can come out . Please be carefull ! I know I'm not one to sit around . Hope u are doing ok .
I am cringing!
I hope you dont hurt them while they are trying to heal!
I wonder what is the worst that could happen?

I can't believe it's day 5. The implants are still...

I can't believe it's day 5. The implants are still swollen and hard. To be honest, today is the day I think I made a mistake. They are huge, uncomfortable and I'm tired of feeling like crap. If I could go back in time, i would SO not do this. I need to be able to live my life again. I hurt all the time. I'm bruised, swollen, sore and tired. I can't lay down. I can't cuddle with my husband. I can't lift my grand sons or go swimming with them. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I know I'm not ready. This is one of the stupidest things I have ever done in my quest for self improvement. Maybe the stupidest, since it's expensive and forever.
TC... Oh my! I know you were following me back 5 weeks ago. I was feeling the same way.. trust me it gets better! I would say that finally at 4 weeks, I forgot about them. I was sleeping anyway I wanted, working out, doing everything normal. The first 10 days or so really do suck, but you are half way there! Today I am just over 5 weeks, and I washed 2 cars, cleaned the entire house, washed the dogs. And boobs never were a thought in my mind one time!!! (except when I went for a potty break, and looked in the mirror at them to see if they dropped yet! LOL) It gets better, you will love them, you just need time. It is so hard to adjust to new things sometimes, but you will. :) :)
You have to give yourself time to heal. I felt like that after I had the TT which I have heard is way more painful then BA. Once everything settles, you will be so glad you did this. The pain and swelling are temporary but the results are long lasting. It's a process of recovery and keep taking pictures to document your journey and you will go back and read it and say gosh, I don't remember that. My hubby told me the other day he had to help hold me up in the bathroom and milk my drains, girl I don't remember any of that now but then it felt like I was so far from normalcy. Hang in there :)
I feel good just learning to adjust I don't have a lot of bruising just sore and swollen.I am waiting on the day they feel like me.I am sooooooo glad I did get the BL it was worth it.That is one of the things I have to get use to my TaTa's are lifted,Luv it.

Today was my first day back to work. I have a desk...

Today was my first day back to work. I have a desk job, so it wasn't too bad. I've posted some new pictures showing the progress and the bruising so far. I'm pretty much never comfortable between the pressure and the zingers. I thought my recovery would was going to be so much easier than this. I think they will look great, once they settle in and stop hurting. I sure will be glad when I can enjoy them!

Today was my first day back to work. I have a desk...

Today was my first day back to work. I have a desk job, so it wasn't too bad. I've posted some new pictures showing the progress and the bruising so far. I'm pretty much never comfortable between the pressure and the zingers. I thought my recovery would was going to be so much easier than this. I think they will look great, once they settle in and stop hurting. I sure will be glad when I can enjoy them!
Happy you did ok at work . It looks like they are starting to fall into place yay
Hang in there! They look fantastic. I must admit even though I feel ok I had a couple of doubts today, I look so different and this is a permanent change but I'm sure we will get used to them:-)
I know what I'm doing tomorrow... lol!

After working yesterday and going grocery shopping...

After working yesterday and going grocery shopping last night I was worn out. I took my pain pill for the first time in days and my muscle relaxer. Finally, I SLEPT. I was comfortable enough to get some actual rest. I feel so much better today. I'm still a little woozy headed because I don't do medicines very well, but it's a lot better than what I was feeling before. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for your mental health. Hubby always says I'm a great gal unless I'm cold, tired or hungry. Then I'm....not so great, haha. I know I feel 1000 % better today. He has to work tonight so I will be home alone. I think I'll take my meds again and go to bed nice and early. I just realized it's only 10 am and I'm already thinking about bed time. How funny! I hope you all have a great day and your recoveries are all going super. Tomorrow is my 1 week follow up at the PS. I can't wait to see him and get the official "you're doing great" talk.

I just read through my earlier reviews. I can't...

I just read through my earlier reviews. I can't believe I thought the PS should have used a larger implant when I first came out of surgery. Holy smoke, I would have been too top heavy to stand up straight. I think the anesthesia must have played tricks with my eyesight, LOL. I guess that is one reason they warn you not to make any important decisions for at least 24 hours after surgery. Thank goodness the Doc used his best judgement and not mine.

I went to my one week post-op today. Dr. Roberts...

I went to my one week post-op today. Dr. Roberts is very happy with my recovery so far. Thankfully I can now take off and trash the support bra I've worn since surgery. He wants me to go bra-less as much as possible. I picked up some lightweight sports bras on the way home, since I really do have to wear a bra to work.
He still wants me to avoid swimming, lifting anything heavy, getting my heart rate above 100bpm and repetitive motions. Darn it, I guess that means hubby will have to continue to do the vacuuming and carry the groceries for a bit longer. I'm still very bruised and of course I still have to take tylenol for pain daily. It's manageable and temporary. My beautiful new boobs are here to stay. I absolutely love them and I think they look better every day.
I know how you feel my dr won't let me do much and I'm 4 wks tomorrow . I don't go see her for 2 wks hope she says you can do it all now . I have to wear a bra 24/7 . So happy you are doing good .
Looking good! I am glad to see you are in good spirits. Happy healing!

I am now 15 days post-op. My boobs are doing great...

I am now 15 days post-op. My boobs are doing great. I am off all pain meds except tylenol at night. There is a bit of discomfort in the mornings, feeling full and tender. By the end of the day they are achy. I am having some sensitivity around my nipple area, they don't like fabric at all. I think the girls would be happiest if I could go topless all day. I am starting to feel more like they are a part of me instead of something that belongs to me. The size is great, I think Dr. Roberts was perfect in that area. There are certainly larger breasts out there, but these fit me great. They are getting softer every day. The swelling has gone down a lot, too. Still a little stiff and full in the upper pole, but soooo much better than they were. It seems like it's been a lot longer than 2 weeks. If there is one thing this experience has taught me it is to be patient. Intellectually I know that I couldn't be completely healed and back to normal in a few days, but emotionally I wasn't prepared for feeling weak and tired and hurting for any extended amount of time. Realizing that I am just now at 2 weeks makes me see that I really was trying to push things too fast. Anyone who is considering this procedure really needs to understand that you are going to go through a couple of weeks of not being 100%. Just relax, let yourself heal and don't push. It's ok to not be superwoman all the time.
I started going through my "before" clothes and it's clear I will need to do some shopping. Some things don't fit at all. I normally hate shopping, but this time might be a lot more fun. I go back to Dr. Roberts next week for another follow up. I will post more pics then.
Wonderful advice, and your breast transformation looks phenomenal. You look absolutely wonderful ♥
You are looking great !!!!!! You have fun shopping . I'm happy you are doing good .
So glad you are doing well. Your 15 day photos look great! and Yes shopping will be fun :)

I'm 23 days post-op and doing great. I had a visit...

I'm 23 days post-op and doing great. I had a visit with my PS on Wednesday. He's thrilled with the way things are progressing and so am I. The position is almost perfect already. I'd like for them to drop just a bit more and I'm sure they will since it's only about 3 weeks out right now. They are softening nicely and Dr. says they will get even softer over the next few weeks. I LOVE them!!!!!
Last weekend we went out to the movies, shopping and then to a get together at one of DH's coworkers. I didn't wear anything super low cut or tight, but what I did wear looked so much better than it did before. I felt more confident and just happier in general. I really think that once the girls have dropped a little more and fluffed up some that they will look like they've always been a part of me. Now I just have to get rid of the 10 lbs I've gained in my tummy since I quit smoking and haven't been working out. If I could drop 15, that would be even better.
So far the biggest surprise to me has been how much and how long I've hurt. It's a lot better now, but the first couple of weeks were rougher than I expected. Right now the only real discomfort is at the incision areas - which are healing amazingly well - and skin and nipples. It's almost like an irritation or sunburn type of feeling. All I want to do is be naked so no fabric is touching my boobs, but keeping them lifted off the incisions feels soooo good. I'm not supposed to wear a bra unless it's absolutely necessary, and then only a lightweight sports bra. My PS is takes a more natural and laid back approach to things. No fancy straps or constricting bras, no exercising or massaging. Just live life as close to normal as possible and let nature do it's thing. This week he lifted all of my restrictions. I told my DH a little white lie and said I still can't lift over 20 lbs till I'm 6 weeks out. Then again, I rarely lift over 20 lbs anyway, lol. At least I won't have to buy the dog food for another couple of weeks - a little pet peeve of mine. Sleeping is finally getting easier. I'm a side and stomach sleeper and that just isn't possible the first couple of weeks post-op. I am now able to sleep on my side with a few minor adjustments. I have to have 2 pillows now instead of just one and I wake up to turn over and have to "adjust" the girls. I still can't really sleep on my tummy. I may never be able to again, but that is a small price to pay. I am NOT trying to sound negative at all. I just want to be as honest as I can be so that anyone who reads my review knows what to expect. In the grand scheme of things, the few weeks of pain and discomfort are well worth it. I look better and I feel better. I would do it again in a minute.
Congrats! looking great :)
It does look like u dropped some . You look awesome :-) !!!!

4 Weeks Post Op - I'm feeling really good. The...

4 Weeks Post Op - I'm feeling really good. The skin irritation and sunburn feeling is finally gone. The girls are still a bit tender. I'm not overly fond of having them squeezed and I still guard myself when I'm getting or giving hugs. I started working out this week. Nothing too strenuous. I'm doing Leslie Sansone 3 mile walk with 3lb hand weights. It's a lot less than I usually do, but I don't want to over do it right away. I am not sore in my arms, legs or anywhere except my chest. I don't even feel like I'm working my chest muscles that much, it's supposed to be firming my arms. I hope it's not too soon or doing any damage. My boobs look fantastic! They are in a great position and they are softening up nicely. They actually have a bit of "jiggle" now. I notice it when I'm brushing my teeth and doing small quick movements like that. They also bounce when I'm working out, which DH thinks is awesome. He has always loved to watch me work out and he likes it even more now. For a guy who was always a leg man he sure does like boobies all of a sudden, LOL.
I'm not supposed to wear a bra for the next 2 weeks yet, but I am wearing a very lightweight sports bra to keep the nipples covered at work and such. I have to spend too many hours a day out of the house to be able to go without one. I know that I'm not ready for underwires yet. My incisions are still tender, but they are healing so well. Just a very thin red line is all that is there now. I know they will be impossible to find within a 6 months to a year. Dr. Roberts does impeccable work.
I love the cleavage I've gotten. I feel so much more confident now.
Looking good :-)

For those near a Dillards - they are having a...

For those near a Dillards - they are having a major sale on bras. I got 4 yesterday for $40,that would have cost about $130. I went with a 36D for now. I could have bought 34DD, but I've put in a few pounds and I didn't want them too snug. I'm not really supposed to be in a bra yet, but I can't turn down a great sale.I really think I feel better wearing one. These new girls are a bit heavy and I like the support. It also helps my posture, so they look their best. I tried some on at VS, but didn't really like the way they fit on me, especially for the money. Anyway, since I was able to save so much on the bras I didn't feel as bad buying the Spanx I need to cover up the pounds I've put on, LOL. My nephew is getting married next weekend. I found a great dress that shows off my new curves wonderfully but has NO cleavage, which was important to me since this is a family function. The Spanx will just help keep the tummy roll under control till I can work it off again. Funny, now that I have the tata's, I'm more conservative than I thought I would be. It's nice to know they are there when I want to show them off, but I don't have to have them on display all the time.
You look awesome in your new bras . I got mine at Dillard's too 34 DDD . VS has to order DDD and double D is to small . I'm not going to order them because I want to try them on . Take care :-) !
Congrats you look great. Thanks for the bra sale tip, I need to go today! Hopefully it's still on. I'm an under the muscle. So I can wait to see how the drop & fluff...your over the muscle looks great. Take care.
I'm sooooo happy for you!!! You look amazing!!!

Well, today is 5 weeks since my BA. It's the best...

Well, today is 5 weeks since my BA. It's the best week so far. I've felt better, and feel like I've made more improvement, than during any other week so far. This week is the first time that I am almost completely pain free. I have a few twinges here and there and the incision area is still tender, but that's about it. My chest muscles are sore because I've started working out again, but it's not too bad. The "morning boob" syndrome is much less pronounced, too. The girls are still a bit more swollen and tight when I first wake up, but not nearly as much as it was the first few weeks. I'm wearing a regular bra during the day and I sleep in a light sports bra at night, mostly because it helps them stay in place when I roll over. I'm an active sleeper and because I went with a larger implant I really feel them move when I do. The sports bra sort of keeps them more still, so I rest better. They are softening up really nicely. They feel more and more like "real' boobs every day. I love everything about them - the size, shape, feel and look.
I am still surprised at how long recovery actually takes. With any of my other surgeries I was always back to full speed way before the 6 weeks it's "supposed" to take. Not this time.. Being patient with myself and the healing process has been the only really hard thing.

6 Weeks Post Op - My Cups Runneth Over. The...

6 Weeks Post Op - My Cups Runneth Over.
The fluffing has begun. It's so funny, but every time I think I'm done with changes, the girls change some more. The new bras I bought are too small now. The softening and fluffing is making them fuller and larger. I'm spilling out over the cups of my 36 D's. I am really glad I didn't spend much money. I won't buy new ones again for at least a few weeks, and then only if they are on sale. I told Dr. Roberts that I wanted to be at least a D cup, maybe even DD. He is awesome and gave me just what I wanted.
This journey just keeps getting better and more fun. The new feel of them is a-maz-ing! Finally, I am not in any pain at all. I still guard myself, but I think it's out of habit more than anything now. The girls jiggle and bounce already and from what I read it will continue to get better. I can wear my low cut tops and they are looking more and more natural.
Sleeping is getting easier. I'm not sure how women with boobs sleep, and it has been a learning process. I sleep in the buff most of the time and I find that I roll on to the girls or get them pinched somehow sometimes. They are where I am not used to having anything, lol. Either I am getting better at it, or it is getting easier as they soften up.
I am still excited and happy about the twins and I am sooo glad I did it.
I am so happy for you, your results are amazing. Good luck with the bra shopping and fluffing :)
Dear Indiana, Hey! I loved reading your review. I relate very much to "never spent this much on myself" and "husband taking care of ME?" -- last but not least, the boss calling you in and potentially making a mess of things -- I love it! You sound like one heck of a conscientious mom, wife, worker. You darn sure did deserve to do something for yourself. I am a year and a half off 50 and relate so much. This time in life, we must make some time, some money, some necessarily indulgences FOR OURSELVES! Thanks for sharing. I was so inspired, even tho I am just out of my surgery today, I wanted to take some time to type this out to you, friend!
My boobies are done I think . I'm very happy !! No pain in Wks . Mine are a triple D and I love it ! My boobis are very full . I'm so happy your happy . Dillard's is the best store for my size VS I have to order my size . You look really good :-) !

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks post op. I feel 100% back...

Tomorrow will be 7 weeks post op. I feel 100% back to normal. It's still hard to sleep on my tummy, but I think that might be 'normal" for large breasted women, lol. I started really working out again today. I did Jillian's Ripped in 30 and managed to keep up pretty well considering how long it's been since I did anything strenuous. I was even able to do the push ups - most of them anyway. I didn't feel any pulling or discomfort at all.
After reading some discussions about the "feel" of the new girls, I asked my husband what he thinks about them. He said it's been a long time (at least 30 years) since he had the opportunity to fondle large boobies, but he's pretty sure mine feel natural. He said if real boobs don't feel like this, then they should. I've got bounce and jiggle and they feel like they've always been a part of me. Now I just have to lose the almost 15lbs I've gained - yuck! It will be worth it, though.
What's the latest and greatest, TC? I trust you're still loving those beautiful girls of yours. Btw, I found it sooo reassuring that your husband said all boobs should feel as good as yours do. It gives me hope that mine won't always be so stinking tight!
They won't :-). It seems like a slow process, but when you look back it really isn't. Once all of the discomfort is gone and you start feeling "normal" again, you almost forget you had surgery at all. You just enjoy looking at and feeling your new boobs. Sounds vain, but it's the honest truth.
Hi TC, How are you doing?
Got an update for us? Its another month out, I'd love to hear how you are doing!

Well, it's been just over 16 weeks. Four whole...

Well, it's been just over 16 weeks. Four whole months with the girls. They are large, full, heavy and perfect! It is different, that's for sure. I'm still learning how to dress them, lol. The dropping and fluffing are complete and they look very natural. I'm really glad I didn't go for a lift. I think they sit exactly where "natural" boobs would sit on a woman my age. Like I've said before, I'm not trying to recapture my youth or pass for a 30 something. I love where I am in my life. I just wanted to have boobs.
The feel is amazing. Heck, I fondle myself sometimes just because I can't believe that I cannot feel the implant at all. I've squeezed them from every angle and it's just not to be felt. The scar is healing so well, even though I've not used anything on it. I know that within a year it will be nearly impossible to find.
I'm still working on losing weight, which is the biggest reason I haven't updated my pictures. Vanity isn't pretty, is it. This is supposed to be a review to help others. I am going to bite the bullet and post some anyway.
All in all, I love the new girls.
Thanks so much, TC! They do look amazing and very natural. I'm hoping to love mine just as much in time. :)
ty for ur pics, its good to see someone w similar sizes b4 and similar implant size as myself to know what to expect, im worried about going too small as well, but it seems once they fluff they are an amazing size:-) these storie really do help!
an P.S. great tip on the bra size changing over the months p.o.. Ive read tons of stories and never realized until yours that i shouldnt go bra crazy until they are done adjusting! you probubly saved me some much needed cash. ty again!

I must add to yesterdays update. I realized last...

I must add to yesterdays update. I realized last night that I CAN sleep on my tummy again. Funny how I hadn't even noticed when that happened. I do think that going over the muscle speeds the drop & fluff a lot. I think I really was meant to have large breasts. I run on the treadmill, do push ups and everything else I did before. Not often enough, but I can when I want to, lol.
I know the size of mine isn't every ones cup of tea, but that is what is so wonderful about this site. No matter what we choose for ourselves, we still get support and compassion. I'm so glad I found you all.
The girls look great! So glad your pleased with your results thus far. Amazing how when time goes by, they really do settle into place :)

Well, hubs and I have booked a trip to Cancun in...

Well, hubs and I have booked a trip to Cancun in October. I've been doing a little shopping and getting ready. I thought I would post a couple of new pics. The boobs look pretty big on their own, but I think they fit me well and that shows better in these pictures.

Hey TC!

Yes, I would say that the pics with your clothes on do show how well your new boobie size fits you. You look great!! And I know you'll be having some fun in Cancun. Woohoo!

Well, it's off to Cancun for me in the morning....

Well, it's off to Cancun for me in the morning. Shopping for bikini's and dresses was so much fun, I actually bought more than I can possibly wear in 5 days. I will have DH take some pictures and post them when I get back. I'm so pleased with the way the new girls help balance out my shape. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed shopping so much! I could buy things that looked good, instead of settling for whatever didn't look too bad. The resort is topless optional, and who knows I might just show these new tata's off in a whole new way.
You all stay safe and keep healing while I'm away.
Love love your story and you look fantastic!!! Congrats!
Have fun! I agree shopping is more fun with Boobs to fill things out!
Have fun TC! Make sure you dont burn them babies! lol

I am now 5 months post op and I still love my...

I am now 5 months post op and I still love my boobies. Cancun was amazing. I even went topless! The new girls were fun to show off, but honestly I could have gone topless even before the surgery. Things were so laid back and relaxed There were boobs of every age, shape and size. I've added a few pictures from my trip, just so ya'll can see how I look with my clothes on, haha. I think I am completely fluffed and I need to go bra shopping.
You look fantastic!! You are looking especially boobilicious in the white dress! I would be too scared the top would fall down. Lol
WOWZA!!! You look terrific tc!! That white dress is smokin' hot..... Cancun sounds fun:-)
So happy you are enjoying your new bod! You have great legs by the way! :-)

I forgot to mention earlier - most people didn't...

I forgot to mention earlier - most people didn't believe my girls weren't original equipment. I actually had to show them the incision site. They feel, look and act so incredibly "real". I gave my PS name to several women. One woman kept hitting her husband in the arm saying "See, I told you they don't have to look fake. I'm getting mine when I get home". He couldn't really argue. It was hilarious. Having my incision under the breast is awesome, because no one can see it unless I lift my breast and show it to them. That vacation was life changing for me. I never felt so confident. I truly do hope that each of you can tap in to that part of your selves too. It's an amazing feeling.
I was having a melt down when the swelling went down and the boobs dropped, but when is the fluffing time.??? Will they look bigger because I felt they got smaller last week. Idk. I'm a full D
I would say about month 4 was when I noticed it. The bras I bought were suddenly too small, I was spilling over the top. I still am, but I didn't want to buy more until I knew I was at my final size. I think I am, so I'm going to have to buy some more soon. They seemed to get bigger as they got softer.
Wow! You are one hot mama! Xo

Almost 6 months post op - I can hardly believe it....

Almost 6 months post op - I can hardly believe it. I bought a new bra last night. I had the absolute best experience bra shopping ever. Judy, at Dillard's in Clarksville, IN was awesome. She measured me and then brought several types and sizes in to the fitting room until we found the perfect fit. I'm not happy with the size I had to buy because I've gained even more weight. 36DDD. I'm kind of in between the DDD and G. So, I'm happy with the girls but unhappy with myself. I'm adding a new picture of me in the pretty new DDD bra, but I fully intend to be able to buy a smaller size soon.
My implants are 500cc High Profile Silicon. I was worried that high profile might give me the "implant' look, but even in the push up bra I think they look natural. I can actually go without a bra and still look good, so that is a real plus, too.
Thank you so much for sharing it has encouraged me on the size, I went to one consultation and it sounds like I might need to go to a couple and get more opinions. I want a DD for sure if not DDD, I know that is really big so i think if I go with a DD, I will be happy. Yours look great. I truly am excited for you and very excited ti do it. I am concerned about having four sons and three grandsons how they will interact with me. I want to get my done by next year. I hate my weight so I want to lose at least 15 pounds if I can. That will put me at 150, I am 5'4. I have a big butt. LOL. I look kinda like a pear.
Hope all is well with you. How are you and your babies doing this year? Any updates. I'm 7 weeks post op and guess I'm starting to fluff now.
The girls are doing awesome! I love them and I am so glad I did this. I need to to an update and post some new pics. I've been sorely slacking! I think partly because I keep gaining weight and taking pics is so depressing right now. I'll bite the bullet and do it anyway as soon as I have the house to myself again.

Well, it's been about 8 months since my FA. I...

Well, it's been about 8 months since my FA. I think the girls and I have settled in to each other very nicely. Some days I wish I had a little more upper pole fullness, but then I remind myself that my goal was a natural looking breast for a 50 year old woman, and I think I've gotten that. They are full and soft and bouncy and I love them. I saw Dr. Roberts in early January and he was super pleased with them. He said they sit perfectly on my chest wall, balance my broad shoulders really well and feel like fresh marshmallows, lol. I really think that he helped me pick a great size and he did an awesome job.
I hope all of you are doing good. If anyone that is considering the larger implants have any questions, I'll be happy to help from my own perspective.
Wow you look great!!
Hey girl how r u doing ?
Looks very natural
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Roberts took a lot of time explaining his recommendation for my BA. He listened to me really understood the results I wanted to achieve. He made me comfortable and actually excited about the whole process. His goal was for me to be happy with the outcome. He didn't try to push a more expensive and invasive procedure, like a lift. His staff is sweet caring and always willing to answer questions. I saw other plastic surgeons, but Dr. Roberts and his staff were the best fit for me. His work is amazing. I couldn't be happier.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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