After years of dreaming about it and months of...

After years of dreaming about it and months of researching online, talking to friends who had already had BA and lots of soul-searching, I finally contacted Destination Beauty and got the ball rolling in May 2014. My procedure is booked in Phuket with Dr.Poonsak on August 3rd. Equal parts terrified & excited!


Good luck!! Looking forward to your updates! How big are you now and how big do you want to go?
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My before-boobies stats

I'm 23 years old, 176cm tall and wear a 10A bra (but some days they're barely an A and others they fluctuate to a small B)

I'm hoping to have round silicone gel implants, thinking 350cc (maybe 375 in my smaller breast) not too sure about the profile of the implant yet.

I'm hoping to be led by my surgeon, the work I've seen of his I've loved and I trust his opinion :)

Here is a pic of Dr.Poonsak's work and my boob inspiration :)


Currently an A cup, aiming for a D :)

Some of my wish boobies

The features that are most important to me are
-Natural look (obviously)
-Breasts not far apart
-Nipples and aerola in the centre
-I want my boobs to be big! I'm 5"9' and have an athletic build, I think I can definitely pull off a D cup, but I don't want them to be huge, just as much as I dont want to feel like they're not big enough

Here are some examples of my idea of the perfect boobies


Are you from Melbourne? If so, are you going to the Destination Beauty seminar tonight? I'm going, so excited to get more information! I'm booked to have BA and BL in December, seems so long away but the past month has just flown so I'm hoping it does with the next 5months! When are you booked in for? And congratulations on making the decision! It's always been something I had thought about but going from an idea to reality is a big leap
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Oh wow I didn't even know the seminar was on! But just checked their Facebook page and sure enough it is :) thank you! I will definitely be attending!! Do you know if we need to register or do you just turn up? I'm so excited! 11 days til my surgery! Will keep you posted :)

More dream boobs


Hey girl and you must be excited!! I'm 5'8 and I got 450cc mod plus mentor silicone textured dual plane so you can check my stats. Just be aware that being tall you do need more ccs to get you a bigger look. It also depends on your chest width as to what implants will fit. If you're narrow then high profile would be great. My boobs are big but not as big as I'd hoped for and I'm disappointed in the profile just for more information for wishes hugs shelly xoxo have lovely even boobs to start with so you should get a beautiful result xoxo
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You have to register but I think there is still seats available and it's obviously free and takes two seconds to register. It's on from 6-8pm tonight at Rydges Hotel I believe

Pre-op pics

Here's a couple of pics of what I'm currently working with. Can't wait to see these bras filled with boobies in 11 days!


Looks like you have a similar pre surgery body to what mine was. Try having a look at my profile. Honestly I can't stress enough, go as big as you're comfortable with! Try rice sizers too, there is a comparison pic on my profile with the sizers and actual result. Remember you lose around 30ccs going under the muscle. They may seem large to start with however after wearing the rice for a while you'll get used to them!
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Also- hey name twin!
Hi Belle, love all your wish boob pictures! I agree with @shellysmall, that with your height, you can carry a larger implant quite nicely. Hoping you'll stop in on a new forum I posted for women getting breast aug in Thailand, 2014. Good're almost there!
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Five more sleeps!!!

I can't believe how quickly this has come up! Every day when I get dressed I'm now thinking, aw this is probably the last time I'll ever wear this bra or this top etc. (I'm very attached to all of my clothing :p )

I'm so ready to just get it over and done with. I'm expecting a really tough first week, with lots of discomfort, exhaustion, frustration and fear, so I'm really looking forward to getting beyond all that.

Reading all of your reviews has helped me so so much! I feel so prepared now, I know my boobs are not going to look how I want them to look and that I'm definitely going to be uncomfortable and moody etc :p

I'm going to get fitted properly today so I can give an accurate before and after sizing comparison.

Posting a few pics of my last days with my itty bitty boobies.


Eek how exciting for you, only 1 more day to go!! Please let us know how you go, I'm booked to have mine done with dr poonsak in October. I'm of a similar build to you just a little taller, so please share after pics!! Please let me know how it feels and how much you can do after the surgery.. I'm going over with my partner and 2 children and am trying to plan our holiday around the surgery. Good luck!!
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So close!! Aaaaand I love your wish boobs!
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Good luck!!! Mine are booked for February and I'm so excited. It's so great reading stories from other girls!!
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1 more sleep!

In case I don't get a chance to update between now and my op I thought I'd post something now. About to board our flight to Phuket right now eek!!
Will land in Phuket around 10.30pm tonight then straight to sleep, ready to be picked up for my consultation at 7am.

I'm starting to get nervous, my bf has been really sick all week and last night I started to feel a sore throat and ear ache coming on. I've been fighting it off with lots of rest and fruits and veggies and fluids etc. But I'm well aware that if I'm sick I won't be eligible for my op tomorrow :(

I'll be devastated if I can't have it done after all this planning and time and money and anticipation. But I'm not going to take any unnecessary risks with my health of course.

Besides that I'm also feeling nervous about making the final decisions re: size, profile and placement. I'm trusting that my Dr will give me the best recommendation. He does this surgery every day, he knows what he's doing.

At this stage I'm thinking; 350-375 cc, round silicone, submuscular, mod+ profile, breast crease incision, but I'm open to whatever he recommends (within reason)

Ok so wish me luck, I'll update you all as soon as I can :)


Best of luck twinny! Xxx
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Good luck!! Can't wait for an update!
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Safe travels and good luck!!!! Can't wait to hear how it all goes x x
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B-Day has finally arrived!

I am so glad I've spent the last three months trawling reviews here on RS because I knew that the cold feet were coming. I didn't get a wink of sleep on my 9hr flight, apparently that was time that my psyche had allocated to allow all my fears and reservations to come to a head.

I kept thinking "what am I doing????!!! This is is crazy!! Am I seriously going to do this?" Every reason not to go ahead with the surgery (reasons that I have already thought/talked through months ago) started coming back. I think my main hesitation is coming from the fact that I am a person who is all about holistic health, natural remedies, real/wholesome foods, nothing artificial in my foods etc etc, and now I am getting silicone plants inside of my body!! The two philosophies don't really align.

However I read countless medical journals prior to making my decision and was put at ease about the affects of having silicone implants and I ultimately decided that it was a risk/choice I was comfortable with.

Sorry for the essay, just need to remind myself of all of these things I guess...

So after about 2.5 hrs of sleep I'm up and taking one last shower with my teeny A cups, preparing to be picked up for my consultation in one hour.

Hopefully after meeting my PS all my nerves and fears will subside a little.


Hope everything went well. Update us all when you're feeling up to it!
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Gooooooodluck x
Good luck!
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I did it!!

So yesterday was such a roller coaster, after huge delays getting into phuket and three hours sleep at the hotel before being picked up for the hospital, I was pretty freakin nervous! The hospital is lovely but the language barrier was very apparent. I got to meet with PS at 8am and was really sweet, explained his preferences to me, which turned out to be the same preferences I had. So we decided on Mentor, round silicone, moderate plus profile, 375cc, dual plane, under breast crease incision.

While I was filling out all my paperwork and waiting for blood test and X-ray results there four other couples sitting in the lobby, some there for their three day post op and others for their ten day post op. They were all in such good spirits and everyone had nothing but good things to say about their experiences. It was amazing how out of the 5 women there (6 including me) not one had the exact same size/profile/insertion etc. Reassured me that I was not just getting some stock-standard treatment and that these implants would be right for me.

So the surgeons called for me at about 10am, my boyfriend was able to walk down with me and the nurse and then we got to say goodbye before I went into the OR. I was really nervous lying on the table, I kept thinking "why the hell are you in Thailand having surgery right now?!"

I made myself laugh just thinking about it at the time :p thinking to mysef; "how insane! But I'm actually doing it so here we go!"

Apparebtky I didn't wake up from the GA until about 3pm, they told my bf I would be 2.5 hours so he was getting a little worried when it got to 5 hours. Once I woke up I was very groggy and very nauseous. That's where the language barrier got messy bc no one could understand when I was saying I needed to vomit so ended up vomiting all over myself :(
The vomiting continued most of last night, bc of the morphine. About three hours after they turned off my morphine the vomiting stopped.
My pain has never been too bad, just feel extremely bruised all over my chest and feel like I've done a massive chest work out.
I got a sneak peek at them before, love the size, they just definitely have a lot of dropping to do.

Well I'm completely spaced out on muscle relaxants and tramadol so I'm going to nap before they send me home.

Will update over the coming days :) thank you all for your support xx

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What do they test for, with the blood tests and xrays?
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Just full blood examination, platlette count, iron levels, blood group and antibodies, mainly so that if you need a blood transfusion there is a suitable blood type available. X-Ray was to check for any breast abnormalities

3rd attempt to upload these pics


Well done on the surgery, hope post op day 2 is going OK- I know that was the worst day for me x
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Congrats! I can only imagine how badly you want to take off your bandages and check yourself in a full-size mirror :) happy healing :)
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Thank you. I'm just stressing I'll get all the way over there and something will happen and I wont be able to have the surgery. :/ Hope you're not too sore!! I'm excited to see your after pics :)

The last couple of days have been nothing short of a roller coaster

Holy Moley you girls were not wrong when you talked about the extremes of the first few days post op. Day 1 (day of op) was vomiting and sleeping and needing assistance with every little movement. Day 2 I was discharged back to my hotel and slept and vomitted more. Felt ok by dinner time so went to the hotel restaurant for dinner with my bf but had zero appetite and then got quite teary once back in our room as I couldn't get comfy in bed. My sacrum and coccyx are so bruised and tender from laying on them all the time. But my bf has been so wonderful, going above and beyond to help me feel comfortable, getting me all my meds, re-adjusting my bandages etc, I could not have done this without him!
So yesterday, day 3, I woke up feeling great, had a shower (as much as possible as I'm still bandaged) got dressed and then all the good feelings quickly subsidised and I felt worse than ever. Shoved down a piece of toast so I could take my meds then slept for another three hours. Woke up after that and slowly felt better so spent the day exploring Patong with my bf. Went to try to buy a proper sports bra but ended up purchasing one that was easily two cups too small and left me crying in pain by dinner time. So that ones going to be handed down to my sister when I get home :p
Then after a massive day of exploring and mostly good vibes, I was a mess by 8pm, crying, in pain, exhausted, hungry but not wanting to eat (as these meds have caused all normal digestion to hault ugh!) my bf was a star and helped me sort through all the build up of emotion and pain I was feeling and got me into bed with my meds, Ice packs and ordered some ice cream to the room :p

So this morning I'm off to see Dr.Poonsak to have my dressings off. I've already had a really good look at my boobs and they're just as I expected, hideous :p
More than happy to keep them covered up for now until they begin to drop ;) but will take some pics this morning to show you anyway.


It was definitely a tough one Belle :( Today is a lot better! Bandages are off and boobies are already starting to drop yay :)

3 Days post-op... Bandages are off!

Saw Dr.Poonsak for my post op today, original dressings and bandages came off which means I can have a proper shower yay!
Feeling so groggy most of the time still, not sure if it's the pain killers, the muscle relaxants, the remnants of the General Anaesthetic or a combo of the three, but can't wait to start feeling like myself again. Boobs have dropped already since I saw them yesterday! So happy with the progress so far!
At what point did everyone start sleeping on their sides? I'm dying to get off my back!
And what sort of bra was everyone in by day 3? I'm just wearing a genie bra, my PS says it's fine but I'm wondering what other surgeons have recommended.


They look beautiful already! And suit you so well :)
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Thanks Anna!!
Congratulations on your new boobies Belle! I am happy for you. Everything went well. i got my BA in Thailand as well, and it was an amazing medical journey! I got a short vacation before my surgery. It was really amazing. Thailand is a very nice place, especially Phuket. Did you got some time to wander around the place as well?
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1 week Boobie-versary

Yay!! I made it to the one week mark today :D

What a week it has been!
A complete emotional roller coaster. The first four days I found very difficult. Not being able to do things for myself, not able to sleep on my side, vomiting and lethargy from the anaesthetic, so much pain in my sacrum and coccyx from lying on my back all the time, in a lot of discomfort with chest tightness, restricted movement, exhausted and delirious from all the meds I was on. Gah! So glad that's all behind me now. My poor boyfriend has been putting up with me at my peak craziness over this last week!

But I am happy to report that today has been a hundred times easier. Minimal discomfort now, breasts are very tender and sensitive and there is still some tightness in the pecs and underarms but it's nothing in comparison to what I've been feeling. I'm off all meds except a muscle relaxant and antibiotics. I'm able to sleep on my side with the help of some extra pillows, I did a (very) light lower body work out yesterday and felt great, have been to beach and out to dinner multiple times. Not feeling groggy or sick from the anaesthetic at all either.
And I'm loving my boobs so far! They've already dropped so much and I'm so excited to see how they progress from here :)

At a few points in the last week I definitely questioned how sane I was to put myself through so much physical, mental and emotional anguish on purpose, but today I'm seeing the light and I'm confident that it was all worthwhile.

I'll attach some pics of my progress so far :)


Thank you for sharing your experiences! They are looking amazing for just 7 days post op! Glad you are happy with them!! Have you come across anything you haven't been able to do over there yet, because of the surgery?
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Thank you :D I've been so happy with them so far! I've had to be pretty minimal in things that I've done over here, no swinming, definitely no getting on the back of a scooter or an elephant or anything that would cause a lot of bouncing, and just general things like opening heavy doors and carrying my own suitcase, have been tough. I've been lucky to have my partner with me the whole time to help me with the day to day stuff and I haven't felt like I've missed out on too much either :) still had a great time!
Dropping sooooo fast!!
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Day 10 post-op

Hello lovelies! So today is day 10 and I'm soooo happy with everything this far! No more pain, minimal tightness, able to sleep on my sides (with a little bit of shuffling etc) not on any pain meds, bandages are off :)

Left Phuket today and now spending the next six nights recovering from our surgery holiday in Bali :p (my bf got veneers while we were in phuket too, happy to answer any questions regarding that if anyone is after info)

I am a little concerned tonight however, because my left implant feels almost like it's moved out of place :/ I felt the pec spasm twice at dinner tonight and since then I can feel the implant a lot more than previously (not with my hands but actually from the inside), almost like it's moved in front of the muscle, or that the muscle has seized up around it/over it and is cramping or something??
But it all looks normal and feels normal to touch. My bf thinks it has just dropped lower.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this?

I've also started massaging since yesterday and I do not like it ugh!! The feeling of moving the implant around makes me queasy and I'm not entirely sure I'm doing it right and what the benefit even is. What was everyone else's experiences with massaging??


Oh wow you have got such an amazing result!!! I'm the same height and weight as you and it sounds like you have got my dream boobs!! I'm booked for March and I am hoping for moderatre profile too and roughly the same size you've gone too. I'll keep following you to see what size you end up being roughly :) Hope your recovery is going well! xo
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Great to hear you're so happy with your results :). Sounds like you are feeling well enough to enjoy all the amazing things you must be seeing! As far as the massaging.. from my understanding, the purpose of it is to help the implants drop and soften faster, and some surgeons believe that it can also help prevent capsular contracture, because moving the implant around in the pocket will make it more difficult for a thick capsule to form. How's your boyfriend feeling about his veneers?
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Thanks for that. I've increased the limit on my credit card and will put my money into that. The bank said I may have trouble making such a big transaction overseas if my credit limit isn't high enough. I'm booked into the Bangkok Hospital Phuket on the 5th with Dr Piyapas. Who was your Dr?

Loving boob life :)

Got home from our post-surgery holiday last night, time to get back to life as normal now :p damn!

I'm so in love with my boobs! They are the perfect size for me! I'm thinking they are a D cup but I'll see how the next few weeks go. Definitely feel like they are smaller since they have dropped and swelling has gone down but I'm still super happy with the size.

Totally pain free now and getting easier to lift my arms/ carry things/ sleep etc.

Feeling is back in my nipples and everywhere else now. The skin all over the breasts is very sensitive though, feels almost sunburned and not nice to touch. The dr said it was from stretching and nerve regeneration etc.

I did have a big read about capsular contracture today though and now have totally freaked myself out ugh! Trying to just keep up with massage and not let myself worry too much. Not going to help anything to get myself worried over the 2% chance that it might happen to me.

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Before and Afters

Started with A cup boobies. Had 375cc moderate plus, silicone gel Mentor implants placed dual plane using breast crease incision.


They are a great size for your body. Dropping well and look natural. :-)
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Boob Greed Monster!!!!

Never thought it would happen to me but day 18 has brought serious boob greed! The implants are dropping nice and quickly, but the more they drop the smaller they look :(

I got the biggest implant I could for my BW, so knowing that puts my mind at ease. But still feeling soooo greedy! Another 50ccs would have been great :p

Aside from that issue, boobs are starting to really soften, they jiggle and squish almost like real boobies already xD I love it!

They are super sensitive and the nips are standing at attention basically 24/7 so that is painful. But no more morning boob or chest tightness, I'm so glad!

When did everyone start exercising again? I've been told no chest specific exercise for three months but I want to get back into some upper body stuff ASAP :(


Hi Belle, just a quick question.. Did Dr Poonsak recommend a particular type of bra to you? I thought I would have to wear a special type of support bra after the surgery, but I am not finding much information about it Thanks :)
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Have a look at my before pictures where I'm wearing a black and a Fluro link bra. I bought four like that and that's what I lived in. They were from Kmart, just stretchy bras (like the ah-bra or genie bra) :) cost me about $8 each I think
** pink not link

Boobs night out

Took my boobies on their first night out on the weekend :p I bought this dress pre-op with the intention to fill it out nicely, mission accomplished I think ;)

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One month post op :)

Just an update for those who have asked for before and afters in clothes.

Boobs are doing well, they look so natural in clothes and are becoming really squishy. I can feel the implant behind the tissue though so I'm not sure if that goes away once they drop or if it will always be like that :/ (I got dual plane)

So here are some updated pics :)


Hey chick you are looking fantastic! Do you know roughly what size you are yet?
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Hey love! Thank you! I need to take some more pics, they've changed a fair bit in the last month :) Still not wearing a bra - just sports bras, so haven't been measured but fairly sure I'm a D cup
Hey I have another question for anyone who can help me. I am booked in with Dr Poonsak at Bangkok Phuket hospital on 16th dec. What type of insurance should I have, just regular travel insurance. I know restored beauty getaways has insurance but I didn't book through them because I heard its cheaper to book direct with hospital and found them more available to help me with my inquires. id greatly appreciate any advice. not keen on spending $500 for insurance
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2 months post op

Can't believe it's only been two months! I feel like I've had these boobies my whole life now, can't even remember what it was like before now, always filling my bras with all the padding I could get my hands on, feeling insecure naked, hating wearing bathers and not feeling feminine. All that is so far gone out of my mind now :)

My left boob (non-dominant side) has dropped into place beautifully and I love the shape and size!! The right is still really high up but I know it will fall into place in time :)

Tried bras on for the first time yesterday and was a 10DD or 12D in most brands. Will wait and see what happens when the right drops too :)

Boobies are amazing and squishy and bouncy now which is great!! The left more than the right obviously.

Hoping to get back into weight lifting slowly but surely now but I need to do some more research about what is safe at this stage - thinking just have to avoid working my pecs directly for a bit longer.


Sweet!! We are exactly the same height and bra size so I'm following you closely haha. I'm after moderate plus too and I was going to aim for around 350cc but yours are looking SO good and they don't look too big or anything that I might consider going a weeeee bit bigger haha. Hope recovery is going well!!

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