Finally happy with the results! Thank you Dr. Michael Janitch!!

Hi Ladies! Well I had my surgery 3 months ago and...

Hi Ladies!
Well I had my surgery 3 months ago and am disgusted with the results! I had a fully tummy tuck, and lipo to the flanks on 2-25-2013. When I went to see my PS 3 weeks ago he told me that this is the best he can do, that excess is normal or I would not be able to stand up straight, and that this is as good as it can get. I did not gain any weight since my surgery. I am 37 have had one pregnancy which I did gain 50 pounds. Prepregnancy weight 3 years ago was 135, day of delivery 185, day of tummy tuck 148.5 and now 144.5 and I am 5'4.25". My PS did offer to do a posterior lift where he would make an incision from the sides to the middle of my back and remove all the excess on the sides. He would charge me 1500.00 and here is the kicker, he would do it in office under local anesthetic only and 5mg of Valium! I think that's pretty extensive cutting and removing to be done in the office. Am I wrong? What angers me more is that I specifically asked him 3 times (at consult, preop, and morning of surgery) as I was grabbing all the excess on the lower sides, if that would all be gone without having to do an extended tummy tuck and he assured me it would be gone. WRONG! I went to another plastic surgeon after that for a second opinion about my results. I will now be having a complete revision and more lipo on the flanks, abdomen, and back hip area with this plastic surgeon. When I had the lipo on my flanks during the first surgery, Dr. Schmidt never flipped me over to do the lipo so I have obvious indentation when looking at me from the front where the lipo was done and from the back it looks just as bad because now I have fat bulges above and below the lipo'd area. Is there any legal recourse in plastic surgery? I don't feel I got what I paid $8800.00 for, and now I have to pay it all over again to have it redone. The whole situation just makes me sick!! Any advice??????
Wow sorry u had to go though that
I'm so sorry!
Yes there are legal recourses. Look around in your area for a certified civil attorney and speak to more than one.


Not sure what happened to all my photos I uploaded last night, guess I will have to do it again so you girls can see and give me your feedback. Wont be back home til Saturday so I will do it then. Take care all!

I am so sorry you are having to do this all over again!  However I am happy to hear you are going to a different surgeon for the revision.  That really stings that you are having to pay a second time.   

I hope you are able to obtain the results you wanted.

Thank you for the welcome message. :) I did upload photos, not sure what happened. I will be posting them tomorrow when I return home. Happy to have support from here while I go thru this all again!
I'm so Sorry you are having to go thru all of this! There sure should be something legal you could do! Keeping u in my prayers!

Here are the before and after photos

Photos did not post the first time I tried, so here they are. Opinions welcomed!!

Photos, try number 3

Photos, try number 4 :/

Oh wow I am so sorry to hear your story!!! I do hope things get better! I can not even imagine the mental stress you are going through!
Gosh I am so sorry that things turned out this way for you. I had my tummy tuck 2 years ago with the plastic surgeon that did my breast augmentation. I still have swelling, love handles, dog ears 2 years later. I have a consult with another plastic surgeon tomorrow to try to "fix" things. I have not gotten a response from the one who did the first one. He is also in Lexington, KY. I was so happy with him on the previous surgery. He even did surgery on my mother. He will not even email me. I am so hurt. Even if he won't reduce any fees, just email me. I am having surgery in Florida this time. I am a nervous wreck.
I'm scheduled for a consult in Lexington Thursday with Dr. Schantz? Was it him??

5 days to go until revision

Only 5 more days until my revision! Had preop last wednesday, he said surgery will be about 4 hours. Thats longer than the original surgery. He will b lowering my incision and extending it further back to get all the nasty overhang on the sides. The incision on the sides may have to be higher he said. I am completely fine with that. I told him I am willing to trade a longer, higher scar as long as it gets rid of that nasty stuff! He will also be doing slim lipo to the abdomen, flanks, and hips. I feel more nervous this time than the first. Hoping it turns out right this time because i cant afford any more surgery! Between the 2 surgeries i will be spending 18,000!! Still makes me sick to think about that much money being spent :( But I dont want to keep looking in the mirror with disgust everyday either, so thats why Im getting this fixed. Good luck and happy healing to all those who are having surgery soon!
Good luck with your surgery!! I didn't see you mention muscle that being included? If you look at my surgical pics you can see where the muscles were sewn together, this definitely gives better form. I am sure you will look amazing!!
Thank you! No muscle repair is being done because it was done the first time. He said if for some reason when he opens me up and sees if something was not done right he would fix it. I'm mostly just dealing with alot of extra skin and fat yet. You look awesome by the way!!
Good luck with your revision. I am 12 days post op after my revision. I have to say so far I am happy with the results. I was not happy spending the money again, but I love being flat!

2nd go around tomorrow!

Well I was suppose to have my revision and lipo redo 2 months ago but I had to cancel. Our 2 year came down with a stomach bug which passed to Daddy and 2 days before surgery Mommy got it. So my time is finally here again! Praying and hoping it will turn out right this time. Have to be at the hospital a t 530, surgery is scheduled for 700. Excited and so nervous, just want it to be over already! Good luck to anyone else going in this week, and happy healing to the newbies on the flat side!! :)
Good Luck to you!!!
Looking forward to your updates! Your in my prayers!
Good luck! I, too, had to have it done twice. I love everything about this second tummy tuck. I could not be any flatter. My first doctor from Kentucky, Dr. Martin Luftman, did not even respond to me.

on the flat side for the second time

Made it thru! I was very happy with everyone who took care of me from start to finish. Dr. Janitch came by my room twice to check in on me. My first PS never did that. Dr. said he was able to take another 1.5 pounds of fat and skin for the revision. And he lowered the scar and he said he fixed the drainn holes from the first surgery. Think he said he got about 1000-1500 in lipo. Havent seen anything yet. I have my first follow up appointment tomorrw morning so will wait til then to c everything. Took my first pain pill this morning. Im fine if im sitting and not moving but trying to get up is really painful. Will post pics in the next couple days. Im almost scared to look, out of fear of disappointment. Like after my first surgery. Anyway, thanks ladies for all your wonderful comments!! They are verycappreciated
Hope u get better results dear! Praying for u
I'm from Iron River, MI! We are neighbors and I too just had revision surgery, last Thursday. I hope u finally get the results u deserve! Good luck to u and happy healing :0)
Wow, you look fabulous! Cant wait to c ur tummy pics! Take care and happy healing!!

So happy with my revision results!

9 days post revision and feeling great! It was soooo much easier this time around. Had the slim lipo done this time and what a difference between this lipo and the traditional. I had discomfort, not pain, and very little to no bruising. The slim lipo is much less traumatic to your body and skin tissue. Had one drain take out on Monday and I go this morning to get the other one out :) If it wasn't for the drains I could have easily gone back to work after one week. 1st day back will be this Friday. He told me he was able to get another 1.5 pounds of fat and extra skin and did another 1000cc of lipo on my flanks. For the first time in my life I have a smooth transition from my upper leg to my stomach! For as long as I can remember I have had a rim of fat there, but not anymore :))) I am so grateful for finding Dr. Janitch. He is so wonderful as is his whole staff. This time around the whole process has been nothing but positive!!
Oh what a story ! So happy you've had the revision...finally the result you deserve.... (((Hugs)))
Thank you! Your transformation is awesome! Cant believe the difference in the pant fit in your side by side photo!!!! Lokking great girl!
You look amazing at 5 days post op. I was a swollen mess at that point. I cannot believe you had to pay for the first job. I also can't believe he stood by his work as the best he could do. I am sorry you went through all that bit glad you finally have the result you deserve.
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