sad, very sad , my Angel passed away

Second time around. For those who don't know me :...

Second time around. For those who don't know me : I'm 24 years old, wait , wait, did I say 24? Sorry that's just a wish. I'm 42 but only for about a month because in Dec I'll be 43 years old and my only son is 21. I'm flying next week to Florida to have a TT+BBL+LS with Dr Daniel Azurin. My surgery : 8:30 am


Sweet Zi, have you told Dr. A of such pain? It's very possible your pain medicine isn't strong enough... I just hate knowing you're having such a tough time :((
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Sorry my loves bad, very bad PAIN PAIN PAIN PAIN
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Don't worry about responding. Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you and hoping the pain goes away soon. I'm so sorry you are having such a rough time, but glad you replied to Blonde cause I was getting scared we hadn't heard from you. Love you sweetie.

God bless u god bless u god bless u...

god bless u god bless u god bless u ???????????? all my incredible, sweet , awesome friends.. Please put your hands in the air and I want to hear loud and crazy :GO ZIZI, GO ZIZI. Guys I went ho visit hell like everyone of you. I must be cute bcuz they won't let me came back until today .i do have so many thinks to tell you, where to start?. Lynne from the office is my ANGEL. She called me sometimes twice a day and was fighting for me. Few days ago when she visited me she observed that my $99 room does not have a refrigerator. Guess what ,yesterday a knock on my for surprised my with a cute wanted fridge???? MAN I LOVE THIS WOMAN. I don't know what she told the hotel employ but the tone was drastically change from the first day when I was told that they DO NOT honor any request from ppl that book from Expidia. I told him I booked and paid for 2 beds and I got only one. SHAME MARRIOTT. There was a construction the whole upstairs, dust and noise. In top I stayed with my toiled clocked for 3 days bcuz I was so sick I could not even able to open my mouth and my son doesn't speak English The smell for 3 days almost killed me.

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I might not be coherent please bare with me bcuz...

I might not be coherent please bare with me bcuz I miss talking to you a lot and I want to tell you everything it happened. Even I get tired now I want to tell you everything. Please let's start with the doctor. You might think I'm crazy but when I met him I have had the impression that I know him for ever , was like he knew what i want. He knew i don't wantbg butt and a very low incision in my belly , that low with possibility of eliminating my prominent VyyyyyJaaaaaaja. I didn't even asked how did he knows? In my search for doctors i was blind. He was the light that i followed i also knew his method implicated more pain then average recovery but i was ok with that

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OMG how can someone be tat sweet? HOW? Lynne came...

OMG how can someone be tat sweet? HOW? Lynne came an hour ago to drive me to the office. When she came in the room she had 2 bags full with food ,fruits an water. She left me speechless. I paid for but I can't believe she's that considerate. . In her way she brought me prescription for percoset. I feel like dreaming. Dr Azurin said that for some reason do recover hardly but ill get there. I can't walk and that's not good Sick know write latter

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I feel like I deserve an Oscar for the pain that...

I feel like I deserve an Oscar for the pain that with heroism I survived over week.


Glad to hear your starting to feel a little better chica! Happy healing and look forward to seeing your hot mama post op pics :)
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Thank you and its such a pleasure to have you guys to share my pain and result. Love you all. Sat night most likely will post. Here I got just the phone
Would love to see pics as i am scoping doctors for a reviaion
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3 am last night received a call from my country...

3 am last night received a call from my country :MY MOM PASSED AWAY. IM DEVASTATED.
Please give me few day to recollect. .


I am so sorry for your loss. Please take care of yourself and heal well. All of the pain shall pass.. Take care
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Zi, Please rest, even if drug induced, it's necessary for you right now. Please know my family is praying for you and your family. I'm quite sure your mom was amazing, and will be your angel in heaven!! My Sincerest Condolences. Real Self, Thank you for the forum to share, shed and heal.
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ZiZi. .... I have been keeping up with your posts and I am so sad to hear about your Mother. The physical pain and the emotional devastation must be unbearable. Just know that you are in my thoughts and I pray that you know that you will get through this.
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Good morning my sweet friends. I wanted to keep...

Good morning my sweet friends. I wanted to keep this more like a diary to be able to remember what this surgery felt for me. Unfortunately i don't think i had the right pain medication bcuz for me pain was well and over controlled me. I am overwhelmed with the responds i received from you regarding my mom's trip to heaven. . I not even mention the devastation i been through the last days. Ladys i personally don't know anything about you but having you here wishing and praying for me , made my suffers softer and for that I'm forever thankful. I love you all

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Sometimes RS does have problems postings long...

Sometimes RS does have problems postings long reviews so ill cut mine in pieces. So lets start with with the beginning. I landed on the 14 Nov in FLL but my doc was not ready to see me yet so I decided to spent my time in CS Mall, taking some pics for you guys and eat something. I might probably was cute(and fat) bcuz lot of ppl were asking me where I'm from and just mentioning NY create an instant WoooooHooooo. Was so nice. I felt like Lady Gaga :-]. By noon Dr Azurin was so ready for me. He examined my skin quality and immediate said he can see a good result, and advice me not to have unrealistic expectations. I told him that I am a mature woman with no intention to attend"America'sgot talent", I don't have any friends that secretly want to make her jealous, and list can continue. I just want to improve what mom nature already gave me. No worries with me :-].

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For not even a second I was worried being in Dr...

For not even a second I was worried being in Dr Azurin care. Very charismatic gentlemen he make you feel special even you say"but I hate my belly or flat butt" . Whatever. You can see in his eyes your feminine nature is all what he need to create a piece of art. I went into surgery 7am, got out 7pm. WOW. My son panicked. I was transported to my hotel. The hotel was a shame ( I'll tell you other time). The night was HELL. My Alex (son) was not sleeping one sec, poor baby. After all his care that he showed all this time , I should rise him a statue. All my pills we taken at exact time. I felt so bad for him but he was happy to be the one carrying for me. the whole time I could only eat mashed potatos with chicken any gravy from WF and watermelon (unlimited). The apple mashed was so handy for pills. In my limited trips to restroom I was trying to take some pics of my bitted body but I need the laptop to post them ,maybe today .

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Let's try to write about MARRIOTT without...

Let's try to write about MARRIOTT without exaggerating or hate feeling. Great location, 620 N University. Dr, semy-hidden this hotel it is the closest to all and only 8 min drive to the office. Like every smart woman in a modern world visited and reserved my room .Beautiful room with 2 beds one for me and one one for my teenager son. Got to the hotel. Checking in? Yes. Here's your keys. Enjoy our stay. TY. Opened the door. One bed. Oopps. Wrong room? Back to reception. Man I'm sorry but my reservation said 2 bass.
And here is coming the attitude: Mam you reserved through online with Kayak but we don't honor the request placed other then our site direct. " so you suggest me to share same bed with my son? No we will bring you later a Mobil bed. O K. Wait, and wait and wait Never saw that bed. I gave it up. Marriott will never see me again

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Sorry writing on the phone and I made lots of...

Sorry writing on the phone and I made lots of mistakes. I meant to say my reservation says I got the room with 2beds

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I got the privilege to be under amazing Lynne care...

I got the privilege to be under amazing Lynne care. She is so incredible. I do have the skills to read ppl so I discovered that Lynne is so warm, kind, sensitive, beside her knowledge. I felt her more like a sister . How can I ever been able to thank enough to this amazing 24k gold heart? One of those days , while agonizing in pain in bed, a knock on the door and the sun entered. Yes Lynne visited me. She was carrying 2shoping bags full with delish food and just stopped to offered to me. WHAT?????? WHO DOES THAT?????? Guys I'm telling you. She hugged and kissed my head. My whole pain disappeared and the best feeling on earth invaded my soul.

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Same night at 3:13 am my cell was ringing. And the...

Same night at 3:13 am my cell was ringing. And the one news that everyone is fear to ever received:"Mommy passed away" . Noooooooooooooooooooooooo. I collapsed. My son tried to calm me. How? Why?
I wanted to be unreal. I cried until I slept. Next day called taxi went to supermarket and sent my fam money for funerary. I have had never looked so ugly and scary. I didn't care. Ppl were stopping to stare at me and I was wishing them "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" . Exhausted,disgusted, desperate, scared, powerless,painful in a fraction of second decided I must come back in the comfort of my NY bed surrounded by my pink painted walls to regain some normality or serenity. So sat morning at 5:20 I was in the cab in my way to the airport. Tears were running down my checks from pain but remaining 1more min there was killing me.

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Kudos to JET BLUE. Arrived with my little...

Kudos to JET BLUE. Arrived with my little walker(stolen from Dr A office) at airport I went in line to wait to get in. My look will give out the fact that I had surgery and I'm in excruciating pain. So here is an angel woman yeling for someone to help me and get me priority. I remember saying no, ty but immediately a security was taking me in his care and got me throughout the whole proces in fastest smoothest manner. I finally got in the plain the last just to find out that they blocked the whole row just for me and I was able to lay on my back and even slept. At some moment a urge of peeing came and felt so bad to ask those ppl any more favor. They already were so good to me. I saw Stephany one of the flight attendant and she said please I'm here to help . She smelled so good. Landed. BF happy to see me back but upset for my lost missed our exit so we drove extra but I didn't even care. I WAS HOME.


Wow love ur results those hips and ass...what a projection wow!!!!
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((((((hugs))))) Im so Sorry for ur mom's passing. Hoping ur feeling better with recovery. And girl u look HOTTTT!!! and ur swelling now so just imagine later. Very glad all went well I didnt even know u were having sx so I was very happy to see ur results. Happy Healing
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Thank you sweet babe. I was in HELL for two weeks with everything but since yesterday my health is coming back. It was an interesting journey with ups and more downs but I don't regret it especially seeing my reflection in the mirror. I remember encouraging you and I did to myself dame those days. The pics doesn't show the exact curves dr Azurin gave me but trust me i fall in love with myself :-]. Thank you for being here for me , you sexy girl

After finding out that my Mom passed away I could...

After finding out that my Mom passed away I could not spend one second in fl and returned to NY for all notarial forms. The funny think was I still have had the drains with me. You can imagine how crazy I was looking in airport . Anyway. So my only option was to ask my PS who I met her back in Aug when I first attempted to get my tummy-tuck at Lenox to help me with removal of the drains.. Her name is Dr Gloria Dunnder Leacoock. She was in continue relation with Dr Azurin and Lynne to ensure the success of removing the drains and stitches . The whole operation was absolutely painfree..Dr Dunnder it is so amazing in everything she does. Her prices are incredible low and the professionalism is beyond expectations.


Hey sexy mama how are you? Love your new pics- your hair cut from what I can see looks like mine!! How are you feeling????
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(((((hugs))))))) babe. I was miserable the last 3 days. I can't function without pain meds. I think about you every day :-]. Your cute face stuck in my mind. I didn't know how beautiful you are. (in and out). I wish this hell will pass faster. By 11 am I feel laying down on the floor. I still walk like I had a rough sex. At work place I have to fake that I'm super OK otherwise they'll send me home. It's taught, bcuz they knew me funny and now I'm just moaning. How are you feeling? You have 2 weeks in front of me so you are better by now. I love so much your result, you can't imagine. Your doc is as good as mine. I think I'll never get tired to say I LOVE DR AZURIN
Hi Zizi Dr A did an amazing job. You look fabulous
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Hello lovely friends :-]. Today I marked 3 weeks...

Hello lovely friends :-]. Today I marked 3 weeks exactly from my surgery. So many think happened, so much drama and it's fascinating for me how I was able to go through all this in this short time. Just when I remember going into FLL airport with two drains and a walker, pale like a paper shit , looking like a lunatic landed from a different planet it gives me goose bumps. My pain level was 8 and everybody treated me like Queen Elizabeth. I flu with Jet Blue and they were amazingly courteous. I wrote them a thank you letter. Today it is actually the first day when I can say I'm feeling ok even though by 8:30 I was forced to get a vicodin. . I do not have any swelling just my butt still hurt . I do have couple of pictures taken in the first days where I was black from top to bottom. In 3days all the broses disappeared like a miracle. The whole 10 days I spent in my bed the only "food" I was able to eat was watermelon. Every day. Four days ago I went back to work and it's been hell for me. I recommend to everyone if possible to take 3 weeks off. Another tip, if possible to be surrounded by loving, carrying ppl. A hug in those moments are better then any pain med. Few days ago, Lynne from dr Azurin office sent me a beautiful Christmas card that meant a lot for me. She's such a sweetheart. Than my other doc from NY who took out the stitches (i hope it spells like that) called me couples of times to check if I'm ok and that was so moving, seeing ppl caring for me. I want to thank each of you that was here for me and made my recovery easier.


Well damn don't shut RS down wit all dat der!! Seriously Azurin did a bangin job on you ma & my girl miamimom. He needs to make sure you both keep pics on this site so others can see how good he is. Continued healing to you.
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Hot mama!! That' s all I can say....take it easy at work...
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Thanks babe. You were my inspiration. I heard one more week and will feel better. Keep in touch

Dear beautiful ladies, inspired by some of you and...

Dear beautiful ladies, inspired by some of you and being spoiled by you all with hot compliments, I decided today 8 Dec 2012 and 24 days po to post new pics. Please read those pics as Dr Azurin amazing art work. For some of you my butt is small, but expressly I asked him not to make my booty bigger due to personal reasons. Another think is that even I think I'm not swelling the pics looks like I do have some swelling. I would like to hug and kiss both Dr Azurin and Lynne the patient coordinator for offering me the best care and result I could ever expect. Dr Azurin was the best doctor for me that I could choose. I didn't call their office every 3 days, I didn't email them every weekend, I respected their time but I was able b4 surgery to speak briefly the most 10 min with the doctor and we seem to be on the same page. I LOVE DR AZURIN. I would also like to hug and thank you to all of you that stopped by my page and left encouraging kind words and compliment. THANK YOU


Hi thee look absolutely amazing...I see you get that alot but i totally mean it and admire it mostly because of your age!!! I just celebrated "still fine at 39" so im going gor a tummy tuck, bbl and lipo by Dr. Robles...I have pretty much an hour glass figure just needs some sculting. My but in my opinion is already so big but they suggested having a bbl would make it more round and perky. Can you tell me if you think your but has gone down being you had to sleep on your back and did you sleep on your back your whole recovery time? Please let me know....also, my deepest condolences in regards to your Mom...I know it has to be the worst...But the strong survive so you be just that!!! She is still with you i spirit as she will live through you :) God Bless You, your family and Happy Healing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You look amazing! Congratulations!
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Thank you elisep36. You'll look fabulous soon too.. Stay focused and positive and you'll be happy you did it.

I GOT A NEW ATTITUDE. Hello my gorgeous friends....

I GOT A NEW ATTITUDE. Hello my gorgeous friends. Today I'm 4 weeks po. I already told you how B_ _ _ H was my recovery but on this part of review I want to be positive. I do feel phenomenal. I remember and old quote: " I used to complain about my shoes until I met a man without legs" that made me wonder what should I complain about it? I am a mature woman who decided to look sexier through a plastic surgery. And surgery is what I have had. Surgeries required time to heal. I knew very well what I'm getting in when I was signed all the paperwork for the Dr office. So no complains. Actually since yesterday I started to walk straight. Straight and beautiful. I got compliments even in the street from guys and women and that made me think that I have no reasons to complain. I look good. . Now I have to feel good. That's my job. Stop complaining and start realizing that where is no pain there is no gain. This is only the beginning. I won't write anymore until my 3 months mark when I'll take new pics and I'll start to dream about my final result. Dreams are still FREE.


Love you my beautiful Z, and your new outlook is great. You are so right, no pain means no gain. But Girlie, 3 months!!!! That means we will not hear from you for 2 whole months!!! Nope, sorry... I don't agree to this. I need to hear from you at a minimum of once a week. Comprende?
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Thank you so much BossladyT . I dearly miss my Momy every second. You asked me a very difficult question regarding my butt deflating or not. I'm going to be honest and you have to believe me: I didn't care, I was so sick and the pain made me regretted so many time what I did. I should wait to do my TT first, recover and then do the BBL. But my work it is so stressful, with limited time off , I had no choice . I did post some pics in the first weeks for my friends here but as soon I'll reach 2 months I'll do a new "photo shoot" and I will let you be the judge. I sat on my butt from the first day po until now. I put a bag under my but and sit all day. I got no choice. If you care about your result then you should prepare some good hard pillows and avoid sitting for at least two weeks. I really wish you good luck with the upcoming sx and make sure you prepare well in advance

As hard it feels , I have to come here and send my...

As hard it feels , I have to come here and send my prayers to all families that lost today a loved one in the tragedy that took place in Connecticut. I'm watching on tv as I write, in tears and I just can't believe .


your curves are gorgeous.
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Thank you doll. I didn't imagine b4 how obsessed I'll become with my body. Every chance I got, I'm taking out the clothes, another mirror in my hand and studying myself from any angle. I think I'm crazy :-].
Yes Z, I was thinking of doing the same thing. I just don't understand these types of senseless acts. He has forever changed the lives in those families forever. Including his own family. It's very sad and heartbreaking.
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Good evening beautiful ladies..Please when you're...

Good evening beautiful ladies..Please when you're watching those pics I want you to know that this is the result of the amazing work of THE ONE AND THE ONLY DR AZURIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. After receiving couple of PM's and some were concerned why I did not post any of my pics from the side, I realized those girls were right. The problem it is the lighting. All pics were taken in the evening, all swollen and pour lighting. So today I did come back to post few more pics even I said i'll rather wait until i'll reach 3 months when all swelling is gone. First pic will be a pic in a white dress that I took it right b4 the day of sx while I was waiting in Coral Spring Mall waiting for Lynne to tell me when to go bcuz Dr Azurin was already since morning in OR . You can see from this pic that I rather needed a butcher than a plastic surgeon to cut me in half. I was so out of shape and ashamed to walk like this in the street to spoild ppl day. Here are some new pics that I hope will satisfy those gourgeous ladies curiosity how I look from profile. As I promised i'm still here trying to help ather girls but I hope you won't forget that we all have diferent shape to start with and we might have diferent taste . I will return in 2 months :))


Thank you Z, I'm doing much better. Even though she was a dear friend, I could not imagine the pain of losing my mom as you have. It would be unbearable. Not trying to bring you down, just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your support friend. :) (((Hugs)))
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Me too sis :)) ((((hugs)))))
First off I'm sorry about your lost. I know there is no greater pain than losing the person that gave birth to you. Wow, after months and months of seeing your comments on other reviews and always coming across your beautiful comments towards others I finally got to see your happiness and beautiful results. I wish you the best with your recovery and look forward to your updates.
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Hello beautifuls. Sunday morning. Can't sleep. I'm...

Hello beautifuls. Sunday morning. Can't sleep. I'm in search for the best treatment for scar. Not that bothers me much that "laughing" scar that runs from hip to hip but I enjoy finding out new treatments. Many of us knows and use silicon for scars. I was thinking if silicon is good externally it is a way to get it internally????? And if yes, what it can do ??? So today I was reading some articles about organic silica witch can be found in horsetail. There are other sources of silica like in rice, bananas, green beans , etc. Now this horsetail should be take under supervision of a botanical medicine specialist. I'll let you read part of that article and would love some feedback.
Horsetail is just loaded with silicon. Silicon is the material that collagen is made from. Collagen is the skin’s natural way of staying youthful, supple and sheen. In fact, many skin care experts fondly refer to collagen as the natural skin rejuvenator. So it should come as no shocker that a-listers and supermodels have sworn by horsetail extract for years upon years as a safe and natural way for them to maintain their youthful appearances.

PS: Does it sound too good to be good? I thought so. It has restricted for ppl that smoke, drink or take certain medication. Consult a botanical medicine specialist, b4 you decided to use it. Have a fabulous rest of the weekend.


Hello Zizi..I'm still looking at Dr.A for my surgery, I would like to see if there is anyone out there who I could meet in person to see his work. @ texasgirl79 greetings sistar, I would like to follow your journey as well I'm leaning towards Dr.A but research research research is the key! Good luck to all!
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I just spoke with Lynne and we talked about your great results. She says she doesn't go on the blogs but I told her your story inspired me. I was going to go with Dr. Jimerson but since the long wait Aug 2013. Lynne was ready to book me ASAP! I just have a few questions. I am still a little doubtful about going with this Doctor. Can you help?
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Hi texasgirl, no worries, I'll help and support you in your journey. If you decided to go with Azurin you won't regret it. He's amazing and will leave you with smoking hot body :-]. Please take lots of pics now so every time , after sx you'll have down days look at those pics. You'll get a big smile :-]

Step away from the mirror. Step off of the scale....

Step away from the mirror. Step off of the scale. Breathe. You are perfect just the way you are.

Here is a simple exercise for gaining confidence. If you are going to look in the mirror, do it with love. What are your favorite features? Remind yourself that you are not perfect, and that is A-Okay because your (eyes, lips, hips, butt, boobs, feet etc.) are AMAZING. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Every time you are having a less beautiful moment, look in the mirror. Deep into your own eyes-and repeat: “I celebrate myself and sing myself!” If you’re not a Whitman fan, simply state something along the lines of “I am beautiful, I am sexy, I am powerful, I can take on the world, and I will!” Now repeat it over and over. Every time you see your reflection, tell yourself how hot you are. If you are passing by a shop window and catch a glimpse of yourself say, “Damn I look good.” or “I’m so fine I’d do myself”. Yeah that’s right, you are THAT hot! Try it, you will laugh and giggle at yourself all day for thinking these things, and not only will it keep a smile on your face, which truly is your best feature, you will exude confidence like you haven’t before, and people will notice! If anyone asks why you keep smiling, simply reply, “I’m just thinking of something beautiful.”

Now, don’t you feel a bit better? Be proud to be a real woman. Be proud of your imperfections and stand taller knowing that you don’t need Photoshop to really be beautiful. If you believe it, so will everyone else.


wow! how is your booty holding up ... i would love to see your new pictures
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You look beautiful. I love those curves! Now I want my butt done! What a transformation!
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Wow Z, I just read your last review and simply AMAZING and inspiring!!! Just like you and your results momma. Love you girly. XoXo
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Hey guys, after having a conversation with one...

Hey guys, after having a conversation with one realgirl I decided to write to all of you that deal with your bf ignorance. So reading Mimi Tanner daily emails I decided to copy and past one of her best advices ever:
Please read:
Have You Ever Felt the Need to Track Him Down?"

Where is he?? He's not where he is supposed to be. He is supposed to call you. You can't reach him.

You feel the need to track him down.

What's more, you may feel it's your doggone duty.

Maybe he's been in an accident or something - you're starting to "worry"!

(Such worries on your part can mean he's in even MORE trouble if nothing happened to him...)

Your mind may be busy with all of the possible What If's:

And that's keeping your mind OFF what you need to focus on - namely, keeping YOUR life and work going!

Never, never, never try to "Track Him Down"...

...that is, unless you work for the FBI, the IRS, Immigration, or the Publisher's Clearing House!

Never try to track him down UNLESS the "3 little words" you need to tell him are "You've been served!"

If there is ONE thing a man must hate with a passion is a woman on a mission - the mission of tracking him down.

As we all know, guys value their freedom, even if they're in a commitment. They graduated from childhood when their mother tracked them down nightly to force them to leave the making of mud pies and other pursuits. The last thing they want NOW is an echo of that!!

And girl, if you can't find him, he probably doesn't want to be found.

YES, there can be exceptions to this rule. If you know the man SO WELL and are as close to him as a family member - that you know his absence is FOR SURE a sign of "foul play" - then by all means, call his family and let them call the police and issue a missing persons report.

However... what are the chances that the man is in danger? Have you been watching a lot of those crime shows? Are you HOPING that the reason he's not calling you back is because he's "swimming with the fishes," because if it turns out that he's dumped you, then he may soon face someone with a lot less mercy, namely YOU???

Are there any exceptions here?

Is there EVER a time when you should try to track a guy down? The answer is YES. Absolutely.

There is ONE excellent reason to try and track a guy down: that's when you are IN LABOR with HIS BABY!!

Otherwise, if he's decided to go AWOL and do a disappearing act on you, then what can you do? What should you do, if anything???

You should consider yourself on vacation. Do absolutely NOTHING. Nada. Zilch. Squat. Zip.

You don't want him to EVER think you're trying to track him down. Heaven forbid.

If he doesn't want to be located, then let him GO.

Will he come back? Generally he WILL - but NOT if you send out an APB - an All Points Bulletin!

What is an All Points Bulletin? In relationship terms, it's asking his friends, mom, and co-workers where he is. It's dialing numbers and driving past places to try to see what happened to him and where he IS.

When you start driving around looking for a man, then you're crossing over into the Land of Stalking.

Don't do it. If you do, you're putting nails in the coffin that's being built for your relationship already.

If he ignored your text or phone message (hopefully you did not leave him more than one or two!), let HIM call YOU first, not the other way around.

He's far more likely to return (and he'll return much, much faster) if you let him contact you first.

When he does, do not mention his absence first. See if he brings it up. He is much more likely to mention it and give you some explanation if you act nice but neutral, and let HIM bring it up.

Yes, he will be in touch with you. Don't be surprised when he is. And if he doesn't ever get back in touch, then what difference does it make to stalk him? It's not worth it. It's not worth what can happen to your life and reputation, not to mention your self-esteem!

You don't ever need to track down a man. That makes you the "hunter" and him the "hunted." Not a good or appropriate romantic image, especially in his eyes!

A man who doesn't want to be found - doesn't want to be found. So let him have his alone time, or his guy time, and see what he's made of.

Did he stand you up? I hope not - that's a SERIOUS breach and second chances should be zero on your list of things to do for him.

But if he's just "not around" without explanation, then let him go. If you're in a REAL relationship where for over 2 months you have been exclusively seeing each other at least once every week to spend most of a day together, and you regularly call each other almost daily, THEN call him once or twice, and again about 2 days later, during what would be a normal time. That's IT. You don't need to do more.

But otherwise - if you're not exclusive; if you're new to each other; if you suspect that you're more in love than he is, and ESPECIALLY if you suspect that he's possibly conflicted or backing away - give him room, time, space - and take the exact same things for yourself in whatever way makes you happy.

Don't track him down - instead, stay on track yourself!

Know what your own track for success is: it's your life you have to take care of, and he can be part of it or not - but only by his own choice. You can't force this on him.

Any determined search on your part, and any resulting confrontation with him over where in the HECK he was - is a huge waste of your time and energy; it will drive him much further away, and you certainly deserve better for yourself.

When you have a choice between the "pedestal" and lowering yourself, choose that pedestal every time!

Don't lower yourself by tracking down any man. Let him come to you.

He will - and you can then decide how much you really wanted him to come to you after all!

-- That is the "classic" version... and let me add a dose of even more reality

What seems like "tracking him down" to you will seem like Crazed Stalking to him.

ESPECIALLY if you're not in a committed relationship, and especially if you've only been seeing him for a few weeks.

Think about it - what do you have in store for him when you *find* him? Giving him a piece of your mind?

You're going to need that "piece of your mind" and you'll also need PEACE of mind.

If you plan to explode at him, save your efforts, because it's already not worth it.

He's either in contact with you or he isn't - so let that be the message.

Take that message seriously. But don't act too hurt when you hear from him again, because that gives his actions more power than they deserve to have.

Like we talked about yesterday, the choice of a man to stop contact is a choice that has consequences, because you simply move on, due to the obvious!

There are times to "pursue" and show your wide-open heart, but this is not one of them

Focus on being the woman that it's HIS LOSS to ignore.

Because, as we all know, he will be back at your doorstep soon enough.


U look great u have no cellulite on thighs!! What's ur secret?!
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You look absolutely fantastic!!! Xxx
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You look amazing! Love the low scar!! Totally worth it!!
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Amost 1 year ....

Hello my gorgeous friends. Here I am a year later after my TT and BBL. A lot happened in one year, few more surgeries . Fixing my tummy was still the most important to me because I am sitting at work all day and the stomach was really uncomfortable. I chose Dr Azurin after reading Pocahontas12 review. Her result was so perfect , I wanted that so bad. After meeting other doctor ( Dr Niamtu) I realized Dr Azurin is not the most friendlier guy on the block but his work looks like out of this world. I can not thank enough to Lynne , the patient coordinator for everything she did for me. For almost 2 weeks I spent in Coral Spring she was my sister, my BFF, my guardian angel. I love Lynne soooooo much. For any girl out there that she looks for perfect TT , Dr Azurin is the real deal. The scar is so low, heals amazingly , and that VJJa that embarrassed me for 40 years is gone. I can not stress that enough, bcuz only God knew how much I hate it my fat disgusting V's . Now I look down there and love my new shape. THANK YOU DR AZURIN AN LYNNE. Words will never describe how much those two did for me and how much I love them both.


Zizi what happened with all your beautiful pics?? What did I miss?? I had made a whole bunch of notes on you and Dr Azurin then found out by accident of his passing, what a loss :'(
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OMG did he pass ?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I only met Dr Azurin briefly the day b4 sx and few min the next morning. I never showed him a wish pic, I just told him to do what he knows best. He is kind and it is imposible not to fall in love with him :)) I am also in love with Lynne the patient coordinators she is my angel who took care of me po. She drove me in her day off , yes HER DAY OFF from office to hotel? Because my po pain she called me twice a day to check on me. Her advices and hugs where comforting me to the point that I felt she is the sister that I have never had Yashira and Georogete were melting my heart.I want to thank from the bottom of my heart to entire team for extremely care and huge hug to Dr Azurin who gave me an amazing result.

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