Loving my results!! Went from A&AA to 32DDD(or32G)! With 375cc&450cc HP silicone unders

Well...I've not posted a ton on here, but thought...

Well...I've not posted a ton on here, but thought I'd put it out there...my surgery is tomorrow and I'm sooo anxious!

I used to have beautiful breasts, pre breastfeeding three babes. It is sooo worth it! Don't get me wrong, my children are my everything - but- what used to be a full gorgeous symmetrical pair of D breasts...is now a sad deflated barely A and AA asymmetrical pair. :( it's to the point I'm embarrassed to get naked in front of my husband. That's when I realized its time to do something, as no woman should feel ashamed of their body in front of their husband!

So....here we go! I am still torn on size though. 450? 475? Or 500...?!?! Ugh! I'm getting high profile mentor silicone...just not settled on size. Ideas? I'm 5'6" 109 pounds, 27 inch ribcage..., active, busy with three young children, age five and under. I dance just not as much as I did before babies :) (ballet, ballroom, Latin) And I'd love to have more babies.

I'll let everyone know how it goes in the morning! Praying all goes smoothly!
Can't wait to see how yours turned out! My surgery is next wednesday and we have similar stats, however I think I'm going with 325-350 not sure yet. I was a DD while breastfeeding and want to get some volume back! Good luck! :D
Thank you! How are you doing? What did you decide on? Can't wait to see!!
Thinking of you and wishing you a safe and swift surgery tomorrow! Can't wait to see your results, good luck! =)

Hello pain! Hello new breasts! :D

Wow! I've been out most of the day- anesthesia hits me hard. But boy I'm in pain! Especially under my armpit, kinda on the sides, I think it's muscle pain. I went a little bigger than ps recommended- by 25ccs...we chose 375L 450 R. From what I can see the look amazing already!! Swollen, yes, painful...definitely. But great! :)

Pic post op day 1!

Pic 1 day po

6dpo...LOVE my result!!

Well still hurting, getting spasms, and numb. So, still on all meds and needing full time help with the children (obviuosly) But zero bruising at all actually, my ps is the BEST! My next po is Tuesday.
Looking great! Who was your plastic surgeon? I live In the Clear Lake area.
Thank you! I went with Dr Chaudhari in Friendswood - he is absolutely amazing!! I do have emotional ups and downs, but overall I have been elated since my surgery! I should take a pic of my incisions- they have healed and don't really look noticeable already! He is awesome!!

Two weeks post op...it's gone by fast!

Can't believe it's two weeks already! I am having a difficult day. Most days I feel great about my result. Today I feel discouraged. :( I feel like they are till uneven and that makes me sad. One main reason I got implants was to make them even and symmetric again! Oh we'll, time will tell, my ps says be patient...and I'm the least patient person I know! Ugh! My small side pre surgery is now my large side...he used a larger implant (obviously) because I had like no breast tissue. My L side is dropping faster...
Patience is a virtue....!

Oh I forgot...

Size...at my check on Tuesday he said my swelling is gone and they will continue settling and changing shape, but the size should remain pretty much the same, and he gave me the go ahead to bra shop! Right now I'm wearing my old 34DDs from when I was pregnant with my second baby. They are too big around but the cups fit. So...I'm thinking I will need 32 DDD!!! Yay! Crazy! They look better in a bra than they do naked right now... :) I started my massages, which hurt like the dickens, on my R ...and dr c told me that if the R side hasn't dropped in a month I will wear a bandage across the top of my breasts to force it down. We shall see what we see as time passes. Ugh I hate waiting! My hubby already loves them...that's good ;) and my clothes do fit sooo much better!

Got fitted...holy 32DDDs!!!!

In VS bras I'm 32DDD! :) yay! Hope they don't get smaller, my ps says they won't. That's why he ok'd me for bra shopping. Super super excited! Loving my result, they're getting better by the day! They are super soft and squishy now.
Hey sweetie! Hang I there. I know how emotional it can be but things will turn around. You look great and it will only get better with time. I understand the feeling of waiting for it to drop. My butt was so high I was worried it would not drop but it did. Your breasts will drop and you will be extremely happy. I want boobs but im so nervous of complications.
Thank you for your kind encouragement! I'm so impatient. :/ and I'm scared as they drop they will get smaller?? I am currently a 32DDD! And while I 'know' that's big, they don't 'feel' big to me...crazy huh?! I feel like they look great most days, (in clothes lol) and want them to stay this size. We shall see as time goes! The worst part of recovery at this point is 'morning boob' but I hear it will go away with time.
Looking good

More progress...

Very soft and squishy now, measuring a32G at Soma. My VS 32DDDs some are too small in the cup and a bit big around, I have only 27 inch ribcage. So...thinking of ordering from Linda's online. That's a great site, or Her Room. I wore my 30H Alegro bra the other day that I wore when I breastfed, and it fit great! I'll have to post pics of it. Have a lovely afternoon ladies! :)
Dr Chaudhari

I LOVE Dr C, he is absolutely amazing. From the time I walked in they have all made me feel welcome and comforted. He has taken great care of me post surgery, and I totally have confidence in his decisions. He is thorough, precise, gentle, knowledgeable and puts me totally at ease with a process that's honestly been a roller coaster and more than a little nerve wrecking at times. The staff has been wonderful at checking up on me. One of the girls, as well as Dr C personally called to check on me last weekend because of my pain. (I'm kinda wimpy :)) I had no bruising post op (I know everyone's body heals different, but I think it also says a lot about a Dr) and my incisions are healed and looking fabulous at only two weeks post! He gives patient care that's hard to come by nowadays, and gives his time - as long as it takes to answer all questions, explain things (repeatedly and patiently!) and make sure you, the patient are comfortable at all times, certain of your decision, and satisfied. It doesn't get better than that!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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