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Getting to know the new ME! 1 month post op

I've been lurking on this site for months and...

I've been lurking on this site for months and enjoy following all of you on your journeys. I guess I had better introduce myself! I'm an active, 54 years young and have 2 wonderful kids that wreaked havoc on my body. My first was over 9 pounds . I was a young mother and weighed 120 when I first got pregnant. The marriage was awful, I was depressed and felt alone....I gained 90!!! I divorced and married a wonderul man who accepted me for me. I got pregnant again and had only lost 40 of the original 90...then gained another 30 with my second. I've managed to get to a healthy weight, but my stomach and thighs are a WRECK. I am SO ready to get it fixed!! I look forward to sharing my experience and getting as much advice as possible from you lovely ladies.

Hi lovely ladies!! I added a before and I have to...

Hi lovely ladies!! I added a before and I have to say I'm grossed out by looking at my belly. I can't wait to get this thing off of me! After losing weight, my belly hangs and my butt is flat andmy thighs look awful. I'm getting an extended TT, MR and mini BBL. I don't really want a huge butt, just fill it out a little. I always had a huge butt and hips all my life. I've been eating healthy and exercise, but lately I'm ramping it up to take off another 10 pounds so I get the best results. Good luck to all who are going thru or about to make the jump.

This is more difficult than I had expected. Hubby...

This is more difficult than I had expected. Hubby insists on going with me since it's out of the country and I'm grateful for his protectiveness :) but trying to get the same time off and juggle things is tough! So many things going on right now. I'm so anxious to get this done, yet nervous at the same time. My emotions are up and down and I haven't even gone yet! When I'm dressed, I feel confident and attractive. I take my clothes off and I feel so insecure and unattractive. My hubby loves me just the way I am.....but I can't help thinking he secretly wishes I was hot :)

The diet is going pretty well. I'm doing an Atkins...

The diet is going pretty well. I'm doing an Atkins type diet consisting of very low carbs and high protein. I've cut sugar and flour out and eating lots of green veggies. I've lost another 2 pounds. I'm hoping I can get down below 160 before my surgery. The more skin removed the better!! I'm 5'8" and 170 now. Does anyone know what the weather is like in DR during the summer? Also, what's the crime like,,,,is it safe? Any comforting words would be appreciated!

Still in the air about where to go!

I have another consult Jan 3rd at Wake Forest in NC. I'm still nervous about going out of the country (as is my hubby). 2014 is going to be my year!

Hopefully my LAST consultation!

Well....I had my consult at Wake Forest on Jan 3. This is #4 or 5 for me. A couple were virtual phone/skype consults. I have to say, I was so impressed by Dr. Kelly's professionalism and thoroughness. I immediately felt comfortable in the office, with his nurses and with him. He answered all my questions and gave me realistic expectations. Originally I was thinking that going out of the country was my only option, but after meeting Dr. Kelly, I'm thinking this could be the one. I'm now waiting on a quote and surgery dates. If the price is right, I'll have an extended TT, lipo and BL. My excitement has returned and I can't wait to hear back from them.

OK I'm getting tired of the consultations already!

Hubby came home with a name of a doc in our area that he wants me to see. SO....another consult next week, then I'm going to make a decision and get my date. I'm so anxious to get this done and start my recovery. I want to be done by swimsuit weather!

This is nerve wracking!!

I had another consultation today with the Dr. my hubby wanted me to see. The doc is chief of plastic surgery where hubby works, so I had high expectations going in. Well, it went fairly well, his staff was nice but kinda talked down to me a little bit in the beginning but quickly realized I knew a couple things about this. LOL I've only been researching for 2 years!! Anyway, the doc was very nice, calm and somewhat soft spoken manner. He verified everything I already know...I have muscle separation, excess skin and pockets of fat on my outer thighs and my boobs have headed south for the winter! He didn't spend as much time with me as I would have expected and then he insisted on trying to get my insurance to cover this. I already KNOW they won't so why bother? Since this is a large teaching medical university, I asked about a resident's clinic/program. He then introduced me to the chief resident and said she could do the surgery at a reduced rate, although nobody there could tell me what that was! She spent less than 5 minutes with me, told me she's done 100's of TT then left the room. I am so burned out on this process!! I just want it done! I'm also still waiting to hear back from my last consult about dates and prices. I am NOT good at the waiting game.

Finally heard back from Wake Forest :)

I finally got the phone call this morning...extended TT, MR, lipo to flanks, hips and thighs, and BL no implants $6375. Yes, please! This doesn't cover the mandatory over night in the hospital. I'm not sure how much that is yet. Other considerations are travel time and expense, hotel for several days after, etc. I should get a general quote from the hospital I went to yesterday....but I LOVED Dr. Kelly at Wake Forest so I'm really leaning that way. Realistically, what do I need for after care? Does anyone have a list they could share? This is starting to finally feel real :) I'm beyond excited!

Front view...yuck!

Finally made a decision!

I received my quote for the local PS and it was $9500 and that included the discount since my hubby works for the hospital. I'm almost relieved cuz I really didn't feel as comfortable with them. The amount of time spent with me, going over exactly what needed to be done, etc. etc. was so much less than my consult at Wake Forest. I tried to call the coordinator to pick a date but missed her by 5 minutes!! My luck :( Now I have to wait till Tues to book my date. I'm hoping for sometime in March. I'm so excited. The only thing that concerns me is I live 5 hours from the PS so any advice would be greatly appreciated. How long should I stay close by? So now, I need to get REAL serious about my diet to get at least 10 pounds off. I can't wait to finally be on the flat side and feel normal again.

The price shown above isn't correct

I couldn't change the price in my title. The correct number is $6375. If anyone knows how to change it, please let me know. Thanks!

My poor sad boobies!

I hate posting this, but I pulled up my big girl....umm granny panties and did it. Please be kind :)

Finally set my date!

I was on the phone bright and early this morning to book my surgery date....March 14. I'm so excited, yet nervous. I've been so addicted to this site. I hope I can focus on other things LOL. I want to drop 10 pounds by my pre-op which is Feb 21. I'm dragging the treadmill into my bedroom and nothing but lean protein and veggies for me! Any advice you beautiful dolls can give is greatly appreciated.

Wish it would hurry up and get here!

Yesterday I had my physical and blessing from my primary, got my lab results back and a mammogram tomorrow. The paperwork came in the mail today...YAY! I feel like this is just a dream and any minute I'm going to wake up. I REALLY want to get 10 pounds off before surgery, but it's been rough. When I get stressed or nervous I EAT. Over the holidays, I ate like every morsel was the last bit of food on the planet! LOL Now I'm paying for it.

Having a hard time staying on track!

I've lost 80 pounds over the past couple years and it wasn't as hard as getting this freakin 10 pounds off that I gained over the holidays!! I need some encouragement. Anyone else struggling to lose a few pounds? I'm trying to do high protein, low carbs, lots of water and treadmill every day.

Nothing to do but wait

I have all my supplies with the exception of a walker. I found one on Craigslist and will pick it up tomorrow. Now I wait. ..have I said how much I hate to wait? LOL I've also been having the strangest dreams lately. Last night I was lying in bed and couldn't sleep. I had myself convinced that I didn't need the surgery and I was being selfish for wanting it. I've always been the care giver and don't do anything for myself, so for me to spend a lot of money on myself isn't something I would ever do. I'm sure I'm not alone. When I woke up this morning I looked in the mirror before I got dressed and told myself I AM WORTH IT.

Started a juice cleanse today

I hope I can last 3 days on the juice fast. I've done it in the past and dropped a few pounds and felt pretty good afterwards. Wish me luck!! It does tend to make me cranky watching hubby eating pizza while I'm drinking a tall unappetizing glass of green slime. LOL

Had a nervous moment with the mammogram results.....

BUT finally got the AOK! Whew...Was supposed to get my results back Wed. but nothing came....then Thurs....nothing.....then Friday. I was about to have a nervous breakdown! I was going to call on Monday but I received a letter today saying the results are normal :) Today is my 3rd day on the juice fast and I have to admit it wasn't as hard as I initially thought. I'm feeling full of energy and overall in a good place mentally. I plan on doing it a couple times each week until my surgery date. Does anyone have any suggestions for prepping? I hope everyone is having a great weekend and hopefully staying warm. Happy healing and best wishes to all my TT sisters :)

One month to go and a huge thank you!!

Only 1 month to go and I finished up the last bit of my shopping. Hubby actually seems to be getting excited! :) As much as I know he loves me, I'm sure he's ready for a better looking body ;) I want to thank all you wonderful ladies that share your stories and give great advice! I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to move forward with this surgery if I hadn't had this site to educate me and ease my fears. Y'all are the absolute best!

After losing 90 pounds.....

I think I look pretty good in clothes, with spanks or control underwear. I now wear a size 12....down from 22W. Every night when I take my clothes off, I still feel like I'm obese! I can't wait to get this body pulled together.

Pre-op DONE

Yesterday I had my preop and it went very well. We went over all the "what ifs" that I'm already aware of. I've researched this so thoroughly, I think I could write a book on it :), signed consent forms, paid in full OUCH! Hubby went with me to meet my docs. (There will be 2 of them working on me) but one was away in Africa doing PS. I hope he stays nice and healthy while he's there. As we were leaving hubby holds my hand and says "there went my mid-life crisis sports car" and I responded, "don't worry I'll be a lot more fun" LOL He assured me he was going to take me up on it.

2 WEEKS!!!

2 weeks from now, I'll be pulling into Flat and perky land!!

9 more days!! O M G

My doctors are 4.5 hours away, so we'll drive up the night before, check into a hotel, then I'll spend 1 night in the hospital, then hubby and I will be staying in a hotel for a few days following my surgery for safety. I'm a very organized person (to a fault sometimes) and I've begun to put everything together for my "vacation" LOL I know this will sound strange, but I'm looking forward to the time alone with my honey. He's an RN and works the night shift so we really don't get much quality time together....and he's NEVER had to take care of ME. It will either be a great bonding experience or we'll need a vacation away from each other when this is all done! I'm the strong, independent care giver of the family, so I'm praying for the ability to relinquish control. I wish all of you lovely ladies the best of luck and happy, uneventful recovery on your surgeries . xox

1 week to go!

I have a couple of questions...the boards I see some of you use under the cg? Does it help with swelling or what is its actual purpose? I haven't seen many of them online and wonder if it's something I truly need. I've also heard that massage helps the lipo'd areas. Does it have to be a masseuse, or can you use a hand held massager with heat? I have one that you use on your face, with heat and radio frequency massage. Has anyone used something like this? I get backaches from time to time and the massage and heat helps with that. The time is getting close and I'm wondering what I've forgotten!! I appreciate all the advice from you wonderful, wise RS dolls :-)

4 days!!

I've packed, unpacked, packed again, unpacked.....LOL You get the picture? I finally decided on some comfy pj's, robe, slippers and sweats to wear back home. I sometimes drive myself crazy over-thinking things!

Oh yeah....

My docs only do ONE (1) surgery a day, so that's a load off my mind. I'm happy I won't be sitting around all day, waiting my turn!

3 days to go!!

I'm trying to stay busy to pass time quickly. Today I'm planting flowers for my front porch and giving my dog a bath. Exciting stuff. I'm boarding my dog with a friend and will be away from her for 5 days :(

Final countdown!

I thought I'd post my measurements.
Breast. 38
Under breast. 32
Waist. 34
Belly at largest. 44
hips. 45

Weight 175

The BIG day!

Good morning lovely ladies! I've been up since 5am....not a restful night for me. We're staying in a hotel close to the hospital and our lovely neighbors was a basketball team who partied until 3. I won't say where I wanted to put the ball they kept bouncing! Hubby snored, which just added to my aggravation. LOL Anyway, I'm up, showered and ready to get this show on the road. I'm missing my big cup of coffee to start my day. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers, I truly appreciate each one of y'all. I hope you have a beautiful day! :-)

made it to the flat side!

This will be short Lovelies! Went in at 8th and got marked up. It took much longer for the marking since I had a previous lift and it was a challenge to get it right. My tummy is flat and I think I'll be happy! I've not needed much drugs but plan on getting some shortly to help me sleep. Hubby's been wonderful and insisted on staying in my room tonight even though we have a hotel room paid for. I appreciate all the well wishes more than you all can imagine! I'll try and catch up more tomorrow. ((Hugs))

1 day update

The day of surgery was pretty much a blur and today I feel like a truck ran over me. We're all checked into the hotel and getting everything situated to be as comfortable as possible for the next few days. I'm beyond happy with my tummy! My breasts are a little smaller than I wish, but under the circumstances, they are beautiful. I now have perky boobies with the nipples pointing straight ahead :-) I don't know how you ladies get all this done and go home the same day! I'm SO glad I stayed overnight in the hospital. They didn't have a room in the day hospital, so I spent a few hours in recovery getting 1 to 1 attention, which was really nice. They ended up putting me on the PS/burn wing and the nurses there were great. AND of course I can't say enough good things about my docs. They are 2nd to none! Dr. Showalter came in this morning to check in on me. I'm in a fair amount of pain, and the norco makes my blood pressure drop so I'm only taking it when it's absolutely necessary. I'll post some pics tomorrow. I just don't have the energy to do it yet. Blessings to all of you beautiful ladies!!


Here's a pic after my bird bath this morning. Hubby has been awesome. He washed my hair and gave me a back rub :-) It felt like heaven! You'll notice my right nipple is discolored. The doc says we have to keep a close watch on it, since it could be bruising but there's also a chance it could be dying. I'm praying that's not the case. My recovery has been worse than I imagined. The walker was a must for me and this binder is driving me crazy! It creeps up and digs into my breast sutures. My doc trimmed it down, but it didn't help at all. My hips are very swollen! I look like I had a butt lift, but I didn't. I have an appointment with the docs this afternoon then we're going to start heading south and probably stop 1/2 way and spend the night. There's bad weather with ice and snow on the way and we want to get started home before it hits. I'll update more later and post better pictures when I get home. Much love and blessings to you all

My before boob picture disappeared

Oh yeah....

Did I tell you he took off 10 pounds with the belly and lipo? :-)

My follow up was today. ..

And it went great. They took me out of the stinking binder and put me in a cg. It took the doc and my hubby to squeeze me into it but it feels so much better! I was also told my nipple looks better than expected. For it to be only 3 days I feel so much better. I hope I've turned a corner!

Some sad news.....

My sister passed away yesterday. She is several years older than me and her health was failing, but her passing came very quickly. We found each other later in life and had a very special relationship and bond.... my heart is broken. I can't travel to go to her funeral and that makes it that much worse. I know she is at peace and no longer in pain which brings me some comfort.

My first time being left alone....

Hubby went back to work last night, so me and my sidekick Molly were on our own. I'm not taking pain meds with the exception of occasionally xtra strength Tylenol. I decided to try the bed with a ton of pillows propped up. It actually worked out pretty well until sometime in the night the pillows shifted and I slid down! I couldn't pull myself up and can't roll over....it was a nightmare getting out of that position!! After what seemed like an hour, I was able to get out of bed. Now picture my dog needing to go out, me needing to pee and my drains needing to be emptied....LOL I managed to get it all done, just took a little longer! The good news is, my drains are slowing down a lot and I'm thinking one should come out tomorrow. I can't tell you all how much I want a shower, but docs said not until the drains come out :( I hope all you lovies are having great days! Blessings!

1 drain out :)

Hubby pulled one drain this morning and glad to see it go! I hope the other one goes tomorrow and I can have a proper shower. I know this is perfectly normal, so before anyone tells me this.....LOL I looked in the mirror and hated the way I look. I even cried a little bit. Hubby has been so supportive and told me I look great and soon the swelling will be gone, the scars will fade and I'll be so so happy. As the Beatles said...."yeah, yeah, yeah" In my head I know all that, but all I could see was my swollen thighs, one nipple that is still questionable and my scar is much higher than I pictured it to be. So ladies, for today I'm nestled in my recliner, catching up on all the TV I recorded and wait for tomorrow. Healing blessings to you all!

Been 1 week already! 2nd drain still in :(

I woke up this morning thinking the 2nd drain would come out today, but no such luck! Hubby said, with the amount I drained overnight, it's better to wait another day or so and be super careful. That's fine with me! I'm super tired today too. I think I over did it yesterday, even though it was only picking up a little around the house. I also have a pinching pain (I think it's an internal stitch) just above my left hip. When I stand up or move a certain way it really hurts. Still watching the right nipple for changes...very subtle ones. I think I'll slough off some skin, but praying that's the extent of it. So, today I'm taking it slow and easy! The docs told me they took 10 pounds off during surgery and I couldn't resist weighing myself (even though I know I shouldn't yet). I'm down 8 so I guess I'm draining well and I really have no appetite. What's everyone eating when you're not hungry?

Day 8 and the last drain is finally out!

I had a rough night last night. I couldn't find anywhere to get comfy, whether it was my recliner, couch, chair or my bed. I had an itch on the back of my thigh, just under my butt cheek that was driving me crazy, so at 2am I got up and took the cg off hoping my sensitive skin just needs a little break. It was still bugging me so there wasn't much sleep for me. Hubby came home this morning and pulled the last drain since it was under 30cc. YAY! This means I can have a shower!! I showed him the itchy annoying spot and he said it was pink, warm to the touch and he measured it and said we'd better keep an eye on it cuz to him it looked like it might be the start of cellulitis which is basically an infection of the skin and tissue beneath. GREAT! Anywho, after my shower (which felt as close to heaven as I've felt in a while) my nipple started to peel a little bit :( Damn it! This is what my docs said to watch for. I texted them and gave them all the great news and got an immediate response back. Put silvadene on the nipple 2x day and get back into the cg with padding over the red area....keep a close eye on it and report any changes. I love my docs for being available at a moment's notice! It's looking like my recovery isn't going to be a walk in the park :(

Lots of swelling and bruising

Not loving it yet

10 day post op

My energy has finally returned although I can't do anything I'd like to do...haha I'm still hunched over but a tiny bit straighter than I was a few days ago. There's still some pains here and there and the bruising is still bad on my hips and thighs. I tried some Arnica cream but had a reaction to it, so I'll just heal naturally (unless someone has any other ideas). I have very sensitive skin. There's still glue on my incisions, which makes them look really dark and angry, but I can see they look pretty thin and straight under the glue and dried blood. I'm putting silvadene on my right nipple 2x day per Dr. and hopefully the healing will be quicker than expected. I like the shape of my breasts and other than being a little small, I think I'm going to love them. The area I'm NOT loving is my thighs, but I will address them after everything else has healed. I hope all you beautiful ladies are having a great day!

a couple new pics

Not too much change but thought I'd share a couple pictures from after my shower.

2 weeks post op

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already. Everything seems to be healing well and feeling pretty good. I still have most of the glue on my incisions which makes them look nasty, so I'll post some more pics when that junk starts coming off. I'm tired of walking hunched over and my back is paying the price. I'm probably 80-90% upright. My post op instructions says to walk bent over for 1 week. HAHA Yeah, right 1 week :) I'm starting to get the little twitches and zings (nerves connecting?) around my belly button. I'm still mostly numb along my TT incision and it's very hard just above it. I don't have any pain in my breasts and the skin on my right nipple has almost completely sloughed off. The silvadene cream seems to be doing its work. Hopefully I'll have new skin soon. I know this is a process and it takes a long time to see final results, but I'm loving my results more every day. I have a follow up Monday afternoon. Hopefully, it will all be good news :) To all you beautiful ladies recovering, HAPPY HEALING! To those planning on their surgery, the best of luck!! Blessings!

17 days post op appointment was yesterday

I had my post op yesterday and the long drive was a killer. By the time I got home, I was ready to go to bed. I'm very swollen today...not sure if it's from the ride or not drinking enough water. I've been feeling really good, so this is a lesson that I'm still healing and not to over do it. The visit went well and Dr. Showalter said everything is looking good. He snipped some lose sutures and was very pleased with the progression of my TT incision and gave me the OK to start working the stubborn glue off and massaging it with scar cream. My nipple is healing and he assured me I won't lose my nipple (my worst nightmare) and to just keep doing the silvadene 2x day and be patient. He said it's progressing normally and I'll have new skin soon. I'm confident in his opinion and I'm not stressing over it at all. One thigh has smoothed out somewhat, but the other one doesn't look like I had lipo at all. He said since it's so soon, and I'm still bruised, it's probably still swollen, so we'll address that in the future if needed. I worked up the courage to try on a pair of my skinny jeans that I couldn't wear because of the huge muffin top and they were lose and lay perfectly flat!! :) I'm loving it more and more every day!

17 day pics

Took these at 17 days post op

17 day pics

17 days post op with lots of surgical glue still on incisions

Time flies!

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already! I'm feeling much better, standing straighter and have more energy the past couple days. Overall, I'm very happy with my results. My right nipple is still healing....no surprise there. The swelling is worse in the evening, which I already knew thanks to all the wonderful ladies on RS :) I'm still sleeping propped up, but not quite as high. I'm hoping I'll be able to sleep on my side soon. I'm down 10 pounds from before surgery. The Dr. said he took over 8 pounds from the tummy and another 2 from lipo. The only thing I'm not entirely happy with are the saddlebags. One side looks as if it wasn't lipo'd at all. I was told it could still be swelling, but I'm pretty sure it's not. I'll address this on my next visit. I measured my waist this morning and it's 29.5". WOW is all I can say! It was 34" on day of surgery. My hips today were 42" and they were 45" before. :-) I bought a new dress and it's a size 10! I'm going to wait until my size has stabilized before shopping for summer clothes. Another perk.....I noticed hubby is looking at me with a new look on his face ;)

Just to remind myself.....

When I'm having a bad day or feel like I'm not healing quick enough.....This is the picture I look at when I need a reminder!

4 Weeks and a red, itchy rash!!

I started scar treatment a couple days ago (scar guard gel) and now I have a red, extremely itchy rash along my incisions! I'm allergic to tape and certain adhesives, but thought the scar gel would be OK....NOT. I stopped using it and putting hydrocortisone cream on it, in hopes of calming it down. Now I'm not sure what if any type of scar treatment I can use. I have an appt. with my docs on Friday and I'll ask then. Any advice??

Itchy rash

TT incision allergic rash

1 month post op

I thought I'd update my measurements since it's been a month.

Breast. 38 Same as before surgery only much higher!
Under breast. 33 Up 1" must be swollen
Waist. 32 Down 2" but I had a couple days where it was 29.5 so I'm hoping it's just swelling
Belly at largest. 36" Down 8" WOW!!
hips. 42" Down 3"

Weight 175

Weight today....

Darn thing updated before I could finish :((

My weight today is 167 Down 8 pounds from before surgery
Dr. Kelly

My Drs. were Dr. Schowalter AND Dr. Kelly. This forum wouldn't allow my to put both of their names on it. They are 6th year residents and I instantly liked them both. From the moment I walked in, I was made to feel very comfortable. Everyone there was so professional, yet warm and caring. They took time to go over all my concerns and answered my questions honestly. I had a very bad experience with a breast reduction over 20 years ago and I was so nervous to have corrective breast surgery, but I felt very confident with these doctors. They were genuinely interested in hearing my concerns and I always felt they listened and were honest and professional. I was told to have realistic expectations, educated me in possible complications and promised me they would do the very best they could. We can't ask for more than that. After my surgery, I was given their cell phone numbers and was told to get in touch with them if I had any questions or concerns. Any time I send them an email or text, I receive a response back in record time (usually only a few minutes). I'm still healing as I write this review, but after having gotten to know them, I have no reservations saying they are GREAT doctors. I would recommend them to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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Thank you all for the "lady parts" answers..lol! I have to admit it would be nice if things were back where they were!...LOL!
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I think you'll be pleasantly surprised :)
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Hello fellow 14 March sx :) you look amazing. Im swollen end of day still. Wonder how long it lasts. Your transformation is really great. Hope u are feeling well. So sorry to read about your sis passing :( x
  • Reply
Thank you dreamgirl :) I'm feeling good, just wish the swelling would settle down too. Some days I'm barely swollen and other days I'm swollen from the minute I get up till I go to bed. I'm going to ask my Dr. Friday how long it generally lasts.
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Soon2be, I'm noticing swelling too, had lipo March 18 and the tt March 20. I had my thighs liposuctioned and I notice they are swollen again, frustrating, ugh !
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I have kind of a personal question to ask our TT ladies..During the procedure the doctor pulls the skin up from the bottom and down from the top. Does pulling the skin up from the bottom affect our "lady parts" down there? Sorry, I know this is not the normal question but just wondering since I'm having a TT on the 28th. Thanks!
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I got a vagina, butt and thigh lift with the tt. My pubic area and everything down there is literally in a different area. I could tell immediately that things seemed in a different position and just tighter, I asked and was told yes, I got a lift down there. The front portion is higher and the back portion is further back, it's crazy! Lol my butt is also lifted and smaller. I don't know that all drs do this but mine did quite a new job, I barely recognize myself down there, lol. I have seem some pics where the pubic area is in the same place and there is still fat above it, he liposuctioned and literally pulled all the way up!! Lol hope this helps!
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Mycharm52, I can tell you that all my "lady parts" are where they belong now!
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I agree Blue eyed mom! I didn't really know if the TT would affect my pubic area and to be honest, didn't even think to ask. It was a very nice surprise!
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Lol yea, me either. Didn't notice until I realized everything was closer and the extra skin wasn't in the way, yet everything was different, so to speak.. Lol I am currently single so not sure how this may effect my sex life, but I'm very excited to one day see. Haha- sorry tmi!
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Any of u swollen since t.t under the scar above vagina? I look like a ken doll :(
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Congrats on your great results! You look fantastic and I appreciate the updated stats. A great idea to share. Continued happy healing.
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How are you doing ReeRee31? I hope you're doing well. The last pic I saw of you was beautiful! My stats are a little weird, but most of them are down, so I'll take it. I seem to be more swollen now than I was earlier.
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How long after the first breast surgery did you have to wait for the second?
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I had a reduction 20 years ago, which was a total disaster. The doc wasn't board certified and one was a whole size bigger and had terrible scarring. I was so scared to go thru that again, I just lived with it until recently. I had a TT and got the courage to get my breasts fixed at the same time. I wanted implants also, but my doc warned me to not do it all at once and I'm glad I didn't. I'm not sure if I'll get implants or not. I'm going to live with them and see how I feel. I was told I'd have to wait until they're completely healed if I do get implants....not exactly sure how long that is.
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Congrats! Happy and healthy sx. Ty for sharing your journey:-)
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Thank you! I'm happy to share my happy journey with you great ladies!
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Whoa your transformation is amazing!!! So happy for you! How are u liking the new clothes for the new you? Well wishes for the rebel boobie.... You look great!! I can't wait to shead some lbs.... Now I see I rest of me since the tummy is gone.
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Thank you Ivala! Sometimes I catch my reflection in the mirror and I do a double take! It's taking some getting used to, but I'm loving every minute!! Some days the "fat girl" image rears her ugly head and I go for the plus size section, or pick up something that looks ridiculous when I try it on. This weight loss journey as well as the cherry on the top (TT & BL surgery) have done wonders for my ego and self image :) Best of luck with your weight loss!! You can do it :-)
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I have very sensitive skin as well. I find that if I stop using any new products and switch to coconut oil, it goes away. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, plus it's good for your skin!
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I was talking to hubby and he asked me why I wasn't using coconut oil since I use it for everything else....well, duh! I love coconut oil and use it all the time for my very dry skin. I used some today and it's already calming down a bit! Thank you for reminding me that sometimes it's right under our noses! LOL
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You're welcome! :-)
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I use Vaseline! Its great while wounds are healing.
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Thanks cubanmeme86. Good old vaseline may just be my back up!
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