Finally have boobs new pics! PO day 7!

My best friend and I are currently looking into...

My best friend and I are currently looking into getting breast implants. We have been going to consultations with a bunch of different doctors trying to find the right one. I am currently a size 32a and am looking at becoming a small c cup. Definitely a little nervous but excited at the same time. I have always wanted to look more feminine and feel like I look like a 12 year old.


How exciting! Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. Let me know if your friend starts a review as well and I'll link them. :) Keep us updated!

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So last week my best friend and I went for our 3rd...

So last week my best friend and I went for our 3rd consultations and met dr.geldner. After tons of questions and pictures and simulations we drove home from the city and made the decision to pick geldner as our surgeon. We called Tuesday of this week and set up our surgeries for April 2nd. I can't help but be nervous, mostly because of how they cut into your muscle and that muscle never fully heels up. I am very active and weight lift, do crossfit, run, interval training and coach figure skating so I am worried having implants will make it so I may never be able to do some of these things as well again. Can anyone give me any comments in this subject or how much you were affected after the normal recovery time?


Hey girl! Congrats on choosing a Ps and setting a date!! I know being able to get back to the gym/ any physical activity is a major question for A LOT of women on this site and I saw a response not to long ago that pretty much put it in perspective for me but think of Female body Builders.. They need to be able to keep and build all that muscle and most of them have implants :) hope that helps ease your mind a little bit :)
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I also do crossfit and am worried about the implant placement! I think it just depends on the person though because from what I've heard from friends and on this site a lot of them say they can go back to what they used to do, in moderation at first of course. My surgery date is the 29th f march but my coach wants me to put it off to compete in our team t regionals so when I go to my next consultation I'll be asking about how far back I'm allowed to postpone without losing my deposit. I just moved to Arizona from California and decided to have a ba before I joined this gym since I didn't think they would ask me to be on their team so well have to see what'll happen!
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I want to share my new breasts with you since we have the same breast tissue to begin with and also the shape too. I am posting photos in a while. I had mine done a week ago, my doctor placed them over the muscle, 175 cohesive gel 2 (number shows the density) most expensive and better ones,silicone moderate plus and I think they look big. He told me in 6 months they will settle and look much better, it's only been one week. He strongly thinks that going over the muscle is much better even when there is not much tissue on top. He says the muscle dies after you cut it because it is like paper thin. I have also read that placement is better on google scholar. It is where the implant belongs because that is where the natural breast tissue is. it gives you a more natural movement as well as shape. Read about it, please. My doctor is in Greece where I leave and he is one of the best. He has no pictures posted on his web-site, no advertising. He told me the things I see on the internet is advertising and doctors show only what they want to. We looked together at some greek sites and he looked into his book to find the name of the doctor. He said he does not exist. I think these are cosmetic places that use an outside doctor to do the surgeries. Find a doctor that somebody you know has used and are happy with him. Get back to me with your comments.
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Getting so nervous about this! I keep freaking out...

Getting so nervous about this! I keep freaking out worrying I'm going to end up with CC or get a double bubble :( surgery is not till April 2nd but everyday I keep worrying myself to death and thinking how terrible it would be if that happened. Hope this next month goes fast!!


Oh wait mine is apr 2nd too! Thought i read yours was the first. So nervous and excited!
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My surgery is the day after yours!! Good luck!! :)
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29 days till my surgery date! Excited but still...

29 days till my surgery date! Excited but still have no clue on what size to get...I am very athletic so I'm nervous about going too big. Any girls around my size have their surgeries already?? Can't wait for the waiting to be over.


I have the same worries as you since I also do crossfit! I did the first open wod for the second time yesterday and I was thinking, man I'm gonna miss lifting this heavy stuff! For awhile anyway lol. I hear you only lose about 5% of strength IF its even noticeable. It'll just be like starting from square one I'm assuming but we will always have that muscle memory so I'm sure well pick it up faster! My surgery is the 29th of this month and pre op is this Thursday... I'm freaking about size as I'm aiming for a small c too. Ill let you know how my pre op goes! Good luck to you!
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I'm actually considering trans ancillary incision now because it does not cut any functional muscle...
Trans axillary*

So excited, less than 3 weeks till the surgery!!...

So excited, less than 3 weeks till the surgery!! Bought 2 lace bras (posted a pic!) from urban outfitters. Can't wait to see what I will look like when I can actually fill them out! My birthday was two days ago and I got over 200 dollars in gift cards to Victoria's Secret :) can't wait to be able to go shopping!

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So went for my pre op appointment today and made a...

So went for my pre op appointment today and made a decision that a lot of you here are going to say wasn't too bright. I have decided on sub glandular implants. I will be getting sientra 275cc textured implants. I love a very active lifestyle and would like to compete in the world crossfit games next year so I need to be at my full strength and I can not get past the diminished strength submuscular would give me. I am hoping for the best aesthetic outcome I can get, as I know I do not have a lot of tissue. My surgeon said he is confident I can have good results with this so I am putting my trust in his professional experience and have stopped reading up online and freaking myself out. Keep me in your prayers please everybody, as I still am so nervous! Can't wait to be on the other side!!!


Sorry, so many comments lol but what profile are you deciding on?
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Oops I read your surgery date wrong, my ba is THIS Friday ugh!!
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Check my update please, I'm considering subglandular as well! Matter of fact considering canceling the altogether lol I'm so nervous and my ba is the DAY AFTER yours!!! If I do, ill Probably get the same size as you 275/250 since 1 boob is smaller on me and Mentor silicone mod plus, I'm praying for you!! I do not have a lot of tissue to begin with either so if I get this hopefully ill have the best results too. Good luck :)
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Ok girls...change of plans again. I think I am...

Ok girls...change of plans again. I think I am calling in the morning and switching back to under the muscle...scared but I think I need to be smart and logical and hope for the best and that I do not lose too much strength..


I did over the muscle... I love them!! Good luck ladies!!

I can't focus on anything today. My heart is...

I can't focus on anything today. My heart is beating fast and my stomach is just uneasy. I really hope tomorrow goes well and I have a quick recovery and no CC!! Wish me luck!


Good luck tomorrow!
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Thanks! :)
I'm tomorrow also..Good luck!!
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Post op day two. I physically can not sleep. It's...

Post op day two. I physically can not sleep. It's not even because pain I just can't sleep even if I feel comfortable. Anybody have any suggestions??


275 are very small your not going to have any problems at all you will have,a speedy recovery and a tiny scar that will go away very soon.
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I always took benedryl to help me sleep. Zquil works great!!
Are u taking valium? Those knock me out a little.
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Finally slept some last night for maybe a couple...

Finally slept some last night for maybe a couple hours. I got 285cc over the muscle. My chest is very sore and stretching to accommodate the implants. Can't wait for things to not feel so tight. Will take more pictures later today v


wow you look amazing! They are perfect congrats!!!
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your result looks great!! congratulations! and goodluck with your fitness, I hope to continue doing mine as well some time after surgery (cross fingers!)
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Very nice! They're not even high, or at least they don't look it. Looking forward to hearing how you like over the muscle. Like you I am nervous for my muscle to be messed with. I am contemplating switching my decision to overs.
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So today is post op day...10 i think and Im kinda...

So today is post op day...10 i think and Im kinda sad :( my boobs have shrunk and the swelling has gone down and I almost wish they were a bit bigger. I know everyone says that but I told myself I wouldn't...and now I am. Boooo. I think I might only be a B cup when all is said and done? I am still happy and have more than when I started..I just hope they don't shrink even more!! Any ladies have any opinion on how much things shrank after swelling went down? Especially for subglandular....

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Ok I should add to this so its not so negative...

Ok I should add to this so its not so negative that today I felt just great. I actually feel like my boobs are mine now..not just balls of silicone inside my chest that are trying to escape out. I feel almost completely normal and totally pain free.


Your story and journey sound so similar to mine! I am an A32 looking to become potentially a small C. I am hoping that my results will be similar to yours! Thank you for sharing your story! They look great!
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you look good. Everyone has their own opinon on going too big. I went big and I'm happy. I'm sure later down the road you can have larger implants, the PS usually only charge for the implants and not the hospital and PS fee's. That is if your un happy. I think you'll be fine. You look good!!
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You look SO good! That is exactly the result that I am looking/hoping for.. :)
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So about three days ago my boobs felt great and...

So about three days ago my boobs felt great and like my own and soft, but the past two days feel swollen and harder again. Has this happened to any of you ladies, especially above the muscle ladies? I'm really nervous something could be wrong or I have cc?


Hi Kdrdh89!! How you feeling? I think we have a very similiar frame and I really like your post-ops... how many cc's did you go? My dr suggested 325 to 375 which is still a bit much to my liking! Hope you are well!!
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Everyday your body will change, you'll be okay. I had noise as if my boobs were underwater. It went away in one day. Your boobs are trying to fall into place but your tissue is tight yet. It all takes time.. You look great. The swelling will go down soon. Mine was about 3 weeks until most of it went away. It takes up to 4 months to really see the new you. And one year total. I did see a bit of a change in my 5th month. It happens. : )
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Hey, Wow you look great! I am around your same meaurments and this is just what I am hoping to achieve! I just have one question did you go for saline or silicone? Hope everything is going good for you :)
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