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I am the mother of 3 kids 9 years, 4 years, and 9...

I am the mother of 3 kids 9 years, 4 years, and 9 months and needless to say my abdominal area has gone to H*LL in a hand basket! I have wanted to get it fixed for some time now and I will finally be having it done (an extended tt) on the 16th of January and I can't wait. I am excited and I hope that my recovery will be a fast one so that I can get back to daily life with my family.


Congrats ! Your surgery day is coming ! How exciting keep us posted! Good luck in your journey !
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Thank you Zuly!
good luck
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Before Pics

I will try to post some before pics either today or tomorrow once my dd takes them for me :).


Super excited for you. My turn is early feb so i will definitley be following your journey.
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Thanks Jules I am super excited too!


Here's the monster LOL!


Welcome, and oh boy, your surgery date is fast approaching. Mine is 28 days away. Best wishes for an safe and speedy surgery. Keep us posted and Happy New Year ;-)
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Thank you for the well wishes HappySuzy and Happy New Year to you too! I'll definitely keep you posted :)
Good luck..I'm also in Baltimore and I'm 25 days po..cant wait to see ur results!
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Oh no!

I can't get in to see my doctor until the 13th for bloodworm and my procedure is on the 16th, they said it takes 1-2 days to come back, I hope I don't have to delay the procedure……..


Im getting my blood work done on the day of my surgery
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Really?? Dr. Schreiber said I can go to Patient First, where are you getting your bloodwork done?
Im having my surgery done in thailand. They do the bloodwork there at the hospital on the morning of the surgery. I did however also have mine done locally, i dont want to get there and them find an issue and then not get done.

Hurt My Ankle :(

So, I hurt my ankle and went to get it checked out and the doc said I have probably stretched a ligament and prescribed advil or tylenol and said to stay off of it :(. I explained I am having surgery and cannot take these meds as my surgery is 2 weeks out so, I am powering through it. I can't get on the treadmill now and have to watch everything that goes into my pie hole……… This sucks so bad I really wanted to lose at least 10 more pounds :(


You poor thing!
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Cant wait to see pics...good luck
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Bloodwork done!

I got my bloodwork done yesterday and everything is all paid up I guess there's no turning back now! I am super ready to be on the "flat side" but super scared of the recovery LOL! I just can't have it done, be out of pain and be on the way to my final results. I am still hobbling around because my ankle still hurts….. The doc told me to stay off of it but how do you do that will 3 kids and I cannot take any tylenol or advil… Not being able to do my daily exercise sucks so bad…...


Thank you Jules, it still hurts unfortunately :(
Thanks 5'2 I will post them as soon as I'm out of surgery haha :)


Oh I forgot to mention I started wearing my corset today as Dr. Schreiber said I should start wearing one about a week before surgery to train the muscles. I have been wearing it since this morning and just took it off, I really hate girdles so, I'll take a break for tonight and then put it back on tomorrow morning. I know I will have to wear a compression garment to help with the swelling but I really hate the feeling of something being so tight on my body day and night but, I guess it's all part of the process…..


Sorry about your ankle. I know about hurting yourself and not being able to work out. I tore a ligament and have been unable to workout also. We are having our surgeries the same day. I go in at 6:00 am. Wish you the best...
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Hello Future Hourglass2014 I go in at 6 a.m. on that day too. Good luck to you also :)
Me too! 6am!


I was wondering what essentials I will need for an overnight stay after my tummy tuck and once I return home? I have been reading the different reviews here and so far have lip balm, a toilet seat riser, and a walker….

I have to start wearing my corset more, I really haven't put it back on since the last update, it is so uncomfortable, but from what I've read here it is nothing compared to the CG….

I can't believe I am finally going to get my tt I am excited but I'm starting to get a bit nervous also.


Throat soothers, water, laxatives, protein shakes, pain relief, lots of pillows, granny undies. Some people have said shower chair and others just a plastic outdoor chair you can use in the shower. Theres a lot more...
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Managed to get back on the treadmill a little

I did some exercise on Saturday ( I just walked on the treadmill slowly), my ankle still hurts for the most part. I woke up this morning thinking about the pain of recovery. I hope it's not too bad.... I haven't gotten any supplies yet I am not sure what to get. Any essentials that you guys couldn't live without?


Good luck, prayers your way, see you on the flat side!
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Good luck! Can't wait to see post op pictures.
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My TT is tomorrow and I am kind of nervous… I have been reading all the reviews here so, I kind of know what to expect but I am praying that the recovery is not too bad. Today I am on liquids only so, I'm starving….. LOL! I will try to post pics of my results when I am out of recovery...


Hope all is well!
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Thanks 4betterme all is well so far :)
Happy surgery day :) Thinking of you, update us when u can. Happy healing hun! Can't wait to see ur results!
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Surgery done!

I am not in too much pain at all and am feeling pretty good aside from the fact that I'm scared to move for fear of ripping my stitches open! The doc and all the nurses and techs have been very sweet also I am lucky to be at such a great hospital. I took a walk down the hall this evening (very slowly) with a nurse and it wasn't bad at all. I took a pic while laying down so I don't think it is all that great but I will post it anyway. I am sure that I'm probably still swollen but I'm feeling like I am still wide but we'll see. I was really scared this morning but Dr. Schreiber really put me at ease with his confidence that I was going to have good results. I will try to post some better pics soon.

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Great news, now get to healing! See you on the flat side@
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Can't Pee!

I can't pee now that the catheter is out (about 4 hours now). Did this happen to anyone else?


Thank you Ava!

Finally peed after 6 hours without cath!

Very intense!


Yay all done. Im excited thatvyour on the other side
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Oh that's good (on peeing). Funny how we obsess about our pee n poo after surgery, lol. Congrats!
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Thank God! Praying for smooth sailing from here on out
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This recovery is noooo joke! I think of myself as a pretty tough cookie and even I have to say this is hard! I wish I was already a month out instead of 2 measly days..... To be honest dilaudid isn't really doing that much to ease the pain and I take it every 6 hours on the dot. I get to see under my binder at my next appt on the 24th. Dr. Schreiber came by to see me the next morning and said he removed a lot of skin. He really has a great bedside manner and I'm glad I chose him as my surgeon. Will have my baby try to take pics today :).


They say somewhere between day 5 and 8/9, that ya turn the corner a bit regarding pain and movement....hang in there. Glad to gear you have a good doc, makes all the difference I think. Hugs and healing :-)
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Thanks for all the well wishes HappySuzy I can't wait to turn that corner I miss holding my baby…… My doc is really great and I really appreciate him giving me his cell number so that I can reach him at any time. He really is great!
Me too Jules!

Scared to peek under my binder?

Did this happen to anyone else? The dilaudid is making me feel kind of woozy too I keep on dozing off in the middle of simple tasks..


Sound like a nice reCovery! Can't wait for photos!
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It's not horrible 4betterme but I have to be honest it is not great either LOL!
Just look at the old photos and think how all of that will be gone! Lol

Reading the aftercare instructions

I definitely do not get any of my bandages removed until the 1st post op visit which is on the 24th. I am feeling a little less pain and burning where the incisions are and hubby got me some cough drops which have really helped (because coughing is not fun at this point), I was able to feed my baby some baby food for a few minutes today and walk around with my walker a bit more. At this stage I am very thankful for my wonderful hubby and kids, pain meds, my walker, and raised toilet seat :). I haven't gotten a shower chair yet because with all my other supplied it could not fit into my cart at walmart LOL but I think I may ask my hubby to go pick it up even though I only sponge bathe until I see Dr. Schreiber on the 24th, I took my first sponge bath today and have to say I cannot wait for my first shower….. All in all it appears things are getting better I only had to take 1 pain pill instead of two today, tomorrow I am going to aim to go downstairs in my house as I have not attempted that yet. I am going to take this recovery pretty slow because I want to be back in the swing of things with my kids without having to take additional time out to recover (hopefully). Will post some pics soon of my binder and bandages for now.


Awesome! Things are coming along for me also, and I agree with taking it slow allowing the body to properly heal.
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You sounding much better
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Feeling much better today!

Back pain isn't as intense and my incisions don't hurt as much anymore. I can't wait to take a peek at my results now :). Oh, I'm not sure if I mentioned that at Dr. Schreiber's office they gave me Arnica which I started taking about 2 days before the tt and I'm still taking them now I think they've also helped a lot. I hope everyone else is feeling great today as well.....


Great review and update. Sounds like you're doing okay recovery-wise. Bet you'll be glad to get to a week PO :-). Take care and continued good healing.
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Thanks HappySuzy I just woke up from a quick nap :). I will be very glad when I'm at that point and can take care of myself better, my kids, and move faster :)
I hope your doing well. It's definitely a rollercoaster but the results are worth it. Get lots of rest.
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Moving a little faster today….

I am moving a little faster today and feeling a lot better in terms of pain and I'm just on extra strength tylenol now for pain (soooo happy about that), so I am not as loopy :). The drains are getting a bit annoying now but, on the brighter side of things Dr. Schreiber says I can probably have 1 taken out on Friday though, I would prefer both be taken out haha… Poor Dr. Schreiber I have text him a million times with different questions since surgery and he always gets right back to me and inquires about how I am feeling, I thank goodness for a caring surgeon.

I am still having the usual aches and pains of the surgery like the back pain is incredible sometimes it feels like I am going to fall hard on my face, on all fours spread out like a horse just because I cannot stand anymore LOL. We had some work done on the house and I was too afraid to go outside to look at it today due to the snow we had (about 5"), I was afraid that I may slip but I may attempt it tomorrow. My walker is still my best friend needless to say but I am anxious to ditch it too…. I went to answer the door today to speak with the people who were working on the house and I saw him looking at me like he was sorry for me and I could see he was wondering what is wrong with me LOL…. He had this look in his eyes like he felt so sorry for me in my robe, walking slightly bent with my walker LOL… I'm not sleeping all that great and that is disappointing since it's almost time for me to be back in full mommy mode and that's when I really do not get that much sleep. I want to be at least 90% back to myself by the time 2 weeks in my recovery rolls around but, I am not sure that is what is going to happen. Honestly, I think I may have grossly underestimated how intense the recovery from this surgery is. I am hoping that I can at least be 80% back to me by then because my hubby and kids have been sooooo understanding and great to me during this whole process (so thankful for them). I still haven't taken even a peek under my binder but, I think I will get up the nerve soon hopefully, tomorrow. OMG I just can't imagine not having the monster…… LOL! I think I may remove the binder tomorrow and post some pics...


Come on you can do it. We are all dying to see how good you look!
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Awesome it sounds like you are doing great. I too would not look beneath my binder at first lol and just like you it was a mission to pee after the catheter was removed not sure why but it was. Keep it up girlie, recovery is a day closer for the both of us ;-)
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Thank you YvonneS, I though today was the day I would remove my binder for a peak but I think I'll wait until my post op on Friday when the doctor does it, I'm so chicken LOL!

Right Drain!

The area around my right drain feels a little sore and so do some of the incisions that go all the way around to my back (I had a feeling those would be trouble)…. I texted Dr. Schreiber and he said that may be a sign that the drains are ready to come out and to take some extra strength tylenol until I see him on Friday… I can't wait for these drains to be gone!


Hey girl good to here u are having positive progress :-D when u gonna post some post Op pics chics? Xox
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Sorry it took so long I've been super swamped between the kids, work, and just life LOL! I'm going to post them now
How did you appointment go?
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Super swollen everywhere but here are my post op pics :)

Post-op pics


You look great ! I'm super swollen too
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Thank you dear :). I didn't expect my legs and ankles to swell up so much!
Neither did I, but nice to I'm not the only one I guess I really didn't even think my ankles n feet wud swell crazinet

Day 10

I am feeling pretty good today, I am definitely walking much straighter which helps to alleviate my back pain. I am also trying to limit my sodium even though I love salt sooooo much but, I just cannot handle the swelling…. I knew that my stomach would swell and mons just from reading the reviews here but, I had no idea my hips, thighs, ankles, and feet would swell the last time that happened I was pregnant and it was Summer LOL! One side of my waist is also more swollen than the other, did that happen to anyone else? I am wearing the binder nearly all day I only take it off to shower so, I don't know why one side would be more swollen than the other?? I also purchased an abdominal board, has anyone here used that? It supposedly helps to make the stomach flatter…. I am kind of hesitant to wear it now though because sometimes my belly button bleeds a little so, I just put hydrogen peroxide on the belly button and gauze and leave it alone to heal after washing it with antibacterial soap, I hope that stops soon…

I want to list some of the things that have helped me through the rough first few days of recovery so, that hopefully it helps someone else. I didn't buy that many things, I am kind of a procrastinator so, I had time to get only a few things and I am kind of glad I didn't get too much.

Toilet seat riser
walker (a must)
granny panties
probiotics****(I don't know what I would've done without these)
a good quality multivitamin (Intramax by Drucker Labs)
extra Vitamin C
Big bottle of hydrogen peroxide to pour on any itchy spots along the incision
Dial anti-bacterial body wash

I am feeling much better, I only wish the swelling would subside and my sides looked more symmetrical…. I tried on some of my clothes from last summer and they fit much better, I am sure I have lost a few lbs. since surgery which is good even though the scale doesn't reflect that due to the fluids from swelling… I don't take a lot of pictures as you can see but I will ask my dd to take some for me later or tomorrow so, you guys can give me some feedback about my sides LOL. Until then, I hope everyone is doing well today :)


I was super swollen the first two weeks. Once I was walking around and getting up and down it went down. I hated it! I was uncomfortable with all the swelling too. Good luck with the swelling and keep your feet up.
Thanks hun

Having issues with my belly button…..

Tomorrow is my 2 week post op appointment and I am having issues with bleeding a bit from the belly button. Is anyone else or did anyone else have this problem? I expected lots of swelling, back pain, and stuff like that but, this belly button thing I definitely did not expect.


How's your swelling going ? I'm 2 weeks post op and I'm still super swollen on my lower abdomen and back =(
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dearie, how did your appointment go? and your bb? hope its all good. good luck and continue to heal well. looking good already even with the swelling. i imagine how it'll be when there is less swelling
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Hi Biee :) , the appointment went well but my bb is still draining and it's more annoying than anything because I have to change my binder at minimum 3 times a day….. Thank you so much for the compliment I can't wait until swell hell is over LOL!! My next appointment is in 3 weeks hopefully the bb will have dried up by then...

Darn belly button!

Everything is going well so far except for the usual swelling and my belly button will not heal. I wash it daily with antibacterial soap and change the gauze often but it just won't stop draining and the smell isn't that pleasant. I just asked the doctor to call in some antibiotics for me just in case even though he says it is perfectly normal but I stuck a q tip in to clean it today and it started bleeding bright red blood! Anyhow here's how it looks now


My abdomen and hips are still very swollen too :(

Close up of BB



Uh, no. Blood is not normal, if you PS can't / won't see you go to your regular doctor or urgent care. Peace of mind is priceless!
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Call your PS and demand he look at it. The smell, blood, and the lack of healing is of great concern. Is it painfull?
No, thankfully it doesn't hurt at all


The doc called in a prescription for antibiotics which I picked up on my way out of town. I am taking it 4 times daily and have noticed that my bb isn't draining as much so hopefully it will fully heal soon. All my tape also fell off as of this morning so I will begin scar therapy also. Today makes my 4 week tt anniversary and I am glad that I actually went through with it. My recovery was not pain free and this was my first major surgery also but I don't regret it at all. Now if this darn bb would heal I would be in business LOL!


Good your on the antibiotics?
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Yes I started on them again on Friday :)
Great news! Glad to her you got a solution to the bob problem. Take care and continued good healing ;-)
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My Belly Button has finally healed

I am happy to report that my belly button has finally healed however, that area seems a little bit darker than the rest of my stomach. My surgeon said I could stop wearing the binder at 6 weeks but since then I have been wearing a corset, I am not looking forward to the swelling that happens when I don't wear anything for support. I will post pics shortly :)


Thats great news finally!
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Awesome! I am going to his office tomorrow to meet with the other doctor in the practice.
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A little over 2 months out....

Still swollen but happy none the less.....


Glad you are healing up, hope you feel good too. The swelling, what can one say, it's like am evil tick sucking away at my sanity! Ugh, this to shall pass, I hope, someday.... thanks for updating, you look great!
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I'm 2 months PO too (almost, in three days). We look similar. How you feelin? You're lookin good. I have the swelling each day too...still very happy. Hope you are too. Continued good healing. HUGS :-DSuzy
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I'm feeling pretty good also Suzy (thanks for asking). I am back to working out and feeling normal again even though some days I wonder when I'll stop swelling so much! I wish you continued good healing too dear :)


I am still very happy with my results! It is a million times better than before but, I have been slacking on my exercise routine and now my back fat is getting out of control LOL!!!!! I'm wondering if I should have had some lipo there too but, I am still very satisfied… Honestly, the recovery was soooo grueling that I wouldn't ever go under the knife again. To anyone considering this I would say not to take recovery lightly because I even stopped breastfeeding because I felt I couldn't fully recover and breastfeed at the same time due to so much stress already being placed on my body. This was my first major surgery so, maybe I am being more dramatic than someone that has had major surgery before but it was nothing to play around with…… I had to sleep in the recliner for a month and a half and I am still trying to figure out how I can improve the appearance of the scars…. With that being said I would do it again just so the questions about when I was due would stop LOL. I will post some pics a little later when my sweet daughter gets home from school. Take care everyone and thanks for reading.


Glad to hear that your doing well, your pictures are dark can you post a few more so that I can get a bettet look.
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Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

He is very thorough and wanted to make sure that I had the answers to any all questions before the procedure. He also gave me his cell number to call just in case I have any additional questions before and after surgery, so far so good!

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