From Flat To Fat!! Love my New Booty!

I've wanted a booty for the longest time....

I've wanted a booty for the longest time. I've always had wide hips and it gave the illusion of having a booty, but my hips had no meat on them whatsoever. You could iron a shirt on my butt, thats how flat it was.

I started looking around for Dr's and got quotes of $12,000 and up and realized that I could never afford it. After a year of daydreaming about getting the procedure done, I discovered medical tourism. I got quotes from different surgeons in Costa Rica, India, Dominican Republic, etc. After months of searching, I was referred by several women on an online forum to an excellent surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico, and big, nice, booties is his specialty.

After speaking to dozens of his previous clients, I decided to get a quote and was quoted $3,300 (3 areas of lipo and fat graft). I also did my research made sure he was board certified in Mexico AND found out that he's an active member of ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) so I know his credentials and background is legit. I was pretty stoked about the quote so I booked my surgery for February 9th, 2011. I also gained 15 lbs intentionally so that I'd have enough fat for the results I wanted.

My boyfriend and I flew out from DFW to San Diego and took the clinic transport to Tijuana. Tijuana is not like how the media's been portraying the border towns lately. Most of what we've seen on the news is on the Texas side and Tijuana is actually a pretty decent looking city. We stayed at the Marriott for the first 4 nights then we stayed at the Sheraton San Diego Bay and Marina for the last 2 nights.

The clinic was very nice, clean, and up to date. The clinic was actually nicer than some of the facilities I've seen in the states! I showed my surgeon pictures of how I want my booty to look like and of course he was very honest with my expectations. I got to speak with the anesthesiologist and he was so sweet and funny. I was at ease and comfortable the whole time. The nurses were very attentive and I could feel right off the bat that their care was genuine. I almost felt like I was being cared for by my own family members (I was very spoiled growing up so I know what good care and pampering is!)

I was sedated via local anesthesia (spinal tap) and the surgeon stuffed me with 1000 cc's in each cheek. I'm about 5'8" and my hips WERE about 40" around without meat so 1000 cc's was a reasonable amount for each side. Now my surgeon didn't just inject the fat, but he made sure to shape my booty and my hips to where the size looked nice on me. He gave me a cute, heart shaped booty and sculpted my waist to a perfect hour glass. The procedure took about 6 hours and I slept off the anesthesia for 2 hours. My boyfriend waited for me in the waiting room the whole time, but the building had wifi internet and he brought the laptop with him so he didn't get bored.

The first 2 nights were hard and I've been sleeping on my stomach. The pain killers were not that strong and I have a pretty high pain tolerance (I have 11 piercings and a neck and back tattoo which were a breeze) and I can honestly say I was in a somewhat bearable amount of pain. I should've brought American pain killers with me and I wouldn't have had it so rough.

The day after, my boyfriend and I walked 2 blocks to the shopping plaza because they had a Wal Mart there and we needed to stock up on more bottled water. I was walking slower than a grandma turtle with a hurt leg (LOL)! The walking helped more than the pain medicine. I couldn't eat solid food and when I tried, it would come right back up so I was stuck on a soup diet with a chocolate chip cookie here and there.

I'm about 2 1/2 weeks out and I'm doing much better. I'm sitting down more, but it's still uncomfortable and I'm still sleeping on my stomach. I got codeines when I got back to the states and that has made my recovery a lot easier. The swelling went down and my incisions healed the first week. I was taking vitamins 2 weeks before my surgery and I'm still taking them now.

I definitely do not regret this surgery and it was worth every penny. I cannot wait til I'm fully healed and can go shopping :)

Photo Update

It's almost 4 months post op and I'm still very...

It's almost 4 months post op and I'm still very happy with my results. About 35% of the fat injected was absorbed. My waist is still a little sore and tender here and there and when I run, my booty jiggles too much to the point where it'll hurt a bit LOL. My body isn't used to having a booty so I guess I'm still "adjusting". I can sit no problem and my booty swallows my underwear.

Hi ladies! First I want to apologize for not...

Hi ladies! First I want to apologize for not replying in a timely manner. I've been so busy lately, but it is time to post an update.

As you've read, I had the surgery in February 2011 and it's now September/October 2011. So it'll be 8 mos October 9th.

Right now I've been working out to keep fat from building up and accumulating around my mid section so a little advice to the women that are currently recovering or almost recovered is to HIT THE BENDER BALL ASAP!! As soon as you're able, attack the exercise/bender ball with a vengeance and sculpt your stomach while it's flat!! Crunches, sit ups, leg lifts, and more crunches and do them every day.

I can honestly say that I retained about 60% of the fat that was injected and I'm still very happy with the results. It's no JLo, but I'll do for now ;) I was between a size 7 and a 9 before the surgery and now I'm an 11-13 with a flat stomach and booty. I can squeeze into some 9's depending on the cut of the jeans and the type of denim, but most are a no go.

My booty has completely "fluffed" and jiggles quite nicely and my body has gotten used to having a butt. I had to get rid of a lot of old jeans and shorts :( but my old party dresses look a lot better now that I got rid of my Gumby butt.

I added some new pics as well as before pictures so that you guys can get a better picture of the change in size.

More pics! :)

More pics! :)

Surgery In TJ General Info and Tips ? Bring...

Surgery In TJ General Info and Tips

? Bring American pain killers! Codeine's will become your best friend.

? Stock up on bottled water before or during your stay. There's a Wal-Mart, a trustworthy atm, and a nice shopping plaza two blocks from the Marriott so I recommend staying there.

? Bring wet wipes! It's always good to take extra precautions and clean the area around your incisions.

? Tell the boyfriend/travel buddy to bring a laptop or tablet pc on the big day so that they don't die of boredom in the waiting room. There's an open wifi connection at Dr. Campos clinic and it's a 6 hour long surgery.

? Take lots of pre/post of vitamins. There's one in particular that I took that helped with the scarring and healing. Inbox me for the info.

? Use common sense. Don't antagonize the locals and walk around at night. And don't give the Mexican MP a reason to f with you.

? Try to use taxi's that are called by the hotel and clinic.

? Choose a flight that has at least one stop for the flight back home. Your butt will thank you for it. I used the Name-Your-Price thing for my flight and hotels. Saved a lot actually, but it's a very tedious process to get as low as you can.

? Stay in San Diego the last night. Any unexpected border crossing delays can cause you to miss your flight home. My way back across the border had a 2 hour delay.

? Lots of $1 bills for tipping the hotel people, room service, taxi drivers, etc. A $4-$5 tip is generous.

? Walk, but don't kill yourself. Walking will help expedite the healing process and will keep you less miserable. I walked to Wal-Mart and to the shopping plaza every day and went to the San Diego Zoo on my 5th or 6th? day. Just make sure to keep hydrated because I almost passed out at the Zoo. Seriously, I got dizzy and my vision became blurry and static like so I had to sit on a bench and chug a bottle of water then I was fine.

? Bring clothes that are at least 2 sizes bigger. You will be swollen.

? Bring or buy gauze, surgical or double sided booby tape, and a small, catheter like funnel so you don't soil your compression garment when you pee.

? You will be constipated for a couple days... By the time your bowels decide to move, you'll be able to undo the compression garment temporarily to do your business.

If I think of anything else, I'll make sure to post! :) :) :)

Helpful Links ? Club Medical Recovery House...

Helpful Links

? Club Medical Recovery House (
This is the place I would've stayed at for the first half of my stay in TJ, but unfortunately I was already pushing the budget so I couldn't stay here :( I REALLY wanted to though.

? Pre/Post Op Vitamins (
These are the vitamins I took.

? Name Your Price on Priceline! (
I actually do this for everything from hotels to flights. My round trip airfare from DFW to San Diego was $198, Marriott in TJ $80 a night, and Sheraton San Diego Bay and Marina (4 stars!) $75 a night. Highly recommend doing your booking this way, but it is a VERY TEDIOUS process on actually getting it as low as you can. I had to attempt my price every day, close the window and re-open and re-enter everything to avoid compromise on location and stars, etc. Same with flights. You gotta check every day and see if the regular price drops then you attempt to name your price. Like I said its a pain in the ass, but there's a technique to it :)
Dr. Jaime Campos-Leon

The Dr. is definitely a master at his work and has an artistic eye as well. It's one thing for a surgeon to have tons of experience, but he has to also be great at what he does. This Dr. definitely has both quality and quantity when it comes to his experience and caliber. Also his staff made me feel very comfortable and I trusted them instantly.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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you look good. im thinking of going to him. has your butt shrank a lot?
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how do I see my post on this site???
I just joined and do not know what I am doing???
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Loved your new avatar..
You are almost about 2 years post surgery now.. Is your booty still as big as it was 3 n half months post op or has more fat been absorbed by your body????
Can u post some recent pics?? It will be very helpful.. Awaiting response.. :)
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But.... If u don't have fat.. Cause you're a thin person.. Then by all mean.. Brazillian butt will not work for u... U must gain weight or do butt implant.. Dr. Campos will know when u get there to do the consultation..
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Well.. If you gain 25 pound your weight well distributed all over and more or less on a certain area, according to your body type.. When u have fat taken out... Majority of it will come from stomach and back area..and put back into the don't expect to see the change in your scale.. But u will see the change in the way how the dr. Had mold your body into...
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Say u gain 25lbs weight for the surgery... after the surgery do u lose that 25 or do u keep it its just moved to ur butt.
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Sorry Been should be bent!! But u know what I mean!! All in all I wastes about 4 g total- which is not so bad... But I wish my butt is bigger.. And my arm is smaller!! I hate being a girl.. Never satisfy with my look.. Lol.. I think diet and exercise is the best way to go.. Then get butt brazillian after .. I didn't do that.. I was an apple shape...
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Is the compression garment like a normal girdle??
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No. The garment is softer then the one u buy at the store.. It's softer then the spandex, but I still didn't like it!! Cause I'm all swollen, and this compression garment just made things harder for me. I can't even been down to tied my shoes for over 2 weeks. But now that 4 weeks later after surgery, I can finally been down easily, and wearing the compression is somewhat comfortable....and soothing.. But everyone experience is different.. Good luck ..
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Thanks! This really helps!... I'm just worried that if I want to have kids later on my stomach would not respond well at all to the weight gain because of lipo.
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Thanks! My concern would be that the fat would go to other places. I would really like it if someone who has gotten lipo and gained a bit of weight would help me out with that one. I really want the surgery but that's what holds me back.
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Yea. I got mine done 4 weeks ago... Result are good but not 100% satiisfy- for sure I did not loose any weight at all... I started with 140lb now I'm 143lb.. I've eating alil more Anyway .. My tummy is flatter and smaller, but lipo leave lil lump here and there... And my butt was injected over 1200cc total- so far only 50% showed and 50% had been dissolve back.. I still Like it a lot better then I was before thou.. I was totally flat., I would do it again... But I don't want to deal with the pain., and I would suggest atleast take 3-4 weeks vacation from work, after procedure., just my opinion. Last but not least, I hate wearing the garment so bad !!
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@ slemus.., I can actually gain weight back if I continue with my eating habit and exercising routine.. The hardest things is.. I want to loose the weight without loosing my new butt.. Lol..I guess the answer is to be in the range of weight u want.. Then transfer the fat from where it's hard to loose then deposit it in the buttock.. Good luck
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@Slemus its been said that it is harder to gain wieght in that area b.c they took fat cells away.
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I hope Jasmine gets on here soon. Does anyone know if after lipo your body responds differently to weight gain? Thanks!
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You can easily stay in a hotel in San Diego and they Will still pick you up and drive you back
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Omg the whole passport thing is annoying and i am kind of afraid to stay in in a hotel in mexico but if i stay in the states it may make it harder for me to get to and from the clinic.
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You need a passport to return to the usa. After the procedure I stayed for 4 hours at the clinic then they drove me back home in san Diego. No hotel for me!
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Wow thats crazy. My procedure is may 18th with the possibilities to move up. But did u need a passport and did u stay in san diego hotelds or mexico
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My ideas covered in my surgery price. Since I live here they picked me up right from home and drove me back. They Will also pick you up from the airport or a hotel in san Diego. I called a separate company and they charged 80$ each way
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Approximately how much is the taxi rides there and dis they pikc u up from ur hotel to go to ur clinic
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Really valerie jm.. when i go can i stay with u lol
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I'm going to Tj on Thursday morning.get my procedure. Done! They are having a shuttle from my house and bring me as surgery. I live in san Diego.
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Did u have to get a passport and was it really as dangerous as they make it seem
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@ valeriejm Yes- there is a shuttle that drive across the border. Just exit the last exit before going to Mexico...
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