I am a 28 yr old mother of two beautiful boys,...

I am a 28 yr old mother of two beautiful boys, whom I both nursed. 5 ft 128 lbs 34 B pre-op. I had my oldest as a teenager and have missed my young, full breasts since then. I was a 34 C in high school. I have a two year old whom I nursed until His second birthday in April, then cut him from the chi-chi haha. I workout vigorously and regularly but was extremely aware there was nothing I could do for my breasts, except surgery. The more I toned my body the sadder my boobs became :( a few years ago I watched a show where Dr. Ghavami demonstrated his flash augmentation procedure. I was amazed. Pain and recovery had always been the main obstacles for me. Fast forward a few years... My husband asked if I wanted to go for a consultation. We made an appt in June, I felt completely comfortable. The long wait times and other things others may complain about are because Dr Ghavami wants to meet and talk to EVERY patient: from consult to pre-op to day of surgery and follow up he is there. The office staff is wonderful. I also opted to do lipo of my outer thighs, and at one day out breasts are engorged but not painful. If it weren't for the lipo I would be back to a regular routine . I had a lot of extra skin from pregnancy/ nursing, so we went with 339 cc silicone sub muscular on left and 304 on right. I could not be happier. Hope to post more updates soon.

4 days post-op :)

Everything is going well. I wake up with morning boob and have to do stretches recommended by my doctor to relieve the tightness. Still no major pain or discomfort associated with my BA. I also had minimal lipo and that is slowly getting better as well. I am very happy with my results and cannot say enough good things about my doctor.

5 days po

Day 8 post op

I am just one week past my surgery and am feeling remarkably well. I can't believe i just had major surgery. Sleeping back in my bed. Taking my son to school, now that my husband is back at work. Dr Ghavami is an amazing PS. I am following a carefully instructed post-op care of supplements, stretches, and as much rest as i can get. I feel my breasts are a little large for my body seeing as I am only 5 ft, but have been told they are swollen and will look different in just a few short months :) I am hoping to be a C. I have had absolutely no pain associated with my augmentation and even my lipo areas are healing nicely. I have to wear a compression garment that is very uncomfortable and very hot, especially in summer! Otherwise so far so good. My kids keep bumping into me and my two year old still wants me to pick him up, but I just try to explain to them I can't right now :( That part is hard. I feel extremely blessed to have had this experience with the doctor I chose. Here's to getting a little bit better everyday...

2 weeks post-op

I had an appointment with my doctor today and everything went great. I still feel really good and get a little bit better everyday. My leftie has dropped into place it seems and the right is still riding a little high. I was told that this is normal for a right handed person and vice versa. My husband and are are just over the moon with my results and ease of recovery. Worth every penny! I took the girls out for a spin today in a dress, no bra. I wasn't the least bit self conscious, though maybe I should have been. It is funny to catch people staring at your boobs ;) Tried on some clothes and it amazes me how my body just looks more proportionate and everything looks so much better. Can't wait to go shopping!!

Almost three weeks out

I am having a rough day today. Recently my husband left on deployment AND my best friend moved back to the East coast....so I am sad today. I am also feeling down about my surgery! :( Will I ever feel normal again? Did I go too big?? I am a very active person normally and hate the fact that I can't workout and have low energy. I also had liposuction at the same time as BA. I love running and feel like the new additions might get in the way of my active lifestyle (yoga, gym, running, weights, etc.). They feel like mine, but not!? Just a lot of mixed emotions. No massaging yet per my PS, but he said I could lay on my stomach to help soften them. That is still very weird and uncomfortable. Everyone I talk to about what I am feeling (husband, family, close friends) tells me they look good. I wanted to fill up the loose saggy breasts that had resulted after two pregnancies and breast feeding BUT didn't want two melons on my chest. It is just hard to see the big picture since I am looking down or in the mirror =\ I am sure this is normal (right? Kinda) and I will be happy as they soften but just feeling low in general. On a side note: HOLY sensitivity, batman! almost painful...Hope everyone is healing and feeling well xo

Getting comfortable with my new breasts

Feeling better about the size the past few days. And enjoying my clothes....I would even more if I didn't still have to wear the garment for the lipo, but oh we'll. I have received several compliments in how "natural" my breasts look :) That helps me feel good about everything. I can't wait to workout!!

4 weeks post op

I took my kids to Vegas this weekend to get away and hang out with my friend who lives there. I took my favorite bathing suit top and it barely covers my nips lol Otherwise, everything is good. I like the way I look in clothes but can not wait to fluff and soften.

Feeling great :) very happy

I am feeling very happy with my size and recovery. I started walking briskly on the treadmill and doing some easy yoga stretches just to get back in the swing of things. I also had lipo and am still recovery from that. I love my tatas (chichis as my two year old says lol)! I feel my size is full enough but modest which is exactly what I wanted. I have started using New gel scar strips to help my crease incisions. Truth be told my incisions are only two-finger widths long. I also started taking Neprinol to prevent CC per my doctor. My doctor (Dr. Ghavami) did an awesome job. I told him what I wanted a bit neurotically, actually) and he did exactly what I wanted. I trust him and will always to back as long as I can pay. I feel more like myself, just with awesome boobs :) I will even admit I could have gone 50 cc's more and been very happy, but think I will always stay in the 300's due to my frame and height. I just wish my husband was home to enjoy them too!!

5 weeks post op

I still obsess over boobs, mostly mine. I can't wait until they are where I want them. Overall I am very comfortable with my size. My left breast dropped at about 2-3 weeks but my right is still a little high...it is so frustrating! I have the squeaking/bubble thing in my right breast as well. I am slowly getting back to exercising but nothing with my chest muscles. I am waiting for d&f before I go spend $$$ on new bras, but once these bad boys settle I am going to go nuts haha ;)

6 weeks

Almost 9 weeks (2 months) very happy with my size!

So life has been crazy and not much has changed on the boob front...though I think my right might FINALLY be coming down!! I went shopping recently for good sports bra bc I run about three miles 3-4 times a week plus yoga and weights. I got one from underarmour ($$), a champion from marshalls ($), and another from Old navy and honestly they all work about the same though the underarmour is probably the best...so far. I bought a few regular underwires as well (trying to pace myself with the buying of new stuff) and have bought in 32D and 34D. For those of you waiting for surgery or to see those major chances, TRY to be patient. Time will fly :) I have an appt next week with the doc, also my state boards =s I am a bundle of nerves, but still thrilled that I chose this for myself. I have always been an impulsive person, so I am glad I didn't wait years like others have.

Freaking out....

So this whole time I thought it was my right that was the problem child, but now I think it is my left! After having some pain (nothing horrible) the past few days and just being really dissatisfied with the opposite look of my breasts, I googled it. I think my left is bottoming out, and I am so upset :( I see my ps Tuesday. Any advice is welcome. I paid so much for my surgery and the thought of paying more is heartbreaking and stressful!! My husband was extremely supportive and he still is but I can tell he is worried too.

10 almost 11 weeks

Soooooo... Doc says I am not bottoming out wheeeew! BUT my right does still need to come down some so I messaging and sleeping on my stomach. I am relieved he feels everything is fine bc life is too stressful right now without having to worry about my boobs. Ladies, in the first weeks and months your breasts will change and if there were oddities before, the augmentation may just accentuate them, so keep that in mind. I am still thrilled I did this, and though we paid a lot, I am very happy with my doctor. He is always very warm and comforting and I really appreciate it.

Incision photo

13 weeks/3 months

I am 3 months post and everything is going great with the new additions! I am very happy to say I love my boobs. They feel like mine and look ReALLY natural, which was exactly what I wanted. I really like the size and they feel like mine. I have obsessed over these for the past few months but that is subsiding. Now time to enjoy ;) I will be running two 5k's soon and am glad to say my implants do not get in my way. I just have to wear high support bras all the time. Protecting my invest ment lol it is also worth it to note that my breasts have changed so much since after the surgery and I am sure they may still change but I am very pleased with my results.

4 months post

My surgery feels forever ago and I feel like my new breasts were always mine...though I remember the old ones well. I do have a few small aesthetic issues I will discuss with my doctor at the next appt and update on here as well. I have a dent (bubble in my left breast and my right is a bit droopy ( I had an augmentation to get rid of sad and saggy). Nothing major and, honestly, I don't want to have surgery again. I just feel I paid so much ans should have some awesome freaking breast that I smile and and go, " totally worth every penny!". And sometimes I feel like that...but sometimes I don't. That is a real problem to me. My husband is coming home next week from an almost 4 months deployment, and I am excited/nervous. Also, today I had classy yet unclothed pics taken as a gift for him for our anniversary. I must say my boobs was the only thing I WASN'T self conscious about...but they turned out great, thanks to the photographer I hired, and I can't wait to give them to him! Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and happy healing :)

Feeling sad but overall happy that I did it.

Today is mine and my husband's 4th anniversary and I know I am going to have to have surgery again. I hope my doctor is willing to acknowledge my left breast and that there is one thing wrong. I am sure I am either Bottoming out, as I previously was concerned about, or he placed my implant to low. I spent so much on my surgery I could not possibly pay again so soon. He has a one year "warranty" and I am hoping this is covered by that. Right now it is upsetting and gives me major anxiety. I am scared he won't fix it. I lo e my breast in a bra but when I take it off I just see the double bubble and how low my left is and is is even more upsetting than before my implants. I don't want my husband to see :( I don't want this to discourage anyone I am just venting. I will keep you posted....

6 months

Hello ladies. I hope everyone's holidays were wonderful. I saw my doctor on a emergency check in on dec 17. He agreed that my breast needed some "fixing" but wants me to wait til almost a full year post op! Right now I am depressed. I don't like the look of my breasts. They sit too low on my body. I am just so upset I spent so much and my results are much less than awesome. I feel like my doctor is not hearing my concerns, he merely brushes them away, saying we will deal with it later. I have even considered seeking several second opinions. I thought you got what you paid for but I may have been wrong. He lowered my crease (without my consultation) on my left breast. So I have pain and my natural crease is still very visible. My right has a double bubble as well ans a little snoopy defect. I want to cry when I look at them. Again he says these things are all fixable but wants me to wait. I paid 11,000...I wanted awesome boobs the first time! He showed me pictures of my before and I understand what he was working with but this is really frustrating and is effecting my mood and home life :(

12 months post very unhappy with results

Updating photos

12 months

So confused. I can't decide what to do and time is running out.

Hello loves! I hope everyone is well, happy and healthy in their journey to the land of bewbies. I am really struggling and sick right now over my revision. My original doctor agreed to correct the double bubbles caused by my implants being too low. However, he siad this is just my body and he did nothing wrong. We will have to pay 2500 for anesthesia and operating room. I had already sought second and third and fourth opinions, just in case. They all said my implants were too low and my left is starting to bottom out. Which is exactly what my gut had been telling me all along. After talking to my p's I was very concerned. He stated one "might" be bigger or higher than the other after revision. UMMMM..NO! I made it very clear that I don't want that. To which he replied "of course" But he did say I would have more upper pole fullness, which I was excited about. He siad he needs to do a capsulorrhaphy or inferior bilateral pocket closure of 2 cm and then "tuck" my scares, which means lots of internal suturing. I have been feeling scared to allow him to operate on me again, and for me to wake up unhappy AND 13500 INTO AN ELECTIVE SURGERY.The one silver lining in all of this, my husband. He has been so supportive. Never once lecturing me and honestly only freaking out once lol SO I went back for a second consult with another respected local ps who specializes in breasts. He said the capsulorrhaphy would provide minimal results as compared to what I had in my mind and I need to go 400 HP. Wait...WHAT?!?! I can honestly say I have never been more confused in my life!!! I am happy and healthy, so are my children, husband, family and friends. I honestly feel so stupid. My sister has been married (to a man) for 14 years and just came out to us as gay. She was so brave and had to make such a huge decision...and I am over here crying and I can't sleep over whether to spend 2500 or 2800 on a capsulorrhaphy or 5500 on an implant exchange. This boob thing is a disease. I haven't slept in almost 24 hours bc i am scard. Scared if I go bigger I will not like the look and regret it....plus spending another 5500 seems ridiculous. I am also scared I won't be happy with just a quick revision. My dad is coming in three weeks to take care of my kids. GOODNESS, GRACIOUS! Any advice, good vibes, anything is appreciated! God bless and happy healing
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I am going through the exact same thing :( not fun at all. I posted a question to the drs. They did day that I bottomed out. I am going to have the pocket fixed. I was told not to go bigger that it could make matters worse. My photos look very similar to yours.
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How much was your procedure?
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$11,000 USD
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Your right breast is perfect. At least you only have to revise one breast and you'll be good! Very natural results but your PS is a jerk. I feel he is trying get out of his warranty. Put your foot down and don't take no for an answer 11k is an obscene amount to pay. My doctor, who is very expensive, charges 9k. He needs to fix you asap. Best of luck. xo
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How are you doing? Any revision?
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I am well. Thank you. Mentally it has been very hard. No revision yet. Waiting on doctor to honor his "one year warranty". If not I will be seeking out another doctor for a revision.
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I understand how mentally hard it can be. I hope that if and when you decide to get a revision everything turns out for the best. Best wishes. Chin up!!
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Btw I am so happy I got my revision done. Was the best thing I did.
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Oh i can anderstain u very well , i was reading your post before i do mine boobies and after Mine come out with problem as well my left one stay up and make a contracture, and my implants are too inside So now is 7 weeks ago This morning i saw my surgeon and he gonna make a change on the asimitry in 7 weeks already So i don t anderstain why u have to wait so long ! Is not fait, I will late u know after my new surgery from the 27 february He say this is very simple and fast recovery 3 weeks So !! Kisses
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Thank you for posting every month. You look so natural.
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I feel like you and I look pretty similar right now (although I'm only 2 weeks out). But my lefty is a little bulgey at the bottom and has a crease, and my right is nice and tucked under. Hopefully your doctor will be able to address your concerns for you - and no matter what I'm sure your hubby will be ecstatic! You really do look very natural. =)
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You have stunning results, girl. They really look so natural on your petite frame. Beautiful.
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Yours look so beautiful! I hope mine turn out that well. :)
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You look awesome!! Very natural and proportionate. Thanks for updating. It helps out a lot.
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Thank you! I love that we are all so positive and supportive of each other :)
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They look fantastic!! You must be thrilled! Your stats are sort of similar to mine and implant size (that I am probably getting) are also similar. I hope mine turn out as great as yours :)
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I am sure you will be sooo happy. Especially after nursing. I had one bigger and lower as well (it was my right). They aren't perfect, but I still love them. I will be following you. Good Luck!
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Wow! Very natural, perfectly in proportion!
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Your results look great even from day 1. Very natural! Congratulations!
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I got the same exaxt implants as you! 339/304cc mod plus profile and I love them! U look great!!
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Thats so not good! Maybe it will be ok! I went through different looks these past 5 months. Keep us posted on what your ps says! Good luck!
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I am a little more than a month out from my BA and am starting to get nervous about the down time. I know how important it is, but I don't usually just sit down until late at night right before bed, so I'm nervous I will get antsy, depressed, or just down-right b*tchy. But reading about your fast recovery with little to no pain has me hopeful! I will continue to follow your recovery, and by the way, I think they are a great size for you!
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Hi. I'm 5'3 and 117 lbs. I'm also thinking about going with around 325cc. How have your implants progressed? Are you happy with your size. They look really nice!!
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I will also update above but...I am very happy with my size. I started a deflated B because of breast feeding, now a 34C, 34D, 32D, or 32DD depending on cut and brand. Very weird! I am still waiting for my right to drop ALL the way but I love the look and feel of my mod +. Thank you. Good luck with yours :)
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Thanks so much. I'm thinking of going for it first week of December. After I pick my PS I will start my own review. I can't wait!! Happy healing!!
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