But I am SO happy to get the opportunity. So, a...

But I am SO happy to get the opportunity. So, a few details about my body, I am 21 years old 5 ft 5 115 pds, size 32 a. Goodness, all the women in my family are more than filled out, so I always wondered why I was lacking so much. My mother told me she had less than I did when she was my age (yeah...as if that is even possible lol) but when she had all 5 kids her breasts finally came in, and now shes a 34c, lucky her. I don't want to wait until I have kids, maybe they would come in, maybe not. So I thought breast augmentation would be my best bet, I'm more of the "I want things to happen now" type of person. ;)

So after years of not feeling feminine I finally decided I'm gonna do this, and on February 1st I went to visit Dr. Dustin Reid. I feel fortunate I found my doctor so quickly and on the first try, I didnt have to "shop around" but I owe that to this site, he had the best reviews of the doctors in my area and I was very happy with his before and after photos, I felt like I was making the right decision with him.

When I did go on the first visit, after I was explained about the different implant types and tried on a few sizes, I initially went with 350 cc's silicone gel sub-muscular, it just seemed to fit me the best I thought, then the more I went on this site and saw the before and afters and kept seeing how a lot of the women here wish they would have gone bigger, I went March 2nd for a second fitting and decided on getting either 380 or 410cc's, the doctor would decide during surgery which looks more natural, which I LOVE, because both sizes would be good. They looked a little big, but I'd rather go a little big than too small anyway, so we'll see :) I have my pre op on April 5th and my surgery is set for April 19th, it feels so far away! I'll keep you posted!

I ended up calling to reschedule my surgery! So...

I ended up calling to reschedule my surgery! So its now on April 12th, I am too impatient!!! ;)

17 more days until my surgery, I wasn't nervous...

17 more days until my surgery, I wasn't nervous before and now I definitely am, I feel like I don't have everything ready, I stopped taking my multivitamin per my PS request, and just loading up on vitamin c and zinc, waiting for my arnica and bromelain to get here. Ahhh, I just feel like I'm missing things... Like do I really need a wedge pillow?? Ladies that have already been through this please help. :/

Just called my PS office, I was concerned because...

Just called my PS office, I was concerned because apparently they only use moderate plus, and i wanted moderate for a more natural look, but they said moderate plus was the same thing and would achieve the most natural results...hopefully they are right. I am just freaking out a little, I thought I was going to be able to choose the profile, I DONT WANT BIG ROUND BALLS ON MY CHEST! Lol, I just need to trust my PS.

My surgery is 12 days away! Very excited, no more...

My surgery is 12 days away! Very excited, no more nervous than I already was, just got back from wal mart and bought 2 danskin bras. I keep seeing on here that those are really comfy, so cant wait to wear them! I got 36 c, not sure what my size will actually be though once my BA is done, maybe somewhere in the neighborhood of 36c. I also just threw away all my old bras, cant believe it haha, thats kind of like signifying that this is a done deal you know? No more small boobies! This is REALLY happening.

So I just got back from my preop, got a large...

So I just got back from my preop, got a large amount of info regarding my surgery, do's and dont's, what to do the day before and after, things I already knew thanks to this amazing site ;) and I FINALLY know what time my BA is gonna be, 11:15, so I should be at the surgery center at 9:15. Woohoo! I only wish it could have been scheduled a little earlier because I can't eat until after my BA and I will be staaaarving lol. They were also telling me that I might have two different sizes since my left breast is ever so slightly bigger, don't know if it'll be 380 or 410s yet, my PS will decide in the OR. I also started taking my arnica and bromelain today and will pick up my prescription meds tomorrow, very very excited. 7 more days :)))

Oh and I am suuuper excited because apparently I...

Oh and I am suuuper excited because apparently I am getting gummy bear implants like I wanted, they are the sientra 5th generation, I didnt know they were the same thing! Thats a nice surprise:)

Ugh so I've got a nasty cold, it's pretty bad and...

Ugh so I've got a nasty cold, it's pretty bad and I'm a little worried this wont be better in time for my BA Friday and it'll affect my recovery, :/ I dunno should I worry?

So I'm still feeling ill, worse than yesterday,...

So I'm still feeling ill, worse than yesterday, upping my vitamin c and taking some medicine, I NEED to feel better by my BA Friday. I also picked up all my prescriptions and man were they pricey :/ I've been working all this week to get a little money saved for the time I wont be able to work, and tomorrow I actually have off (yay) so I am gonna go crazy and make sure my place is spotless so when Friday comes I dont have to worry about a thing. And as the days get closer and closer to the 12th I get less nervous or worried and more in the mindset of "lets just hurry and get it over with! I'm ready!" :)

Ahhhh! I almost cant believe I'm here. Its the...

Ahhhh! I almost cant believe I'm here. Its the night before the big day, and I am SO excited. Anyway, so it was the last day at my job today, all the other waitresses were very happy for me and couldnt wait to see the results, heck I cant wait either!!! And then I got home, did a little more cleaning (had to make sure the place was spotless so I wont be stressed while recovering) and took my shower using dial soap like the nurse had specified, and now I am all ready. Laying in bed, trying to figure out what to eat since I only have two hours until I cant anymore.

After countless hours of reading others stories and seeing hundreds of photos, I feel good going into this. And that is all thanks to all you girls here and realself of course :) I never thought I could do this, but with the help of this site I now feel informed and I will join a lot of you girls tomorrow on the other side!

So I'm at the hospital right now waiting for them...

So I'm at the hospital right now waiting for them to call my name, oh my gosh my nerves are crazy right now. I'm not nervous for the procedure itself just the results... What if it isn't anything like I wanted? Ugh I shouldn't be thinking thoughts like those I'm sure everything will turn out great. The only thing I really want to complain about though is that I'm starting lol, I know I know, I'm a total fatty ;-) anyway to all you ladies getting yours today best of luck, and I'll see you on the other side xo

So I just came home from surgery, and I need the...

So I just came home from surgery, and I need the support of all you ladies here. I've slipped into depression, I havent looked at my breasts yet but in the bra and shirt I look like I'm a B. I wanted a full C, and this just looks like when I used a really good padded bra :/ I started crying when I woke up from the anesthesia regretting letting my surgeon pick my size, we agreed on either 380 or 410, he would pick whichever looks more natural, and from what I can see so far they look real natural alright, I dont even have cleavage. He told my boyfriend in the waiting room that he picked 380 and they look really good, but I just dont see it, its so small. I thought that right after surgery I'd be really big because of the swelling, so if this is me swollen, I dont want to know how it will look like when the swelling is gone. Girls please tell me everything will be ok, I cant stop crying because I dont know if I got what I wanted :( I will be posting a pic or two so you guys can see, let me know if it looks like it will be a full C, I just dont want to be disappointed.

So now that I am home, and on pain medicine i'm...

So now that I am home, and on pain medicine i'm not so discouraged like I was in my last post. Now I'll give a few details on my procedure. I got to the hospital at 9:30, they called me to go back like 15 minutes later. So up until this point I was fine, no nervousness or anything. But once I got past those big double doors thats when I started feeling a little worried, it just got real. Then when I was in my room they took my vitals and the RN told me what was gonna happen. So at this point I was a total mess, hands sweaty, freaking out, I suddenly doubted myself and I even questioned if i should do this or not. The RN then got the anastethiologist to come in and talk to me and give me a little something in my IV to take the edge off. And boy did it, I felt like I had one too many cocktails and I kept laughing at nothing.Then my PS came in and I showed him my goal photo, I said to him I don't care about cc's as long as he could make me look as close to my goal pic as possible. He then began to draw on me, and then I was taken to the OR. I remember it feeling very cold the closer I got to it, but they did give me comfy warm socks and blankets which made me quite happy. So the last thing I remember from that is when they put an oxygen mask on me and told me to do deep breaths, and then it all went black, next thing I knew I was in the recovery room. I had the WORST dry mouth ever too. The nurse asked if I was in pain and I actually wasn't in too much pain, just felt a little pressure so she then gave me the ok to go back to the room where my boyfriend was and I could leave shortly. At this point I haven't looked at my new girls yet, so when I lifted the blanket I ended up being a little disappointed. I didn't have cleavage and I looked like a small B. I actually started to cry thinking I should have been the one to choose my size not the surgeon, but I picked a great surgeon so I need to have faith that it will look amazing, I just cant wait till tomorrow to take a little look at them. I posted a few new photos, I just need others opinions on them, do they look too small or is it just me? And as far as pain goes, I have taken my pain meeds and muscle relaxers, maybe thats why I don't feel so bad. I just cant lift anything or close or open doors, had to find out the hard way :/ Hoping I feel this good and even better throughout my entire recovery :)))

Ok so I got my BA yesterday, and was feeling a...

Ok so I got my BA yesterday, and was feeling a little depressed because I thought they looked way to small to be what I wanted; a full C. So I called my PS office to see if I could take a look at them and they told me to look today but just a peek and then put the surgical bra back on. Anyway, I was just in the bathroom and had my boyfriend unclasp the bra, and told him to look first because I was so scared of the results. First words out of his mouth "oh wow" that was a good sign, so I looked, and I had a huge sigh of relief. I wanted to avoid the big fake balls on your chest look, and even though its one day post op, and they are riding really high and look swollen, I can already tell its gonna turn just like I wanted. I was finally able to put the arnica gel on them, had to have my boyfriend rub it on since it hurts my chest muscles to do that, which he didnt mind doing at all lol. What else, hmm, well my recovery so far is going quite well, better than I would have imagined. You hear so many horror stories on here, so you never know how itll turn out, but I have no pain or nausea. Just a little pressure, which is tolerable. I still use the muscle relaxers and norcos just in case it were to get worse. But its only gonna bet better from here right? ;) hope so. And I only have a little bleeding on one of my incision sites, not sure if to worry or not, dont want to get an infection or something, but apparently its normal to have a little blood and ooziness since its draining. Anyway, I'm also gonna post a few photos of my twins so you can see the results so far. Tell me if I still look like I'm gonna get a B:p

Oh I forgot to add a few things, I ended up with...

Oh I forgot to add a few things, I ended up with sientra 5th generation silicone gel (gummy bears) 380 moderate plus profile. The meds they prescribed me was promethazine for nausea, keflex for antibiotics, Celebrex as anti inflammatory, norco for pain, and flexeril for muscle relaxers. I'm also taking dulcolax stool softener as recommended by PS for constipation although I haven't had that yet. Leaving the hospital pain was about a 3, only type of pain I'm in is pressure when I do certain things like open doors or try to get dressed without help. Today my pains a 2 or 3, I already feel good enough to be out and about but I know I shouldn't overdo it. No brushing so far on my breasts either just a little blood on one of my incision sites. That's about all the info I can give right now. Gonna go lay down, the meds are making me kind of tired:)) more updating tomorrow.

Ugh I feel so useless right now lol. I feel good...

Ugh I feel so useless right now lol. I feel good but cant do much since it causes a little pain when I start using my chest muscles or arms. I didnt know how much we use those muscles till you feel how hard it is to do it after a BA lol. Been up since 730, feeling real alert even though I'm on a heavy cocktail of meds that should make me sleepy. Besides that, I'm keeping on schedule with my meds, putting ice packs on my girls every hour for 30 minutes to help with the swelling, not sure if its really doing much or not. I cant wait to try on my danskin bras I got. I got a 36 C, that was the smallest size they had, I dont even know if theyll fit right now, I defintely dont think I'm a C yet. I dont want to get discouraged though, I'll try them on after my post op in a week and a half.

Been trying to sleep all day, not really working...

Been trying to sleep all day, not really working out for me. I keep sort of dozing off then waking myself back up, I've only actually slept 20 minutes at a time. It sucks, I want my sleep! :( I think its all this laying upright stuff, its pretty difficult to go from sleeping on your stomach your whole life to sleeping upright. I want to call my PS office and ask if theres anything they can give me for sleep. I dont know if thats even ok, anyone ever done that?

I was feeling too good to stay at home all day, so...

I was feeling too good to stay at home all day, so my guy and I went to Walmart to get a few more bras since the one the PS gave me had blood on it from my incisions. I finally found the danskin zip up bra, but was disappointed when I fit snugly in a 36B. I cant even express how upset I was, and still am. I wanted a full C but instead am a cup size too small. Someone please cheer me up, I know that its only my 2nd day post op and I shouldnt be worrying so much but I am only a cup size bigger than what I started with, and that was not what I wanted. :/ Anyway, I also got a genie bra in medium and some bio oil to rub on my girls so they wont get stretch marks. Now I'm off to bed, gonna go sulk some more...

So its my second day post op. Once again I have...

So its my second day post op. Once again I have gotten up at 7, for some reason I cannot sleep any longer than that. I looked at my girls in the mirror, and I could swear they look a little different, although my boyfriend doesnt notice it. Maybe I'm just seeing what I want to see lol. Anyway, so I have decided the 36B doesnt fit, since after an hour of use last night it hurt so bad, I needed to switch out to another bra, it was overly tight on me. I guess I am no good at picking sizes. So I will stick to the post surgical bra my PS gave me, and the genie bra which I think is amazingly comfy, until my post op in 8 days :)) oh and today I finally get to shower! Woohoo! I'm a little nervous, I feel like somehow I will mess things up lol. I know not to take off the steri strips just the gauze and tape over them, but I cant help but think I am missing something lol. Gonna need help showering since I cant raise my arms too much yet...I'll let you all know how it goes!

So far I have been asleep basically all day, only...

So far I have been asleep basically all day, only waking up to take my meds or eat something. I definitely dont like sleeping this much but I needed it since the last two days I wasnt sleeping much. So today I finally took a shower, it was super short though, I didnt feel right without the support of my bra, I kept feeling like my implants were going to fall out lol. And I didnt like the fact that the steri strips were getting all wet, even though its ok, it just didnt sit well with me, so I took a two minute shower and hurried to put my beloved bra back on. Not much pain today either, just more swelling, which is making me feel very top heavy. Cant wait for it to subside. The bra I have on is so tight, probably due to how swollen I am. Aside from that, I finally went to the bathroom :) Not as much as I would have liked but its something, going to continue taking stool softeners and eating prunes! :))) anyone else feeling lazy? I know its ok to be this lazy since its only my second day post op but I really feel like I need to go do something.

Its now my 3rd day post op, pretty happy with the...

Its now my 3rd day post op, pretty happy with the results so far. They are looking a lot bigger compared to how they looked right after surgery. I am able to do a lot of the same things now without pain, My arms movement is 90%, it only puts pressure on my chest if I am opening something. I can now wash my hair and even clean a little. But I wont push myself too far. Today will be the first day without the pain meds, I will continue using anti inflammatory and muscle relaxers but I havent had the need to use the norco. I am still putting arnica gel 3 times a day and bio oil twice, only complaint I'm having is the post surgical bra, its very tight, a nurse called to check up on me and I told her about the tight bra and she suggested I wear it anyway, so I will alternate between that bra and my oh so comfy genie bra. I am very thankful my recovery is nowhere near as tough as I thought it would be. Now if only my girls would drop and this horrible bloating would go away lol...

So today I felt something unusual and it really...

So today I felt something unusual and it really freaked me out. I would either bend down to pick something up or inhale deeply, and I feel my left implant move upwards then go back down. Kind of like a spasm I guess. And its weirding me out, because it feels like its coming out of place!! It also sometimes moves to the left side a little, but it only happens to my left implant and not my right, this happen to anyone? I dont know if its from overexerting myself or what, if anyone has any input on this I'd be happy to hear from you :((

So its almost 10pm, and I've been to the bathroom...

So its almost 10pm, and I've been to the bathroom so many times! I think I overdid it on the stool softeners.... :/ I was taking dulcolax 2 tablets a day, it didnt seem to be working, then I added metamucil once a day, and all of a sudden I am having the worst cramps ever!! This sucks, Id rather be constipated than having the runs like this lol...Neither my PS or nurses told me how long to take the stool softeners so I didnt know when to stop, well now I'm off that stuff for good!! Any of you ladies have any advice? Maybe I should have only taken 1 tablet? Anything helps so I can get through my first week post op without these terrible tummy troubles.

It is now my 4th day post op, and up until this...

It is now my 4th day post op, and up until this point I've had a love hate relationship with my girls. I didnt know if I liked them because they looked to small, but then as the days pass they look better and better, and now I cant help but flash myself as I pass a mirror ;) Anyway, I am finally not as bloated today. I've been ridiculously bloated since my BA, and yesterday because of all the junk I was taking so I could use the restroom, I was there all night lol. But one good thing did come out of that, I am a lot less bloated! Woohoo! I already want to go bra shopping too, but I must resist the temptation....its way too early. Anyone else in their 1st week post op? How are you girls??

Today is the first day that I felt like I...

Today is the first day that I felt like I overexerted myself...I was feeling really good, so I decided to clean and when my boyfriend got home we went to the grocery store and then I baked a pie. I now feel light headed and my incisions are aching, which has never happened before. I guess I wasnt feeling as good as I thought...gonna take the rest of the day easy, lay down, and enjoy my yummy pie with my guy :))) hope everyone is doing ok!

Almost a week! 5th day post op, still very...

Almost a week! 5th day post op, still very satisfied with results. A little sad that my girls aren't dropping, and my left one looks a bit bigger than my right :/ can anyone else notice? Or is it just me lol...both my breasts are numb on the outer sides and nipples, and my incision sites are itching which is driving me NUTS. I can't scratch, obviously, so I just lightly rub them with my fingers and it works for the most part. Still feeling well enough to not need the prescription pain meds, just taking muscle relaxers and finally finished the antibiotics :) I might put another photo up, but I don't see any difference between yesterday and today so I don't see the point. Hopefully tomorrow I can see a little change:))

So I decided to go to Wal Mart today with the...

So I decided to go to Wal Mart today with the intention to buy a video game because I am crazy bored at home. My boyfriend suggested I get a new bra, and well, I ended up getting two! I was so sick of the plain white bras I have. Now I have a cute pink bandeu? Im not sure how to spell it, but its a bra that I can have different ways of wearing it. And a lower cute blue sports bra. Both bras have light support. Which I think should be ok. My post surgical bra is crazy tight, and is leaving marks on my skin. I will continue to wear that bra at night, but I will wear the other two new ones I got today for my every day use. Aside from that, I noticed that the reason I fit into B cups and not C is because they are so high up, they dont even fill out the C cup. But theres no way I am a B, I'm way too big, they are just a little high right now. So I am not fretting, they havent really dropped any. Uggghhh cant wait for when they do. I am so impatient ;) Hope you ladies are having a beautiful boobie day :)

So last night kind of sucked, I was feeling fine...

So last night kind of sucked, I was feeling fine all day then at about 8pm I was watching a movie and all of a sudden I'm getting shooting pains down from the sides of my breasts to the nipples. And that actually really hurt. On a scale of 1 to 10 it was about a 5 or 6, which is big because since my surgery 6 days ago I hadnt experienced any pain just mild discomfort. So last night I ended up taking one of my pain meds, so I've taken two altogether :/ I was kind of feeling lucky since I only ever needed one. Oh well. But I was under the impression that the worst was behind me, and that every day would get better...guess not. Any of you ladies had a pain similar to what I had? I want to be sure I'm not the only one lol

So its finally one week post op!! It feel like the...

So its finally one week post op!! It feel like the days are going by so fast! I posted some new photos up, I honestly dont think I look that different than right when I got my girls. Just bigger lol. Siiiigh. I wish I would just hurry and drop already :((( I also wish to do breast massages but I was advised by my PS not to until my first post op which is on Monday. It needs to hurry and get here! Hmm...so besides being ridiculously impatient, I'm actually feeling pretty good. I only take a muscle relaxer before bed, and wake up feeling darn good. No "morning boob" here. :))) But I do have something funny happening, last night my boyfriend was lightly rubbing my breasts over the bra, because I kept telling him how I have no feeling on them, and then he lightly brushed over my incision and I got goosebumps! It was a really really weird tingly feeling, the equivalent feeling of having a really bad itch that when you scratched it it felt SO good. And it really did lol. I dont know if thats weird., I personally think it is haha, I dont know why thats happening :/ any of you girls had this happen?

So whats new to report today, hmmm...not much, my...

So whats new to report today, hmmm...not much, my girls are doing very well, just have really bad nipple sensitivity at the moment. Even my bra rubbing on them sends a pins and needles like pain through my nipples :/ not enjoying that. I did notice however, that my left breast looks wider and lower now. I really like it, its dropping a little and is looking more natural. My right breast however is still all high and tight. Last night was date night and so my boyfriend took me out to eat and I was all like "YAAAAY I get to dress up!!!" My girls actually look really good in clothes, meaning you cant really tell I had anything done ;) pretty awesome. Then through the middle of our dinner I have pains in my nips, I think it was the bra, it had no support. I actually tend to feel a lot better with my post surgical bra :) anyway, hope you ladies are doing amazingly great, I'll check back in tomorrow hopefully put new pics up :))) xo

Tomorrow is FINALLY my post op.... 10 days later...

Tomorrow is FINALLY my post op.... 10 days later lol. As you can imagine, I am very excited. I cannot wait to finally have the steri strips removed from my incisions, I want to see how they are healing and also put some scar cream or scar strips on them. I have kept up with my stretch regimen, and finally not scared to actually squeeze and touch my breasts. For some reason I was thinking I'd somehow hurt them lol...but nope, it feels good to touch them and they are feeling more and more like my boobs every day. :) I will update tomorrow and let you all know how my post op went, I'll finally be able to massage these babies! ;) xo

So today I was able to go to my first post op, the...

So today I was able to go to my first post op, the PS took a look at my girls and everything seems to be going well. I learned some massage techniques to help the implants drop some, and got some scar strips! Finally being able to really touch my breasts is AWESOME! I loooove feeling them haha ^_^ And the scar strips I got are kind of cool, they are nude colored and sort of blend in with my skin. They gave me the option of getting the silicone strips and gel, which is 50 bucks for a months supply, and I might actually do that. I will try out the strips I have now and then buy the silicone strips and gel in two weeks, I just want the best thing out there to take care of my scars. Hmmmm, what else....oh, my lefty is still dropping faster. I touch the tops of my breasts and the left feels really full up top, she needs to hurry and drop like my lefty!

So its been two weeks now, and I dont really see...

So its been two weeks now, and I dont really see any new changes! I was hoping I'd see a little more dropping, but not really. I actually think they are somehow getting smaller, tell me what you think! I also ended up going to the gym today, its been far too long! I only did 30 minutes on the elliptical nice and slow, and I was in zero pain. Very happy about that:)

This is a short little update, but have to update...

This is a short little update, but have to update because I'm SO excited. I was measured and I am..... drum roll pleeeease..... 32D! Yeah, I couldnt believe it either. They havent even really dropped much yet! I thought I would end up being a B, MAYBE a C, but a D??? I mean I know its a small D, but hey, I'm not complaining! I am also posting a photo of me in my lovely VS bra. ;)

So it has been 3 weeks since my surgery, and the...

So it has been 3 weeks since my surgery, and the girls are dropping nicely. I am noticing just through looking at photos that they seem like they are getting smaller, not sure how I feel about that. But I am a 34C which is the sister size to 32D, but I dont look like those sizes :/ I dunno, maybe I'm just being a little too critical...I just need to drop and fluff more, maybe I will be more comfortable with how I look. Speaking of being comfortable with how I look, I dont know why but I was wearing a low cut shirt today and we went out to the mall, and I kept feeling SO self conscious I felt like everyone was looking at my chest, and I noticed I would cover my cleavage...I'm not sure why I am doing that, I thought getting breasts would make me more confident. I am just having mixed feelings right now...
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garedaj6@gmail.com send me some pics lol ;)
  • Reply
Hi! I am getting my BA next thursday and I have been really nervous because the day is finally coming. I really enjoyed reading your story! Your new boobs looks great, I am so jealous! I hope mine turn out just as nice. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks for sharing your story :)
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You must be soooo happy with your results!!!
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I did the same thing. I wear light scarves lol. I am not dropping at all and hate it!'I will post pic and let me know. honest. when you bend over do you feel like they will fall off :) I do
  • Reply
Are you not massaging at all? And no I don't feel like they're falling if I bend over lol but you did get far bigger implants than I did
  • Reply
How long did it take for you to go back to your regular activities?
  • Reply
For me it was pretty quick between 1 and a half to 2 weeks
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You got finally what you wanted. I do not understand why you wanted big ones, your body is small like mine. The good thing is that they are shaped nicely, do not even look fake. I noticed that the result depends on the original shape of the breasts and not the cc's or projection. Of course also by the doctor's work. You look great.
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Whoa girl!!!!! They grew a 32 D?!!! You go girl!!!!!
  • Reply
Ahhh i know!my sister size is a 34 C but 32 D fit snugly so I went with it :)
  • Reply
Yay! Congrats! :-)
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Thank you!
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Congrats on filling out a D bra! I'm soooo nervous I won't be a D like I wanted! You look great
  • Reply
Lol you got so many cc's, of course you will be a D! Don't worry, I was a B my first week, C my 2nd, and now big C small D, and I am not even complaining this is great! You just have to be patient:))
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nice new pic.Is it underwire
  • Reply
I am so nervous to get measured
  • Reply
I think so but I didnt buy it because I know I cant wear it yet, I just wanted to see how I would look like with it on :) and dont be nervous! Or just wait till 4 weeks, you're bound to change size by then
  • Reply
are you feeling any burning or tingling. I just started this week and it sucks. how are the incision area. I constantly feel like my bra band is irritating
  • Reply
I felt the same feeling, just means your incisions are healing. I also feel that around the sides of my breasts and nipples, its a pretty uncomfortable feeling, but it'll pass in time :))
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Hi, so what did you end up with? a B or C cup? Thats my fear to be smaller than i wanna be? Im going with the max CCs my body will take, haha. Jk..... Have my appt this wk so i will find out. Congrats! Post more pics as they start to drop pls. Thx.
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I actually don't know what I am yet, I tried on bras 3 days post op and fit into a B but they were so high and it was too early to tell, And even now I had a 36C bra I bought just in case and I fit Into a c cup but think I would fit better into maybe a 34, so yeah I don't know, I'll measure myself for sure in two weeks when I'm a month post op. anyway, good luck to you, and let me know how many cc's you end up getting!:)
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Oh cool, well good luck! I will def keep u posted, im hoping to have my surgery by summer or end of yr depends on when i can take time off from work. Did you go under the muscle? Im very nervous, but have wanted this for 10 yrs, and now i can finally pay for them. So exciting! Lol
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I went under the muscle, and don't be nervous! It's really not as bad as you'd think, you'll have it done and think, "gee that was it?!" Lol, so honestly don't freak out. I look forward to reading your story and seeing your photos whenever you do get it done:))
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Thk u!! And pls keep posting pics as you heal. As soon as i decide, i will create my profile with my story too :-)
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Hello!! First off you look awesome!!! So natural and beautiful! I think your PS did a great job! Congrats! I am currently debating getting my boobs done and I've been keeping up with your story because I love your posts and I think we're close in size. I am 5.2 106lbs and a very sad 32A. I am also a waitress! My main concern with going through with the surgery is the recovery time. How long we're you out for? A friend at my restaurant was out for an entire month :/ when you went back how was it?? We sure do a lot of lifting with out arms and chest.. Thank you for sharing your story!!!
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