Ok so im new to this site im 21 black female...

ok so im new to this site
im 21 black female living in canada, i had my beautiful daughter 8months ago and as a result i lost my ass and gained a belly :( for about a month now ive been going to the gym 3x week with a trainer and walking with my little one on other days and im yet to see reults so needless to say im not happy and am gonna do something about it

I want my surgery now, ive been on the site for...

i want my surgery now, ive been on the site for 2days straight now. i was hoping to get my surgery before im off maternity leave in dec but im not getting in till APRIL 2013 :( i need a miracle anything sooner would be better is any1 out there that can help me
Have you scheduled your appt? I have an opening for Dec with Dr S, hit me up for details
yea i msgd you did you get it? plz dont give it away it would be the best bday gift ever. plzzzzzz ill take it
thanks for the tip

Ok so tnxz to a lovely lady i am now booked for...

ok so tnxz to a lovely lady i am now booked for december 2012 :D yepeeeeeeee
so excited i live, breath, eat, sleep this bbl surgery lol....any whoo im still willing to swap with someone in october.

also im looking into my airfare about $400 and hotel but i have no idea where to stay because i dont know the area if you have any ideas or experience please let me know. tnxz in advance excitement

Stats: 21 5'6 179lb ...

stats: 21

:( terrible

I know when it comes to your life you should not...

i know when it comes to your life you should not go cheap however i just got a quote of 3,500 for the braziilian butt lift plus lipo of thighs its tempting + her work was good but going to the dominican rep is scary...what do yall think???

And here is another less expensive quote however...

and here is another less expensive quote however domincan rep for surgey is scary to me. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Robles
reviewed your photos and determine that you need the following:

"Liposution on Abdomen, waist, armpits, back lipo + lipotransference"

Our all-inclusive package includes:

1.) Pre-operative tests, EKG and chest X-Ray.

2.) Stay in the Hospital.

3.) Anesthesiologist.

4). Medical procedure (in your quote).

5.) Basic drugs post-operatively (Antibiotics, Pain, Iron, Folic Acid).

6.) A post-surgical garment (You can bring or buy an extra one for the extra cost is 100 USD)

7.) Recovery House (10 days).

8.) All meals (home cooking).

9.) Ground transportation (airport pickup, RD.'s Office if necessary, back to the airport)

10). Surgeon views at her convenience.

11) You can have a companion during your stay for 55 USD per night, which also include meals.

The following are not included in the all inclusive package:

1.) Air Ticket

2.) Transportation other than specified in paragraph (# 9).

3.) Additional drug than the core (# 5)

4.) Surgeon views a hotel (You need to pay additional transportation, if you choose the hotel).

The price for the all inclusive package is $ 4,300 .. ***

Dr yily de los santos and this is the other...

dr yily de los santos

and this is the other quote it seems to good to be true plus its in domican rep i have nothing against them its just a little scary does anyone have experience with this?????
The price for liposuction, tummy tuck and fat grafting to buttocks is 3500$ US. It also includes 1 compression garment, pre-operatory tests, cardiologist, anesthesiologist, clinic expenses

Ok obviously im going w/dr salama i had a moment...

ok obviously im going w/dr salama i had a moment of cheapness but drs yily de los santos does nice work very tiny waist, drs walkiris robles does nice work, dr jimersin does nice work there are a few good doctors that ive seen so if anyone is looking around check those guys out
hey girl if u get an earlier date please let me know id love to swap for your december date!!
will do, ill keep you in mind ;D
i havnt i have no idea where to look, do you know what street area i should be looking at? thanks

Hey yallll :D so first i was schedualed for april...

hey yallll :D so first i was schedualed for april 2013 but because of a great lady i was moved to Dec 14 than another great lady came along and i am now booked for OCT 4 YAY ME!! :D lol im super excited guys

ok down to the nitty gritty lol

what do i pack??
what should i buy??
where should i stay? please help

my mother and 10mnth @ the time of surgery yr old daughter will be coming w/ me so i want us all to be comfortable, any suggestions??
nancy sent me the list of hotels but i still have no clue :(

im gonna be going down the 1st or 2nd and staying till the 11/12/13 not sure all i know is i gotta be there from the 3-11

also i was told if i lost 15-25lbs my results would be better, however how do i loose the much in 8 weeks? help plz
Wow weird they told you to loose weight my consult I was 182-186 not exactly sure but e never told me to lose weight but I have been dieting to get down to 170 before surgery just so by stomach comes out the inch I want... My advice is no carbs to little carbs eat 6 small meals a day snack with fruits eat beef chicken with a salad ... Los and lots of water as well excesise even for just 30 min... After surgery I was like I'm getti surgery Imma eat what I want I blew up to 207 now current 191 and my goal is 170 by December and after surgery maintain 165 ... Any less ill look sick I have muscles from track days so I'm more solid in areas ... Hole that helped and I didn't ramble lol
tnx you, im so happy i really didnt think i would get anything sooner, ill deff take picz throughout my recovery
Congrats on your new date, girl ain't playing , man I hope someone trade with me !! Can't wait to see your results

Hey yall just came back from the mall and tryna...

hey yall just came back from the mall and tryna book my flight and hotel soooo amped :D
No I don't recommend any diet supplements. Too risky to me, but some Dr's have access to very low calorie protein shakes that will give you all the nutrients you need. Have to check in your area.
Hello QTQT. Good luck with your journey. You might want to try a very low calorie diet. You should be able to find a Dr. or clinic that offers such programs. Otherwise workout & eat lots of fruit & proteins. No white carbs or starches, no sugar. Good luck.
tnxz im trying a low cal and 30-1hr walks w/ my daughter i dont think i can use diet supplements because i breast feed

Ok ladies so ive started hip hop abs 6 day program...

ok ladies so ive started hip hop abs 6 day program im on day 2 and hungry lol bt im committed to loose 18.6lbs by oct 2 :D after this im doing a slim quick eating plan + exercise for 7days, than possibly the cabbage soup diet 0R insanity even though it wont be the full 60 days..
ive seen people say that for surgery you should weigh 10-20lbs OVER your IDEAL weight, so i would like to idealy weigh 145-160 depending on how i look so that means for surgery i should weigh 155-180 for surgery RIGHT? hmmm lol ok

STAY:: i think i will be staying @ the best...

i think i will be staying @ the best western its priced well, close to the clinic, the mall and looks nice anyone have experience there???
i wanna start packing my bags (lol i know) but i dont wanna rush at the end so far i know i need : arnica gel. tylenol pm, pads, stool softener, neosporn, firming lotion, antibacterial soap, wet wipes, gauze, benadryl, medical tape, vitamin e oil, yest infection medication,

clothing: maxi dresses, smooth fittd shirt, leggings, flip flops, socks, panty, sports bra, pj dress

ANYTHING ELSE????????????????????????????????????
Aww youre bringing your mom and baby too! My mom, son and cousin are coming with me. Well, my mom's getting a bbl too so of course she's coming lol... with ur current body build/frame, I think ur results r gonna b bangin! Good luck & continue 2 keep us posted

I am now @ 175lbs :D yaaaaaaaay im excited and...

i am now @ 175lbs :D yaaaaaaaay
im excited and stressed i went shoppoing today and realized i went from a size 12 to a size 10 in jeans :D yay me (clap clap clap) lol
bought my vitamin c 1000mg and iron 324mg
do i need anything else???

Looking in the mirror today and i think i wanna...

looking in the mirror today and i think i wanna add some hips to balance out the look, hmmmmm is that extra??
I GOTTA FIND THAT THEN....IS IT A BOTTLE THAT SAYS 65mg equivalent to 325mg??
i got my vitamins from walmart its a green pill generic brand

Is it 1000mg of vitamin D or C im seeing both and...

is it 1000mg of vitamin D or C im seeing both and 325mg of iron, which brand are you using??? thanks and to anyone who has gone through the surgery how much clothes did u bring and how many of each and how did u manage the flight home mine is about 3hrs and then a 20minute drive home???????????????? tnxz

Lipo of the thigh???????? how much clothes to...

lipo of the thigh????????

how much clothes to bring???????????



maxi dresses X4
leggings X3
pj dress X3
panty X12
sports bra X3
smooth fitted shirts X1O????????? DO I NEED THAT MANY TO WEAR UNDER MY GARMENT
socks X 5
flip flops/SHOES X2


frozen dinners- lean cuisine spa
ginger ale
apple juice
????????? maybe cereal


arnica massage gel
tylenol pm
promehazine/gravol- nausea
stool softener
yeast infection med???? i heard you will get one from the anti biotics
neosporn ointment
anti bacterial soap- dial soap i think
vitamin E capsols- open and rub on skin
mederma/coco butter
firming lotion
baby wipes
hand sanitizer
non stick medical tape
pads/liners-???????? heard you will bleed like a period
suction hooks??????? why/ what are they for?????
mini blender- make smoothies -YUMMMY

missing anything???????????

Shopping around for best price on air and hotel so...

shopping around for best price on air and hotel so far ive found:
my surgery is thursday oct 4 but hafta be their wednesday oct3 and stay till thursday oct 11

oct1-15 west jet $362 best western on ansin 1,314.72 or 1,295 if i book online
oct2-11 wes jet $341
oct2-11 air canada tango plus $323.68


its equate- iron ferrous gluconate 324mg 100 tablets green tablet


anywho i was just saying thet begining of july i weighed 183lbs and now i am 174.4lbs and woulb like to be 160lbs for surgery so i have -14.4lbs to loose in 6weeks 5days :D :/ omg sooooo close but still so far excited

hey girl,

you might not be the only one moving your date back. ugh... fml
really, damn. i had to switch cause nancy thinks due to my breatfeeding it might show a false positive on my pregnancy test. i want late oct or beginingof nov so i can enjoy my daughter 1st bday on nov28 :D proud mama moment lol. but yeah girl im kinda sad. im gonna buy a pregnancy test and see what it says i dnt really wanna switch oct4 was somewhat perfect

My car is in the shop, n it's an Audi, expensive piece of thing, that ain't cheap to fix... So I'm bumped

OK so i spoke to nancy a few days ago and she...

OK so i spoke to nancy a few days ago and she advised me that my body should not be lactating for atleast 1month prior to surgery. however my daughter still nurses for naps and bed time. uhhh reason being breasfeeding women may show a false positive when doing a pregnancy test :( i was soo upset also spoke to ruben who said when i do my medical clearane to get a blood pregnancy test and a letter from my doctor saying im not pregnant and that should be okay + i will go buy some pregnancy test and see what happens. hmmmm lol what else...........im down to 169.6lbs not sure if i should loose more since ive heard your to be 10-20lbs OVER your IDEAL weight, i may lose 9lbs more just to help make sure i look vaa vaa vooom lol. n e ways ladies how are yall doing/feeling?????

Alot of bootys on here look good but my faves...

alot of bootys on here look good but my faves are?

NiNi Fernandez

theres more but cnt member dem
Hey ladies... First congrats to everyone......? Can you purchase your own type of bbl surgery garment "I wanted the garment with the butt out.... and can you take your perscription pain meds with you on the plane as long as it has your name on it when traveling to get surgery. Thanks
im sure you can buy your own, but most ladies have been using the one provided first than using their own when they begin getting smaller. also good ? about medication i never thought about it but it should be ok
you gotta switch your date?? that's a bummer :-/

Still havnt recieved my package yet and ive got 37...

still havnt recieved my package yet and ive got 37 days :( have been taking the wrong iron pills :@ havnt worked out in a week think ive gained a few, i wanna be 160lbs for surgery about 10lbs to go. super excited but have bought nothing yet or booked flight or hotel
hey try your dr for a prescription for iron. my dr gave me a script for iron pills and one pill is 324mg. that is so much better than taking it 5 times a day or so. i was previously anemic and was taking them twice a day so i just continue that until even after surgery. good luck
good idea i never thought of that, thanks grl :D
that is scary what's right??

Okay so im really wanting to book my hotel and air...

okay so im really wanting to book my hotel and air but have decided to wait till i pass my medical clearance, also i have not recieved my package yet :@ grrrr.
so initally i was looking and the 1. best western
2. Hampton inn
3. residence inn by marriot
but ive been looking at condos on tripadvisor and i think i might swing that way, some are 200-800 cheaper than the hotels and are nice. have full kitchens, privacy for me or near by and have things like pool, gym, movie theatre, park, and back yards for my daughter and mother to enjoy.

my only reason for not choosing one would be the cleanliness of a house/condo rental vs a hotel .

anywhoo thats it for now. im still excited wanting to get it over and done with but some comments are so negative and has me second guessing which i dont enjoy cause i felt i had made an imformed decision.
im gonna start buying up things and keeping the recipt lol
When I remember its too many
im oct 10th u said to msg you but i couldntt it wasnt working /:
:) i was tryna see who will be dwn their same time as me, so we could help each other out, going walking etc. do you know where you are staying?

Ok so i wemt to my dr office today to do my blood...

ok so i wemt to my dr office today to do my blood work and ekg, i was seen by a resident who was really nice and asked what i needed it for and i explained she seemed understanding and interested. when putting in the lab work form she ws unsure of certain codes and had to ask my family dr for assistance. my family dr than came in and was super negative in a nut shell because i dont feel like typing : im lazzy, and that im going to die from an embrolism because of the high mortality rate and that someone has to die and it might be me :0 how do you say that to someone ive already had that fear which is why i wanna do my will just in case i love my daughter so much and would hate to leave her mom less for something like an ass but i do need this for me, i need that boost of confidence. so since my appt i have been comtemplating my decision and doing extensive research on the mortality rate and i still feel on the fence.

important things to ask?????????

1. is the dr a board certified plastic surgeon and certifed with the american society of aesthetics and plastic surgeons?
2. is the anesthesiologist board certified?
3. is the office/surgical room certified/accredited?
4.does the dr have experience?
5. does he ahve hospital privalleges?
6. is the office equipped for emergencies?
7. how far is the closest hospital?
8. how much lidocaine per/kg do you use? (recommended 35mg-45mg)

things to know???

do they use lidocane? lidocane can slow down your heart, lower your blood pressure and aggrevate your brain causing seizure than coma
fluid over load can cause your lungs to drown
clots/loose fat that travel to your lungs, heart, and brain= DEATH
perferation of the abdominal wal;s or bowels, you would need surgery within 24-48hours to save your life
too much fluid=dilution of the blood SYMPTOMS: lightheaded, restlessness, drowsiness, ringing in ears, slurred speach, metallic taste in mouth, numbness of lips amd tongue, shiverig, muscle twitching, seizure
too much lidocaine for too long= laxy heart muscles and aggrevated brain
poor patient health. excessive fat removal, using too much fluid, ans multiple procedures increase riak of death

i knew the surgery had risk i was not oblivious and i knoew death could happen but now im scared shitless
hey im considering going to jimerson or salama, do u kno what percent amount do we have to pay to llock in our rates?
dr s, was 10%
@ angel626: Dr. Jimerson is $500. Good luck!


this is why I am not telling my doctor the type of surgery I am having. Simply stated "elective surgery" and please just do the damn test and send over the results. LMAO @ these silly hating doctors. Cheer up and breathe. U will be fine
i really hope not , i will continue to follow you girl, and thank you
really? girl you are not going to die, i promise you that. this surgery is definitely not a high risk like a brain operation or somethin lol that doctor is speaking nonsense and whoever that nurse is that was unsure of certain codes for the bloodwork needs to be fired because the people who did my bloodwork read them just fine without any questions except for when i was having surgery, and i didnt go into details i just said its an elective surgery.. you will be fine mama just a lil sore but with a big booty! :) i'm 5 days before you so i make it YOU will make it


100 B COMPLEX (1)


I did my lab work last wednesday and got my "all clear" on Friday.
And the vitamin that you can't find, bioflavanoid, I got today at a health food store. (natures food patch)
i went wed sept5 and i have not heard anything yet, i am going to call tomorow. congrats on your clearance :) i cannot bare to take anymore damn pills i take 9 a day already SHIT im always gagging ugh
oh gosh you will be fine...and I will be looking for your updates...and dont go and get your new booty and forget about us! lol

Ok guys so when i went to my dr to get my blood...

ok guys so when i went to my dr to get my blood work done she was very rude, negative and against it. she then told me she would refer me to a weightloss clinic so i went today and it seemed great. i dont necessarly think im overly fat but i could stand to loose a few pounds. my surgery is 3weeks 1day away and i hafta go back in 2weeks the 26th having lost 7-10lbs minimum which would be fine with me. as of today im 170.4lbs 5'5 1/2, bmi 27, 39% of my body is fat. she said based on that info i should weigh 154, however she would like me to be 135-138 because im young i feel that is to small for me to have the curvy body i desire. any who based on their plan i should loose 20lbd in 1 month which i would be fine with but i would hafta push back my surgery, WHAT WOULD YOU DO. i dont mind doing this plan after surgery but i dont wanna loose my expensive$$$ ass, so im thinking if i can loose the 10-15lbs folliwing the plan before surgery that would be kool cuz i may loose some after surgery anyways lol ok im babbling now. so basically would you postpone your surgery to loose more weight OR would you keep your date and do what you could????? 150 is good for me i think so i would need to loose 20lbs in 3weeks 1day
If you're 170 and your ideal weight is 154, Salama want you to be 20-25 lbs over weight, and that's where you are (I will paste it).

And I also read that's it's better to lose weight after sx, opposed to prior, that way you have enough fat versus to little, and your fat cells are the correct size (will paste as well)

In conclusion...I wouldn't stress it, keep in mind you said your dr. Was rude and negative...
***pre surgery weight
 Moises Salama, MD 30 Aug 2012
@Beautifully broken - Good morning. This is Ruben. For a rule of thumb, we ask patients to be 15-20 lbs above nomal weight. So just keep in mind, we do that so Dr.S can easily access fat rather than coming up short on amount of fat from being to skinny. So 5 more lbs won't hurt, and you can always lose them after surgery once recovered. I hope this helps. 
      Gaining weight prior to BBL
I highly recommend my patient to gain weight and to maintain weight at about 20-25 lbs above their ideal weight. This gives the surgeon enough fat to make a drastic change in one's body type. Definitely consult with your surgeon but that is my suggestion. 
 Moises Salama, MD
Can't find what I'm looking for regarding losing weight and the fat cells shrinking or swelling :(

THINGS TO DO::: find and book hotel purchase...

find and book hotel
purchase travel insurance
buy fitted tanks (under garnment)
fill prescriptions
buy shower curtains (blood on bed), arnica gel (swelling), antibacterial soap, firming lotion, panty liners, baby wipes, hand sanitizer, gauze and medical tape, benadryl
buy some maxi dresses, genie pants, leggings, tanks, circulation socks, night gown dress
get pedicure-oct 1
get hair done- either wash and trim or single brainds or wig. some easy no fuss
bring lap top or tablet, magazines, dvds, music
I saw you said you were gonna buy yeast infection medicine but if I was you while youre on the antibiotics eat yogurt with active and live cultures like 3 times a day while you take the medicine. This way you wont need the cream.
good idea. i'm sure i will be too sore to do any unnecessary bending too.
you know u cant have on any polish the day of surgery right? jc since u said pedicure.

OKAY LADIES im 164.8lbs :D 4.8lbs to go who hooooo...

OKAY LADIES im 164.8lbs :D 4.8lbs to go who hooooo i started @ 183, super proud of my self. ive told 3ppl + my mom i feel so so about it.
i still have not bought anything and cant find bioflav....... grrrrrr
ugh sry terrible update i got tired
Well in mu opinion I was 207-211 as now I'm 174 my goal before surgery was 170 and then after surgery goal wa 160 but 158 to have wiggle room ... So I say lose as much as you can healthy and do surgery cause thenyou don't want to not have enough fat for your booty projection you want then after surgery loose the rest ... You might lose some an inch or so but it'll be overall not jut booty !!!
Good luck boo !!

drugstore.com for the bioflavanoid, just ordered mine from there

OK so miss forever booty set a light under my...

OK so miss forever booty set a light under my booty to get shit done :-) so I tried, still no arnica Montana, bioflavanoid, bromelain I can't find these things no where :@, then I went to fill my prescription since my insurance covers it 100? to find out they don't fill scripts out of province much less country so now I either have to find a Dr to rewrite the scripts, or fill them in Florida. How much will it cost me to fill it in Florida or even buffalo with no insurance? Hope not too much :( . To any of the vets out there plz let me know what to pack. 2weeks and 2days left WOoHOoooo
Arnica Montana I ordered from amazon (the pill), the gel purchased at walmart.
Bioflavanoid and bromelian I purchased at a health food store.
I'm uninsured as well, and this evening I got my percs at cvs for $12.50 using a discount card (really easy, just apply at rxrelief.com)
Colace you can get over the counter, and the nausea and antibiotics I'm still shopping around for the best priced pharmacy, with $60 being the cheapest.
good luck on your upcoming surgery , cant wait to see your new you!

Woooohoooooooo i have finally started buying...

woooohoooooooo i have finally started buying things here are things i have bought so far

vitamin c
100 b complex -10.00 i think
bromelain 500mg, 90 capsuels- $11.26
bioflavonoids complex 300mg, 90tablets- $4.89
arnica montana 30ch- $5.79
arnica gel 50g- $7.99

dial soap (pack of 2) $2.00
suction hooks (pack of 12, 3sizes) $1.25
size small waist cincher (can almost fit in it now) $20
baby wipes ( took a pack from my baby lol) free
stool softner (from when i gave birth i will use that)
nausea ( i will use zofran from when i was preggo)

Airfare- $664.00 (2adults + baby)
hotel- still unknown

still to get:
cotton balls
chair- tnxz foreverbooty
yoga mat
smooth fitted tanks
night gown
bed slippers

I was looking through your list and looks like you have everything, more than enough, the only other thing I don't see are tank tops to wear under your garment...be careful taking all those different supplements at once, you never know what counteracts with what. Just stick to what the dr. ordered or call the office and ask them exactly what you need so you don't buy unnecessary items. Just make sure you buy healthy foods, try to get a mini smoothie machine and buy lots of spinach and fresh fruits when you get out to FL that will help with your healing and bowel movements. all these supplements are so unnecessary, remember you have to take pain killers plus antibiotics, plus iron plus vit c and then you add all this other stuff, it might be too much.
Thanks for taking time to go over my list :-) and I need to buy some tanks girl its soooo many damn pills its ridiculous I gag and vomit every time I need to take one I'll be glad when its over and yes I'll bring my mini blender thanks, and do my best to maintain healthy eating habits
Ty Forever booty

So i spoke with nomie who advised me i do not need...

so i spoke with nomie who advised me i do not need to take all dem damn pills its just reccomended. THANK YOU LORD JESUS!! however the vitamin c and iron are a must!!! i can live with that.
ill be taking everything except bioflavanoid that horse pill is not for me. chaaa lol

12days to go, ive lost 20lbs total and wanted to loose another 4.8-14.8lbs before sx, i gained 1.8lbs by eating pizza grrrrrr
im soooo excited i think i have everything i need, just need to pick and pay for hotel and get money for my sx and buy the chair(foreverbooty) and that about it

also did i mention im scared of flying, im all the excitement i have forgotten, i have a 3hr flight their and a 3hr flight back while in pain, uncomfortable, tryna save booty, with an energetic baby AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH + a fear of flying god forbide if there is turbulance.

anywho im still excited ive only tol my mom, 1 friend but i said it was lipo, and 2 friends because 1 alreay had boobs one and was thinking about getting ass injections and i had to school her on the danger and the other is getting a tummy tuck. i regret telling them only cause im a private person but had a moment of weakness, o well

havnt told my childs father but he will most likely pick us up from the airport so im not sure how i will play it off....hmmmm

also debating lipo of thighs the top and inner and lipo to arms not sure i ont wanna have multiple surgeries but dont wanna have to keep more belly fat cause i wanted additional lipo sooooo hmmmmmmm

anywhooo ive talked too much lol
Thank goodness for the pill update, now I won't be beating my self up for missing a dose, and that ugly bioflavanoid!

Good job with dropping those 20lbs girl! How long did it take you?

Pizza is sooooo darn good,it shouldn't come with calories lol and we shouldn't be in the class that has to lose weight....I would love to be one of the girls that can't keep on weight just to eat pizza...and chipotle....and EVERYTHING lol

I think I want my upper inner thighs done too, idk will see what happens in the consult, but just by reading the other girls posts, I probably wouldn't do the arms at the same time, especially with the little one, you will need your arms a lot, and it's painful. Plus you need to hold and lift little mama., not to mention that it seems like more girls regret having it b/c they dont see much of a difference.

Ok lets see so i have 9 days till surgery and...

ok lets see so i have 9 days till surgery and 7days till i leave :O
i have everything except a hotel :( looking like the crowne plaza or the residence inn
i gained 2lbs :(
im super excited and in shock reaady to have my new body
lol bought 3 pairs of jeans size 10 NOW!! wooohoo lol and stuffed the back while i was trying it on to make sure my new booty would fit lol.
still have not told my on/off again bf/ childs father
hmmmm i only take my iron, vitamin C, arnica, and sometimes 100 b complex i cant swallow them things i choke and vomit
im starting to get nervous that i have too much fat to get good results but my mom thinks ive gotten really small and my bf so hopefully ill be happy with my results
any questions, comments or tips please let me know yall :)
Well according to the dr.s scale today I've gained back three...after keeping it off for so long too...wtf?!
yea girl dem pills are dangerous lol, i feel like im dying when i take a few of dem. 4lbs in july, 6lbs aug, 10 in sept. thank you.
i loooooove pizza omg it really does need to be caloria free lol, lmao i would have no issues of gaining weight lol yummmy *fat chick moment* lol
yea i wont do my arms ill try o work dem in the gym but hopefully i can get the thighs done but im sure my belly will take up the 4L ;(
arnt you excited few days left woohooo girly
Lol I cannot wait!! :)



grrrr i kniw how you feel i gained 5 damn lbs
Lol so not right!

Leaving in 3days 3hr flight and surgery in 5 days...

Leaving in 3days 3hr flight and surgery in 5 days :D excited to have it done and over with scared for the massages have heard nothing but painful stories about it. and still noooooooooooo hotel, well i have ones springhill suites in dania beach but aint nothing round dere but residence inn, crown plaza are more then i wanna spend so yea :(, i keep having dreams that i do the preggo test b4 sx and i find out i am :@ i wouldnt be happy im not ready for another and i think i would loose my $700 deposit so im gonna take a preggy test everyday till sx

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm i want a hotel with a kitchen so i can make soup, oatmeal, porridge, chicken etc
Hey QT, good luck with your surgery momma! Here's a link for Extended Stay close to that area... Hope you find something soon girl.... Will keep you in my prayers! Keep us posted. http://www.extendedstayhotels.com/Reservations/SelectRoom.html?sid=704da384-ace3-40b4-ae90-4b315d78357e
Best Westin on Dania beach- sterling rd has a kitchen. Call them, I just booked mine reservation.
Best western on Dania beach - Sterling rd has a kitchen. Call them, I just booked mine. Goodluck girl....

Thank you to alll the ladies who have helped me...

thank you to alll the ladies who have helped me through my journey so far and those who are sending there blessings and prayers this way its greatly appreciated :)! i will be heading to florida tmw morning @ 830am and arring 11am with sx on thursday first of the day @ 730am yippie lol i will be bring my laptop to keet yall up to date. i found a hotel but may switch when i get down there if there isnt much around. also has anyone1 bought compression socks? if so which kind???? tnxz and see ya later

12hrs from now i will be in the sky, im packing...

12hrs from now i will be in the sky, im packing rite now feel like im over packing how much clothes should i bring? hmmmm spoke to larry today and he said the best hotels to stay at are the hampton inn, residence inn, crowne plaza and he said the best western is not in the best area. hmmmmmmm im excited, tired and shocked its really happening. most stressed out about packing i feel im bringing too much clothes but i dont wanna not bring enough........hmmmmmmm not sure if ill update b4 surgery or not
Good luck ladies with your upcoming surgeries. You all will do great!!!! You all will look fabulous!!!
Good luck ladies with your surgeries coming up. You all do great and will look fabulous!!!
They give u compression socks

Ok ladies got to the airport and they would not...

ok ladies got to the airport and they would not let us check in for our flight saying how were too late cause theres a big line in immigration had to spend 150 for new flight to miami and 1 hour later :@ get to immigration and its fkn empty like wth we could have caught our flight and saved 150. then call larrry to let him know and he says its 60 from miami airport and 30 from frt lauderdale i thought transportation was included in the package (200) soooo im def confused and the office wont be open until im in the air . off to a bad start. forever booty heey girlll lol i wanna meet up with you if you dont mind and pm the motel info please. unril nxt time ladies

Ok ladies i have finally arrived and feel good. i...

ok ladies i have finally arrived and feel good. i went to the office and met jennifer, nancy, ruben, larry and 2 other ladies all were very sweet and funny.
im staying at the springhill suites by marriott its not fancy but nice, clean, and functional. the oakland plaza is across the street with stores and etc the area is fine and i got it for 49/night :) 9nights=489.00 YAY me lol.
tmw im going to the office to meet dr salama and nomie to discuss the procedure my expectations and how to take care of my drains, than larry will drop me off to go shopping than i will come bk to the hotel relax and shave etc lol
hmmm i got a boppy pillow and vitamins
ill take my last pre up picz tmw and the ill try and take/post op photos from day1, week1, week2 etc
im nervous how i will heal with my daughter hopefully my mom can entertain her or im in trouble lol.
also i keep having dreams that im gonna test positive on the pregnancy tes so i bought 2 and taking 1 tmw lol
good night for now
oh yeah im the first sx of the day @ 7:00am and gotta be there 6:45am :0 and cant eat or drink after 10pm tmw night
I'll def keep you in my thoughts and prayers...good luck girlie!
Wow thats awsome chick! Stay strong and give us every detail!!! Looking foward to hear from all of you ladies crossing over :)
GL you will soon b on the other side...

Ok so i arrived on tuesday, got to the office read...

ok so i arrived on tuesday, got to the office read and filled out a bunch of paper work. met with nancy asked questions got my boppy pillow and some vitamins handed over 5,800 :O lol and was on my way. PAUSE waited 1hr for larry than got to my hotel went for dinner got caught in the rain. wednesday got to the office @ 10:30 am the office was PACKED had to sign in and sit in the hallway every female who got off on the 3rd floor i was watching there booty lol then i met them wonderful forever booty and her great friend and we hung out in the hallway for about 1hr 30min (bTW she looks amazing dr salama put his hands on her yall she looks great her booty is big but natural) than i went in met dr salama he nice and funny he told me the risk, what i could expect and answered my questions than waited another hour for larry :@ then when he got there he was rushing us and roke my daughters stroller trying to fold it cause hes so in a rush (sweet man but needs better time management or add someone to his team) then dropped us off @ walmart (who didnt have any perc, or nausea med :@) and again larry was late. he dropped us at the hotel and we went and picked up some last items and tried to fill my script. still dont have percs cuz everywhere i called or went to didnt have any in stock like WTF so i dunno what imma do. now im back at my hotel in bed feeling a little anxious but excited sx is @ 7;00am so imma try and relax and get some sleep. larry suppose to be here at 6:15am but we will see. night tladies and thakns for the prayers and keep them coming
p.s. i think i seen beautifulybroken if so her booty is da BOMB.com ;)
Thinking of you QT! Praying u come out swinging like a champ! You will be our big sister in a few hours... Happy healings:)
Try walgreens, cvs or publix pharmacy. They gotta have percs
none @ walmart, kmart, walgreens or the rexal i was like wtf so imma hafta send larry to fill it while im in surgery but thank you

Love my bbl fam keep those prayers coming please....

love my bbl fam keep those prayers coming please. im getting a lil nervous so now i got bubble guts lol
Hope your doing well! Please update as soon as you feel up to it!
Hey hun, I know you've been busy recovering...but we are just as excited as you!! We are here for you :)...How are feeling?? What is going on??

First i would like to say thank you to all you fab...

first i would like to say thank you to all you fab ladies for sending me your prayers and love, it definately worked :D
day of urgery i kept on waking up every hour in fear of missing larry and surgery so finally 5:40am came and i started getting ready double checked my bag and headed down stairs where i met larry @ 6:15am he got to the medical centre @ 6:29am nobody was there so i sat on the floor outside the office till 6:59 when monica came she brought me to the bathroom i gave her a urine sample i changed into the paper outfit and waited for dr salama in this office, @ 8:05 am the cute anestegiologist(spell check) came in and asked me a few questions. dr salama then arrived took my b4 pics, drew on me and i told him im trusting him however if u can gimmie dis booty i woud be happy, showed him my wish pic and i was off to the OR i got on te table i got 1 needle to numb the area and then the iv and i was out lol. when i woke up i was on my stomach and was so happy to be alive i kept trying to roll over and lift my legs but it was super difficult my legs were so damn heavy i guess the nurses realized and quickly got me out the bed into the wheel chair and out the dr i was sooooo out of it and was feeling like wtf. they were giving me information about what to do after that i was unable to process. larry got me i lied down on my stomach in the back seat got to the hotel larry and the hotel clerk helped me upstairs i than laid on the bed and they left. still no percs i was not in pain but def uncomfortable and thought to myself if this is the pain i can tolerat it. so its 145 and im finally back in my room hanging out and the pain starts to come around 3-5 larry comes with the percs and i pop it and i feel better. i took walks in the room, and hallway i think i went outside cant member. day2 wake up in the morning stiff and sore took me 30min to get out of the bed (not fun) i looked in the mirror and had some serious bruising under breast. larry came and i sat in the front seat on my knees facing the back got to the surgical centre to take off my garnment it hurt like 6?10 cause she doesnt stop and isnt necessarly gentle after that back to hotel took walks outside, and around hotel. my ass is huge i feel its a little to big so hopefull it goes down some. im changing my drains every 2+ hours i dont think its draining as much anymore. i took my first shower yesterday i started off on my knees in fear the shower would hurt but pouring warm water down my back felt really good then i took a towel put it in warm water and had it on my back, when i came out i put on the arnica gel (felt amazing) and polysporin and put my waist cincher on while my mom washed and dried my garnment.took me like 40min to get it back on cuz my booty is huge lol. ended up sleeping on the floor day one cuz i couldnt get into bed. last night i leaned on a pillow tower. this morning i had gas which is extremley painful had to have 2 cups of tea to help fart/burp it out. ummm i took a walk with my daughter after i felt better but i was really hot. the maid stole my cell phone :@ so i lost the pics the nurse took of me. ummmmm as of this moment my pain is 6/10 , the worst part is when u sleep and wake up ur sooooooo stiff and sore. im kinda all over the place but i just wanted to get this up if u have any questions please let me know. ohhh the pubic drain is a BIT** omg and my waist at the sides burn when i move. my big granny panties dont fit me anymore lol.
i would suggest not to add your arms or thighs because you need them soo much and ladies start doing push ups cuz ur gonna need that arm/upper body stregnth

oh i met foreverbooty and her friend they are so great funny and nice and she looks amazing big ol booty nice dip in the back and a curvy waist. i saw her day 3 so she prolly looks better now
i also saw another girl who had the bbl with arm, chin and thighs done too she looked like she was in alot of pain

lol its really funy when ur at the office cuz all the bbl girls have the same waddle lol

until nxt time
Glad u made it ok u look good hope u have a happy recovery oxoxox
hey girl, you look great. sending prayers for an easy recovery...
Glad u made it out. It will go down so dont worry. Actually starting to like my size now because it looks more natural. Especially when i start working out again.

Little update doing my best ladies lol yesterday...

little update doing my best ladies lol
yesterday i had on and off again headaches, hott hott butt, pain in my left leg above knee, stomach pain so i called rubenx2, salama x2, and txt nancy i finally got a resspond ruben said he would call salama and get him to call me which he did i told him what happened and he asked my temp 38.90c and he said i was running a fever and to come into he office tmw morning (today) and told me to keep the garment off for a little which i did cause i was in so much much pain and hot and cold so i didnt mind i also had not drank and eaten as much as i should have which is what prolly contributed to it. so toay i went to the office feeling better and he took off mtgarment looked at my but and incisions said he doesnt see an infection and said im healing nicely. i have to small flat spots towards the bottum of my butt cheeks he said it may even out and its normal cuz my ass is playing tug a war with the fat. hmmmmm im feeling better today sleeping is torture cuz when u wake uo your sooo damn stiff its crazy. since sx my mouth has been fkd up not sure if it related or just a coincidence but i have a blister under my tounge, one in the back haon the right side and my left lower side the teeth hurt i also have a weird taste in my mouth and after sx when i put my nose ring back in it was swollen, sore, and its pussing and looks like it may form a keloid weird! ummmm i put polysporin, bandaid, and cotton balls over the insisions to eliviate pain. my elbows, knees and knuckles hurt from lifting and moving my body around i need knee/elbow pads and gloves lol.

so ladies drink your water and gatorade, use knee pads/elbow pads, a stool for high beds, i use a bucket beside the bed to pee in, get a hotel with a kitchen its necessary, and bring lots of dresses, my panties dont fit anymore lol, sports bras for ur girlies lol.

anything else let me know yall
xoxoxox buy for now
hey qt hope all is going well.and that you are in love w your new banging booty.. ;) how is the your daughter? :)
I hope it went well with your first massage!
Good luck on your first massage tomorrow girl! Hope it goes by quickly!

Hey ladies sorry i been MIA been really busy but...

hey ladies sorry i been MIA been really busy but basically ive have 3 massages 2 with alene (spell check) very painful but but shes really nice and my last one was with her replacement (she had surgery) laura who also used an ultr sound machine. like i said each massage was painful but with each it hurt a little less and my last massage i didnt take a perc and left a difference so take ur 2 perc and 20-30min b4 ur massage starts.

i went from an xl garment to a large and was told im gonna need a medium very soon

i kept my drains in for an extra day because I felt i still had alot a fluid so i had my 3rd massage and then removed my drains and the pubic one got a little stuck "OUCH X10000" i know some ladies say it doesnt hurt, however mine was very painful

i still get really stiff when i wake up

ive had a bowel movement everyday since day3, i had 2 baby jars of prunes and that was it

on the flight i used the boppy pillow and leaned forward (weight was on my thighs) for take off, than kneeled for 2hrs 20min apprx then the last 30min i got up walked and used the bathroom and used the boppy and leaned forward for landing. ummmmmi had lost my form so i didnt bother say anything just did my own thing it wasnt too bad

i got back and i didnt tell my boyfriend andything before hand and he noticed lol said i look like nikki kinda lol but he loves it, says dr did a great job, but i told him i only did lipo and he believes me :D yay me lol

i didnt cut my chair b4 i left so i gotta figure out how to do it now

any questions ladies just ask

i met afrobooty, foreverbooty and a few others and they are all amazing and look fab
im not sure what method i used but he lipoed my full abdomen, flanks and full back. i ready somewhere that the method doesnt matter as much as the surgeons techn and skillthnak you
well i'm waiting for Dr. Salaman people to contact me for consultation but its the weekend. All I know is that to get an appointment with him is like a needle in a hay stack!
It's SAAALLLLAAAAAMAAAAA! X-D LOOL P.S have you called them? Their number can be a little hard to locate, PM me if you want it xxxxxxxx

So i was looking at my booty and realized it looks...

so i was looking at my booty and realized it looks the same b4 surgery size wise the only difference is that the dents that i had on each side are gone but i have 2 flat spots towards the crack at the bottum that i had mentioned b4 :( even my mom and bf were like woah your ass is gone mom seen it day of sx and bf seen it on day 9 so needless to say my booty is back to what it was :( but my waist and stomach look great
Hey girl. You are home, you have made it through. So proud of you! Give yourself time. No pressure. Look how far you have come. YOU ARE BEAUITFUL.
hey, do you have updated pictures?
Whaaaat no way its gone! girl, there's just no way... I hear a lof of girls go through this during recovery. I really hope that it hasn't just vanished like that! Lets see some pictures, doll.

Ok ladies i forgot i took measurements after sx...

ok ladies i forgot i took measurements after sx and my butt was 51inches :O, i cant find my measuring tape but as soon as i do i will measure and im sure its like40inches :(. day of sx i was 164.8 i week later i was 173.... and as of today im 168lbs. im also too small for my L garment even the butt part is saggy :O like wth i will upload pics today to show u all how much ive lost. prolly gonna do a round 2 nxt year but get the fat from my thighs and arms and hopefully do my titts same time. my 2 friends wanna go see him 1 for bbl and the other for tummy tuck. the tube that was above my crack is still draining fluid and blood not sure if thats normal gonna ask the office. im still itchy and numb/sensitive my booty is soft but firm. stomach is kinda hard and my lower back on each side have a lump along with my lower tummy/ va jay jay. im not depressed anymore cause i know i can top op the booty but i wish it was rite the first time (size wise and the 2 flat spots on each cheek) any who i will update more pics, i drove once very hard and uncomfortable i gotta figure something out. any questions or comments hit me up
P.s. the office is using new tighter compression garments ill let u know how i like it. looking for a waist cincher to use in the next 6 weeks

Ok ladies i forgot i took measurements after sx...

ok ladies i forgot i took measurements after sx and my butt was 51inches :O, i cant find my measuring tape but as soon as i do i will measure and im sure its like40inches :(. day of sx i was 164.8 i week later i was 173.... and as of today im 168lbs. im also too small for my L garment even the butt part is saggy :O like wth i will upload pics today to show u all how much ive lost. prolly gonna do a round 2 nxt year but get the fat from my thighs and arms and hopefully do my titts same time. my 2 friends wanna go see him 1 for bbl and the other for tummy tuck. the tube that was above my crack is still draining fluid and blood not sure if thats normal gonna ask the office. im still itchy and numb/sensitive my booty is soft but firm. stomach is kinda hard and my lower back on each side have a lump along with my lower tummy/ va jay jay. im not depressed anymore cause i know i can top op the booty but i wish it was rite the first time (size wise and the 2 flat spots on each cheek) any who i will update more pics, i drove once very hard and uncomfortable i gotta figure something out. any questions or comments hit me up
P.s. the office is using new tighter compression garments ill let u know how i like it. looking for a waist cincher to use in the next 6 weeks

Oo and i got 1300ccs :O

oo and i got 1300ccs :O
hey girl, how does it feel to have a big booty? is ur walk different? also how was ur plane ride home?

Super itchy, with shooting tingling pain, my...

super itchy, with shooting tingling pain, my stomach sticks out cuz i have no compression eveything is too big now, and the butt part of the garment is saggy wtf soooo sad. and yesterday after my shower i got all these little white bumps all over my stomach and maybe my back too kinda scary.

massage question: are your massages as ruff as the one at the office? i found a place b4 sx and they said they did lympthatic massage but after going 2x the lady admitted to not knowing how to do it.
then found a guy who is trained in lymphatic massage and hes very gentle he said lym massage is gentle cuz if ur rough u can colapse something so im confused do i want a rough deep tissue type massage or gentle lymphatic massage?

i need to go back to diet life like b4 sx and stay away from junk and carbs i thought if i ate a little bad my butt would grow (dr salama said if u want a bigger butt after sx gain weight) but its not working :( so im just gonna loose 10lbs and mantain

Super itchy, with shooting tingling pain, my...

super itchy, with shooting tingling pain, my stomach sticks out cuz i have no compression eveything is too big now, and the butt part of the garment is saggy wtf soooo sad. and yesterday after my shower i got all these little white bumps all over my stomach and maybe my back too kinda scary.

massage question: are your massages as ruff as the one at the office? i found a place b4 sx and they said they did lympthatic massage but after going 2x the lady admitted to not knowing how to do it.
then found a guy who is trained in lymphatic massage and hes very gentle he said lym massage is gentle cuz if ur rough u can colapse something so im confused do i want a rough deep tissue type massage or gentle lymphatic massage?

i need to go back to diet life like b4 sx and stay away from junk and carbs i thought if i ate a little bad my butt would grow (dr salama said if u want a bigger butt after sx gain weight) but its not working :( so im just gonna loose 10lbs and mantain
Good luck boo hope all your swelling goes down !!
Hey girl, looking good, glad you feel good
I was wondering the same thing about the massages!

Ass went from 52inches to 44inches as of today...

Ass went from 52inches to 44inches as of today that's a devastating loss of 8 inches I'm not happy about that.

Waist is 31inches from 35inches b4 sx

Waist is 31inches from 35inches b4 sx
8 inches is crazy! Did you measure right? You are lookin good Hun.
Girl we are in the same boat. Measuring makes me cry. And all that swelling is gone and it went down so fast :/
You're looking amazing QT!

Hey all i know im no good with updatiwng but im...

hey all i know im no good with updatiwng but im trying to wait till i get closer to final results before i comment because i know people use this site and opinions to choose there dr. as of right now my stomach is still hard and lumpy, i have a lump on each side of my lower back, a lump under my butt cheek on my thigh and a butt that has shrunk dramatically. i am considering a round 2 but like i said im still early on and healing so i will come back at 6 weeks. i also have a consult about doing a endermologie treatment (it for cellulite but works for post op after lipo) ill let you know how that goes
how are you healing, what do you think of your results and etc? are you going for a round 2
You look great Hun!!! And trust me you can tell the difference!!!
Hey.. question QT, i know you said you don't want to sit down but did you feel any pain when you tried to sit on it (4 weeks post op)? I mean without the donut pillow also...just wondering. You look amazing. :D

Ive decided ill do a video review so i can get...

ive decided ill do a video review so i can get everything out. i hate typing but want to let you ladies know whats what so look out for that in the next couple days. if u have any questions feel free to hit me up. ive added some pics
What doctor did your procedure?
Also r u keeping up with massages because that helps with scar tissue. Very important
Hey girly do u have updated pics? Also what do u measure. I hate typing too especiallyom ipad

Hey ladies sry i been mia but ive been busy like...

hey ladies sry i been mia but ive been busy like most o us are. any who here is a mini update on me and my progress. i will try to post pics.

11weeks post op
stomach still a little big but instread o labby its hard
stomach still numb/sensitive
lower back still sore and swollen

im 70% happy with my results
i have flat stops
the bottom o my ass goes down like a slope
waist/belly/upper back still fatty and ive maintained good eating habits and have lost weight since procedure

however i am happier with my figure body. i went from wearing m/l shirts to hide the lab to wearing xs/s shirts some with space around the tummy so thats a +++
but i have noticed that being my frame is smaller my arms come of as big even though they arnt big so i will be working on that.
the waist on all my pants are too big but my thighs are still thick so its somewhat of a challange.

i would like to loose and tine my arms, loose and tone thinghs and shrink waist while flattening tummy as or my back i hope it goes with continued exercise.

as i said before my stomach is still sensitive @ almost 3 months post op, lower back still sensitive, and i have a terrible burning sensation when i stretch or move which i hope goes away sooner than later.

if anyone has specific questions or comments hit up my pg or inbox and i WILL get back to you. hope i have been helpful

also people getting this sx = keep in mind all the extra cost other than the sx ie: flight, hotel, groceries, medications, magazines and other nick nacks, spending money, massages, extra garnments, medical cost they may come up after the insurance you purchase, waist cinchers, new clothes, loss wages from work, a nurse in needed etc the list goes on so yes the sx it sefl is afordable but all the other cost add up and it becomes LIKE DAMN and when ur not 100% satisfy its that much more upsetting and expensive if u need a tounch up even if it at a discounted rate.

but good luck and happy healing to everyone i hope this hasnt been a negative post but its just where im @ right now in my on going healing process.
Hope you're doing well
Update please. :)
You look great, and thanks so much for all the info it really means a lot ... Enjoy your new sexy body.....

My 2nd attempt at trying to update. here we go......

my 2nd attempt at trying to update.
here we go..........
after sx i had a "flat stomach" only when wearing the garment and board but as soon as i would take it off my belly would pop out. i have fat pockets under each breast. i have dimples in each butt cheek and also flat stops in each cheek. one hip is fuller and sticks out more than the other. and i still have back fat. i weighed in @ 163LBS DAY of sx and as of now im 157lbs so i have LOST but still have a belly and back fat. ive been eating well carbs only 2-3x per week and working out moderately 2-4x per week. i dont really wanna loose weight but want to tone. i have made my complaints known and the initial follow up i had with salama he too agreed he saw the flat spots and to wait 6months. so i have 2 months to go and i dont see them going anywhere. this is not a jab at him i still think he is a teriffic dr , but i definately need some tunning and answers besides "swelling" as too why i have a hard lump that runs along my lower abdomen. however i am 7/10 happy with ass its fuller that b4, but not as big as i wanted. i will speak with the office again in april as to what they intend to do to correct these issues and decide from there if i will have dr salama correct these issues or start my journey of searching for a sx again. im looking into DR. robles in DR, yily, campos, perry, salzheur and a few others. if you have any other questions ill be glad to answer i will be updating these with pics

Also the way the top of my butt was injected and...

also the way the top of my butt was injected and lower back lipoed i have a "shelf affect" at the top of my butt its very painful when wearing pants with a belt because the belt sits on the concaved area and looks somewhat un-natural i hope with a round 2 it can be corrected into more of a slope vs a hump. i will do my best to show it in my photos.

How could i forget i have a hard lumpy belly and i...

how could i forget i have a hard lumpy belly and i still experience a burning/ripping sensation when getting up from the lying down position or sitting down and if i firmly(not roughly) run hands down and around my waist, belly and back it is very painful. it burns and hurts super sore
Hi girl !! I'm from Montreal and going to Salama on July 19th...I'm kind of scare after I read your review...would you consider that he's not a goos dr..did he offer you a "redo" in case os a problems..like the ones ur having? or if not beed happy with results ? thanks
Montréal you
around Burlington but i go to montreal a lot of times

Mini update. my review was never posted to scare...

mini update. my review was never posted to scare anybody i was just speaking on personal experience. i still think dr salama is a good doctor. however i did have a few issues during my healing process and made my concerns known. after a recent follow up its confirmed that i am still experiencing swelling and it will go away with time. however ladies when going abroad for sx anywhere be it the u.s., mexico, europe wherever you have a disadvantage during ur healing process not beinging able to recieve the same constant care as the locals so keep that in mind. even when looking for a massuse thats says they can do the correct massage it may not be the same as ceilia's or what the dr wants.lol i feel like ive jumped acrossed my review rambling but yes. knowing what i know now if i could go back i would have:

stayed at a hotel with a full kitchen
been at my goal weight or 5-10lbs above
stayed 3weeks
bought a small tight ass waist cincher
wore garnment and cincher for atleast 9weeks

so ladies basically what im saying is if something doesnt feel/look right call/txt dr salama or RUBEN take pictures and watch the progress. they will help you wether its reccomendations or a review. remember we all heal differently, have different shapes and body types, live different lifestyles and eat different foods, all these things can be a factor. anywho i will be going in for a revision to tweak a few things that were discussed. its a long hard journey and alot of money and emotions my mother often had to remind me its major sx it will take time to heal, and swelling may last. stay beauiful ladies and as always msg me if u have any questions
Hey girl you look great!!! I am also a Salama patient may 2013, did you ever find out how much lidocaine Salama uses?? Thanks for your review !!!
i asked the anestesiaologist (spell check) before sx, he told me but i forgot u can email and ask
I had my Tummy Tuck with him on Jan 21 I can tell you I very happy with my before and after care. I am supposed to go back for a bbl after June but for right now I have to get over this Tummy Tuck pain. lol! I did see alot of in and out girls and I was impressed. The one that impressed me the most was the one who came in for her 1 yr follow up. Almost made me wish I had my BBL first.

So i will be doing a revision with dr salama and...

so i will be doing a revision with dr salama and im happy he has agreed to do it. however im very impressed with dr yiliy and love for her to sculpt me and do her thang but she is more money. i was quoted 2,900(lipo of stomach, flanks, full back) +(thighs and arms)3,200. i feel i would be happy after sx with her. however with dr salama the revision is 800 but im not sure where he would lipo, it wont be all the original areas. my stomach and maybe another donor site if more fat was needed. what would you do???????? plz help
I'd choose yily just bc she gets all the fat out she is known for her sculpting if I wasn't a single mom I'd go overseas to her
I know your getting revision but I just have to be honest.......Your body is slammN and your booty is sitting on cloud 99....its so smooth and pretty like chocolate.....for real......U still have more than awsome results ijs.........#justkeepNItReal......
praying for you

Im @ the same weight as pre-op however my wait is...

im @ the same weight as pre-op however my wait is no longer small i eat carb 1-3x per week mostly potatoes, so not bad eating habits and still unable to maintain shape. crazy huh lol. any who my sister and i have started a new exercise regimen to tighten and tone the whole body lets see how that goes. any who im looking into a breast lift with possible implant :) if you have an experience let me know drs thanks xoxoxo stay sexy
I can't speak for the other ones but the Squeem ain't no joke ,I work a large for 1 week then had to order a medium !! I'm ordering a small & xs for after my surgery because I'm sure yilly gone hook me up my waist is a 36" ! I seen a girl go from a 38" to a 30" four day PO!! So I'm shooting for 28" PO then hopefully a 24" when it's all said & done
Damn tnxz lol imma start with a medium or small then extra small after my revision. Tnxz much
Wow!!!!! No answers, I was wondering the samething. I think I am going to go with Vedette.

Dr salama revison- $800 (lipo to abdomen (unsure...

dr salama revison- $800 (lipo to abdomen (unsure if full or lower/upper ft to flat spots and dents

dr yily de los santos-$3,200 (lipo:full ab, waist, back,arms,thighs, w/ft to booty

dra hilario duran-$3,500 (lipo:full abdomen, waist, back, arms, thighs w/ft to booty

unsure if ill be completely happy after salama just does that as i feel i have no waist but i have faith i guess lol.
the other two ladies are in dominican Rep and are amazing both priced well, however after spending 6,500 its alot. im still uneasy with going to DR although i travelled out of country already to see salama. what is a girl to do????? ladies please give me pros and cons to the 3 scenarios you opions mena alot. my mom isnt a fan with going to DR so she says salama but my sweetie is a fan of DR and says no salama lol HELP! ontop of these cost i need to factor my SAFETY #1, and additional cost like flight, hotel, medication etc if im in miami i need to supply my own food as DR has a recovery home with nurses and meals, both are in hot climates and are beautiful so recovery will be made a lil easier. hmmmmm
also considering breast lift with implant and labia plasty.

oh yeah although its a revision im still finding it difficult to co-ordinate my schedual with dr salama which is a pain in the ass where the other too i have alot more flexability. please help

either way im purchasing a squeem this time and wearing it 24/7 for the first 3-months. tootles my ladies

havnt done an update cuz aint shit changed lol. belly still round lol ass still slopes. although i do get a pain in my lower abdomen feel like the skin and right under the skin are really tender and sore to the tound not sure why
Come on and see Duran on 6-5! I don't want to go alone and my mama trying to come with me- can't let hat happen! We can be roommates!
Lol June 5th?
Not trying to downtalk salama but one girl on here got a redu by salama and he made her ass look worse ( in her opinion)

I've lost confidence I'm Salama and his team the...

I've lost confidence I'm Salama and his team the negative reviews and revisions are climbing I'm not looking into a third sx unless it's my choice not a need. Im considering duran and yily there work is great and the price is right. Duran speaks english and replies fast and haa the dates i want but i havnt seen alot of her results on here mostly her website. Yily doesnt speak english, getting booked quick and ive read reviews on some medevil type equipment and back draing. All i want is to come out Alive, safe, healthy, no hiccups just a smooth sx and recovery and a banging body. Am i asking too much? I think not lol. Ladies chime in and give your input on these two doctors and show me post op patients thanks
Girl looking at your pics looks like i am looking in mirror. I only have curves when i wear a garment. U rock!!!! Dont waste anymore $ hunn just do it the old fashioned way. I know i am. Take care and kit ;)
you look great but if u want to go with one of those 2 drs go with Duran one of realself girls from London said that Massiel told her that Yily got her 2 BBL from Duran !!! if Yily allows her to to her own BBL she must be good !! good luck !!
Ur ass look good....how was ur recovery....I want one just had tt....

Too many negative comments about yily now so dr...

Too many negative comments about yily now so dr duran it is. Ive emailed dr salamas teaM
About availability for my revision over 2weeks ago with no responce. F that you aint the only surgeon nor are you the best "aint nobody got time for dat". Lol. Anywho i want a May date so i can enjoy my body for the summer but ill be missing like 10 days of school and be put on academic probation prolly. Ugh only if it was done rite the first time. Only negative at the moment is 3000 isnt alot but it is when youve already spent 6500 dra duran used to answer next day now its a week i hope she isnt over worked and starts producing shit i expect to come out healthy safe and amazing seeing ad i only need tweaking. Until next time ladies
I hear you, good luck. I need tweeking also but I worry that it'll make me look worse. I can't wait to see your results. I was thinking of asking for a revision but I think I need a TT now. IDK we'll see. TTYL

Dra yily De Los Santos- BBL with lipo to the...

Dra yily De Los Santos- BBL with lipo to the stomach, full back, waist= $2,900.00 add thighs and arms= $3,200.00

Dra Agustina Hilario Duran- BBL with lipo to the stomach, full back, waist, thighs and arms =$3,500
she has 8 years experience

Dr Alejandro hernandez- BBL with lipo to the stomach, waist and full back $4000-$4,500 depending on your body +$500 for each additional area of lipo
he has 18years experience

Dr Salama revision price $800 includes lipo to the abdomen and he will fix my hips, flat spots and dents in booty while taking that fat pockets left behind first time around
has between 2-3years experience

dr duran is my first choice than yily
dr salama is only charging $800 for a revision? That's pretty good! But yily got bomb lipo skills. I want to consider her for a round too just for a better waist to hip ratio but man, these reviews on her are scaring me.
yea its not bad but im scared i still wont be satisfied since hes only doing stomach not waist and is being very vague in what he exactly plans to do. ugh i would much rather spend $800 and go to america than 3000+

All my choices are ladies in the Dominican...

All my choices are ladies in the Dominican Republic. Yily and duran can produce what i want ive seen it many times. Dr belli and almonte i havnt seen much of there work buf what i did see was nice. Dr almonte is partner/work associate of dr Robles, and dr bello from what i heard used to work at cipla but has opened up her own office. Input please
I must say woah your butt is huge, congrats. Wish you a fast and easy recovery. Good luck!
lol not so big now i will update some pics as im almost 9 months post
I am not trying to be rude or disrespectful but those doctors that you named are not in Cuba, they are in the Dominican Republic two different countries.

round 2 to fix uneven lipo, almost 9 months post op

almost 9 months post op nothing has changed abdomen still looks deformed, back fat still there, hard lump still there, ass still has flat spots
Hi love. So I can tell you Yily is top notch. Dr Hernandez also does great work but as you can see he is more expensive than the other doctors. I'm a Yily Doll. I paid $3650 for just about a full make over. I had a baby 6 months prior to my surgery. Im 37 but I dont look it...thanks to Yily. Good luck with whomever you choose!!
Hey girl! Im going through the same thing. I need a revision and its beedn like three weeks and they haven't responded. I have three lumpds, flat spots, dents, unevenness, fat that wasn't removed, abdomen looks weird and someone thought I had a TT. Im thinking of going to Duran maybe in a yr. I need someone who is patient, kind, and not too expensive and that's duran. Good luck to you, keep us posted. TTYL
Hey sweety what are you gonna do ?? Salama another chance or try out yily ??

10 months post op- dr salama NEW PICS!!!!

still unhappy
How are you? Still planning to go next year for round2?
Omg. This is so cray cray, im on my second round and im feeling you!! This time i am gonna research and reach out to you sisters because i am not rich! These surgeries cost a lot of money! I pray you get what you desire hunny and please keep us updated! Thank you.
thank you, have you decided on a dr yet?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

i saw dr salama day be sx he went over everything. day of sx i waited in the hallway for almost an hour for staff to arrive. i saw dr salama b4 sx to take pics and do the drawings he wasnt very friendly or talkative but professional i guess. and i saw him i believe 1or 2 after sx one time i know for sure because my butt was extremley hot to the touch and i felt faint so he saw me the nxt morning but i cannot recall any other time

2 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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