I Wouldn’t Recommend Restylane to my Worst Enemy - Canvey Island, Essex

I know that whoever reads this is doing research...

I know that whoever reads this is doing research just like I did. Unfortunately, research wasn’t enough for me. I got Restylane injected into my lips two years ago to make them look fuller and plumper, just like the ads say. Not only did they not plump up my lips as advertised but two years on and I am still having problems!

I got into trouble by thinking that Restylane is just a temporary filler - if I didn’t like it I could let it dissolve away in a few months and never try it again. But it has permanently scarred and damaged me instead.

My lips are thinner than most and right after the injections I noticed the area above my lip was thicker too and very uneven. I asked my doctor about this and he blamed it on swelling. He advised massaging the area to help even out the distribution of the Restylane and also to help with the swelling. I did this religiously for several months with no success. My doctor, meanwhile, kept telling me it would go away.

I feel like I have done irreparable damage now. Two years later and this “temporary” filler has taken up permanent, lumpy residence in the areas all around my upper lip. Makeup doesn’t cover it. Other fillers (I tried a few) don’t make it less prominent. I am stuck forever with this deformity over my mouth because of Restylane and I know people look at me and wonder what crazy accident happened to me. How can I ever tell them that it wasn’t a crazy accident at all but my choice to risk this?

Needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend Restylane to my worst enemy. It is not worth the risk and certainly not worth losing your self-esteem for some pipedream about having Goldie Hawn’s lips.


Hi. I'm a French expat in the Netherlands. Had a 'special offer' treament with Resthylane here. This to lift the corners of the mouths slightly. Cost 1000 Euro (1300 US$), effect absolutely none. After several complaints, no offer to reimburse could be obtained. I was told 'from time to time' it doesnt work. Well, I lost 1000 Euro for nothing. I'm afraid that the practitioner simply don't know why the treatment had no effect for me. They made me sign a no-claim form, excluding any guarantees on the treament whatsoever! 1000 Euros is a lot of money to throw away for nothing. Stay away from Resthylane...
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What is best to get fuller lips and where in Essex. I've been recommended glancey medical or harley medical group ??
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Hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, Perlane, etc) are all reversable. You can have an enzyme called Hyaluronidase injected into the area which will dissolve the filler.
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