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Hello I'm Delilah and I'm also from Michigan. I'm...

Hello I'm Delilah and I'm also from Michigan. I'm getting breast augumentation in mid June of 2013. Im going with a doctor in Farmington Hills because a friend of mine said HE like her work because his lady friend had hers done there. What better recommendation can a lady get right. Anyway, I'm so super excited about it and I'm hoping for positive results. I'm 5'1 and 140lbs and I'm currently in a B. I'm aiming for a definite D. Any suggestions or recommendations out there about recovery, post op, recommendations or anything is welcomed. I have a cruise coming up in August and I hope I'm healed by then.

            im going on a cruise in 2 weeks! im so excited!  if your getting you BA in June you will def. be ready for your cruise in August! i have pics if you would like to see them; good luck for your upcoming surgery! 
Thank you so much! Your look awesome and they are natural looking. I would love to see pics.
            thank you! 

Pre Op went GREAT but don't try to give me no lil boobs! I want IMPROVEMENT BABY!!!!

Okay so I'm just leaving my pre op appointment and I told my doctor I'm already a C cup and I want FULL D's!! NO SEMI D's. Not trying to come back if it's not a need (at least no time soon)! She said 400 cc's. Thinking I'm going to request 425cc's on the day of! Come on few weeks because I'm ready to shop!!

How boobs and a cruise! Have you shown your PS photos of your wish boobs? Here is a list of items you may want to purchase and set up for your recovery. Will you have anyone helping you the first few days? Thank you for sharing your story on RealSelf!

Having trouble trying to upload my photos as you suggested. When I update my post, the upload picture box isn't highlighted for me to select. Any suggestions

I have 3 weeks left with my "sad girls"!

Okay FINALLY super excited! So excited I finally found time to post pictures of these "sad girls"! My count down has started! I have 3 weeks to go and I couldn't be more excited. This is the biggest thing I've done for myself to help boost my appearance and confidence. Don't get me wrong, I'm okay with who I am and I'm fine with my body. However, I'd rather make improvements because I know that having confidence and feeling GREAT not just fine with my body will make me happier. I'm not doing this for anyone but myself. I've already made changes to my soon to be beautiful smile and that's the first thing people see right before they look down at you boobs, lol.

Trying to upload my before photos. Be patient with me, lol.

Still trying to upload these photos
Good luck with your upcoming surgery! If you're currently a full C then 425 will make you a solid DD. :-) What profile are you going with?
Hey there thanks for that info Lourdes76. I'm going with hp silicone. My doc mention moderate round but I told her I like the hp I tried on when I went to my initial consultation. Im not quite filling my C cup up so I guest the 425cc would be perfect. That should put me at the full D at least huh?
Great, I loveeee my HP! My first implants were high-profile, second moderate, and these last ones are high-profile. I much prefer the high-profile look. I think it's a more youthful look and moderate can't appear more matronly...not the look we want! The only thing I will say about high profile is this, high-profile implant narrow When I had a 425, it was a bit narrow for my rib cage and I had a gap between my cleavage that was a bit too large. My 700 high-profile have the same width as my 500 moderate and in this case, the narrow width worked for me as I could not handle a 700 moderate (way too wide for my body). Just make sure that the 425 will give you the cleavage gap and any side boob you might want :-). I definitely think 425's will put you at a full D and I'll put my money on you being a DD. That can sound big, but augmented breast looks smaller than natural breast so it's not too big. If you go look at my pictures, I'm a 32 DDD, and I don't think I look nearly that large. What is your band size? My cousin was a 36B, got 500cc and is now a 36DDD :-)

Let the count down began!! 10 more days to go.

Okay so the clocking is ticking very fast. I only have 10 more days to go. My original date for BA was June 24th, but I was fortunate to get it moved up by one week. My class (college) starts on that date, but I'm going for it anyway. I'll just take that first week off from school and hopefully my recovery is manageable and awesome! I'm going for FULL D silicone under muscle HP. I hope it works out as I don't know the cc's just yet. Again I'm current a C cup but definitely a full B band size 32-34 depending on bra brand. Good luck to everybody that also has surgery coming up.

Okay time is quickly approaching!!!

Today is the 9th and my date is on the 17th!! Can we say 8 more days to go and now my nerves and anxiety is kicking in!! I'm still concerned with size. I'm 5'1 and I weigh 140lbs. I'm currently a C cup (not full do to lost volume). Im busting out of a B cup so I think definitely a less than full C cup. I'm aiming for a full D. I want hp silicone and I'm still trying to figure out what cc's to go with and should it be hp instead of mederate profile. I don't have the high projection at the top, it's more of the deflated look at the top and the little volume I do have is at the bottom. Not to mention when I lay down there flat looking. I will have to try and upload pictures this week as I can't do it on my cell phone. I hope my surgery is as expected because I don't want to make a habit out of surgerys if not medically necessary, not to mention its expensive and time consuming. Are there any ladies out there that has had there BA performed in Farmington hills, mi?

I'm excited for you:) As far as profile goes, what did she suggest? I think it all depends on your breast width and how big the implant is that your getting. My BW was only big enough to fit a HP implant. My surgeon told me right away that was the only option that would produce a desirable outcome. I'd ask her and let her decide based on the results you desire.
Hiks87, I'm going with hp silicone gel. She first said something about moderate, but that's not the look I'm going for. I don't like the shape of my breast with the roundness and fullness at the bottom. I want it at the top so I told her I prefer hp and she said that shouldn't be a problem. So hopefully I can get the 425hp. I'd be so happy and I can't wait until Monday!!

4 days to go!!!!!! SUPA EXCITED

Here it is already Thursday and my clock is winding down FAST! I'm so excited. To recap: I am 38 years old, 1 small child (3), breast feed as long as I could being that he was 10lbs, lol. However, my breast really lost its volume and the shape wasn't so desirable anymore. I am currently a full 34 B however I wear a 32 C and mostly a 32 D in Victoria Secrets. I wish to become a full D!!!! Definitely a full D and I wont have it any other way. I'm getting silicone under the muscle with the incision located just under the breast. I really don't want a long incision and my doctor told me its no longer than 2 inches (fingers crossed). She said that 400cc's should be sufficient and I'm thinking about asking for 425 cc's just to make sure I get what I want. I'm only 5'1 and I'm 140lbs. I hope I'm satisfied and I hope that this BA recovery is quick and healthy.

Before BA post-op

Just saw your pre-op pics, I put you at a very solid DD after like sissy said :-).
Awesome! I sure hope so and thanks for all your words of courage. I'm about to update my profile with my experience but I'll update pics tomorrow.
I'm so excited for you ! Your going to love them ! I think you will be at least a double D with the size u r getting . Is your surgery date 6-23 ? I would go with the 425 .

Almost boobie time!

okay Ladies so don't rush it because time do fly when your anxious and excited. I remember writing my first post weeks ago and her it is 1 day to show time. This time tomorrow I will be in the O.R having my breast enhanced. I just experience the "nesting phase". I woke up at 7:30 went to the kitchen to make a bowl of cereal and all of a sudden I found myself mopping, vacuuming, dusting, washing clothes, dishes etc. that was at 7:30am I just ate a bowl I cereal and it's 11:21. Not to mention I'm sitting in the bed with condition in my head! Yes...I even felt the urge to wash my hair for the second time in 3 days! WTH is going on. I even had a strange dream 2 nights ago about me in the operating room and my girlfriends walks in and says something is wrong with her breast. She had capsule least that's what I diagnosed her with, yes I, lol. Too funny. Anyhow I'm so excited and I can't wait till tomorrow ladies. Still hoping for 425-450cc's silicone under muscle.
Good luck
Gosh thank you so much! I'm just waking up from my nap and so far so good! I just made me some fruit and has water. Relaxing in the bed. All I remember is asking the lady in surgery to let me know when she was going to put the meds in my IV do I can fall asleep and the next thing I remember was getting help putting on my panties, lol.
Congrats !

Okay Ladies it's done!

Well today is June 17th and it's done! My appointment was at 10:30am and for some reason I didn't get to the back until 12noon. I grew ansy of course! However once I was called to the back some things changed! I still went with silicone however, the profile changed (not my choice) to mod-plus profile which I wanted high profile. 400cc's in the right and 425cc's in the left. I remember waking up to my name being called and getting help with putting my panties on, lol. I remember them help me get in the car while my boyfriend standing to the side. He asked me how was I feeling. I kept saying thirsty plz and food plz. I demanded, yes demanded Tim Hortond cream of broccoli soup. He brought me that and chicken noodle soup. Got home and devoured the soup, lol all while nodding. I finished that soup tho. I got home around 3:30pm and was in bed by 4:40ish. There was/is no pain at this time. I took one Narco pill and ate then bed. I just woke up at 7:30ish and fixed, yes fixed me some fruit on a plate. I was told after 2 hours of napping to walk around to prevent swelling and blood clots of the legs. I'm doing fine so far, texting good as you can see and about up take more meds and walk around for a few minutes. I hope these breast are what I wanted because I was dead set on 425's high profile! Still under the muscle. I will post update pics tomorrow because I don't feel like getting the laptop out. Oh yeah, the taste in my mouth was horric and I had general anesthia.
Thank you Ladies can't wait to post new pics. D
Keep us posted...

Here's my post-op pictures (Day 1)

Okay just to recap a little. I am 38 years old and I've been considering breast implants for a few years. I'm 5'1 and 140 lbs. I went with a doctor in Farmington Hills, MI (suburban Detroit). I'm also from the area. I had a friend to go to my doctor a few years back and her husband loved her results. So I figured why not go with a mans recommendation. I initially thought I was going with 425 cc's under muscle high profile silicone on June 24, 2013. My surgery date changed to June 17th 2013 and so did my cc's and profile. Not my choice but recommended by my doctor. She gave me smooth mentor mod-plus and 425 cc's in right (although my card says right, got to check into that one because it should have been my left) and 400 in my left. They look even so I'm sure it was/is a typo. My left breast was slightly smaller than my right, volume wise, but not very noticeable. Anyways, my boyfriend video taped it on the way to the clinic and later on the ride home and after my nap. I don't sleep much maybe at the most 3 hours but its okay because my child is away and I can relax whenever and however long I want. I also asked my doctor if she could take pictures in the operating room as to the final product being that she will be the first to see my final product before all of the swelling and so that I can see it when I go for my follow-up. You know since it will be a long 3 months before I see the final product. I'm not in pain at all, just a feeling of tightness but this feels similar to what I experienced when I gave birth so its fine. I still take my pain pills as I should because I don't want anything sneaking up on me. I'm eating fine, no nausea, able to walk around, not dizzy at all, can feed myself, use the restroom with no help. I'm pretty functional but I do move about slowly and carefully as directed. My boyfriend was able to go to work as scheduled and I'm just fine. Good luck to everyone who is in recovery and who is about to go in shortly. It's not bad at all for me, but I do know everyone is different so happy healing. Also, my surgery took about 2 hours so I was told.

Happy your doing good ! Looking great !
Thank you so much Sissy 48! I'm actually feeling wonderful considering what I went through. I'm so excited I'm one of the very many who has a great recovery thus far. Couldn't be happier.

Day 3 pre-op (why does my picture for my profile keepdisappearing)!

Enjoying my healing and everything is working out fantastic! Not having any pain and haven't had any since surgery! Awesome awesome awesome! I'm still taking my meds because I don't want any painful surprises but I'm no longer taking the pain meds prescribed to me. I am taking tylenols as needed and of course my antibiotics. Taking stool softeners and that's just starting to work. Thank God because that extra weight of 7-8 pounds isn't fun at all!! I'm healing wonderfully and no fluids of any kind at the incision sight. It looks beautiful. Still swollen quite a bit and sore and stiff but nothing unbearable of course. Hope everyone is healing okay and enjoying their new additions.

Okay this burning sensation is kicking my BUTT!!!!

This is no joke! It burns burns burns! Feels like heartburn but worse! Boobies are throbbing and burning and I have shortness of breath and it's uncomfortable! My top part of my back hurts and both sides of my neck and back of my neck! What the hell!!!!! HELP PLZ!!! Anyone knows what I can do to resolve this? Other than that, this is post -op day 3 and I've been in very little to no pain at all!
Just read your off of pain meds. Girl, if you have throbbing/burning, take your pain meds. Pain can actually cause a stress response in your body and inhibit healing (worked in medicine for several years). Your muscles are sore from a. Sleeping position/posture and b. blunt dissection to create pocket for implant. Try muscle relaxer, narcotic pain meds, and tums/antacid. You can also use a heating pad on your neck/back...just not near your breasts at all.
Thank you. I also have some flexerils....muscle relaxers. I think I'll try that before the narco. This soreness of my back and neck is no joke!

Feeling much better/ DAY 4!!!!

Oh wee Ladies! Please oh please oh please TAKE YOU PAIN PILLS! I had so much discomfort yesterday that as my boyfriend was sleeping on the couch and I was laying on the other, I woke him up do to my sqeeling! He jumped up and said "Babe you alright"? I said NO! IT'S BURNING ON THE INSIDE LIKE HEARTBURN. That lasted pretty much all day yesterday until a few of my Lady friends on this site encouraged me to take my meds and it worked! I ended up getting some sleep last night. I took flexeril, narco, antibiotics and I iced these babies down and feel asleep quickly! Today is much better. The boobies are softening up, and looking amazing! I'm excited about my boobs and I'm glad I did it. I'm not going to say I wish I'd went bigger because that could only come with perhaps more pain do to stretching of the skin. I think I'm stretched enough and there the same shape of my breast. No bleeding, no bruising, no anything or that than "DAY 3"= NO JOKE!!!!

How long will it feel like this?

Hello Ladies. Today is DAY 6 and I've had a better 3 days since day 3 which was thee worse! Day 3 there was heart burn, tightness, uncomfortable know, like what you experience after you have a baby! However, since then everything has been a lot better except this tightness feeling! Like engorgement feeling that will make you wake from your sleep or make you leave a social gathering....OUCH!! How long do I suppose to feel this? It's not medication type pain, so it doesn't warrant meds, but it's so uncomfortable that it makes you wanna cancel your class that you tried hard and anxious to get into! So I am thinking of canceling my English class that meets 2 days a week for 5 hours straight each day for 6 weeks. Should I drop my class or will this end sooner than later?

Post op WK 1 (7 days down)

Went for my 1st post op today. Stitches are dissolving perferctly and the sterile strips were removed so I saw the incision. Not bad at all!! Hope that it heals well and these boobs let up off my back! My poor back is so heavy that I walk differently because of the weight and my my being sore. Still have engorgement (morning boob) feeling and having a hard time staying asleep so I asked my doctor if I could take some of the flexerils and she said sure (prescription muscle relaxer). So I'm going to take the summer off from school and enjoy this time to take it easy and relax and heel properly. I'll post pics a lil later tomorrow. It's hot and I'm tired!
             hey delilah your results look great! you got alot for 425cc! you look great with mods! 
Hey there Violet1234! Thx you thx you! You think my results look great? I love it. That just made my night ;) I got 425 in my right but I believe it was to go in my left, lol. Oh well what's done is done. I have 400 in the left but should have went in my right. No big noticeable difference and I only knew because it was written on my card. Hey she didn't tell me to massage tho. This was my 1 week post op. I think I should call her to make sure it wasn't a part of my treatment.
             i asked my ps if i should massage too and he told me not too! he said that he like things to happen naturally! i massaged  anyway! i didnt want to take any chances! i had cc before in my right breast! i massage once a day now for 3min. on each breast and they are supper soft and bouncy! i love them! 

Apparently I should be massaging!

I hope my breast turns out equally.
To massage or not to massage, that is my question! Other than this all the pain, discomfort, and swelling is very manageable. Hey before I forget let me add this. I was rubbing on the sides of my (new) boobs and I got the strangest, hardest and difinielty noticeable kick just below my left boob in the upper part of my abdomen! I quickly snatched my hand away and jumped up to look. It felt like a baby's foot in my baby....kid you not! I still remember 3 years ago when my baby would kick and that's exactly what this felt like. No more rubbing for me today because that freaked me OUT!!!!!

Loving my Mod-profile!

In loving the shape and decision of my BA. I'm really in love with the shape of my 400cc left breast and I wish my right bread matched it. I have mixed feelings about the girls as a package tho.

Loving my mod-profile

Don't you love the typo's, lol. In suppose to be I'm and bread suppose to be breast. That's funny.. Anyway happy recovery ladies
I know my phone does it to me too lol. You look great ! How are you feeling ?
Hi there Sissy 48! Thank you. I'm doing awesome, just small annoying discomforts here and there but pretty good to be 11 days post op. No major complaints other than I'm trying to deal with the mix up. It frightens me to think about it and I'm a lil self conscious of the unevenness. However, I'm blessed that nothing went wrong and I can't express enough how much I love the look of my mods. I was against this profile at my initial visit because I liked the projection of the hp silicone. I'm so excited she insisted on the mods. I just hope after all the settling is done that there is no Hugh difference. How you been?
I'm doing great ! I think your profile looks great . I sure hope the dr is taking care of what the mix up . I read that 25 cc isn't much so hopefully once you drop and fluff they will look the same size . I can't see the difference . I'm sure you can there your boobies . Time goes by slow when your waiting for surgery and fast once it's done . Having pain is normal at least it was for me . I'm happy you love how good you look .

just a few pictures post op day 11

just a few post op day 11 pictures. Heeling coming along pretty well, just wish they were the same size. I guess a revision will be in the future for me... unfortunately!!!

more pics

more pics with my Lucky Shirt, lol. should have been wearing this shirt the day of my surgery. Anyway here are just some pics in different arm positions to show the shape which I love. The breast aren't hanging different if it appears that they are, it was just that I was holding my arm different trying to hit the snap shot picture on the computer. But again, I'm not totally disappointed or even upset I just wish my right looked like my left because I really love love love my 400 cc mod-plus profile. I hope they will grow on me. My doctor did an awesome job on my incisions and I absolutely love her work. Perhaps this was truly just a fluke. I would definitely use her again but I will stress what it is that's to be done moments before the surgery.

Just checking in. Let us know how you are doing. Hoping all is well!

You look great ! With your arms down I don't see any difference , with them up I can tell the size difference . Mine are messed up from my last revision and when my arms are up any one can tell the difference . I'm going to take picture and post it .
Thanks Sissy 48!!! Yeah like I said I'm only 11 days post op so I hope when they finally df that the difference won't be so obvious. Looking forward to your pics as well.
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