After several years of wanting to remove my 2...

After several years of wanting to remove my 2 tattoos that were reminders of a wild youth, I finally took the plunge last week the day before I turn 45 and started treatment.

I went in for my consultation during the middle of the work day and met with the nurse and then with the business manager (The Closer) After a short discussion she showed me my treatment plan and cost and offered the different option for payment. I chose to pay everything upfront in hopes I would not chicken out later, that gave me a big discount. This particular clinic has a scale they use to decide how many treatments they think it will take and then everything beyond that will be treated for free upto 1 year later.

That sound great to out flew the credit card and thus we began our journey. I opted not to use any numbing creme because I needed to get back to work...HOT BACON GREASE SPLATTERS being shot from a pellet gun...that is my best description. I have a large shoulder tattoo of King Trident and a small hip tat of James Dean's autograph...don't ask.
I was leaving the next day for a weekend birthday getaway so I think she went lighter on the laser... I did not blister at all.... I felt a bit soar like a sun burn...and all seemed well.. I went on my trip with no problem...I opted for wearing a surf sun shirt all day by the pool for protection and stayed out of the water until the 3rd day. As I am writing this blog, I just realized I got in the pool which I was not planning on doing at all, and I am 16 years not quite sure how I missed that.

None the less~ I made it home and life was good until day 4 the itching begin, which is what brought to search out this site. The itching has been horrible for 4 days... the only thing that helps is ice... when I am home the ice is on...( and off of course ). I have been waking up in the night scratching my back and honestly thought today that I would ask about getting a refund for the rest of the treatment because this seems unbearable. But alas I took a Zyrtec today and it reduced the itch about 25% .... so I may make it ..
The result thus far faded some small lines...and seems to make some of the others seems brighter, which I read could happen. I am scheduled for about 7weeks apart for treatment so August 30th is the next one, it will be afterwork with numbing creme.
I am actually so nervous of what this will look like in the end.. but then I see someone who is completely faded and I get excited to think someday that could be me.

The itch was better last night...only woke up once...

The itch was better last night...only woke up once at 4am and 1 of the tattoos had about 20 minutes of itching then it went away. So far not bad today and it is exactly 8 days since my first treament. I hope I am over the itch hump.
I looked at it closely last night before going to bed and it looks like some of the small lines are already beginning to fade away... that made me happy but there is a long way to go. My tats are 22 years hopefully that will help speed the process.
Will keep you posted.

6 weeks later.....there has been minimal fading...

6 weeks later.....there has been minimal fading after 1st treatment to a few areas. The itching has finally stopped at the end of 4 weeks. I just moved my next treatment out to the 8 week mark so that I will not have a fresh laser burn over Labor Day weekend. I have already asked myself why I am bothering to go forward with this process since my tattoos do not show unless I have my shirt off. I guess that is why I prepaid for all of my treatment so I would not back out. I think I will be glad in the end..... But I cannot imagine how LONG this process is going to be. I will post more after my next treatment, which is scheduled for

Today is going to be my 2nd treatment ...getting...

Today is going to be my 2nd treatment ...getting mentally prepared for the next few weeks of itching and healing..... hoping it is better this second time around.... I will post later how it goes... I am attaching 2 photos as it looks today 8 weeks atfer first treatment.

I had my 2nd treatment 6 days ago...I went early...

I had my 2nd treatment 6 days ago...I went early this time for the numbing creme and sat for the 30 minutes waiting for it's effects....Which sadly never came. The nurse said some people say that it helps, but I truly did not feel a difference. The laser still hurts pretty bad but because it is fast, the entire treatment maybe takes 1 minute, it is bearable.
I treated to aftercare very different this time. I iced the area post treatment from Friday night through and on.... and even still some on tuesday.
I asked the nurse if I could use a higher concentrate cortisone creme that I was prescribed by my dermatologist for another rash and she said yes.
So I have been using the creme and then also using real Aloe Vera plant gel from my back yard. One of these things, the ice, creme, or plant or a combination of the all has made to itching negligible.
I have taken Benadryl at night the past three nights to make sure I stayed on top of it and did not have a flare up. I actually have forgotten completely about the treatment sights for hours at work. So this time is SSOOO much better.
The tech said we would start with a different laser at my next visit to address the blue colors in my tattoo. No one sounds to promising about removing that color...but we will see. I am still all in at this time and laugh thinking, I have 2 treatments down and only 11 more to go. :-)

It has been 5 weeks and 3 days since my 2nd...

It has been 5 weeks and 3 days since my 2nd treatment. I must say, I have not thought a lot about my tattoo this go round. I iced it so much for the first 4 days after treatment and had a much better result. The itching was minimal this time and I feel good about moving forward with the next treatment in 11 days. My James Dean tattoo is fading quickly, the King Trident has faded some also but she has not worked on the colors yet which she will begin on my next visit. I will let you know how it goes. So far, I am happy with my decision. Also for a note, I have worn a swim shirt every time I have been in the sun since the day I started this treatment. My friends wonder what happened to the sun worshiper I used to be and I just simple say this is something I really want to get done and the sun will slow it down.

Just finished 3rd treatment on 2 tattoos. It was...

Just finished 3rd treatment on 2 tattoos. It was the best treatment as far as discomfort goes that I have had. I actually applied numbing creme to the site 2 hours before treatment time and this really seemed to help. Also my technician turned down the frequency in how fast the laser would pulse each time, from 10 megahertz to 5 megahertz I believe. This gave a few seconds in between each pop that really seemed to help also. Ultimately, I am not sure if it was the numbing creme application or the pulse reduction that made this feel so much better or the combination of the two, but either way I am sticking to this new winning combination. I was able to talk and have a normal conversation with my nurse while she preformed the procedure.
After care again was lots of icing, Aloe and cortisone...last night it had been 4 nights since the treatment and I did take Benadryl to ward off itching, so far so good!
Feeling good about the process and really feel like we are making headway. I will post some shots in a few weeks as the ink begins to fade.

5 weeks after 6th session

Here are the pics of a side by side from Before treatment to now, which is 5 weeks after my 6th treatment. The have only only done the color specific laser 2 times now. Although it does make me have to wait 3 months before I can go back, it also makes great improvements. The technician says we will use the color specific laser every other time now.
I am very encouraged by the results. My after care immediately following treatment is to use a cutting from my aloe plant and just keep layering the gel. I put it in the fridge so it feels really good. It seemed to help with blisters this time also. No itching with the use of a cortisone cream and aloe and lots of ice. I go back for treatment 7 on June 30th, that will be 1 year since I started my treatment.

A few post treatment blister shots

These are photos from after session 4 color specific laser. It was my worst treatment as far as blisters go. I did not know that I was having the color specific laser and scheduled the treatment on a friday night and had to work all day the next day. I think by not being able to ice and aloe all day it made it worse. But the results were good in the end.

A few post treatment blister shots

These are photos from after session 4 color specific laser. It was my worst treatment as far as blisters go. I did not know that I was having the color specific laser and scheduled the treatment on a friday night and had to work all day the next day. I think by not being able to ice and aloe all day it made it worse. But the results were good in the end.

5 weeks after 7th treatment

Things are looking good.... the fading is working...the blue ink is still really heavy but I knew that going in that it would take a long time remove. Overall I am happy with the results.

7 weeks after 8th treatment

This was supposed to be the last treatment on James Dean, we will see how it continues to fade. I still have prepaid for 6 more treatments on King Trident. I am happy with things so far...the only downer is, I read a lot of articles today on newer faster lasers and I wish I had not already prepaid for the Q-swtich and I would seek out a doctor using the Picosure laser, as it sounds like it has faster and better results.

11 weeks after 8th treatment..#9 coming on Wednesday.

Getting ready for 9th treatment and I thought I would do one more photo update. It has been a long time since my last laser color treatment and have had some good fading. Fingers crossed and moving forward.

Side by side after 11 weeks 8th treatment

Photos after 10 treatments

Nurse chose not to treat James Dean tattoo this time and see if the redness and pigment discoloration will fade. King Trident had color specific laser this time....lots of blisters.

New doctor ...different laser. Picosure

After several people suggested I try the Picosure laser for the remaining blue in my tattoo I sought out Dr. Adelglass at Skintastic in Dallas. I went in for my consultation and since it had been six weeks since my last Q switch treatment at Dr. Tattoff, Dr. Adelglass said it was safe to do the Picosure treatment. The cost per session is going to be $400. He said because I have had 10 treatments with the Q switch laser on my tattoo, he was not sure how many treatments it would take to completely clear. He believes it would be somewhere between three and four.
I did the treatment with no numbing cream just a little ice and the cold blower. The pain was much less than my previous treatments, however I am not sure if it was a lower setting then I was used to or just the difference in the Picosure. I had no discomfort after the treatment and went back to work and finished my day. There does seem to be one area of blue ink that was not treated yesterday and I have contacted the doctor and I'm waiting for response to find out why.
I will post updates as it heals to see how much fading I actually received from this treatment.

One week after 1st Picosure treatment

I am seeing some nice fading after of the blue ink after my first treatment with Picosure laser .. I am feeling encouraged the end of this long tattoo removal maybe closer than I thought.

A photo of fading from weeks 3 left to week 4 right

These are photos after weeks 3 and 4 from 1tx Picosure

Preparing for next weeks treatment

Just 6 days till my 2nd Picosure treatment. Made some more side by sides pics for myself to see and share. I have decided to get one more treatment and then give it a break for the summer, at the advice from other members on Real Self and Dr. Kirby. He suggested to wait longer for more fade between appointments.
After looking at the James Dean tattoo after 4 months since my last treatment...I am happy to see even more fading. Really except for the hypo pigmentation, the ink is hopefully the hypo pigmentation will clear in a few more months.

New pictures

New pics

2nd Picosure treatment

Just had my 2nd Picosure went as expected. I used numbing creme 45 minutes before treatment and it was painless.
The office experience was not very comforting... They have asked me to send photos every week over the last 6 weeks which I have done. Then they acted like they had never seen my tattoo before. 3 different people looked at my tattoo and no one seemed to recognize there previously treated work. Strange to say the least if you read the chart. I finally showed them all the text I had sent them and there comments and they still acted puzzled.
Ultimately, I got what I wanted which was a Picosure treatment. He set the laser at 2.9 vs my 3.5 first visit and said this was a higher setting and more aggressive. They were adamant about me coming back in exactly 6 weeks for more....which I did not tell them I am taking a break to see how it fades. So now we wait :-)

5 weeks after 2nd Picosure - 11 tx overall with laser

Here are a few pictures ...I am exactly 5 weeks out from second Picosure treatment. It does seem to be fading still. I actually am heading on a cruise next week and then I'm home two weeks and I leave again for another beach vacation for a week. So I am armed with lots of sunscreen. I have already covered it once with sunscreen when I was going to be out in the sun last weekend... It actually made it stand out a bit more since it was now in a white square where the sunscreen was. We will see how things go and I will keep you posted.

Photo update

A James Dean update

6 months after last treatment... Still some pigment loss if skin but over all I m happy with the result.

Side by side James Dean Tat

10 weeks since last Picosure treatment

It has been 10 weeks since my treatment. So glad I did not go back at 6 weeks as the doctor requested. The fading is still happening everyday I think. I have just returned from a week on holiday and did let the sun hit the area for the first time in 2 years, with sunscreen of course. Their is some ghosting area for sure but overall I am thrilled with the progress. thank goodness I switched to the results have been on warp speed every since.

2 year mark

It has been two years today since I started my tattoo removal. I have ghosting on my back -- have not had a treatment since April. Waiting till winter to see how things look. Still happy I did it and in my mind it is gone although I have some healing to do and maybe one more treatment.
Dr. Tattoff

I had seen several ads for this company and knew they had been in business in California for a while... they opened in Dallas last year and I was recommended to the practice. The office is very nice and at the staff is very friendly. If they only made anti itch creme that worked it would be perfect so far. I did feel like I ended up with a lot of questions when I got home.. Even with their post laser instructions... I would have liked to speak with someone the next day, That is just a thought.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Sorry for the repeat post, didn't think the first went through...
  • Reply
I did not get a rerun but I also did not try... I am not sure what the policy is~~ I am leaving about $600 on the table... You may inspirer me to call :-)
  • Reply
You should try! The policy for me is that I prepaid, with the discount. I am supposed to have18 treatments... Translates to $3600.00! I am on treatment # 3, and like the way things are looking. I may just stop after the next treatment ass the tattoo I had was a coverup and dark. I like the way it looks at this point. I was told I would get a refund for the balance if I should stop.
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Hi I am in the process of treatment. I prepaid, like you. Just wondering, did you get a refund when you stopped the Q switch?
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Hi your results are amazing..I am currently being treated with the Q switch laser, and I also paid upfront. I was told I could get a refund if I wanted to stop. Just wondering.. Did you get the money back that you pre-paid?
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If you don;t mind saying, just how much did you spend over the 2 years? And I think I know your answer from reading your blog (great job!), but were the results worth the time, money and pain?
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Glad that you are happy, your results look great! We really appreciate that you maintained your review so that others can continue to see your progress. 
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Seriously thank you so so much for keeping your updates going. It's awesome to see the black ink totally gone. Amazing results! This is such a helpful story.
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I am so glad I can help~ It is a such a process has really helped my to remind myself how far I came. Good Luck on your journey.
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I love your results! Thats amazing! :) Enjoy your summer and to be honest, I think you are done :) I won't ever recognize the back tattoo :) Won't even say it was a tattoo! )) Hope you will have the pigment of the skin back!
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I hope it comes back also!! Not sure if it will as it looks pretty trashed right now.
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Wow, fantastic results!
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Nice results there! I have a question for you :) You look pretty tanned, did you tan (get sun exposure) while you were getting treated?? Because i will be getting heavy sun exposure in between treatments because my tattoo is in a visible spot, and i hope it will still work :)
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I did bit get sun for the last 2 years... 7 weeks after last treatment in April.. I had lots of plans this summer for beach vacations.. So I decided to enjoy and stop treating and see what happens... I think I will do one more treatment in the winter.. But I would not get sun between treatments otherwise as it slows the results down... And it already takes long enough. :-)
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I did bit get sun for the last 2 years... 7 weeks after last treatment in April.. I had lots of plans this summer for beach vacations.. So I decided to enjoy and stop treating and see what happens... I think I will do one more treatment in the winter.. But I would not get sun between treatments otherwise as it slows the results down... And it already takes long enough. :-)
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Amazing! Thank you for gives me hope!
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It's a journey.
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Incredible results, so inspiring for others!! I really encourage waiting longer between sessions, and you update speaks to that. Thanks for keeping us up to date!
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Glad I have kept this page to see where I have come from. It helped a lot.
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So amazing!!! I'm happy for you, and hopeful for me... :) hehe
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Thanks! I am happy and ssssooo ready for this to be over and I can move on.
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Crickey!! That's fantastic :) i am also letting my tatt chill out...5months and counting...looks awesome!! congrats!!
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Thank you, I am thinking I am going to take about 6 months off. I have a lot of ghosting and would like that to clear before I have possibly my last and final treatment.
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Wow! Great fading on both tattoos! Really look so inspiring and I barely can say you had a tattoo on your back! I am sure in time it will look even better! Are you going to have more treatments or you are finally done with the removal?
  • Reply
I am guessing I will have to have one more treatment on the blue.... but I am going to give it a few more months and probably revisit it in Oct.
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