I have never had a derrière , not completely...

I have never had a derrière , not completely flat, but after weight loss and weight gain and bad Liposuction as part of a TT years ago, my rear end was left what I call "negative booty".
I decided to have a BBL because I Love the beach and I couldn't wear a Bikini comfortably as we'll as being restricted in my clothes choices. I Love clothes and I want to be able to wear whatever I want and not see my Pancake, negative booty.
I am not looking for a huge booty at all. I'm looking to re inflate my booty and some shaping.
I decided to go with Dr Dass in Beverly Hills because he is the best match for me. From everything I have seen, I believe he has incredible sculpting ability.
The key to finding your surgeon, I believe is matching your needs to the surgeon that consistently produces those results.
Also, at this stage in my life, I'm a pretty pampered person. The office appearance, the appearance of the surgery center and the overall experience is very important to me.
ALTHOUGH, after having had this surgery yesterday, I have a HUGE HUGE sense of respect for all you super women going to other countries or even flying within the US for this procedure. I have no idea how it is even possible!
I could barely handle a 70 mile drive from BH to my house yesterday because the freeway was bumper to bumper and it took almost four hours to get home. I was
Lying on my belly on a bed made for me in the rear cab. This ride home goes down in my history as the most painful experience ever. I've had kids, TT (outside the country) 9 years ago and two BA.
Anyway, the experience at Dr Dass's office has been flawless so far. Everyone in the office is there to make you comfortable. Dr Dass is SO patient and CALMING and really pays attention to your desires. I sent him "wish pics" the night before surgery , and believe me , they really were a wish or more like a miracle I was asking him to produce. He called me and told me he had received my pics and that he understood what I wanted and would get me as close as possible . He was very nice and soothing, I was no longer nervous about having this surgery.
Also, at my Pre Op, I walked out with all the meds I needed and you don't have to go shopping for a garment. They provide all the garments for you and even a cute carrying bag. I even got Arnica and Arnica Gel. These are the little things that I notice and are important to me. Again, pampered. Lol. Ryan the office manager is fantastic. I was a real wreck about having this surgery and he called Dr Dass to give me another consultation prior to paying just so I would be comfortable. O almost forgot, I was scheduled for surgery on 9/3 but I wanted to get it over with so I called on Tuesday and asked if I could have a sooner date. Ryan called me back and was able to get me in within 2 days, which was yesterday.
I arrived at the surgery center which was so clean and beautiful and was greeted by nice office staff. Everyone at the surgery center was very nice and competent.
Dr Dass came in to mark me and again we reviewed the "plan of attack for the negative booty". Anesthesiologist was very nice and funny. I was not nervous or scared at all. I trusted Dr Dass and team, not only with my NB (to be referred to as negative booty) but my life. So important to trust the team working on you. I felt comfortable at all times. The nurses were all very nice, especially the OR nurse which was inside the surgery room. She smiled and told me should would be in the surgery with Dr Dass. Next thing I knew, I woke up in recovery to her soothing voice telling me that I would like my results. Then my Fiancé was brought into the recovery room and he told me that Dr Dass had called him on his cell and told him that surgery went well and he was very pleased. He said he was able to get 1,400 cc to each side. I had a prior TT and gained weight for this procedure so we did not know how much fat would be available for surgery, but he found it! He also said he was pleased with my outcome.
I did take the Norco round the clock yesterday and today. These first two days have been hell , I cannot lie . This surgery is NO joke. I have had at least two melt downs , crying . last night all of the chucks and pads under my garment were soaked. We opened the garment and pulled out all of the soaked pads etc. This is where I had my melt down because my Fiancé and I did not pay attention as to how I was wrapped after surgery and we were not sure if we could use pads over the buttock area or not. I was scared of too much compression on my but because when you have this surgery all you can think about is the survival of your fat cells!
I was so freaked out I called Ryan at 11pm on his cell which he had given us.
He reassured me and reminded me to not remove the garment in 48 hours. He said it was ok to have removed the soaked padding and to replace with clean pads. I felt better and tried to sleep. The first night was pretty bad since I'm not a tummy sleeper and I had to get up and pee every 2 hours. All that fluid was coming out and I had to wake my fiancé every time to help me. I hate being so reliant on anybody. The garment was hard to deal with so I needed the help. You really do need someone with you the first few days. Today, day after surgery I had another melt down because I was in pain but the Norco fixed that. I will not hold back on taking it again.
Getting in and out of bed is horrible. I emailed Dr Dass some pics of my bruising with a couple of questions today and he replied. Really helped with my mini melt down.
So tomorrow is day 3 and we will see how it goes..........

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Last night , day 2 , Midnight

I was looking at my bruising before going to sleep and I got very worried because it looked really bad to me. I know bruising is part of the deal with a BBL but for some reason, maybe the non stop Norco I'm on ( I never take pain killers or even drink) looked very scary to me. So here I go, another melt down. Worrying about every possible scenario .
Again, we took pictures and I emailed Dr Dass. He replied a few hours later and told me it all looked ok and was normal. Your skin is pretty tight after this procedure and I was worried that since I had stretch marks in that area , my skin would tear? I know, crazy. Again, he replied and reassured me that I was ok and everything looked the way it was supposed to. It was 7 am when I read his email and he even offered to see me in his office at 5pm on a Saturday , after a day in surgery for him ,If I wanted him to look at the bruising in person. I replied and told him I felt reassured by his response and that I would see him Wednesday and my 6 day Post Op check .
Thank God for smart phones and his reply. I felt so much better. I have never felt alone after this procedure and my worries have been promptly addressed. I can't imagine having a melt down and not being able to contact your surgeon. Thank You Dr Dass.

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Getting out of bed

Can someone tell me the best way to get out of bed ? OMG so painful to get out of bed . My arms and shoulders are shot from laying on Tummy and does the Boppy pillow really help.?


Congrats!!! You may want to get a table that massage therapists use,you can find them n craigslist. I hope you don't have any more melt downs,but it's nice to hear the surgeon's after care is professional,competent,reliable and reassuring. that speaks volume and matters. I am glad your experience overall has been Fabulous and nothing less. Wishing you a speedy recovery Q Dios te bendiga y los Angelitos te cuidan Hermosa!
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Ride after surgery

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Toilet contraption

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Day 3 Shower day, survived


Haha Bella, thanks. Im so focused on the shower and the garment and the pads and the arnica massages (putting yourself back together is a mission)! That I haven't even paid attention how it looks yet. I think this week is about survival. LOL. :)
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Congrats and happy healing!
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Me likey! U def got @zzzzzzzz From Dass ;) Yay! love the pics so far.
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Day 4

Uggh I have to get the heck off of my stomach! Right now I am getting some relief on a lawn chair with a hole cut out . Feels so good to be on my back. My but hangs through the hole but still touches my sides. Hope all is well under there. Lol.
The man is off to find me a Boopy pillow . Not sure what is the best kind but I need one! I thought I was gonna be a hero and lay on my Stomach for 6 weeks .....yeah NOT happening :)


You'll be fine,you're a strong woman,you can do this!! :) Patience is key. I'm ok,i felt the earth quake,my bed was doing the Macarena!! lol

end of day 4

Well, feeling much stronger , had a very comfortable nap today. Not taking Norco anymore , it's nasty.
Shower time today was much easier. No more draining so we didn't have to pack my garment with pads. RELIEF. Now all I have is the Lipo Foam and Garment and binder . I am very bruised and swollen but so far my results are a huge difference. I was worried about lumps after Lipo to my Abdomen since I had a previous TT, well Dr Dass made is SO FLAT, feels like there is skin and Organs, that's it ! It is completely smooth , not one bump. Amazing. He made my 9 year old TT new again! He actually gave me that S shape at the bottom of my back creating a shelf . I was amazed when I saw it because I was so flat in my lower back and many PS had told me they couldn't do it because of my Anatomy. WELL not true , because Dr Dass did it ! I already had hips but he added to round out my hips and not to me to on that my booty is full. Again, I was so flat, I still can't believe the fullness. I gave Dr Dass specific wish list and he did every thing I asked for . My awful hanging bra rolls are much better. This was gonna be a challenge because I didn't want the skin to hang after Lipo. I am going back to him in 6 weeks for Smart Lipo between my thighs and maybe I will ask him if we can smart lipo touch up the bra rolls.
overall, I'm out of the dark side!
I will post some pics when my bruising gets better :)

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Compression advice

Having had 2 C Sections and a TT, I have learned that just as important as the skill of your PS has , just as important is COMPRESSION! When I was 21, literally hours after my C Section, my Mom and Grama walked into my hospital room with a girdle (Faja) that was literally 1/3 my size.
They got me up from bed , stitches and all, and they stuffed me into this Faja. OMG I will never forget that day. Hurt like HELL and I remember the room spinning. I already knew about Fajas because I'm Cuban and every woman in my family with their hour glass figures wore one , ALL the time. It was part of their regular underclothes , like panties. SO I was telling them I can't wear it , it doesn't fit , I was worried about my C Section incision. They both looked at me and said "you're 21 and if you don't put this on NOW you will have hanging skin and a saggy abdomen forever " O hell to the no! I bit my pillow and we got the Faja from hell on me. I wore that thing 24/7 for 6 weeks. Let me tell you that my Abs contracted, no loose skin. flat flat 21 year old belly again. Nobody could believe I had a 10 pound baby much less a C Section! After my second son, I did the same thing , same results . Years later in my 30s I gained a large amount of weight and lost about 70 pounds . I decided to have a TT. Again, I wore my Faja so tight 24/7. I got wonderful results again . My Abs were in good shape before the BBL but we needed fat so I had the Tummy Lipo. Ok.... how many times has my abdomen stretched and expanded? and even now after this last Lipo it's still flat? Girls, FAJAS ARE THE LAW. Wear your garments. Wear them ! You will be glad you did !

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Ugghhh! My awful hanging back rolls. Gross!

Back rolls Before and 3 days after.
Bare in mind, I am still swollen.
Also, this skin was very saggy.

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S Curve !

Before and 3 days after. Look at how flat I was ! Of course , I'm still at 100 percent swelling. I covered some of the bruising . Don't want to scare anyone :)

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S curve


You look AMAZING Chica!! I am so HAPPY for you,i know you are Thrilled with EXCITEMENT!!!! WOOOHOOOOOOO!!! you go DASSDOLL
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4th day Post Op

4th day Post Op and first day alone. Hubby's off to work. Didnt sleep well last night . Neck was killing me , sleeping face down.
Also developed a cough and slight wheezing . Ate breakfast, took meds and gonna try to sleep now .
My buts so hard :( He tolde not to freak out becaise it will change shapes in next two weeks . Ok. I will let it do it's thang.
I NEED to work on the Boopy Pillow thing today , will order from Amazon. Lets see what the rest of the day holds!


I'm glad you're doing ok and hanging tough. This procedure seems to be the most intense and difficult. You'll be on you're way soon. Get rest.
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Thanks Bella, So far I like what I see. I know things will change , but so fat so good! Can't wait for all thos bruising to go away.... patience patience :)
Yes, Patience is definitely what we all lack when our time comes. I am NOT patient at all. I think your butt looks great,he did you proud! :0) Abrazos Hermosa Buenas Noches

End of 4th day Post Op

I may be a little too hard on myself. It's only been 4 days but this procedure is intense. Im over the pain. Stipped pain meds yesterday , even though I'm black and blue and swollen. I don't jab pain. I survived the whole day by myself, paid some bills, cleanedy stove and kitchen counters , made some stir fry and brown rice, took a shower and then back to the 30 minute garment chore . I still need help with the padding and garment. It requires more than one person at this point. Everything else I did myself today.
I guess I am doing good.
I start to loose it with how UNCOMFORTABLE it is to not be able to sit or sleep on my side or back. It's absolutely awful and sucks bad. All I can do is lie onu stomach or stand.
I need to get creative and figure out some way to ease my back and shoulders from being on my belly!!! Took a sedative , hope to be able to sleep tonight !


Take it easy!!!!! I had arm lipo and was NOT doing all that until after 6 days and my arms DO NOT COMPARE TO A BBL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really have to rest. I understand that it's hard and painfl and yes,you will get frustrated but doing all that is NOT ok! You will Swell more and doing bills chica,you should have done all this 2 days before you sx. like me. :).. You're not in the right state of mind. Try to let your body heal and i am not trying to scold you,i say it with love but you need a lot of time,at least 2 weeks time to just get to an ok place and back to some noramlcy Cuidate. Buenas Noches.
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Hi Bella, uggh yes, I know. I'm one of those super type A , control freaks. Lol. Like seriously, lying around has never been in my life. I can't even watch a movie cuz I want it to end so I can move on to the next thing. You're right though , I really need to chill. Today, I've done nothing so far but lie here. I saw this set of sponges online that you can put in different positions and I'm thinking it may help. Online shopping is the activity of the day :)
I am glad you are trying to take it easy! Have a Happy Tuesday! I been kinda short because i my friend had a massive stroke and is unconscious,now i got news he will be paralyzed and memory loss.

End of day 4 Shower

So hard to see your body completely battered. Sometimes I think I must be nuts ! Keep my eye on the prize! I WANT TO LOOK GOOD WHEN I GET TO 50!!!!


QUE HERMOSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tengo tantos celos. JUAJ!!!! I can't wait to do my abs. You're my motivation.
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Yes Bella!!! Do it girrrlllll!!!!! You will have amazing results cuz you're a excellent candidate! Omg I will be so excited for you and to see your rockin results!
Thanks!!! But i have to wait til Nov. Sept busy repairing home and Vegas and Oct is busy too. Do you have drains?

End of day 5!

OMG today should be titled "Hollywood Movie" with everything that went down here today. There is a REALLY FUNNY part to these procedures . I will fill in later. SO FINALLY some RELIEF!!!
I received my Lipo Foam Pads I had ordered from Amazon. They are FANTASTIC! The ones they placed after surgery were itchy . These are like memory foam ! Made putting on my garment easier and I am SO comfortable!
THEN.... hubby got the lawn chair hooked up and so comfy on my back! Thank u , thank u , thank u!!!!
AND he made me a Foam chair !!!!
Totally comfy!!! My back was killing me and now there's HOPE! Tomorrow is Post Op Drive to BH in my bed in the cab .... OMG hope traffic cooperates!


Yes,i agree. Right now this is my time,so NOV here i come :) lol. I am so HAPPY for you,really. I know my spirits are down but you look AMAZING in your pics and i love the transformations at 6 days post-op :) You're hubby to be is gonna run to the alter,shouting i do i do i do even MORE SO :) LOL Buenas Noches y Buenos Dias! JAJAJAJA!

6 day Post Op yesterday

So I got in my bed in the can of the truck , tummy down. I was so comfy , I slept the 70 miles to BH. We pulled I to the valet parking structure under the building . I scooted out of the bed, they took the truck and a few steps later, we are in the building. Easy.
We walk into the Drs office and were greeted by the nice receptionist . Ryan came out of his office to say "hi" and we waited about 10 minutes for Dr Dass to finish up with his previous patient.
Dr Dass came in and asked me how I was doing ? He said my shape looked good already under the foams and garments. I was wearing leggings. We removed the layers and he examined me. He said that for 6 days post op, I was doing good. He said my shape looked very well (almost surprised at his own work lol) Im thinking , "you did it". He said things would soften in my but and settle (maybe this is the fluffing)? We discussed the Smart Lipo I will be having in my inner thighs in 6 weeks. He gave me two new garments. One is for my top, to compress my back since I had Lipo there and I wanted it well compressed. He also gave me a new full garment. He actually showed us how to place the foams and put the top garment on me properly. We then put on Tje full garment. All of this was done by Dr Dass. Not a nurse, not an assistant. Again, very impoertant to me because I want the person who performed the surgeon to examine me. He was never in a rush , very chill, through and kind. He had a patient after me and at no time was I rushed. He gave me an appointment for 4 weeks and we were on our way. Slipped back in my bed and an hour later , I was home. Easy. I've had PS before by 3 different surgeons and I have never had this level of personalized service . Made me feel so reassured that everything was looking the way it was supposed to. It's one of the main reasons I chose Dr Dass. I was happy . It was a good day.

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sorry for all the typos. I can't stand typing on an iPad :(


HI,I had my post-op today too I am very happy for you! :) All Smiles
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Hope all went well for you n you're spirits are hopeful :)
I will update tomorrow. I am too tired. i am still praying for pablo he has been unconscious since sunday morning before the earth quake!!!

I made it !

I made it through the first week. OMG , it trully took every ounce of inner strength and the mercy of God for me to make it through this week. I want to keep it as real as possible . Perhaps because I had negative booty and my Liposuction was aggressive to obtain the fat necessary for the procedure , that I had such a rough week. I am no wimp. Eberybody who knows me, knows how strong I am. At 48, I've been through hell (physically and emotionally) and nothing has ever kept me down. The first two days of this recovery , I had moments where I regretted it , cried , (I never cry), had pain on another level, complete exhaustion from having to use my arms and upper body strength to do everything on my tummy and complete sleep deprivation. Amazingly, by day 4 I was up and doing things . I must say that I would have not made it if it was not for the constant help from my hubby. The exhaustion doesn't stop with me, the poor man is physically exhausted and sleep deprived. Especially the first 3 days he had to do everything for me. Even wake up every hour to unsnap my garment at the crotch so I could pee. Lifting me, making my food, giving me my meds, bathing me, many trips to Target and Lowes to construct things to make me comfortable , driving me to BH in bumper to bumper traffic for hours , while I'm in the back in pain . Still he wakes up every morning , makes my breakfast and makes sure I have what I need before he goes to work and takes care of his own patients all day. He is the most unselfish person I have ever known. It takes this kind of dedication from the person who will assist you those first few days and first week.
I can function on my own now, I still need help with putting the foam and garment back on after my showers , but other than that , I'm good now. I look forward to letting the hubby sleep all weekend! I look forward to next week with excitement !


Your hubby sounds AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are very Blessed Hermana. He's a keeper. Makes you breakfast,must be nice. I hope you are doing better now. hey say it takes 2 weeks to get over this hump,so you are almost there. Gracias por todo amiga y que dios te bendiga y los angelitos te cuidan.
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Thank you , I am blessed. He takes amazing care of me. All he ever says is "whatever makes you happy". Whatever hair brained crazy idea I come up with , like getting a huge ass, he supports. He's a amazing man. Poor thing is beat from this past week so now that I can take care of myself , in going to make sure he gets some rest :)
Ok,well once this is over You better give him some @#$! LOL. I decided no lipo for now,cool sculpting. I UPDATED Check out review chica.

Now what happens?

I think that it finally hit me today, 9 days later and I'm in a bit of shock.
I have an ass and a huge one at that ! I started at 5'4" , 160 lbs day of surgery . 20 pounds over my usual weight . My current measurements are waist 30 and but 47". Yes , for some reason pictures just don't show it's real size but my waist is tiny and my hips and but are huge . I still cannot believe how you can take someone with a totally flat negative booty and create this! I'm in the medical field and I am fascinated by medical science!
Can someone tell me approximately when does it soften and go down? I don't want it to disappear but I just want to know if it will go down? My only concern is it has a sick S curve and table , so round, the whole but is full but I did not have anything to begin with, from my pics you can see I did not have that normal but cheek crease at the bottom of my but cheek. I am still very swollen and it's riding high , will it settle a bit and give me more fullness at the bottom of my cheeks? I know it's probably way too soon cuz it's swollen and hard but I was wondering about you other gals experience ?
AND now what? What am I supposed to do with all this ass? What clothes will I wear ? What do I do when people stare at it ? How do I find pants? I think I'm in shock , in a good way but now what ?


Haha, well there will be plenty booty to give. Lol. Why did you change to cool sculpting? I don't know enough about cool sculpting. Does it give good results? Hope you're feeling better :)
My surgeon didn't want me to have scars on my beautiful brown latina skin. :0) He said he knows i am picky&a perfectionist&i wouldn't like it.He said my skin has no stretch marks,saggy skin and has great elasticity. I am following his advice,he knows best. He said if i do not like cool sculpting,he will discount my smart-lipo.
I feel horrible,it's a head cold. I took 2 decongestion pills. i am weak,tired&no energy but nothing helps my head. :(

Half day out !

I have gotten so comfortable in my bed in the cab of the truck, almost more comfy than at home. Today, I went to my favorite home designers warehouse. It was nice to get out for a couple hours . My but is so hard it makes it a little hard to walk . Especially the bottom that is supposed to crease. It can't crease cuz it's so hard . Lol. The good thing is I didn't feel short on energy, just hard to walk. No pain . Can someone tell me when it begins to soften up? I know my Dr must have told me but I'm sure I was focusing on my new garment and Didnt pay attention. Im trying to follow all of the post op rules !


Glad you go out&about. I can't believe it's been 10 day already. Your nalgas will take at least 1 month to soften up,it won't happen right away. Have a Happy Sunday!
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You look Fab! :) I am very impresseed that i told nevegoodenough about Dr Dass
Thanks,i tried napping but i couldn't. I hope i feel better. Unfortunately my plans were cancelled to have fun on Labor Day weekend but i'm resting :)

Not happy today

Ok, I got up first thing in the morning and weighed myself. I nearly had a damn heart attack!!!
The morning of surgery , I weighed 160 lbs. (which I had to work up to , from 140) WELL the scale this morning read 177 lbs!!!!
W T F is all I can say? How in the hell did I gain 17 pounds in 10 days? I have been eating super clean after surgery . I am counting my Protein grams, eating No sugar , chicken , vegetables and Pineapple. Tons of Veggies. In fact , I never needed a still softener because I am eating so many vegetables! Has this happened to anyone else ? My body is still swollen, yes, but I do not see any signs of fluid retention into fave , hands , legs or even feet!!!!
I did not pay 11K to turn into a farm animal!!!! Not happy


Your body is retaining water and fluid. My weight going into surgery was 152. Days after surgery it jumped up to 174. A week later it went back to 152. Hang in tight. The emotional roller coaster ride is real, some days will be better than others. At the end of the process you will fall in love with your body. focus on recovery.
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OMG Thank You so much for sharing that about the weight. You know when you work so hard and put yourself through PS , it's so hard to see a step back. Thanks for your encouragement , so appreciated :)
First,take a deep breathe and exhale. This too shall pass. You definitely are swollen and your body has gone through a traumatic experience. You will tend to go backwards before you go forward. You will be heavier than before the sx,DON'T PANIC OR WORRY! This is normal. It may not be apparent or noticeable but you're body is swollen and has fluid build up. Stay hydrated,bromelain,pineapples and walk a little and rest. Please Do Not let theses emotions defeat you! You will persevere. You have gone this far,don't be sad,unhappy,hang in there. I will say stay off th escale&no taking measurements or pics. It literally takes 3-6months to get back to feeling normal. This procedures take a toll on our mental state and weigh us down physically but it'll be worth it. Trust me Querer es poder y ya hiciste lo mas duro. No te aguites!
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I am beyond completely uncomfortable in my compression garment and I believe in compression but my garment is just not working for me at all. To begin, it has clips at crotch that are very hard to unsnap. Due to extent of my lipo, I still have very sensitive skin that makes impossible for me to bend over so low to unhook to use restroom. I need to call my fiancé every single time I need to pee, therefor, I have found that the reason I am so swollen is because i am holding back on drinking water or else I have to pee every 30 minutes and its a hassle to call him from wherever he is. also. When he's at work, the garment has to stay unsnapped all day with my but out because I can't unsnap it if I need to pee. ALSO, my hips are very swollen and have stretch marks that are being cut into by the garment which leaves my swollen hips exposed. OMG I desperately need a new garment, with some hip coverage that is open at crotch and has loose compression over but area. Can any of you vets tell me what has worked for you ? I am reading about creases from garments and when I remove it , I have deep creases in my skin. Also, how long do you use the lipo foam? Any input is appreciated . I'm also gonna call my Docs office in the morning for advice .


Lipo express garments are great. No crotch snaps . Just an opening .
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HI! OMG please post more post pics and tell me more about your experience. I am going in from my pre op with Dr. Dass this Wednesday and probably going to get the surgery Next Wednesday !!! I'm so scared and excited. Your details of pain is really scaring me..... Please keep me posted!!! XOXOXoXO
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First , I Love Dr Dass, I Love his office and every single thing about my experience. You are is very competent hands and the follow up is amazing . There is not one bad thing I can tell you. Does the procedure hurt? Yes, the first 2 days were hell for me. Will you be uncomfortable ? yes. BUT everyone is different. I wanted extreme results , so I asked for intense Liposuction and max volume cuz I needed it , so of course , the more aggressive the surgery , the more pain you will experience post op. After 2 days , I didn't need the pain meds anymore . Now the worst part is not being able to sit or sleep on my back or lie on my side. The recovery takes a lot of patience . So far for me , it's worth it . It's really hard to see in pics but Dr Dass augmented the curves in my hips and gave me a sick lower back S curve , tiny waist and lots of volume. I genetically had a hour glass figure bit had lost it through the years since I'm 48, but let me tell you, it's only been 11 days and the shaping he did on me is banging. Today, for the heck of it , was the first time I decided to put on a spandex type dress and walk downstairs and show my family and when they saw my front view they all said "OMG , look at your curves and tiny waist ! THEN I said , are you ready for the back? I turned around and all I heard was "DAAM"!!!! They were stunned at my shape. My 21 yo Son was in some type of shock. He calls me Ms. K , now . LOL. So I can't lie , it hurts but take the pain medicine as directed and you will make it , just like we all have :) Also, know that after your procedure , if you have a question or problem, you can call them and Dr Dass has always answered my emails . I would not and will not go to any other surgeon because the service is exceptional! I am excited for you! He's a artist and you will be thrilled . Now I just have to worry about how I'm gonna go out in public and not cause accidents as my Fiancé put it . LOL! KIT , I'm here to answer any questions for u. XOXO

Made it ! 2 weeks

Ok, I am doing exactly what Dr Dass told me not to do. Remove my garment for modeling on RS. Well, he said the first 48 hours. I promised I wouldn't but this is shower time and my 30 min release from the torture chamber. I've gotten PMd asking for more pics , so it's for the greater Sister cause !!!!


Love lovee ur results!
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Thank you ! :)
I just noticed lil Chi in the background. Simba would love him he likes theboys but some Biatch's lol. The Black dress looks the Best and yeah,48!!!!!!!!! NOT! The lil doggie is just staring at you thinking AY Mamacita lol :)
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I just found this other lovely pic of my deformed negative booty. I want to say that for me, having a BBL was not about pleasing anyone else or looking like a bombshell. Been there done that . I have had my hottie days, and boy were they hot! I didn't always have the NB; the deflation happened in the past couple years . I needed to correct the problem because for me, it was causing depression and a serious problem with my self esteem which I have never ever had. Im used to being a very attractive Girl and Woman with a high self esteem and plenty of Male attention. I always say that when I'm lying in my casket, I will have a smile from ear to ear from all of the "hottie" experiences I have had . Lord have mercy, anyways, I digress. For me the point of sharing my experience and pics is to inspire and emcourage other Women who perhaps are feeling the way I was about a part of my body that was causing me serious depression. So here is another NB picture and I hope it will help someone else out there to see that if I could be helped , you can to. We don't have to live sad , this day and age about any part of our bodies. I also don't see Plastic surgery as vanity , I see it as maintenance.


You look great girl... Happy healing to you
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Damn typos . I need my nails cut down and done SO bad. I will NOT sit so I think tomorrow I will go and see if they will do my nails standing.
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LOOKING GREAT!! I love the transformation.
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Lipo Incisions

So, I bought Bicorneun to apply on my Lipo incisions (I have 4) plus 2 more , one above each check for the fat injecting. The incisions are the size of aprox my pinky nail.
It's been 2/12 weeks and I had a hard time even finding the incisions to put the Bicorneum on.
They are literally disappearing before my eyes. I can imagine than in 6 months or less, there will be no trace of them. Thought I would share this positive point!


You look amazing!! I also had my bbl with Dr. Dass back in June and I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY RESULTS :) HAPPY HEALINGS! IT WILL ONLY GET BETTER!
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My experience (Tumescent Liposuction)

I have decided that no matter what happens to my body, I can be as huge as my house , I will NEVER have Tumescent Liposuction done to my body for any reason whatsoever EVER again. It's been 2/12 weeks and my actual But has never hurt but the Tumescent Liposuction has been horrible . It's too early to tell if in the end the BBL will be worth it , but I do know that the pain and skin burning sensation from the Tunescent Liposution has not been worth it for me. At this rate, I don't expect the terrible skin pain to be gone at least for another 2 months. I am not saying it was "bad" Lipo, with bad results , In fact , I'm impressed that my abdomen has no lumps . I do have 2 small indentations in my rib cage which I will ask the Dr about . I am strictly talking about the pain and tender , burning sensation to my skin from the Tumescent Lipo itself. I have gone through a tube a night of Arnica gel slathering it on my Lipo areas. It is the only thing that has taken the edge off of the pain. Sometimes, I have no choice and have to apply ice.
I have fat between my upper thighs, especially in the back between my legs and it absolutely has to go , So, after talking with many if you who have said that Smart Lipo is not very painful post op , I will be having Smart Lipo. I have learned my lesson, either work out and not let myself go again or have Tumescent Lipo?
O trust me that you will see my ass in the Gym for the rest of my life . I wish I would have known and done this procedure with Smart Lipo. It is to the point of unbearable.


I hear you! Tumescent was all we had back when i was 25! But prefer Smart-lipo now. Less down time,less invasive,smaller scars and tightening. :0) I hope it all works out for you. It's very early and you will experience so many different phases of healing. Stay positive and hang in there :)
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Who's 48????? Lolol....You look great!!!
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Hahaha at least my booty ain't 48 :) Thank You so much!

Massage and Lipo Pain

Ok, so I crawled back into my bed in the truck and hubby drove me to Massage Envy for a massage. I was reluctant but I was very specific about my needs and my skin and my surgery and probably way TMI, but I needed them to know before the massage cuz I didn't want to scream bloody murder and call the paddy wagon. The girl massages my stiff neck , aching shoulders , upper back with deep tissue (OMG felt amazing ) She did light Swedish on my sensitive flanks and waist . We also used Deep muscle therapy on my neck and shoulders. She massages the painful Lipo areas gently and guess what ? It didn't even hurt ! This means I am improving ! I was on my tummy the whole time and those were the only areas I wanted massaged. I feel SO MUCH better! My Lipo pain calmed down 100 percent!
LAW. I'm happy!


Hey Girl. So Tumescent Lipo....is this the only kind of Lipo you can get if you are having a BBL? Also, what did your hips look like before? They are just so perfect and round and smooth now! did he add hips?
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Dr Dass told me you can use Fat extracted via Smart Lipo for BBL. I have read otherwise , so I asked him and he said "yes", it can e done. In fact , from the beginning , I was going to have BBL, with Lipo to Flanks, waist, abdomen (this comes standard for BBL) then as an add on , I was going to add "bra rolls, inner thighs and arms". Well, prior to surgery we decided to do the inner thighs and arms with "Smart Lipo" because it is better at skin tightening . So I had all else done with Tumescent and reserved inner thighs and arms for Smart Lipo to be done first week of October. THEN , he told me , at that time you will be six weeks out and we will see how your but is doing , since it was Negative , and if we need to or don't want to throw away the fat from inner thighs and arms, we can add it back to any areas of your but you may like or need. So , I said , perfect approach for me! That's when I told him that I had read that "Smart Lipo" fat could not be used for BBL since the cells would be killed during the smart Lipo. He said , "not true " and explained to me why. Made sense to me. So my journey is kind of a two step approach. To be continued. Lol. My hips, I have always had those hips, I even had a booty once. Im Cuban so as a young creature I had a hour glass. It's just that I gained and lost at least 70 pounds twice and THEN I went to TJ for a TT 9 years ago which came out Bomb. Cannot lie. So when I would have consults, PS would tell me u don't have enough fat to graft to but , so I gained 20 pounds . It all went to my abdomen and back ( so this is where the fat was obtained for the BBL). Adter my TT, 9 years ago, I went in for BA and "light" Lipo to my hips , this was again in TJ, well again Bomb job done with my BA , EXCEPT the "light Lipo" to my hips did not turn out "light". They missed my hips and literally Lipo'd my But! I strongly believe that he let someone else work with him on me and that person jacked me up. So I lived with the NB a couple of years and then had to fix it via BBL. I always had hips but Dr Dass rounded them and re filled them along with my But. Now , they are back to 10 years ago and he made my TT (where I had gained the weight) flat and NON bumpy, and oviously fixed my But. So honestly, my But was not just flat, it was deformed from the bad Liposuction. My surgery only took 2 hours and he foxed all that .
Thank You beauty !

Front of me (3 months before Lipo and BBL)

This was the front of me 3 months before Lipo and BBL , you've already seen the back of me :(


I just posted 2 more pics of my front. 3 months before and 3 days after surgery :)
Thanks for the PIC And explanation doll! I also read that you could not do smart lipo with BBL because the fat is killed. But since that is not true I wonder why don't most docs perform Smart Lipo since it aids in skin tightening, especially as one of the dreaded outcomes of the BBL is loose skin. You're cuban! That explains the Jessica Rabbit look. It just looks so natural on you cause it's in ya!
Hahaha! yeap. That's my name around the house . JR. The Hubby says , he always liked her .... well there you go! When I asked Dr D , your same question , the way he explained it to me was that there are two layers of fat and if you go deep , yes, that kills the cells but he said if you go less deep; you save the cells and tightens skin". At least that's how I remember it. What it sounds like to me, is that you have to go to someone that really is expert at Smart Lipo cuz the thing is a Lazer and I'm sure they need to know how deep and how much energy to apply to that Lazer in order to save cells and tighten skin? All so fascinating.

Me after TT, aprox 8 years ago.

Me at 140 pounds , aprox 6 years ago and after TT and before 20 pound weight gain. (before NB)
Day of surgery 160 pounds. Hubby likes me better at 160 pounds. We will see where I wind up? Lol.


Yay! Beginning of Oct i get abs done:)
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That's just right around the corner ! yippie ! exciting ! I can't wait , you're gonna do great!
WOOHOOOO!! So how are you loving your new Bunda?

Hey! What happened to my Comando back view?


what type of faja do you use?
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Dr Dass gives you Fajate. Inwas in a XL when I woke up after surgery , then a Large at my week preop. The Large got loose , so I bought a Veronique in a Medium which I just put on today. The 2 Fajate Fajas I was given were ok , the only draw back is I did not like those clips at the crotch. The Veronique is comfy, open crotch , awesome quality but damn, expensive . I paid 186$ after 20 percent discount to RS users. Worth it though :( Makes my waist freakishly tiny .
Im looking into wearing something on the daily im Mexican and my mom always pointed out how fajas were important and now ithink iwant to try it lol. im going to look into the Veronique it is pretty pricey, before I had my BBL iwas always wearing one on the daily but check spanx ones from walmart I wore them for four years and well I want to get in the habit again


So, I've decided that I will be wearing my Post Op Garment for longer than my required 6 weeks. Im thinking I will be wearing it at least 8 weeks, then I will transition to non post op Fajas, that I will wear daily. I know I keep going on and on , but I can't say enough about the benefits of Fajas. Post Op BBL , I was in XL, 6 days later in Large, week 21/2 now in a Medium and I just found my old Veronique size Small in my closet that I will get into by next week. The point after surgery is to keep going down in sizes in your Garment. My Fiancée was practically on the floor, pulling and sweating , helping me get into my Medium. He kept saying "honey it doesn't fit " , I kept saying , "keep pulling , I'm wearing this Bitch". That was couple days ago and now, it's comfy as a glove. Except! by next week when it's too comfy, in going to the Small. VS sure is pretty , but it's not meant to wear every day. There isn't much support to a Thong. Im saving those for a special day :)

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Veronique /Small

These Veronique Fajas are indestructible and worth their money ! This is my Small I wore after TT. It's over 8 years old. Like new.


O this breaks my heart, seriously beyond awful. Can they even fix that ? How can that even happen? My heart goes out to her. I know how it feels since after my second BA , this expert PS Lipo'd on my but. Is this girl ok? I mean is she physically sick? I'm almost at 3 weeks and my but has not lost volume. Swelling had gone down but my projection is still there. It's softening so now it's developing its shape. Pics don't do justice . To see my body naked , in it's entirety, it still blows me away how I went from that to this. I asked him for projection n fullness and he gave it to me. Im happy so far.

(M) Veronique

Loving my Medium Veronique. They have a fine mesh over but area, just like my post op ones. Made for BBL.


Wow!! Just seen photos of girl with blisters not good :( God willing she will be okay..
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When did Dr Dass say you can sit? 1 month? Are you lovin' the results so far?
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He says 6 weeks, then all restrictions are lifted. Even after 6 weeks, I will still limit my sitting until my body tells me otherwise. Right now we are going to the Mall and to grab a bite to eat since I don't leave much. I am being very careful and reasonable about my expectations and so I am being guarded against getting to happy yet, but I just put on make up and did my hair and put on a maxi dress. Most I've done since Sx, and I can't believe my eyes. I TRULLY cannot believe what I am seeing Bella. I take no credit , all I did was pay the Man. I am only on this site, reporting my experiences as they have occurred to me and all I can say is that on me, he created a miracle and transformed me. So far, so good. We will see 6 months down the road :)

3 weeks!!! and Happy!

So I'm at 3 weeks Post Op now and in happy! I think 3 weeks was the turning point for me. Things really changed between week 2 and 3.
My waist is 29, it was 32 at my post op visit.
My But measurement is 45. Was 47 at Post Op visit.
I do not see any evidence of volume loss. I DO see evidence of swelling gone down. I would say my swelling is down at least 70 to 75 percent.
I had the temporary weight gain after surgery but now my weight is 4 pounds under what I was on surgery day. Evidence of decreased swelling and good eating. All pain gone , Lipo sensitivity in my skin is 90 percent gone!
My But is settling and is nicely rounding out.
I would say it's 50 percent softened. :)
Naked, I LOVE what I see. I am not focused entirely on my But alone , I am more concerned with my total look, waist, curves, But plumping is all proportional.
I was so excited to see all the pretty Fall clothes at the Mall last night. Red seems to be big this season! All the clothes I would NEVER wear before! I have been wanting a sexy Pencil Skirt for years and now I can wear one with my new tiny waist and amazing hips. I will go shopping at week 6.
So.... I'm happy!


Dr. Dass injected 1300 cc on each cheek. I started working out on sixth week started walk/ jog at beach, then starting hiking, and now going to gym and eating healthy. Soooo yes I'm feeling really good. :)
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If ur happy now imagine at 8-10 weeks!! Ur going to have a banging body TRUS ME... You will be shopping non stop. I love to buy jeans and fitted dresses I could honestly say Dr. Dass does miracles for us beautiful ladies :) love my Nalgas yay!!!
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Well, I will LOVE buying fitted clothes now. Lol. This is kind of funny : So last night as hubby n I were walking around, I noticed the hubby was walking BEHIND me. I think he was checking me out! That sneak. LOL

O no?

During my nightly garment removal and shower, I take

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O no? normal?

During my nightly garment removal and shower (I only remove it once a day) I noticed at my right hip a indented area, I'm not sure if that's the fat dying? It's definitely not a crease from the garment. You do tend to notice different things daily, but this was not there last night. Will see how it looks tomorrow.


Girl you are killing me! Shit is looking SNATCHED! I cannot however see the dent you are referring to.
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You are so kind :) Thank You. Ok, I looked at it this morning. It's definitely not a dent. It's my swelling going down and my But and Hips getting back to normal , softening and dropping. Which I am so glad cuz it feels so much better!
WOW! Is that the dress you wore to the mall??????????????????? HOT DAMN CHICA! SEXXXY MAMI! Looking great! I am sure it will all be even more amazing in 3-6 months you are still fresh in the game :)
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Verdict in... I'm Pampered and Whinny :(

Ok. so this has nothing to do with Sx , directly but this Sx, has made me realize that I'm spoiled. Yeap, I need to call it as I see it. If it looks like and smells like Chicken, it's Chicken!
It's 104 here right now and who comes walking in the door with plates of food? The man himself.
They had a huge potluck and party at work, so he decided to use his lunch time to pack food, get in his sweltering car and drive it across town , for me! Not to mention the PB and J sandwich he made me at 3:30 am because I wasn't hungry at dinner and was starving at 3am.
I work with Women and I do Volunteer work with young Women, mainly encouraging them and helping them empower themselves in their relationships and lives in general. Young sisters reading this, It's ok to be pampered. If we believe we deserve it ( and all of us do) and we expect it , then we shall receive it. Of course , we should always give in return. A real man loves me with a Negative Booty, and now with a Big Booty and even if it turns into a triangle Booty. I just felt the Man behind my Sx scene deserved a shout out!


Best Post Ever. You are a good woman. That's why you have a good man. The concept of believing and receiving is so damn true.
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Thank You and yes, it's the universal law, no matter what you believe in :)
Aah, much better. No dents! It's just changing and shaping and new things happen daily so I'm going to stop looking at it for now :) Lol

MUSCLES....my NEW Obsession

Went to the beach today for a bit trying to escape the heat. It was cooler than where I live but after an hour we had to go into a restaurant /pub because I was just overheating in my garment.
Anyway, one of the main reasons for having a BBL and next Smart Lipo, is because I knew I needed fat redistribution to my But . My larger goal is to train and grow muscle! I have never weight trained and now I have become obsessed with it. Into the pub, walks this Woman with a Grecian Godess body (notice I say Woman, because she's 51) my eyes were glued and transfixed on her. I thought to myself, I need to talk to this Woman. I'm very social so we started talking and I told her that I recently had cosmetic surgery to improve my But And so on and so on. I then asked her about her body. I guess she realized I had a genuine interest and wasn't being a weirdo. Well, turns out she had never heard of a BBL (why would she) and I have zero clue on weight training. She was fascinated to hear about my BBL, so I told her all about it and then I even showed her. Yes, by my age , I don't care. She saw my tiny waist and huge but and was amazed that this procedure even exists. Then I wanted to hear all about her muscles. I told her how I never trained in my life and that I had been told that if it's your first time training your muscles , they will respond nicely. She said very true. I showed her the NB pic and she agreed that I needed the procedure because I was devoid of fat , BUT she told me that my ass was large and if I do not WEIGHT train ASAP, my Ass would avalanche again and this time look worse with all the fat. she said I must weight train. No way around it. She was so great and informative and let me tell you her body was the best body I have seen on any RS profile. It was defined, sexy with just enough bulk. Long , lean , defined muscles are damn hot! So I will have my Smart Lipo to my posterior inner thighs and most likely arms. I don't need anything drastic but I do want it. Then as soon as I have the Drs all clear, I'm going to begin the new phase of my life . Muscle building. It may take me a year from now to update you all on my body, but once I say I'm doing something , it's done. For now, I am starting heavy research on weight training. I look forward to being a lean , mean, fat burning , muscle machine. LOL!


Wow wow!i love how everything turned out!!I really hope my doc can give me some hips!u look really good!!Did u have a tummy tuck too?i can't get enough of the pics..
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Hi Mmm.... I had a TT 9 years ago. So when the Dr harvested the fat from my tummy he said that once you've had a TT, it takes your Abdomen back to pre kids (which it did) so when he Lipo'd it, it removed the fat I had built up but left it flat as a board. In my opinion, the only way to get that super flat tummy after kids is a TT. I know people are afraid of the scar, but honestly the scar really does disappear and you never have to worry about your tummy again :) Im glad you like the pics , I'm trying to document my journey :)
You made the right choice looks very natural..its normal to question the unknown..dent no dent swelling was it here before no it wasn't yes it was haaa you look great! And that dress super cute :)
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My instructions say you can wear shape wear like Spank Starting 4th week . Well this Sister only made it to 3 1/2 weeks. I can't wear those post op garments with zippers and clips in this heat anymore . My skin is too sensitive and I seriously did not sleep for 3 nights . So I changed to a shape ware I already had but need to know who sells Spanx ?


Love the pic. That's my girl Jaime Koeppe. I LOVE her. Muscle baby!
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I didn't know her name but she tough and one of my new obsessions!
In another few weeks when I have the all clear , I nee to find a really good trainer. I already spent enough on PS, Problem is a lot of trainers are crap and don't know what their doing . I want a good one. I don't like Cardio but I have no problem with the weights .

Last night

So every night at shower time , I try something on because in clothes it's easier for me to see if my high But that started literally at my waist is going down ? Well , Thank God, it is! It was kind of scary. I stopped wearing any Garment. I strongly believe my But doesn't need compression. My other Lipo areas, such as abdomen are flat as a board and not changing . So I'm wearing clothes and a binder and that's all she wrote. I will see Dr this week and definitely want Smart Lipo toy back and inner thighs. I will use that fat to add to my bottom booty as we discussed . For now, nothing changes , except it's moving down slowly and starting to round. I need to be patient . This morning I was only wearing shorts and a tank top, my Son saw my And and waist and was stunned. In person , I'm transformed ! Now I just need my Smart Lipo and a little booty plumping and I'm Golden. I am in love with my waist and curves. Can't imagine what I will look like in jeans !!!!

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*saw my Abs and waist

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under constriction

Waist 29, Hips n But 45

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It's starting to feel real


I meant we want to see what your butt looks like now! from the back :) Would love to see how this is rounding out. I am really using your results to see if DAss is the man for me. all his other dolls are either disappointed or never update anymore.
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Haha, I know what you meant, I just meant to say that, I may not be the best reflection of his work since I had unique issues going on. One of which was "reconstriction" literally of previous bad work. That's so sorry to hear that you have only encounteted dissatisfied Dr Dass patients. I personally have only spoken to satisfied patients, but most of the patients I have spoken to, like myself , are happy for a "improvement". I think the happiest patients are the most realistic ones. No plastic surgeon , no matter how good they are, is able to change your basic body structure . Example , in me, I've always had a small waist and defined hips. Therefore, for me , once he worked on those areas, it brought them to the surface again. If your broad in the back and naturally lack a waistline, a PS can try to "improve" upon that but he cannot give you a tiny waist and round hips of your dreams. So for me, I never expect my But to be perfectly bubbly or perky or round because I would be diluding myself and setting myself up for a lot of dissapointment and depression. Right now , I am thrilled with my overall look. I focus on the things I love , which are my flat flat Abs, my tiny waist , which is now near a 28 and my curvaceous hips , which are holding at a 45". My But is ok for now. It's not marvelous , it's hard and slowly rounding , naked it is doing quite well actually. My back view is my least fave of all things considered. Mostly due to fat that when removed , will accentuate my rear view . I know that for me, I will be happy once my smart Lipo is completed and fat added to the lower pole of my But. All I know is I can't go out wothout the necks cracking , so something must look good. LOL. I will post though once I have the Smart Lipo. Im Excited.
Thank you! Very informative. For me ugh, the issue is a bit reverse. I am confident with my shape already. My concern is what happens if I don't like what the DOC did , I will have altered my body. I just want an enhancement/improvement. I have large hips and butt with a small waist. Perhaps I should leave well enough alone. I just don't want a doctor to ruin me! You raise some AWESOME points that we girls need to remember. These surgeons are not magicians! But why though did he not add fat to bottom bum your first go round? Will this mean ANOTHER 6 weeks of no sitting?

On a stool

This was the best I could do on my own today. I really need to take a selfie class.


Girl, imma put these pics in my spank bank! Lol!
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Lol, glad my ass didn't fall. Anything for my fellow sisters. When my big bruise goes away, I will have hubby take a pic of my entire but . Lol. Also, friend, I do not believe on putting a PS or anybody for that matter "on blast" until I have given them the opportunity to make me happy. Im raw honest but I'm also fair :)
I just added some pics , best I could . LOL. I am on here to be 110 percent REAL. I advocate for Women so I cannot be anything but REAL. 1. Is there a possibility a PS can "mess" you up or give you results that are less or way less than what you envisioned? Answer is : ABSOLUTELY YES and honestly there is a 90 percent possibility that there will be some type of outcome you do not like, that most likely WILL have to be revised. Hopefully it can be revised , sometimes it cannot . 2. Even though People may not discuss it , ALOT of procedures require "revisions". ESPECIALLY BBL's. This is a fairly new procedure AND to be extremely honest , the surgeon does his thing and we all hope for the best . The surgeon would be commitong Mal Practice if he tells you otherwise . Remember, surgery is a Science and the Sciemce of "Fat Grafting" NOBODY can predict. This is why the "caviot" up to 30 percent can be re absorbed etc. To be completely REAL, the only way to know of if a BBL is going to work for you, is to have it done , kiss the money goodbye , place 11K on Red and spin". Then you wait and see if your body and the fat cells survive. In every single plastic surgery procedure I have had , I have had some less than preferred outcome. You have to be ready to loose 5, 10 maybe even 15 K. If you cannot wrap your mind around that or if you will be mentally devastated if you get some lumpy Lipo or uneven anything or dents etc.... then I would tell anyone to consider not having PS. OR be ready to pay for revisions ( if it can be reversed). Sorry, I have to be real. Anuthing less from me would be a disservice to myself and Women :)

Zero , Zero appetite

My biggest problem right now is that for about 10 days or so , I have ZERO and I mean ZERO appetite . I mean I can go 24 hours and not feel hungry . This is highly unusual for me. I am wondering if it could be because I am on a serious Vitamin regimen and perhaps my body has enough nutrients ? IDK? I am having to force myself to eat even once a day. Thank Goodness I have my Protein shakes with 30g of protein each, sometimes 2 of those is all I can consume. Hmmm... has anyone experienced this?


Girl I can't help you with the appetite thing in terms of experience, but have you thought about maybe an appetite stimulant. That damn waist snatched like a moro, that's why you ain't hungry. BUT you need to feed that booty! First World problems I say! hahahaha
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Haha! Actually, I have read that Liposuction can reduce Cholesterol and has some systemic benefits as well as cosmetic. This is crazy though, I am making sure I have lots of Protein and good fats. I also make smoothies an add Protein powder. Thing is , I feel great . Not weak, not sick. My blood levels are great. I never even got weak after the surgery. Hope the booty likes veggies and protein. I do not care for Meat, so I love these Protein shakes which have 30grans of Protein each. I walked earlier and did some squats. OMG feels good to move! Im not clear yet, so I tried to keep it easy :)
Ah ok. Protein and Veggies are good ! Clean eats right there.

4 weeks!!!

4 weeks! it's been long , but just like all other good things , I will look back and not remember the challenges.
Week 4 is huge , I get to ditch the thick, hot, surgical garment (I ditched it a few days back)
Now I can wear shape wear and keep it off for 12 hours a day. I will still keep it on 24/7 if I can.
I do not see much swelling .If its there, it's minimal. I do have some swelling on my bra roll area, which some days looks faltter than others. That just tells me I need more compression.
I feel good , full of energy. This morning I walked 2 miles around the lake and it felt great. Regular walking , nothing crazy yet.
I have noticed that with less compression my Liposuctioned areas are more sensitive and burn more. Commmon with Lipo , so I will wear my Spanx as much as possible. I still wear Lipo foam from time to time.
My But has softened another 5 to 10 percent I would say. I know this because I can walk without feeling like I'm carrying a bag of cement .
I think my dropping and rounding is already happening. Feels good. My high riding, fake looking but is shaping up nicely.
My measurements look about the same .
After 4 weeks , I still do not sleep confortably. I never have so far. I cannot and will never get used to sleeping on my Abdomen. Sleeping on my Abdomen with a Garment on, even worse. The nail in my coffin. I have tactile issues and I cannot stand tags, rough clothing , or even rough skin on my body. Last night I ditched it all and slept naked on my cotton sheets , hubby reached over and ran his hands down my neck, back and my new but softly and I fell asleep like a baby. I think I will wear the garment during the day and ditch it at night . it's just too hot. Weight? I have no idea really? I don't think I care because I love myself naked . I thank my body for heeling well, I thank it for not creating any Seromas, Infections , Blood clots, or needing any mechanical drainage. I honor it for it's resilience and I thank it for always accepting the modifications I have put it through gracefully and without consequence. I love you :)


You look awesome!!! I wish I had worn tighter garments the first couple weeks post surgery but my Doc said I could start wearing spanx at 2 weeks.
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Finally was able to read your review! You look awesome! Results are spectacular..... i cant wait to get my surgery done! Again thk u soooo much for your encourgement .....your helping so many of us through this process!
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you're Welcome and thank you for the kind words :)

Booty Action ????

I have no idea why but today at 41/2 weeks Post Op, I felt like crap all day. We are talking PAIN. My Lipo hurts and it feels like I got kicked in the ribs . I actually had to take Tylenol today. THEN , I got out of the shower and felt all kinds of shakin back there. Like Bo donk a donk shaking. So despite my ribs feeling like they were broken, I looked back there and this is what I saw. Shit really does change daily!


Thank You and I LOVE your user name! Rasputia is my girl! I have her on my phone screen saver. Lol. I started Spanx few days back but they do not offer any compression for me and then my Lipo hurts. Back to my compression !

Ribs ????

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Well I'll be !

I think by now you figured out that I just discovered a have an ASS!!!!!!


Work it!!
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Yes Mama.....with confidence :)
Haaaaa i had to laugh at "well ill be..i got ass" i cant wait for mine haa
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Laugh :)

Update for today is that we need to laugh. Sometimes while focusing on some "illusive" perfection , we forget to laugh :)


Hi, how are you doing DA? Your comment didn't come through , but just wondering how the recovery is going?

Any BBL Vet out there ?

It's been 5 weeks and I've been at home , I have never say on my But not even with a Boppy. My Dr doesn't allow Boopy's.
I NEED to drive somewhere tomorrow . Each way is 30 minutes. Can any of you dolls or anyone give me an idea of how to drive without sitting on my but ? At 6 weeks my restrictions are lifted, I'm at 5. Any suggestions welcome ! :)


You look really good hun
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Aaw Thank You doll, I'm so ready to move past recovery and into those pencil skirts :) Killing them!
I have read on here ladies using a yoga mat.
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Week 5

Week 5 ((sigh))
Feeling great ! Probably 25 percent swelling. I feel my rear softening and feeling more natural each day. Taking on a nice shape. I notice the changes are occurring faster now. All positive ones :) I see my Dr this week to develop my Smart Lipo plan (a new journey) I look forward to week 6 with MAJOR positive excitement !!!!

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First time driving in 5 weeks! Kind of scared but I miss driving with the wind in my hair on this beautiful sunny day! Hope it isn't painful :)

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Recovery and Compression

Hello All! Finally, I have been out and about enjoying my life and my new curves . Having a absolute blast wearing my Body Con dresses and jumpsuit the last couple of days. The song from Fame "what a feeling"! kept coming to my mind.
Stirin it up, that's for sure. My Girlfriends who have only seen me in pictures the last 5 weeks were literally in shock. They couldn't believe that my body was transformed in 5 weeks. None of them have had PS so their mouths dropped when they saw my Booty , waist and hips in person. It was a crack up to walk in and see their faces! Girls hollering and singing "baby's got back" after a few drinks. OMG, I needed that after this recovery , that for me has been draining.
This is not a 2, 4 or even 6 week recovery! Today, I did not wear compression or a garment at all when I went out because my instructions say that after week 4, I only need to wear the garment 12 hours a day. OMG , after 3 hours my Lipo areas were very painful. I put my compression on tight as soon as I got in the door and instantly the pain was gone! I foresee myself being sore several more months. If I don't wear the compression , I get swollen and the pain.
This surgery needs to be taken seriously because it is no joke, maybe more so for me since my Lipo was dramatic. I do not believe the recovery guidelines stated by all PS is accurate and it is a but upsetting. Everyone is different so maybe it's better for others , but it's been rough for me. I will be wearing my compression every day, 24 hours a day from now on.


Thanks a lot for the tip @compression garment..Sound like u had a blast still.
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You're welcome and yes, it was nice :)
Hi hunI am so ready to get over recovery too so tired of being in this house and laying down in the backseat bol so how was your drive yesterday

Sitting help

I've been forgetting to post this.
This is one of those floating noodles you use in the pool, you can buy at Target, Walmart etc.
We cut it to size and it is perfect for sitting on your thighs with and it's rigid so your but won't touch anything. Has been a life saver for me!!!!! I even discretely took it into a restaurant last night in my large bag. I like it better than a Boppy because your but hangs freely, nothing touching the sides. Hope this helps someone :)


Hi Hun, Happy your out and about : ) I think its really good your talking about the good and bad! People need to be mentally ready. Hope the uncomfort subsides soon!
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Good Morning Sunshine! Im trying to keep the experience real. I see a lot of Rainbows and Butterflies on here and some people who may not be as forthright or real but Im trying to blog the experience as real as I can be without sounding completely negative :( Hope that's not how it comes across :( because you're right, it's good to have some time to get our minds as well as bodies in order :)
You look great.. Congratulations on your journey. How did you take the time of of work? I live in Cali and don't know what to tell my doctor, I want to stay off work for at least 6 weeks. Any insight? Thanks
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Worth it?

Ok beautiful dolls out there.....
So my Smart Lipo procedures are all paid for and set for a couple weeks from now.
I wanted to do BBL first then SL prior to returning to work and getting it all over with this year .
THIS fat on my back is the Vain of my existence!! I cannot stand it .
My body has been through so much, not sure if I should bite the bullet and go ahead with my plans or leave it and the fat inside my thigh for next year?
Decisions , decisions.....


Hey Ma, how are you feeling today? Did you get up and Rumba? lol.
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I'm better, thanks. It's a trip sitting on your but and lying on your back for the first times. The compression is key . For the degree of Lipo I had, the instructions should have been taylored to me. I need it for pain control and also I want my results to remain the same. I don't want my skin becoming saggy or flabby. Anyhoot, I'm wearing it now. No Rumba, Fox Trot, Jive or Salsa not even the Waltz. I am Fing appalled and honestly offended that you were told such a blatant lie. What gets me most is the downplaying of the SERIOUSNESS of this procedure. Yes, everyone's recovery AND what they consider "recovered" is will be different for each person. For me, I expect "recovered" to mean "recovered". I think most gals on here expect the same. I can handle it because Im in a position where I can take 6 or 8 weeks to do nothing. I have a excellent support system as well. Gals have lives, children, jobs etc. It's irresponsible to make such statements.
I have heard about smart lipo, though i have not research the procedure i am interested in getting rid of my bra rolls. I am debating about going for round 2 (bbl). Ill be following your journey for this procedure. Good luck.
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48th Birthday Party Cruise!!!!

So I decided that it's really gotten old and boring to see all these picture less reviews or people who aren't stepping out and sharing.
I want sisters to know who I am.
I wish I could show my face so badly but I have seen people re post others pics and that's just rude. SO this is who I am!!!
IM 48 and LIVING LIFE TO THE MAX! Birthday cruise 4 months PRE SURGERY. hope they're an inspiration to someone. Hi Dolls!!!!

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Aprox 44-45 ish

Not sure , I must have deleted this one. Anyway, me at 140 , where I am comfortable and now I'm getting back there with some booty!!!


How are you doing chica?
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I'm sorry i was responding to 48th bday party cruise..haa
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I'm so gona post pics when i actually pic my date to have the surgery haa i hate to see reviews of the before and the date is a year away...coming soon..haa congrats on your new body..i cant wait!! I took before pics yesterday...i couldn't stop laughing at my butt...
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48 and 2 weeks PRE SURGERY!!!

Me in CANCUN, MX 2 weeks before surgery .... and 3 months after Birthday Cruise!
LOVING LIFE!!! 48 Baby!!!!
(getting ready to be out of commission after surgery)


Thank u for sharing ur pics and kinda getting to know u :)) i'm new to this site and appreciate all u ladies here in RS. U have such a great attitude and and real with all ur posts.
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Hi Ghie, welcome :) Im glad you enjoyed the post. There are some very encouraging and amazing Women on this site with useful information. Not all my posts are always the happy side. I am on here to share my experience as it happens to me and I will report my real experience. Some may be good , some may be not so great but on my page, it will be real. Huge decisions we are making with our bodies and $. Thanks for stopping by and best of luck to you :)
OMG, YASSSSSS! I am in love! I can't. These pictures! Girl you are doing the most , I love it. The last picture with you and your husband, is so sweet. Your body was nice pre surgery and you have really nice skin too. I would never guess you are 48, ever ever! You uploading this joyful pictures is send an important message that I hope all of us considering this surgery will hear. You need to be HAPPY AND OK WITH YOU before this surgery. What I see in these pictures is a happy woman, enjoying life. So many girls do this hoping the surgery will change their lives and make them happy. Yes it does prop up your confidence, but you have to OWN IT no matter how you look. If you didn't have this surgery you would still be happy as a clam. Respect Girl, for real.
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7 weeks

Sorry, this is a quick update because as time passes after this BBL, I find more and more interesting information that I will update you on later when I can. I say when I can because I have not been feeling well. For the last 2 weeks I have been experiencing terrible problems with my cycle , intense PMS, Headaches. Just the worst periods from hell that you can imagine. Yesterday. I was transported via ambulance to the hospital. I am fine today. Not because of pain , but because of severe room spining dizziness and profuse sweating and a intense one sided headache. I was scanned and literally every ounce of my body checked. All tests for clots and scans for stroke were normal. The bottom line? I am suffering from a EXTREME Estrogen surge . I have never in my life had this. The surge made my hormones unbalanced and produced the intense PMS, breast pain, cramps I have been having for 2 weeks. I had a very smart female ER Dr explain to me and today I was researching. I found several articles. Bottom line In a nutshell "Estrogen is held in our fat stores and when having large Lipo suction those bonds are broken so you wind up with a sudden release of free Esteogen in your body" causing hormone imbalance , weight gain, all kinds of irregular cycles . I am glad to know I was not crazy because I never ever have problems with my cycles. I found a few articles . You can google . I googled "effects on hormones after Liposuction".
Beaides this, my swelling is down , my but is same , although after what's been happening I could give one shit less about my but.
Sorry this is not the lovely , happy news we all want to hear but I have promised to keep it real. Wish I would have known this surgery would affect my hormones this way. Im sure it doesn't happen to everyone or if it does they don't put 2 and 2 together. I am very sensitive to Estrogen. Too much of it is almost toxic to my body. I have never been able to take birth control pills because the Esteogen in them has caused similar effects than I am having now but never ever this severe. I can only describe it a the worst period you've ever had times 10. I just thought I would report back.


Hope u feel a little bit better today hun! It must have been awful, but as you say - better when you know whats actually happening inside your body. Don't worry about that booty it doesn't go anywhere ;) You deserve the best doll***
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Girl..damn. I feel terrible for you, this sounds dreadful. Thank you for reporting back and keeping it real.
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Thank You, Woo Wee.... no wonder those instructions talk about "temporary weight gain and needing to be mentally stable" for these surgeries. Unfortunately , they don't tell you exactly why. I'm glad I figured out why I was feeling early pregnant crossed with early teenage cramps from hell. Lol!

Hormone update

So, as I said, I'm experiencing a hormone fluctuation which has never happened to me before. I have now read many articles and studies about how Lipo can cause effects on your hormones.
This is a temporary set back. In True Baby Doll form, I'm not about to sit here and 1. not be informed and 2. not act upon fixing the issue.
SO, through some of my Pharmacy friends I have been in contact with a "Bio identical compounding pharmacy" which will be testing all of my female hormones , via Saliva, with the results I will see a Doctor who will read the results and tell me where my levels are. He will then write me a prescription which the pharmacy will
"compound individually for me "
they are Bio identical hormones. In other words made specifically for me based on my results (if needed). Meanwhile , I also purchased my Progesterone Yam based creme last night. Progesterone is extracted from the Yams. (if you've seen Samantha on Sex in the city when they go to Dubai) she starts eating Yams when they confiscate her cremes. Lol. So I will also be eating Yams for dinner ! I am driving out right now to the pharmacy to pick up my test kits.
It's a good thing for all Women to do but since I am experiencing some wretched symptoms 6 weeks post op, I need to know what's going on. So off I go to my unexpected hormone journey!
Hope you're all well :)


I'm happy your staying active and taking the steps to get this taken care of! I'm very much concern because I already suffer from hormone problems ...and you providing us with this detailed information will keep us well informed...whew my husband is going to catch it LOL...Anyway I hope you feel better soon and they get everything balanced out for you! : ) ***love***hugs***prayers
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Lol, yes "Catching it" is for real Lol. Im always pretty even tempered but right now, I'm not gonna lie. It's gotten tense at times. Thank u, it's a bump in the road but Im not the kind to not stay positive and keep it moving. Lol. Yesterday, I found out a close Co worker at age 51, who looked perfectly fine the last time I saw her was just diagnosed with stage 4 Colon Cancer with Metastisis to her Kidneys and Lungs. NOW THAT'S REAL. She will probably only live less than 6 months. She's beautiful too. My But is so insignificant in the scope of REAL LIFE. We need to be happy no matter what and enjoy each day!
YES SISTER! This is so true. Life is sooo beautiful and each day we must live it to the fullest! I'm learning each day is a gift and we must make it count......I know where human and have mood swings but life goes by way to fast for the bull ish. Girl when I get in my moods I'm now learning to do something positive to counter act that....cause it's not only draining but a waist of time cause grl "NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT*** LOL You know what.....I want to go to the club and twerk LOL....I feel like doing something fun : ) I'm about to go listen to Lil John "Turn it down for What"

Week 7

This is what it looks like now.
I have to do the best I can taking pics. Hubby doesn't understand the whole posting your but thing.
HaHa. Anyway, I am MUCH improved , which is what PS does.
Happy as a clam so far. Fat on hips Didnt seem to survive, but my own will do.


Beautiful Transformation! He gave you an Awesome Bootay!
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Thank You, I don't know if it's awesome but it's the one I wound up with and I'm keeping because I ain't doing that shit again! Lol
I love the the b4&after pics! He did a Fabulous job chica. :) NO ROUND#2?

Greetings from Vegas

Good morning to all you beauties.
Hope you're all having a great weekend. Im in Sin city !
Nothing wild , just chillin , gonna see Cirque tonight.
O! I've been meaning to share that once your 6 weeks or all clear is given , you still need to be careful sitting on your new assets. Lol.
Especially hard surfaces. Kind of feels a little like sitting on something foreign when I try to sit as I did before surgery. Not painful, just different. I find myself sitting forward on my thighs automatically. Same with sleeping, I naturally flip over onto my tummy. Lol. Who would have thought I would get used to that?!!
Ok, I know it's Saturday and here I go again with all my dreaded info but I think this is valuable to share. I promise no more info for a few days. Lol.
OK, so I realize most of you are not at the age yet where you are anywhere near needing HRT, I'm not quite there either but I like to stay 5-10 years ahead of the game. Knowledge is power!
Anyways, keep for future reference. This is a website with a lot of useful info! it's Testmyhormones.com.
On here you will find info on hormone testing kits , compounding pharmacies throughout the US. Store it away, it may be useful someday.
I clicked on "books on BHRT" and it took me to a lot of fab info. Especially books on Natural hormones. Synthetic hormones are not good for us . The one on Natural Hormone replacement for Women over 45 is very interesting. I know, I know... you're not there yet. Maybe a Mom or someone else you know could use the info.
Anyhoot..... happy weekend !


Hey Hun! How is everything going with your hormone concerns? We're you able to get your prescription yet? Hope your feeling better....disgruntled hormones can be such a pain in the ***!
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Hi there T, So nice of you to check on me. Thanks :) I received and sent in my hormone testing kit and I'm waiting for results. Meanwhile, I purchased natural Progesterone creme last week and my major hormone fluctuation seems to have settled down. It was 3 weeks of that mess. Regardless, Im waiting for the results of my Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHA and Cortisol tests to arrive and deal with whatever, if anything needs to be adjusted. Priase God that I seem to be making progress in both the healing and hormones! Staying inspired ! Have a blessed day :)
Great Girl! You do the same : )

8 Weeks Post Op

The true test is when you see a friend who hasn't seen you. She could not get over my waist. We went to the Gym together, fun.
We overheard a someone say "that's a sexy ass". OMG!!! About me!!!! Now THAT is different. Must admit , I smiled wide inside.

Update: My Hormone fluctuation has settled down after 3 weeks! Thank God. Couldn't take much more of that.

AND! This is PS. Wednesday morning I woke up and out of the blue NO tightness on my ribs , no more Ab pain. and the right side that was killing me, softened 90 perfect !!!

My Skin is still a bit sensitive and numb and burns at times but I am NOW being able to resume my normal activities . 2 MONTHS not 2 weeks!!!!

Everything looks the same except I'm not sure what I'm seeing with my hips. They seem narrower to me ? My swelling is now gone so maybe that's what I'm seeing ?

Girls, believe me , when you're looking at this all the time, you start to loose your visual perception! I don't even know what in seeing anymore . Lol.

My measurements are 34, 27, 43.
But area has lost 4 inches since surgery but it's no longer swollen.

I am now sitting and sleeping on it
Overall I am good and happy to be out and about pain free !!!


Happy for you!
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Thank You :)
So happy for you... Better get used to all the future comments about that booty! :)
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Cleaning up

It feels so amazing to be able to finally sit long enough for a Mani-Pedi!! Now I need my hair done. I felt so gross without my up keep for two months. I need hair help!
I have long , thick hair and it looks like a rats nest . Does anyone know which is the BEST quality Hair Color? Im not doing it myself, I want to go to a Salon that uses good hair dye. Any suggestions from the beauties out there?


Girl I feel like it's ages seen we spoke, lol! I am having withdrawals. How are you feeling?
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thank you for sharing your journey with us! Its been helpful to read while going through my recovery. You look great!
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You are Welcome! I'm happy to know it helped. Good Luck to you on your recovery!
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