The flat side healing- BL with TT, lipo on flanks

Hi all, i am 36 with 2 kids (5 and 2) and I...

Hi all,

i am 36 with 2 kids (5 and 2) and I workout 4 times a week but can't lose that little pooch. I had them both via c-section. My once cute, perky boobs are no more. They are deflated and are just skin. I have visited 4 surgeons and finally decided on one I fell in love with in Denver. This is all I think about every day anymore, but along with it, I have feelings of guilt of putting this financially on the whole family, plus looking at the recovery, I am scared and second guessing everything. Does everyone feel this way???? I just keep trying to convince myself I am fine the way I am. Please Ladies, share your feelings/fears/succcesses with me too!!!!!!

I am 3 weeks and 2 days away!!!! I totally have...

I am 3 weeks and 2 days away!!!! I totally have butterflies just thinking about it! Scared and terrified?!!! Excited too but more scared.

My pre-op appt is tomorrow! Scared with...

My pre-op appt is tomorrow! Scared with butterflies in my stomach!!!!!

I had my pre-op appointment today. Holy...

I had my pre-op appointment today. Holy cannoli!!!!! It's now paid for and I am officially terrified!!!!! Excited yes, but more nervous about recovery. I just love, love, love my surgeon. I didn't have to do any EKG or anything. They took my blood and took my vitals. OH and took my BEFORE pictures...yuck!

I am just about 1 week away! Holy crap, I can't...

I am just about 1 week away! Holy crap, I can't believe it! Sooooo nervous!

I'm sitting here thinking about how surreal it...

I'm sitting here thinking about how surreal it feels that my surgery is 4 days away. Just saying that makes my stomach flip. I had an anxiety moment yesterday at super Target trying to think of everything I needed to get not only for my surgery but my parents get here on Tuesday for three weeks. I was trying to get enough groceries to get us through next weekend. I'm getting a little more excited but I also cried at church today while praying. I just want to get to the recovery already!

Well, well, well.....This time tomorrow, I will be...

Well, well, well.....This time tomorrow, I will be under the knife. To say I am nervous is an understatement. I don't feel the excitement most seem to feel. I am not looking forward to not being able to move around comfortably and I am also scared of the procedure itself. So many thoughts going through my head and the fear of dying and leaving my children (I know the odds are ridiculously low)........I will keep yall posted about my recovery! I hope it is way better than I expect! Dr. Vath uses a drainless TT and I am hoping that makes for a quicker recovery. See you on the flatside!

About to leave for the hospital! Totally nervous....

About to leave for the hospital! Totally nervous. Hardly slept. Day a prayer and wish me luck!

I'm home and resting now. In pain all over pretty....

I'm home and resting now. In pain all over pretty. One of the incisions under my left breast is very tender. Im very dry mouthed from the behind the ear patch. Im numb in the hands from being spread out kn the board. Back to sleep.

1 day PO. I'm still in a lot of pain. 2 Percocet...

1 day PO. I'm still in a lot of pain. 2 Percocet and a Valium and I'm still in pain. What's bothering me most still is the upper abdomen and it stretching I guess. It burns. I just looked at my sides SMS they're soooooo bruised from the swelling. This afternoon I'm going to shower and be able to look at everything.

Updated pictures.

Updated pictures.

2days PO - I slept okay last night except for...

2days PO - I slept okay last night except for waking up for all my prescriptions. I'm still in pain in my upper abdomen and lipo locations the worst. My binder is literally driving me crazy with itching. I wonder if its normal or I might be allergic to the material. Ugh! I'm standing up a little better today. I woke up, went to the bathroom, ate some eggs and sliced avocado and a protein shake. It all felt fine but I felt like I was tryin to do too much so I came back to lay down. Still itching like crazy but at least I'm laying down now.

My binder is causing me the most discomfort from...

My binder is causing me the most discomfort from itching. Is this normal???? It's driving me nuts!!!!

3 days PO - today is a down day for me. I'm in a...

3 days PO - today is a down day for me. I'm in a lot of pain still and more swollen. Everyone is acting normal and having fun on Mother's Day and I am in the bedroom napping because I'm in pain. I ran out of Percocet this morning and called into the answering service of my doctor. He said he can only by law call in Vicodin which I'm allergic to. So I was like what Am I going to do? I'm still in pain here. I happened to suggest Tylenol 3 because my mom had used some a couple months ago. Them he's like okay yeah I'll send that. Why did they not think ahead that I might Need another refil of Percocet over the weekend?????
I just look really swollen. In pain. I thought I'd me feeling better right now. Here are some pictures. Showing a lot more bruising.

Day 4 PO again I just took a long shower and...

Day 4 PO again
I just took a long shower and washed my hair and I must say I feel amazing. My breasts bruises are all yellow and purple now but my breasts look great.
My tummy is what feels foreign and so swollen. The incision looks good but edges are yellow and bruised. But I just look puffy and swollen. I haven't even thought about a scale. My back still hurts from lipo but I think it's in the mend.
****whoever it was that told me to get the wedge pillow was a god send!!!!!******* i love being able to sleep on my own bed.

Did everyone's surgeon call them after at all? I...

Did everyone's surgeon call them after at all? I think it's weird he's never called me to check on me once.

6days PO. Go ahead and tell me. Somehow I thought...

6days PO. Go ahead and tell me. Somehow I thought it'd be a good idea to go to wal mart for some stuff we were out of (my mom drove). I took it very slow but I wore myself out. I'm still super swollen today. I came home after that and slept for three hours.

I can't stand straight at all yet and being so swollen I have no idea how I'm going to make it back to work a week from tomorrow. How are these binders going to fit???

7 days PO

I had my 1 week follow up with the nurse and everything went well. She said when I go back to work on a week just wear whatever compression garments feel comfortable (spanx etc). She actually said in a week or so it was okay to start light cardio. Just listen to my body for everything. Happy to hear it!

My biggest revelation today was selecting the "worth it" option. First of all I have felt so bad about my body for all these years that I've conditioned myself never to look in mirrors when I'm chAnging clothes. Well today was very strange for me when she left the room and had me change and I looked over at the full length mirror and I actually did a double take. I liked what I saw. That was a huge moment for me. I started crying. Then she even showed me my "before" and I couldn't believe my eyes. I am SO GLAD I did this for myself. I will never fret paying this loan. Best money spent for sure.

1st night out PO

11 days PO

I'm having a down day. I'm really sore today and kinda down. I'm more swollen than I thought I'd still be. The parts that hurt the most are the very upper ends of the tummy tuck line. They are so sore and right next to the lipo area which is still horribly sore. I'm still really happy with my breasts. They are only sore underneath.

13 days PO

I just weighed myself for the first time since the day before surgery. I lost 6 lbs! I'm sure this is not just far but after surgery I've been eating good. Yay!

I'm having a lot of anxiety about going back to work tomorrow. Ugh. With me luck! I have a flexible workplace so I'm going to leave if its too much by the afternoon.

14 days PO - back to work today

I was back to work today, up early and everything. Oh. My. God.
I am beyond exhausted!!!!!!!!!!!!

I wore Spanx that stopped at the waist and they were killing me ALL DAY. I had to take them off an put the binder on under my skirt. My ab muscles are still so sore and bruised and it just wore me out. The latest I could stay was 3:30.
I got home, put on my jammies and binder and plopped my butt on the recliner. Now my ask the hubby to make me a margarita. Lol

16 days PO and two days of work

I feel pretty good this morning. My upper abdomen still burns but I'm standing up much better. with working , by the end of the day, I'm super swollen and tired which is frustrating but normal I guess. We are taking it easy this weekend mostly. Here are some pics from this morning.

Bad day

I am 19 days PO. Today was a really bad day. I was back to normal routine, taking kids to daycare etc and work and I feel like crap. :(. I'm super swollen, I can't even believe how bad. I stopped at kohls to use my kohls cash and made the mistake of trying on some pants. It hurts too much to try and button and I hate that I was still my normal size because I'm so swollen. I just cried the whole way home. I just feel emotional and needed to vent. I'm sure my family thinks I'm crazy. Confidence is definitely down today. :(

Just down

I'm sorry to sound so down but another bad day. Not as many crying episodes but swelling leaves me looking like a tree trunk. Lovely. I hope this isn't the result in a few months....

My period

Wow. I started im the middle of the night. My cramps are normally but this is especially bad. It's like my surgery and my body being out of whack made it so much worse. I normally take 2 aleve and its okay but it feels like I haven't taken anything at all.

4 weeks PO

Tomorrow is officially my 4 week mark. I can hardly believe it! I seriously never thought I would be this far!
This picture is taken after a long day of work and so I'm feeling very swollen. I took my tape off of my breasts and the incisions are still pink and they're very sensitive and itchy and driving me nuts! I still feel super tight. I think I'll keep the tape on my TT for another week. I still feel by the end of the day like my seems are gonna bust! I've been wearing spanx girdle to work and immediately put the binder on when I get home. I don't know.....confidence is kinda down today. Maybe I should've waited to post tomorrow.

Went to the gym

First day back to the gym. I kept my heart rate at 120 to take it easy but it felt good to be back. I cant wait to have all my energy and not feel so strange. It also felt really weird to not have on the binder or spanx. Here are a couple pics. The little red spot on my breast I from irritation from the tape still.

5 weeks PO - still tired but better

Today is 5 weeks PO for me. I can't believe it! I have been to the gym 4 times but take it easy. I don't let my hr get over 120. When I'm doing the elliptical my TT incision is a little sore. My breasts feel better a far as sensitivity and itchiness. I think thy are coming along nicely. It might be another week before I go to look at bras. For now I am just wearing these wire free "barely there" seamless bras I already had. They're nice and comfy. It's the under decision that gives me any soreness.

Well I finally took my TT tape two days ago. As a result I was super itchy yesterday along the line. Hopefully today is better. I'm still wearing spanx to work and the binder at home. It's hot here so it sucks wearing the spanx! The TT is tender but looks good I think. I think his cut was pretty precise. I couldn't get in with him this week so I see my PS next week at 6 weeks PO for the first time. I still don't feel particularly sexy but I like that my clothes fit so much different. Happy healing!

6 weeks and I finally see my PS face to face.....

I had my first PO with my PS and it left me feeling kinda giddy after having a bad week. He has such good bedside's hard not to feel good about things after seeing him. He thinks everything looks great. He was VERY happy about my breasts. It made me happy that he was so happy. I am sure they probably look at it like their own art form. He thought my belly button scar was a little thick on the bottom and said he can fix that if I am not happy about it at my next apt in 3 months. He said I am free to do anything! Bike, swim, workout hard, whatever! Yay!!!!! I told him I have been down about the swelling and he of course just talked about how it's a long process for the recovery. I asked him if I could buy another binder and he asked why did I still need it. I told him in the evenings, I am so swollen and it makes me feel good. So he just gave me another binder! I will post a pic later.

6 weeks PO pics

7 weeks PO

I still get swollen by the end o the work day even with spanx. My stomach still feels pretty foreign like I'm touching somebody else. I get twinges everywhere around incision lines. I guess that'll happen for a while. I ordered a new bra lets see when it gets here.

I hope I didn't push it too hard at the gym today. I did 40 mins of cardio, some 10 lb bicep curls and modified push-ups. I couldn't do the real push-ups with my stomach. Lol

Overall I feel pretty good. Oh and I had sex this past week. Yay!

Feeling Unconfident

It has been almost 15 weeks PO for me, and while I am in love with my breasts, I kinda questions if I should have gotten the TT. Part of this is how my body heals with the scarring. My scarring has stayed the same so far and has not lightened, so it is all still really red at the incision line. Dr. Vath felt confident this will go away after like a year but I am not so sure. I feel like I didn't have very much skin for him to take away and my TT line is sooooooo long. It is slightly higher on one side, so while I could find a bikini to hide it on one side, you could see the scar on the other side. As a matter of fact, I couldn't wear a bikini this summer because you can almost always see my scar. If it lightens, I will be able to, but I am scared it won't completely lighten. I look great in clothes, but I don't feel confident naked completely. I actually feel really self conscious about my scar and that my husband probably doesn't like seeing it (he has NEVER made me feel less than awesome about my surgery) so I am always trying to find panties I can wear for during sex or lingerie I can wear during sex that will hide my scar. Ugh. maybe I am just having a bad slump but I am not so confident my TT scar is going to be something I am happy about long term.
Denver Plastic Surgeon

I just love this doctor. I went to three other consultations, even thought I would prefer a woman, but was blown away by him. First I was impressed that he came and grabbed me in his suit and tie in the Lobby to take me back to his office, not a medical assistant. He just presented a very open, comfortable environment for me to to talk about what results I wanted. He was very respectful when I was disrobed and gave me confidence that my breasts would turn out the way I wanted without an implant (I was pressured by other surgeons to also get the BA). I felt confident after we met he was my guy. His before & afters alone pretty much sold me. He's precise and professional.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look great six weeks post op---and I know it feels great to get back to the gym---just take it a little easy there- :0)
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I feel completely back to normal now. It just feels weird in reference to touching my stomach for sure!
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if you don't min me asking what were your pre surgery stats height weight?
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I was 149 pre surgery and I'm 142 now. I'm 5'2". Short I know!
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did you take any Benadryl for the itching?
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I didn't buy it seemed to subside. The first couple days all I had to do was put the binder over my shirt. Later it itched after I took off the tape and now I put lotion on it.
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How many days did you walk hunched over? I think when all swelling gone on my breasts they will look good but I feel and look like a football player yikes. What about that breathing thing they gave? I barely get to 1500 and my goal is 2500. Eating good drinking tons of water do I am up every hour. Had a scare last night couldn't clear my throat so hubby called dr and he said from tube and medication just drink tea and water with lemon helped alot. Hope you all are healing well I will get more pic up next couple days
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I am trying to think how long I was hunched over...for sure the first week. I went back to work at day 14 and I remember how hard it was to try and not look like something was wrong with me. I think I did the breathing thing only the first two days. Make sure he prescribed you enough pain meds. My surgery was on Thrusday and I was taking Percocet every 4 hours (two of them) and I ran out on Sunday, which happened to be Mother's day and I had to page him. It turned out you can't prescribe Percocet over the phone and I am allergic to hydrocodone.....He sent me over Tylenol 3 thank god but that was a close one. I can't wait to see your pics!
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Lol sex yay!! Haha was it your first time since surg? Your boobs do look really good. I've obv been seeing Dr Wolfe a lot since my boob issue, he also has such a great face to face way of being. He hasn't actually even seen my TT. When I'd go in to be seen, the boob was always the issue, so when I asked him, "do you need to see my TT?" And he would say, "only if you think I need to" and I never thiught he needed to. ,Abe if my boobs had no issue, I would. Maybe next time I see him. My TT scar is kinda thick in a couple spots, but I didn't think that was something he could do really, more my body healing in a certain way, that's great that he was offering to tend to yours. Your boobs do have a gorgeous shape, hard to believe you just had a lift! And your TT scar seems perfect to me in the pics!
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Aww thanks girl! I do love my breast shape. Sometimes I wonder if I should've gotten a small implants but even he reminded me that this is what I was hoping for. He did exactly what I was wanting. I haven't seen my TT that's close up. It seems good just red. Yes it was the first time since surgery. :) I've seen dr. Wolfe pass by in the halls and they seem like the perfect duo. :) I'm so glad you're healing so well!
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Isn't it weird seeing them? After seeing their site so much before meeting them, it was almost like a celebrity spotting haha!! My neighbor has also gone back and forth wondering if she should have gotten a small implant with her lift. I have to say, while I do love the fullness in the upper pole, you will never have to have any further worries or concerns. I most likely will have to have them removed and replaced in the next decade or two. And once you've had them, it's kind of hard to go back. Before, I was on the fence, now that I have them, it'd be hard to say goodbye to how they look. But even still at this point, they feel weird to me. Without touching them or looking at them, I amconscious of them and it's weird.
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Yeah I know! I get a little nervous when I see him so I might just have a crush on him! lol I didn't even know that about replacing them....I am glad I didn't get them then! But yours look amazing and so natural. You picked a good size. :) I still can't believe your look awesome! I am down to being within 7 lbs of my pre-baby weight and that is hard to believe.
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Yes!! Pre-baby weight! I feel you there! Totally hear you on the crush, lol.
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That's awesome that you are able to exercise again. I can't wait to start up my yoga again. Also glad you got some lovvin! ;-)
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Still looking great! I'm a little over two weeks po and hate wearing the CG I have the one that goes to my knees and another that straps around my arms. It's been so hot and I sweat like a pig with them on.
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I have to admit they're pretty hot. It wa almost 100 here in Denver today. Ugh! I am not sure about wearing one tomorrow. I will say I only wore a light spanx today and I could tell more swelling.
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you look great! I will be on the flat side first thing Wednesday I am so excited. I do have a question for you, did you get any antibiotics? I am used to getting a rx from my previous surgeries but didn't really think about it until just now. Thanks
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No I didn't have any antibiotics. Just Valium and Percocet. Thankfully my incision lines have been super great. Didn't take off surgical tape until 3 or 4 weeks PO.
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Thanks I hope my results are as good as yours:)
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You look awesome. Don't get down on the scars. Your dr did an amazing job. I feel the same way As you at times. We are early in this process. The scars will be so light next year!! :) You will have to remind me of this next week!! ;)
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Great updates...keep it up! But gently...
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haha! I will try! I will post a pic tomorrow!
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I gotta go and do Insanity Day-3..... I need to drop a few pounds before surgery...but I know I will miss working out when I can't-right? Lol!
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It's great when your PS makes you feel like that!!! Mine is that way too and yes it's so uplifting for them to have such a good attitude. You look REALLY good and I love how low your incision is not so low but my PS told me the reason why it wouldn't. Its so interesting to me how much PS differ from one another in post op recommendations. I have to wear my cg and cant go to the gym till I'm 6 wks post op, one more week to go for me :D . Like you I plan on wearing my cg after my 6 wks are up, just not 24/7 ;) .
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Up until now, I have kept my heart rate at 120 while exercising but I feel great! I am LOVING my new binder this evening. :) Just made me a margarita and sitting all sexy in my binder. lol
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