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So a quick back story. I am 26 and have a 6 yr old...

So a quick back story. I am 26 and have a 6 yr old daughter. In high school I was a C, 140 lbs 5'2" then over the course of 4 years ended up at 215 lbs a size 20. I was up to a DD. I spent a year and a few months loosing 90 lbs, and am currently at 125 lbs. size 2 and the flattest deflated boobs ever.

I had a consultation and set the surgery schedule date, and have a follow up appointment next week. I am going to be nailing down my size and have a ballpark of where I want to be. I have plenty of photos of what I would like but wanted some opinions on whether the moderate plus or high profile is the way to go.

I am also having a crescent mastoplexy to move my nipples back up since as you can see they are really low. I have extra skin and literally like no breast tissue. So obviously having enough skin is not the issue on implant size. I want to make sure I go big enough to fill in the whole breast but not be any larger then a D. I obviously will discuss this more with my surgeon but wanted to get some opinions or advice from others.

Also does anyone have any suggestion or tips on anything that I would need or would make the process easier?


WOW nome....Congrats on the weight loss!!! How did you do it?? I recently lost35 lbs and feel great. I hope your BA is successful and makes you feel pretty again.
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Lots of running and changing my date. Lol. The old fashion way. I fixed everything else myself so the BA will definitely complete the package. :-)
Good luck with your upcoming surgery. I had mine yesterday and our "before" breasts are somewhat similar. I hope all goes well for you!!
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So I am 8 days out from surgery. Is there anything...

So I am 8 days out from surgery. Is there anything special any of you would recommend I get to make recovery easier? I've been reading and re-reading posts and pre op check lists but the best advice is from people who have already done it.Things to buy, do, get in order? I'm pretty set on 375-400cc high profile gels. I'm hoping this will fill in my saggy wrinkly breasts and that they will be round and smooth. My main concern is getting rid of the wrinkles! I'm hoping this will make me a full C/small D at best, obviously the doctor will give me more insight on size to expect after they settle. Pre-op appointment on Fri!


Hi Nomenome! Thanks for visiting my review. I just read yours and I am so excited for you!! I see noone has answered your question about getting ready, so I will try to assist. Make sure you have: 1) Ice packs- if doc allows for it. It will be your savior if so! 2) Extra Strength Tylenol 3) Stool Softener- VERY important! Many of the women who dont arent crying in their boots a couple days post op. If you are taking pain pills, start these at the same time 4) Entertainment post surgery 5) Clean your house! 6) make easy to heat food for a week after 7) Have easy on and off clothes and shoes for surgery, something loose or buttonup 8) Trash can for the car ride back in case you throw up 9) Wear your hair pulled back when you go to surgery 10) some people use arnica, and bromelian for bruising and swelling or something. Might want to look that up 11) If you only have tight tops, make sure you have some loose ones for post surgery 12) get bendy straws and have someone open your prescrip bottles for you 13) I am sure your doc told you no alcohol, ibuprofin, midol, or specific vitamins for a while right? 14) if someone isnt around to help you, put clothes or any necessities that you may have to reach up for, at a lower level. You may not be able to lift your arms. 15) I hope someone is taking care of you after? Some girls have a hard time going pee. Thats all I can think of for now. Maybe someone will think of something I forgot. =) I hope this helped! I am excited to see your progress and transformation!  
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I just had surgery Wednesday and I would definitely say get a heating pad. My back has been killing me bc im not used to this much laying. Also I would suggest sleeping in a recliner or on the couch propped up with a lot of pillows. Also my ps told me to take motrin for the pain and it really is helping. I got face wipes and was really glad bc you can't shower and you will be very greasy! I also got a lumbar roll bc my back hurt. Hope this helps :)
Wow I live in md too! Good luck on your surgery only a week after mine! Can't wait to see your new pics you totally deserve new beautiful boobies!! Please keep us updatedq
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I had my last appt yesterday. Got my pre op...

I had my last appt yesterday. Got my pre op instructions. Filled my meds. Decided on 400cc high profile silicone mentor gel implants. Surgery is tuesday at 1pm. I can't wait. Working on getting everything done around the house. Grocery shopping tomorrow. Ahhh the waiting is hard lol. Have to keep busy. I'm working mon and tues morning to make time go faster.


Smart idea working Monday and Tuesday morning, if my daughter had not flown in I would have worked the morni g of my surgery too. I see scrappy gave you a good solid list of things to remember, in my opinion the ice is top of the list followed closely by the stool softner. Have you thought about how you'll be sleeping? I stept in a recliner the first couple nights. I also bought a pillow wedge so when I did sleep in bed it helped keep me inclined and made it easier to get out of bed in the morning. Be prepared to feel as if the girls moved up to your collarbone (morning boob) when you wake up. It doesn't really hurt and does losen up after you walk around for a while. I am one of the ladies that used the bromelain and arnica for swelling and bruising. My bruising was really ugly because my surgeon really worked the implant into the lower part of the pocket. I don't know if the worked but since I had them I figured why not. That's all I can think of right now. Keep us up-to-date on your progress, you'll do great.
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I'm going to sleep on the couch. We have the giant moveable pillows so i will be able to sit up. I also bought extra bed pillows lol. I bought the stool softner and extra strength tylenol. Where do you get the bromelain and arnica? Gnc? Ill be sure to update :-)
I bought them online 'cause they're kind of pricey. You could try GNC or a health food store.

I forgot to mention under the muscle. Incision...

I forgot to mention under the muscle. Incision under the breast. Also getting a crescent mastopexy to move the nips up a little and even them out because the right is a little lower. 1 and a wake-up. Anything I'm forgetting or need to do ????


Hey Nomenome, I thought I might forewarn you, I didnt mention it earlier b/c I thought you were getting a lift- but now I am not sure how much of a lift you are getting. SO, when you first get them put in, the implant will prob. be way up high near your collar bone and your natural breast may be lower give it a long look and your nipples might look like they are pointing downward. This is actually pretty common, esp. in ladies that need a lift and dont get one. See Rxgirls review and Breastochangeo's review just to see what I am talking about if you havent already. I just want to prepare you in case if you didnt know that could happen and it happens to you. The implants will eventually drop into place, but can be especially frustrating for someone not expecting it. Recovery is the worst part in all this b/c of all the waiting and inability to do anything about it. You are almost there! 2 more days!
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Thanks scrappy i am getting probably about 2cm crescents above each nipple. The right may be a smidge more to even them up. The ps said the high profile will fill up the upper pole and lift a little as well. I am worried they will still be low. Lol. Hopefully after they drop they will be more centered. Anything is an improvement over what i have. They can only go up from here. Its nice to have some reassurance though!
Well the nice thing is that they can lift more once in the implants are in and you see how much more you need. Prob. nicer that way so they dont remove more than they need to! =) Well I am certainly excited for you!

So tomorrow is surgery day and of course my sister...

So tomorrow is surgery day and of course my sister who was going to take me has some kind of stomach bug bs. A friend of hers has had it for 3 days. I told her thanks but no thanks and to stay far far away from me. My mom is watching my daughter today and tomorrow and taking her to school wed morning. Trying to get the husband to take the afternoon off, but so far when I bring it up is like pulling teeth. He cops an attitude about having to take me, or take time off. Are you allowed to go to surgery by yourself? I was wondering if I could just take a cab to and from the surgery since I actually only live about 10-15 minutes away from the plastic surgeon/center.


Good luck and I hope everything goes well for you. Update when you can.
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Your mom cant pick you up? She doesnt necessarily need to sit in the hospital while you have surgery, but you will need someone to look over you. Especially the first few hours after surgery. Maybe the nurses could call her when you go into recovery? That would give her drive time unless she lives really close. I think it can be up to 1-2 hours.
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Hey Nomenome!! Youll have to ask your PS if you can take a taxi, just explain the situation im sure they will work with you :) (some are fine with it and some wont let you leave). Good Luck with tomorrow!!! Cant wait to hear how it goes!!
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So surgery went great. 400Cc high profile under...

So surgery went great. 400Cc high profile under the muscle with a wedge lift. Got there at noon. Marked up by the doc, vitals, and gown time. Had the husband with me. had to pee in the cup. Went back to the OR got under the warm blanket. Chatted with the nurse and anesthesiaologist and was out in a minute lol. Woke up like a light switch back on. 2 cups of water, got dressed, set post op appt time. No nausea at all. I was starving so we grabbed burgers on the way home. Lol. It was delicious as i never eat that. Have been home 3 hours hanging out watching tv. Took my antibiotic and 2 hours later a laxative.... no pain meds yet. Just feels like sore muscles from working out right now. Will definitely take one before bed. Will update after post op tomorrow.


Glad to hear you didn't get sick! Hopefully they look good soon :)
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Me too lol i was worried about being sick but wasn't at all. Just really hungry. The nurse anesthesiaologist and doc have all called. I can't wait to see them tomorrow. I can see the fullness at the top which is so exciting. How are you feeling?
Glad to hear youa re ok, and cant wait to hear how your surgery day went! =)  
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So I took tylenol before bed around 9:30-10ish...

So I took tylenol before bed around 9:30-10ish last night and figured sometime during the night I was going to have extreme pain. I slept on the couch basically sitting up. I can sleep anywhere anytime. Thank goodness for that. Woke up a few times as I usually do for a few minutes, readjust myself, and right back to sleep. I set myself up for the worst kind of pain imaginable, but after having a kid nothing tops that. lol. I got up at my usual time this morning, and just took the antibiotic and tylenol again. I usually never take any kinds of meds so the tylenol is doing the trick for now. I can tell they are more swollen this morning, as to be expected. Had the hubby help me change shirts lol. Walked around for about 20-25 minutes this morning. Just trying to keep from being a lump. I have my post up appt this morning at 10:30a. My mom was going to take me after dropping my daughter off at school, but unfortunately my daughter is sick :( I feel bad I'm not there to take care of her but I know my mom will do a great job. I am glad she is keeping her because obviously compromised immune system after surgery, being around anyone who is sick is not good. I am putting up the pic of my bandaged up boobies not that you can see much. Will post up more pics as time goes on. I'm in the sports bra for a few weeks, but I can tell I'm going to be really pleased. The fullness up at the top is already 100% improvement. As you can see from my pre op pics there was nothing there lol. Just excited to see them in person without the bra and gauze today. :)

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Post up appt went great. no pain meds at all today...

post up appt went great. no pain meds at all today either. i doubt im going to use them. the tylenol seems to be doing the trick. the doc gave me the strap to wear so far no issues with it. i get my stitches out monday next week. cleared to shower. just relaxing watching tv for the new few days. finally got to see them! they look great so far albeit stitches arent so attractive. i know in a few weeks when they drop and arent swollen i am going to love love love them. ill try and get a picture tomorrow to post up when i take a shower. no bruising which is a plus. thank goodness my legs and abs are in good shape i think it makes it much easier. just feeling like pressure on my chest no biggie. i actually feel fine other then that pressure over worked muscle feeling. not sleepy or constipated so cant complain.


Hey Nomenome, I was wondering if you are still taking the laxative? If so just wanted to mention that if you are not taking the pain meds, you may not need it. I would hate for you to take a laxative for no reason. =)
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lol i quit taking them this morning. went no problem today. i took some of them yesterday evening and this morning just incase but am good now. :)
Yay! That's good!

So I had surgery tues afternoon and it is now...

So I had surgery tues afternoon and it is now thurs evening so a little over 48 hours. finally took my first shower. glorious. i was worried it would hurt but it felt so good to be clean lol. the hubby helped me with the washing and dressing. they are obviously riding super high, and are waayyyy swollen. compared to where they were right after surgery and where they are now i feel like they puffed up a good inch and are at my collar bone. i know they will be great once they drop and fluff. just kind of scary looking being so high and the stitches. i still haven't taken a single pain med just the tylenol. don't feel like i need it. was up walking around for about an hour in total today. still not lifting anything or doing much of anything. the anesthesiologist called to check on me tonight too. he laughed when i told him i literally left surgery went across the street and had a burger before heading home. so now it is basically the waiting game for the swelling to go down and the implants to drop. i know once that happens im going to be very pleased.

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Oh and on another note i have full feeling in my...

oh and on another note i have full feeling in my nipples. yay for good news! lol also no bruising!


uh huhhhhh =]
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My doc says the risk of numbness is pretty high. I do have sensation, just not like it was pre-op. At least they are pretty & perky now,so I really can't complain. lol
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Pretty and perky is the best! :-D

Day 3 not much change. just a tiny bit of bruising...

day 3 not much change. just a tiny bit of bruising. still wearing the strap. posted up a few pics, i'm holding the camera.


I'm jealous you have full feeling in your nipples and you have great cleavage! Woot! Woot! (Although my feeling is progressively getting better, thank god!)
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i was super worried about losing feeling especially since i was getting the wedge mastopexy. i know a lot of ladies have said they loose it all together or have partially numb spots. i was floored when i took my shower and was like let me check... and to my delighted surprise work just as good as before surgery. yay. im glad your feeling is getting better! thats awesome :) now im just waiting for the swelling to go down and for the next couple weeks to hurry up and go by so they will drop and fill in and not be up to my chin from swelling lol!
My hubs isn't great at the photos either ;-)
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Today is day 5 post op. still wearing the strap....

today is day 5 post op. still wearing the strap. not really any complaints with it. swelling is a tiny tiny bit less on my left side or maybe it's a little lower, not by much. the frontal pic shows it is a little lower at the top of the breast. good signs in the right direction. i did manage to give myself a shower. lol. the bruising showed up yesterday morning when i looked. the stitches are looking good. i get them out tomorrow morning. have my 2nd post op appt in the am. i feel great and am just tired of sitting around. im hoping the doc says im ok to drive short distances and go back to work. does anyone have any recommendation on what to use on the stitch lines for scarring? im white so obviously they will fade over time, but just thought I'd ask if anyone has anything that works for the or speeds up the process.


I used Mederma for scars nome. Worked great. At my 10 month post op mark they are nearly invisible!
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Thanks I've never used a scar cream so wasn't sure what to get lol. Yours look great by the way :-)

Day 8 post op. not much change. still swollen,...

day 8 post op. not much change. still swollen, still bruised. still riding high. no pressure feeling which is nice. Had 2nd post op appt 2 days ago, cleared to drive and start doing light massaging at the top. Had stitches out and steri strips put on. I wasn't sore this morning when I woke up. Yay! I went back to work yesterday, still taking it easy, and not lifting anything. Wearing the strap and sports bra still. I go back to the doc on Fri for my 3rd post op appt to talk about massaging techniques and get my steri strips changed. The tops are still swollen but not nearly as hard feeling as they were the first few days. Just waiting impatiently for the next few weeks to hurry up so the swelling goes down and they drop. So excited :) I love them already!


Congratulations on everything...the weight loss & the new boobies :) You really worked hard to get here, you're looking great!!
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thank you :) they just seem huge right now! lol. the swelling seemed like they grew an inch over night after surgery. waiting for the swelling to go down, and then for them to drop in a few weeks.

So I had my 3rd post op appt today with the ps to...

So I had my 3rd post op appt today with the ps to check on my progress. Today is day 10 post op. They took some photos as well. He gave me the go ahead to start doing more aggressive massages, tighten my strap, which is suffocating by the way lol, and to take the flexeril muscle relaxer "round the clock" til Wednesday morning. Whomp Whomp. He said my muscles are tightening on the implant so it slows down the dropping progress. I thought they were for after surgery for pain/discomfort? As much as I don't want to take them I guess I'm going to. I have another appt Wed morning with him to check on the progress and he might change the steri strips. I'll post up some more pics this weekend. Not much change in the last few days.


You might want to look into one of those bandages that goes around the top part help settle the the swelling under control
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Hats off to you my dear...what an accomplishment to be proud of. Enjoy the rewards! ; )
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Hi there. My dr prescribed valium that I took for 20 days round the clock. I think they helped keep my pecs from clamping on my implants, if it helps.
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Sorry i haven't updated in a few days. busy with...

Sorry i haven't updated in a few days. busy with the holidays already. on day 15 (11/21) I had another post op appt. The doctor removed the tape strips, and told me to start wearing my strap and go bra less for the next 2 weeks. Braless! I have never been small enough or perky enough to walk around without a bra. lol. Still wearing the strap for the 2 weeks as well. I am definitely seeing a difference as they are starting to drop some. More fullness in the bottom of the boobs as well. yay! I ordered scar strips through walgreens, and was told by the doc to start using lotion and do more aggressive massaging. My next appt is 12/3 at which I will be a few days short of 4 weeks. I am posting pics of today day 19. The bruising is fading. They feel normal. No pain no tightness the last 4 days or so. I can reach over my head no problems. I was cleared to start sleeping on my side if I choose which was nice :) Hopefully at my next appt I will be cleared to start working out again!


You look great! I've been doing aggressive massage Btwn 2-4x a day and I can definitely see a difference. I still have quite a bit of tightness and a little soreness on my left (larger breast) can't wait to see what they will look like once they are settled! Your incisions look really good and like they will heal nicely. I started my scar treatments on Monday so hopefully things are looking good. I go see my MD again on 12/17 and I'm hoping that by then I will be able to stretch and work out bc I feel like a BLOB!
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I started using the scar away silicone strips on Monday. You wash them every day and u use them for a week. Then new strips. For 6-8 weeks. Hoping it works well. Lol. They were 30 for a box of 12 which is supposed to b 3 months. I will get 6 weeks bc I needed more. I've been braless for 2 weeks with the strap. Doing tons of massage. Lol. They have dropped a little but still a ways to go. I see mine again on the 3rd so ill b just shy of 4 weeks. Hoping to work out too lmao Im dying! I'm like something anything ill take it. I havent had any pain in about 10 days or so. I can't wait to go buy a new bra lol. This waiting is horrible. I thought waiting for surgery was bad ha. Soon enough they will drop and be good.
I'm using this stuff called bioderm and you can leave it on 24/7 for 2 weeks but I've taken it off and washed them and taken a shower without and he didn't tell me how long to use but I'm assuming around 6 weeks as well. We're gonna look super hot come summer time! That's what I keep telling myself when I get impatient.

So i had my 1 month post op appt yesterday. Still...

so i had my 1 month post op appt yesterday. Still stuck in the strap and braless for another 2 weeks. lol. ps also said to hold off on exercise for another 2 weeks. they are starting to settle even the hubby has noticed. sorry no pics my comp crashed and for some reason the site won't let me upload photos from my phone????


how are you liking your new additions? I am also 5'2" so I was wondering how you feel they compliment your figure? too big, too small? I feel like when I tried the sizers on they felt huge but when i get home I keep thinking they werent big enough.. My ps is going to try both 375 and 400 and decide on the day of surgery what looks better. im thinking im just going to tell her to go ahead and do the 400.. what do you think? I have the wrinkles too by the way :( so i just want to make sure they will be filled out
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I think they are the perfect size for my frame lol. I'm glad I didn't go bigger. The 400s filled out the wrinkles :) I'm a little over 4 weeks and they are still dropping but I figure I'm going to end up being a small D which is what I asked for. I've had multiple people say that they are perfect size, not too big not too small. My sister was like I thought for sure you were going to go too big. LOL! I wanted them to be filled out and on the bigger size but nothing in your face or porn star quality. Personally I think they are just right. I was originally thinking 375s as well, they seem a lot bigger in the sizer when you try them on. They don't seem nearly as big once they are in. I've already gotten used to having them, the first few weeks they seemed really big after having nothing but now they are like 2nd nature. I'd say go with the bigger size. 25 ccs aren't that much of a difference anyway.

I am about 5 and half weeks. Monday I have a 6...

I am about 5 and half weeks. Monday I have a 6 week consultation. I have noticed they are dropping and filling in more now. LOVE them. I am dying to buy a bra since I'm still wearing the strap and no bra. It is cold up here! 3 layers of shirts to keep the nips down lol. My scar away strips are definitey helping. My scars have smoothed down and are light pink now. I'll post on monday after my appt.


Could you please send me some pictures if you can? I would like to compare. I'm dealing with stubborn nipples right now :) if you will inbox me I can send you my email address.
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I was cleared by the doc last week to resume all...

I was cleared by the doc last week to resume all activity and finally 9 weeks later, go bra shopping! yay! ended up a 34dd! ha. they look amazing and i love them :) i had pics up before but for some reason they were all deleted :( im reposting them now.


You look great! Dropped nice!!! Where did u get that cute black dress in the Picts?
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Jcp its the American living collection. The fit and flatter everyone. they even have them in different colors. look great. Enjoy your new babies. I will be 6 weeks post op on Friday and looking forward to seeing my PS to get full clearance on Saturday.
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