ALmost 6 months after surgery...

Hello Everyone! I am from Philly and I was...

Hello Everyone!
I am from Philly and I was searching online for reviews on docs who perform BBL's. I came across this site and I was convinced that Dr. S has pleased so many women with similar visions as myself. So I called spoke to Nancy and paid my 10% which was about $680 and saved my date for Nov. 1st 2012.

I am, however, hoping to find someone who can switch dates ( i would prefer an earlier date) if possible...although I am sure everyone is hoping to do it earlier rather than later.. but hey it's worth a try!

Okay so let me add more info about myself. I am 23...

Okay so let me add more info about myself. I am 23 5'9 and weigh 135lbs. I was told to gain 10-15 lbs before surgery to be a totaol of 150lbs on surgery day! I've never been that heavy in my entire life, so I'm scared it'll all go to my arms or face instead of my belly.

I plan to lipo my lower abdm, top abdm, flanks, top and bottom of back!
How are you ladies paying for your bbl? Im curious lol
Hey did you book it yesterday? I Called at 9:15 am and was able to get a November 26 date since the last week of november is only available. Im about to call nancy and ask her what's up with that lol oh and you should ask to be put on the waiting list before the list gets longer!

So I have not been on the site lately because I've...

So I have not been on the site lately because I've been traveling. My 23rd bday was June 21st and I went to the Hamptons, NY and just yesterday I came back from Paris, France! I am finally back to my apartment and will get back on my realself! lol

Oh also, so far i've gained 9 lbs!!!! thats really...

oh also, so far i've gained 9 lbs!!!! thats really good just have 3 1/2 months to go and gain the last few pounds

SOOOOOOO i paid in full my BBL procedure + 5...

SOOOOOOO i paid in full my BBL procedure + 5 additional massages + 1 additional area to lipo (outer thighs) so my balance is ZERO!! So excited now all that is left is my Flight + Hotel!

Okay I forgot to add that when I paid my bbl...

okay I forgot to add that when I paid my bbl procedure in full, Nancy called me back that same day and told me she was sorry to not have mentioned the "new rule of charging an additional fee of $160 to each patient" just in case you need to be hospitalizedl However, if you don't end up hospitalized you still dont get your $160 back!!!!!!!!!!!!! ughhhh every dollar counts!
I think this is actually a new Florida law imposed upon plastic surgeons to at least offer it, but the mandatory part of it I think Salama wants, to make sure his patients are covered for any emergencies that might occur that might not be covered by regular insurance.
I heard it was optional as well, but might become mandatory by the time of my scheduled bbl in 2013.
Yes, Nancy told me it use to be optional but now it's mandatory!! Ahhh just another little add on I'm sure they wanted to tag along.

Although I REALLY want this procedure, many of my...

Although I REALLY want this procedure, many of my family members don't agree I need it (especially because of the costs involved). They are really making me think about it in terms of what's more important a booty or the money for a car or paying off my student loan!

I don't know but I just feel confused!!
Amen fingazX!!! At the end of the day it's your life your decision don't let anyone sway you from doing anything for yourself as long as your safe and happy then "Do you booboo I got ya back!" As my big sister told me :-)
LOL Awwwe thanks honey! Sometimes it takes these little positive notes to keep me fighting for what I want!
if its a question of paying off your student loans, i can understand that strugle with your decision. but a new car.....not so much. cars are necessaties not a luxury. they are the worse investment as far as every $ count goes because they depriciate soon as you sign the dotted line. this surgery is for YOU and how it will make YOU feel. that to me is no.1 priority as far as investments goes. dont make this decision based on everyone elses opinin because at the end of the day, they not gonna call you to make a deciding factor on what they wanna do for themselves. Family will always be supportive especially if its something that YOU wanna do for YOUrself.
respectfully, your fellow bbl sister.

Hey ladies, so I am trying to do a triple way...

Hey ladies, so I am trying to do a triple way switch lol
I met someone here who has an August 20th date, and I have a Nov. 1st date. I cannot take her date because it's around the corner and I'm not ready BUT I will be ready by September! If you have a date in Sep. and would like to do it sooner HIT ME UP!!
Hey newbigbooty my date is Sept 13....hopefully we will see each other. Where are you staying? And who are you going with?
Y'all are lucky to get the switch y'all want. I guess the closer I get to December the more ppl will wan to change...hopefully. Congrats!
yes, it seemed to good to be true i guess. We ended up NOT switching...we were not all ready boooo! lol

Does anyone know how to apply to care credit (the...

Does anyone know how to apply to care credit (the line of credit offered by Dr. S office) Because I need my money back....just I am forced to move from my apartment and I just don't have money to move ahhhhhhhh so frustrated right now and i only have a week left before my surgery date!!!! I think I have to switch dates if i can't get the credit approved...HELP
Hope you Are doing great , can't wait to see your picts
I hole all went well today!

Hurricane Issac is hitting miami Pray for me!!...

Hurricane Issac is hitting miami
Pray for me!! Please!! :*
girls, im sorry for being debby downer with my lil blog here but i just dont wanna lie i want ya'll to know how you may (or may not) feel when your turn comes around. bc i had no idea
I agree.. Even though I look great I'm miserable right now and never thought it would be as bad as it is. I've always been Lucky with surgeries and never had any issues whatsoever and I thought this would be the same.. It's not something to take lightly..
im getting scared of the pan

Okay so it has been exactly 10 days since my...

Okay so it has been exactly 10 days since my surgery!!! And I am ready to sit and write my experience/review.
I will start from the beginning. I arrived to Aventura on Aug 19th alone because my bf wasn't able to come until the next day. That same day was my per op consult with Ruben. I booked my stay with Best Western for about 65/night (maybe a lil more idk) and there is a food market right across the street so while I waited for 4:30p to come around I went grocery shopping to have food for the week. FYI I booked through Priceline and only said it was reservations for 1 person. They were going to charge me an additional 300 for adding my bf so i didn't. At the end when I walked in my room there were 2 full sized beds so it worked out!

I went to my pre op and met Ruben. He asked me to fill out some paperwork and while I did that I met another girl who was having surgery the next day like me! She went in first to review her paperwork and while I waited my turn, Dr. Salama came out to meet me!! He was very brief and just said hello how are you? Name? and asked if I had someone to take care of me after...along with one or two more questions...then he left.

That night I shaved (I'm a waxer but it wasn't enough to wax so I HAD TO shave ugh) And I took a trash bag and put 3 hotel pillows in there because I instructed my boyfriend to come in the room and pick up my hospital bag ( where I had my going home clothes) and the bag filled with pillows so that he can lay the pillows in the rental car seat so I can lay down after sx.

My bf is good at following instructions so he did that exactly.

>>>>FYI the car rental=$230 for 6 days (included gps)>>> when I first arrived I caught the city bus from the airport to my room because the cab was charging me 50 bucks and the bus was $4 for an all day pass.

Okay, so the next day (Aug. 20th) was my surgery day at 11:15a so I woke up at 7a to take a shower organize the last few things and plan how to give my bf the hotel key (his plane landed at 11a but my sx was at 11:15 so I wasnt going to have time to hand it to him) SOOOo i planned on giving it to one of the nurses and I texted my bf and told him exactly where to find it! He found it just fine and grabbed the two bags I left in the room.

I was fresh outa the shower (8:30a) and I get a call from Nurse Monica! She asked me if I could come in early to the surgery facility because they wanted me to go in first instead of second. I was NOT READY since I was under the impression that I wasn't going until 11a but she said that the girl who was first had ate something and that she could not go under anesthesia because of it. So I said ok I will be there as soon as I could get there. I called a cab and I left.

Arrived at the sx facility which is like this weird bank bldg but dr. s office is in the 4th floor. I rang the doorbell and Monica opened the door. She showed me to the bathroom and told me to take everything off. and put on paper thongs compression socks robe and a hair cape and I walked to dr. salama lil office and he was sitting waiting for me. he said hello again and he dove straight into his business explaining everything to me. His eyes were looking out of the window while he was talking to me. kinda like he was reciting a bible verse lol. I asked very little questions because I blanked out. He grabbed my fat which felt funny and I laughed and he laughed too LOL

After he marked me up Monica took me to the surgery room where the anesthesiologist asked me about my medical history and if I ever had anesthesia before. He put me under and they got to working lol

I remember waking up and hearing the voice of a lady telling me to get up...that is was time to get up. I was sooooo knocked out that I couldn't even move a muscle. She left me alone for like 10 minutes then she came back in TELLING me to get up that I had to sit down and I could no longer be laying down (I was on my belly laying). I asked her nicely to please leave me be because I comfortable laying down. She said NO I had to sit LIKE OMFG what was wrong with her!!

So I said ok (mind you I was so loopy I could have fell on ground if it wasnt that she held me up) and I sat down! It was super uncomfortable that I was hovering in my seat I did not like the feeling of my butt being pressed down so hard when it was so fresh...I told her no I want to lay down instead. I think Dr. S heard me being loud and asking her to let me lay down that the Dr came over and said whats going on? I asked him if I could lay down and not sit and he said ofcourse and he helped me lay down. Mind you he was in the next room operating on someone else so Im sure he was mad at the lady for not handling her business and listening to me THE PATIENT!

She got aggravated and probably upset bc she got a...

She got aggravated and probably upset bc she got a warning from the doctor that she handed me her cell phone and told me to call who ever was picking me up. So I did. I called my bf and he picked up and said he was 5 minutes away. My bf came in with my bag of clothes.

>>>Before my bf came in with the clothes she was trying to force me to get dressed with the clothes I walked in with and again I said NO! my bf is bringing me clothes. That really wasnt her day I bet! ughh

I got dressed and got in the car. The passenger seat was pulled all the way back and was padded with pillows so I got on my knees and got in backwards.

I got in the hotel room and laid down while my bf went to the pharmacy to get my prescriptions filled. I needed my percs and my antibiotics. He came back and I took them. I felt better!

I did not throw up at all I ate just fine and drank lots of fluids. I did not really eat that healthy like most of you ladies that have a list of healthy groceries. I thought that its best to get lots of calories at least on the first few days because loses so much energy and I needed to feel energized. I ate soups, chicken, rice, chicken wraps. powerade water etc.

The first night was HELL bc the bed was too high and it was hard for me to get in and out of bed even with my bf helping. I was peeing EVERY hour which is crazy to me. We used a cup (i got the idea from one of the girls here) and it worked for the first night but I bought a urinal the next day because the cups would get soggy and break too easily. The urinal worked wonders!

I was in alot of pain. Pain like I never felt...

I was in alot of pain. Pain like I never felt before. It was so uncomfortable. I couldn't sleep at all. I paced around the room most of the night while my bf slept sound asleep. I woke him up only to help me pee and drain the drain bulbs.

So the next morning I had to go in to get my first massage with Ms. Eilyn and get looked at by the doc. I felt so light headed that i was literally leaning on my bf for support...I was also leaning on wall so that I wouldn't fall. Anyways I walked in the room where Eilyn was in and she had the table set up and ready for me. I climbed on (naked of course) and laid on my stomach she told me to breath in and out hard to help with controlling the pain so I said OKAY not knowing how bad this was going to hurt. Mind you my lipoed areas were so sore and tender to the touch I mean I myself couldnt even touch my skin lightly because it hurted that bad.

So she pumped her lotion bottle twice and got started! As soon as she pressed down on my skin I thought "Okay this is it Im going to die" lol
She kept doing it harder and harder and then went on my my sides. OMG this felt like I was being skinned alive and then burnt with a fire torch! FOREAL.'
I flipped over so she could do my stomach. She used a boppy pillow so i wouldn't apply too much pressure in my booty and she got started again.


ok so she worked her hands from the top of my stomach all the way down to my private part. and when she ran her hands over the part where my front drain was in OMG I started crying like a baby!!! not weeping but i my hands were shaking and tears were just falling off my face. She finally said "okay that's all for today!" and the doc came in I was still laying down and he said "are you ok? I know I know it hurts, but hey you look beautiful!" LOL he's so kind.

I got off the bed and got dressed. So i know many of you ladies say that you feel better after the massage and yes I felt a bit more loosened up but I couldn't believe that even after 2 percs and month of metal preparation still did NOT help alleviate the pain I felt at all! And only to think that, that was ONLY my first of many more massages to come. Ahhhh
This is when I started realizing I was way outa my league and that I made a huge mistake. I was wishing to back to my normal self and just go workout to get my butt bigger naturally.

Getting tired. I will continue later with my...

getting tired. I will continue later with my review..ask any questions please. I am in bed all day so I am going nowhere. Ask away lol

Okay so I will continue my second half of the...

Okay so I will continue my second half of the review.

On the second day (after the massage) I went straight to Target to buy small T-shirts because I didn't have one and they ask you to bring a fitted shirt to wear under your garment after your first massage. SO LADIES BRING A TIGHT TANK OR VERY SMALL TSHIRT with you to your follow up visit.

After this I went back to the hotel, ate and fell asleep. I couldn't get comfy because my neck and head hurted from my head being prompted up since you can lay on your sides you have to either use a pillow to put under your face or use no pillows and be leveled with your body. I found it more comfy to sleep with no pillow. I did place a pillow under my feet to elevate them (helps with blood flow) and because this helps you not turn to your sides or back.

Eylin (massage therapist texted me saying she would come to me the next morning for my second round) and I clearly remember telling my bf how terrified I was of waking up only because I kept thinking that once 9am rolled around all hell would break loose and the HORRIBLE massage will happen all over again. I was seriously scared!

I even contemplated texting her back and saying "NO THANKS, I will go without massages" lol but i know this is very necessary.

Yes, the 2nd, 3rd massage were JUST AS BAD. But I was smart the 4th time I took 1 perc first then 2 hours later took another one. So I was high on a different level instead of taking them both at the same time which seemed to go through my system too quickly. And it kinda worked. Even Eylin was surprised how I was talking thru my massage (until she did my stomach of course).

So fast forward>>>>It was time to get back home and since I was alone the last few nights I had to figure out a way to get to the surgery facility and remove my drains and go to the airport. I called a cab and told him I couldn't sit. He asked why, and said I just had sx. of course he asked what happened and I said "I had a tumor on the back of thigh so I cannot sit" He said "oooohhhh okay no problem" LOL

The lady who was mean to me on the day of surgery was the same lady who removed my drains. I know this part hurts a lot the girl, but for me it did not hurt at all. She just pulled and it was off. It was like 4 seconds if that! (for each)

I was happy they were gone. And trust me life is so much easier with them off.

I caught the same cab back home but not before I got my massage #5. But since I had been running around packing up, removing drains, and checking out of my room...I didn't have time to eat and take my percs. So i did it raw =0

It hurted of course but she was quick.

I got on the plane and I told the flight attendant that I had to stand bc I just had sx and she said that when the seat belt sign when off I could stand. BUUUUUTT of course only happens to me...The seat belt sign never came off. Reason being: STUPID HURRICANE ISSAC. They were worried there would be turbulence so they did not want ppl walking around. Girrrrrrls let me tell you I sat on that damn boppy pillow the wrong way (it was my first time using this thing) and I didn't know how to position it. And even if you sit on it right it still doesnt feel comfortable. I felt like I was doing too much pressure on my butt. I sat for about 20 minutes waiting for okay to stand up but once I learned that it was not happening I seriously got up and walked to bathroom and locked myself in there...FOR THE ENRTIRE WAY HOME!!! which let me remind you is 2:30hrs. LOL

Im surprised that no one was looking for me ( like the flight attendants or the noisy guy who was sitting next to me) But while I was standing in the bathroom I heard the pilot say "We are 20 minutes from our destination" so I kinda timed myself and said that I would go back in 10 minutes that way I only have to sit down for another 10 minutes.

It worked out. I got back to seat...and of course ppl were looking at me like "where you been" HAHA but i could care less its my booty and I was not about to mess it up!

2 days after being home I researched lymphatic drainage therapeutic massage and I called a few numbers. But these people dont know what they are doing. They said they would do a light massage on me and charge me $60/hr. Then I got a brilliant idea. I called a PS in my area to see if they could refer me to their massage therapist they use for their patients BUT when I called the nurse said that they dont recommend their patients to touch/massage their lioped areas for at least 3 weeks!!!!! And that they don't use the drains like Dr. S uses....

That was strange to me because after seeing how much fluid I accumulated in my drains in just that one week I had them made me think....Where the heck would all that fluid go if it wasn't for the doctor using the drains!!??? So I thought that this doctor here in my area was CRAZY.

But you know I had to call up Dr. S office just to double check and see what I should do. I called a today and Jennifer answered (today) and reassured me that the drains as well as the massages (which should be like a deep tissue massage) Is VERY necessary because he lioped my areas very aggressively and in order to minimize scar tissue and build up I have to "moisturize my muscles" and this is achieved thru massages. She even said that if I found someone who did manual massage combine with ultra sound therapy it would be better for me. Has anyone done the ultra sound therapy?n How much is that??

Anyways I've been home for 3 days now and EVERY day I massage my own self very deep and rough almost like what Eylin did for me. I do it in the shower (like she to do) I put a lot of soap on my stomach and back and just run my fingers in deep from the top all the way down to my private part. Tomorrow my mom is coming to do an hour massage for me. I think that I dont have to go to someone who I will end up explaining what I need done (and maybe they'll listen maybe not) so that is why I prefer to have my mom do it because I can direct her better and I know she will do a great job!!

Plus Im saving that pay my Care Credit bill lol I already received a statement today of $165 due next month!

Not bad though
Girl you look good! You give me hope bc I have a small frame and plan on gaining weight for the surgery, thanks for sharing your story, can't wait for future pics :)
thanks..yes normally i weigh 130 and i went up to 150 so that extra fat was deff needed to achieve what i keep gaining'll all be booty fat anyway
OMG.!!! Looking GREAT already.!!

I got massaged by my mama! Hey its free and it...

I got massaged by my mama! Hey its free and it works! Plus in my opinion I rather have someone who can do what you tell them you need versus some "trained therapist" who does light massages when I clearly need a deep tissue massage. I also do my own massage everyday in the shower sometimes twice a day. my lady parts are swollen and it hurts so Im a little worried. My stomach is hard and so is my butt. I don't know if I have fluid build up or not because I can't tell if the lumps are swollen lumps or pockets of fluid!!!!???
Your results are amazing. You werent bad before but now your sculpted and your shape is perfect!!! Happy healing!!
Your results are bangin, you have the perfect heart shape booty, Dr Salama you did your thang.
OMGGG! LOVE YOUR RESUUUUUUUUUUULTS!!!! I am sooooo so so happy for you! I'm living through you right now! Hahaha! Hope you have an uneventful and speedy recovery girl!

I am finally here. 2 Weeks after sx and I honestly...

I am finally here. 2 Weeks after sx and I honestly didnt think i would make it. it feels like a month went by. The thing i miss the most is sitting. It is difficult to stand for a long time..knowing that my only option is laying down on my belly which by the way hurts from laying on it all night and most of the day.

Going to the bathroom is easy. I just hover frontward like a guy does...for both #1 and #2 i do not sit at all. I have not sat ony butt since the plane ride.

As far as the massage, I have my mother do them and she does a great job. Just like Eylin did in dr. S office ..

Now the has subsided the swelling is going down and y hips have gone down a bit so I'm sad about that bc i loved the hips at first. My butt still has a nice shape but it has also gone down a bit

My stomach is flat and has lumps under the skin and I can tell its just really swollen still. I do massage everyday so I am sure it smooth out.

I wear a belly buttom shaper to make sure I have a nice belly button when All of the healing is over. Right after sx I noticed that my belly button was closing in and it looked wierd but I took tissue, wet it and formed it into a ball and stuck it in. Now when I take it off I can see how pretty and round the button looks. so I'm happy about that.

okay so until next time!!
You look amazing !!!!
For your belly button, I heard girls advise sticking a cotton ball in it to help keep shape.
Oh yea, Im going to update as soon as I upload pics on the desktop, check it out, you should appreciate this ;)
omg!! i want the really good ones lol.. when my day ever come i dont want to feel anything.. im so NERVOUS.. do you know if dr s accepts emedical lending?!.

So I'm 16 days post op and the swelling has gone...

So I'm 16 days post op and the swelling has gone down a lot. my lower back is smaller and my stomach is still hard lumpish!! My hips kinda went away almost altogether ahhh and my butt went down 2 1/2 inches which is a lot.

Trying to stay positive but i can't believe how little difference the sx has made. Umm what else ...i can bend a little more than i use to and the medium garment is HUGE on me. even with the waist cincher its still too big and the cincher is small!!

Getting a xsmall today so that I can aleast keep my small waist

I have been walking a lot and have not sat down and its driving me crazy at times because i wany to sit so badly but i have another 4 more wks to go.before i cam sit
Your new contour and booty look amazing!! I love your resutls!! Congratulations!! :D
Oh My God! You look absolutely fabulous! Congratulations. Your body is PERFECT! I'm soooo jealous.
So r u sayn it hasnt made a difference?

So hey people! Ahhh I can finally say I got 21...

So hey people! Ahhh I can finally say I got 21 days (3wks) under my belt and I feel really good.
I even went out last night for Sunday night football and because it's a bar scene people stand up I was feeling comfortable standing the whole time too.

My body feel really good. My swelling has almost completely went away. Which of course means that my butt went down even more!

The bruising from my inner thighs went away and my stomach is loosing some of the tightness that it once had..
So the lumps are slowly going away.

I stopped massaging I DON"T KNOW WHY but my mom decided to disappear so the only massage I get is the one I do myself here and there throughout the day.

That's all I can report for now!
Hey girl, I'm actually not even sure what rental spot it was. I just did a quick search on google and went through expedia/hotwire etc and booked the cheapest one!
Girl, just like to let you know that you look so darn phenomenal and that I'd be over the moon if I got a result as half as good as yours. :)

Hello Strangers! So I was gone for months now....

Hello Strangers! So I was gone for months now. After surgery trust me you will not care about writing any reviews or looking at this site since it really doesn't matter anymore LOL real talk!
But I get emails from many of the ladies on here asking me to update so Here It Is
It's almost 6months and my ass is STILL sore, yes, sore!
It has stayed the same shape and volume BUT for some reason the lower ends of my booty cheeks got a little bumpy so im guessing that's what cellulite looks like. I was about 130lbs before this surgery so I never really had a real problem with cellulite but now i have a few bumps. My boyfriend says to just workout and they will go away IDK
I am still 155lbs. but it looks okay on me. I workout everyday at the gym and sweat my ass off but im not concerned with losing the fat in my butt bc I don't think that's going anywhere. I run for 20 minutes and do squats and weights. Also, my diet is no diet at all, I eat everything just like I did before.

Of course, I am sitting normally because I've been sitting on my butt for months now anyways and i haven't used my yoga matt to sit for months now.
My butt still feels painful kinda like the pain you feel when you go to the dentist and your entire jaw is like numbish but painful. When my bf grabs my butt it hurts and when I sit fully on it it's still uncomfortable!! Hopefully in 3-4 months is back to normal...

Has anyone butt still hurt after months of surgery????
How are you feeling now? It's been a few more months.
Horrible! Thanks for asking...If you read the post i just put up you will understand what I mean. But basically I will have to UNDO the BBL because I have developed fat necrosis on my entire butt and it is VERY painful!!
Omg I'm sorry to hear but what does the pain feel like

WARNING! Think about it twice before you commit to a BBL!

So after months of not posting anything, I would like to vent!
I am STILL IN PAIN after 11 months...and the pain level is very high. I still can't sit normally and cannot sit AT ALL on any hard surfaces..meaning floors or non-cushioned chairs.
This sucks!!!!
I called DR. Salama's office to find out what could be going on and they asked me to email him directly.
I told him about the hard lumps I am feeling and the very sore BUTT i have. He suggested that it is fat necrosis. I researched fat necrosis and it appears to be what happens when "too much fat is injected at one time and not having the proper blood supply to latch and survive." They also say it is not common if surgeon is experienced but can happen if poor surgical technique is applied.
As a reminder, I had (supposedly) 1000 cc injected in both of my 2,000 cc in total.
I hear that is way too much to do in my sitting. I think that is the reason why I was not able to heal properly and it's the reason why I was bitching about pain in my ass...BECAUSE I WAS experiencing fat necrosis and this is VERY VERY painful.
After emailing Dr. Salama, he said I can have the surgery to remove these hard painful lumps....but I would need an ultrasound or an MRI to see the extent of my issue.
Honestly, there is not a spot on my butt that does not hurt.
I will have to have to entire butt sucked out in order to remove what is causing me all of this pain.
I cannot believe that this is happening to me because I barely had money to pay for the first surgery but I did it thinking that it's $6,500 and I can pick up a second job to pay it off. But now with this problem...I don't know what is going to happen but all I know is that regretted this after week 1 and I STILL REGRET now after almost a year.
Please, listen to my advice:
It may seem like a great idea but honey trust me there are so many complications to worry about. I WISH I would have taken my mom's advice when she said "JUST WORK OUT AND YOU CAN SHAPE YOUR BUTT THAT WAY" but of course I am stubborn!
ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and now I'm crying!
heyyy do u have any more recent photos absolutely love ur results!!! has it softened up at all I'm getting mine done in april and deff don't want it too big I'm soo nervous
Hi Mercedeso! Please read my last blog update. Be aware of ALL of the possible outcomes. This is afterall a very very serious operation. I'm sure you've researched this surgery but just be mindfull of what it all entails! Good luck!
ow are you doing, beautiful? :( I got very very sad reading your story.. I've actualy read it a few times now and its so heart breaking

I'm back for a 'way over-due' update! 1 year and 5 months post-op

Hello ladies,
I feel guilty that I have been away and have not updated my blog, but here I am! First off, yes I am still in pain from time to time (like right now--YES!). Second, yes I went to go see Dr. Salama just this past October 2013--which means I went back to Miami a year post-op.

I went back because I wanted him to lipo away the fat necrosis that were in my butt that were causing the pain.

SOMEHOW, three weeks before my flight i noticed that the fat necrosis was gone....BUT let me explain HOW---because it did not magically happened. It took more money out of my pockets and....yes, more pain!

Before I tell you about what happened when I went to Dr. Salama's office I will tell you all about the massages I paid for to help my necrosis while i waited for that dreaded one-year-post-op date.

I met this masseuse through groupon and I was honest and told him I needed "Butt Massages" since my surgery left behind an awful pain. He was very very understanding and said he would do his best to help me reduce the pain--naturally!

So I would go every Sunday (strip down) and get massaged with this hand-held massage tool. OMG a few times he would go over the nerve that was (in his opinion a sciatic nerve damage) and let me tell you that I swear he would just get that and massage it out and I felt better week by week.

Anyways, I still felt pain and I new that I didn't want to strip down and get massaged every Sunday for the rest of my life!! So I emailed the doctor and told him straight up---MY BUTT IS IN PAIN SO I WANT A FREE REVISION. Period!

After a few emails back and forth (of me be not backing down and being respectfully-blunt) he agreed that it may have been somewhat of a his fault that I had the necrosis and dents/cellulite. Mind you I never ever had dents/cellulite on my ass before so this was very depressing to now experience.

OK Now we're at the office in Miami (I took off 5 days off of work) and was in front of Dr. Salama for the 2nd time a year later! He saw for himself of the dents and he totally agreed that I had some major flattening and dents (dead cells) on both cheeks. This means that pics you all see here are all when things were still swollen and looking good!! =/

He offered to do a revision for free but that he wouldnt gurarantee the results!!!!! So i said no! You mean to tell me I'm going to put myself back in the same position again--with the stomach lipo and massages from hell for something that could end up with fat necrosis again!!! nope, I said nope.

But of course I was angry that I had flown down for nothing. So instead I asked him to lipo my outer thighs---and he did and only charged me $300 for both outer thighs!

Needles to say, this has been A HUGE ORDEAL for me and I'm only 24 years old.

In the end....

** I am 30lbs heavier than I was EVER in my life--I'm 152
**I'm in debt--butt loan for $7,200--still owe $5K
** Spent more money on lotions/butt massages
** Went through SO much pain!
** Have very visible dents/cellulite
** Belly button looks collapsed
** Have scars--small but they are there!

Unless you are very very very sure that you dont mind going through a similar experience like me, then I would honestly not recommend this surgery.

I don't want to scare anybody but it's a disservice to you all if I don't tell you MY truth.

A lot of patients deal with pain but are too embarrassed to say anything because they've already hyped up their blog and now they cant come back and say "hey, it wasn't all what you think!"

Hope this helps! I will post updated pics too
Thanks for sharing , can u update us with picture plz Ty ...
Just posted! =)
Thanks again hunny , I feel so sad in confused my surgery is few weeks away n by reading ur post I might recogcider , I absulully love ur results minus the trouble ur going thru I hope n pray u feel better soon ! I have similar body as u before surgery

Butt pictures that I sent to Dr. Salama

Wow u look great, but I'm curious where did the Dr take all those ccs from such a slim tall girl. Im the same height and wad worried I couldn't get that much out buy you've given me hope.
New pict?
Hun how are your hips today ? Are you happy with your shape ? Would youi d posting some recent pictures for us. ?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

So far I have only been in contact with Ms. Nancy, since she was the one who helped me book...other than that I haven't really spoken to anyone else but I am hoping they are all nice and welcoming on my surgery day!

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