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Post Divorce Restoration - Austin, TX

I have recently divorced after a very bad...

I have recently divorced after a very bad twenty-year marriage. Life now is wonderful and i am looking forward to many happy years. But was it the stress of the marriage, or just that I had turned 55? It seemed that suddenly I was looking much older, my jawline had crumbled, my neck was sagging, my mouth lines made me look angry. I thought how nice it would be to get a facelift. I had lost twenty years and i wanted some of it back! I did my research, saw the doctor, and scheduled the procedure for two weeks later.

That took place just nine days ago. (3/15)
My goal was just to look a little younger. Also, the doctor suggested that I have my chin reduced. I was thrilled about that suggestion because my chin was too long and I'd always disliked it.

While I waited for surgery, I took arnica Montana and large doses of vitamin C. My doctor was an older man, well established, who had been listed as a super doctor in Texas Monthly.

The surgery was on a friday. It didn't hurt much, except for that first day when I woke up. I got my bandage taken off the next day and I had almost no bruising thanks to the arnica, which I was taking in pill form and also applying to my face. The doctor told me that the surgery had gone very well and that I would be pleased. I had had face and neck lift with fat injections and chin reduction.

The very next day I felt well enough to go see my son perform fiddle for saint Patrick's day. I'm sure I looked terrible! By the third day, the swelling kicked in. Third and forth days were hard, I looked like an Eskimo, my face was broad and swollen. I was focusing only on recovery. Sleeping, taking medicine, taking arnica, Bromelain and enormous doses of vitamin C. By the fifth day the swelling reversed. My only problem is the lump on my right side below my ear, which my doctor said was my lymph gland fluid. He said it would resolve. With each day, I get better. The swelling goes down a little more, the last of the bruising clears up. Now it is Sunday night, the ninth day, and I look almost normal. My energy increases everyday. I still have some swelling around my jawline and under my chin. I am sure my appearance will continue to improve. I could go back to work early tomorrow, but I'd rather take it easy and continue focusing on recovery.

I'm thinking of calling my Chinese doctor and asking him if acupuncture would help me with my lymph drainage.
I am supposed to go back to work on Thursday. (In four days) I have a very gossipy office, and I'm hoping to slip back into my cubicle without creating a stir.
What do I wish I had known? Only that vitamin K is also recommended and I never got around to getting it. Or if there had been any way to prevent this lymph-related lump, I would've like to have done it.
It is too early to say if it will change my life. However it is already abundantly clear that I am going to look much prettier.

You are looking so great considering the short time after your procedure. I am amazed how little bruising you had. It appears that your surgeon did a fabulous job. Perhaps it was the doctor's skill, all the supplements or your mental attitude that has contributed to your speedy recovery. Please post more photos. Wishing you a wonderful new post divore life................

I'm sorry for your rocky marriage, but it sounds like you're definitely getting back to you and that you're taking good care of yourself. Thanks so much for sharing your Facelift journey on RealSelf. I'm sure it's going to help others considering a similar procedure.

And I don't know of any offices that aren't gossipy, so hold your head up high and own it. :)

Thank you, in return I'd like to congratulate you all on a very well run program. I've been reading this chat forum for several weeks since it is the main source to pop up whenever I made an inquiry related to my facelift. It is extremely informative and helpful. Furthermore it is remarkable in being universally and consistently kind and supportive in tone. You're doing a great job!

Well, it's day eleven, everything is fine except a...

Well, it's day eleven, everything is fine except a funny ridge on my right side, below my ear and along my jaw. Several people have posted about it, so I know it is common. My doctor said it was the lymphatic fluids that couldn't drain because my neck was so tight. He told me to keep my head up and massage it.
Yesterday I went to see my Chinese doctor and asked him to help with general healing, nerve regeneration, lymphatic drainage, and swelling. These are things that would fit well with acupuncture. He put in the needles and an odd sensation started. It felt like electrical currents were gently streaming from the outer corners of my eyes down the sides of my face. It felt very relieving, like the fluids in my outer face and under my jaw were draining away. When the hour was over, I was disappointed to reach up and feel that I wasn't magically completely healed. But, the secondary ridge below the first one in my right side was gone and everything was softer, not so rock hard a stiff. The doctor sent me home with some herbal medication. Every time I drink the medicinal tea, the sensation of energy flowing down my face restarts. The swelling above my jaw on my face is now gone. I am softer below the jaw, but the ridge remains. I hope the rest of it resolves soon!
Thanks so much!!! I am lucky for sure!

Thank you so much for your kind words. We are a hardworking team and we love bringing as much information as possible to people like you.


Well day eleven I had a bit of a relapse. I was...

Well day eleven I had a bit of a relapse. I was feeling so good I decided to go to the mall to buy a hat. I walked from the parking lot and through the mall for about an hour. The mall was a downer. In the bright lights of Nordstroms, I didnt look so great. They had some nice hats - for $200.00! By the time I got home I realized that I didn't feel well. Sickly tired. I forced myself to nap. But bored and stir crazy, I went out again. Found two nice hats at Backwoods. Then feeling optimistic, I went to renew my gym membership. I noticed a few people looking at me as I walked out. When I got home I saw that a large bruise had blossomed on my face. Sweeping across my cheek bone. Looked like I'd been whacked by my abusive boyfriend. I was planning on going back to work tomorrow, but I don't think I am ready. I did not expect for bruises to reappear! I researched it a bit and people said it had happened to them, too, when they started moving too much too soon.
You look great. Will the ice pack help on bruising and swelling?
I called the nurse and that is what she told me to do. Likewise with the lump on my neck. She said it was just swelling nothing more serious and to put a cool pack on it.
You look wonderful and can now look the mirror in the face and see the perfect you.

Day thirteen, all this very unprecedented scrutiny...

Day thirteen, all this very unprecedented scrutiny of my face has caused me to realize that a little make up would be a good thing. My eyes are very dark, and I have a red nose and uneven skin. I've got an appointment today for a consultation.
I've also discovered the yoga face exercises, which I started last night. It looks like with in a few weeks I can pull up my heavily hooded lids. I posted a pre surgery picture along with today's to monitor the progress.

Day thirteen, all this very unprecedented scrutiny...

Day thirteen, all this very unprecedented scrutiny of my face has caused me to realize that a little make up would be a good thing. My eyes are very dark, and I have a red nose and uneven skin. I've got an appointment today for a consultation.
I've also discovered the yoga face exercises, which I started last night. It looks like with in a few weeks I can pull up my heavily hooded lids. I posted a pre surgery picture along with today's to monitor the progress.
Finally, on day ten I started doing acupuncture and Chinese herbs to reduce swelling. I notice in my pictures that my swelling has gone down a lot since then. Perhaps the bruising is not that I moved too much, but rather that with the fleshy swelling gone, the bruising is more visible.

Day thirteen. Ended up ditching the makeup for...

Day thirteen. Ended up ditching the makeup for skin treatment products. As the lady said why cover it up when you can fix it?

Day fifteen. Everything going fine. Energy level...

Day fifteen. Everything going fine. Energy level pretty much back to normal. Ready to start socializing again. Still drinking my Chinese tea and the swelling is going down in my neck, but very slowly. Still an unsightly lump under my right jaw.

Yesterday was the introduction of my new look in the greater world. Went out last night to a house concert and there was a man there that I had had one date with three weeks ago. He did not recognize me. After a minute he realized who I was and said I looked totally different. I just teased him for not remembering what I looked like. He obviously liked the new look. I figure for $10,000 and two weeks of vacation spent in recovery, I would hope to look measurably different.

Day 16. My face has a mask-like quality to it that...

Day 16. My face has a mask-like quality to it that not flattering. I am hoping that this distortion is due to the fact that I am still swollen around the edges and under the jaw. Also my chin still seems too long.
Hi, Sgwtexas, 'Been there, done that, Baby! Shorten ur hair a bit, get some hilites & Lasik or new glasses. I hope alimony paid for the lift. Enjoy ur new look & the new life u deserve. X O X O

Day 17. Went out again last night to see friends...

Day 17. Went out again last night to see friends play Irish music at a large outdoor beer garden. Everything fine, energy normal. Cooking Easter dinner today with the kids. Swelling continues to slowly go down. I can see in the photos that under my chin is a lot smaller. Spending a lot of time messing around with various lotions, aloe Vera, skin treatments, cocoa oil, and face yoga. Guess I'm having a burst of narcissism, which is probably a good thing! So far, I've seen the greatest improvement in skin quality from the peel pads. Which I am happy about.
I am looking for a surgeon in the Austin area to perform a facelift. This doctor seems to offer a great price. Why did you choose this doctor? Thanks
Hi, I chose him because he works in my neighborhood (Westlake) so I thought he would be more responsive, since word of mouth is important. Plus he was featured in austin magazine and chosen as a super doctor by his peers for Texas monthly Plus he had good reviews online. I did not Che k to see if he was being sued. I was happy with him although I have not yet gone to my post sur follow up. I'd like some fat grafts redone and I do not know how he will respond to that.
Oh also, I intended to use the westlake skin care place on beecaves, but almost all their reviews were terrible.

Ten weeks

At six weeks my face became weirdly lumpy, but it only lasted a few days. Now I am happy with way I look. My face looks close to how it looked when I was younger. I still have some swelling around the cuts at my temple and under my ears. My feeling is about 50% back. My only complaint is that there are two spots where I think the fat grafts died. Two sunken spots. But overall I look way better than I did. I will post a ten week picture.

Ten week photo

Here I am at ten weeks

Trying again

Ten weeks

Beautiful! Thank you for the updates.

Your neck and jawline look amazing, you look great!
Thank you!

Ten months

Still waiting to get minor problems fixed. Can't take the time off from work. Here I am at ten months.
Congratulations on feeling and looking good! I'm 6 weeks post op, and it these weeks have been very hard as my eyes look weird and the fat transfer to my face is very prominent, which makes me look distorted. My PS tells me to wait 3 months for the swelling to subside, and the responses from the other surgeons on RealSelf say that it takes 3-6 months to start seeing results. Did you find marked improvement in your swelling at 3 months? How was that different from when you hit the 6 month mark. It seems like an eternity to have to wait that long, but I understand the healing takes time. Ruz
You are still looking great! I'm going for a minor revision to my neck......I understand about saving time at work to take care of these things!
You look just great!!! So happy for you. BTW what are the minor peoblems?

One year later. Revision done.

Right after the first surgery, I noticed little problem areas. I waited a year to see if they would resolve. But they never did. A funny lump under my ear, two sunken areas on the right side. The scar on the right side was large and visible. The scar under my chin had moved over and a bit of skin sagged down on one side. Dr. Clement was very kind and happy to do the fixes whenever I was ready. I just went in a week ago. He fixed my complaints as best he could, and I think I look better.
Have always been curious whether doctors charge for their revisionary work? By the way you look much happier...good on you.
I love the fact you wanted to regain your lost years. I also had an unhappy first marriage for 18 years. Good for you!, so glad you feeling happy & looking lovely.
Thank you! Best wishes to you, too!
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