If You Can Live with Your Filler Results, Don't Go for Hyaluronidase

I had hyaluronidase after an "overfill"...

I had hyaluronidase after an "overfill" of Restylane that left my undereyes kind of baggy (never had a problem before, it's always looked great in the past). Mind you, it was an "OK" result, just not great. So I went in for the hyaluronidase -- had to go to a plastic surgeon as my derm said he didn't believe in doing it because it can dissolve your own tissue along with the Restylane.

Anyway, the plastic surgeon said this was a myth and that it would improve. I insisted on a very small amount of the Vitrase (he wanted to inject more). Within minutes it started to dissolve. Problem was, it really only dissolved the area of the tear trough itself -- NOT where the Vitrase was placed, as I am positive he did not place it in the tear trough (just two quick injections where the Restylane filler was too bulky). Within days I had two rather narrow and VERY DEEP "troughs" that were more like creases. I did not even recognize myself. They were dark because of my own pigmentation but also because of how deep they were.

I went back to the plastic surgeon and had to pay AGAIN for Restylane filler. The total of this nightmare was over $1,000 for adding more, less, etc. I am ALMOST at a good result, although I still have a faint trace of the crease below my right eye -- at any rate, it's much improved, but this was a nightmare, and I think the docs are very cavalier in insisting that there's no risk at all with Vitrase.

My plastic surgeon was surprised by my poor result, as was his nurse, and when I gave him the names of a few very well known surgeons who don't advise hyaluronidase he was surprised and promised to look into it. So, unless you feel you are horribly disfigured I recommend patience. The creases I have from the Vitrase that are underlying the filler I just had to replace are, I guess, permanent.


how it looks now after hylase? did it come back to normal ? can someone told me pleaseeeeee ....! i had it too under my eyes. best wishes nelly
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I had botox for my crow feet and yes it got rid of those, but now I have new ones just below the center of my eyes, and these look WORSE!!!! Also I have darker circles under my eyes. Think twice before geting fillers!!
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Me too Agnes, I will never have botox again! Botox isn't a filler though, its' a muscle relaxant. I'm planning on having fillers instead to correct the under eye wrinkles left by the botox :(
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