BA Scheduled for June 29th- "After" Photos posted!, 2012! - Florida

I am 41 years old and I am getting my BA on June...

I am 41 years old and I am getting my BA on June 29th, 2012. I can't believe I am finally doing this after 10 years of thinking, researching, deciding no way and then booking an actual SURGERY date! I have become a bit OCD on the the entire process.

My friend said I could probably perform the surgery myself if it was physically possible because I've done so much research! LOL! Luckily I don't have to attempt that because I have found a great PS in Orlando area that will be doing the surgery for me. Now the big question is size which I thought I had all figured out at my consult and then I started second guessing, looking at too many before and after's..... and now I think I should go bigger.

Luckily at my Pre-opt which is schedule for June 18th, I will have the opportunity to try on the sizers again to confirm the size or change it. It's a big decision! I spent a year trying to decide what color to paint my pool bathroom! Imagine the stress of picking the size of your boobs! LOL!

I am 5'5", 123 lbs. I eat healthy, gluten, grain, and wheat free. I workout, run and have two kids. Both girls ages 12 & 15 yrs. I am currently a 34 A. I was thinking (my surgeon agrees) that mentor 300 cc mod plus (silicone) would be a good natural size for me and that they would not get in the way of my active life style BUT the other option was going a bit bigger and doing a high profile 350 cc. I like the look of the 300 cc sizers and I know that they are supposed to come out smaller in "real life" so I am afraid of going too small. This site has been so wonderful. I am preparing for the big day and the recovery period. My hubby asked me if I was prego and nesting because I am cleaning and organizing closets, the pantry...etc....It's therapy for my Boobie OCD! :)

I have my EKG and bloodwork scheduled for Thursday...

I have my EKG and bloodwork scheduled for Thursday. I hope everything will be good to go. I also have my Mammogram scheduled before surgery since I was due next month anyway. I'm thinking I don't want to have a mammo a couple weeks after surgery. Not fun! So aside from that I have bought some zip front bras from JcPenny's which run way small. I am a 34 A and bought a 38 which fits nice, not too tight where the incision will be. I also found some cute button up jammies at Macy's and a pair a Walmart the other day too.My pre-opt is June 18th.

I'm not sure how my boob's will look but at this rate my house will be looking fabulous! Yesterday I was cleaning out the bathroom cabinets, organized my office....I just can't stop! I have another trip to GoodWill today and the recycle bin. Woo Hoo!

*I will post some before photos and sizer photos soon.
Ok, you and I are similar height/weight. :) I can't wait to see how yours turn out! I go in before you! So you found button up jammies at Macy's and Walmart? I cannot find them anywhere, however those are the 2 places I haven't looked! lol
Hi Paleo Girl,
I had 350cc HIgh profile silicone.Under the muscles.
my incision was under the arm.
i dont remember my BWD but i have a good tissue to start with.
Goodluck on ur coming BA.

Please keep us posted on your journey. I was lopsided so I got 260 in my left and 350  in my right. I have silicone high profile and i love them! 

I had the strangest boobie dream. Having a lot of...

I had the strangest boobie dream. Having a lot of those lately....I came out of surgery all bandaged up and Howard Stern was there and told me to pull my bandage down a little so he could have a look to see how they turned out. LOL! I did and he said they look really good. So funny. I was watching "America's Got Talent" with my daughter last night and oddly enough Howard ended up in my boobie dream.

I'm debating how and when or if I'm going to tell my co-workers and boss. Tricky....I know I should because I may be limited at work and need a little help and I don't want to lie. I think they would be understanding but I haven't been there too long so I don't have that comfort level yet with everyone. Any advice? I do wear scrubs at work so I don't think it would be too obvious but physically they would know something was up. My husband says honesty is the best policy but I dread that "talk" with my male boss. :(
Yay! I'm happy for you! My pre op isn't until the week of surgery! I am getting so excited/nervous!
thanks keep us updated

I had my EKG today. It came back abnormal. I have...

I had my EKG today. It came back abnormal. I have to get an Echocardiogram tomorrow morning and see a Cardiologist to be able to be cleared for surgery. I am so discouraged! My heart rate is low and my heart is not pumping like normal. So, they have to rule out that there are problems. Who knew all this healthy eating and exercise would be so problematic! From what I understand it could just be that my heart is very "conditioned" from exercise and running and that it pumps more efficiently so my heartrate/rhythm is not the norm. Has anyone else dealt with this? Any other fit women had this happen? Should I be worried? I'm trying not to stress but there is also heart disease in my family so there is that underlying fear that it could be something more.....:( I got by bloodwork done today too. I hope that comes back normal. Although she said I have a "funny" vein. It would gush and then slow down. Just like my heart rhythm, I guess.

Oh---one good thing, the nurse where I went for my EKG, she had a friend that had her BA done with same PS that I'm going to and she said they came out wonderful and her friend is so happy. She's only heard great things about him.
Oh no! I will be thinking about you tomorrow. I am sure everything will be just fine :)
I think it will all be fine . Think positive !

Hello! I have my cardiology appt. tomorrow. I...

Hello! I have my cardiology appt. tomorrow. I believe everything is fine from what my doctor said. I just have to see them to get my official clearance for surgery. I'll feel alot better when that is all taken care of but maybe more nervous because it's all becoming so real! I am still debating on size. I have my pre-opt on Monday so I'm hoping to make a firm decision then and then stop looking at before and afters so I don't confuse myself anymore! It's getting out of control!

I told one of my co-workers today about my upcoming proceedure. She is the one that I connect to the most at my office and she wouldn't tell anyone. She was very supportive and said she'd help with lifting, reaching higher shelves, etc...if I need help. I have decided not to say anything to anyone else and if they suspect, oh well. I'll just tell them I found some amazing VS pushup bras!:) Why they would comment on my boobs I do not know.... It's not like I'm going crazy big and I wear scrubs and a jacket at work anyway. I have had serious thoughts of backing out too. I feel a little crazy. Why is something that I want and so excited for so nerve racking? Ok, I know the answer. It's a big deal, it's life altering and it's surgery. I just pray everything is ok, looks symetrical, no CC and my surgeon is on his game that day!:) It's amazing how much I've depended on this site for information and support!
*I will post pics on Monday of my before's and with the sizers in.
You're very similar size to me, except I was a small B, He ended up doing 400 cc, I liked the 371 sizers. I would go with whatever you and your PS agree on. I felt my PS really understand where I wanted to be, how I wanted to look and we left it at that. I showed him pics. I don't think anyone at work will really know, You're taking plenty of time off and its not that bad, it's easy to hide, or play off. At least you have someone there you can trust! I feel I over researched lol. It made all the what ifs and bad things that could happen too real. I'm like, the middle is swollen, omg and i gonna get symastia?!? silly stuff like that. Anyways, i replied back to you on my page as well, GL on ur test tomorrow

Thanks for the well wishes!:) Everything is fine....

Thanks for the well wishes!:) Everything is fine. I got my cardiac surgical clearance. I guess I have a leaky valve...who knew? I guess it's not a worry unless I have symptoms and it can be a common thing. Tomorrow is the mammo bright and early!

2 weeks from tomorrow is the big day. I can't believe it. I am not sleeping well already, too much on my mind. I've never taken anything to help me sleep but I may need too! My bags have bags! Not pretty.:( I went to the VS semi-annual sale tonight. Oh Boy! I thought about buying a couple "maybe's"...I could return them if they don't fit after. I don't know, I guess I'm getting a little ahead of things. I love a good deal though! I am going to order the short sleeved hoodie and pants from VS online for the wear home outfit. It's short sleeved, zip front and something I can wear in public with a tank or sports bra a little later in recovery. I still can't believe I'm going to do this! Monday is the pre-opt. I have to bring a big cashier's check. That will give me heart palpitations if anything will! He He!
Yay everything is ok !!!!! I'm so happy for you . Now to wait for the big day . It's going to seem like forever . It did for me . All I could think about was I can't wait for my new boobies . Try to get some rest .
Hi! My hubby lost about 100 lbs over the last 3 years, had been going to the gym twice a day and completely changed his eating habits. Almost 2 mos ago he had an irregular heartbeat and was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation (A-Fib). Has had to have his heart shocked back into rhythm twice and is now on meds to keep his heart in rhythm. So I know what you're saying about working so hard to be so healthy. Funny thing is they tell him his heart is totally healthy, just has an irregular heartbeat. He's the healthiest he's been in years! So bizarre! Anyway, I'm sure everything will be fine for you!! :)
You are going to be fine . Happy that you will have help at work . How much time are you going to be off ?

Well, I had my pre-opt today. Lots of info and...

Well, I had my pre-opt today. Lots of info and forms to sign. I have to arrive at 7:00 AM and the surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM. I am the first patient so I should go in right away I was told. Scheduled June 29th....11 days!
I got a scripts for the following:
1.)Ativan (muscle relaxer/anxiety) Advised to take it every 6-8 hours to help sleep/relax muscles
2.)Doxycycline (antibiotic) Only take 4 pills total
3.)Promethazine HCL for nausea (if needed)
4.)Singulair (traditionally for allergies, my PS prescribes to help prevent CC) Have to take for 3 months, starting day after surgery
5.)Nucynta (Pain med) (I do not do well with Percocet so they changed it to this one)
Can only take Tylenol if not using meds prescibed for two week before and after
Can take Milk of Magnesia or laxative if needed. (Nurse said it is the number one call in complaint after surgery. I will take it the night of surgery to get things kickin'

I have decided on Mentor 350 HP Silicone Memory Gel. SO not what I thought I'd end up with. I stress..., keep an open mind when you have pre-conceived ideas of what would be best for you. I was actually very limited in my choices because of my BWD. So for them to fit and not have too much "side boob" I had to stay in the 11.7-12 range. So that would be Mentor 300 mod plus or 350 HP. The 300 was just right but I was afraid with losing some volume when they are actually placed so I went with the larger one. They will have both on hand incase I change my mind or the PS thinks it's too much for me but the nurse agreed that I may be dissapointed with the smaller one and wish I had gone bigger. I feel comfortable with them. I also tried the 375 HP. NOPE. Too much. It's not much more, really but just that extra bit of width made me feel/look "fat" and they felt too heavy. I am not heavy but I carry my weight in my hips/saddlebag area and I think I needed that little extra to make me look proportioned. Let me know what you think of the photos. I don't think it's a obvious jump out at you, I have a boob job!

I am getting excited but I'm so nervous. My husband claims I don't tolerate pain well because I had a Kidney Stone and it was awful. I told him when you have a Kidney Stone and push out two babies you can talk to me about my pain tolerance!:) I am worried about the pain. I just have no tolerance for it because i have too many things to do. It slows me down. I will say that this site as been so great to give me such insight about what to expect and when you know what to anticipate it makes things so much better! What a wonderful support system we are blessed to have outside of our friends and family.:) Thank you! I will not post naked boobie photos but I will post one in a bathing suit top before and after so that may help someone else in the future....:) I will say I appreciate those that do post the naked boobie shots. It's nice to see the healing process and what to expect. I'm just a little to "shy" for that.
Hi paleo~ I just noticed you are going to have Dr. Fiala do your surgery. I'm actually from Orlando and considered him. He has excellent credentials and patient reviews....Great choice. My PS does not even do HP implants. Lol He strongly believes in creating the most natural look and will not stretch tissue to excess because this can cause double bubble, capsular contraction,need for revision, etc. Btw - I'm surprised you have a leaky heart valve? Yikes! Glad you have clearance anyway...Good Luck;)
Hi paleo! I think the 350 looks GREAT on you! As you know I, too, was TornOnSize. :) So glad I went with the 350 (380 on one to "even" out). I would have been disappointed had I gone smaller. :)
350cc's in the OC, You look fabulous! I just saw your added photos and I am praying my results are as good as yours! It got me really excited about the after for the first time seeing your progression. I know you feel they are uneven but I imagine some is still swelling especially if you had a partial lift. I'm sure they will continue to drop and fluff and even out in size. Either way I think you look great! So happy for you!:)

Post Surgery Preparedness! These are some items...

Post Surgery Preparedness!
These are some items I have ready to go for the my vacation...otherwise known as healing week.
reading pillow w/arms
travel neck pillow
wedge pillow
3 front closing sports bras
1 reg sports bra for later
3 pairs of button front jammies
scripts I need to fill this weekend
Milk Of Magnesia
Bags of Peas (aka ice packs)
power strip to plug in my nook, phone and laptop (so they can be next to me)
Bridesmaid movie I've been waiting to see:)
I will precook protein (chicken & salmon) portion out my veggies and fruit so I don't have to chop anything
Clean house, Car, etc..change bedding and have fresh bedding waiting. All laundry done!
Chores assigned to my children!

Am I missing something?????
You are going to look great !!!
You are going to be one hot mama!! (Not that you aren't already!) You are so toned. LOVE the 350's on you. I think you made a great choice... what a relief, huh?! Aren't you glad the hard part is over. Now you can sit back and relax... and count the days :)
I'm not sure I can relax....I have a long list of TO Do's before the big day. 9 days to go! I am so nesting! I've cleaned everything! Still need to repaint the bathroom this weekend.....I do feel a bit of relief with the size at this point. Thanks for the compliment!

I got my scripts filled today. $87.77 out of...

I got my scripts filled today. $87.77 out of pocket. I wasn't expecting that! My pain med is pricey. Nucynta 50 mg my out of pocket was $40.00 and Singular was $40.00. The others were cheap!

I bought a VS bikini today! I will post the before soon! So excited to take the padding out and wear it in a few weeks! YEAH!

6 days till BA and counting!!!:) Today...Washed...

6 days till BA and counting!!!:)
Today...Washed windows, cleaned and condition leather couches, did laundry, re-planted planters by entryway & weeded front lanscaping, bought paint to paint bathroom tomorrow, bank, TJMaxx, Walmart, out to dinner w/family, ordered new scrubs online, up at 5:30 AM tomorrow to drive friend to the airport! Tomorrow.... airport roundtrip , go for run & paint bathroom (over red which will take forever!)

Nesting anyone?

We are heading to Siesta Key for a little mini-vacay at the end of July. Only 4 weeks after my BA. I hope things settle nicely by then cause I'm going to be sportin' my new VS bikini. Worried about the bloaty tummy troubles everyone seems to be having. I hope to not take my pain meds for too long since that seems to be the culprit. Any thoughts?
yes take it before for sure. wish I did. yeah my ps said im allowed motrin..... ibprofen wheneverr im ready. I find it way better then the perks by far.
stop pain meds as soon as u can. im in so much pain feom constipation. worse rhen the ba... my sttomach is bigger then my boobs right now.
I'm so sorry your having such trouble! My nurse said I could take some Milk of Mag the night of surgery so that is my plan. I'd rather not wait to see if I need it. Why not just take it. right? She actually said I could take it a couple days before but I don't really feel that is necessary. I hope your're feeling better asap! You are looking wonderful and healing nicely.:) I checked out the site you mentioned...thank you!:)

Thanks to LoveMyBoys84 for a wonderful suggestion!...

Thanks to LoveMyBoys84 for a wonderful suggestion! I was able to get a $35.00 refund on my pricey scripts I had filled. I thought I'd share this info because I'm sure I'm not the only one who has a high co-pay or maybe you don't have insurance to help cover the script costs. Anyway, I went to the Nucynta and Singular websites and they both had a "savings card" that says you don't have to pay over a certain amount for your script. So....I brought them in to the Target pharmacy and explained that I just got the scripts filled and then I was told about the savings card and they adjusted the price. All the items I've bought to "prepare" for my surgery has really added up so I was so excited to get the credit back. Plus the Starbucks tea I got while I was there was probably giving me a little jolt too!:)

5 days till BA time! Oh my! I found another bathing suit I like at Target while I was there. I have to stop shopping! I may have to go back and get it.....maybe tomorrow.:) Am I choosing the right size???? UGH! I think I will struggle with that till I breath deeply and pass out under anesthesia!
I don't know if all Targets are the same, but the ones around here are having a sale on their suits. Not a big discount, but enough for me to find an excuse to buy. lol Yeah, I bought 4 suits yesterday, in addition to the 3 I bought pre-surgery. And don't get me started on the ones from the Victoria's Secret sale. I have a problem! lol (Ok, and I got 3 from White House Black Market cuz they were on sale and I had a coupon.) I think my wardrobe for the summer will be nothing but bathing suits! haha

My PS has me on Singulair for 3 mos, and for my first fill he actually gave me a card that made them free. So the next 2 refills I have no idea how much they will be, but I hear they are expensive. :(
Here's the link for the savings card for Singular. Good thru 8/31/12:

Are you a Med or Large suit top now? Its hard to estimate what I'll be....So hard to resist the semi-clearance sale as VS. I was going to buy a few and return what didn't fit but I figured it would be more fun to go in for a fitting after and then shop. Plus I need to stop the spending!
Well yeah, get it all at the sale price and if you you need to exchange, hope they have the size you need and that way you at least got it on sale! lol I've been fitting into large bikini tops. The ones pictured are all larges and they seem to be perfect, just the right amount of coverage for me so that I'm not spilling out. :)

I know what you mean about spending, though. lol The excuse of "it's for my surgery" was getting old with the hubby. haha I was freaked out about the button up jammies thing and searched high and low for them. Bought 3 pairs. Only ended up using one, so I returned the other two. 2 days after surger I was able to put on a regular VS sleepshirt (my faves) over my head on my own. Hubby had to help take off the first time, but other than that I've been good. But I bought sports bras galore, too. Now I'm finding I need new tops and summer dresses. Not really because of size, but most of the styles I have don't cover up the ugly sports bra.

Thanks for the singulair link!! :)

UGH! My surgery is on Friday so I can't take...

UGH! My surgery is on Friday so I can't take Asprin. I have a migraine!:( It's started up before lunch at work. I took a couple Tylenol hoping it was just a headach pretending to be a migraine and now I'm miserable. I called my PS office to see if I am able to take just one excedrine which has 250 mg of Asprin in it. The Tylenol did nothing.....any thoughts?
How about one of your pain pills from the scripts you got filled?
I would be scared to take any aspirin before the surgery as the concern is a hematoma. And that doesnt sound like any fun. But 350cc's in the OC took it and turned out fine.
Whatever you decide, I hope you feel better soon and I am so excited for you!! Almost there!
My PS said that one or two should be fine, but it would be that one person they said it was ok to take them that would end up having a problem. So to avoid that they just say no across the board. Hopefully your doc gives you the ok. :)
I had the migraine problem 2 days after surgery. Called my PS on the 3rd day and got the ok to take excedrin to get rid of it. Tylenol does NOTHING for me as well. Sorry you have the migraine, they are just absolutely miserable!! :(

Well the PS said I couldn't take anything. So I...

Well the PS said I couldn't take anything. So I suffered thru the night. I couldn't eat I was so sick from the pain. I just took Tylenol and drank some tea, hoping the caffeine would help. Well I finally went to bed and woke up this morning feeling much better. It was still lingering but tolerable. I went to work and stopped by Dunkin' Donuts on the way and got some Iced Tea. They have really strong tea and I figured the caffeine would help. Sure enough by lunch time I was feeling better and by 4ish my headache was gone. Thank you Lord! Of course I then had a caffeine buzz but that was soooo much better than a migraine!

So, I went to my work out tonight and my trainer said the nicest prayer for me for my surgery. It was really so special. I will be thinking of that when I am laying on the table on Friday morning.:)

Tomorrow is prep day. I've been a cleaning machine but I will make sure everything is done, getting my car washed, nails done, food prepared, etc....I am excited and nervous! I have to leave at 5:30 AM because it's a bit of a drive to my PS from where I live and I need to check in at 7 AM. Surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM.
Haha!!! A caffeine headache! Thats funny. Are you not allowed to have coffee or something?
Well good luck to you and I wish you a fast recovery!
...funny that it was an easy fix that is and that none of us thought of it. =)
I had a migraine but one of the things that is supposed to help a migraine is caffeine.I would normally take Excedrine but it has caffeine, acetaminophen and asprin in it so I couldn't take it cause of the asprin.:( I drink Iced Tea daily but I am not a coffee drinker. They don't recommend too much caffeine but having some my nurse said would be fine. Thank you for the well wishes!

I added some more photos---tomorrow is the big...

I added some more photos---tomorrow is the big day! I am in disbelief that it has almost arrived. I'm excited and nervous. I can't tell you how much the support means from this site. I went for a run this morning. Felt good but sad it will be my last for a while. I'm worried about gaining weight during recovery. I will continue to be strict w/my diet so hopefully that will help. I'm worried my husband won't like the new me.....
How exciting!
There is hope- I actually lost weight after surgery. Was only a few pounds, but I didnt regain it until about 3 weeks after.
Why are you worried your hubby wont like the new you?
I just looked at your surgery list- everything looks good!
Maybe you've already thought of it, but make sure any clothes you might need are not up high anywhere. Imagine having t-rex arms and not being able to lft them to get your item. So also think of toilet paper, food in pantry, etc.
Sounds like you are ready to go!!
See you on the other side chica, VERY excited for you!
Thank you! I moved my jammies into my bedside table drawer per your suggestion. The nerves are kickin' in. I know this is so vain but I hate that I have to go with no makeup. At least if I'm going to be in pain I could look half way descent!:) LOL! Oh well....I suppose that should be the least of my worries. Easier to dwell on the silly things than the other what if's, I suppose. Thanks for your support, I appreciate it!

I HAVE BOOBIES! Woke up at 5 AM, took a shower...

Woke up at 5 AM, took a shower with my dial soap. (dries out the skin, can't wait to put some lotion on!) I had my bag w/fuzzy socks, my zip front hoodie, Lara bar and my tarvis w/straw to fill with water for the ride home, meds and all my paperwork. I did take a stool softener (colace) last night. The nurse suggested that so it would help with keeping the "system" running.

SURGERY: I arrived at the center and the nurse took me back, had me change into a gown, I put on my socks and put my hair in a pony. She confirmed my size and then started the IV. It kinda hurt and within a couple minutes it was bleeding out so she had to "tighten the valve" and then it felt better. While she was inserting the IV the anesthesiologist came in and went over med history. He told me he would use three different meds for nausea and meds to make me sleep. After that the Dr. came in, confirmed size and marked me up. This was the first time my husband met the doctor. He asked if he had any question and my husband replied, "No, just do a good job!" Oh Boy!
As soon as the doc left I got out of the prep bed and walked into the surgery area while the nurse was carrying my IV bag. I got on the table and they had me lay my arms out in either side. Looks like they strap you down? The Anesthesiologist said I put something in your IV already so you should start feeling that and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. I woke up pwith no pain. Tight but not as much as I expected. I could talk but my eyes wouldn't open and I could tell my speech was different, kinda slury but I knew what I was saying and I remember everything since I woke up. NO Nausea at all! YEAH! I ate my Lara bar when I got in the car and my hubby had filled my Tarvis w/ice water for me. It has a bendy straw which is a must!! I took a pain pill too at that time.

Drive home was a little bumpy --1 hour, 10 min.s. I slept most of the way. I brought my pillow and a throw blanket and I was pain free and comfy.

I got home and I was walking a little unsteady but in my mind I didn't feel loopy. So when I walked in the house my daughter surprised me with a homemade cake shaped like boobies and said Happy Boobie Day! So Cute! Then they starting laughing because my speech was slury and I was walking funny--kinda like your drunk but I didn't feel "drunk". I don't drink so my kids have never seen me like that! (OK, I may have had a Pina Colada on a cruise before but that's about it) So, I headed to my bed which I set up before I left for surgery. My 15 yr old came in and did my makeup for me. I haven't really slept too much.

BED SET UP: Reading pillow with arms, lumbar pillow for my back, pillow on top of reading pillow for more head support, I also have a bigger king pillow under my knees. I think if you elevate your legs it take some pressure off of your back so I'm hoping to avoid the back pain many speak about. I have my bedside table but I have another little side table right beside my bed w/my laptop, phone, nook and water. (I've been extremely thirsty--cotton mouthy)

HOW I FEEL: I am still a little woobly. Very thirsty! I also had some iced tea,- trying to avoid getting a caffeine headache. I just took another pain pill as scheduled and I've been icing them pretty often. My 12 year old has been so wonderful bringing me ice packs, refilling my water, ect. My friend stopped by and my eye lids felt really heavy but I could still chat--but slurry still. It is almost 4 PM and I have no pain, I do have a considerable amount of swelling though. They feel a little numb actually. In between my breast is numb and swollen. They are relatively soft too. Wasn't expecting that~
My right one is a bit more swollen also. I got the Mentor 350 CC High Profile. The doctor agreed that would suit me and It will give me a little "lift". My throat is a little sore which is strange because the nurse said they didn't intubate. I had a mask instead. Maybe they tried and it didn't work..? I'm Not very hungry but I did eat a little soup. My hubby went and got it for me at Panera's (while I was in surgery) and I brought a cooler so he used that to keep it in and we heated it up for lunch, I didn't eat too much. I'll have an apple w/almond butter for a snack soon. I weighed myself this morning -121.5 lbs. Curious what I'll be in a few days....We figured the implants weigh about 1 1/2 lbs for both. Going to eat my snack and take a nap! Thank you for all the well wishes and support it means alot!:) So far better than I expected....Oh- I did hear a little gurgle sound but I know that's normal for the fluid and such in the pocket. I posted photos!
Woohoo! Looking good! Glad it all went well and flew by! Happy recovery!
The swelling has migrated to under my arms. Very puffy and sore. More sore than the boobies. Weird. Just took another pain med and the muscle relaxer. Hopefully I'll be able to get some sleep. Otherwise not a bad day.

misslakey0326--I hope everything went well. Get some sleep!:)
I just came to from being sedated! I've been trying to post this for literally an hour but I feel so woozy from the surgery! I've been thinking about you have has a fantastic recovery. Thanks for being such a sweetie to me!

1ST DAY POST OPT: I actually slept pretty well...

I actually slept pretty well last night. I just got up once to go potty and take a pain med. I will take a photo of my sleeping setup so maybe that might be of use to someone else. I am very tender under my arms around where the bra strap goes. It's filled with fluid you can feel it if you press on it, it's squishy. In between my breast is shiney and very swollen and somewhat bruised from what I can see. I think that's why they look farther apart than I thought they would because of all the swelling. The size seems what I expected but just high. I know its early to really tell anything. I've discovered my older daughter will not be going into nursing as a profession....:( Sad but true. My younger daughter is my hero through all of this. She has been wanting a loft bed for her room sooo bad and I may have to surprise her with one because she's been so great through all of this. My husband has been good too but my daughter is just more nurturing and will cuddle with me while I'm laying around. We watched "The Help" last night. What a great movie and with great lessons to be learned.

PAIN:I am not in pain as long as I stay up with the pain meds. I am unforcomfortable but not in pain. Getting up out of bed is challenging. Luckily I have descent abs to rely on and then I do the scoot with out trying to use my arms to push myself up. I get on my knees when getting into bed and then get myself to my spot. Still icing pretty often. It does make it feel better but I don't know if it's really doing anything for the swelling. No nausea at all.

FOOD: I ate my Larabar this morning for breakast w/my pain pill and antibiotic. Had a small salad w/chicken olive oil/ving dressing for lunch. I wasn't hungry but trying to eat anyway. May have an apple w/almond butter for a snack soon.

POTTY: No action. I took a stool softener the night before surgery. I took Milk of Mag last night before bed and a stool softener this morning and still nothing. I'm bloated but I can feel the squishy water on my ribs below my breast too from all the fluid. I don't have that constipated feeling yet. I'm still drinking lots of water because these pain pill's dehydrate me.

That's it for now. I hope my BA Buddy is doing well and all you ladies are doing great. I will post some more photos soon!
QUESTION-- my throat is pretty sore. More so my glands when I swallow. The fluid is up in my neck too. When I press up around my glands/neck area it's squishy too. Should I be concerned? Has anyone else experienced this? I was told I was not intubated so
I don't believe my throat is sore from that.
They didn't intubate you, but they probably used a mask for oxygen. The air blowing in could have dried your throat out causing it to hurt. Not sure about the swelling in your glands... I think you're probably OK as long as you're not running a fever or having any other signs of infection. Call your PS if you have any doubts!
Thank you! I just didn't know if it was normal for there to be all that extra fluid under my skin. Now it's in my neck so I was getting worried. Swallowing really hurts. My boobs do not. Go figure~ Due for pain meds in 15 minutes so hopefully that will help w/the throat too. Is this squishy thing normal? I appreciate your help Michelle!:)

2ND DAY POST OPT: I slept OK last night. Woke up...

I slept OK last night. Woke up around 4:30 Am to take my pain meds, actually an hour later than scheduled. I've spent most of the day laying around. Definitely not up to going anywhere. Watched a movie w/my daughter and just napped. My appetite is still not back to normal and no action in the potty either.:( I even took a laxative last night and it did nothing.

WEIGHT: Here's the weird thing. I am very swollen and puffy, I haven't gone "potty" plus I have implants that are around 1 1/2lbs (for both) and this afternoon I weighed 121.2. Before surgery I was 121.5. GO figure!

SWELLING: I'm hoping the swelling goes away soon. I'm concerned because it's moving around to my back. I am posting a photo and you can see the "bulge" on the side. That is all swelling and it's migrating around to my back, it's very tender to the touch. Otherwise my back hasn't bothered me. I'm not sure how normal that is. Maybe a drain would have been a good idea, I don't think my PS does them for BA's though. My chest is still very spongey. I haven't heard from my PS. I thought that was a little odd. Wouldn't someone at least follow up after surgery to make sure your doing ok? It's the point of it more than needing anything...

HOW I FEEL: My throat feels better but I sound a little raspy. I have a headache again. Not as bad as the migraine. Drinking some iced tea my friend brought over and it's starting to take the edge off. Besides being tender around my back/underarm area and my headache I feel ok. I took a very shallow bath, only covered the essential area's, shaved my legs and sponge bathed the upper half. Felt better to clean up and put some fresh jammies on. Planning on watching BridesMaids tonight but I'm afraid it might be too funny cause it kinda hurts to laugh!:)

MEDS: I am taking the pain meds every 4 hours. At night I take my antibiotic, pain med, Anxiety/muscle relaxer & singulair.

I'm thinking about LOVECHOCOLATE. Tomorrow is your big day and I will be thinking about you, praying for you and I would come hold your hand if I could!:) BEST wishes to you! I sent you back a PM.
When do you go to the dr ? Wow they haven't called you !!! Everything sounds fine to me . I had a lot of swelling . It felt like they couldn't swell any more but they did . Ice on off and ice again . Happy your doing good . I wish I lost weight during my healing yay for you !!! I went to the dr my 6 days after surgery .
Day 6 is my post opt. Thurday morning. Hoping to be feeling better by then! Nite nite!:)

3RD DAY POST-OPT HOW I FEEL: Today has been...

HOW I FEEL: Today has been pretty good. A bit of a roller coaster of discomfort but no real pain. I felt pretty good this morning was able to wander around the house and pretend I was cleaning. I decided to switch to Tylenol today the I went about an hour and a half past med time and I was feeling it. Just a lot of pressure, discomfort not so much pain. So I took my reg. pain med and iced and felt much better. Lost at Yahtzee to my daughter and watched Bridesmaids (NOT a kid movie so had to camp out by myself for that one), I didn't go anywhere today but I think tomorrow I will venture out if not just to Target/Starbucks to feel a little more human.

SWELLING:The swelling has gone down a bit on my right side and inbetween the breast so I can actually see a cleavage line starting to appear!:) They are a bit high but not as bad as I thought they would be at first. Plus the fact I am in a bra -not wrapped I thought without the compression that they would be even higher. Sometimes the band of the bra catches on the tape over my incision and I can feel that so I keep adjusting the bra to make sure everything is laying right. They are firm but not hard. I can press on them and it feels like a natural breast but firm. Nothing like when I was engorged when nursing. I was as hard as a rock then....

FOOD: I ate my usual Larabar for breakfast and managed to eat a salad for lunch and some almonds. Not too hungry tonight.

POTTY: I was able to go "potty" today. Not a lot but something. I took another stool softener tonight so hopefully that will help.

MEDS: I'm done with the antibiotic so tonight I will take a pain med, muscle relaxer/anti-anxiety and a singulair. LOTS OF ICE! Ice really helps make them feel better. I use bags of peas or corn but the real gallon size bags filled with ice works the best cause they are just colder. I use a blanket or large towel to help hold the ice in place on the sides of my breast where the swelling seems to be the worse. The Peas are good for quick use and maybe to take with you in a cooler if you have to go somewhere.
Sorry to hear about all the swelling!! I guess everyone is different in the healing process. Hope it's nothing!! You still look great in your photos!! :) My PS nor anyone from his office called to check on me either, and I thought that was strange as well. I even have this questionaire to fill about the office & my experience and one of the questions was asking about a follow up call. So it seems like it's something they should have done. Are you going to call your PS about the swelling before Thursday?
Lookin' good, Paleo! I really like the size on you! Thats so great that your daughter is helping you out so much! I can't believe all the swelling you're having! I have read a hundred reviews, and not once did someone else mention swelling of the neck/back. I have heard that drinking cucumber water is a great remedy and may help reduce it :)

Only 4 more days until you can shower... stinky ;)

4TH DAY POST-OPT I ventured out today. Not...

I ventured out today. Not feeling up to par for sure and slow moving but went just the same. My 15 yr old daughter drove (she has her learner's Permit) We went to lunch at Chili's, quick stop at Home Depot and Target. I went home and took a nap after. It wore me out. Amazing how little it take to wear me out! I feel for those that have to go back to work so soon! I know there is no way I'd be ready at this point. I hope I'm ready by next week cause I have no choice!

HOW I FEEL: I just want to take this bra off sooo bad. It is tight and I think I'd feel better without it but I'm keeping it on. My Post-Opt is Thursday so I will survive till then. The tape over the incision is getting itchy but not too bad. I'm still swollen and high but it seems better. I'm sleeping ok at night. I really thought that would be a major problem for me but I think the Muscle relaxer/anti-anxiety pill helps me to sleep. I don't have any pain. Just pressure but If I'm just sitting around and I'm up on my pain meds I can't tell anything is different except my arm as something to rub again that it never had before:) They seem pretty even from what I can tell but shiney. I'm still icing, it makes them feel better.

I'm at that stage where I feel like I'll never feel normal again.

We are having company over for 4th of July tomorrow, so we will see how that goes. Just family and my BFF and family so they will understand if I have to rest. Unfortunately no swimming/sunning in the pool yet:( Skin is still spongey but not as bad and I'm still hearing a gurgley noise when I move a certain way. Tummy is bloated....took another colace tonight. I have been able to go "potty" but just not normal yet.

I am watching "Soul Surfer" with my 12yr old daughter (who is folding laundry at the same time). She has been so wonderful! I know I've mentioned it before but it makes me feel like I'm not such a bad mom when I have such a nurturing, caring, responsible young lady for a daughter. Now, my 15 yr old is great too but she is not exactly the nuturing type so she is at a friends house tonight.

Oh--I did get a follow-up call from my PS office on Monday but they had left a message on my cell and I didn't get it till the next day, but at least they called...I haven't felt the need to call them yet.

Take Care & Happy 4th of July!
Your doing good !!!! Hope you have a fun day with the fam .
Great movie!! ;) Im a surfer... rofl Cant wait to get back to that myself. Actually wore my bathingsuit and went to beach last weekend. YAY!!

You sound amazing and right on track with how I have been. That SLOSHING, its most likely air pockets, fluid build up.... don't get yourself worried. I had this weird suction slosh feeling in my softer, more dropping, left side breast that happened when I squeezed and released it. For like 5 days, now today I think its gone. As long as it doesnt HURT, your good. Plus you see your PS soon no??

Bowels for me finally got back to NORMAL when i stopped all pills, well days after that... and that was day 9. It was seriously a celebration! ROFL So hope you get your normal bowels back soon too.

Great updates! You look amazing!! Love reading how your doing... I try to keep up with mine, but im feeling so great (went to gym for a small wod yesterday) that I find that I have no time!!
Thanks! Have a great 4th! You'll be catchin' a wave in no time and looking pretty hot doing it!:) I've tried surfing a couple times. We live 5 minutes from the beach. My daughter has done surf camp too and had lots of fun but she's a little too concerned of the things in the water that you can't see!:) My Post-opt is tomorrow. Can't wait! I'll keep ya posted.

I had my post opt today and everything went well....

I had my post opt today and everything went well. I will post more later. Please Pray for my new friend, LoveChocolate. I am very worried about her and would like everyone to please send her support and best wishes as she goes in for an additional proceedure tomorrow to "drain" a hematoma on her right breast that has been causing lots of pain and swelling. Luckily she went in today and they discovered what it was that was causing the problem. My thoughts and prayers are with her and I know everything will be fine and she has a wonderful surgeon that will take good care of her.:)
Thank you all my new friends for the support and prayers.
I feel so much better, no nausea so far and this is already a HUGE blessing. I was able to eat apple sauce when I got home around 12pm today and went right to sleep. Everyone at the office was kind and comforting. Hematomas rarely happen, but it did to me on July 2. Doctor Reid right boob and post op is next week. Left boob according to Dr is healing well as it is supposed to be. Thank you all for the compassion. I was still searching for my word of the year and God showed me in the dawn when I could not go back to sleep after waking up at 3am. I started to pray, I called the nurse and I was advised not to take anything, all I had at the moment was the power of prayer that I know always works but sometimes we catch ourselves too busy to lay down our deepest needs at the feet of Jesus. I was finally able to go back to sleep and hubby woke me up a little before seven for a mini bath before going to the office. I experienced so much compassion through Paleo girl, LoveMyBoys, Sissy and our precious beautiful ladies like myself doing their breast augmentation to enhance their already beautiful perfect bodies. Some of us have breast fed, others have dreamed of one day not wearing a padded bra, or just walking at VS and knowing they could choose anything they wanted. No matter what reason, it meant to you, it was your REASON, your choice.
Maybe we will never get to meet face to face, but I will never forget the comfort words, the prayers my way and the wonderful support I got from this website. Dear ladies, may your hearts be always full of compassion, kindness and love. In a nutshell, this is how we impact lives in an indescribable way. Peace, Love, Light & Compassion to us all.
I am here today to thank all of you ladies who have sent private messages and prayer. Surgery is in a few hours. I need to be there at 8:30am today. Please keep praing for me. This has been a very rough week with pain and backache for the lying/sitting position. I know God is with me and I trust Him. It has been so good writing and following some pf your posts. Paleo girl, you are such a kind, considerate, and loving spirit. Keep spreading your love and care. Peace, Love and Light to each one of you. I will ask my hubby to text Paleo after surgery today. God is good all the time!
Loves of love and hugs for you LoveChocolate! I saw Paleo's post today and thought of you all day! I Hope everything has already gone so well for you and it will be easy/less pain and heading in the right direction with your surgery. HUGZ!!! Will keep checking for updates! So keep resting and letting your body heal

9 DAYS POST-OPT: MEDS: I have been off of pain...

MEDS: I have been off of pain meds for several days as well as Tylenol. Tylenol doesn't seem to do much for me and I am not allowed to take Ibupofen till 2 weeks out. Last night I did take a pain med around 12:30 PM. I was so frustrated and getting emotional cause I couldn't get comfortable to sleep and my left side was very achey ) the sports bra is tight and bugging my hubby said take a pain pill! I really don't want to take them because of the "potty" side effects and I just mentally think I should be done with those now but I took it and it did really help. I will take them at night if I really need them but I have to go back to work tomorrow for the first time since all of this so I really don't want to take them unless I have to to be able to sleep. I need sleep to function!:)

HOW I FEEL: I feel pretty good. I have a bruise under my arm (armpit area) that is purple (I haven't noticed it before today). That is the side I am most sore on which is strange because I am right handed and I assumed my right side would be the most swollen and hurt/be the tightest because of the muscle but it's the left that is bugging me. My only theory on this is that I tend to roll to my left when I sleep so it probably has more pressure on that side and more swelling because of that. I still have the steri strips and they will be removed at my second post-opt of Friday. When I lift my arms I feel I have pretty good movement in my right side but still feel a little restricted on my left.

SWELLING: I still have swelling and they are still very firm. If you press on them they are not hard though, just tight because of the lack of tissue to fill, I believe. I think I detected some stretch marks starting to form. I started using the Cocoa Butter today to see if that helps. They are pretty big. Of course anything is big compared to almost nothing but I like how they look in clothes. I tried a few things on the other day (my favorite store, LOFT) and it is so different to have boobs when you try on clothes! I was really surprised that I can still wear the same size. I just fill it out much better!

I have been doing pretty normal things, just being careful. My daughter and husband have been wonderful helping me with things I'm restricted from doing. I've been driving. Backing out of a parking spot is the most challenging because of looking back and turning the wheel but I drove on day 6 post-opt and did fine. I live within 10 minutes of everything so it wasn't that I have automatic, power steering. I don't know how driving a stick shift would be??? We saw Spider Man today...great movie! I really enjoyed it. 2 1/2 hours! I was comfortable the entire time. Still self conscious about running into people I know and them noticing. I haven't yet....I dress fairly conservative so I don't think most people will notice. Tomorrow it's back to work so we will see if they notice, can't imagine anyone would say anything even if they did... I have company coming this week and I'm working all week, post-opt of Friday so I will do my best to keep this updated. I know everyones posts really helped me. I think that's why I'm not freaking out over everything because I know that a lot of what I am going through is normal.. Thanks to all of you out there that have been so helpful and supportive, it's so appreciated!

I posted an after bikini photo. I will post some more in a couple days....:)
You look amazing in your swim suit and that size is perfect on you!! I had the same brusing show up on both my left & right side about 10 days post op. It was strange. But they are gone now. Hope you had a great first day back to work! :)
You look FABULOUS!!!! So happy for you!
Enjoy your new look!
Lookin good Paleo girl! Glad you are feeling good and are recovering well! Bikini is looking great also! Yay! lol I was able to wear all my old bikinis as well which was good and yet a little disappointing at the same time. Haha, hard to explain that one.

Careful about buying too many new things (bras, etc.) at this point. I noticed my boobs got a little bigger once the skin relaxed and dropped.I had bought a bandeu (sp?) at week 2, and now at week 8 I have boobie bubble over the top of it and its a bit small/tight.
Congrats on the beautiful boobs! And I am sure you'll be able to hide yours, just as I am able to hide mine-esp since you are a conservative dresser as I am. That always helps. My friend 30 years didnt even notice when she came to visit me. =)

12 DAYS POST-OPT I've been back to work for three...

I've been back to work for three days. Things are going pretty well. Definitely still have "morning boob". Still taking the Singulair nightly as directed (for three months) Have a taken a pain pill on some nights to be able to sleep but I don't take anything during the day. Tylenol does not work for me.

TIP #1: Here's the my 1 week post opt I was told I could now sleep laying flat and on my side. I will tell you, they lied. Not happening! I am almost 2 weeks and laying flat is uncomfortable because I just want to flip to my side and that hurts and makes them swell more. SO...I went back to my original set up for sleep that I had from the first day post opt and that is much better. I took a pain med last night and the night before so I could sleep. I am not planning on taking one tonight. My hubby asked when all those pillow where going off the bed and I told him it doesn't seem anytime soon the way I feel so far.

TIP #2: The stretchy sports bras are much more comfortable and that's what I sleep in. They go over your head but that is not fun to try to manage to stretch it when you can't use your pecks so I step into it and pull it up and it goes on much easier and it's so comfy.

TIP #3: Don't freak out thinking you have rippling or weird stretch marks after you've worn the Walmart- front closing sports bra that has some "gathering or roushing" at the front and sides of the bra. It is just the indentation from the gathering that is making your already stretched, shiney boobs look funny. I had to laugh at myself for that one but I did have a mini panic attack thinking that I had rippling and then thought no...that's not where is would be.. OMG! I have stretch marks and didn't even get them w/two pregnancies! So luckily it was the funky bra marks. Lesson learned.

HOW I FEEL: During the day I'm moving around alot at work and I can feel the tightness. If I'm just sitting, like now at night I can't even tell anything is different. Every now and then I'll get a twinge but no serious zingers yet. My Nipples started to be pretty sensitive around 9 days post-opt (forgot to mention that in my earlier post). Below my nipple and before the steri strip the area is numb--more so on the right side. I can scratch it and I feel nothing. Very strange but doesn't bother me, really. The tape is starting to peel slightly but Friday is my second post opt and I get that off and the remaining stitches out. I have ran into some people out and about and no one has paid any attention to my new situation. I haven't worn anything tight and have not been in public or even in my own pool in my bikini yet. I was worried about the sun and sweating with the stiches and all that so I've just staying out of the sun but this weekend I will be heading to the beach so I will be extra careful with sunscreen and covering my scars.

HOW THEY LOOK: They look big to me. I like the size but they are still very "out there" so I would like them to soften and drop a bit more. I would not want to of gone any bigger. NO way. I would be very unhappy if they were any bigger. I don't think I had enough skin to accomodate anything more than what I got. I know after a few more weeks they will look more natural. (I have started seeing a bit of difference in the last couple days) I am fitting comfortably (Not wearing just tried on) a 34 C. I tried on a 34 D too and it fit but looked too wide for me. So I think the C fit's better and if they don't "fluff" too much then I hope to remain a 34 C. I think they look proportioned in clothes and I will probably get a couple new things this weekend that may "show" them off a bit more for my Beach getaway in a couple weeks. Maybe something strapless that I never could wear before cause there was nothing there to hold it up.:)

I will post some more photos this weekend!
My pre-op is tomorrow! So nervous! You are looking great and the perfect size I hope I turn out as well!! I have all my lists and thanks for the review it gave me more ideas. I also purchased some herbal supplements, vitamins, and Arnica cream for the bruising. (all recommended for this type of surgery at heal me Great website. 15% savings with order too! Because of the savings plus their already better prices, I bought a wedge pillow too, so I can sleep in my own bed rather than the recliner. Wow 2 weeks from the big day... getting cold feet! Did you feel that way? I'm feeling sudden fondness/attachment to my real boobs too. Weird!

UGH! I just did a big post and it didn't work!...

UGH! I just did a big post and it didn't work! Frustrated....
wow your result is look great sweetie:)
Thanks paleo girl. You have been real encouraging.
you might have answered this - So what size are you now? I'm also thinking of getting high profile silicone 350cc Natrelle though not Mentor. I am a 34A now, I don't have much fat & skin to work with.
Dr. Fiala (Altamonte Springs, FL)

The staff was very nice and Melinda that works at the front desk was so kind and patient with me and was diligent about calling when they had an earlier consult become available as I requested. Dr. Fiala has been great and I've been very happy with the care I have recieved from him and his staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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