Ok so it is 13 days until my ba . I am 5 foot...

Ok so it is 13 days until my ba . I am 5 foot 110lb and a very small 34A cup.i have four children .never lost never gained with pregnancies . I have wanted a ba for as long as I can remember .

I NEVER am without a bra and a very padded one at that because I hate what it looks like . So needless to say I can't wait . My husband is very happy with what I look like now . He knows how long I have wanted this for so he told me on valentines day you know what I am getting you your boobs you have always wanted . I nearly jumped up and down with excitement .lol

so march 19 th is my surgery date .i am getting 375cc silicone unders. I don't want to look to big . I do do hair at home not sure how long I won't be doing hair . Hopefully no longer than 2 weeks.

Ok so yesterday I had my pre op apt . All paid for...

Ok so yesterday I had my pre op apt . All paid for !!!! Yikes can't wait I keep going back and forth with the sizes . I don't want them to be to big or to small. I am also nervous about the hp I don't want to look fake!!! But my chest is narrow so my ps said that would be best . I have to just trust him . Uhhhhhhh
So I had my physical today with a EKG that went well . Now blood work in the morning . I have to fast tonight for that uhh that's hard for me I need my food.
Thursday I have to get a mammogram at 2:30 my first one ever yuck not looking forward to that at all. The day is almost here I can't believe it . Super excited . Good luck ladies on your new boobies !!!!!

5 more days till my big day !!!! I will finally...

5 more days till my big day !!!! I will finally have boobies !!! I have waited my whole life for this I can't believe it's finally happening . I'm just about to leave for my first mamagram ever . If all Gos well I will then be all set for the big day. Just some last min . Things to do around the house . I have to get the kids Easter baskets all put together . And some more cleaning !!!! Yay can't wait can you tell. My daughter has been sick all week I'm just hoping I don't get it or I won't be able to have my ba rite now :( wish me luck

Ok so I have 2 days till my ba I can't believe it ...

Ok so I have 2 days till my ba I can't believe it . I am still going with 375ccs mentor silicone high profile under the muscle . I hope the size is good for me . Not to big and not to small . I have more last Minuit things to do around the house before I am layed up . My kids will be trashing the house ,hopefully my husband and my mom can keep up with them . It's not a easy task 4 kids can do a number on the house in just one day . Ok I'm blabbing !!!!!! Lol can't wait to be on the other side .

Yay in 19 hours I will be getting boobies I am...

Yay in 19 hours I will be getting boobies I am freeking out a bit . So I got the call a few minuits ago I have to be there at 9:30 it's a hour drive but we are getting 2-9 inches of snow tonight lovely . I guess I'll just have to leave very early . I can't believe my dream is finally coming true . I have wanted this my whole life . Good luck girls !!!!!!

Oh my god they just called me and told me to come...

Oh my god they just called me and told me to come in an hour early . Yay I'm so happy . I'm starving !!!!!!! See you on the other side . BOOBIES !!!!!!

Ok we'll sorry I didn't past yesterday I wasn't...

Ok we'll sorry I didn't past yesterday I wasn't feeling to well . Surgery went well I got 375ccs in rite and 400 in the left. Haven't gotten to see them yet apt. Is at 10:15 . Dreading the ride there . I am in pain let me tell you . Nothing I can't handle but I am defentaly keeping up on my meds . To get up to sitting is the hardest I need a push from someone every time . But this time I just did it on my own. I did throw up once last night. I hope I don't do that again yuck. If I get a itch on the top of my head I can't itch it . Grrr I hate having people do everything for me . Hopefully today will be a better day pain wise . Oh I almost forgot I did have to call my ps my left arm was numb and swollen . I got scared he said it was just from the iv fluids . It did go away now thank god. Well good luck to everyone . Ill try to get a picture at th Drs. today to post. Good luck to everyone going today and happy healing to everyone who went yesterday.

Day 3 post op well I woke up this morning with...

Day 3 post op well I woke up this morning with major morning boob wow . That's the worst !!!"still haven't gone potty I might have to send hubby out to get me milk of magnesia . Stool softener isn't helping I guess. Ill post some more pictures later. They are still riding high and rite is a bit smaller . That is making me nervous too because my rite is saposed to be 400ccs left is 350ccs hope it just evens out . It's scary but I have seen a lot of ladies on here have one bigger than the other and then they even out.i also have such a headache I don't know why .

4 days post op I feel so much better. I can move...

4 days post op I feel so much better. I can move around I stopped taking the pain meds just taking Tylenol for pain and the muscle relaxers.

5 days post op I am hoping I didn't go to big.they...

5 days post op I am hoping I didn't go to big.they didnt drop into place yet so I guess I can't say yet . But they seem huge.

Ok ladies is everyone still wearing a tight sports...

Ok ladies is everyone still wearing a tight sports bra ? I feel like that's why I'm not dropping into place.

Ok so here I am 8 days post op and let me tell you...

Ok so here I am 8 days post op and let me tell you . I finally feel like myself again. I have had such pain ps said it was because my muscles were so tight so I got back on muscle relaxers . Let me tell you he was so rite I feel so much better now. I Was feeling like I was never going to be myself again. I couldn't stand being in so much pain every day all day. I woke up this morning with no pain. I still haven't dropped yet but hopefully now that my muscles are relaxing they will start to drop. Posting new pictures in a minute Thanks to everyone who has helped me along the way and the site.

Well i had a very stressful day today my sons...

Well i had a very stressful day today my sons school calls me first thing in the morning he got in trouble . then my father had a hip replacement surgery today and my ps apt . wow am i beat . I went to my 2 week post op today ps says my muscles are still tight he said again you need to relax. Ya rite with 4 kids that doesn't happen. He prescribed me another muscle relaxer I have to take and see if this works . Other than that everything looks good . I go back now in 2 weeks. Oh ya I also have to find a new bra one that I can't find he wants me to where one that clasps in the front and pulls the girls in and doesn't push them in flat. I have 2 of the same bra two different sizes and it hurts me rite under the boobies . I guess I have to take a trip to the mall. If anyone knows what kind or where I can get one . I'd love to hear . Good luck to everyone getting there surgery soon.

Is anyone else having trouble getting a bra that...

Is anyone else having trouble getting a bra that has support but is also comfortable . I am not used to holding any thing in my bras except padding . The sports bras are comfy but I got this bra from Victoria's Secret and I loved it not that I'm home it's kinda hurting my shoulders and I have it all the way out . I did get sized too. I don't know if this is normal when you actually have boobs or did she give me the wrong size? CONFUSED

I have developed mondors cord under both of my...

I have developed mondors cord under both of my breasts . That explains why I am still having pain. I see my ps tomorrow . I hope he allows me to now take a bath I can't wait to take a bath. I guess it will help too . Hope everyone is doing well.

Oh my god my boobs itch so bad is anyone else...

Oh my god my boobs itch so bad is anyone else experiencing this . Lotion is not helping I don't know what to use. I know it's the skin stretching but I want it to go away . Please help

I am about 5 weeks post op now and as you can...

I am about 5 weeks post op now and as you can probably see . I have tons of pictures up now . I love my boobies my ps did such a great job . I am so glad I went to him. I am so glad I finally got this done wish I did it sooner.

So happy I finally went for it

Well I'm like 57 days post op now wow it feels like so much longer . I love my boobies I never thought I would say that . They are exactly what I wanted . My ps listened to everything I told him I wanted . And my husband well let's just say he was never a boob guy wow now he is I don't know I love them I think he love the as much as me . Well worth every penny hahahahahahah

57 days post op

I have finally dropped into place

I am loving my new boobies . I defiantly picked the rite size for me .

A little over 3 months post op

Yes I am a little over 3 months post op and I love my new boobies I now feel like they are all mine . I so wish I had done this sooner. I feel confident now I don't mind being naked now infront of my husband , in fact I like to be. Lol he loves them as much as I do too. Dr. Baroody did a fantastic job . They look better than I ever imagined they would look. Going on vacation in a few days on a cruise . I now will be comfortable in a bathing suit can't wait.

New pic

So happy with how they turned out !!!

Before and after

These are some before and after photos I did. What a differance .

Recent picture

I am so so truly happy with my results my husband says he has never seen any better .

7 months post op

So happy with my results

7 months post op


7 months post op

Love them

So glad I had this surgery done

I just really can't believe that that really is my body . I can't even tell you what this surgery has done for me . I feel so much better about myself . My husband loves them . As you see I can't stop taking pictures of them .

Quick pic

Just a new pic

11 months post op

11 months Po

11 months.

I am very happy

Well I am 14 months post op

I have slight Capsular contracture on my left breast. I will be going back to see my ps in about 2 months.

14 months po

It's been over a year and this was the best thing I have ever done for myself

14 months po

Love them

I will post more later
Danbury Plastic Surgeon

Well I am exactly 3 weeks post op I do think I am dropping slowly but surely . Not fast enough but I have alot of stretching to do . I am actually looking bigger because they aren't so flat on my chest . By the end of the day I look higher. Still having a burning feeling across the bottom half nipples still super sensitive . Still getting morning boob . So I have had a very stressful weekend yet again. My youngest daughter (3 years old ) fell down the stairs in my house . She fell onto a ceramic mug that was left there . She split her face wide open . Lots of stitches from her eye to her nose . Just missed her eye by a hair . I was so I guess depressed for 3 days . I couldn't stop crying . My poor poor baby . I brought her to my ps yesterday . He says she won't need a surgery rite now. The ps who stitched her though maybe she might need surgery . Because the stitches are pulling the bottom of her eye down . So I felt much much better . He says when the swelling Gos down it will be fine . She might need something done for the scar in years to come . For now she's ok . But he wants to see her back on Monday. When it heals we will then use silicon cream with SPF . I have been so scared for my baby .

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Hope u can fix your cc :(
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Oh me to I have to go see my ps soon might wait until after summer to do it. Thanks
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Wow! U look fab! I'm so so happy for u ! Truly am ! I'm ready for mine too !!
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Thank you so much
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Great selection of pictures showing how long it takes to drop and how much they drop compared to right out of surgery.
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What profile did you get?
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Your boobs are honestly perfect!!!
  • Reply
Oh thank you so much
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they look great we are similar in stats, hope to have similar results!!
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I love your final result. Hopefully mine will look as good as yours..
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Thank you
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Thanks I'm sure you will Keep me oosted
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Hate to hear about CC. That stinks. You have gorgeous results. I hope the CC is resolved soon!
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Oh thank you
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How do you know you have CC?
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My left one is firm and my right is soft . It also hurts a bit if I push it and the left one doesn't.
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Oh I see. Maybe they will start you on Singulair and Vitamin E helps too. Hope it gets better.
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He said he can go back in and cut the capsler open then stitch it back up that should help it.
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Hope that helps.
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How long did it take for the mondor cords to go away? I am 4 weeks out and still in a lot of pain on the side that has the cords.... I hope you do not have cap contracture...you look great!
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