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I love that this forum exists, with real...

I love that this forum exists, with real experiences and photos vs. the typical before/after photos on Dr's own websites. I'm hooked on reading about others' adventures to Boobieland, and it's especially awesome and helpful to follow along with those who started out with the same basic height/weight/size as me.

Unfortunately, it may be up to another year before I can even schedule this procedure, as I've been prioritizing other expenses, but I have FINALLY decided that I am sure I want to do this. Certainly, even the best augmentations still have a hint of 'fakeness,' (too round on top, too much space in between, etc.) but I still feel they would look better than what I have now.

I'm headed into my mid 30s, am 5'7.5" and fluctuate between 125-130lbs, staying in pretty good shape. I've never had kids and do not plan to. I don't know my exact bra size, but would approximate a 34, large A? I've attached front/left/right angles of my chest now. I've always been generally happy with the shape and perkiness of my breasts, but find them disproportionate with my butt and thighs. I'm also self-conscious about the size of my nipples, they seem way too large for my breast size (they were this size before the piercings). From an artistic aesthetic, bigger breasts are a MUST to balance everything out.

I am undecided as to the size I want in the end, probably a medium-full C? I don't know about which incision area will be best for me, but think I want to go with silicone under the muscle. My main concern is a natural look, with a nice slope up top and fullness on the bottom only. I'm also very concerned about a 'hard' gap between my breasts, which always seems to be the biggest fake boobie giveaway in girls I see. My chest sometimes looks a bit bony, so I'm trying to do more pushups to smooth that out.

I've done some Dr. research, and have narrowed it down to 2 in Beverly Hills and 1 in Pasadena, whose works seems to yield VERY natural-looking results. One of them does "flash recovery" which allegedly damages the tissues less and allows for better healing. This appeals to me, as I have always bruised easily. As mentioned earlier, it will be a while before I get my boobies, so any advice along the way (especially from girls who started out looking like me) will be greatly appreciated!

Scheduled 1st Consultation!

It may be a while before I can actually have this done, but I'm visiting with the Dr. ASAP. August 19th! I've been back and forth over a BA for years and have done a TON of research, trying to find the most natural-looking results. I even considered fat-transfer augmentation for a while, though that seems like a very expensive solution yielding minimal results that may also fade away.

So, after looking at dozens of Dr.s and HUNDREDS and hundreds of boobs, I am 90% sure I that Dr. David E. Kim will be the one. I scoured his videos and Before/Afters and compiled this collage of girls who started out more or less like me, with the results I hope for (attached). Undecided if a full C will be too much (I always read about girls wishing they went bigger and can only assume that will happen to me?).

Dr. Kim's work looks phenomenal. I've heard he is more expensive than others, but for good reason. He is an artist. The price tag will prevent me from having my boobies anytime soon and I will surely have to go the financing route, but I refuse to skimp on anything that permanently alters my appearance!

08.19.13 - My First BA Consult!

Had my first ever BA consultation on August 19th. It will be a long while before I can afford the procedure, but what's to keep me from talking to the PS to tide me over?

I'd done a lot of research on Dr. David E. Kim before ever visiting his office in Beverly Hills, so I thought I knew what to expect. At first, things felt a little 'off' - his waiting room was nice, though smaller than it looked in photos and videos. Strange observation, I know. I had a noon appointment, but so did 5 other girls, apparently (not wonderful when parked in a pricey garage!). I had gotten there about 15mins early, but waited out front for a good 30mins before being called into a back consultation room, where I waited for what seemed like another good 30mins. It was freezing. Finally, Dr. Kim came in rather unceremoniously (but after everything I read about his alleged 'horrible' bedside manners, I knew what to expect. Honestly, I don't care/need a super friendly Dr. - I need an artist). He told me to remove my top and don the paper gown. When he returned to examine my breasts, he suddenly became very relatable, as if the boobies suddenly presented a connection for him. I get this - it's how he relates.

After a fairly crappy wait in the beginning, I have to say the rest of the consultation was very rewarding and exactly what I hoped for! He made me feel awesome, actually, and had nothing but good things to say about the shape of my breasts and the proportions of the rest of my body (where I have always been more critical). He was very easy to talk to, and having spent so much time on the boobie forums, I could quickly express what I wanted in his language. I originally thought I wanted moderate profile implants for the most natural look, but holding one up to myself, noticed it was SUPER wide across my chest. HP still left me with more gap than I want. Mod+ it is! I told him I thought I wanted somewhere between a medium - full C (he though around 370cc would get me there), but I will probably go closer to 400 for a very full C. ;) I was surprised at how soft and squishy the Natrelle silicone implants are - AWESOME.

So, the final quote will be $8150. Want to find a way to make this happen ASAP, but it feels irresponsible to focus on this when I have so many other expenses. Damnit.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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Oh, and I liked the fact that Dr kim was a unsocial weirdo. Wouldn't want him to be overly friendly. Then it would seem like he's trying to sell something. Lol
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I just read your whole story. I'm a fast reader. Lol. Totally feel you on wanting everything to balance out. I notice that when I don't wear a padded bra I look fatter even though I'm not fat at all. When I have a padded bra on I look more like a woman but even with pads when I'm with my hub I feel uncomfortable to take off my shirt. You're right! Even though it may look fake... Because it's a thin line, they still will be better than what we got now. Which is none. Lol
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Hi there, I believe you asked bout my size and I'm 375 mod + silicone. I'm a full C small D. Good luck! :)
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf. You're wise to start your research early. Here is a list of important questions to ask your PS during your consult. You may be familiar with most of these terms, but just in case, here is our new Guide to Breast Aug Slang! Let me know what you think and be sure to keep us posted!

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Thanks, Beth! - though you have the wrong Dr. listed for me. It should be Dr David E. Kim in Beverly Hills: http://www.realself.com/find/California/Beverly-Hills/Plastic-Surgeon/David-Kim
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Thank you for catching that! I have linked the correct PS for you! ;)

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Hi Dear I had Dr Kim too :) I had mine done on 7/12 and love my result.
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feel free to check out my profile and let me know if you have any question about him :)
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They look AMAZING! How tall are you? I think the medium Cs are perfect!
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Thanks sweetie :) I am tiny only 5 ft and about 95 lbs :) I currently fit into a C with my sports bra which you see in my pic :)
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             are u going to keep you nipple rings in after u get your implants?
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I plan to, yes.
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