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Going to Get One but Won't Get into Debt over It -Denver City, TX

Hello all, I think I am pretty set on getting a...

Hello all, I think I am pretty set on getting a rhinoplasty. This has been on my conscious now for, gosh, quite a few years and I dont think it is something that I can get over or will just go away.

I feel gutted about it really as as I grew up I honestly thought that i was okay and its only as i have got older that I have started analysing myself and realise that I feel I am quite ugly from certain angles. I have always had bad skin which doesnt help.

I do feel that my nose is going to be quite a lot more complex than some people's operations which makes me feel a bit afraid because I know without a skilled surgeon it could go horribly wrong...this is your nose we're talking about after all and you only get one of them! tee hee. You know, with some people's noses they just a bump knocking off or something but other noses are a lot more complex than that.

So far I have been shortlisting surgeons who I feel have shown skill at shortening the projection of the nose, and therefore I feel that there would be a good chance that they might be able to get mine right. I have decided I will definitely go to someone who has the computer imagining so I can maybe have a reasonable idea of what it might turn out like.

So far I have told a few people, most of whom just think you're being over critical of yourself. However, I believe that there is something out of proportion on my face.

I will post again with some list of the surgeons i am considering ...Quite a few on the list so far, need to shortlist :s xxx
PS I am from UK, am considering one surgeon in Denver USA so have been forced by this page into listing a clinic

perfect nose... you just need confidence
Thank you for comment, I appreciate it but obviously i disagree about its perfection ;) x
Like others I can't really see what is wrong with your nose! You are an attractive girl with a nice nose! People really won't be obsessing over your nose, only you will be bothered! Nobody seemed to notice the huge hump I had on my nose! Even the nurse said she was wondering what I was in for and it wasn't till the surgeon was taking photos that she saw me side on and even then she said you still look lovely! It is hard though when we don't like something about ourselves but beauty is from within but then again I spent £4800 on a new nose!! What would you like to change about your nose! Are you happy with now you look other than your nose?
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