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My journey has begun for surgery with THE Dr....

My journey has begun for surgery with THE Dr. Yily!

I have received my quote for a fully tummy tuck, silicone breast implants, fat graft and lipo with Brazilian butt lift. The lipo includes abdomen, armpit, back, flanks, and waist. This totals to $5,500 though I may add on lipo to thighs, arms, and chin for a bit extra. I am still waiting on hearing confirmation of dates, but I am hoping to go in April or May (contact me or comment if you are going in this time period!)

Here is where I'm nervous/confused. I have to get the following tests done prior to surgery, here in Michigan:
Creatinine, glucose, full blood count, hematocrit, EKG, radiography

I do not know where to go to get these done! Where can I go without a doctor's order or insurance? Confusion! Advice appreciated!

Also still unsure where I want to stay for recovery. The Recovery House seems nice, but pricey and I do not know if my husband can be with me at the RH. I'm also hoping to stay only until the 8th day, when the drains come out.

Wow you are doing all of those procedures at once? That sounds like it will be a very difficult recovery! Good luck to you! I hope you have a great experience. That is an incredibly low price for all of that you are doing! No wonder so many people go out of the country! I did mine in Miami and paid much much more for much less but I am very very happy! I hope you will be as happy as I am! Lots of luck and success! :)
Hey girly the tests are just to make sure ur in good health before u leave for tge procedure the fact that the email says "you should get those tests" assures me that its not mandatory but the hgb level has to br a certain number which they will tests u again in the DR for...hope this helps I'm goin july 1st!!

Thanks for starting your story! I agree with Golfer Girl, though Dr. Yily is in Mexico, so she may not be able to prescribe for US pharmacies (just a guess). Going to your primary care doctor in Michigan is probably your best bet.

Please keep us posted!


I just sent my deposit oh.. about 2 minutes ago!...

I just sent my deposit oh.. about 2 minutes ago! :) I sent my deposit and an email with the receipt attached for good measure, plus translated just in case to make it nice and easy for them to get back to me pronto.

I requested Monday, May 13th - comment or message me if you are going around that time and need a buddy! I'm still on the fence with bringing my husband, because I'm not sure if they will let him stay with me at the RH. I plan on staying until the following Monday if he comes, or staying longer if he doesn't. If I have a buddy, I may just go alone.

Edited to add: requested May because I have heard...

Edited to add: requested May because I have heard that April is completely booked

My Operation is scheduled for April 11 with Doctor Camilo in Santo Domingo (works in the same clinic as Yily) for April 11. ***I will be staying at Jacqueline's for 6 days, email me at frenchl*****@hotmail.com if you want a travel and recovery budy ***

I will definitely send you an email if I can get a surgical date around the same time! What are you having done? I may end up staying a bit longer, I'm thinking around 8 days to ensure a smooth flight home, LOL!
I'm glad to hear you are happy! I never before considered to get so much done at once, but Dr. Yily seems confident and that makes me confident (plus I've read several stories on here of other ladies having just as much done, so crossing my fingers that it isn't so bad!) I've never considered going out of the country before either, but after reading so many good reviews and seeing Dr. Yily's amazing work (and yes, amazing prices!) my husband and I agreed that it was worth a shot. Thank you for commenting, I'll be sure to update my progress!

The lack of communication was getting to me. I...

The lack of communication was getting to me. I cannot go on blind faith alone! So although I have faith in Dr. Yily's skills, I decided to change my doctor. I will now have my mommy makeover with Dr. Agustina Hilario Duran (also from Dominican Republic). She is a bit more expensive than Dr. Yily but I have been very happy with our communication so far, and I think that alone is worth the extra cash.

My date is set for April 22 and my flight is booked! I upgraded my seats for the flight back for some extra comfort. I will be spending 12 days in the DR. I am pretty paranoid about complications so I decided to spend the extra time right there with the doctor. Also because I am traveling alone, I want to make sure I feel comfortable before I leave. My husband will be on standby to grab a last minute ticket and come to the DR and help me home if I feel I need him. Otherwise, he has to stay behind with our kids and since he has to work anyway.

I'm starting my checklist of things I need to get, and since I'm an over-planner I pretty much have a whole notebook for preparation for this surgery. I just keep collecting info and taking notes and I'll narrow it down from there for what I will actually need to bring.

I think I will be bringing some extra compression garments, just in case. Anyone have any thoughts about compression garments? Should I have a garment for basically any area I have lipo'd?

Sooner or later I will add pictures, once I get the courage. I will definitely be posting 'during' and 'after' pics.
Find your local clinic in your area they usually have insurance providers there to see what you qualify for and would be able to see a doctor same day once paper work is done if not the clinic will charge you a minimal fee but in most cases if you income is low or you aren't working you should qualify. A primary care physician will be able to do all the blood work and test on site and your should get your blood work results back in a week probably
Dutchess, maybe you should contact a lab there. Like Quest Diagnostics. They should be able to do the test.
Hey! I am trying to have a BBL with lipo from arms, inner and outer thighs, abdomen and lower back. I have been trying to contact Dra. Duran. Does anybody have an email address or something for her? I really want to be a Duran Doll.

I am getting so nervous with my surgery less than...

I am getting so nervous with my surgery less than two weeks away! I still can't believe I'm going alone. I think I'm more nervous about the alone part than the surgery part.

I feel completely unprepared too. Dr. Duran told me that I can get any garments I need there, but I was wanting to buy something here. I just don't know what size or compression to buy because I don't know what the end result will be, so I just decide to wait and buy them there if I need them.

I'm also unsure of what I want to do about stay. I haven't booked a place to stay because I just saved the money I needed to stay at the Recovery House (spa) for all 12 days. I don't know what to expect - share a room? Have my own room? If anyone is going at the same time and needs a roommate, let me know! I just want someone to look out for me and I'll do the same for them. :)
Thank you for the advice!
They you for the advice Queen Mercury! I've heard of Quest Diagnostics so that's a good idea.
That would be cool! Are you getting excited for surgery? :) Where are you staying?

Dr. Duran told me she would have "the lady from...

Dr. Duran told me she would have "the lady from the spa" pick me up at the airport. I'm intending to stay at JM Spa (which is who she is referring to) but haven't booked with them. Since she is picking me up, does anyone think I'll just be able to book with them once I get there?
Did you have the surgery?
Hope everythings fine. Please update us on your recovery. I hope to have my surgery with Dra. Duran 1 year after I give birth. :) Any info or advice on what to do or avoid would be greatly appreciated. :)
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