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I really am looking for other peoples experiences...

I really am looking for other peoples experiences and thoughts about what my arms look like post surgery.

I'm very disappointed with how big my right arm still is. I think I may have needed lipo as well but it wasn't even offered and I didn't know to ask. My bad! I'm 10 weeks post surgery and arms are still not symmetrical. My doctors comment was that the right was bigger to begin with. So what!!! He told me to wait a year. I seriously don't think that miraculously they will appear similar or smaller than they do right now. I've included pics of the journey post surgery leading up to today.

One other comment that doesn't sit well with me was made to my husband after my surgery. The surgeon said I wasn't a small girl so I wouldn't have small arms. What did he think I wanted?? To look like Popeye???


You definitely had a PS who just wanted to "get on with it". It's just a lot easier for them if you ask them no questions. And, it is arrogant on their part to make a comment about how your body was uneven to begin with! Isn't that why we seek out plastic surgery to begin with? That is how their industry thrives, on people who want to improve what God gave them. He negated your problem and sloughed off his incompetency in a single comment. One thing you should definitely do before a revision is to strengthen your skin/scar by using products like retinol and perhaps seeing an aesthetician in a derm's office or a PS's office ready your skin for another surgery. The aesthetician in the office I go to said the success of the scar is dependent on the quality of the skin to begin with. And, the older you are when getting these surgeries, the more preparation you need.
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Hi, I'm 4 weeks post opp, I was a bit freaked out after surgery because my scar was so long, just past my elbow all the way to the edge of my breast, but I consented. I have had drainage issue up to 3.5 weeks (had to have one inserted to my left flank and another to my right arm) just got cleared by imaging yesterday no more fluid pockets, am very happy. My scars are improving a ton, even in one week, big difference. I'm still swollen, but my forearms are puffier than my upper arms due to the compression wraps. I club my arms heavily at night and then wrap them and it is working wonderfully for the scar as it did for my tummy tuck. I was going to do a thigh lift before my arms, but doc wanted arms first, and he was right because I want to drop 15 more lbs to have more skin for him to remove. I will say the tummy tuck was a breeze compared to the arm reduction, been a bit traumatizing.
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Lubricate not club, sorry
Dr. Harper

See review for comments made by surgeon that didn't sit well with me.

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