So revision on November18 with salama is happening Duran never got back to me after I send my pics months ago - Aventura, FL

Hi I am 26 with 2 children and want tohave this...

Hi I am 26 with 2 children and want tohave this procedure because i cant stand my body now. I cant stand trying on clothes, shoping for undies, feel insecure, and never let my husband see me naked. I like to look good and feel sexy right now thats is not the case. My dream is to be able to wear what I want and feel confident about my body. And to actually enjoy going shooping for clothes I like and sexy undies(victorias secret lol). I will be traveling from Boston on June I am soo happy.

Each day I become more desperate and dont even...

Each day I become more desperate and dont even know if I am going to be able to wait that long. My appoimment is going to be in the summer of next year and I am basically going to be on recovery for the whole summer ugh!!. I ve heard that Salama is having cancelations so I would like to go sooner next year, so I can spend the winter recovering and enjoy my summer. I see this more unrealistic with each day that goes by because the day is so far away from the present.

Hi I just want to know why are soo many girls...

Hi I just want to know why are soo many girls going for a second round? I mean does the fat really stays permanent after a couple months or is all B.S, and it slowly goes away, cuz I really cant afford a second round, which also means a second airfare among other big expenses., I mean I am doing this to improve myself not to get riped off, also I was told by other pysicans that if the procedure was done correclty it shold be a one time procedure, so girls let me know what is going on here.

Hi I"ve been addicted to this site for the past...

Hi I"ve been addicted to this site for the past month, and I came across that Dr. Salama was one of the best for the procedure I am looking to get, so I booked with him,. but lately I've seen many girls here going for second round and others who arent pleased with their results for many different reasons, and this is getting scary, because I dont have the money and the time for a touch up or a secound round!!! I iam traveling so those are extra expenses right there!!. I am afraid that I made the wrong decision by booking with him. I am now considering Dr. Jimmerson even though hes more expensive Ill just have to save harder for him though but as long as is worth it then is ok with me, I just believe that if this is done properly there shouldnt be a secound round I dont wanna be crying later on. Please help me decide Jimmerson or Salama and why?

Hi, I am still 8 moths away from my bbl but I am...

Hi, I am still 8 moths away from my bbl but I am making plans because I dont know if my mother will be able to go with me and my hubby will be working so I need to have this cover in case she cant. Is it possible to do this by myself or do I absolutely need someone to be taking care of me? if so, how much does it cost to hire a nurse? if anyone else is going for sx around the same day let me know so we can share expenses as I am going to be traveling too as well. Thank you any advices are welcome.

Hi girls I just got a quote from Dr Campos in...

Hi girls I just got a quote from Dr Campos in Tijuana pretty cheap and based on what he told me he injects the fat on the muscle to minimize the absorption I am very undecided because traveling out of the coutry specially to Mexico is kinda scary for me. I've seen some gils who went with him here but not enough and not too many updates either, but form others here i've heard hi is one of the best ones I just want to make sure, because I get undecided with Salama sometimes since round two, or touch ups are not options for me, I want this to be a one time only procedure though. Thank you girls.

Hi I am working in aa office now and I am planning...

Hi I am working in aa office now and I am planning on going for my BBL on June, I juast want to know how long does a patient has to wait to sit down and how to handle this situation at work. I cant imagine myself standing up in the middle of the office in fron of my computer while everyone else is sitting down LOL!. I also want to know what excuses some of you girls used with your boss when you decided to go for the procedure, and they noticed that you came back with a whole different body type.

Hey chikas, I know I am still 7 months away but I...

Hey chikas, I know I am still 7 months away but I just want to know when did you get the package with the instruction, because it should be couple monthst ahead of time so we can know what we need ahead of time! tanx ladies.

Hi ladies I have a June 6 and keep having things...

Hi ladies I have a June 6 and keep having things comming up so I just want to know if anyone wants to switch their august with my June, tanx.

Hi I will be traveling with God first On June 6 to...

Hi I will be traveling with God first On June 6 to get my bbl on June 7 with Dr Salama, I just want to know if any of you ladies have good suggestions on essential supplies including garmets, type of clothing and cheap motels, condo deals!!!

Hey ladies I just found out tha I am not going to...

Hey ladies I just found out tha I am not going to be able to have my bbl on June 7 if any of you want to switch please let me know if any of you want to swap u can inbox me if you want.


Hi I just found out that drsalam no longer has a driver which I think i messed up they didnt tell me that before, if it wasnt becaue I ask if he could pick m up at te airport at 7pm I would just be o my on lost when got there. anyways my app isAug 2 and I ju wanna know if anyone is loking for a buddie to shar expenes please let me know ladies.


Hi i am only 2 months away and to be honest I dont see it coming I cant believe that its been almost a yr since I schedule this app which initially was for June 7 but I moved it to a later date. I have mixed feelings i'm working on losing some weight that I gained and hopefully I can lose 20Lb or a little more I lose weight quick I have done it before. I am doing this because I want my results to be awesome!!! I want a butt of steal!! round and perkie with lots of projection, r I am a little concern because the latest results I am seing from Salama are not what I was seeing a yr ago... I just want my 2 balls on the back and that's it...

has anyone got lipo in the pubic area too, cuz I got a lot of fat thereg!!

Hi im wondering if anyone has gotten the outside of the vagina lipoed also, cuz I have a lot of fat in tgat area it loks like a big wide upside down triangle shaped roll across that area nasty! ! And it doesn't go away if anyone else had this problem let me know, my Dr is Salama

has anyone got lipo in the pubic area too, cuz I got a lot of fat there

Hi im wondering if anyone has gotten the outside of the vagina lipoed also, cuz I have a lot of fat in tgat area it loks like a big wide upside down triangle shaped roll across that area nasty! ! And it doesn't go away if anyone else had this problem let me know, my Dr is Salama.


HI ladies I have noone to go with my husband cant come because of his job, and my mom will be watching my children, my only option is to get my sister from Puerto Rico and get her a ticket to Florida round trip, but I am still thinking about it because it doesnt make too much sense to do that. and I am very reserved whenb it comes to my stuff and my sister will make sure that my whole family in Puerto Rico knows about it. On the other hand I cant afford to hire a nurse!! Pllease any advices are welcome.

is it me or salama's botties all look the same now

Hi, lately I've noticed that salama booties sll look the same. Not as round, and full as the ones before, kibd of boxy I heard he's putting his patients in booty out garments, that might be the cause im less than two months away, so im staying with him I will show him my wish pic and make it ckear that rounness and o projection is what a want!

why is salama using butt out garments

I find that his results were better before when ladies used butt in garments its just my opinion based on my observations lately, what you ladies think?


Hi BBL sisters, so here are some pics that I posted because based on my observations of other ladies I'v noticed that I might need a TT Salama didn't say anything when he saw the pics to do an estimate last year, but I don't want any surprises when I get there, do u think lipo alone should do be trick?


I just want to know more about this other shapewears I;ve seen many of you with thee things on, and writting about orders sizes and numbers, I had no idea that we have to wear these things, why? how soon after surgery can we wear them how often? and also can anyone explain to me the model codes and all tha? and give me some good links to look for it after? Tanx


Please ladies tell me is not as bad as natural childbirth cuz I am starting to freak out, everytime I see a post op review of Salama is about ladies describing how torturing the healing process is, I am a chicken when it comes to pain, now i am thinking what did I get myself into? ahead of time, not to mention nightmares about sx are hunting me already.

im starting to buy supplies and confy clothes but need help from u gals.

Hi ladies I need ur help I have sum questions ladies.

Are summer dresses and yoga pants ok and confy for post op?
Can we wear lotion and other personal care products after sx?
What type of shoes are the best to wear after sx?


Oh my God I still cant belive I will be flying in 6 days and getting bbl done in 8 days!! Time seemed to went by like nothing, and my anxiety levels are high, I feel butterflies in my tummy every time I think about this, the process it self from gathering supplies, coordinating transportation, flights (bringing my sister all the way from Puerto Rico),hotel, child care, and work excuse to be out for 3 weeks, has rised my stress and anxiety levels to the max, this is all I think about!! All I've been plaining on for the last month and a half, and I cant believe the day is getting so close. Any suggestions from any of u bbl sistas are always welcome.


Myriam is charging me 250, I though it was 225 was up with that?

flight is 2 hrs delay!!

So here I am at the airport since 2:30 and just when everything seemed to good to be truth, flight is 2.5 hrs late!! There is always Something, I am soo mad imma get there after 10pm my poor sister will arrive at 6:40 so that's more than 3 hr waiting. I am exhausted, pissed off and impatient. Pre op is tomorrow at 11am and I wanna rest enough tonight dont wanna look like a frozen fish tomorrow. But sooner or later I am gonna be in Florida this soon to be diva is on her way baby!!

so today is the day!!!

Here I am waiting on the staff office is still close i got here at 6:50 and my nerves are kicking hard please may God be with me throughout this surgery.

3 days post op am so depressed right now all this for nothing

Hi bbl sistas, so today I am 3 days post op and I am not happy with my results, I made so many sacrifices, and put lots of money on the table in hope of having an improvement in my shape, but I got nothing on return, I told salama I wanted a nice slope upside down shape, with a nice waist line and archy lower back he said ut could be possible cuz I had some projection to begin with, and I was left with an ugly wide flat shelf. My tummy is all wrinkly and lumpy but I knew it could happen, now I dont know if I look better before or now, I just feel like he messed up on me he said he couldn't give enough projection on the bottle because he couldn't fit anymore fat?!!He putted 1300 ccs but I don't see any improvement :(

3 days post op More pics

More pics phone is acting up and wont let me add more.

3 days post op don't like my results

Ok ladies let yourselves b the judge, I am so depressed right now thinking I have to fix this mess or make it better myself, there a r w ladies here with excellent results right away and sum if them have worst body types, but I guess be chooses who he wants to get salamified, im praying for this to get better.

4 days post op new garment size L massage felt awesome.

First of all I must say celia is amazing, she is very professional and very into her thing, massage wasn't painfull for me, im liking the new garment cuz of the compression but my crotch is burning it boders me down there but I can tolerate it. I got a massive headache after walking around the beach with my sister for like 40 mnts, I had enough water and gatorade, but once I got to room i laid on the bed to take a nap and my sister forgot to wake me up to give me the dose so I missed it for 3 hrs is that dangerous? Im so worried.

cant sleep this garment is supper tight in my bottom parts

I putted a pad on to see of it feels better but the vagina it its bodering me badly cant sleep right now, im ok with the compression overall but not in my vagina its killing me, so far sleeping on my tummy and this garment has been the must difficult parts of recovery. Any tips welcome

day 6 and results are still looking ugly from day 1.

I am so sad I feel robbed, I spent money, energy, left my husband and children for the first time in my life in order to have this surgery, from the beginning is been an emotional roller coaster, but now it's turning into deep depression. I can't stand looking at myself right now cuz the results now look wost than my body before, and everyone can see it. I spoke to Salama yesterday and he said if my lower back doesn't improve hewill do a revision, but what about my butt? my butt is the worst one I've seen here so far I had good expectations and now my butt looks deformed, I am going back to Boston on monday and my husband and family also had good expectations, they are going to be very disappointed as well I don't want them to see me, I wish I could go back to normal again. I regret making this decision.

itchy is getting serious

I am starting to itch, im using arnica gel and benadryl but isn't helping much, this is getting in my nerves help.

15 days post op new and old pics compare the difference....

I know I said I wasn't coming back til results were final but I must say that changing is happening, and though im not completely satisfied yet, I can see a positive difference with my body compare to the fist week, tanx for your support sistas, I have to say that im playing a big role in making my body change, I've been wearing the triangle foam right above my butt right where the fat was left behind 27/7, foam on my upper back, and stomach, I must say the foam really works wonders. On day 14 I started wearing my faja with the board, foam and medium squeem, I will keep posting pics of my progress.

some pics will post more after.

Pics I will post more I just gotta edit them first.

18 days post op update.

Some pics of the change, this sx isn't joke and is not about the pain for the first 2 days, tank Gid I mannaged to handle that pretty good I was eating waking and drinking good the 1st day, I was weak but not in crazy pain, I was pushing myself into recovery and by the 2nd day I was better 3rd day I went to the stores after my post op app. The hard part of this procedure is the reality that comes after, garment, foam, squeem and ab board, not being able to wear what I want except from dresses tshirts and yogas to cover all these layers of compression, not being able to get a pedi or go to the salon, not being able to sleep comfortable, not being able to sit for 6 weeks, all of this is physically draining I just can't wait to be back to normal, I know is gonna be worth it at the end but emotionally is getting to me I feel so lonely my husband is being a little distant because I don't wanna have sex yet, til im able to sit, and I feel sad sometimes but unfortunately no one understands why, would I do this again, don't know about that booty greed can be strong sometimes so can't say no lol, but ladies be ready for a life style change uf you really want good results after sx, is tough but I am pushing myself to protect my investment.

17 days post op

anything better than yoga mat for driving?

So today was my first day driving because I had to they needed me at work, I put a yoga mat, it was the thicker one I found at Walmart, the mat went a little flat and I was having a hard time to keep my butt off the back of the seat, tank God is only 7 minutes away, grr I feel so bad I have to do this 3 times a week and I need something more solid than a yoga mat any recommendations?

one check bigger than the other

So here I am inspecting my body for changes or irregularities and noticed that one cheek is bigger than the other and I think the difference is big, there's no way imgonna stay with this assimetry Iis this normal or is a sign to consider revision?

best way to make waist super tiny

I am obsess with my waist right now cuz I feel like it doesn't look as small as b4, In fact gained an inch im still using baggy ass xl CG with with board and foam and medium squeem on top 23/7 but I guess I gotta do something stronger what else aids in slimming down the waist line, ladies.

I look supper fat and tummy looks deformed

Im getting from a flat tummy to a pre op tumny in no time, I have rolls and a huge stomach, like wtf!! I emailed salama pics and concerns but still no answer back im going backwards now cuz at the beginning I didnt swell much and now I look as big as pre op, I don't know if it's. Swelling but looks like fat for sum reason, Ive been wearing my garment all the time and had it altered by a seamstress.

5 weeks post op and planing a round 2, where did everything go again?

I know I said. No for round 2 due to all the emotional rollecoaster issues, but im considering it this booty obsession is getting serious and I can't stop being so obsessed untill I get the projection I want!! But im just considering it for now, This is the same projection I had pre pregnancies and I want a drastic change, not what I had before, an "average" booty nahhh that aint doing it 4 me, this time imma gonna ask for a donk, or a stripper butt so he can deliver the results I want. Not satasfy with my results so far, I've been eating healthy, moving around, wearing super tight compression, and everything is changing for the worst, the other thing I need is def a tummy tuck but it aint happening yet cuz I want 1 more child.

I am 11 weeks post op and can't stand this garment any longer...

I have 2 garments the the vedette 136 and the stage 2 I got in the office, well the vedette 136, I dont like because it chocks my crotch even when I wear an underwear on the neith, and makes my thingie look like is divided :0,,, and the one Im currently wearing is the stage 2 from the office booty in but its getting on my nerves already, I want another one, but im just afraid to get the wrong one and throw more $$ out, I am looking for extra torso compression, and somethong that doesn't choke my vajinie lol, advises and links welcome.

it seems like Dr Salama don't wanna give me a revision....

I have rolls on my back, tummy isn't flat anymore, and my butt is lumpy, with a hard mass on left cheek, I contacted Ruben by email because he is the only one who responds to them and, he said that revision will only happen if the doctor is at fault, and a second surgery might be require to achieved optimal results,, Wtf!! Im not as wealthy enough to throw $$ like that, I emailed salama and got no response, so then again I emailed ruben about hard spot and lumps and he said it might b fat necrosis to give it time, I didn't expected this, so now if the problem doesn't resolve overtime im left in the dark with no hope just like another number. I was considering a second round but now I wanna go with Duran if things don't improve, or salama won't do a revision on me.

forgot to mention that im still wearing my cg and squeem very tight here are some pics!!!

Not sure wtf is going on in here but I see no progress at all, things are getting worse even though Im still following a strict aftercare., this is me at 11 weeks post op.

revision app but thinking about 2nd round, with Duran.

Hey ladies I've been away for some time already, trying bot to focus on my body, but it's impossible, i am not satisfy, my ass has flat spots all over, my belly and back are fat!!! And I know that a revision wont get rid of all the fat i was left with. My butt is too small for my frame I want more side projection!! My revision app us for November, however I want a vixen body, and considering Dra Duran for my second round, I had sent her my pics 2 days ago to get a quote, so at this point im just waiting, im a little afraid of going out of the country for this procedure, but I know that in order to get what I want I will have to travel outside, because im not convinced with the results of drs here, I need to die for curves and a full booty!!!


I am still waiting on a quote, from 4 days already I'm becoming a little inpatient, I emailed her yesterday but no answer back! :(

revision with salama on November 2014 anyone else going around that date?

So I'm over a year post op and will get a revision done on November 18, wanted to know if anyone else is going around that date, so we can share expenses.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Salama took his time answering my questions and listening to my concerns, he is very professional and agreed to do a revision on me after me being on top of him, lol. I felt he didn't take his time operating me, my sx took less than 3 hours and I'm not happy with the outcome.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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