Asked for High Profile and Doctor Gave Me Moderate Profile, Not Happy - California

So ever since i was 18 i always wanted to get a BA...

So ever since i was 18 i always wanted to get a BA. i had an A cup and my left breast was bigger then the right. I had done my research about BA and knew what i wanted. So i got my BA 3/2/11 when I went in for my consultation I told my doctor that I wishes to get a full C/D under the mussel. He then stated that would look proportionate to my body and that he would give me a high profile, unders, transumbilical. I agreed n said it sounded great.

So day of surgery the nurse measure me and look at the mentors chart and said ok we will give to a implant thats 425cc filled to 475cc. I asked will that take me to a C/D she said yes then Dr. came in and said ok to the siZe and said he would put 475cc in both L/R and said that since boobs would be bigger they would look even and would not be noticeable that they were uneven before.

Being that this Dr had 45yrs of experience I trusted what he was doing. Them day after surgery I looked my boobs n they didn't look big, they just looked full and still uneven. When I went for my post op the nurse said they will look bigger once the skin stretches . When I got home I looked at the cards the mentor give tht say implant info and noticed that they had given my a Moderate profile (not a High profile).

I an not happy with my BA 1. I was not given the HP I wanted 2. They are uneven 3. I have a dent on my right boob the small boob. 4. The left boob looks like the pocket was done lower then the right. Its been 7 weeks my right boob is full top/bottom its nice and round but my right looks uneven smaller not full pocket is higher . You can tell right away with or with out clothes that the right is bigger/fuller them the right.

What should I do? I have a Dr appt nxt week, don't know how to expresses that I am so unhappy but at the same time not disrespect the Dr. At this point I fill just like I did before getting BA done. my boobs look just like before the only difference is that is not i am not wearing a padded bra, you can't even tell I had them done.

I am 24yrs old breast feed to kids
150lbs. 5'7
Pre op 36A/B
Post op 36D. "but laking the projection I wanted"

What ended up happening with this? I had my BA done in Thailand (i am from Australia) i decided with my surgeon on 280ccs and when i woke up he told me he put a smaller size in.....i am not happy at all but dont know what to do about it?

I'm sorry this didn't turn out the way you'd hoped! It's hard to believe that a D wouldn't look bigger than an A/B. Do you have photos you'd feel comfortable posting so we can visualize what you're describing? Were you able to express your dissatisfaction to your surgeon?

Please let us know how it's going for you.

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