Dr.Salzhauer April 8th,2013 - Bal Harbour, FL

So I've scheduled my surgery date for April 8th. A...

So I've scheduled my surgery date for April 8th. A part of me is jumping with joy the other part is still worrying whether I chose the right doctor. Reading everyone's reviews really leaves me slightly confused, however I truly appreciate every single person's entry. I've been considering having the BBL done for sometime now,more so after my breast reduction in 2010. I'm obsessed with the sense perfection I guess you can say. Looking at yourself in the mirror and knowing what it would take to make you happy at what you actually see, then actually doing something about it. I love that feeling.
My first consultaion was with Dr. Mendeita. Till this day, no matter how many before and after galleries of other doctors I look at, I personally feel his results are truly the best. I went to his office which was packed. Most of the women working there have had something done by him. They all look great. However, I didn't feel the women were very welcoming. Despite that, I felt Dr. Mendeita was extremly warm and charismatic. Long story short finacially I couldn't afford him. I continued my research and found Dr.Salzhauer. He was warm, friendly and straight to the point. A few of the women that work there have also had work done by him. They were open with allowing me to touch their butts lol and assure me that Dr.Salzhauer would def be worth it.

can't wait to see you!
Hey Love! Just stopping through to say welcome aboard. Your gonna look fabolous!! You picked a great surgeon :) #TeamSalzhauer ! My sx with him is in May. We bbl sisters gotta stick together lol. Good luck and God bless.
Thank You!! God Bless! Can't wait to see your results!

I've crossed over to Duran! I aim to have surgery...

I've crossed over to Duran! I aim to have surgery May 2013. No one in my family supports me going to DR for surgery. I understand their concerns especially since I have a child. I love Duran's work. She contacted me right away and has answered all my questions so far. Is anyone looking to go in May! We should link up!
Not for nothing but he has gotten EXTREMELY expensive. Late last year he had BBL for $4995 now $9995...really? Then i asked for just Smart Lipo on my arms and they just responded today - $3500 not including hotel stay, meals, ticket and so on. Yes, he is good but personally unaffordable now. Not worth the travel for me. Sad because he was one of my top docs.
Hey PursuitofHappiness13 !! Its curvesahead (new account) im still rooting for you girl!!!

Travel Buddy

Hi Ladies!!
I'm scheduled with Dra.Duran for April 10th and I'm in search of a travel buddy. I thought I could go alone but I'm having second thoughts and sleepless nights. I've already booked my ticket to leave from Ft.Lauderdale on the 9th, and traveling alone doesn't sound so comforting to me anymore. Please inbox me if your ready
Why did you give a low rating?
Hello Hunny, I hope you were able to find someone. How are you doing?
did you have the surgery?
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