Where do I start?! I'm 29, mum of one gorgeous...

Where do I start?!

I'm 29, mum of one gorgeous little girl and have lost a significant amount of weight in the last 3 years. To date I have lost over 40 kgs (88lbs) which is brilliant, however an unfortunate result of that is being left with a great deal of excess skin and REALLY saggy boobs.

I've always had very large boobs (it me it seems like I went from having no boobs at all, to having a DD cup in high school). I'm currently a 14GG (34GG) and even with all of the weight loss my boobs didn't get any smaller at all. Instead, the now hang even lower than they did before!

For many years I have gone back and forth trying to decide if I really wanted to have the surgery, however earlier this year I just couldn't take it anymore and knew I needed to do this.

The main points that made me decide to do it:
- serious back/neck/shoulder pain
- huge difficulty in buying bras!!
- unable to find any clothes that fit me right
- unable to see weight loss results as all clothes hang off my boobs which makes me seem just as big as before (I feel CHEATED by my weight loss!)
- unable to run and play easily with my daughter. How can I run after her and play games when I have to hold my boobs against my cheat if I move any faster than a walk
- exercise is downright painful! Even with heavy duty sports bras there is huge bounce and it hurts!
- I could go on.. :P

So I made the decision and am very lucky to have a truly amazing and supportive husband who said we would do anything we needed to do to make me comfortable, pain free and happy. His one condition to this was that we find a great surgeon that my husband was confident would do the best job possible.

Our search began and we found a surgeon. We had our pre-op appointment in February and discussed options. I was really happy with him (as was my husband) and the PS was very confident he could get great results. We also decided that I would get abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) at the same time to remove the huge amounts of excess skin I have on my belly too.

Now the wait begins.. I'm booked in for surgery on 14 June and am excited, and nervous all at once! Watch this space for further updates!

I can now officially say that I'll be having my...

I can now officially say that I'll be having my surgery next month! I'm starting to get really excited, and a good bit nervous about recovery.. all of the stories about swelling are freaking me out just a little bit :P

Am hoping the month goes by quickly - would feel so much better if I had less time to think about things!

Alright - this time next month I will have had...

Alright - this time next month I will have had surgery! I want the time to hurry up and pass. Want it done already and be recovering..

I now have smaller boobies!!

I'm now post op day 4!

I really am surprised how little pain I have had in my breasts following the surgery! That may be to do with the tummy tuck I had at the same time.. Now that I feel!

My drains were taken out the second day after surgery and have been in a very attractive surgerical bra ever since!

The PS advised he has taken over 1kg (just over 2lbs) out of my boobs and I'm still in a bit of shock when I look at them! They just don't seem real to me..

Ahh the bliss

Way a difference everything feels when all drains are gone! Today I had my last drain taken out, and immediately felt better for it! The drain wasn't particularly hurting or pulling, but it was clearly impacting on me as I felt so much better once it came out. Now my body can get to business and heal!

PO day 6 - swell hell!

Today was the turning point day for me that so many other ladies have spoken about. I woke up feeling so much more rested, more positive, optimistic and just feeling better than I have since surgery :) I could walk a tiny bit easier and I didn't have that heavy head feeling that I have had.

One negative to all this.. Tonight I was hit with serious swelling! I already was swollen (I had lipo to abdomen and flanks also) but tonight I have blown up like a beach ball!! What an uncomfortable feeling!! I did just get my period tonight too (what timing!) and I think it must be related to that.. I've been eating low sodium foods so that shouldn't impact on my swelling. Thinking positive thoughts that swelling goes down (even a little!) very soon!!

Itching has begun!

Today is PO day 8 - and my incision lines are itching like crazy! That is a really good sign of healing I know.. But geez! :P Boobs are going very well. I'm still swollen (of curse) and am getting zings of sensation. Shooting through them as my nerves reconnect themselves. Still very firm feeling and the girls are right up there but all good :)


Meant of course, not curse! :P

Couple of comparison pics

First follow up with PS

Just got back from my official follow up consult with my PS (at day 12 PO) and had everything checked out.

He said I am healing brilliantly and the incision lines just look fantastic - much better than he expected at this point. It was so nice and reassuring to hear from him that he is happy with everything and it is all good :)

I've had a couple of points that have been leaking which were freaking me out (on my tummy, not boobs) but he reassured me it is entirely normal and told me what I can do to keep it clean etc.

Stitches were taken out of my belly button (the only stitches that needed to be removed) and his reaction was a smile and telling me my belly button looks very cute. Hubby thought it looked good so must be ok :)

Ahh the relief :)

Pre-op bras

Latest boob shot

I was blown away with how small they were straight after surgery.. today I took some pics - geez I didn't realise how swollen they were! Attached pics are PO day 18. Still have tape on so no idea was scars are looking like, but am trusting that they are doing ok! (my PS likes to leave tape on for a long time)

3.5 week check up with PS

Yesterday I had my 4 week check up with the PS. I was a little nervous as I knew he was going to take the tape off my boobs and I hadn't seen them without tape! Was worried to see what might be hidden under that tape lol.

It went really well! He was blown away with how quick I'm healing for this early in recovery and was very happy with everything.

I'm to keep tape on for the next 6 weeks, and continue wearing surgical/wire-free bras for that time also.

No need to see him again still September now!
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Hi, It's great to read a post by someone who has had their surgery done by the same PS I'll be using in one months time. I'm soooo nervous about it. Nervous about the recovery as I have three small children who will be very demanding even with husband home for the first two weeks. Your results look awesome so that makes me a little less nervous.
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You PS did a GREAT job! Congrats!
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Thanks so much! :) am dying for the tummy swelling to go down (which is huge!) but other than that I'm very happy :)
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I have lost a significant amount of weight in the last few years also, which has left me with the super saggy and wrinkled boob skin. Did your surgeon say that it would affect the outcome of your breasts at all?
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Hi October1022 :) Nope, my surgeon had no concerns about the saggy and wrinkled skin. He said the reduction would tighten up all the skin and smooth out the wrinkles. I have extensive stretch marks and they can't be removed, but they are so light and I've always has them anyway so I don't care about them :)
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Very nice , you have to be full of joy
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You look great - you can hardly see the scars at all.
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What a great post! You're really healing up nicely!!!!
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Wow he did an awesome job. I'm definitely gonna look into this technique when searching for a surgeon.
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What technique did you PS use to do your BR? There's no noticeable scarring from your pics! Wow. Beautiful results.
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Thanks iambella :) He uses a technique called vertical short scar. It still looks like the anchor technique, except the incisions he makes are much shorter. No scars will be able to be seen at all when I wear a bra/bikini. He's just brilliant :) I'm so happy with what he did :)
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You look great!
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You are looking fantastic!! You're so brave for having such major ops all at once!! Such a difference!!x
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Wow! What a difference! I hope you feel so much better having got all that off your chest :) they look great already, you really picked a good surgeon. P.s love the ink!
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Thanks AllieGB :) gotta work on tightening up those arms now though! :P
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You look fantastic!!! I'm a bit jealous. Glad you started posting in the June forum. :)
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Nothing to be jealous of - your results are great! :)
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You looks great! Drink plenty of water to flush everything out. Sounds like you had the problem I had - even though I lost a lot of weight having large breasts just makes me look so big. I can't imagine how happy you must be.
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wow, great results. I hated the drains, sutures, and tape. It feels like you become more you once each layer gets removed.
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They look great, what a difference,you must be so happy :-)
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You look fantastic. I can't imagine what it must feel like to look in the mirror and see yourself look so different and it must feel great not to have the extra weight around your chest.
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Wow~!!! You look awesome!! Isn't this just the most amazing surgery??
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You look absolutely amazing!!! Kudos to you, your PS and your supportive DH.
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Thanks CS56 :) DH is being wonderful and helping with everything, and I'm still in awe of my PS! :P
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Congratulations on the weight loss, and welcome to the flip side :) Rest as much as you can, and best of luck with the healing.
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