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Hey ladies, I just booked a breast augmentation...

Hey ladies,
I just booked a breast augmentation for May 20th 2013 and a Brazillian Butt Lift for January 9th, 2014. Luckily he was able to squeeze me in. First I was just looking for a good doctor that could redo my breast implants with silicone and I ended up seeing pics of the beautiful booty's on real self. I started researching and became obsessed.I had always joked around about wishing I could suck out the fat in the areas I don't like and put it in my butt. Well now I know that is possible. lol.
Growing up I was always chunky for my height and age, so when I got to high school my junior year (16), I started dieting to a point of only tuna, oatmeal and fruit. I went from like 125 to 107 in a couple months. I didn't like how I felt, I was practically starving myself, so I started eating normal food again. Now I'm 27, 5'4" and my weight goes back and forth from 115 to 120 lbs. I'm a pretty health concsious person, so that's how I maintain this weight. The biggest I have been was 130 lbs. I have a fairly nice butt.When I played tennis in high school it was bigger and stuck out more, now its starting to lose volume and sag. No matter how much I work out it still wont plump up and round the way I want and its hard to lose the fat on my thighs and stomach. I've always been a butt person, I've always notice nice butts on people. lol.
I spoke to Nancy today and she reminded me that I need to gain 15-20 lbs for the results I want. I'm not looking forward to it cause I have worked hard to keep that fat off and now I'm gonna feel gross with that much extra weight. I still have like 9 months so I am going to work out and tone up and still eat good for the summer time and then in November I will start eating like crazy. I'm feeling nervous and excited about everything. I don't really have anyone to talk to about my surgery. It's a secret right now. I have been telling my mom and sis I want to get my boobs re done. They understand but my boyfriend says I don't need to and doesn't approve. I will probably be going solo for both procedures, so I'm a little nervous and the fact that I have to fly is scary but I want the best doctor and I've researched all of CA and Miami and Salama really stands out to me. My friends and Family will think I'm crazy for flying somewhere for surgery and I am not saying anything about my bbl cause I don't want the rude comments and to be reminded that I don't need it done. But I am old enough to make my own decisions and I will feel so amazing once everything is done. Please let me know if you any of you ladies have advice and also if any of you will be there the same time as me in January. It would be nice to share a room with another solo girl. Thanks :)

Added a few pics to show you what i'm working with right now.

Here are a few pics of me now. I was trying to gain wait and stopped exercising in these pics in hopes to have my bbl surgery at the end of May '13'. But when I called to book my BBL they had nothing until early next year. As you can see my areola's are large from being stretched out from my first BA and my first DR. in Beverly hills wasn't careful cutting my areola to insert the implant so I have a scar through the bottom of it. My implants are going on 7 yrs this November and one use to be harder then the other but made a popped noise one day and dropped, Also they are saline and since I have a thin upper body you can feel the bag and see it when i lean over. Plus they are starting to sag, because they are above the muscle. You can also see my butt, its becoming kind of squared and flat. I carry all my weight in my lower body, starting below the belly button. I want to lipo my flanks,abdomen, thighs and possible calves.
Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions or comments.

I had to switch my BA date :/

I had to switch my BA and lift from May 30th to Dec 16 2013. I'm a little bummed cause I've been wanting to get them done so bad. But I have too much going on the end of this month and financially it is not a good time. It will be my Christmas present to myself and at least I will have plenty of time to heal before the summer of "2014". It's going to be a great year with a new body, because I will also be getting my BBL in January. :)
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That's right girl!! 2014 watch out lol!!
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Haha yep, it's gonna be amazing.
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I thought Salama didn't do breasts & butt together?
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No he doesn't anymore. I have to wait a month in between. Which sucks cause it's gonna be two expenses for flight and hotel.
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Hi, I'm Scheduled for my TT on jan 16th. I haven't scheduled my BBL yet, but im looking too for the month of April or May.
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That's awesome. I plan on being there from jan 8th and staying a couple weeks to heal before the flight back. Good luck with your TT, hopefully you will post picks of the before and after. I love seeing all the amazing results. Thanks for the message. :)
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You will not be disappointed in Team Salama!!!! I too had a BA with BL on April 3 by Dr. S and I have been amazed at the care received. July 22 is my BBL date (lil over 2 months away) and I'm sooooo ready!!!!! All the best to you and keep us all posted. GO TEAM SALAMA!!!!!!
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Hi sculpted beauty, Thanks for the message. I'm also getting an aerial bl with my ba, so I'm glad to know you liked you're treatment from the doc and results. You will have your booty in no time. I can't wait to see pics. I wish you the best as well with your bbl. I will stay in touch on real self. :)
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