No Results!! After Thread Lift Done in Dubai. At MIDAS TOUCH MEDSPA by Dr. Antonie Aboud - Dubai, AE

I did my "Thread Lift" in Dubai. At MIDAS TOUCH...

I did my "Thread Lift" in Dubai. At MIDAS TOUCH MEDSPA by Dr. Antonie Aboud. I was convinced by their Consultant that i need "Silhouette Soft" for my sagging cheeks jaw correction. The amount i paid was Dirhams 6000.
Their visiting doctor, Dr. Antoine Aboud did the lift at their clinic, but i saw NO results at all, after 6 threads insertion.. I was asked to wait for results for 2 weeks, and it is one month now, but there are no results of any kinds!

Thread lift is not effective! Do do it
And if you decide to do, go to better reputable centers. Not such small time Med Spas like this Midas Touch!! U will waste your money totally. I paid Dhs.6000 (usd.1500)


Thanks for your review! Shame to hear about a bad experience with Dr Abboud cos I thought he was supposed to be OK. I had a similarly disappointing experience with Dr Diamond in Dubai and eventually got Gabriel Saab to revise it. As for you, I think Dr Jaffer Khan is really good with fillers in the nose to disguise bad work I think the Silhouette lift is wrongly marketed as a lift when really, I think it's more firming than lifting. Still, with 6 threads you'd expect some result, a lot of docs only use 2 or 3 each side. I have a similar issue and paid the same price in London for the Korean Ultra V lift which uses smaller threads but more of them (I had around 10 medium threads and 15 smaller each side). It was uncomfortable but my face does look firmer and nasolabial lines reduced. However I think most people would be better putting their cash aside for a midface lift a few year later if they have saggy cheeks/jowls
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I had korean dissolving threads done yesterday to decrease nasolabial folds. I have a low tolerance for pain and bruised up and swollen. I was told to expect the effect in a month or two. Is it true that threads stimulate collagen production? Will skin be uneven as a result
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Thread Lift !!! Disappointing

Post 2 months of my thread lift (silhouette soft lift) done at Midas Touch Medspa, Dubai. By Dr. Antonie Aboud (a monthly visiting cosmetic surgeon at Midas Touch, from Jordan)
6 threads were inserted to correct neso folds and saggy jaw. No improvement shown at all. Not even 2% - it has been 2 months since the procedure

The doctor first told me wait for 2 weeks to see the difference., and now he is conveniently telling me "the results are there but ur not seeing them" {the before after pics have no improvement i wonder if he is actually looking at the same pics that i am looking at?(pls chk the attached pics for ur reference)

Yesterday i visited him again, after 2 months wait and asked what can be done? He aggressively said "pay more and get more threads"
And he was not interested in any further talk!

Before the procedure, i had asked them clearly that "will i really get results by this thread lift paying dhs.6000 (usd.1500)".. ?
and i was well assured by them that "THIS WILL BE IT" & Nothing more will be required for atleast next 2-3 years, since my jaw has very minor sag.
I trusted them.

Now, after the procedure they want me to pay additional dhs.8000 (for approx 6 more threads) to see the improvement

This is pure cheat.. And i will file a legal case against them for deliberately pulling me into an expensive procedure where they have got me stuck and i have no choice than to pay more and get the correction done.

Do not go to this doctor and this medspa.. They are big cheats in Dubai sitting in Mazaya Center on Shaikh Zayed Road!


The thing is that u can not know how many threads did they actually put in? The patient can not know. The only choice we have is to TRUST what the doctor told u. As for my case, i am positive they did not put more than 2 threads each side, else i would see atleast SOME results! They sent me home saying "we hv charged u lowest in town, u can go & chk around" (But after seeing the reaults it seema he has charged me less bcz he has put in less threads! (but telling me that "there are 6 threads in there" in total) They know no one is going to open n count them again. Isnt it? They just played smart..! The thing is that they are mostly catering to those super-rich-wealthy lucky women here in Dubai 90% of the time, who do not engage in money-talks much, and can pay anything to get what they want. They face Problems when they come in contact with women like "us" who work n save money all year long to be able to do desired cosmetic procedures!
It is actually the purpose of thread lift procedure; threads inserted induce fibrosis reaction, mean creation of new blood vessels, tissue regeneration and so then collagen and elastin synthesis. For an excellent result with korean PDO threads, 70 to 80 threads are needed; less will not give full satisfaction and result will last very little. If the procedure have been done properly, you will see the first results after 3 weeks. Your skin will not be uneven, do not worry.... i personally love this treatment which i have done many times and i am pretty sure you will be very satisfied too, just be patient ; )
3 weeks later. No results yet. I am also conveniently told that "results are there but I am not seeing them" and my pain is "psychosomatic" Green bruises still there, uneven surface where the spiral thread went in (it was too tight first) Cheeks still hurting can't wear sunglasses because new bruises form where they seat on the face
Dr. Antonie Abboud

Got my Nose Job done by him for the tip & cartilage repair in Oct2013. The cartilage was repaired but the procedure has left my nose tip crooked towards left. (It was straight earlier!!) i was asked to wait to see the final results in approx 3-4 months. So i patiently waited, but it has been 9 months already n the nose top is still bent on left side! Then I did my Tummy tuck in March2014 with him. My scar healed well n initially my stomach looked straight (even with all the swelling n bruising) but now after 4 months its looking like there is a water mellon in there! Its round n hard mostly. Before Tt, i had flat stomach. My reason of TT was to get rid of loose skin and loose muscles after my children's births. So I was again asked to wait to see the final results of TT. So i waited and have been waiting since 4 months! My third procedure with him was Silhouette Soft Thread Lift and it gave zero results! They inserted 6 threads (thats what they say.. but i doubt if this is true at all!!!) i was asked to wait to for 15 days see the final results . So i waited, but not even a slightest improvement, it has been a month already! I also did Botox on forehead frawn lines on the same day of my thread lift, and my lines are STILL visible and i am able to frown! The doctor does not live in Dubai he lives in Lebanon and visits only monthly. Post surgery if you require any assistance, u have none,,you find urself alone! I feel cheated & might take legal action against them., at the moment they are taking no responsibility of any of my unhappy results. I am in talks for either refunding my amounts paid or correcting the issues free of charge. Really regretting going to them for all my procedures. As of now extremely disappointed with them n will not recommend Midas Touch Med Spa, or Dr. Antonie Abboud to anyone.

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