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Hey ladies! Just joining this forum today, and I...

Hey ladies! Just joining this forum today, and I must say how I LOVE reading about your experiences, your support for each other and seeing your fantastic results. You are all so beautiful and so refreshing with your honest, sweet, and funny posts on the BBL forum.

So here's a little about me, I'm 22, Hispanic, no kids, full-time student, bartender, and I live on my own in MD next to my school. I've been doing TONS of research on this procedure for quite some time now, and I must say.....WOW. I never could have thought that one procedure could give you a crazy body like that. Anyways, I want it! It won't be my first surgery either..had a breast augmentation done last year in July. I couldn't be happier with them, but now I want a butt! I never had a small waist or a flat tummy, but I always worked out and ate healthy...nothing really helped. When I was a child, I was EXTREMELY heavy. I always played soccer, so I guess that helped me lose most of it. But I knew from that point on I will NEVER have a pretty little waist like all my skinny friends had. Luckily, I thinned out in high school..but still my tummy suffered a lot from my childhood experience. I always kinda had a butt, but nothing extravagant. I'd turn heads everywhere I go, but then I started college. You guessed it..freshman fifteen. I put on a lot of weight..not exactly 15 pounds..more like 30. I'm fortunate that I work out and and am able to keep everything nice and semi-tight...and from there, my thighs, hips and my butt GREW! HUGE! AMAZING! lol And that weight gain unlocked my booty potential...and actually I feel better than in high school. It was until I lost about 15 pounds that my butt and hips started to go down...and I missed it dearly. I didn't feel so healthy with all that extra weight (plus, my belly was yuck!), but I desperately want that booty back.. that booty that all Hispanic girls are supposed to have...and those hips!! I want it all with the with little waist and tummy.

I've invested some time into your stories and results, and I really do think that this procedure will give me that body I've always wanted. You all have such inspiring stories, and help each other out so much and I have absolutely NO ONE to talk to about this. I'm afraid of being judged by my family and by my friends. I'm actually planning on telling no one (besides you guys, of're cool)..and going on a brief hiatus from all my family and friends while I recover from surgery and to try and hide the new arse. hehe

As excited as I am, I am EXTREMELY nervous about going under the knife again, but being that I had such a pleasant experience the first time..I figured why not!! Plus, I am REALLY good with pain. I kick-box and spar with my older brother, and I can take quite a beating!! Also, I know that every body is different. Everyone has a different shape and size, different healing, and different results, so I know that I may end up disappointed with my results or they won't meet my expectations. Doing my research, I feel that I based my opinion on doctors through their years of experience. I've researched Salama, Soto, Jimerson, and Markmann, and met them all!! I've gone all around, and I've set my heart on Markmann. He's very experienced in this type of surgery, and the results that he gives his patients are absolutely stunning. He guarantees that if I follow his post-op instructions and refrain from sitting for at least 3 weeks, I would be able to retain at least 80% of the fat injected into the buttocks. He sculpts beautiful waistlines and tummies, leaves virtually no scars, and gives you that big, juicy, voluptuous booty that we all want.. and it stays! I've also read about a lot of his BBL patients on here, and they said he's worth every penny. So the date is set, and I've paid half of my surgery already.
As far as my stats go:
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 170lbs
Bust: 41"
Hips: 43"

I need tips on what to buy to make my recovery as easy as possible! Please help! And is anyone else going to Markmann in August?! I need a butt buddy! lmbo


I'm going to Dr Kaufman in Folsom.....then in Dec I am going to Dr Wong in Roseville,he did my tummy tuck and lipo 4years ago..
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good luck on your journey...i have my BBL surgery August 6.....I will be going for my consultation July 17....i had a tummy tuck 4 yrs ago...which now i dont have a lot of fat on my body only getting 400 cc....but i will be happy with anything now now....
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Thanks! Who will be doing your surgery? Bet you're excited!

So yesterday was my surgery, and notice that my...

So yesterday was my surgery, and notice that my review says "Not Sure" if the procedure was worth it or not. I spent so much money on this procedure that I wanted so I can't stop crying, thinking that I made the worst decision of my life. I had a nice body..I just wanted to make it better like all of you guys who got amazing, I look like a cow, everything swollen and I can hardly move. I was in the recovery room for 6 hours, WAITING for my room to be ready. The hospital fees included an overnight stay, and they were dying to get me out. Feeling super sensitive about the whole situation, I started to get my things ready, BALLING MY EYES OUT. Seriously the worst day ever for me.


Hi sweetie,I do know how u feel,I had my surgery aug6,and I cried to,I could not see any difference at all,I had foam on my back and inner thighs,I felt it it wasn't worth it at all,then I took the foam off,and I swear to you,I couldn't see nothing,I am 11 days post op,and now I'm happy,for some odd reason, my butt fluffed out!So u will be ok,I know it,I was only able to get 500cc per cheek,not much,but it sure has made a difference for will see...
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I think the pain and swelling can be overwhelming and I hear a lot of ladies are very emotional after the bbl... to top it off if you felt you were being rushed out of the hospital, I can only imagine how you must feel. Keep up your fluids, food, walking and rest and hopefully in a few days you'll feel better.
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It will be okay, it's your first day of recovery and everyone says their swollen. Give it sometime. Dr. Markman is an amazing surgeon, so I know you'll look great!
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So it's day 2, and I can't help to be upset that I...

So it's day 2, and I can't help to be upset that I basically got kicked out of my room yesterday..never even got a phone call from the doctor, not even a visit!! One of the nurses ( the only male one) said he spoke with Markmann and since I was up and about that I should be getting ready to go! I was starting to choke up right there omg..I really didn't want to have to ask anybody to take care of me. Honestly, I'm so independent, and it KILLS me that I had to ask my poor bf to take care of me. All I wanted to do is stay in the hospital for just a couple more hours to get myself mentally prepared to deal with this recovery. Thank goodness for my awesome bf.
As for results, I can see HUUGE hips, no difference in the butt area, and a teeny tiny waist kinda... I blabbing and extremely emotional, so I'll stop. Sorry guys. I'll update later.


It's ok... what you are feeling is perfectly normal. I haven't had my procedure yet, but I am booked for Salama on Sept 5th. Alot of people want to cry after the surgery and wonder if it was worth it. Markmann does great work and like you said, you already had a butt, so I know your results will look absolutely great in a few weeks. Don't worry about your results and whether or not it was worth it right now. You just had major surgery and need to focus on healing, so please do that and what the doc has told you to do. You chose Markmann for a reason and he is one of the most consistent docs on this site.

Happy Healing & God Bless!
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Almost Day 4 on this thing, and I must say I sure...

Almost Day 4 on this thing, and I must say I sure am glad this pain is going away. I finally feel mobile again on my own! Yes! Got a nice little phone call from one of my nurses who took care of me at the hospital. She was such a doll. Everything at Northwest Hospital was absolutely perfect. Beautiful facilities. Spacious rooms and bathrooms. The absolute kindest and most helpful nurses I have ever come into contact with. Bertha was the nurse who called me, and she's an amazing human being. From immediately after surgery to the day after, she was amazing. I cannot explain in words how instrumental Bertha, Keesha, Dawn, and Pat were in my recovery. Dawn and Bertha were literally cheering me on to get out of bed and go for my first walk. Needless to say, it was not fun at all,but having been on my stomach for 10 hours straight I was going nutssss and restless. They cheered and clapped. I felt amazing afterwards, and I was actually able to get up on my own the next few times. I know I was being a little dramatic before about being "kicked" out by that gentleman but these nurses made up for it plus more. I'm actually happy that it happened now. I'm used to the tough love type stuff anyways which is why I'm not used to people taking care of me, and I was incredibly ashamed to ask for help. Putting my pride aside to actually ask for help, taught me a lot emotionally and has actually accelerated my healing I believe.


Sorry to hear of your post op experience . You would think after spending that kind of $ you could spend a day there? Was there no communication as to how long you could recover?
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Hey lina414, I know. I spent so much money on hospital fees (about 5k). It all seemed very vague about how long I was able to stay in my room. I just new I had exactly 23 hours AFTER I got there, and it took forever for my room to be ready. So basically, I got there at 8pm (sx was done at 3pm) and this guy was rushing me out at 1:30pm the next day. I was infuriated and so hurt. The nurses all told me to ignore him, but at that point I couldn't stop crying and just wanted out!
it will be ok, its ok to want to perfect what we already have and to be a improved ve4rsion of us it is ! and your results will come out fabulous ! dont worry love. Quick and fast recovery for you xoxo
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First off, thank you ladies for all the love and...

First off, thank you ladies for all the love and support. I completely freaked out my first day, maybe I even overreacted some. I was being such a baby. I feels tons better thanks to you guys. I have a much more positive outlook on what to expect and that everything I was feeling was normal. I saw Markmann today for my 4 day post-op appointment. I was sooo excited to get my garment changed, along with all the padding and gauze. I peed on my garment some lol, and I think my drains leaked some because my garment has felt wet and sticky for the past 2 days, so uncomfortable! I was starting to think I smelled so bad and my bf has been sleeping right next to me. I felt so bad that bf had to sleep next my stinky butt lol..poor guy!
Anyways, Markmann said he took out almost 6 liters of fat! Holy crap, I was completely unaware surgeons could even take out so much! I thought 4 was the limit! I guess since it was done in a hospital, he was able to take out more. He said was able to put 1,120 cc's into each cheek! Omg..when he took off the garment I nearly fainted. He helped me lay down onto the nearby reclined chair. After I regained full consciousness I stood up and almost fainted again! But this time from the sight of my crazy looking body! I was almost in tears omg..unreal. With all the padding and bandages gone, I was able to see my new flat tummy, a teeny tiny waist, and a HUGE donk and hips. I'll post pics as soon as my bf comes back from his work trip, so he can help me take off the garment. I still pretty bruised and swollen, but I still see a huge difference. I'm so happy now, and I'm so excited to be all healed so my boo and I can have some fun ;) hehe


Aww I am sooooo happy for you!!! I read your review before and how unhappy you were, I figured you were in shock because of the pain and all that comes with surgery, but I am so glad that there was light at the end of the tunnel. You just don't know how it is until its your turn. I hope and pray that you continue to heal speedily (so you can have fun with your and also that you continue to love your results!!!!! It will only get better from here, continue to take it easy and try as hard as you can to go as long as you can without sitting on that new will make a difference. So HAPPY I chose markmann (April 2013 yay!!!!).....#teammarkmann
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I can't wait to see pics! The surgeons around here do not like to put more than 400cc in each side. That is why I'm going out of town.. I want as much as possible...
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Hey lady,I hope you are well,I'm glad you happy now,I knew you would be, I went out Saturday night,and I actually looked nice in my dress! Had a hangover,buts it's ok,I'm glad I had my bbl, next stop my breast aug/lift in December,I'm excited,so maybe you will b able to resell me what to expect from my surgery on the breasts.....
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Day 5- This morning when I woke up I had the urge...

Day 5- This morning when I woke up I had the urge to go number 2 finally! I don't want to get into details. It wasn't fun. Just watch the bathroom scene from Dumb and Dumberer (the 2nd one), and that should explain the mess that I made. I struggled for about 2 hours and almost gave up. I'm a mess now and can't wait til my bf comes back to help me get a shower and change this stinky garment ugh.

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Day 5- This morning when I woke up I had the urge...

Day 5- This morning when I woke up I had the urge to go number 2 finally! I don't want to get into details. It wasn't fun. Just watch the bathroom scene from Dumb and Dumberer (the 2nd one), and that should explain the mess that I made. I struggled for about 2 hours and almost gave up. I'm a mess now and can't wait til my bf comes back to help me get a shower and change this stinky garment ugh.

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Hey so for the first time in a while I feel...

Hey so for the first time in a while I feel amazing! Earlier today, I felt disgusting and so drained. I couldn't poop. I had pee all over me. I couldn't even look at food earlier. It's funny how you're body just shuts down when you get constipated. I literally almost fainted on the toilet and ruined my new behind smh. Sorry to be brutally honest, I just want people to know what to expect. Ladies, please take your fiber! It is so important. Markmann recommended citrucil to help me go, but the taste of it makes me gag. (I just hate the taste of artificial orange yuck!) and it came back to haunt me with the worst Number 2 session ever. So my mom took me the pharmacy to get an at-home enema (I didn't even ask the doc.. I didn't even care. I was suffering!) I ran (wobbled really, but I wanted to run) to the bathroom to put the enema to work. And it worked! I was so happy! The color came back to my cheeks. I got my appetite again. I felt so much happier. And to top off the day, I got my first shower, too! My bf has been amazing. I thank him for today, for the best shower ever, the best dinner ever. I'm just so happy. Now for picturess..I'm still very swollen, but I'll try to post up a couple. Bare with me ladies.


I really keep telling myself that I will try for 8wks without sitting...but its easier said then't wait to see your 3 month pics
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Thanks again, girl. I'm pretty sure you can do it! You do get tired very easily, but all you got to do it lean on something (or someone lol) to get some energy back. I hear this lack of energy thing lasts for weeks ugh. And Markmann also prohibits bending at the hip! That's a toughy! I look like Frankenstein lol. Anyways, I hear the no sitting part becomes a lifestyle. If you do anything for 21 days, it becomes a habit and should be easy from there on out!
Yay Markmann buddy! Lol. He's by far the sweetest guy ever, very funny too, joking on te day of surgery even. He made not neevous at all In fact, you won't be nervous at all! You just know you're in the best hands, and you're completely safe, you'll come out perfect. The day I came into the office for my post-op, he took off my garment. I began to faint, and he caught me and laid me on the table hehe. It was so funny. Anyways, you'll love him. I know I was being a baby the first day, and all it took was that ONE male nurse to make me cry and be all upset like that. But really, I had an amazing experience so far. My bf, family and you guys have been so helpful in the healing process. And yes, the no sitting isn't that bad tho! It's weird you can never go to a movie or a regular restuarant to sit and eat (you can always stand at the bar with friends). In Baltimore, there's a lot to do walking distance (and you never sit anyways, even if you could!) I'm pushing for at least 4 weeks without sitting. I hear people go for as long as 6 weeks! Sheesh!
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I'm updating to say a few things relating to...

I'm updating to say a few things relating to getting surgery in general. I'm in school. I have a formal and experienced education about the human body. Our bodies are amazing things, healing after such major surgeries that we do. I'm not saying that we don't love our bodies, but we do treat it like crap! Some, with the food they eat, the stuff they drink, or not allowing any exercise. Cutting to the chase, any future BBLers or ladies undergoing ANY procedure should LET YOUR BODY HEAL!! I see instances where people do too much too soon and end up with less than better results or even worse, hematomas and infections! I'm just looking out for you ladies. I want you all to stay healthy and don't jeopardize your results! Let your body rest, don't plan on doing ANYTHING major within your docs healing timeframe (don't even think about bending the rules!), and eat healthfully and get the best sleep you possiblly can. By anything major, I mean vacations, parties, major life decisions, and things of that sort. People wonder why they can't get good results, but I believe it's what you do at home that affects those results you're getting. I'm saying this, because I , too, am guilty of putting too much on myself while recovering. I've decided way before my procedure that I was going to have to sell one of my cars to help pay for my procedure. Fortunately it sold...THE DAY OF MY SURGERY. If I would have planned better, this process would have been over and done with. Now, I'm stuck with making dumb long phone calls to banks and the new owner of my baby (tear) while I'm in bed trying to rest. It's so stressful. I would hate to think that this stressing out would effect my healing..HATE. So ladies, take it from me, please. Learn from my mistake and hold off or plan ahead anything major in your horizon when planning surgery. I've already had to go through a lot, and I want you ladies to prevent all the stress if you can. It might just affect you in more ways than not.


How you feeling?Hope ur date is changed to Nov now! plenty of time to heal now....
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I'm feeling pretty good. Can't wait to get these drains out Monday! They are such a pain! And that's so great you got your date changed. So happy for you! Do you have any idea what size you want?
I want to keep the same size that I am,I have breasts,they just sag now,but I know I still have to get the implant with the lift,I told the dr I just want the fullness,not bigger...I know u can't wait to get those drains out, I had them when I had a truck 4 yrs ago,I didn't have drains for my bbl,s drs don't use them...thank GOd,cuz they sure hurt when they come out!,,,take it easy,,,,,,ttyl..

Hey ladies. It

Hey ladies. It

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Hey Ladies! It's a been a while since I've updated...

Hey Ladies! It's a been a while since I've updated. September 27th was my second post-op check up. Though it had only been 11 days since surgery, I felt very good besides a little soreness, bruising, and some swelling. Dr. Markmann took out the drains that day as well, which I was really excited about. I was so annoyed by them. I feel so much more comfortable now they're out. Also, Markmann said I don't have to flush my system anymore. I had to drink enough fluids to make myself go every 2 hours. I can actually sleep through the night (well, about 4-5 hours) now that I don't have the crazy urge to run to the bathroom. Sleeping without the drains is awesome. My boo can actually put his arm around me without being nervous he'll pull on one of them. He was helping me get dressed one day and he accidentally pulled on one, making me yelp. After that, he's been treating me like glass lol, is if I'm so dainty and fragile. It's so cute! He still helps me get dressed (since I'm still not allowed to bend at the hip) If he hears that I've dropped something, he literally runs from the other side of the apartment to come pick it up for me hehe ;) He's even bought me a little picker-upper claw's called a Nifty Nabber by Unger. He got it at Home Depot for like 20 bux. It helps pick up things from the floor and helps me get dressed if my babe isn't near by. The no bending at the hip part of the rcovery process is by far the most difficult thing to face, but it's all worth it. I haven't lost one centimeter of volume since surgery, and one characteristic of Markmann booties is that they continue to round out and grow (which I'm a little nervous about. This butt is HUGE already!) My waist continues to shrink every day as swelling goes down. My skin has been itching LIKE CRAZY! It literally wakes me up in the middle of the night, and I go into a scratching frenzy. At first, I thought it was the anti-bacterial soap that I've been using to shower that was drying out my skin, so I would slather on some Aquaphor to keep it moisturized. It didn't work!! I was still scratching like crazy. Ugh. I'm just dealing with it now. Other than that, almost all the bruising is gone. My incision's are disappearing with the help of some Neosporin. Still wearing my garment and binder religiously. Still consuming my high protien diet per doctor's orders.


Hey girl, how are you doing? How's the butt? I'm dying to see your results! Could you please post some pictures?
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any pics of your results
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This weekend was the first time I went out since...

This weekend was the first time I went out since surgery and OH MY GOODNESS. I got the meanest stares from every and all the girls, and my friend and I saw at 3 guys running into the wall while looking at me. Needless to say, I've never gotten so much attention. Every guy who approached me asked if I modeled and/or that my body sh*ts on Kim K's body. Even the DJ of the club ( a very popular DJ in DC) called me out as the finest girl in the club, a club where multiple video vixens and models work and party. It was crazy. My friend and I honestly got annoyed at all the attention (And I'm VERY shy!!), and we end up leaving early. I won't be going out without my boyfriend anymore. I would feel a lot safer, and more comfortable. Ladies!! Learn how to kick box or some Tae Kwon Do before this procedure with Markmann! lol You will need it. Haters will come left and right.


You look hawt!!!! Love ur results!!!! Everytime I hear a Markmann story it makes me more confident that iI chose him...:0) #teammarkmann2013
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Awesome! You will look fantastic!
You look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!! I am trying to choose between Salama and Markmann, and I am leaning towards Markmann. Your results really make me want him!
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Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post op for me!! WHOO! I...

Tomorrow will be 4 weeks post op for me!! WHOO! I still refuse to sit, even though I got the okay from Dr. Markmann a week ago. I'm soooo obsessed with my new booty...I treat it like a baby butt baby hehe. I rub it with lotion alll the time (I don't want any stretch marks or scars) , and I don't let my boo touch it too much. Before surgery, my boo and I alway played this game of grab ass lmao, but now he has to be gentle and rub it ONLY (Sorry! TMI!) . It's actually helped soften it up a lot and give it more jiggle lol..sorry, ladies..just wanted to update y'all! I'd be happy to answer any questions!


Gorgeous results! Just stunning! If I could have afforded Markmann I would have considered him, but yeah! He's a great doctor.
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IKR, its as cute as can be. You look great by the way
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Nice! Love the bra and panty set too. I cant wait to look good in undies again
  • Reply now I get a wedgie with any underwear I... now I get a wedgie with any underwear I wear...and I tried on a size 31 jean last night, and they hardly the zipper was screaming and the button was a ticking time bomb. Before I fit a UK29 or US8 comfortably, but now it looks like I'll be in the 32/12 range. Pray for me


Hello - Are you still happy with your results?
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Hey Pretty Positive, I'm going to Dr. M as well and I'm super excited! You're review is great, I'm learning a lot about the whole experience from it. How do you like your results now? Are the lipo'd areas even ? Is there any advice you wish you'd had before getting your bbl? Also (sorry for so many questions!) what kind of butt or figure did you ask him for? Thanks!
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wish i could see pictures but your review-as well as the other girls-have convinced me to schedule a consult with dr m. thank you for sharing! i LOL about the tae kwon do too. thanks for the suggestion.
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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Markmann and his staff made this whole process worth every penny. I would do it all over again in a heart beat with Markmann and his team by my side. Amy, Lauren, and Trish are amazing. They walked me through the entire process, have been very patient with me, and have shown genuine courtesy and care. I feel like a QUEEN when I walk through those office doors, greeting me by name, giving me accurate wait times, and offering me refreshments. Dr. Markmann is awesome. He's kind, honest, and very knowledgeable in what he does. He was very thorough in his explanation of the procedure. He answered all of my questions( I had a lot!). My second consult was almost 2 hours, and he didn't even rush me out. On top of amazing service, the wonders he did to my body I can hardly describe in words. Just..speechless. He exceeded all of my expectations and gave me a body that I thought I could only dream of. I look better than any celebrity body I've ever seen...and I get to see it every day thanks to Dr. Markmann.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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