Connecticut-Mini tt journey 11-2012-Worst Doc & Staff! Long term damage and won't admit it. I Thank God for Doc S in Miami!

Yesterday was my mini tummu tuck and lipo of the...

Yesterday was my mini tummu tuck and lipo of the flanks,and inner and outter tbighs. I am sore but tolerable...I am taking my pain meds as instructed..I have walked to the bathroom..which by the way I purchased the best garment from marena.forgive the spelling..anyway I'm happy And can't wait to post before and after flicks

Forgot to add hernia repair...

Forgot to add hernia repair...
Sorry if I'm bombarding you with questions but I have a ton! Are you very swollen still? Which marena compression garment did you buy? Are you wearing it all the time? Do you still have a drain? I had smart lipo of my flanks & upper/lower abs, & a mini tummy tuck on 11/20/12. I've been posting under the smart lipo forum of real self so far because the mini tummy tuck wasn't something I'd initially planned on getting done, just the smart lipo. I'm swollen but still see a difference, especially with my undies now being too big. I still have a JP drain which will stay in until I go for my 2nd post-op appointment on Wednesday. This drain is a pain! I can't shower freely with it in. I'm going back for smart lipo of my inner thighs, knees, & upper arms on 12/20/12 & seriously hope some of this abdominal swelling will be gone by then.
Hi its ok with the questions :-)...I purchased two garments both stage is a jumper and one is high waist shorts..both with zippers..will get you model #s...drain came out 4 days post op had very little draining...I am alitle swolen...but I do see a differance..thighs are numb...yes I were the garments and binder 24/7...except with showers..twice per day.
Thanks for your fast response! So far I've just been wearing the binder the plastic surgeon put on me. My doctor said I could just wear something like spanx but I don't know after reading some of the posts on here. When I did put on my spanx garment, I couldn't take the pressure on my incision line. Maybe I'll just order the compression garments because I've got to do something to decrease this swelling. Please post the model #s when you can. I'll need them anyway because of the smart lipo to my inner thighs & knees I've got coming up in a few weeks. Guess I'd better check on a compression garment for my upper arms too or a body suit to handle it all. Lol! I'm looking forward to summer & being healed from all of this.

Ok...went back to work 10 days post surgery......

ok...went back to work 10 days post surgery....very hard for me...even now, tired by 2pm, and cranky and want to go home and lay down. I work at a desk all day but even with that I am beat by the end of the day. I am having so many mixed emotions mostly good, I am down a couple sizes already, was hitting size 12 , I purchased a size 8 dress...omg and it fit....I wear my garment alllllll the time...I am starting to wonder? what did my surgeon really do? my healing has been a blessing. My left leg is really numb, and sore, not seeing 100% results I was looking for on the thigh lipo, how long does that take to see results???? overall I am pleased..just wish my surgeons office was more professional in returning calls....that is my only regret as of now....jus feel like I should be expecting more?
Wow! Looking good! Your results came out great :)
I'm VERY impressed with your post-op pics! You look great! There's an uneven area on my belly. My lower left ab area is higher & I'm wondering if that's because my PS put the JP drain on the lower right side. Maybe the left side didn't drain fluid as much? I don't know what the cause is but I do know that it has to be fixed if this is permanent. Also, my belly isn't flat like yours yet. It's definitely smaller than it was before though. I go back on Dec 20th for smart lipo of the inner thighs & upper arms, so I'm going to address my concerns with my PS then. Given the $ I've spent, I expect results that look more like yours.
We are so hard on ourself...yes I have many questions on my results...alhough much better then it was....only advise I would have much as its a pain...keep the garment on..I wear both.. I purchased long white men's t shirts aka "wife beaters' lol...and I wear then under my garment and binder...everything snug and secure...keep me posted.

27 days post Op- All is good yesterday I had out...

27 days post Op-
All is good yesterday I had out my sutures removed, I lost about 12 pounds since surgery, just watchin my diet, don't really have an appetite? but I do eat :).....last week my incision hurt I thought the drain site was infected, but it was surgeon told me to apply bacitration which I did within a day the pain went away. I am still tired by the end of the work day, and I wear my garment and binder week I will begin my scar therapy, and slowely start to work out...I have attached a new pic....omg can't wait to be able to wear really undies again,,,,
Great update! You look smokin'! Thanks for the advice about wearing the CG and the binder. I've been doing both & it really helps with the swelling. Still not happy with my left-sided lump but time will tell if it goes away on its own.
Thank you so much...I am happy..but a few things I'd like to see, like my belly button does have alittle sag, guess the skin is finding its way, and the thigh lipo doesnt seem wear it needs to be...but the surgeon told me, it takes weeks? so I will see. He told me he was conservative with the thigh lipo, becuase the skin will sag....?...will keep you posted.
WOW!! Ur results keep getting better!! U look awesome!

Do your homework.....please, As I am approaching...

Do your homework.....please, As I am approaching 10 weeks, and my surgeon is MIA!!! he doesnt respond to my calls, and during my last check up...he rushed me some much, I forgot my questions although I wrote them down, but by the time I remembered I had it the visit was over. Overall I think Im healing ok...but at this point I am so discusted with the lack of professionalism from that office...I may just pay elsewhere if revision is tummy is still flat...swelling...alot (very annoying)...and my thighs seem like they weren't done...swelling I guess...I am working out 2-3 times per week, and will soon join a yoga or zumba class.....Will post a pic in the next couple days.. Happy Healing to all! CHERISH YOUR DOC IF HE/SHE IS RESPONSIVE.....

11 weeks and overall happy with results!!!!! I am...

11 weeks and overall happy with results!!!!! I am almost back to normal, still swelling like crazy and my incision is still hard, but getting better day by day. I still wear my garment and binder, mainly a spanx type garment with binder during the day to work, and to bed just the binder over a long t-shirt. I am working out at least 3-4 days per week, and I am trying the dukan diet..a modified version. ngi for scar therapy I used maderma, bio oil, and a bleach cleam I obtained from the africian market and at night for 12 hrs or more I used my silicion sheets..I do know the key is to be very day your on cloud nine with the day you want to cry and go under a rock!....Many physician answer my posted revision question and some of the responses were interesting, since I may want some slight revision but I am not sure I want to go back to my surgeon...anyway....I'm taking it day by day...Im.blessed in many like crazy & healthy..check it out 11 weeks out!!!! happy healing all

Hello All, nice to see so many ladies getting on...

Hello All, nice to see so many ladies getting on the Tuck Journey!!...I am pleased with my Tummy not much has changed, still some swelling, on side seems puffier then the other side...but my surgeon said he will address it in a few months if need Im happy!!!....luv the way my clothes are fitting, I am working out as much as I can, both home and at the gym when I can get there. I have slow down on the binder...although at times I do wear it to bed or to work. I am applying Maderm, bio oil, and at time some bleaching cream to my scar, and I wear the silicon strips at night.....
so ready for summer and tummy out :).....
Good luck to all...4 month pic attached ...heal well.
Your so flat and sexxxi there chica. hola! had to comment this morning.i think your surgeon did a great job! and yea some say about the surgeon not "rushin to return a call"pretty much like a "lawyer" same thing ya know.but i m loving your pix,great job he did for ya!very nice it! adios ~CertifiedSexxiFlatStomachIn2013~
Reply today I went to a real happy... today I went to a real happy and I feel so much more hopeful to my final result. My scar needs a slight revision and my tummy and thighs need some touch intial surgeon, talked a good game but overall his work was not up to my standards...nor was his office practice. I am schedule for 5/22/2013...and I CANT WAIT!!!.....yet more money, but I want what I want...and my original doc wont get another penny or the chance to do anything else wrong....dont get me wrong,,,im bettter then i was and flatter...but he took shortcuts and Im not comfortable with the office follow up or staff....luv my new doc and her practice!....
hey there,,,thanks so much,,,yes I looking forwward to finish what he didnt....

Hello, still seeing changes with my tummy...cant...

hello, still seeing changes with my tummy...cant wait until he 22nd of May the final touches will be done. I am so excited, I even asked about breast lift....but I am not ready for that. My scar is healing well, although that is part of my revision, the scar is pinched on one side. My center tummy will get alittle more lipo, and my thighs and hips....should be good after that! will keep you posted :) ....overall pleased and so blessed just have no patiences for practices that are not of their word, and don't shoulld true care or concern for their patience....

lipo and scar revision countdown

Hello all....part two of my journey
But this time not so scared and please with my docs practice and they way she cares..suckin out alittle more fat from ab..hip and thighs..exicited and overall pleased with my look now...just a few tweeks..:-)...will keep you all posted....

These Surgeons can be a trip......

The second doc cancelled at the last minute the b.......called me two days prior to the procedure to say she couldn't do it (oh wow!!!)...I guess when you know what you know and want...they don't like to hear that. I know we all have high expectation and we should especially when we are dishing out all this money to get the look we want. The saga continues...Its all good everything happens for a reason....I am moving forward with my touch ups just never know! with these docs, I notice most on this site are overall pleased, but never 100% because we are so hard on ourselves... will keep you posted! p.s. still pleased with my look! just wants some touch scheduled date in 6/2013..whooo whhooooo!!!!

tummy tuck/lipo revision done

Just came out of my lipo touch up and scar revision....omg the ny office was excited its over ok...drousy need to rest will post pic when i glad it all worked out this way!!!!

very happy-revision 6/7/2013

Day one very bruised and sore...but I love my glad second doc doc did his work....and then some....

sooooooo happy finally

Ok a couple pics...this is 6 months post my mini tuck...i went back 6/7/ get touch up lipo on flanks tummy and thighs....that hurt!! But it is worth it..i was getting discouraged..the doc even fixed my scar whicb was alittle puckered on the right side..anyway all is good..been in bed last couple days resting...good healing to all :-)

lipo revision-ab,flanks,thighs 6/7/2013

Hello all...very sore and bruised up but happy so far.
I'm also in CT ...and going crazy looking for a doctor but I'm so scared... Do you recommend urs??

4 weeks post op revsion...Happy!!!! still alitlle bruised from the touch up lipo...i have been going for massages...which feels soooooo good..:-) anyway got into a two piece for the 4th....felt good!...and thats whats it all about..happy healing ladies...
Thank you for sharing! You look great!!!!!
Awe thank times I get discouraged..but overall happy.
Reply good do you look..Great results!!

Going for a BBL & Breast 10-31-2013---YIPEE --TEAM BAL HARBOUR

Ok, I am going for more...yes BBL & Breast Augmentation, some Lipo.... and to fix what the last JERK located in Westport CT did to me during the hernia repair in addition to not giving me the look I requested....I am excited and it is a new beginning for me, I feel good about this choice.. October 31 2013...Miami here I come!

ALL IS CONFIRMED !!!! READY TO GO for my Breast & BBl....

Hello. real self fam...:) the surgery, hotel, and flight is all done today.,,,omg, I cant believe this is really happening AGAIN.....I am staying at the Daddy O, in Bal Harbour. My preop call is Thurs 11/17...I sent a 2 page email to my doctors with questions, and I am sure I will come up with more....this is my last surgery I pray all goes well.

10 days and fl Dr. S..Bal Habour surgery

Some I am medically cleared...packed already and ready to go...been eating popeys...wendys...etc..smh....still cant get much weight...but I do know I have some to get rid off....this is my bday present to myself...last november I did the mini tt..with some lipo...with a ct doc...I regret because he was not good..thank god I healed well and my result are ok.
but my going back to get my boobs...and shape shaping of the already a nice size...I dont want a big ol good...well I keep you awesome ladies posted....heal well!
How are you doing?  I hope you are healing well and not in too much pain.
I think you look great!  I'm confused as to your docs.  So did a different doc, from the first tuck, do the revision on 6/7/13?  Did that revision still not work for you and what did you have to pay?  I too had to have a revision.  So now are you having a 3rd go at the tummy?  Sorry for all these questions, but I know how frustrating repeat procedures are, having been there.
Hello, I need to clarify that, because my 1st doc was a A-Hole, CT..on 10.31.2013 I am heading to Dr. Salzhauer in Florida for my breat augmentation, his is going to tighten up my tummy and waist with lipo, and a BBL just for shaping...I don't want a big ol butt, I already have enough. I only initially had a mini tt, in 11/2012, did some revision lipo and scar repair in 06/ moving on to Florida to a real doc...I hope and pray!.....3 Tummy tucks no way :)

I never want to remember my westport ct surgeon experiences!!!


pics removed

Pm....if you want to chat or see my progress...will be glad to share...
Why did you remove your pics? Id live to see them!

forgoten experience with this Connecticut doc

Not worth an update. ....all about my miami experience.

This review is the ct jerk doctor in wesport ct Years of experience...the only issue was the follow thru from.the office.. 1/2013- to current they have been much bettter.... 6/7/2013 went for revision changed my feelig of doc..this long island office was the best...SEND ME A PRIVATE EMAIL...IF YOUR THINKING OF GOING TO WESTPORT CT!!!!!!!!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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