16 month UpdatePost op Dr.yily- Dominican Republic, DO

Hi everyone- I am 5'4 @ 150lbs 36DDD- 28-...

Hi everyone-
I am 5'4 @ 150lbs 36DDD- 28- 42
Most people will look at me now and think Im crazy to go under the knife because I already have a body- but I dont really care what people think since its my decision and i would do whatever it takes to make me more happy. I am schedule to have full body lipo (arms,stomach,back,waist,inner and outer thighs), breast lift with implants and a brazilian butt lift to give me more projection with Dr. Yily in Santo Domingo on Monday March 4th but will fly a few days earlier to enjoy my country. If you haven't been its AMAZING!
Day of surgery I will be at CIPLA recovering for the night (which is included in the quote) then I plan on going to JMSpa for 2days then to my fathers house around the way.
I sent my deposit via Western Union and got a confirmation email from Yily within 48 hours.

Will be updating as time gets closer!

I just recieved my pre and post vitamins...

I just recieved my pre and post vitamins from
http://www.makemeheal.com/mmh/product.do?id=13511 which works wonders from what i hear!

Even though Yily confirmed with me 2 weeks ago- it...

Even though Yily confirmed with me 2 weeks ago- it is much harder to get ahold of her now. She must be getting very very busy. Hope you confirms with me again soon- I am flying from JFK to SDQ On the 28th of Feb or March 1st, then flying back to USA on my 8th day of surgery which would be March 11th from SDQ to MIA for 1night to rest then fly from MIA to LAX the following day on FirstClass. I suggest flying first class is you have a long flight coming home just to be more comfortable.

Confirmed again! Yay I might come to her office...

Confirmed again! Yay
I might come to her office sooner just to have tests done

All my flights have been booked JFK To SDQ...

All my flights have been booked
JFK To SDQ (Jetblue) Feb 28th
SDQ To MIA (American) March 11th
MIA To LAX (Delta) March 12th

Again Yily did reconfirm with me this morning and asked to be at the office at 6:30 am on March 4th (day of surgery)

Today is my first day taking my 14 day MakeMeHeal...

Today is my first day taking my 14 day MakeMeHeal PRE vitamins ;)

My time is almost coming and i feel like k want to...

My time is almost coming and i feel like k want to throw up. Im still debating on wether i want just a lift or a lift with small implant.ugh Ive spoken with some of the girls who are having surgery around the same time as me ;) (nice girls)
I will be packing tomorrow.

Tomorrow is my flight to DR from NYC yay Going to...

Tomorrow is my flight to DR from NYC yay
Going to ZZZZzzzZZ now

Hi ladies sorry for the late update. I did land...

Hi ladies sorry for the late update. I did land safely on Feb 28th from JFK and since I got here I had so much fun meeting new people and enjoying the Dominican Carnival they had yesterday. FUN FUN FUN and HOT by the way

Right now I'm at CIPLA with other girls I've met (so far I'm very comfortable and everyone is very nice) wish me luck will update soon

Hi ladies First off I would like to apologize to...

Hi ladies
First off I would like to apologize to those who have been trying to check my profile with no update.. Im sorry.
So lets start off with arriving at CIPLA at 630am (my father drove me there) this place is very clean and the staff is very nice (especially if you know so spanish) if you dont please be patient. Once i arrived to CIPLA I had met with some other ladies who was having surgery the same day as I was.. Some with Yily and some with other Doctors I also met with Dr.Yily assistant named Yira who does speak english (very nice and very helpfulfor those of you who dont know spanish)Did alittle bit of chit chat then was off to have a blood test, EKG, fill out a questionaire. While myselfand other ladies wait we are sent to our rooms (hospital stay room) I was on the 4th floor and sharing room with one of the girls I met. The room was large (couch,2 tvs, 2 medical beds, phone. Fridge, bathroom) very cold by the way. WAITING GAME BEGINS

Finally around 1pm Yily comes into the room (shes very pretty like VERY prettyand very professional) and tells me the my results are great. My hemoglobin levels was at 14 which was high. She had mention to me that alot of girls dont get that high of results. She starts to ask me what I wanted.....which was to have a breast lift with implants, lipo on my arms, inner thighs, stomach, flanks, waist all back and fat graft to the butt. Dr.Yily was a little hesitant to give me a implant because i already had HUGE boobs but i explained to her that in the future if i lose weight or breast feed i dont want my boobs to become empty. So she agreed to add a small implant with a lift from my huge boobs. She starts to mark me and ask me to take the blue pill which I did. Few mins later Yira comes in for payment. I ended up paying 3850 from my 4600 quote (500deposit was paid in Feb and a 250$ discount for coming with a group).

I start to knock out and dont remember how i got to the operating room.

SURGERY BEGINS (i think i was awake half of the time but barely remember certain things....) 1 2 3 4 5 FINISH

Back in my room... The first night after surgery is freaking horrible. Blood everywhere, hard to sleep , wanted to vomit, almost passt out everytime i tried getting up. Staff was good to me but maybe not others since most girls didnt know spanish. I pulled the catheter out my vagina (i wasnt suppose too) but it hurts like hell so oh well.. Thanks to P-EZ a funnel that i can pee standing up. Works like a charm! Tried to sleep as much as i could until next day.
Next day was ok- was just happy to go to JMSpa recovery house. Was given a wheel chair and was sent down while Junior who works with the recoveryhouse picked everyone up who was staying at the house. He knows english!

Recovery House- Recovery house is wonderful and the staff is very nice. Again let me repeat if you don't know spanish it may be a little difficult so please please please download a app on your phone or ipad to translate because it will help alot and dont bother another girl whos trying to recover for her to translate for you... I had a little issue but thats a different story... Anywhooooooooooo
Food is great, beds are comfy, had wifi, AC, NO HOT WATER but they can boil it for you. First 3 days was a bitch with all this pain but i think im recovering well.. I look well :). Had my first massage yesterday (ughhhhhhhh shit hurt) but it is needed. My waist is getting smaller and smaller by the day and my butt and boobs are huge but very nice.
Today im waiting to get my drain taken out....yuck

***** Im trying to keep this post very simple. I dont not care for spelling so please dont judge me (Im not at work,at home , nor am i in a enviornment where i need to correct myself) will update soon

Left recovery house yesterday 3/9 and had my post...

Left recovery house yesterday 3/9 and had my post appnt. Everything is healing well (yay)

Today I leave back to the states.. I had fun here...

Today I leave back to the states.. I had fun here meeting new people. Today im on latch 3 of my M garment which means in 3 to 4 days i need to go smaller.

BE CAREFUL who you room with if your trying to...

BE CAREFUL who you room with if your trying to share at recovery house.. You might end up having drama... Like i did

Added a pic of me wearing faja Day 9 **** I...

Added a pic of me wearing faja Day 9

**** I wont be discussing my drama experience. Since the girl is not important

Today is 10 day pic included Still swollen (will...

Today is 10 day pic included
Still swollen (will shrink even more) but i feel great

Since nobody has done it yet i took a few pictures...

Since nobody has done it yet i took a few pictures of CIPLA- Enjoy!

So im a little upset... Freaking purchased a...

So im a little upset... Freaking purchased a Salome Faja in a small and i almost passed out.. So i guess im not a small ;(

OMG ladies... Fuk a regular lympathic massage......

OMG ladies... Fuk a regular lympathic massage... medi cupping is the way to go notice a difference in one session.. LOVED it... Also will be getting my new faja on Friday

Thanks for all the compliments ladies. Xoxoxoxo

Healing very well ladies.. Will be posting a new...

Healing very well ladies.. Will be posting a new pic soon..
I do have something that has been on my mind for the last 24hrs that actually has me real upset. Be very careful with what you read especially from another girl who is bashing Dr.Yily and my country. First off let me explain something to you ladies who has never been to Dominican Republic before or for those who never left the country before. Please dont come into Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo) thinking its another version of Miami with a pretty site to see because its not. Yes there are nice places RICH and Very expensive places.. Houses thats some of you may never afford! This area is 15/25mins away from CIPLA. CIPLA is regular middle class and some high class areas is around. CIPLA itself is a very nice clean place.. NOT the same standard as a american hospital but way better then what you might expect. (This is why i posted pics). Dont expect to see fancy cars everywhere because dominicans dont roll like that there.. Some do but majority dont. Taxis are shitty but who cares its cheap and you will get to your destination safely. (Traffic is a bitch and people drive crazy) but i trust Dominican drivers then any New York,Cali or DC driver. Also please dont come to Dominican Republic without having a translator app or something if you dont know spanish because let me tell you this it will be alot easier for you if you did. Most of the staff at CIPLA or RecoveryHouse only knows spanish and is not require to learn English.. your coming to Dominican Republic so YOU are required to have a plan unless you want to piss someone off by asking to translate for you all the time (which happened to me and i was so fed up i just wanted to bash her face in). I never heard of Yily having any problems with ladies. Now for this girl who is bashing Yily because of a infection.....i met this girl and what i dont like about her post is that she clearly did not tell you guys what she did before her surgery.. She was drinking and smoking religiously few days before surgery and very heavy the last 2 days of surgery.. Which is clearly stated by Yily NOT to Drink nor Smoke prior to surgery.. Why? Because complications are likely to happen.. So no sympathy for her... She should have listened.

Anyways.. Back to my successful healing

20 days post op pics are up with new faja

20 days post op pics are up with new faja

Today im 1month post op.. Still swollen and numb...

Today im 1month post op.. Still swollen and numb in some areas but staying positive. I now can fit my size small salome faja... Yay

Boob pic up

Does anybodyknow where i can buy the lipo board from?

Does anybodyknow where i can buy the lipo board from?

Does anybody know of a doctor I can see in the...

Does anybody know of a doctor I can see in the Manhattan New York area for a post op check?

Everything is looking good

Everything is looking good

So im posting new pics.. This is me on 1.5 month.....

So im posting new pics.. This is me on 1.5 month.. Im clearly still healing especially around my breast. From what ive seen i think my breast came out the best when it comes to a lift and implants.. I dohave redness and scaring which i hope will go away soon. My stomach and back is hard in some areas still ( i try to get a massage every week). Honestly Yily did not make my butt bigger but did give me more shape and my mid section and back. Will i go fo round 2.. maybe

I wonder when I can start working out????? Any ideas

I wonder when I can start working out????? Any ideas

Last update

Its almost going to be 3 months for me.. Everything is great. My body looks great.. If i had to do it over again i would ask to make my breast more fake looking.. My boobs look great and really natural but thats not what i was going for

16 Month post op. The Truth

So its been a while since Ive checked me RealSelf account.
I hope all my followers are well.. I do want to apologize ahead of time for not responding to everyone (been very busy)- I've also noticed that a lot of the comments and emails are questions i have already answered on my review post.
I wanted to give you guys a update on my surgery that I had with Yily. Im happy and im NOT happy.... So here it goes

My liposuction after 16 months has been great (my body is still amazing)I do not have a Lipo stomach thank god. I look very natual. I do try to maintain by eating right and working out because i have noticed then when i eat crappy i gain weight in areas I did not get Lipo..:( but having a healthy lifestyle is not bad ..so all good with me.

Now for the bad (before i continue; i want to just say this is my review so please NO negativity) anyways this has to do with my breasts. Unfortunately at the time of me seeking a surgeon (Yily was not as popular as she is now) so there wasn't a lot of reviews on her breast skills. During my time of healing; I've had some issues with healing.. I did have some wound separation, my nipple was not perfectly shaped, my scars looked horrible.
Couple months later Ive noticed my nipples are still not perfectly shaped, my breast started to drop again tremendously (maybe because ive should had done a reduction instead of a lift) now at 16 months post op..my breast has gone down to its original gravity (which i absolutely did not want to happen) its heavy and very large. I feel now that my breasts are much larger size 31J wtf with horrible scaring.

I wished i would have just done my lipo only with Yily and gone somewhere else for boobs. I will not be posting a pic of the scars (i rather not have my images be sent around the web) but i did post a pic of before post op to now post op.. You can see the huge difference.

I will be getting a revision (haven't found a doctor yet) but will be staying state side for my breasts. Hope it wont cost me too much (any recommendations will help).
I suggest if you are going to see Yily. See her for anything else besides boobs.

FYI- I saw that Yily was in NY last week working on some type of project. (Maybe a show) interesting i think!!!!
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Found Yily on Realself.com, Makemeheal.com and other forums.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thank you for sharing your journey. I think your books look nice. :)
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I appreciate your review, and what you said about people should get the Spanish app to help them. And that DR, is not Miami, because it is country, I like Yily bbl, I'm seriously considering her for that. Thanks for sharing your insight and journey.
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You look great!! But I understand about your breast check this Dr Disnalda Matos she is at CECIP in DR Her breast are asome Dr Robles or Dr Fatima a Almonte they all work at Cecip good luck Hun I had mine here in the state my ins paid for it if you have ins it cover here by all ins company I hope the can help also Dr Tania Medina
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vanity does good boobs they are in miami their prices are great too!
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Thanks so much.. Ill get on top of that
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Thanks for posting this. It was very informative. I want to try yily also I seen her work and it is awesome! The only thing that is scaring me about going to Dominican Republic is I heard if you was to need a blood transfusion, they don't check the blood to see if it is clean. Is that true?
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I didnt have one done
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You look awesome. More body pics
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Ahold I buy a faja from there or should I get one before I go
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Great review
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Hey my love What day did you have your drain removed
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you look amazing. thanx for sharing your experience sweet heart.
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Looking great!! Would u mind sharing before pics?
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Thanks for sharing your experience, it really helps with making decisions, you were explanatory
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Do anybody out there no how to contact Dr. Yily???? Please give me her email
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Love your review!!! You look great!!
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Amazing results!!!
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Have any before pics you mind sharing?
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Great review :) thank you for sharing. 
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Great results! Very nice. Thank you for sharing.
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