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Hello! I had a BBL on September 27th. I had...

I had a BBL on September 27th.
I had lipo of the whole abdomen, 1/2 back with tapering of the hips.

My surgeon was so lovely. The whole office and all of the staff were helpful and so kind. They have no problem with me calling with questions.

So I am currently 8 days out from surgery.
First off let me say that this was completely worth the money. I'm so happy and I'm not even healed yet.

I have always had a pretty athletic figure, and it drove me nuts. I've always wanted to have curves and a nice butt. So I did a lot of research (this site really helped) and decided on this procedure.

The day of surgery was not too bad. When I woke up I was a bit groggy but not in any horrible pain.
Getting into the car was a little hard, I laid in the back seat on my side. Right off the bat my butt was just sore. I cannot even really describe it as "pain" because it wasn't. It just felt like I did a LOT of squats.

The first day I basically slept. I would wake up and walk around my house a couple of times. I ate some soup and made sure to drink LOTS of water. Any uncomfort I had was made much easier with my pain meds.

I never felt neasous at all. I had a patch that was put behind my ear for about two and a half days that was specifically for neausia and that was lovely.

I followed my surgeons orders to a T. Drank lots of water, took my pain meds and anti-infection meds. Ate soup and crackers, walked around.

I had NO drainage at all. None. When I changed my band-aids there was nothing on them. Super clean and fresh. My surgeon did a beautiful job.

I washed my hair the second day and felt nice and clean. The third day I went to take a shower and as soon as I took my girdle off, I felt like I was going to pass out. So I laid down on my stomach for about 20 minutes and then my boyfriend helped me take a shower. After that I was fine.

Getting the girdle on and off, is a WORKOUT. LOL! I still need help zipping it up and getting all the clamps. It goes from my chest all the way to my knees.

My stiches started to get really itchy, and the girdle made that worse while I was trying to sleep. It didn't hurt, it was just annoying. I had my stitches removed yesterday and am no longer so itchy.

Going to the bathroom for the first time took me awhile because with the girdle on, I felt like I was peeing my pants. (There's a hole, for taking care of business.) I just kind of hover over the toliet, I still don't sit down.

I didn't go #2 for about 5 days. Then I took a stool softner and went the next day so it wasn't too bad.

When I finally got to really look at my body without my girdle I was amazed. I have rounded hips, a nice full booty, and a fairly flat stomach. I am 5'3'' and 150lbs. I still have a little stomach (which i'm completely happy about because it looks so nice to me) that the surgeon said is due to swelling in my ab area but that it will go down more. I wouldn't mind if it didn't because it looks so nice to me already.

My abs don't feel hard to me, and my whole abdomen doesn't hurt at all.

My lower back did have some pain whenever I stretched because of the stiches but it was VERY breif. Like, for a minute or so.

Walking made me feel a thousand times better. I was doing laps around my house everyday.

My butt has been sore this whole time, and still is. It is not painful, though. At first it just felt like a brick was implanted in my butt, but that feeling has started to go away.

I had some brusising right out of surgery and the next two days it got a little worse, but now almost all of my bruising is gone. I was pretty surprised to see it go away so quickly.

Overall, I'm so excited about my results. I would do it over again in a heartbeat. I'm only 8 days out and extremely happy. I can't wait to see the long term results.

I currently do not know how many cc's were injected. I will ask the next time I see my PS.

Overall I would say, find a good PS. Do your research and the whole thing will be worth it. Anymore questions I will love to answer!

I'm a little hesistant to add pictures because of my tattoos (like to stay anonymous), but I just wanted to tell everyone my experience.

As far as surgeons go. Let their pictures do the...

As far as surgeons go. Let their pictures do the talking. The first consultation I went to was a very well known doctor, ads on radio and tv, etc. His pictures of before and after just were not very good. I went to his office and he was nice and everything, but I just was not impressed. He also was asking double the price of what I paid.

I'm so glad I did more searching and found my doctor and saw her before and after pictures. She was amazing. Message me if you would like to know her name.

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Looking for a great dr bbl....ladies help I'm new to this n I want it dn rite da first time
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Dots here in Michigan is going out of business everything in the store is on sale.
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Anyone had it done with dr. Gray? What other doctors in michigan have you guys used?
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I was looking at Dr . Gray page and alot of clients were not happy
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Michigan girl looking for a great doctor for a butt lift..
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I went to Gray! He was wonderful. I got a tummy tuck now I want lipo and and a bbl. Now I havent seen any of grays bbls thsts why I looking. Do you ladies know anybody
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Have you had the bbl yet?
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Look into Dr.Kayser he seems to be a good doctor
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did you get any feedback on bbls with gray?
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Hi, glad your procedure went great...Can you share your Docs info? Any of you ladies pls share your exp with Hardaway or other docs u recommend? Researching BBL and not sure who to go with...******. com Thanks

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Dr Michelle Hardaway is a great doctor but I don't think that the bbl is her thang check out my story....
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Was your belly big at first ? Or did it go down a few days later to see the results? I had my bbl yesterday but my belly looks terrible :(
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What surgeon did you use?
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doctor name plz
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Who is your doctor
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Which surgeon did you use please inbox me!
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Could you inbox me your surgeons info
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anybody want to file taxes that don't work my sister works at H&R
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What! He only charge 4500 what's up with that? For bbl or a full butt lift?
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anyone know a good dr with decent prices for the bbl
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Dr Michael Gray 4500 anewyou.com look at his work. i have read bad reviews for some of his work. a lot on michelle Hardaway not good. but Dr Michaels is so cheap. 248-538-3333
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DR michael Gray 4500 bad reviews for Dr Michael and Dr Sampson he's in jackson Mi $4875 .
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I'll be getting my BBL done in Detroit later this year. :)
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