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I'm 32 years old and have 3 little girls who are...

I'm 32 years old and have 3 little girls who are 6, 3, and 12 months. All 3 were C-Sections and my recovery was relatively easy with the last 2. I've been really disappointed with my belly area since baby number 3. I have a lot of extra skin and also an umbilical hernia that needs repair. I've been working out consistently and watching my diet for the last year and I just can't lose the tummy! I'm nervous, scared, and a little stressed. I'm mostly concerned about making sure I have enough help with my kids. I'm getting a tad impatient trying to schedule my surgery! I've been playing phone tag with the office since Monday to schedule. I was hoping for a date in May, but the PS is completely booked. I might be able to get June 4th, but if not I will have to do July 23 if it works out for the general surgeon who will be repairing my hernia. I was hoping the PS office would call me back today to let me know. I don't want to be a pain and keep calling, but I want to get this scheduled!

My family is going on vacation from July 12-21 so I can't do anything later than June 4 because I don't know if I'll be able to handle the drive (I had the option of June 18 - I think that's cutting it too close to vacation?). We are going to the Outer Banks, NC and with the kids it will be at least 14 hours in the car - ick! I guess that's all for now...I'm sure I'll have a million questions soon!

Patience pays off! Scheduled for June 4 - yikes!!

Patience pays off! Scheduled for June 4 - yikes!!

My PreOp is next week May 20. I don't have too...

My PreOp is next week May 20. I don't have too much to update! I am nervous, but I have been so busy I don't have time to think about it. Trying to line up people to take care of the kiddos - not sure how far out I should have people lined up.


Holy cow. Cannot even believe that I'm going in tomorrow. I am a nervous wreck. I am so scared about the pain, so scared about anesthesia. I feel like chickening out a little. I just cannot even fathom that this time tomorrow I'll be home recovering. I wish I was able to stay a night in the hospital, but people do this all the time so I am sure I can too. Right?! :)

Oh boy...

Today is Friday - had my surgery Tuesday. The good news is that surgery went well and the doctor actually removed a pound of excess skin - wow!!!!! The bad news... I had a very bad reaction to the anesthesia. Once I got home I started throwing up. Oh.my.god. That was excruciating. Suppositories didn't work so dr sent me to ER for meds and fluids - that didn't even help. I couldn't even sip water without throwing up. Then the doctors didn't like how my lungs sounded and did chest X-ray - they think I might have aspirated during surgery or maybe when throwing up and I got pneumonia in my left lung. So I was admitted to the hospital Wednesday and stayed the night and day there. I came home around 7 last night and pretty much have been sleeping on and off since.

I feel sort of bad for my ps - this has never happened to one of his patients before! He came to see me Wednesday and Thursday in the hospital and you could tell he felt really bad.

Needless to say I'm not sure which end is up right now! Lol. The pain was rough on day 1 but I think a lot of that had to do with throwing up. It's been kept pretty well under control.

Getting tired again, will update soon.

I forgot...my ps took off a pound of skin!!

Holy moly!! My dr said that's a lot for someone of my size - I am shocked!!

Just sneezed...

Oh dear lord. Ow. Not cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Advice for that?? How long is sneezing excruciating?!?

Differences between TT and C-Section - PO Day 5

I wanted to try to post this info while it was fresh in my mind. I would say that the pain level is similar to that of my c/s (I had 3) but definitely isn't worse. The MR is the part that is the MOST uncomfortable IMO because you feel TIGHT. And it feels like any wrong move and you're going to undo all the work!

I think that the hardest part is the limited mobility and movement. You can really only sit/lay in a certain position without feeling like you're pulling something the wrong way and it makes it very difficult to get comfortable. My back and butt are really bothering me because I can't change to more comfortable positions. Because of my discomfort, I've been far crankier and emotional than I was when recovering from my c/s. I could also shower and didn't have drains which also make a huge difference.

The drains, while not difficult to deal with and aren't gross, are just a PITA. There is really no way to pin them to your compression garment in a way that they don't stick out. And I have baggy clothes, but not baggy enough to hide the drains. I have a recital for my girls to go to in 1 week and I have no clue what I'll wear if I still have a drain in!

With this, it's much more mental than the c/s. I don't know if its because you want the baby out so much, you're excited about the baby, no one really "chooses" a c/s - but the mental aspect is different. I have definitely felt for the past 2 days that I'm an idiot for doing this, what was I thinking, etc. Which seems to be very, very normal for this stage in my recovery. But it's still tough to go through. I am really, really eager to have my appointment with my PS tomorrow afternoon. I wish it was in the morning!!!

1 drain removed - yay!

Went to see my PS today. Had my belly button stitches removed. One drained removed. So much better even though I still have one drain left! Won't get it out until next Monday at the earliest. Oh well. By the way, it did not feel too good getting that drain removed. Good Lord! To say it stung was an understatement. I definitely whimpered a bit when they took it out. Jealous of the ladies that didn't feel it!

PS says everything is healing well. Still need to do nothing for at least 2 more weeks. Today has been a much better day. Feeling better than yesterday, for sure. I know I need to post pictures - I will once I have the courage to take them.

First picture

Finally brave enough to look at take a picture.


Was hoping to have my drain removed today, but the dr wants to leave it in longer. I am so disappointed because its getting really uncomfortable. And I just want to take a darn shower :(

Drains removed!!

Yahoo! Feel like a new person!!!!

3 week pics

3 weeks post op

I am actually feeling pretty decent the last couple of days, aside from a cold I've had. I see the ps tomorrow so I'm hoping to have my activity level increased and maybe start wearing my stage 2 garment :)

Not sure about my BB :(

I feel like I'm pretty happy with everything so far and feeling pretty good. But I'm nervous about my bb :( I know I can get a revision if necessary but I really hope it changes a little in the next few weeks. I don't see my PS until August and I'm not sure if I should call and ask about it or what?

It has been awhile! 4 months Post Op

It has been a little over 4 months since my surgery. I am feeling pretty good. Still not back to exercising the way that I was. I still feel some pain and tenderness in my upper abdominal area, especially if I overdo it or am doing anything that involves a lot of core work. That's a little frustrating, but I know that healing is a process and I'm getting better and better as time goes on. I am going to upload some pics from my phone that I took today. My belly button has gotten a ton better and I'm pretty happy with it. My scar is looking good - no issues there either. I need to lose about 5-10 lbs because I haven't been working out and not eating as well as I know I need to. The surgery just knocked me all out of whack with my routine and I need to get back into it. I've been very fortunate - I've barely had any swelling since the first 6 weeks or so. And even then, I didn't have a lot of swelling and NEVER had the swell hell some have talked about. I have been taking a few supplements and I think that is what made all the difference.

Pictures - 4 months

Buffalo Plastic Surgeon

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You look fantastic!!!! My belly button looks very similar and I was feeling pretty bummed as well. But now I'm thinking my ps told me it actually takes a full year for your body to heal from this type of surgery. If that's the case then we're still very early into our recovery and a lot could change over the next 11 months. Lets just be happy that we made it to the flat side and the worst of it is over!!! Who really looks at a belly button anyway??
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You look great. Congrats!
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Thanks for the encouragement! Vim home and just laying around :-)
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Glad to hear you're feeling better!
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Thank you! I'm relieved...I was beginning to feel like I'd be crabby forever!
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Feels great to be drain free, lol! Congrats!
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I hope you get that second drain removed soon. Once it's gone you will see how much faster and better the recovery gets. I had my tt a day before you did and it still hurts when i cough or sneeze. But as the days pass the pain is a little less. I can't imagine throwing up the first few days, I am so glad to hear you are passed that. While I did not see a before pic, you look wonderful in the pics you posted post surgery. Happy healing! :-)
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You look great! I had the same frustration with the drains, mine also had a no shower policy, then after the take it out can't shower for 24 hours. Just know that your first shower will feel better than you can possibly imagine. And that the drain is taking all that fluid out that would otherwise collect....it will come to an end soon and this will be a distant memory. :)
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It's amazing to see how instructions vary from each PS. I was given the green light to shower the day after my tt and while I was nervous about it, it felt so good afterwards lol. Ahh the little things we take for granted when we are not recovering from major surgery. :-)
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I like your BB! It looks great! That was (and still is) my fear with mine. I look at mine for a long time every day, just hoping it stays the way it is. It's what I missed the most, lol! But when our swelling is completely gone, and everything becomes the right color, I think we'll both be great :) Keep updating us!
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Kristi I think your bb looks good! I've heard of people putting marbles in there bb to round them out lol I'd ask your doc 1st tho
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BB looks good to me.
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I think it looks good. Mine looks way ugly.
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You are gonna be sooooo happy! Thanks for the info. I'm sorry you were sick :(. I have 4 kids but my youngest is 8. She will probably be my biggest helper. I will post picks soon. TT is June 26. Feel better and thanks for the posts!
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I'm with ya on the 26th!
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Just realized I hadn't seen any posts from you Kristine. SO SORRY you had such serious nausea issues and pneumonia . Make sure you really take care of yourself now. Lots of fluids, deep breathing and coughing with a pillow for support. And lots of TLC. Keep us posted sweetie : )
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OMG I'm so sorry you had to go thru all of that!! I kept checking for an update and I really got worried about you!! Thank God you're ok!!! It will only get better from here! Just rest and take care of yourself!
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Hey, been thinking about you! Praying everything went ok : )
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Updating now :)
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Don't be nervous!!! You will do great!!! It's so much easier then I thought!! You will be soooo happy when this is over and done with!! Good luck! I'll be thinking about you today! : )
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You will be just fine! I didn't stay overnight in a hospital and I'm glad! Hubby took real good care of me. Can't wait to see some of your "flat" pics soon! Good luck!!
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Good Luck!
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Hi! Saw your comment about post op clothes , flowey tops helped cover my drains. and Old Navy has some great cheap yoga pants. A lot of people say its like a c-secetion, I thought it was easier. But with C sections it seems like the more you have the easier they get =) I had 2 weeks of help for my kids. My 1 yr old is giant so this is my first week alone with him. He is 28lbs. So i'm teaching him to climb out of his crib. Ill probably regret that later! The older one is easy =) You will be fine for your vacation! Good Luck its AWESOME on the flat side !!!
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thank you :)
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So happy for you and your soon to be new figure... For me, it has been nice to have a flat tummy and belly button again, but I am excited that my tummy pain will no longer be here... There was nothing protecting my insides w my diastasis so large. Keep me posted!
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