Death in DR...please someone provide details!!! - Dominican Republic, DO

Hi ladies, since seen the amazing results of some...

Hi ladies, since seen the amazing results of some of you i decided it was time to get emailing pics and get quotes. So far i've contacted doctors in spain and uk, some have put me off they seemed like they did not know much about the procedure so i decided to email doctor Dr. Yily dos Saints. I must say i'm very impressed with her work, she can give small waist like i've never seen on here before. I think i may go with her because i'm doing a breast reduction as well and her price so far was the cheappes for the quality of work she does.
I really need support on this one ladies, hopefully i will get the courage and book my procedure, need to bust my confidence so badly. Just emailed her my wish picture now and im waiting fingers crossed she will say yes she can do the job...


Good luck to you
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It's a few girls going in March as well check the MMH site
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Thanks hun, I will check that later but now i need to finish my two essays. Its amazing how i became so addicted to this website, i sit on the pc to do some research for my work but i always find myself looking at info on bbl...thats not good :-)

OMG just checked my emails and there was the email...

OMG just checked my emails and there was the email I've been waiting.....she saw my wish pic and she said my wish pic is achievable and she will do the job. I'm over the moon now i need to study harder to pass all the modules and fly to Dominican Republic :-)


Ahhhh! Good luck! I'm going to look into her!
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@katiedearr welcome, sorry i spelt her name wrong is Yily Dos Santos....if you want further digging then go to plastic surgeon register you will find all the info about her practice to fitness....Good luck to you too sweetie...X
That's the website

Hey ladies, Dr. Yily Santos can do the job, I'm so...

Hey ladies, Dr. Yily Santos can do the job, I'm so excited, i need to drop a few kgs I weighed myself today and i'm 81.6kg quite happy i dropped 1.4kg with healthy eating a bit more effort and excise i will get there. Now I need help from those who had the procedure such as; things to buy, what to take etc...and for those who drive how you've been managing to drive after the procedure? Well I haven't got a clue where to start, she will provide garment and bra post op free of charge :) ... There is no one to go with me, everyone is busy i really need to get this done, but i'm kind scared to go on my own, stressed out and i need to focus on my essays i don't want to fail but i'm so addicted to this website ahahahahahahahahaahahahhaha. I logged in to transfer some money to my mum's account and how did i end up here? I have got a i

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She sent me an email stating what els i get for...

She sent me an email stating what els i get for free...gosh is a quite a bargain getting a bbl, breast reduction and lift for $4200. Oh well i need to find someone to go with me in March next year...any tips on how to loose weight quickly and healthy?

Dr. Yily price includes;
1 compression garment
1 post-operatory bra
pre-operatory tests
clinic expenses.

Areas she will performe liposuction
arms and back.

If i want to have th results i'm willing then these are the areas she will tackle, i do miss my skinny arms and body for someone who was so small i cant believe i am that big cant stand it any longer!!!


Congrats on choosing Yily !! Does your quote include one night at the clinic ?
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@LittleBoyPink yes includes clinics expenses and pre-op tests! So excited, whos your doctor?
Yily in about 26 days

Hi ladies, I need your advise on this....Dr Yily...

Hi ladies, I need your advise on this....Dr Yily will provide a free garment but i want to buy a waist cincher to wear on the top of garment or when garment is washing. Given the fact that I will loose weight and unsure of what size i will be i'm not sure if i buy the garment or leave till later. We don't really have good cinchers and garments in UK...when i had my baby i bought the cincher on! Should I buy or not?

2 Comments Copy and past on brownser to have a loom at cincher, they are great
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I will ! I am actually buying one online now Vedetta 2XS. I'm pretty much an S so 2XS should keep me neat and compressed

Hey ladies, I just need a bit of help...can some...

Hey ladies, I just need a bit of help...can some of you share the list of things you bought to prepare for the procedure please, I haven't got a clue where to start. I would appreciate a bit of help...really lost


Hey! You can check out my blog I have a list. I'm still missing a few things but I will be updating it tomorrow. I'm buying all my supplies this weekend
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Can all UK ladies please do kindly check in and...

Can all UK ladies please do kindly check in and say which doctor they are going and when...Many thanks for your help


Hello! I am so excited for you and i am also thinking of going in 2013 maybe March with Yily, waiting on a response back from the quote I sent her. I saw your wish pics and I feel in love with the second pic but the smaller butt not the bigger one.. lol Here is my list as I am already thinking ahead... *Feminine Wipes *Short socks *Towels *Reg wet wipes *Robe *Rubber Gloves *Deodorant *Soap *Gauze *Medical Tape *Mederma *Baccitracin *Loose pants *Tshirts *Antibacterial soap *Tylenol pain cream *Arnica Cream - For bruising *Bromelain Pills - For swelling I actually got it from somewhere else. I have been doing so much reserach on Yily and that is why I am considering changing from Campos to Yily.... :)
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@ qtvania, i have not had the surgery yet i'm planning to have it on the second week of march13, where are you from? I knew someone by that user name in a chat forum...Well since i had the baby my weight went up the hills, never being this big in my whole life so sick of it now. What are you having done? Im having breast reduction and lift and fat graf to my buttocks and hips! I'm so excited
I'm from London, but I haven't decided yet :S definitely looking to have surgery on 20th June
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Hey Ladies....I have not been here much because I...

Hey Ladies....I have not been here much because I was busy doing my last project and assignments, thank God is over. I now have more time to stay on here lol....Anyone going to Yily on the second week of March13? Everyone is busy and I don't want to go on my own :( hopefully I will find someone to go with me and share a place to stay...I am still trying hard to loose weight, but it looks like I'm putting weight on when I'm stressed not good...sick of my weight, never been this big in my whole life!!!! So need to loose weight and have this procedure to build my confidence.


Good luck chica Is anyone going in March or last week of Feb
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hey rockyworld wide there r girls from mmh going in group at that exact time u can check with them. im going in that group also goodluck!
Yes chica...planning to go march second week...losing weight is so damn hard, I don't think i can put up with this weight anymore!!!

Hey ladies...I'm once again back just for a quick...

Hey ladies...I'm once again back just for a quick update and resquest...I was looking at holidays apartment in santo domingo near the clinic for around march and i came acrosse various some very expensive and other not too bad. I was wondering if anyone wants to stay in with me and share the costs please click on the link below and let me know if your interested...


When u going? Im interested i will be there march 4,surgery march 5..
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Planning to go seconde week of march around the 11th
I'm trying to go March 1st!!!
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Well ladies this is a quick post to update those...

Well ladies this is a quick post to update those interested in sharing acommodation in DR, so far only one manager replied to my email and I will post the email he sent me! If any of you finds something cheaper plz let me know! Thank
The manager response to my email, I'm still looking....will keep you posted

Thank you for your interest in staying at Tropical Island Aparthotel.

As per your email, You may book this apartment as soon as you can with USD100 to this Paypal account: or through Western Union payable to Donald Sanchez and the remains upon your arrival to the apart-hotel.

Total amount: USD608 including cleaning and utility services


Air conditioning USD15 extra per night
Airport Pickup and drop-off USD39

Car and chauffer services: USD50 per hour

Should you have any question or concern, feel free to contact Donald Sanchez

Kind regards
Donald Sanchez


When are you going Hot Chick, I might have to postpone my date because I've been coughing since yesterday and I'm waiting to hear from Dr. Yily? I know I won't be able to go until the second or third week of March
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Well my plan is to go second week of march, but this is depending on my exam result...fingers crossed i won't have to resit it!!! Do you have a set date to go? Do you know if you stay elsewhere can you still get the massages at spamedical? I need to question her abt that because staying at the hotel is much cheaper than the recovery house!!!
Im actually scheduled to see her in three days...but I'm sick. So I wont be able to go with a cold

I am so happy, I received my assignments and exam...

I am so happy, I received my assignments and exam results today and I passed gosh this bbl procedure has made me work my ass so hard because i did not want to have any thing left to do!!! Now I can concentrate more on my weight loss and bbl procedure....nothing will spoil my happiness la vida loucaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Hey ladies, the hotel manager has replied and the...

Hey ladies, the hotel manager has replied and the prices on the website are only available till 31 December and after the 31st prices will change. Well i wil post the response and hotel website as well, I honestly like this hotel is very close to Dr. Yily's office. Now the question is has anyone had their procedure done and didn't stay at the spamedical? Because we are now worried about the massags, can we still have the massage even if we don't stay at the spamedical?

The hotel response
Hi Suraya,

To date we requested room availability at $ 70 per night for two people, this price is only valid for bookings confirmed until 31 December. After December 31 the same rate not sure but if you want to book from today the price will with which we are currently working.
Their website

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Ladies i will make this short, we are here to...

Ladies i will make this short, we are here to share our experience and support each other. But recently some users have sent me private messages offering to take to the places where they had their procedures done, saying it was cheap and bla bla bla bla! It sounds more like freaks/bullies behind the computer. Bullies and freak please do not send me pm because it gets on my nerves, and does not make you a stronger person it just shows how weak and insignificant you are.
To my BBL sister you guys are more than welcome to send me PM, i got really annoyed by those stupid msgs and decided to tell those looser to leave me the f**** alone!!!!!


Hey guys I found a nice hotel that is not even a km away from the office it is a 15 min walk from Yilys office and on the same street as the store that is like our Wal-Mart. It is Aparthotel Plaza del Sol. They have Wi-Fi and AC is not extra. The price is 45 a night. I sent a email and spoke with her about my dates and have them reserved for that price. There are three of us going and they will have 3 single beds in there for us. The extra bed will 11 a night. I have looked at reviews and everyone says it is nice and clean and the people are nice there . Right at the street from a lot of restaurants.
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When are you guys going?
May 23, 2013 and most likely to have sx on the 24th

Hey ladies, I can't block users because it doesn't...

Hey ladies, I can't block users because it doesn't give me the option :( ...someone is trying to pursade me to have something called ppma??? (annoyed face) I will share this message with yous and plz tell me exactly what you think...are they being helpful? Or trying to get me to have the procedure done by this suppost amazing surgeon?

toomuchcake Dec 19th, 2012  9:47pm
Hey girl. My name is holly. I just read your post. I have my butt done with pmma shots for about 6 years now and I really don't understand why people even think to get butt implants. Shots are way safer when high grade pmma is used. I was like "im not sure if pmma was safe" until my husband and I did a ton of research and found out about the pmma that has been used all across the world for decades to cure buttock wasting in patients and give projection to those who are suffering from a deformity of some type. The pmma is designed to be used in higher volume to cure buttock wasting. Same manufacturer and maker as botox however made for the buttock. This is what ive had for years and my girlfriend for over 10 years and its absolutely amazing and I would never use anything else. My booty feels and looks amazing. Also, Implants are the not pretty in your booty. They look boxy and fake. Plus it doesn't give you that firm round look like pmma does. Also, As long as you don't get silicone injections your fine. That's cheap and has side effects. My husband played major league baseball for years and knows an amazing women in ensenada Mexico about an hour past Tijuana on the ocean where pirates of carribean was filmed. Her booty is amazing herself LOL and when we went to get it done she took us to Starbucks coffee and we ended up meeting different women who are her patients and they were telling me how happy they are with there booties with no side effects what so ever and that I'm going to be so happy and I'm lucky I found her because she is the best and has over 15 years of experience. So I did it and OMG I'm so happy. My booty is like POW LOL she is old school. She doesn't even charge by the CC. She charges a flat rate of 2500. Everyone in ensenada has crazy booty because of that one women. Plus she is my Good friend now and invites my husband and I to stay with her all the time now. She is amazing. I'm so lucky my husbands old teamate is related to her. Anyway, I just wanted to help by sharing my amazing story with you girl and also if you want my girl friends and I are going back to visit her on Dec. 28th. Im getting my hips done finally. Were meeting everyone in San Diego on the 28th then caravaning into Mexico to go her in ensenada. I love ensenada because its not ghetto like Tijuana. Plus she lives right where the carnival cruise ships arrive and its like spring break every Saturday LOL remember never in your right mind use silicone for butt injections it's no good. I love how she uses the highest qualify and doesn't charge that much mainly because its in Mexico and the people can't afford high prices but know so much about the procedure and wont settle for anything less then the highest quality. I always ask her why doesn't she just move to America and charge as much as the la doctors and she said there is no reason because she gets the same pmma used in Hollywood and in the popular Tijuana clinics for lower price because of Mexican currency. That's why she can charge less. Also, she said once everyone that went to Tijuana and got over charged for the same pmma finds out about her and how amazing her work is that they go straight to her anyway so it doesn't matter. Plus she said she is over booked forever anyway. Her and her partner have owned their clinic together for over 15 years and on the weekends she does her close friends and family only because the clinic is closed on the weekends and only charges family and friends 2500 because she doesn't have to pay the overhead of a ton of unneeded staff running around working with a ton of patients. Its just her and her assistant on the weekends which also keeps the cost down for us. The same procedure would be 5 to 8,000 if it were on the weekdays in regular hours. I was like heck ya ill get mine done on the weekend if its only 2500 LOL that's why were meeting on Dec. 28th which is a friday In San Diego. It makes it easier because we can all meet at Starbucks or somewhere central so we can get a move on. I hope this was some help to you and I truely advise if you want more booty to take advantage of all the hardwork and reaserch my husband and I did for years and get it done this way. Only 2500 for the best and just because of the currency and us getting lucky and getting it done on the weekend when we can get it done for cheaper. Plus my Booty is super soft but firm at the sametime and only has gotten better over the years so I proof that its amazing. You can leave me your number if you would like for me to call or text you about everything OK. Oh and here is a link that will explain it all to you. This is the pmma used and its the best. Also, the only problems you will ever see because of the product is silicone or biogel. That stuff sucks. Also people in back ally Atlanta like places mix silicone with other crazy stuff. Some people are out of their minds. With the best pmma like this the only problems ever recorded was because of the injector and them being inexperienced. Flat out not knowing what their doing in the first place. Its the safest ever for your booty.? She is amazing and is a booty genus or like a booty wizard or something because you can tell how experienced she is at this. Whatever we call new here in America they have been using for years in Mexico.

hotchick Dec 19th, 2012  10:35pm
Thanks for your help but I'm not having butt implants! I prefer to go to qualified surgeon and be in safer and competent hands! The vídeo attached says not found!
toomuchcake Dec 19th, 2012  10:50pm
Hey. She is definilty a qualified surgeon in ensanada. For 18 years to be exact. Amazing butt doc. And of course no butt implants. After a few years bbl wares off. Pmma doesn't ware off and the results are amazing. Its just the back ally butt doctors that are giving it a baf name. Perfectly safe when dont properly. Besides when getting a bbl docs are injecting a 100% fat back into body its mixed with other substances to prevent absorption. Pmma is used all over the planet. Ask south America girl. I'm actually born in Columbia. South America invented buttuck augmentation and pmma is the main thing. You never heard of any bad cases in south America because its real pmma. Not atl scam artist trying to make a unhonest Buck. Good luck
toomuchcake Dec 19th, 2012  10:51pm
Oh and thanks for letting me know about the attachment girl. It shows a video of exactly what I'm talking about.


Girl, you have to go with your gut feeling, I would tell that girl " thanks but no thanks. And ignore her if you are already sure where you are going. Some ppl amaze me but don't let her discourage you! ;)
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Sick b***** she really annoyed me with that cheap talk, as if i want to have that f***** ppma....a qualified for 15 years? Qualified my back side, how do i block her guys?
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ignore the ignorant and block her azz, tell her to take her pmma and go that way -------------------------------------------> . if it was so safe all of the surgeons would be doing it and making back off of that. PMMA INJECTIONS R ONLY SAFE IN SMALL AMOUNTS LIKE NOTHING MORE THAN 6 CC AND EVEN THEN WHO THE HELL KNOWS WHERE IT TRAVELS. another black market representative that should stoned.
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I couldn't go without wishing my bbl sister a...

I couldn't go without wishing my bbl sister a wonderful xmas and a happy new year! Going to my mum's tomorrow so I won't be using the laptop because she checks the history and this procedure is my biggest secret! For those having surgery during this month I wish you the best of look and happy healing. May God bbless us all on this journey!

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I couldn't go without wishing my bbl sister a...

I couldn't go without wishing my bbl sister a wonderful xmas and a happy new year! Going to my mum's tomorrow so I won't be using the laptop because she checks the history and this procedure is my biggest secret! For those having surgery during this month I wish you the best of look and happy healing. May God bbless us all on this journey!


aww that was such a cute post and that so funny yr like she checks the history!! im kinda like u when ppl come over my house im so paranoid for them to use my computer and my butt surgery stuff come up lol lmfao!! happy holidays to u and many blessings!!
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Lol you can always search the web in private browser or just when your done go to internet options and delete history and there will be no trace of the sights you visit! Good luck with your surgery
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Sasha30 my mum hates that she always think we up to no good! If you delete she will go mad, I always tell her she should be a private investigator, I've never seen someone with such a desire to investigate what ppl do on the laptop ;)

Didn't go my mums, its a long history. So now I...

Didn't go my mums, its a long history. So now I will spend xmas with my son, just the two of us :( :( :( :( :( i feel so sad, never felt like that before...I cried like a sad spending christmas alone!!!


I don't recommend for you to stay at a apartment. Recovery is EXTREMELY difficult and if I were you I'd stay at a recovery home where you have a nurse 24/7 Or bring A capable person to care for Ur every Need. I brought my mother with me and it couldnt have been a more amazing idea. Just having someone else there who had surgery with you could be the worst thing because you both will be virtually incompetent. You feel completely incapable of doing absolutely anything and everything. Eating, moving ur arms, everything is such a task and painful. Showering alone and putting on a faja takes at least 2 strong people in the beginning. U need someone there to help you at all times because you can't do anything on your own. And I've had surgery with Yily and she's extremely aggressive. I'm 7 weeks post op and I'm still extremely uncomfortable and still have pain. I just can't stress enough how important it is to go to a recovery home or have a designated person to do everything for you. Girls have no idea how difficult things are afterwards, and by no means am i being dramatic. Especially doing the areas you mentioned which i had to. Not trying to scare you, I just been there so I know what I'm saying. Happy planning.
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Merry Christmas to you and your son love bug
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Thank you

Hello ladies, hope you all had a great time with...

Hello ladies, hope you all had a great time with your loved one. As you know today is boxing day and the sale is madness lol, so I decided to go shopping with my little one. I bumped into ano old friend from high school and i couldn't stop looking at her body because i was really impressed by how big her butt looked as she did not have any at all. So I asked her the secret she first lied to me and said she got it at the gym, well I said i'm sure you did the same thing as kim lol. She then confessed and she said, she had bbl 3 years ago in spain and she's maintaining the results by doing a lot of squat and deadlift at the gym. Girls she did not have any booty at all, and I was wondering if bbl can be maintained by doing these exercise, if so I will become a gym addict.....she looks amazing, due to meet her next week will ask if I can take picture to post so you guys can see bbl results after 3 years! Waw i'm speachless


Thanks, what kind of deposit does she require? I'm in Texas and was looking for someone in my state, any suggestions?
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Good luck with finding someone in Texas. I'm in Texas and I am 13 days post op. I went with Salama and I'm so happy with my results. I went to many Drs out here in Texas and none of them impressed me.
Who did u try out in Texas?

For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking...

For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking so much about this procedure, after being so excited now that the time is near i just don't think I want this procedure anymore....I just dont want to waste a lot of money and not have the body that I want. So I made a decision not to have the procedure just yet, will go back in the gym and try to get it natually my trial will start from the 1-1-13 i will allow myself at least six months to see if i can get what i want if i can then i will not waste my money....good luck to you all


I'm scheduledd the 13 march with dr yilydelossantos are you looking travel buddy
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i'm reconsidering the procedure now, I think I will stay at the spar...
and you look fab!!!! by the way lol...
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I'm back ladies

Hey ladies i'm and this time i have made up my mind i def need this procedure more than anything. Gym takes ages to give you the results you want, and on the other side i am loosing weight fingers crossed by next month I will get a date and be flying to yily...loving the results on rs some are to die for...feels good to be back


I meant :)
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ahahahaahahah glad you meant :) and not :( XXX
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I am considering Alexander Aslani

I am so confused right now, Dr. Aslani is apparently known to be the only surgeon in europe that removes a lot of fat, is that true? The other issue is that is closer to me than Yily, I have seen some of his amazing work...anyway got in touch with him and now i am awaiting on prices and skype consultation...fingers crossed he will meet my financial is ready just need to make sure i go to the right doctor. Since a lot of complaints have risen about Yily i was put off a bit and the long distance flight was another issue for me. I am so confused right now, helppppppppppppppppppppppp...plz ladies if any of yous see any reviews on Alexander Aslani please post the link on my page i really would love to see more of his work, because so far i have seen amazing results not bad review at all not sure if this is a good sign or not. I will wait and see


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You scared me...
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Please help ladies, i am trying to get in touch with aslani and duran but the details provided on the site is not allowing me. Whoever has contacted them recently please provide us the details...


Hey girl I'm from London and go to aslani 24th feb! How you getting on with your decision/quotes etc
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Hey girl, I am from manchester, emailed him and got an answer really quick just need to email him my pics and wish pics, but struggling to take pics of myself because i live alone lol. I am trying to reach 70 or 67kg before the surgery. How much was your quote? what you getting done?
aslani is extremely easy to find just google him,that is really not difficult. I had my bbl with him last monday he is the best
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How do I get in touch of Duran on whatsapp?

I would love to get in touch with duran as soon as possible, I tried to email her but it failed and some girls are saying she responds quick on whatsapp. What's her whatsapp number? Please ladies I really need your help on getting in touch with her....


I am now on a hunt for faja and waist sincher so far nothing good in uk but there are great ones on i wish i lived in america, when it comes to body shaper uk is so crappppp...arghhhhh plz click below for a sample of my favourite so far :)
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Looking for bodyshapers now!!!

I am now on a hunt for faja and waist sincher so far nothing good in uk but there are great ones on i wish i lived in america, when it comes to body shaper uk is so crappppp...arghhhhh plz click below for a sample of my favourite so far :)


(809) 707-7163 . Whn r u going
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I wanted to go in oct but by the looks of it I doubt she will have a date!!! If i can't go this year i will def go january or february!!!

Aslani fake profiles

I am so glad I've not been to him yet...this is serious Aslani fake profiles on realself. The question is "what would be someone's interest in creating fake profiles?" I am not trying to accuse anyone but to me it looks like marchandise publicity, I feel annoyed and sick at the whole situation!!! Come on now docs or whoever is doing this stop messing with our head, i lost interest in having my surgery with Aslani


How did you know there are fake reviews?
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The fake profiles dont update as much and they only hv abt 2-3 pics...there are a lot of similarities on the profiles, to make matters worse they are using other girls pics :(
Was there more then 1
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Tired of waiting!!!

I am so tired of waiting for Duran and Aslani to respond to my ready since october I don't want to lose more weight or put more weight on :( :( :( . Such a long wait can't wait any longer because i want to get this done by january/february

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my wish pic

tried my best to picture how i want to look after surgery...i used plastic surgery app


Hi Hun are you sure you got the right email for aslani ? I've always got quick responses from his side x
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Yes they did answer my first email i then sent a second email with pics and some questions...his taking forever to snswer.
Have you tried a phone call instead of email?????...
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Wish I spoke hard getting hold of someone that speaks english

Tomorrow I will def start learning spanish on youtube lol, I need to hold a conversation with these docs assistant, they say for english phone such a number but in reality when you call is never them or they are away and that person can't even answer you. Duran will def be my best shoot and I will achieve what I want!!!


Are u still planing on going to a duran ??? X
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Yes, i am going to her 2014...she got bk to me :)

I now have my quote from DR. Duran

Duran has quoted me $6000 for full body liposuction, bread reduction with lift and bbl...i currently weigh 154.3 pounds and 168cm. Is that quote fair ladies? I want to get this surgery done before June 4....I have everything ready including extra cash for back up lol....

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I want to swap from 4th June to an earlier date....Dr. Duran

Going to Duran on the 4th June 2014 but i want to swap to an earlier date please ladiessss from March onwards will be great....hopefully i will find someone :) :) :)


how were you able to get in contact with duran? I sent her an email at the beginning of this month, she replied back with my quote, and i just emailed her back regarding my deposit and the email was rejected. :(
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Through Facebook hun....she has a new email adress apparently someone is trying really hard to sabotage her reputation were a fake email address was created under her name. Go on her fb timeline and all the information is there. I was over the moon when I was chatting to her, seemed so unreal because I was trying to get hold of her for monthsssssssssss
now you have me wondering if that email i received was it really from duran or was it someone else. but it cant be cause I seen a lot of people with the same email address and i think i even saw it on her website. i wrote her on ig and she replied that same day. im confused!! anyway thanks for the heads up.i deactivated my fb account you wouldnt happen to have her real email address you can inbox me the email address.

Duran message regarding fake email and quotes...

Hi ladies, i decided to share what Duran posted on her facebook...hope ii helps and save my bbl sister the stress of being scammed. Saving money for this Journey is hard enough let alone be in loss...below is the message she posted...stay alert ladies she only has one email address

Atencion!! Yo no tengo un correo que está circulando no soy la dueña y no mando presupuestos ni ninguna informacion desde esa direccion!!
Mis correos son:

I dont have an email adress as or hotmail, etc. I didnt sent quote or nothing from this adress, or at least this is not mine!! My email adress
Nice Sunday!! I'm working with new Doll now!!


That's a shame :-( glad Duran is addressing this
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I know...its awful you get a quote and you think is Duran you send your deposite only to find out its a scam...i know a girl who is at loss atm...felt sorry and decided to share this info, so we (bbl sisters) won't fall into that...

need the procedure before June

Ladies i really need to get this done before June due to personal circumstances, if you know of any availability from March please need to get this before the wedding.....please pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Poor girl :-(
I know....

UK Duran dolls

Hi ladies can all uk duran dolls please check in. As you know this journey is a roller coaster and some of us are scared to travel alone so if we know when some are going that would be greatful and much easier to find a body. I forgot to mention even if you are not going to Duran but are going to DR please still check in...counting on you ladies!!!


hi babe , i live in London to,so hard to find uk girls that post . i want to do mine in December . so im saving ,to finally have my dream ass .got boobs just need the finishing touch.xx
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Ahahahhahahahahahahahahah I like you already..."the finishing touch" trust me we all do need the final adjustment lol
im from uk and literally lying with my butt in the air as i type lol. nearly 6 days post op

Duran is super busy

Duran posted a screen shoot of her notification, I came to realise that she's super busy and I best me considering other docs if I want this procedure in march. Take a look I posted just for you ladies to see as some of you do not have Facebook. :'( :'(


thanks hun for updating us , but she is worth the wait, cant wait to do my bbl , a few plp on this site said that they paid $150 for them to secure a date .I ll try and find the deatails
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You will need to reach her so she can give you info on dates and how to secure a place. Muax
Wish I could wait hun, but I can't coz I've got a wedding on the 8th July :(

Elizabeth sent me the bank details

So I called Elizabeth Duran assistant to help me with this bank transfer business, first of all she put me on hold i actually though she will hang up the phone on me (worried face) but i was wrong she came back and asked for my email address. As soon as we finished talking i went to my email just to check and there was the email i was expecting. It just made me wonder, when i rang for a quote i was asked for my email and never got a quote i had to chase that quote like a mad person. Now for the deposit it was a quick thing (hummmmm eyes rolling). Sigh not sure if i should pay or look for a doc that can sort me out in March....don't know what to do, this journey is starting to get the best of me now!!!! sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh


Hey I am from the UK. I know it is frustrating that you cannot get an earlier date. Best option is to see if any one is swapping a date. Maybe call Elizabeth regularly to see if there is any cancellations.
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Will do that otherwise i will have to stand the whole wedding coz i won't be able to sit on my ass...and i dont want that as ppl will def question why i didnt seat the whole wedding...ahahahahahahaahahahahahaha I started working out in the gym a year earlier so when i turn up with a big ass and ppl ask I will just tell them its my hard work at the gym lol nothing more

NightMare...this isn't happening

Ladies today I've the most frustrating conversation with my little man's dad. I initially asked my sister to stay with my baba for 12 days and she was ok with that. So i informed him on sunday that i'm going to DR hopefully in March, his face changed as soon as I mentioned his son was staying (eyes rowling). So today he messaged me asking way too many questions in relation to my travel to DR. I did not give much info I kept the conversation as simple as possible, now for my surprise he tells me well I'm coming to look after him while your travelling (my eyes popped like wtf, are you serious). There's me so polite trying to convince him there's no need and his like oh well I do not want him to be looked after by someone else whilst your away, now I asked him so you will do that everytime I travel without him and his like yeah. Sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh just what I didn't need. I need to find a way to stop him from coming arghhhhhh another task added to my list F****

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Tired of this

So annoyed with this waiting game...Dr Duran really needs to sort out her communication that's not fair on us at all...i rang all day to speak to elizabeth about the deposit and some other issues guess what? They hanged the phone on my face more than 3x come now WTF is this? Being highly in demand does not give your assistants the right to disrespect ppl is so F*** rude hanging the phone on people's face. So not a professional way to treat clients really rude. Today is not being a good at all for me...need the stop my mother f**** ex from coming to spy on me arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh just want to scream the whole place down


Sweety if u dont stop ur (EX) now hes gna want to come on vacations anywhere u go.. He is the father of ur child not your hubby or BF. He lost that right once he became ur ex. Tell him be either staye and look out or he will stay with ur Sis. If he tries to ACT out go to court and tell them. My advice is dont tell any one when ur leaving and drop him off at ur sis quietly like try to do this all while he is not around
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Thanks doll...he travelling with me...he knows its a big NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
i meant he's not

Wedding has been confirmed

I'm so addicted to rs website....I now spend most of my hours on here. So desperate for a March or April date wedding has been confirmed, im one of the godparents sigh the stress in really kicking in now....oh dear

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Apparently Duran sent me an email(sigh, scam scam scam and f*** scam)

Apparently Duran sent me an email(sigh, scam scam scam and f*** scam) asking me to help her because she has been robbed in Cyprus (eyes rolling). So i read this email uncountably, because it wasn't sinking in my head why would Dr. Duran ask me to help her if she makes a lot of cash and she has other ppl to call to. The email came from her Gmail the email that sent me the bank details to put the deposit now :( i'm guessing it's a fake email arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Elizabeth is hardly available I need to whether the bank details even came from her...sigh sigh sigh sigh sigh this procedure will drive me nut. I took pics of the email

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more pics


I got a fake email too apparently someone hacked her email whatever you do don't trust it
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Also I'm scheduled june 3 hope to see you there
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I'm trying to get the ball rolling hun to go date is 4th June if I don't go in March or April i will def see you there...

This is serious

So im guessing who ever hacked the email have all our pics, bank transfer receipt and a lot more info. Whoever sent Dra Duran receipts through the hacked email better the cancelling that account and get a new one. She said on her fb everything she had on the gmail was transferred by the hackers to this and they still sending email. A doll mentioned something really suspicious on fb saying this must be a Duran doll doing this in order to have money for the surgery!!! Do you ladies think we may have a hacker here pretending to be a duran doll? So annoying the whole situation, well if you are here pretending to be get a job and stop scamming ppl sigh


I'm not going to Duran but I did receive a quote from her. I also got that boot-legged a$$ email. I didn't think that it was a pretend Duran doll, the first thought I had was, it may be someone she works with. First, that is just my opinion. I didn't hear anything, I'm not saying it's Duran fault, I'm just saying it may be someone that would have access to all that info. I know hackers are good but that's not something any old ordinary person can do. I mean when it's that much money to be made, everybody wants a piece of the pie.
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I was watching a documentary abt me these suckers are good all they need to access your pc is for you to download a file....unless someone sent her something pretending to be a client and it was downloaded....sigh too many options to consider
It's definitely something any old person cn do who is skilled in computers nd getting thru firewalls. Hacking is serious business nd very common with ppl who have a lot of cash flow coming in. It wld b foolish to b someone who works for her bc It ddnt take long for the emails to b brought to her attn. They were sent about 2am nd shortly after tht ppl were posting those emails to her fb page letting her know

how to increase

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A few of Dr Duran's customers on RS has received that same e-mail about she needs help as she's been robbed. My suggestions would be who ever receives that e-mail again let her know immediately & send it to her so she sees it. That's something serious, some body is trying to hack into Dr Duran's clients pockets.
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I'm so happy

I am so happy i got an early date..absolutely delighted now need to start buying what i will need thennnnn packing timeeeee....soooooooooooooooooo haaaapppppppppppppyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Hey chick good luck. I have decided to go with doctor Yily next year. Please in box me which recovery house you have chosen and the expirience cause I'm so confused on where to start. So far I got all the meds covered cause my fiancés family own pharmacys so I can get most listed items but I'm stuck on recovery house that provides transport too and from airport. Please help Me out. X your fellow uk doll x
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I'm confused but need to make that decision sooner than
Can't wait!!! We'll be in pain together!!! Lollll
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Hi ladies I'm looking to switch my date for March-April if you know anyone please inbox me. Tia

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Wish pics

With pics...if the pics posted belongs to any of you ladies and you wish me to delete them, please let me know and i will happily delete them. Thanks


Hi! I am from the UK also. I am planning on going with Dr Cabral for BBL and will be starting a review /blog when I have booked a date. I am hoping for July. Looking forward to following your journey and seeing your results. Good luck!
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Great idea, ok will do :)

Swap for late March or early April....

Hi Ladies, I have early may available to swap for a late March or early April. Inbox me if your interested...thank you dolls!!!


Hello Hotchick, wat happened to Duran Doll 2014? I can't find her! What was the big announcement? U kinda frightened me with ur Headline "ATTENTION"
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I don't who's Duran Doll 2014. My review was deleted by Kirsty because it violates the was an announcement will inbox you doll.
Where did your Facebook name go just made an account on fb came here to get the name to add and it's gone?
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Switch dates

Hi ladies due to personal circumstances I need to switch my date...I have first week of April and I'm looking at first week of may. Inbox me if your interested. Thanks dolls


i have 4 aug want to go sooner anyone?
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Sorry need may
Ok den Hot Chick. Inbox me!

can someone

Can someone please explain or provide more info into this allegation about a patient dying last week I believe but her sister sent a private message to most Yily's patients...may she rest in peace!


I need an earlier date, anyone? I'm booked September 30 I really nees June
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I also say this comment on some Yily patient's review pages. I thought it was spam, if not I really want to know what happend.
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Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Duran is my doc now...

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