Dr. Salama's office Fails again! Ruben Salama apparently is in Charge!

Hello all I am new to this community but not new...

Hello all I am new to this community but not new to the idea of wanting a proportionate body. I am quite excited about finally getting my booty right. Tired of being a flatty! Lololol. I am 5'3" I weigh 128 (enough extra fat to suck out) and I'm 34DD 27 and no hips to mention. Lol. Yes I'm top heavy but bottom light. I have been doing research for years and now the stars have aligned and I'm ready!

I chose Dr Salama because of all you wonderful ladies here who have lead the way. I wonder if he knows this site is feeding his business. Anyhow I have 1child Thad wrecked my body and need it fixed. I called the office and spoke with Nancy super nice then yesterday Nomi. Wow he has a great support staff. I have been to several doctors one in ny who I have seen on a reality date show. I guess that explains why he seemed too busy to give my a proper consultation another that was nice but I didn't have enough fat. One this weekend that just rushed me through. So I came to the net thankfully to find you all. I am truly among friends in the struggle. Lol. Anyhow I don't have a date yet but did put down a deposit. I may have something in aug if I can't get something sooner. Do for now I too am stalking this site and happy it's here.

*1 child that wrecked my body.

*1 child that wrecked my body.
@sexyatlast *sent your photos not seen. lol. You are very welcome!

Hello all I am having the worst time trying to...

Hello all I am having the worst time trying to figure out where to stay. I keep going back and forth from the hampton hallendale and staying in a condo. If I stay in a condo will I be able to walk to eat or to go sight see? Will the driver be able to pick me up there for appointments? I am so confused where to stay. I am also trying to pay a reasonable amount for lodging so looking for a nice place with a good price. I think I will be traveling with a person to help out, not 100% sure yet and my child. Can't roll with out my honey!

Plane tickets booked now just have to decide where...

Plane tickets booked now just have to decide where I will stay. Still deciding on Hampton inn and condos
im soooo happy for u good luck.
Thank you sexyatlast. Now just trying to decide on where to stay.

Ok ladies I'm 6 weeks out from surgery. Plane...

Ok ladies I'm 6 weeks out from surgery. Plane tickets check. Blood ork for clearance check. Clothes for after surgery check. Bed pads for leakage check. I'm still undecided about my hotel though..... I'll shop for snacks when I fly in a day before surgery. I'm also hoping to meet Salama prior to surgery! My brother is going to help me girlfriends not available till weekend. I am concerned about sitting for the flight home though... Can someone chime in and let me know if your allowed to stand? I thought I read something about getting a doctors note? But what does it say? I also I'm waiting to get my package in the mail from Nomie she is super nice wow!
Ok yeah my appointment is at 11am so we shall KIT! And who will care for you after surgery? My friend will be going with me but she will have surgery 7 days after me. My husband must work and take care of our daughter so I'm thinking of saving money to have a nurse and my friend care for me until my tummy tuck drains are removed. I seen you posted about sleeping on knees and just reclining on a couch that's a great idea! Worth the sacrifice Ill just have to practice a few weeks before lol lol and let my nurse and friend know so they can help make sure I do so specially the day of surgery I'm sure I won't remember since I'll be pretty medicated Good luck girl
Oh ok makes sense. He is on vacation they are telling you the truth. He comes back from vacation on the 25th not sure if he is working that day.

I am not sure how the resting on the sides work. Not many go into that in great detail and if they see any flattening out on the sides. It is a very good question though. But we have to lay somewhere I am also having a TT so I can not lay on my stomach... I just don't know I will have to get further clarification on that.

I will be in the office on the 25th late morning so if you are there we will see each other :-)
No sorry I'm not having surgery until Juky 20th I'll be
in his office Jume 25 th on a mini vacation with the hubby so I thought I should just get my blood work and paperwork out the way. I was told he would be out the entire week. But it's ok I understand he is super busy :) I'm going to look for a room
And book everything when I'm out there. Might see you! So how will you rest ? I'm
So scarred to damage the fat cells from resting in my sides I've read reviews where girls notice the sides of their butts flatten and lose volume from
being on their sides

Ok, ladies I am 4 weeks and 3 days away from my...

Ok, ladies I am 4 weeks and 3 days away from my surgery. I am quite excited and nervous all at the same time. I must say though that I am enjoying all you ladies who have gone before me experiences. So mostly I know what to expect and all the details. I especially love when you give the little stuff. I just want to know it all!

So today I just jump on the scale and low and behold I lost 5 pounds! Grrrr now where in the heck did they go and it is gonna be hell to get them back. All along I am at 128 and now I am 123 when I want to loose the extra pounds I couldn't and now I want to keep them and they run away! I guess I am going to have to implement an ensure with each meal trick! I just need to eat, eat, eat until I go for surgery.

Ok, on to another note my bags are mostly packed but I am still looking for a housecoat/duster that buttons down the front or zippers down the front for comfort and easy access to my garment. I am going to hunt at the cheapy store for that tomorrow. I have also seen a lot of you wearing compression socks?? Is that recommended or optional? Just trying to figure out if I need them or not?

I am also a wee bit concerned Mr. Larry and his shenanigans being late! I am super organized and waiting while in pain will not be nice. And cancelled doctors appointments with the doctor because the driver is running late is also not nice. So I am wondering what can be done to make sure that won't be the case... In any event if I have to hop in a cab (which I hope I won't have to since this is supposed to be "all inclusive") I will just so I can see the doc when he is available. After all I am flying all the way down there so I would like to be seen when he is able to see his patients. I am also staying on sterling road which I hear if a bit farther than the driver would like to go???? And I hear it takes longer to get to and fro... Ugh being in pain and not being able to make appointments is not a good mix.

Anyway to end on a happy note I am still quite excited and am anxious for all this to come to fruition. Thank you ladies for sharing your journey with me. Still counting down....
@bdoll I was thinking the same thing....
And as far as sleeping I will let u know about kneeling and trying to sleep. I don't want to mess up my sides either. This is a real adventure. Lol

Hello My BBL sisters. I am officially about a...

Hello My BBL sisters. I am officially about a month away from surgery. I am still quite excited along with very nervous. Seeing good reviews along with some problems is only making me a bit more nervous. But all in all I love Salama's work each girl that he operates on has awesome results and I can't deny it!

Ok so today I went out and bought my antibacterial dial bar soap (usually only use liquid). My suitcase is packed and someone posted a pic of a folding chair which I can't seem to find does anyone know where I can find one. You can let your butt hang off the back. I am still eating recklessly and trying to avoid my treadmill so I don't lose any weight!

I am contemplating CC's I want. I have seen where some docs only put 250-400 I don't want anything near that number. I want at least 1000cc's if that fits my frame. I want to allow for absorption and a nice rear that is NOT ridiculous. Any whoo I will post weekly until I get closer and I may post more. I guess isn't too much to say until I get to Florida. Wishing you all successful surgeries and healthy healing.

Hey ladies! Well this is my month! I am still...

Hey ladies! Well this is my month! I am still excited and nervous but in a good way. I am still not 100% where I will stay though. I have reserved the Hampton Inn in Hollywood but can't help but think I don't want to be locked in a room while recovering. I want a balcony at least and the beach to watch! Ugh, but for all of this do I want to pay double the hotel stay?...So while I am keeping my Hampton reservation just in case now I am exploring vacation rentals near the beach and near Salama's office. My bags are still packed and I am ready to go!

Any suggestions would be helpful about a 1 Bedroom rental would be helpful. My brother and child are coming with me but my brother snores like a damn bear and we must be separated by a door! My son is there for comfort :-).
Hey OptimisticPalm. I'm so glad to finally hear of someone taking their child with them. I was contemplating it and it's real comforting to know that I'm not the only one. As far as a chair is concerned, I read on here how one girl got hers from Pier1. I booked the BW on Stirling rd but I have been seriously considering the il Lugano. You get the best of worlds- condo living with hotel amenities. It's a bit outta Larry's perimeter but if you get a rental, it's no prob- its only 20 mins from dr Salama. Good luck!
Checked Il Lugano it is nice and a wee bit more than i'd like to pay and too far. Yup I am bringing my honey need him there :-) Good luck on your surgery. I am still looking on Sunny Isle and Hollywood beach if anyone wants to share specific condo info. Hellllp...
Awww that's sucks .. I really thought we would be able to lay on our stomachs

Hello all welp I am all paid up! So yes it's going...

Hello all welp I am all paid up! So yes it's going down! I am just a couple of weeks away. With all these mixed reviews I am a bit nervous, but more good than bad so I am going to roll with that! I am still going back and forth trying to find a suitable vacation condo and I am going to let the Hampton Inn go to the waaaay side. I would much rather see the ocean and just be in that setting and have a balcony for fresh air! Anywho I will keep all my BBL sisters posted since I can't talk about this to a damn sole since no one else knows. lol. The few people that know I am going in only know I am going in for a TT don't need the judgement for the BBL or the stares. I am just gonna cover up when close family is around and my great reveal will be next summer when I have put time and space between them and my new bottom! lol. Anywho I am enjoying those that have chosen to share their stories and photos. And I am anxiously awaiting my turn.
Hey gurl,
Congrats on fully paying up... your almost there... so close, so close. I feel you n the mixed emotions as well... but you will get through this... ;)
Thanks Nicki! I just wanted to clear up the end$ before I got there didn't want any money issues! Also His prices seem to be climbing so who knows what people will pay next year. I am glad I hopped on before that last increase. Anywho still struggling with deciding between hotel and condo. I want a condo but not finding the right one with the right price looks like Hampton Inn will have to accommodate me :-)
Hey optimisticpalm, your right about the prices. I did my consult on April 30th, the quote given was $6499, when I called Three weeks later the price went up to $6799. I was also told the price was going to go up again by January. Are you traveling alone?

Ok trying to wind down on this condo option. Thank...

Ok trying to wind down on this condo option. Thank you!! Tryingtomakeithappen for your assistance. Ok so I should know if I am confirmed in a few short days. No free breakfast but the ocean beats free food any day. I also have decided to bring my mini blender to make myself fruit smoothies w/ protein and whey. That should help when I don't want to eat. I am right around the 2 week timeframe and I am getting excited. Chat soon my BBL family. Happy healing to you all.
Good luck hun :)
@ARU thanks! I am ready to go!

Ok I finally booked a 1Bedroom Condo on the beach!...

Ok I finally booked a 1Bedroom Condo on the beach! I put a deposit down and still have my reservation for my hotel just incase (side eye). It is my first time renting from an owner and so I was very apprehensive about booking via PayPal.....

Anyhow I am less than two weeks out and I am just ready to go although I won't be ready to come back home with no massage therapists lined up. Just why am I not doing what I need to do. I have a few other pressing things going on at home and am slacking a bit. I am going to find a therapist this week!

I have gained the weight and am having a bit of fun keeping it. I just hope I will not have a problem after surgery with all of these poor eating habits. Oh yeah tried on a pair of pants that were fitted and guess what they are too damn tight! I can only imagine when I get my new bum how they will fit... they wont! I still have tags on them and will just exchange them for a bigger size in a few weeks. I am looking forward to the newer improved me :-). My unofficial official count down has begun in my head.

Thanks all of those that have shared and are continuing to share their progress.
I can wait to see your results, what condo did you go with are they reasonable.
@candi me too lol. I sent you a pm with condo info.
Hey grl hope all is well. Can't wait to c your results. Do u mind sending me theinfo as well pls ;)

Ok my TT & BBL sisters. I am in the single...

Ok my TT & BBL sisters. I am in the single digits with days remaining. At this point I am not too nervous since it is all so surreal and it has been something that I have been wanting to do for such a long time. So I am just anxious and ready to get it done! I am sure I will be singing a different tune in a few days right about before I board the plane or am being wheeled into surgery! LOL but for right now I am ready. Now just deciding to rent a darn car or go with Larry, I am still hearing he is having people wait around (side eye). I will decide about that in literally the next 3 or 4 days. Welp ladies happy healing!
Thanks a bunch for your response. I'm just afraid of the dreaded square booty!! Hope all goes well with you and please keep us posted!
Congrats on your upcoming procedure!! I'm scheduled with Jimerson but I'm seriously thinking of changing to Salama. Would you recommend him?
@ J Love well I am going to do work with him so I chose him for myself. I would suggest you go through the many reviews and make a choice of doctor that will give you the best look for you. From what I can tell Jimerson makes huge booties but Salama sculpts the body along with the booty. So for me he was the best choice for me. But best of luck to you in making your final choice!

Still on my count down 1 week to go! Oh and...

Still on my count down 1 week to go!

Oh and for the "special" person sending me a pm wanting to charge me $225 if I choose not to use larry NO THANK YOU!!! I have been to south beach at least a dozen times and know the area well plus I have family and friends in the area! Why would I use a total stranger I do not know????? Also I can just rent a car since I will have someone with me! The nerve trying to solicit me! People are more than a little crazy!

On a lighter note i'm on my count down! Still deciding on using larry or not I am calling the office to see if I can get that credited back and I will use my own form of transport to and fro. Happy healing to you all!!!

Ok ladies well I am less than a week out whoot...

Ok ladies well I am less than a week out whoot whoot! Ok so I have decided to not use Larry. I have heard too many horror Larry stories and late stories and girls piled in the car stories. I just can't I just want a seamless process as possible and waiting for larry and being piled in the back of a car or dodging traffic no thank you! So I have rented a car and I will have friends and family take me to my appointments! Yaaa.

So I have also decided to pack my mini blender so that I can blend bananas, strawberries, blue berries and protein to give me much needed nutrients. I think I am all packed (been packed for a month, giggle) I just add a thing or two when I read an update and say hey I need that and take a thing or two out when I read something and say ah don't need this.

Ok that's it for now just ready to go! See ya on the other side :-). I will update if I have something else unimportant to say. lol.
Hey I just got an email from Dr Salamas office stating that he no longer will do TT with BBL wondering if your procedure has changed?
Honesty I had both done and I would of done it separately. Recovery is truly hard. I would of gotten my butt done first
Hey ladies I was told today we have to choose . I'm so upset!! Don't know wat to do or just cancel everything together

Ok, my BBL sisters I have less than a hand full of...

Ok, my BBL sisters I have less than a hand full of days left!! Yipeee, next week will be my week! I got a call from Mr. Larry today asking if I were using his services, and I was happy to let him know that I was not. He seemed very nice, however using my own transportation will ensure that my rides will be ontime and be waiting for me and me only! I will purchase some throw pillows when I get down to Florida for the back seat of my car rental. I also bought a portable folding chair that your butt can hang off the back for $17 bucks also found Arnica at Walmart. I have all that I need or can remember!

To those who have already had their surgeries I wish you happy healing. The next official surgery day it will be my turn!!!

Oh and finally got condo squared away with cable....

Oh and finally got condo squared away with cable. Who can live without it??? Not me that will be my only inttainment besides the pain. I told the manager other girls will WANT premium cable so if you book with This guy ask for it! He is also putting tv in bedroom where currently there is none. What!! I don't want YO be all alone in there no tv for distraction just me and the sound of my cries of pain! Lololol no thank you. Ok enough condo rant. I also have a Xanax on deck for the night before. I know I will be up the whole night.

For recovery I'm intending to sit on that folding chair with my butt hanging off and sleep on my knees if needed. I emailed the lady about the special chair with tilted pillow she's not available right now ugh.

Ok my sisters. Chat soon!
What isnthe name of the chair you bought? Where did you get it?
@Jadedd here ya go!

@optimistic. I got it on the 13th. No I don't have any pix didn't want to put them online(not that brave). My healing was challenging. I just got my drains out 2day. When I chose 2 get both I knew it was going 2 b hard but I figured I'm strong and I could handle it. Plus not getting a tt wasn't really an option 4 me. My belly was horrible. I didn't find out that he was stopping both until I got here and he told me that the butts weren't turning out like he wanted. I could of died. I got both but my cc's are minimal. I have 2 come back in 3 months 2 get more. I don't know how many waiting for a response. I hope evrrything goes well with u.

Ok did last minute shopping to pick up a couple of...

Ok did last minute shopping to pick up a couple of more old lady button down the front dresses. I heard they may get all bloody after surgery so I now have a grand total of 3 if I have to toss one no biggie since they were only $4.99. I also have gauze, surgical tape and neosporin. Can't think of anything else.... Ah well just couple more days till my flight to Fll and less than 5 days till surgery. Yipeeeee. Now just waiting to get to the other side :-) It seems like it was just weeks away now it is just a few days till surgery time sure does fly fast!

Happy healing to those before me!
Can wait to see your results!!!!!!! :) Good luck!
Thanks BigBooty.

Ok I am getting more than a few requests for this...

Ok I am getting more than a few requests for this lil stool where your butt hangs off so here it is for all. http://www.austinkayak.com/products/5421/Byer-of-Maine-TriLite-Stool-Large.html It is $17 bucks and you sit on your thighs and your butt hangs off the back. It is sturdy and it is affordable and portable. It comes in like a mini umbrella case so you can carry it in a large purse. I am taking mine with me in my luggage to Florida I may buy two one for home and one to carry around to work. Enjoy folks!

This week is all me :-) Just a couple more days....
lol..thanks girl..think ill try it cause not sitting is killing me...im only 2 weeks :/ how long are we suppose to not sit anyway? i.e. been so out of it i can't even remember what dr. s said---so and so time not sitting at all, then on boppy then on hard surface? do u remember?
hey thanks for the info--but I'm wondering if i won't topple over cause my booty is hanging off the back and theres no other support...ill order it but do u have it already? do u feel supported when u sit on it? i keep seeing myself fall on this lol
Hey Girl. Yes I have it when you sit down you are leaning forward so your weight is mostly on your legs and your thighs are on the stool now if you go leaning backwards I suppose back you will go and then on to the floor! lol. I am going to use it for work and sitting everywhere. Right now with out my BBL it works so I imagine it would work after this is theory though. I got the idea from a girl on here that had one but she had pics up with out where to get the stuff from. So I researched and found it. So if she had it after surgery and it worked I imagine it will work for me also. Try it it is $17 bucks. I'll let ya know in a couple of days after surgery if it works when I am all puffy and swollen.

Thanks my BBL sisters I've been sitting on the...

Thanks my BBL sisters I've been sitting on the tarmac since 6:30 am. Kinda makes you wonder why in the hell I'm doing this????? But got my xanax so see ya on the other side if this darn plane will take off.. Ugh...
Have a good nite god bless
my prayers are with you for a speedy, healthy recovery :) keep us posted
Thanks fab the plane just landed 4 hours late!

Hey my BBL sisters. Whelp I'm here in Kansas :-)....

Hey my BBL sisters. Whelp I'm here in Kansas :-). I'm waiting to meet Salama he's in surgery right now. Oddly enough I'm not nervous just a bit anxious and ready to go! So I can now say officially see you on the other side of happiness! All prayers are welcome!

Sitting here waiting for Salama..... Nerves...

Sitting here waiting for Salama..... Nerves haven't kicked it yet....

Oh went into sign papers yesterday and met with...

Oh went into sign papers yesterday and met with Ruben, Nancy & Nomie the whole gang super sweet and real. Ruben is hysterical. What a nice bunch of people they kept me at ease and were just nice. Oh oh god just walked in.. I mean Salama.

Hey all I made it to the other side. I'm sore...

Hey all I made it to the other side. I'm sore still and a bit of burning by incisions. Salama ROCKS!!!! I don't see anything just know I'm hard didn't wanna leave you hanging. Will update later when I feel better.
So happy for u get well soon
Glad to hear that you made it through! Happy Healing!
Glad to hear all went well and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Hello my bbl sisters so here goes it. I went in...

Hello my bbl sisters so here goes it. I went in for surgery met with alex anesthesia nurse he was nice answered all my Q's. I had to wait a bit for surgery about an hour and a half. I got there at 11 am it's in a bank office building if all girls didn't mention I would have been more lost I passed it the first time.

After signing more papers Salama came in. I was surprisingly calm he was funny but direct he made me feel comfortable. After fussing and fighting about the tummy tuck he was not going to give me I totally understood why. He was right and I got a mini. Can't see it yet

Got into or and met dr Alan who assisted Salama I introduced myself. The most I got outta him was a greeting he was quiet as a mouse. Oh a columbian nurse was there Salama has a team of multiple counties on his staff everyone from different places nice. She was sweet.. I got iv from alex asd asked him to let me know when I was going down he said ok Next thing I remember is saying please,please,please more water. The female nurse said that's enough it's the anesthia.

Woke up in a comfy chair a lil sore I was cocked to the side must have done this sub consciously. She was like time to go. From what iwas toldni said please I wast to stay here. Please 5 more minutes. Then when I was told again time to go I said again 5 more mins I want to stAy. Lol must a been the drugs. Oh took a percoset when I woke up.

My brother was there I remember being wheeled to the car I could care less if I was on my butt or eyeball. I crawled into car with my pillows and boppy. My bro said I did a lot os ouches on my way to condo which was only 5 miles away nod literally across from the beach.

Got to condo had water gatoraide broccoli soup from whole foods and rice I had him putin it it was delicious had it the day before and he had it waiting. Then I hadngrapes a banana and more grapes. I was so super hungry!! I took my perks every 2 hours for the first 6 now I'm up to 4-5 hours in between. I felt less and less and less groggy as the hours past I actually mentally felt great just achey and draining quite a bit. My throat is sour but tolerable and I need a good cough but can't get a good one it. I woke up every 2 hours to pee I use funnel but I'm able to go alons just tired when I get back to the bed. My brother changed my drains then my friend took the night shift all modesty out the window. I munched before each percoset so no nausea! One drain came loose so fluid everywhere ingot up took of my second button front $4.99 dres went to the bathroom and washed it and cleaned up while my girlfriend chained my sheets and chucks an the bet thank goodness I brought alot. I had cheese andcrckere around 6 and I feel really good just stiff and sore. I haven't looked at myself just trying to heal. I'll ask someone at the office today when I go see Salama.

Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers. Ask away anything I forgot. Oh Salama gives you arnica pills.

Update Ok today I needed to go back to 3 hours for...

update Ok today I needed to go back to 3 hours for pain pills. I am just so achey. I also went to see Salama today and it was right around eating and pain pills time. Can I tell you how quickly my situation went from good to poor. I just felt week and awful. And it didn't help that we got lost on the way and it just added to the time it took to get to the doctor. I went in my lil old lady robe. It is easy to wash and they al get bloody may I suggest you leave your fancy dresses at home!

So saw Nomie she is an absolute doll. She had me lay down and just gather my strength before she changed my tummy garment I had her take a photo I will post in a bit and she put on a nice new non bloody one. She is so kind and gentle as you can be in this situation. My er nurse was there her name escapes me but she is funny between my lil spanish and her lil english we had some laughs! My time with Salama was good I didn't feel rushed he said what he had to say and answered any questions then he was off! oh i got 1200cc's he said that is all my lil square butt could take. lol. I said it wasn't big he said it was I don't see it but it is too early to judge. It is just swollen and red and bruised I will try and take a pic soon of that. It had a lil shelf I'd like to see a slope but like I said far too soon to know what form my body will make my bum. He can only add the
cc's but your body does the rest.

I got some soup took a nap and am just laying around with trips to the bathroom every 2 hours. I see Celia tomorrow I am not looking forward to the pain that she will be bring with her!

Thank you for all your support my bbl sisters. Sad that I didn't get to meet any of you at the office or surgery center.
i cracked up so hard reading your entry from june 27. i could tell you were drugged up with all those typo's and broken sentences lmao. HAPPY HEALING YOU'RE GONNA LOOK FABULOUS!!
Lol, plus I was on my ipad. All I can say is stiff n sore
Thanks for updating!hope you start feeling better soon!

June 28 th. I go back ad forth how I feel.. I'm...

June 28 th. I go back ad forth how I feel.. I'm sure it has to do with not eating. I know hut you just don't wanna! Celia called me and said tomorrow will be better. So tomorrow @ 10 am. Me n Cecilia will meet.

Other than being tired and super stiff I'm ok. I walk real slow and each movement is a huge effort.
Hope u feel better n better n better light hug:)
Thanks. Still stiff and sleeping a lot. Pain is tolerable though...

Update: Ok gang I am 3 days post op and I am...

update: Ok gang I am 3 days post op and I am taking less meds because the percs make me sick but I did take one for Celia's visit. I keep getting hot flashes but Nomie says that is from the Anastasia. I woke up and waited for Celia and when she came ooooh boy! that was a come to jesus moment! That massage was a bit painful I didn't cry but wanted to and had two fists balled up just waiting to strike at some moments. My lower right tummy in particular was the worst all the other parts was ok. The most amazing part is right after she was done I could have skipped around I had a bounce in my step and felt 100% better. What a difference a massage makes.

Other than that I am just lazing around which I should be walking but I am just tired. Nothing else new to report but you can ask any questions you would like. Happy healing to those on the other side, and your time will come soon for those that are waiting to join us.

Oh I posted pics and I see my shape starting to form berry berry nice.
Nice progress! Congrats! How is sitting going for you? Are you following restrictions or coping by using other techniques? I go in Monday for lipo & BBL. All tips would help. Thanks.
Thanks I rest with wedge pillow under my knees or lay on my sides but that makes me stiff.
im so happy boo. you look good. i cant wait . and thanks for the update

Day. 3 post op. I dons need percs Tylenol is fine....

Day. 3 post op. I dons need percs Tylenol is fine. Still stiff after laying on my sides. Had my second massage with elin yikes pain! I made her sweat. It was painful especially where the front drain is. After massage I felt good and had my first shower and I felt great.

Ok I have not went to do #2 for a week. My bro got Swiss kriss at 4am. Stool softener at 6am no action I just feel bloated and yucky. For those that have went through this please help.
Try Milk of Magnesia(anywhere...cvs,Walgreens,Walmart) or Ballerina Tea(walmart) these actually make you go... yes you will have cramping associated with taking these ... I think there are Phillips Milk of Magnesia pills out and it's suppose to be cramp free try those as well !
Do you mind sharing where you found the condo youre renting? Im am having the hardest time finding somewhere to stay besides the Best Western.
Sure I'll send you pm

Update hey ladies.... Finally had action in the...

Update hey ladies.... Finally had action in the bathroom on day 2after Swiss kriss. I feel much better. I sat on the toilet although I dunno why some don't?..... Your butt doesn't touch just your thighs....

Ok saw Salama today his nice and looks so serious sometimes even when cracking a joke. I said when will my hour glass show up? He said man your obsessed with this hourglass your only 5 days post op... We both laughed I said if I liked my old shape why would I come to you?! We both laughed again. Nomie put on a tight med garment not hooked I screeched too much I'm not taking any more pain meds so that probably was the problem. Then she gave me a large to take home and to use med later. In pulled out the side sponges I couldn't breathe... I'll have Celia help me tomorrow after my massage.

You know I'm glad I did this surgery but you sure do have a different outlook once it's done. 1 I won't be coming back for revision no matter the outcome. 2 I don't like being uncomfortable and having people do stuff for me. I also hate taking all these meds.....

Any who yesterday I walked to the boardwalk. It's about 30 steps from the condo I can see the beach if I take 2 or 3 steps out the front door that's nice.. But I mostly see the bed and bathroom.

Happy healing to those who are on the other side, and your time will soon be here for those waiting...
Ooo thanks for the pointers neva thought about that. Thanks babe
Hey optimistic I'm so happy u doing better. I bought the stool and it came in. I try it out n its good to rest your feet bc ya ass hangs right off. Thanks for the info I could def.. c myself usin the chair. Happy healin n thanks 4 the updates they really r helpful.
Your very welcome I also sat on it in the shower and used it as a tray by the bed. It has been multifunctional.

Update Hey my BBL sisters. Not sure if I have been...

update Hey my BBL sisters. Not sure if I have been sounding too upbeat but not feeling 100% is a bit difficult. I just rest a lot and force myself to eat because you just don't want to eat. And with all these damn annoying meds you MUST eat! Did I mention the now frequent trips to the bathroom due to the darn antibiotics. They make me so sleepy and not myself and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Ok so the details since this is what I use to live for. Today day 6 honestly each day you feel a lil bit better I do move around just slow and the heat out here is HOT so that makes it a bit harder. Last night I took that damn garment off and threw it somewhere! I started with one eyelet then another and another and another and before I knew it it was across the room! I couldn't do it i put my belly band on.

celia came a 4pm ove her she is super sweet and did massage with ultra sound then hands. I took a half a perc today wasn't interested in handling the pain without meds. I felt great after she helped me put my large garment on with that damn foam which makes it tighter. It felt much better today now I am waiting for food and getting ready for home yaaaaa.
Hey girlie I'm glad to hear you are doing well. I'm having a Tt and bbl as well next week!! I can't believe the time is finally here I'm having all those feelings you had before your surgery. So is it easy to sleep on your side? How do you feel about your TT scar? Can you sleep on your stomach at all? Sorry to ask so many questions just very nervous :) What advice do you have for anyone about to do these procedure? Thanks for listening and happy healing!!
Hi Orlando, I actually sleep on my sides so its natural for me,but you do get stiff so I go owe then alternate sides. I am not peeing every 2 hours now but frequently. I had a mini so my scar is in the pubic region and honestly I haven't inspected the area just so sire I could care less. But I did touch the area andit felt raised. My tt scar has given me zero pain or discomfort. Its the bbl that's the pain in the butt and the lipo area that's tender. No worries ask away I was where you are just one short week ago.
Glad to hear your doing better! Funny about the garment..... But dont forget its really your best friend. Not only will it help with minimizing the swelling but also with your overall shape... And results. Hang in there in the end

Update: Ok where did I leave off... July 3rd...

Update: Ok where did I leave off...

July 3rd was my 8th day post op and I had to pack up and leave my condo before my doctors appt which caused me to be 45 minutes late. I thought I would see Salama but I did not I saw Lovely Nomie and Celia for my painful massage :-). So I go to the doctors office which I had to wait since I was late and Celia was at lunch and Nomie took me straight to a room to lay down. They are super accommodating and always seem to really think of the patients comfort. So Celia came in with her upbeat self, I love that she speaks spanglish which is what they call it in the BX (where I am from) and always say pero instead of but. She is just so nice head to toe and she has a great personality till she puts her hands on me then I get to balling up my fists again then start fake shadow boxing, we both just giggle. So my 4th massage was just as horrible as the first it hurt like hell and ofcourse after she was done I could almost do a skip and I am so loose.

Then Nomie comes in I think she is just going to remove the drains... I know that the back will hurt less than the front, but WOW the back was uncomfortable but the front OOOOOOOOOOOOUCH!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I bit down on the towel I was laying on. It just felt like burning even after she took it out she said (insert my name here) I am holding it in my hand. That was so painful!!!!!!!!! She squeezed out some of the fluids from my drain in my back and she said it was protein. I then put on my garment and said goodbye to my Elite Team and was on the way home.

Went to the airport and they saw me walking at the speed of a slough offered me a wheel chair which I used for my things. They then said at the desk you have too many pieces to go on board you must check some. I had 2 carry on's and 2 boppys I said I just had surgery and my boppys are for me to lay on.... They said ok (big smile). I handed my doctors note when I got to the desk before departure and I noticed this delta guy just standing there and he said i'm here to help you. He took all my stuff and brought it to my seats. Oh did I mention they gave me a whole row to myself so that I could lay down. The attendant said there is no law that says you have to be seated you just have to be seatbelted. So she went off came back helped me get comfy laying down gave me 3 blankets and a seatbelt extension so that it wasn't tight around my mid section. So I slept the whole flight. Got to NY and they had a wheel chair waiting for me I kinda sat on my boppy on my thigh slanted and they waited with me while my ride took a damn hour to get there but they waited. So the flight was GREAT!!!

Next day I was just swollen it was hot as hell in NY and I was less stiff by the day but just uncomfortable. I have a therapist set up for next wednesday.

Riding in the car with that damn boppy may get you killed! That damn thing is too bulky have a suv and it is already high it makes me higher and I am damn near at the ceiling. I went out and bought that roll pillow but it seems after a while your butt gets closer and closer to the seat. So with my right arm I kinda suspend myself in the air. I know sounds crazy but wait till you have to do it and you will know. Just getting in and out of my car is such a hassle so I am glad I never have too far to go.

Day 11 I am all swollen my back tummy and lady parts all like one big water mellon. I dare not take off my garment except to shower and right back on it goes before I am all dry. I am still not wearing panties.. why because I didn't like the feel of it on me and with this garment I didn't want another damn thing squeezing the life outta me! I did put on a pair of scrubs today and they were tight where before they fit with space. So I am still wearing sun dresses and don't care if my garment shows through. My back is still sore as hell you know the most discomfort from this whole thing besides my butt being swollen and stuffed to capacity is the lipoed areas i.e. my back. My tummy tuck (mini) incision bothered me NONE but my back YIKES!!!

So there it is please ask all you like. What I have found is... after the transition you become less obsessed with the site so I am not stalking like I use to but if you send me a message I will always reply. Best of luck to all my BBL sisters.
Optimistic, you look lovely. I was very interested in your practical updates, however, namely the laying down on the flight. How did you manage such an accommodation? Did you pay for an extra seat or did it come with the wheelchair service and doctor's note for verification? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. Happy healing, girl.
@sx When I first entered the airport walking at the pace of a slow snail, they just came with the wheel chair or came and offered one to me can't remember which one. At that point I didn't say anything about a doctors note or surgery. When I got to the security they were doing additional security lifting hands way up body scans since it was the 3rd of July.... I was already not at my best and looked and said I can't do all that! I was starting to sweat (not a sweater...) and they just scanned my wheel chair and had me walk through the magnet security instead of the extensive search body scan business. When I got to the gate I handed over the letter so that I would have the ability to stand or move about and not sit on my precious new parts. They searched the flight and just said we are going to give you a row so that you can lay down. The row was 3 seats across in the back of the plane. Then asked if that was that ok. I said yup! Salamas not just says you had a surgical procedure and that you are required to stand when you are not required to stay seated. I told them I could stand or lay not sit and by looking at me all hunched over I guess they felt sorry for me.

But when I use to travel with my child when he was 2 they would offer us a row of seats so that he could sleep and that we could be comfortable. So this is not something you have to ask for, it is offered to you if the flight is not full.
Thank you for the detailed response. Even if I feel good enough by the time I need to get in the flight, I will be sure to look hunched over and explain I just had surgery. Wishing you the best girl :)

Small update on day 12. I switched to medium...

Small update on day 12. I switched to medium garment yesterday and I am back to feeling like a stuffed turkey. Ugh but hey I am trying I slept in my garment but I had to unhook a few of the hooks at the top to sleep. My back is still super sore to the touch still. My tt zero pain but darn lipo lots of discomfort when I am touched. Also I am swollen like a stuffed grape! My lady parts still all stuffed and my stomach is swollen and back also. Oh I also forgot to mention from time to time I get the urge to itch my but and when I do OMG it is like an itching frenzy! I have the liquid benadryl and arnica... I am not sure if either works. I just have to itch till I tell my self to STOP then itch a wee lil more then stop then after a few more scratches here and there I really stop!

I sleep pretty comfortably on my sides and this is the position I sleep in anyway. I use the boppy between my let and an arm of it under my torso and that helps. I sleep for many more hours through the night about 4 or 5 where as before it was just 2 hours at a time to pee. I still use my rubber lady urinal so this stops me from having to take the garment off just to pee. Anything to not take his garment off is a good thing! I have my sponges in the triangle on the back and the two rectangle pieces on the sides. One had a half circle missing from when I tried to yank it out 2 nights ago because I JUST COULDN'T TAKE IT! I am eating way better not but not like before surgery. My mood has been somewhat somber don't get why you get that way after surgery......

My butt is still hard and my tummy still feels like an alien's from the inside when I take my garment off but to the touch it feels like skin but on the inside it just feels weird! My silhouette is nice but dunno about my projection...... but then again may be too soon to tell at 12 days. Each persons body heals differently, but you know Salama said the most interesting thing.. He said he did the same exact thing to each persons butt. So it is your body that will truly form how it will form because he is doing the exact thing across the board. I found that to be quite interesting... So with all that said I know my butt is bigger because when I put on a pair of panties they fit like they NEVER have fit in the past so I must just wait and see.

Wishing all of you happy healing and those not on the this side yet your turn is coming soon!

Question for those who have had their surgery...

Question for those who have had their surgery already. I am wearing my garment and ofcourse a piece of both butt cheeks are hanging out the middle and it seems like the garment is creasing my darn butt!!! What should I do? What did you do?
....at least until you get your tailored garment back. I truly hope this helps!!
Well, this is what I did: Put on a full fit pair of undies (like grandma undies) and then put T-backs over it and then put the garment on as usual. This helps to reshape the ass that was oozing out of the garment as well as creating a "C" shape on each section of the ass. I hope this helps, but this IS WHAT I HAD TO DO. (cuz I noticed that happening once I came home and put on a smaller garment) stick with the same garment the fits your ass perfectly (without the oozing, of course) and get that same garment taken in, in the waist!
Hey girl,
I don't think the booty is suppose to come out the bottom hole of the garment... I read on another review that's not suppose to happen...

Ok 13 Days Post op. I went back to work today......

Ok 13 Days Post op. I went back to work today... Ugh. Wasn't really mentally ready but physically I thought I was. I felt great this morning and had wind to walk and with each day you truly feel a little bit better, as it has been said so many times before. I sit for work and all that sitting with my butt hanging off of that lil chair had me all swollen my tummy is swollen and I just felt all bloated. Need to work out my massage situation in the next 2 days!

Garment and but hanging out of the middle. Pain in the butt! Grrr. 1st I was wearing my garment with out any undies it was just easier to go to the bathroom and it was just easy access. Well I put on a pair of panties and it made a huge difference because I was having some serious hang and when I sat and felt that part of my butt I was like this is gonna mold just like this grrrrr.

My butt has pangs of pain here and there every so often and sometimes still a lil itchy. I sleep on my sides and when I turn and touch the middle part of my but if feels like I am laying on something even if it is just wrinkled sheet it must be smooth under my side or it is uncomfortable. My butt is still hard but it seems to be softening a little bit on the lower end.

I took a photo today for you BBL girls so that you can see my progress my butt is nice :-) I am still super swollen on my waist and lower back so that should look better at some point. I will keep you posted you can ask any questions you like.
My full results haven't formed yet but for now yes.
Are you happy with your results?
Awwww mannnn your back at work already?. ;((( n u still a Lil swollen tooo ... I take it you couldn't squeeze in anymore time off.... Do u have to sit the whole time? We dont wanna lose no fat/volume lol well I'm hoping tomorrow will be a Better day for you!

Hey my BBL Sisters! Just wanted to give you...

Hey my BBL Sisters!

Just wanted to give you an update! Nothing too interesting going on though but I know how it was when I was waiting... So ok on day 14 no biggie, as I said before and as many have said before me with each day that passes you truly feel a lil bit better. This week I am still using my little stool where my but hangs off the back, but there is a price to be paid! My thighs are sore, but that is ok I'd rather that than my but flat! lol. I know that at 2 weeks we can use the boppy but I refuse! I just don't want to sit on my butt for now it cost too damn much money to go squashing my precious fat cells that have been so strategically placed.

I find as long as I am moving and walking I feel much better than sitting (with butt hanging off of my little stool). My garment is also easier to get on and off. I am still swollen in the front and my back, lower more than upper. I slept in my large garment the other night while I washed my medium. Let me tell you it was comfy which means it is now too darn big! It fit nice around the butt and the stomach area it was not really that constricting. I probably could go down to a small but I don't need my precious bum constricted.

I finally had my first massage today. Hallelujah! She was $50 for half hour and she actually went a little longer. Can I tell you I now feel less swelling I feel all lubed up. It was NOT as painful as Celia (love her) or Elin (love her too) but then I am 17 days post op so I am healing some parts were a wee bit uncomfy but no pain involved at all! I was walking to my car this morning and thought I felt a little giggle but not sure (side eye) i'll let you know if I feel that again. lol. I think my body is coming along nicely and I don't want to comment on my final outcome because the final product has not been produced. What I can say is from what I can see now I am happy. My shape and my but are much fuller than before and I am currently happy in which the direction my body is going.

Wishing you all well! Happy healing!
I took off 2 weeks and nope I didn't take more time off. I guess I could of but for financial purposes I took my behind and body right back to work! I do sit at work but can walk around a bit, but I sat on my stool with my butt hanging off the back NOT on my precious butt.
Hey I understand! ...A girl need her paper lol ... Well i think You are one tuff cookie! xoxo
Salama says you can sit after 4 weeks.

Need some help from those that just had surgery...

Need some help from those that just had surgery and got the steri-strip. Nomie gave me tape for gaze and one steristrip I don't know which is which. Damit. One says 3m in the middle and micropore. The other one is just clear in the middle of he role a clear plastic middle. What does your seri strip look like in the middle??? I have no damn idea which is which I think I am gonna put the one with the 3m in the middle on. I need to change my tape today ugh! Help!!! Thanks!
I am thoroughly confused. I only got one for my TT. I just put both the damn tapes together I don't know which one it is once I find out I am throwing the other in the damn garbage! The steri-strip I am supposed to change every 7 days until it's done.
Typo. Not phone the one.
The 3m tape is the phone u get first for ur tt so the other should b the steri strip. Hope this helps. Happy healing!

Hello my BBL Sisters, Welp it has been 3...

Hello my BBL Sisters,

Welp it has been 3 weeks and 1 day. I have added some pics for you all to see. I know I was super obsessed with pictures as the girls went through their journey so I totally know how you feel. But now that I am on the other side I can see day to day so you kinda are not too interested in pics since it is now happening to me. But I will share just like others before me shared with all of us.

Ok, so as I have said each day I feel more and more like the old me, but not 100% just yet. I had my second massage since I have been home yesterday and that lady totally sucked. She did not hit any of my lymph nodes and she massaged me over a damn towel. Needless to say I will be going back to the first lady I went to in the damn first place! She was totally good and I just wanted to have some options... I guess not.

At work I am less stiff when I sit down for about 45 minutes at a time. I still use that stool where my but hangs off. Each time I get up am stiff though just not as stiff as last week, but stiff just the same. I get up slowly... I am still in the Medium garment and my damn butt still hangs out in the damn middle. Nomie said to cut the epi foam and put it where the creases are but it still leaves dents??? Ugh I may get a garment that compresses the mid section with the thong thing so my but is not bothered. Because truth be told I slept in the Large garment the other night while I washed my medium and my but felt quite comfy in that large and so did the rest of my body lol. I put on my Medium when morning came though. When I pee I still pull my garment to the side and do not take it off. I only take off my garment for #2 and showers other than that it stays on. Lucky for me I love hot weather so my garment doesn't make me hot in these hot days I am actually quite comfy in it except for where the arm pits are I am a bit sore there from the cut of the garment and how it fits, thats a bit annoying!

Hmmm trying to remember anything else.. OH I woke up last night mortified to find I was laying on my damn back!!! Grrrrrrr I immediately rolled over on my right side. Now how in the hell did that happen I am not a back sleeper! Also, when I roll from left to right when the bed touches my butt it feels like I have small golf balls in my but so to even lay on my butt is not comfy so I wouldn't go into that position naturally.

I have noticed my butt is getting a little softer by the day I am wondering if it will drop. I saw a neighbor the other day and I had on sweats and she asked me if I had on a garment with padded butt?? I was like ahhh no! They don't come padded!!!!! Then she reached out and kinda pinched grabbed my butt!!!!! I was a cross between mortified/horrified/surprised and puzzled all at once! My butt was a bit firm but it is mine and real. Hello! He was like ohhh girl your gonna look good when you heal. For those just tuning in I told NO ONE about my BBL the only thing anyone knows is I had a mini TT that is it. That is all they are gonna know the rest is MY BUSINESS! I have noticed now I am checking out my own butt. My clothes hang on my lil shelf Salama gave me and my clothes move differently than before. I wear scrubs so you can't see much but I can see my butt is super round and big! I like it. I haven't worn anything besides dresses or scrubs since I came home I just can't do all that work. I did try on a pair of jeans this morning and that was a fight but it was on my butt like (in my black rob voice) Whoa! lol Not ready for the stares yet so I am just gonna keep my scrubs and dresses on, but in dresses my butt does that left to right thing with the fabric :-) kinda nice. I am enjoying the new me being formed. I am happy with the progress so far and look forward to seeing the final product. Thank you Dr. Salama for helping me get to the me I felt I should have been all along (((((HUGS)))))

Any questions please feel free to ask
Oh my goodness! You handled your neighbor a lot better than I would've, I wouldve been mad. Gosh, how in the world did he KNOW, he even knew about the garment... oh maybe that's how he came to that conclusion. Anyway congratulations and glad your recovery is coming along nicely.
any current photos?
If you look at my photos you will see I posted photos yesterday with this post.

Ok I am 24 days PO and I am posting more pics...

Ok I am 24 days PO and I am posting more pics since the others didn't do my new booty justice. I look smaller in pics but in real life I have what is turning out to be a nice new butt with a lil shelf! Hope these give you a better idea of my progress. Oh my lower back is still swollen I think you can tell by the photo and my upper back is feeling better by the day and my tummy is still swollen.
You look good!
Thank you Nellima
Ok cause I wear this crap 24/7 but when I had lipo before my doctor didn't give me anything like it and my results weren't so great. I wear it but it's hard to hide under clothing :( So anyways happy healing!!

Hey BBL Sisters. 4 weeks post op here. I just had...

Hey BBL Sisters. 4 weeks post op here. I just had my 3rd massage since I have been home and it was great! This lady works out of Mount Vernon and she is awesome!

So how do I feel. I feel like my old self mostly. My butt is nice and big, bigger than before. The projection is nice for my height and weight but the hour glass figure that I wanted and requested not so much... I am trying not to be too judgmental because I am still in the healing process but if I don't have the hips I want now I doubt they will grow in the next 1 to 2 months.... :-/. I just don't know. I am super happy I did the surgery and if I had the option to do it all over again I would, but I would stress hour glass figure which I did and we spoke about it before and after surgery....

So all and all I am happy not 100% satisfied since I think what I thought would happen didn't. However, I do have nice/decent projection and a better overall figure and sometimes it seems you have to do the damn thing twice. Not sure if I have the stomach to do any of this again. So I will have to say I am ok with what I have so far at this point. The last photo is 4 weeks today.

Happy healing to all that have come to the other side, and for those waiting waiting for you all to join us!
Lol.. My butt itches bad in the shower. Ive been using Netrogena scrub..lol
@OptimisticPalm, the itching has subsided a bit, but it comes at the weirdest times, like when I want to go to sleep..lol. Nest week will be a month after the procedure so hopefully it will just go away:-)
Yeah me too. Sometimes in the shower I get a mean scratch on. Lol. But just every now and then these days.

Update: Here we go... Hey my bbl sister. I am...

Update: Here we go... Hey my bbl sister. I am gonna keep it real as those did before me. So here goes.... So I sent the doc some pics of me 4 weeks post op and stated my concerns. He replied 2 days later... Basically said fat was reabsorbed and the body will do what it will no matter how we try to alter it. First I want to say my butt looks waaaaay better than it did! I could grab Salama and give him a big fat wet one on the mouth for my transformation! Yeah I said it!!! What? I look better in sun dresses, shorts and pants. I haven't tried in a fitted dress yet. That will be the grand finally on week 6. That is a few short days away.... So my one concern is how my butt looks from the back view... Notice I didn't post any of those shots sands clothes... Whelp that's because it's semi "squarish.". But not due to Salama's expertise or lack there of. Just my body and how it feels it should be. I guess it said to me "optimisticPlam, you may force some fat in here to make me bigger but I will remain runners butt square!". Lol.

So what are his suggestions?.... But of course revision...duh... More money, more money more problems! No thank you! I'm gonna just wait and see how I look and feel in 5 more months. But I doubt I can do this not sitting thing recovery thing again... And what in the Britney speers does a revision cost????

On another note. I'm still using my roll pillow in the car, still sitting on my stool with butt hanging off and still sleeping on my sides until I feel safe to keep my remaining fat! Now that I think about it my side fat must of reabsorbed right away had he not sent me a pic o would of sworn it was never there.... Oh oh...... Perhaps me sleeping on my damn sides may have done it??? Grrrrr but how in the he'll to sleep??? Another reason why he doesn't do TT with bbl!!!!!! Co ant sleep on tummy so must sleep on sides where precious fat grafts are struggling to be revasculated.....

Ah whelp can't win them all, and as I stated. My new shape beats the old. So for now I'll just have to wait and iee if my booty fluffs out.. But again I am liking my lil shelf and bigger size and just for that I thank Salama.......

Happy healing to my sisters on the other side and those on the road to meet is!

So what are your thoughts?
Im almost 4months post op with my TT n lipo im still swollen so everybody is different some ppl heal quick but patients is a virtue..I hope your swelling go down soon.
ok thanks. I must be a slow healer. Got to work on that thing they call patience....
If the swelling is only visible to you I think you can get away with it.

Hello my bbl sisters. Well it's been 5 weeks whew...

Hello my bbl sisters. Well it's been 5 weeks whew that went fast! Let's see still feeling good. My booty is soft but my lower back is still swollen. I had my 8th massage on Monday and it's no longer painful well in some spots a lil uncomfortable but not really pain. My therapist is great!!!

I still am using roll pillow and back rest when I drive and at 5 weeks plus I'm still using stool to sit with butt hanging off. I find sometimes at night I roll onto my butt and I get all upset but what I realize it's not uncomfortable... I still shift to my SIDS I'm a side sleeper anyway. I sat on the couch just to test out my new bum and as it was sais before I did feel like I was sitting on the remote control. But when I checked no remote control just butt lololol. I then laid down on my sides. I just don't want to sit yet. Yesterday I sat on a bench outside to see how it felt and it felt ok... Then I quickly shifted all my weight to my things then after about 60 seconds I stood up lololol I'm my own booty police.

To all the vets 5 weeks and beyond when did you sit? Also when did you sit comfortably?

I do feel good about my results but I've found I feel differently depending on the week. But please know this I look 100% better than pre op. I also still steal glances of my donk when I pass a store window and just giggle to myself at my secret. No one but you all know and I mean no one! People are too mosey and judgmental! I am loving the new me! But as I said before I wear uniform so I haven't showcased my new figure just yet. I think maybe when I stop wearing my garment which is about 3 weeks away! Can't wait. I bought a thong garment this weekend!!! I have a small but my post op garment from Salama is a medium. That damn thong garment had me wake up at 5 am and fling it across the room and I put on my medium garment half damp! That thong is something vicious. First off the damn thong is too thick and felt like it was splitting me in half! It did shape me nice though. I may try it again at 6 weeks.

Ok hope my updates have helped as all those before me helped me. Didn't post a pic look the same as last week. Perhaps at week 6. Can't believe first it was a thought, then found this site next thing I know I'm putting down a deposit and now I'm done....just wow. Happy healing and to those waiting to come to the other side your day is coming...... Cheers.
Yes....i read that Dr S doesnt do themat the same tike....i think i will have it done and get it over with...i think my stomach will be ok...but i have stretch marks that i would like gone and this will help...thanks again....
Oh I forgot to mention. I was ok but just walked around slow. I picked up the pace at around 3 weeks. With regards to the pain I actually didn't have "pain" it was mostly discomfort or soreness. I was never in any true pain besides when people would bump into me or touch me. But every one is different. I stopped taking pain meds at about 3 or 4 days and I was fine after that I think I took a perc when I went to get my massage but it only helped minimally. But best of luck to you. I had a mini tt and I had ZERO pain from that but a TT is alot more invasive.
Sorry...I am having a mini TT....does that involve tightening the muscles or just cutting away the excess skin?

Hello my BBL sisters. All is well. I am now 6...

Hello my BBL sisters. All is well. I am now 6 weeks and some change post op. I am still not sitting all the way although I have sat about 3 times and it was ok. Funny thing it was better on a park bench than at the nail salon when I was getting a pedi. I have to admit I always want to lean on my thighs with my weight than put the weight on my butt. I am still wearing my garment although I went 2 days with out it and I was just sensitive so I put it back on I feel more supported with it on. I think at 8 weeks I will just wear it at night. Someone said that you don't have the same shape in the garment as you do out. lol That is 100% truth! I have a fabulous shape in my garment and a decent shape with out it. My butt also looks rounder and fuller with the garment on rather than off. Then I went to the garments website and it says how it has a but lifter so that makes sense.

Ok so I have sat but when I sit on the couch it feels funny like I am sitting on round rocks wonder when it will all feel normal again. When I run my but does giggle lol I just laugh to myself. I look much better in clothes still, although I wish I had more volume and more projection. No one can tell I had anything done but I don't wear tight clothes it is believable. Somedays when I think my but has shrunk and is just a wee little bit larger than before I put on a pair of pants and say oh there you go... It is odd you feel small and wished you went bigger (went as big as I could go 1200cc's) then you put something on and it defies what you think you see.

I feel burning sensation sometimes when I lay down too long on my back. I still sleep on my sides when I am home and I am still sitting on a stool with my butt hanging off the back. I am so happy that I have done this surgery and doubt I would go back for round two because of the long recovery. Pro's everything. I fit my clothes better, I feel better about myself and my figure and just love the new shape. The booty hasn't changed my life in any real way other than how I feel about me. I just wish some of the volume would have stayed but each body is different and will only hold so much injected fat. I am still at 6 weeks so I wonder if my butt will change more like fluff?..... Hopefully I am at the point where no more volume will be lost.

Happy healing to you all if you have any questions please feel free to ask.
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Hello Ladies, I am almost 8 weeks post op and...

Hello Ladies,

I am almost 8 weeks post op and I am healing well. My mini tt scar is just a hair line and I am still putting the tape on it for support. My butt went down some not since last time just in general. But I read somewhere where Ruben told someone that it wasn't fat absorption when it goes down quickly but the swelling that has gone away. I always some trepidation about being too verbal about my results since you don't see them at week 1, 2 or 3. But now I am at week 8 and while my results are better I wished for a bit more projection.

Ok still having the burning sensation all over my back to the point I have to jump out of the bed. I looked it up and basically it is the nerves waking back up and getting back on the job. That is annoying in the morning and in the middle of the night to have a burning back! Yikes! Oh and I noticed a bit of cellulite on my right butt cheek grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I looked that up and based on what they said (the doctors) it is not because of the surgery it would have had to have been pre-existing that the fat deposited doesn't give you cellulite... Hmm why not??? Isn't that what fat does. I think I am able to work out now, so I am gonna hop on that thread mill tonight! Because the weight gain before surgery and then not being able to work out only makes you flabby!

Self observation here is the crazy thing. Some days I feel sad because my but just isn't what I have seen other girls have and it is just a wee bit bigger or the same... Then I put on a pair of pants and I am struggling and I am like oh it didn't go away. Your mind truly plays games on you. All my old jeans fit but in the butt it is super tight and my thighs seem to be a bit larger also and my waist doesn't fit a damn thing. Nice problem to have trust. So my feelings are mixed.

Revision, it was discussed by Salama... but all that I went through expenses, emotional physical... I just don't know if I can do this again.. I have to think on it and see what the next 4 months presents.

Happy healing to you all!!!
you look great
Thank you Neishia5

Ok my BBL sisters. I am 8 weeks post op today. My...

Ok my BBL sisters. I am 8 weeks post op today. My feelings are still mixed. Today I had a good pic and I notice I am swollen still in my lower back so I am going to have to get that worked out with my therapist. I also don't need to wear my garment anymore but I will wear it at night with my epi foam to get the swelling down in my lower back.

Let me know what you think. The pic with the green strips is the 8 week pic taken today. I would just hate to go through this again but I think more projection may be in order. I still have to wait 4 more months to even get anything done. But as I have always stated I look better than before and Salama is the best! Also each person's results is just that their own. Some may take one time others may take two. My body absorbed alot of the fat right away and I had 1200 cc's so I can't call it. My butt is fuller but I think I would like for it to be bigger. I will let ya know in 4 months.

Wish you all happy healing, and to those waiting to come over your time is winding down with each day!
Hi OptimisticPalm, i think you are looking good. Girl the sweeling will go down even more you have to give it about 3-4 months to see a difference from now and even at like 7 months it will change again. i kind of felt like you at 1st saying that i wanted more waist and my massage girl was like, give it time, give it time, drink and eat lots of pineapple juice that helps with the sweeling and eat watermalen too, and make sure you stay on top of the Lymphatic drainage massages those help a lot too. as you know i am going in for round two but only doing it because i was so square that i still want to bring in my waist a little more and try to get more hips :-). but again, give yourself time and enjoy your body now, oh and dont wear jeans for a few months to avoid loosing the fat. and avoid any cardio work for about 3 months. advise that i took from a few of the girls at my Dr. office and it helped me a lot from loosing the fat i had grafted.
Thanks Rosa for saying not to do cardio because I was just about to hop on my treadmill to lose some of this damn weight I put on for the surgery. I will go to the store tomorrow to get more pine apple juice and will put pineapple on the menu! I can say I have not worn a pair of jeans since before surgery. I wear scrubs for work daily so they are lose fitting and on the weekends I wear lounge clothes or something soft, but I am glad you told me to not wear jeans because I did buy a few pair to show off the new frame, but haven't worn yet. Also I feel just like you do. I want a smaller waist, more hips and MORE projection. But I am 2 months out and I shall see if anything changes, but as I have said before I look better than before much better, just looking for the POW factor :-)
yes, i was told to stay away from cardio for 3 months, i actually waiting 4 months before i hit the gym again. it was hard when i started back again but i did it. its gonna suck that i have to stop my working out again but i dont think it will be for that long this time. Also it will only be 4 weeks and not 6 weeks before i can sit so thats also good. i think that was the part i hated the most. now this time i cant sleep on my side since i am trying to get hips so we will see how sleeping on my belly only will do. YES drink and eat lots of pineapple and water. take it slow on your workout for now. give yourself time to heal. and yes stay away from the jeans for the 1st 3 months or so. get you some leggings those are soft and will show off your figure good for now until you can get in those jeans. you should be able to know if your back is still swollen, it will feel kind of tight. after 5-6 months your sweeling should go down a lot and you should start to see a difference again.

Ok still 8 weeks and a couple of days post op. I...

Ok still 8 weeks and a couple of days post op. I slept with my garment on last night and all of my epifoam and it helps with the swelling I also had the garment on all day. I guess I will wear it for compression and to get rid of this lower back swelling.

I removed my roll pillow as I was told by one of my bbl sisters from my car seat... Then I felt so funny I put it right back at the next red light! I am use to driving with it and I felt slight discomfort without it, perhaps it's just mental. I will give it another try tomorrow.

Ok, so been speaking to the office spoke with Ruben and he told me Salama was in the office today but of course I got no call. I am a little bit annoyed about that. While I do know that the "doctor" is quite busy however if they say he will call he should call. It seems as the office is more responsive pre-surgery than post surgery. I have valid concerns and need to make decisions and arrangements and can't get in touch with the doctor. I am just annoyed at this moment.
Can you get your butt massaged? I have not been doing this.
oh yes, i had mine massage specially the 1st few days to get the blood flowing to it. the person needs to know how to do it correctly, they do it in some circular motion to get the blood going to that grafted fat.
I think you look great also. I feel ya on the swelling... you get to the point where you just want to scream enough already with the stubborn swelling! I can also tell that you have a lot of swelling cause Dr. Salama scoops the hell out of the lower back but that is a good thing. It all about the projection! lol. And you will see it change a lot when that goes down. Looking good girl:)

Hello My BBL Sisters. I am curious as to why has...

Hello My BBL Sisters. I am curious as to why has had a revision and how was the recovery? Is it as long? Do all the initial rules still apply?

Hello My BBL family, Ok so I talked to the...

Hello My BBL family,

Ok so I talked to the doc! I can say this while all the folks at Elite are absolutely fabulous sometimes you just want to get the info from the horses mouth! So I spoke to him about my concerns and it has been said you can't base your results on anyone else's (although we hope for the same results, myself included). While we have the same desire in common for a larger butt, our bodies are vastly different. So I know I have said I can't do this again, but my desire to get more projection far out weighs anything else :-). Also revision is not as rough as the actual procedure. So in 6 months I will consult with the doctor again to see where I am at. While I have said many times before I am happier than where I started, I just think that I am not quite at the finish line yet and want more projection and more just a wee little more hips if my body will allow... so with that being said I may be right back in Florida seeing my booty doctor in the new year... I need to lose this darn 10lbs I put on for this surgery first! Then figure out where he will get the additional fat from... grrrr. Those of you who had thigh lipo can you chime in and give any feed back. From what I have read most are not happy with that area being lipo'ed.

Healing. I think I am healing well, burning less in the lower back and back area. I am now sitting on my butt in the car but not happy about it, lol. I still think I am damaging my precious fat cells. I don't think I am going down any more at the same size since the last pics. My back swelling has gone down a good deal and I think I am still swollen in the tummy area. I give myself light massages every few days and it is still tingly. I still sleep on my sides but I always have and when I wake up on my back it doesn't feel strange. But when I turn from side to side I can feel my butt all in the way. It jiggles when I run which is super weird and it is uncomfortable... If I ran I would be in great discomfort with all those small pings of pain when that booty jiggles.

side note - doc asked me if I would be willing to gain a lil weight because some of the women that get the bbl butt's get bigger with weight gain... Ahhh Nope still trying to lose the 10lbs I put on going to get the surgery 20lbs overweight is not my idea of of anywhere I wanted to be before or after this process. He also said I can feel free to exercise! So treadmill hear I come!

So there you have it! Any other things I left out please feel free to ask.
OptimisticPalm, thank you so much for your honesty and expression throughout your process. I stumbled upon your bbl diary in a desperate attempt not to give up. You see, I am 3 weeks post op tomorrow and I am feeling so irritable, depressed, and most of all, uncomfortable. Unlike you, I have not slept on my sides (as advised by my doc here in NJ) and I've had to create a makeshift seat out of swimming noodles and a hot glue gun. I use it to drive, as it supports my hanging butt and my back. However, I have not figured out a way to sleep comfortably other than taking twice the recommended dosage of ZZQuil and that doesn't even work sometimes. I hate watching tv now because I have to lay on my stomach and turn my neck to the side. I rotate from side to side, to give each side of my neck a rest, about every 20 minutes. Sometimes I sit on the floor with my little homemade noodle seat. Oh girl! I could go on and on about the swelling, this thong garment that is ripping me a new butthole, and how my mind is really f*cking with me every time I look in the mirror. Did I shrink? Do I look fat? Will I EVER get sleep?

So here I was about to give up and just SIT and LAY right on my 3 week old booty when I read your posts. I just really feel like I'm not alone now. I haven't been able to complain to anyone because A) hey, I did this to myself, and B) they wouldn't understand anyway. I've just been a royal "B" and no one knows why. So thanks again. I know the feelings I am having are normal now and you've given me a refreshed outlook on my next 5 weeks of this journey.
@ Elizabeth awwww. This journey is not an easy one at all! I try to get on my tummy then I end up in the prone position then directly on my sides within about 10 seconds! As I mentioned somewhere above that boppy pillow is instrumental. I use it like a body pillow even now sometimes... put half under my back and the other end in between my legs and sometimes under my tummy. I still use it outside also. I have one in the car but I do not drive with it! Almost rear ended someone. I use a roll pillow which I just stopped using at 2 months. Salama giggled and said "You guys just make up your own rules?" LOLOLOLOL he has a dry sense of humor and I get it! I use the boppy in the car if I go to the hair dresser and need to sit in that hard chair (it feels hard to my butt), I use it at the restaurant and no one looks at me funny and I don't feel funny. So I just do what it takes to make me comfy, but I must say that with each week it gets easier and honestly I just may go back. I am 90% sure I will see Salama in a few months unless something drastically changes... Like if I sprout hips or my butt just magically goes POW.

On the bright side I sleep well now and my mind still plays tricks on me when I am looking at my butt. Sometimes I look flat sometimes it looks pretty good but never does it say POW and I am looking for the POW factor. And no one knows what I have done so I can't ask a damn soul for advice.. Not even my massage therapist I didnt' even tell her I just told her I had lipo and a tt. So I get it....

I come here for support and so should you. Please feel free to lean on any of us and PM me or ask me anything you like. Happy healing...
OptimisticPalm, how do you exactly sit on the boppy? Do you put your butt on the pillow or do you sit on it in reverse so that your but doesn't touch?

I read that you were thinking about going back but I can't believe you are actually going to do it! You gangsta, girl. I must admit, my results are not exactly to my liking because I too would have liked to get that POW factor, but I CANNOT do this again. My problem is that I want smaller hips from the lipo. I had like a SpongeBob Square Pants hip/butt area going on. Oh, but with a pan booty, flat like I sat down my whole life. Here's what happened...I had a full TT and boob job about 5 yrs ago. So I gained some weight since then (about 15 lbs) and since the TT with lipo none of the weight went to my tummy. I heard that when you get lipo the fat seems to reappear in other areas if you gain weight. It ALL went straight to my hips which caused my hips to protrude out to be even with my thighs so I was really boxy in a way. Anyway, I'm hoping I'm still swollen in the hips because I really want that small waist with a smooth hip and thick thighs look.

I use a pillow in restaurants but, girl, I am so over this. I feel like everyone is staring at the "cripple" with the sweatpants and hemroid pillow. LOL. I can't wait to put on my slinky tight dress, some high heels, and just go showing off my body...cuz anything is an improvement from squarepants. LOL

Why don't you wait a while before you go back to FL, ya know, see how the reactions are once you hit the streets as your new self - no suit, no worries, no pillow, tight clothes without fear of shrinkage? Bet you those papi's jaws will be on the floor when they check you out as you walk by :0) You know, we are our worst critics.

Write back if you can.

Just an update about some of the crazy fans on...

Just an update about some of the crazy fans on here. No ones body is perfect. We are all on here to make improvements. Thank goodness I can afford to do what I want. And this site is for support not discouragement. So if I block you for stalking me please don't be upset and make a new profile just to tell me I need more work. We can all tweak this or that but it will be challenging to fix psychosis... That's real talk! I send you light..

To all my sane sisters happy healing and beware of the cybor stalkers............

Wow..really? Thats crazy.. sending u positive vibe and may you continue a good recovery.
wow thats crazy!!!
I know right she's mote interested in me than getting her butt fixed!!! I'm good just making it better.

Hello to all my bbl sisters. Its been a while but...

Hello to all my bbl sisters. Its been a while but I'm still here. I have removed my pics because of the lack if option for ME to control how long I want to put them up. Until real self changes that option no photos.

Anyhow I am 5 months post op all is great except my butt has been a bit tender when I lay on it I suspect because I have gained a few lbs and it's my precious fat cells growing yaaaaaa. My tummy is flat and my waist is small thank you Salama!!! My butt still needs some projection. I will go back for revision this summer when I get back in the country. I'm still super happy I did this and yes I am going back for round two!

Wishing you all well........
Hi, can you please post some pics!!! I want to get a tummytuck and mini bbl...I just want to get an idea of how it looks. tthank you ;)
Hey Optimistic, If you have a round 2 with injections to your hips, you might want to sleep on your stomach. That's what my doc instructed me to do. I'm a little over 9 weeks post and I haven't lost any volume since week 3. I've just started to sleep on my back. I began to bend my hips at 6 weeks post. Some docs believe that sleeping on your sides and bending at the hips kills the fat cells. Best wishes whatever you decide to do!
Hey lady glad u are doing okay. Whats this about pics on here?

Hello My BBL Sisters. It's been a while since my...

Hello My BBL Sisters. It's been a while since my last update, but not too much has happened. I think my body settled into what it is now at 8 months and I am still waiting for Salama to get back to me after 3 weeks of waiting. I get a non-descript response from Ruben stating they are in receipt of my email after 2 weeks of waiting then asking for pictures which I sent while I was on vacation and still no damn response from the doctor. I can say up until now the customer service has been great but it seems as though once you pay and you are on the other side and awaiting revision lets just say customer service is just NOT the same. He is just far too busy! So right now I am annoyed by the lack of customer service and the way in which I am now being treated.

My results: I am happier than I was before surgery. Do I want to get a revision yes! I never did get the projection that I expected. I spoke with Salama in October and he promised we would speak in December to see where I was at and now in March I can't get in touch with the man. So now I am just waiting to hear from them.

I wish you all the best. Do I still recommend this doctor? Yes, he is good but super busy and I am not even sure he is getting all of his messages!
Optimistic gulll where u been? Glad ur doing ok!
Hey NYc, I am still here just don't come here as much once your past so many months. I do still check in though. I am waiting to get info on my revision so I can move on with my life once my butt is all the way right! How are you doing?
Ok glad ur ok. I didnt know u were gettn a revision? I m doing well trying to exercise to keep this body tight..lol.

Ok ladies I have added my photos again for a while...

Ok ladies I have added my photos again for a while. Many have asked and we all want to see before and after so I will share again for a time.

I am 8 months post op and rolling onto 9 months. What people want to really know... was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LUTELY! Would I do it again 100 times over. What I have realized or failed to realize while walking around with my new body is that there is a change. I just feel like this is the me that I have always should have been and I forget what my body looked like before (yucky). Now I love the new me. Is it perfect no. Do I want changes? yes! Will I go back for revision? Yes. Do I expect perfection? NO. I expect to just tweek this and that and just make the new me better. Now today as I look at my before pics I am like damn what a difference. I have that jiggle that I have NEVER had. If I shack left to right my but is just like a milk shake, lol. All my old clothes still fit just my waist is insane and small. I wonder where he will find extra fat to get me just a little more projection. I want to go back this summer his schedule and mine providing. I am realistic and optimistic I don't want a big ole "donkey booty" just a butt that will fit my frame and size.

I will take more pics soon once I find them or take them later or in a few days. Any questions feel free to ask!

Oh I almost forgot. I have gained about 10 pounds...

Oh I almost forgot. I have gained about 10 pounds or so since surgery and the first place that gets bigger is.... the butt you guessed it! That is not a bad problem to have :-). Everything feels like back to normal. No shooting pains that feels like needles in the night. My nerves are all settled. My tummy is fine except where the incision is it feels a little funny when I touch that area. When I run or jog my butt jiggles and I am always weirded out in a good way about that. Can't think of anything else.

All I can say to my sisters that have taken this journey before me, thank you for sharing. For my sisters that have/are taking this journey with me thank you for supporting. For my sisters deciding/waiting/wanting to take this journey you will be supported.

All the best to all of you. And even though I may not post often I am still here just in the shadows!
I just wanted to say that you look amazing, you look sexy, juicy, but you still look very very real! That’s what I would want :)
Hey you... long time no see and hear ;) you look great mama. How's your tt scar? I am in need of a tt badly after all the lipo he did, my tummy looks horrible :'( saggy and nasty with lots of panther prints. After your revision, you're going to look smokin hot ;-)
Thanks GueraB! I am here but as time goes on so do you. You don't stalk he boards as much post op :-)

BBL with Mini Tummy Tuck Still rocking with Salama 22 months Post Op!

Hello All,

I know its been some time. But once the procedure date gets further behind you life does go on. I am happy with my procedure just need to tweak it a little but since I live out of the country I need to find time to get the work done.

I gained some weight and the weight went to my butt and my boobs (which are already too big) but the but is now jiggly, which is a plus. I can shake what I was never able to shake before (lol) and my waist is small all my pants still have a gap (nice problem to have). I was at work the other day and I said to a co-worker I needed to find a tailor to fix my waistline in my pants and her reply was... why because you have a big butt? I just smiled inside since not a sole knows but you guys my butt is thanks to Salama :D. Life is good and wishing you all well in your journeys. I am uploading pics right after I post.

22 months Post of Still Salama!!

Attached are pics. I look bigger in real life. Somehow I look so much smaller in pics.
Thanks Powelli, wish I had a wee bit more projection though...
Thank you so much for sharing!!! It's always beautiful 2 see our sisters who has gone on come back 2 update! Thanks a million love!

Still Team Salama 22 months Post Op!

Hello my BBL Sisters,

I just found a pic to show the difference. Some of the nay sayers think the booties go away after 2 years, I am not at 2 years yet... But I will be in 2 months. I am just here to represent those that have done the surgery and we are 2years out plus the results do not go away! Actually my butt got a little bit bigger but I did gain weight.

It's kind of hard coming back after so long to write a review because as it's been said life does go on and your new booty becomes a part of the old you. I almost forgot I was a no booty girl once before, or I just don't want to remember. lol.

I am here to support you though. I actually went back on my feelings of getting revision, not getting revision and sometimes I still do. I am glad I do not live in Miami or I would have done it a long time ago, so fortunately time and space just don't allow for me to do it.

Now I am trying to think of what I would want to ask someone when I had NO booty or when I just got my booty?... What does it feel like? Regular just feels like me. Does it jiggle? YES, YES it jiggles, because it's fat and that is what fat does. Can I twerk? Yes, I can twerk but only in the mirror when I am all alone and I just giggle to myself girl you really have a booty. I love it! Does it jiggle when I run? YUP! Initially it hurt when I ran I guess it wasn't all settled yet around the 6 month mark it was kinda achey and I didnt' run, but now I run and it is just jiggling all over the place. My waist is small but good problem to have, which I said before and my butt fits things that my waist can not. I look great in a dress, skirt and slacks for work. It's really all good. I support anyone that feels like this is the way to go to do it. But surgery is not for everyone, and each body/booty is different. We all will not have the same results. Hell some of your wish pics were once my own. Now I see some of the chicks I went through with up as wish pics. I chuckled when a girl used my pic as a wish pic. Actually I was offended/violated--then weirdly ok/not ok with it, crazy I know but so is the whole process. I wish you all well on your journey.
Hey you. How are you. You look fantastic love. I'm getting ready to put a down payment for Salama next Summer for a few things. Should've went to him for my tuck but i just didn't want to be far from my kids but I can say to myself "You live and learn". Salama is the man. I do admit. Thanks for updating. I need to also.
Hey Guera, My mini tuck gave me zero problems. He was really good. Wish you luck on your journey and hopefully this time around they can get it right!
Looking great after all this time. I am 8 months post op and going for revision in August.

BBL Revision maybe depending on the price.

Hello Ladies,

So if you have followed my story I have wanted a revision since my results finally settled in. So I possibly have a date but the price is almost full price of what my initial surgery was to begin with??? Now I know personally this has NOT been the case with previous revised clients so I am wondering why I would have to pay minus $200 off full price?? So I am now waiting for the office to get back to me with a price. This is quite frustrating. Also there is a new girl answering the phone and it seems you must be interrogated before she transfers you to anyone also why does she need to look you up in the system to simply talk to Nancy. So very very annoying. I use to love Nomie she was sweet and kind this evelyn is very snappy and rude. I always use to be in awe of Salama's staff and how incredibly awesome they are, but the new girl not so much. So now I wait fingers crossed.
Wow! This is my first time viewing your page! What a wonderful journey! Salama really transformed your body...he's a special guy! I'm going for revision in Sept, but it's only minor touch ups. So glad to be in touch with you...hopefully the office will get your prices down..I wouldn't pay full price either.
Hi Cinna, Yes I love Salama. I wouldn't want to go to anyone else. It was a decent journey not looking forward to the meds but it is a necessary evil. Wishing you luck in Sept!

Looking for a nice condo close to Salama

Hello My BBL Sisters,

As you know I have been down this road and going back down the road again with Salama. I will be getting my revision and I have paid my deposit and my date is in June. I am hoping Salama will work his magic on me again (even though he says he's not a magician) and this time my body will get it right!

I am excited and a tiny bit nervous just because it's surgery. No one knows. All my family knows the 2 I've decided to tell my brother (coming with me to surgery and mom) that I am getting my lipo revision. lol. Then when they ask why you don't sit I always just say NOOO my back hurts. LOL the lies we tell.

Anywho I am looking for a condo for like 10 or 11 nights. Or a hotel room with a separate bedroom. My brother snores like a bear and I can't do surgery and his snoring...lol. So since I am going for round 2 I will be on here for a while. LETS GO!

Still rocking with Team Salama!!!!!
Awesome Review!! You look amazing :-)

7 Weeks and some days to go for my BBL Round @ with #TEAMSALAMA still looking for hotel or condo?

Hey BBL Sisters,

I have about 7 weeks left and still looking for a reasonably priced hotel/condo. I will be staying 10 days for surgery and after. So need a place priced right. Nothing new happening just waiting for my date and catching up on all the Salama BBL's. It reminds me of when I started my journey after coming back from DR 2 years ago. I went there on vacay and I was like I need to get my damn body together! Not to pre-baby/body weight, but to the body my mind said I was supposed to be rocking with. So it's funny you go back and forth and finally you make a decision. I am happy with my decision for round 2. Then next year Breast lift/reduction or just lift not sure yet.

Anywho, I will be in Miami 2nd week of June, who's going to be there then and where will you stay?
Read your entire review and I must say I'm way more excited than before! Your shape came out very beautifully proportionate :) and you totally answered my question about the flight and sitting... I'm considering renting a vacation home for a month when I go down for my surgery just so I won't have to sit at all after surgery.
Aw Aerion, there were so many before me who shared so I wanted to give back. Also after you go through you know all of the things you want answered so I tried to cover those things also. Best of luck on your journey. I am still franticly looking for a vacation spot, so frustrating!
Thank you for sharing so much of your journey. I am DEFINITELY getting a BBL. I've chosen Dr. Fisher (I think). I go back and forth with being scared and not. I'm a 41 year old mother of 5. I told my older 2 and husband. They are all afraid of complications but totally support me. I have NEVER had a booty and am just ECSTATIC about being able to get one (and hips). You look great! Again, thanks for sharing.

BBL Round 2 Still looking for lodging in Miami

Hey My BBL Sisters,

Where is everyone staying? My first time around girls spoke about hotels extensively and this time around almost 2 years later I am having a hard time finding a good and affordable place. Or people are not posting exact info on their condo's or hotels :-( So everyday I am hunting. I have found a couple of places but I am torn between staying close to the beach or closer to my doctor... Tough choice. Help!! I am looking for a place either near Aventura, Hallendale or Sunny Isles.
U look great hun i am a Salama doll an i love my results. I wnt for my 6months followup in March an im goin back Sept 11th for revision im gittin a mini tt an lipo of bra roll also he notice one cheek is higher than the other and my butt isnt rounded the way it should b all things Salama noticed @ followup so hes gona revise those areas. Also im gitin a breast lift dat i decided i wanted a few weeks ago so im lookin forward to Sept an dat will b it hopefully...lol but i pray erthing wrk out for u 2round and good luck wit findin a place all three (3) areas are nice wit beaches an close to Salama did u try DUO or HOLLYWOOD BEACH RESORT ther nice too!
Hey Sexy, I will look up that hotel. How are your burns? When did they appear? I am a bit nervous about that..
Yikes too many bad reviews on trip advisor. The search continues. Ugh. Oh next year I am going back for breast lift also :-).

23 Months and going in for Round 2 w/Salama and still looking for a place to stay June 2014

Hey My BBL Sisters,

Well it's 23 months post op and nothing much has changed since 22 months... Well except I am trying to put on some weight so he can have enough fat to make my booty nice and plump! It is nice to see some of the girls I went through with on here or coming back for some revision. Back then it was Salama all day darn near every post. Yes, I have seen where some girls were burned but even with all that I just don't want to go to anyone else. I am not going to go to another country and risk dying over some cakes! We all choose the best doctor for us and for me it is Moises Salama. I am putting my faith back in him and hoping to get the body I want. Then next year gonna do a breast lift.. if all goes well this year lol.

So as I said nothing's new just checking out your reviews and revisiting the first time around and how it was. I am hoping like heck the second time around is as easy breezy as my 2nd round sisters make it seem :-).

Still trying to figure out where the hell to stay! ugh!

Ok so by for now next month will be my time about 6 weeks left to the 2nd transformation. lol

Oh and as I read over my previous posts I see all the typos. I promise I have a brain, it's just typing and drug don't mix. Can't type straight when on antibiotics or pain meds it all looks good. lol

Chat soon.

23 months post op BBL with Salama

Sorry this pic didn't post. Darn site..
You look great. I think your booty looks great but i know how you feel. i feel that way about my boobs. I pray i dont feel that way about my BBl when i get mines done. Good luck with round 2. Keep us posted. I enjoyed reading your review. I am from the BX also so i understand that feeling of being in pain and angry at the same time
Thanks Trinni. Hopefully you will only need a round one! You know you go back and forth and as time goes by you don't remember the hard recovery its almost 2 years and I am ready! I am hoping round 2 will be not like round 1but I had 2 procedures at that time. This time will only be my BBL.
When in june u going i am gone be there from june 2 nd-10th

Does Good Customer Service Matter anymore???

Ok ladies a quick update to hear what your thoughts are. Maybe I am just tripping or maybe not! I call Dr. Salama's office and you can not go a step further without giving the receptionist your FULL NAME and the reason for your call when I specifically asked to speak to Nancy. This is clearly NOT a personal call. She then tells me she can't transfer me with out my full name and the reason for my call.. So since when do I have to divulge all of my private/confidential information to speak to someone in my doctors office???? I went to this doctor 2 years ago why? Because of how sweet Nancy was and Nomie was to me. Now apparently you can NOT get through to them because you can't talk to them you must talk to why they tell you to talk to.

I would imagine with all the back drama and burn drama they would be more receptive to patients... Perhaps this is a sign?...

I would like to know what your thoughts on the matter are?

Thank you my BBL Sisters.
I have waited for a call from them to give me a date, i have called them several times and just with that said i will not have surgery there. I have only received 1 call back in 6 months NO BUENO!!!!!! I also have been reading with these burn victims and there over booking. I am spending too much money and will refuse to be treated this way. so i respect you for that!!!!
Crazy situation.
So this is what I have decided. I will NOT be calling back EPS! Then can call me when they need payment and I will email who I want. This is so ridiculous. I am in Asia and won't play the you can't talk to this one and that one game.

Dr. Salama's office Fails at customer service.

Hello My BBL Sisters,

So just an update and a close out on this doctor. So Ruben calls me and tells me we are basically NOT a match. I guess they don't like when people express their own opinions. So he decided that Salama would NOT work with me and my appointment was cancelled. Apparently the receptionist told him I hung up on her. So I am calling you for information and I hang up on you??? What type of sense does that make? Ah none! Then he said well I just don't feel expectations are being met on either side. I say Ruben I have called 2 times??? I am on Magic jack calling from across the world?? Anyway life goes on.

So what do I take away:
Salama's office now has an established business so customer service is obviously lacking. Ruben attempted to tell me Nancy was out of town.. Oh so none of her emails will be answered? Right. Salama IS over booking and handing off some of his patients to his partner doctor and customer service is falling to the wayside. Perhaps if he didn't over work himself and over book he could figure out why these women are being maimed! I digress...

I will be having my procedure with another doctor. Honestly I have not been feeling comfortable since Salama has been having all these complications aka burns aka skin necrosis. So this is all for the best. As the saying goes "One Monkey don't stop no show!"

I wish you all well and happy healing!
I have also recently cancelled with them they are so disorganized and rude an now this Karen is supposed to do my refund and tells me "who told you that it would be processed this week?" um you did dummy. She then tells me well only reuben can do that and hes been gone the past two days. Well since I spoke with you almost two weeks ago why does this effect me. I am so over this office now they are playing with my money I will never recommend anyone to this place the customer service has officially gone completely downhill
This is why I chose Fisher!
Wow that really sucks you went through this. So vanity may be unorganized but they are definitely not rude. What doctor are you gonna choose now?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He's was good first round but you quickly realize his practice is all about the money!

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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